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So the home screen is back to being Jinyoung again (what’s new there) but I wanted to talk about my choice of lock screen! It’s a quote from my favourite book series, Throne of Glass, written by an absolute QUEEN known as Sarah J. Maas. Her novels and her characters are not only a huge inspiration to me as a writer, but also as a person. Her characters have helped to shape me into who I am today. For the past 3 years or so that I have read and loved her work, Sarah’s characters still continue to be a big support for me in both my own writing and in my daily life. That quote: “You could rattle the stars, if only you dared” is one that will always resonate with me. I shall stop rambling here since I doubt anyone really cares but I had to at least begin to describe what it meant to me.

I won’t tag anyone since I feel like I’ve been doing that quite a lot recently and I don’t want to annoy anyone with it! But do feel free to do it if you wish, my loves~

Lesbianism feat. Star Trek

I seriously hesitate to post this, but I finally decided that I wasn’t going to let those who make me feel unsafe on my blog/the internet keep me from celebrating. today is our day, my day, and I’m not going to let homophobia and misogyny take that from me, or ever stop me.

so here I am, out and proud, with my sweet little baby who’s just starting to feel the affects of his medication.

(also, if you’re feeling left out/wondering if you have a pride/visibility day, you can look up the date here)


(More seriously, I didn’t pay anything, he just did it by himself like the big boy he is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I guess he just likes my stuff.)

A letter from Phyllis Nagy

Yesterday I got a letter from Phyllis Nagy.

All of you who love CAROL must know how I felt opening the envelope with my shaking hands and wildly beating heart. I hadn’t forgotten about the letters I had written to her, Cate, Rooney, Sarah and Todd in late February but to be honest, I hadn’t expected to receive replies of any kind. I had googled their agency addresses and sent them along knowing fully well they’d end up in the bottom of some pile of fan mail and not be taken seriously in any way. The process of expressing my deep gratitude and putting on paper the thoughts and feelings CAROL had set in motion in me had been its own reward.

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Rant x2!

Some of you who are out here trying to check kaisoo shippers should check yourselves to be honest, cuz a lot of y'all are just doing the most.

You all are acting shocked and surprised that Jongin was looking down the past few days like this has been the first time he’s looked like this, like he has literally been looking like this since April 1rst and you guys can’t seem to understand why people are relating it to the dating news, like??? What??

I am not going to deny that he may have other issues and even self esteem issues that may be causing him to feel this way, because that could very well also be the case. But you all wanna say that shippers just think all there is to him is chicken and dogs and don’t see him as a human being when you guys hadn’t even noticed that he’s been looking gloomy and down like this for literally months now…srsly?

I watched Exo’s secret night performance on April 1rst and for the first time since their debut I have literally never seen Jongin look that way while he was on stage performing. EVER. I am still trying to figure out the reason for this.

“He was injured, he couldn’t dance!”
He was injured the days prior to this and still managed to be happy and smile on stage, so….no.

“His dating scandal came out, he was getting lots of hate!”
Jongin hasn’t received even half of the amount of hatred as other idols have (baekhyun for example). In fact most have supported this ‘relationship’ and continue to do so now, so…no.

Like the boy even had a fan site file a lawsuit to protect his image, did baekhyun ever receive this? There’s no reason his relationship should make him feel down when so many people support it, yet he continues to look this way even after winning awards.

So that leads fans to either believe that its something personal or the relationship isn’t real, and with so much that doesn’t add up with the confirmation it continues to baffle me that people call us delusional for believing something is up. Like excuse the hell out of us for not being sheep and gobbling up every piece of slop the media tries to feed us!

Like maybe yall could help me out with some of the shyt that isn’t adding up, then? Since were so delusional maybe yall could explain these things?

Like why would Jongin and Krystal go to a restaurant the Jung sisters are known to go to when they’re both private people?
Or why neither of them had on masks during the date even though they are idols with stalker fans?
Or why the article said Krystal met up with him on the 16th in Korea but she was actually proven to be in China that day?
Or why the insider post from years ago predicted they’d be paired by SM and a ton of their other predictions came true?

Like please explain this shyt before you wanna call someone delusional lmao. 😂

In the end it doesn’t matter who he dates because we all will support him regardless. But if people wanna ship kaisoo and get excited over their every move and not believe in this fishy confirmation and that bothers you then you can literally just be an adult and IGNORE IT AND GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Because it honestly doesn’t affect you at all, and no one really cares about your opinion anyways. 😊😊😊😊


LaFerry is so sick of Hollstein’s bullshit