who knows where it will go

Hermione: If we’re playing truth or dare, then we should at least make it interesting…

Ron: Hermione! But that’s – Where did you get that?

Hermione: Slughorn’s office.

Draco: Who would’ve though Granger would have a penchant for breaking the rules?

Pansy: Literally anybody who’s been paying attention the last seven years.

Draco: And we all know you’ve been paying very close attention, Pansy.

Pansy: Watch it.

Hermione: So, who’s game?

Harry: I am.

Draco: I am too.

Pansy: You’re going to regret that.

Hermione: To keep it fair, I think we should randomly choose –

Pansy: I’ll go first. Draco darling, truth or dare?

Draco: Tru – dare.

Pansy: I dare you to admit to the whole room how you feel about Harry Potter.

Draco: But that’s truth. Isn’t that cheating!?

Hermione: Well, I don’t know if –

Harry: Technically, it’s still a dare.

Draco: I’m not going to –

Ron: Why don’t you want to tell us?

Harry: Don’t tell me you’re chicken, Malfoy?

Draco: I’m not – I’m not – I’m –

Harry: The veritaserum won’t let you lie.

Draco: I’m chicken.

Harry: Why?

Draco: That wasn’t the dare.

Harry: Then complete the dare.

Draco: I don’t – I can’t – This isn’t fair.

Pansy: Don’t keep us waiting, Draco.

Draco: Shut up Pansy. I’ll do it.

Harry: Yes?

Draco: I love him.

Pansy: Louder, darling. He can’t hear you.

Draco: I LOVE HIM.

Harry: Oh.

Ron: Bloody Hell.

Hermione: I knew the veritaserum was a good idea.

Draco: My turn. Pansy, truth or dare. Oh wait, it doesn’t matter. I dare you to tell everyone how you feel about Hermione Granger.

Pansy: Fuck.

Yeah, I think it’s kind of hard to see that not happening. When we were shooting Season 1 and no one had seen the show yet, we were in Malta. Back then, there was not a lot of secrecy because nobody was paying attention, and George R.R. Martin came to visit and he was being quite open about his plans. He said something: That it really is all about Dany and Jon. I was surprised because at the time, you know, I thought, well Robb Stark’s going to be king next, probably. And who knows where this story’s going? But it was absolutely clear to him that within this sprawling scale the whole story was coming down to this partnership.

 So yes, we’ve seen them take a big step in my episode. And I love this moment between them where you can sort of see it welling up for Dany, and it was great job by Emilia [the actress Emilia Clarke] of sort of feeling it and almost falling into it and drawing back from it. But yeah, it’s gonna happen.

—  Alan Taylor, asked whether the Jonerys romance is “inevitable at this point” by the New York Times
The Mysterious Protagonist

Anonymous asked: “How do I create a main character? I have so many side characters and a decent plot. I like them better with a bit of mystery. I want my main to be interesting enough to not be the plain, boring, ‘chosen one’ stereotype. Help?”

Who ever said your protagonist can’t be mysterious? I’ve read novels where I don’t even get to learn the protagonist’s name or others that I go along thinking I know a lot about this character only for them to flip a switch and show I know nothing about them at all. 

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Me: I should study.

Brain: Look! Your favorite blogger wrote a 30k word post saying why your OTP is canon!

Me: What! Where?

Brain: Tumblr! Also, don’t forget to look up your OTP and read all the fanfiction you come across. And, make sure you see all of those juicy edits and crack videos. And when you’re done, go to Netflix and re-watch the series so you could never forget how amazing it is.

Me: But I need to-

Brain: Silence.

 fucking dragon, they now have a fucking dragon, and a motherfucker who can throw a spear like a motherfucking spartan and you’re over here tryna find a missus Jon, Arya’s gone fucking crazy, Sansa is barely holding it together, bran is god know’s where smoking joints with the fucking faeries and littlefinger is pulling strings left right and centre, Brienne’s going for a trip, poor Gendry has run 20,000 miles, varys is still bald, and Daenerys is ignoring Tyrion like it’s a motherfucking art form, what the fuck guys?

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Are you ready for the story where Magnus is being taken away to Edom? It's in the Books, right?

it is in the books but i don’t know if they’re going to do it! i hope they are, but i don’t want it done exactly like the books where he was just kidnapped along with a few others. i want whatever happens to be much more personally meaningful for his character – like magnus walking in deliberately because he’s the only one who can talk to his father or who can survive the trip or something like that. my hope is that it’s tied to his character arc, not just an incidental thing that occurs.

but i definitely won’t be ready, i cried buckets when edom was mentioned for the first time. i hope s3 delivers on magnus’ arc because 2b was honestly a blast and that was only the surface of it, you know? there’s so much deeper we can go with magnus.

In the light of what is happening in the world right now, there is something we want to make clear.

This is a hopeful story.

We did not collect a bunch of amazing, diverse actors and give them characters that reflect that only to kill them off. What would that accomplish? That would just be cruel. We are a post-apocalyptic story, yes. But we are a story about learning to live in this new world. We are a story about surviving, rebuilding, connecting. Is there danger? Absolutely. But this is not going to be a story with a huge body count. How terrible would that be? Folk who are represented in this podcast already know that life might be difficult for them. We already know what it looks like when a story chooses to have someone like us die. We want to be a story that says ‘Hey, guess what? You can have stories where you triumph, too.’ Where you fight and win. Where you live.

So to our Jewish listeners, our queer listeners, our Black listeners, our disabled listeners… To everyone who looks outside or at the news and sees messages of hate directed at intrinsic parts of who they are. Just know that we are a story for you, too. 

This is a podcast about the end of the world. But it is also a podcast about the beginning of a new world. One that we all get to be a part of.

Some characters will walk in and out of this story, but we will never kill for shock value, to prove a point, or simply to remind you all that death is a threat. We have a feeling we all are aware of those things without a reminder.

Stay strong out there, everyone. Remember - You are all survivors too.

With love and hope,
The Cast and Crew of Crossing Wires

Appreciation Post

Last one and half year has been very rough for me, I went through a lot of life changing experiences, that at times left me scattered and broken. But Reylo and Reylo fan fics played a major role in making my life a little less unbearable. And I wanted to thank all the fic writers for this.

For the sake of keeping this post short let me just mention few people who made my days a little brighter.

@kylorenvevo (because you are the best fic writer I know, we are so blessed to have you in Reylo) and @dustoftheancients because your world building is phenomenal.

@gwendy85 you are my favorite because you broke my heart to millions of pieces with your story and I still can’t help but love you.

@perrydowning for writing “he knows” that got me through some very rough times.

@i-live-in-the-moon because you were my escape when I had no where to go.

@reylorobyn2011 because you replaced my need for escape.

Thank you ladies. 😘

Contextual party banter proposed by my husband:

  • “You’ve picked up about 20 of those rocks. Where are you putting them all?”
  • “You’re really going to pick every elf root we pass?”
  • “Boss, I know you really want to climb that mountain, but maybe you can’t actually get up there.”
  • “Put the Veil Torch down, damn you!”
  • “Yes, I’m sure exploring the area is interesting, but there are people who actually need our help if you remember.”
Danny Rand

So, I’m extremely confused as to why Danny has been getting so much hate. Like I get that Iron Fist was definitely not the best and honestly, kind of boring, I didn’t even finish it. But, in The Defenders, he got better, I guess? Like I know some of you are pissed about Danny being white which I don’t get at all. Danny is white in the comics, it’s a part of who he is, this rich white kid who ends up becoming the Immortal Iron Fist (honestly I’d be more pissed about why the Maximoff twins are white). There is one scene where people have been praising Luke and were like ‘ha, that’s what you get Danny’ and it just pisses me off so much? I think we all know what scene I’m talking about, the iconic Luke calling Danny out on his privilege.

Originally posted by izzvlightwood

And I loved this scene because I feel like it was kind of addressing all the crap going on now in the world but with these particular characters, it just made me pissed. Yes, Danny was born into extreme privilege being a white male and then you add on the fact that he was born rich, wow privilege. And I totally understand why Luke was pissed, he caught Danny attacking this young black boy he was protecting, he assumed the worst. But Danny didn’t attack the boy, Cole, BECAUSE he was black. He attacked Cole because that happened to be the first person he caught. He attacked Cole and saw The Hand. And that is what Luke is not understanding. He pulled the race card when it had absolutely nothing to do with race.

Luke even tells him that he was born with that strength. But privilege and strength are two completely different things. Before everything that happened to Danny, before the plane crash, he was still being bullied by Ward. He was not strong, he was a weak child. He was completely helpless against Ward, that’s not strong. And I am extremely curious what a child of ten or younger was supposed to do with his privilege when he couldn’t even protect himself from a bully. He was obviously sheltered, probably kept around Joy and Ward most of his childhood. He probably had no clue how shit people and the world was. He probably didn’t know how much power he had because of his blood and skin color.

And then of course, comes the plane crash. He had to watch his parents die in front of him. And even then, he had no clue as to why. He had no clue that it was a murder at the time, he thought it was a freak accident. And then come the monks. Danny mentioned that he had to prove himself to everyone because he was the outsider. It’s the reason why he chose to take the test and become the Iron Fist because everyone around him called him the outsider. Doing those tests and training every single day since he was like ten, that made him stronger, physically. Mentally? I think they fucked him up a little. I remember him mentioning that failure = a beating. Like how fucked up is that? Instead of trying to help a child and show him what he did wrong in the first place, they beat him.

And yes, Danny has privilege now. And he’s done good with it? Wow guys, surprise, surprise, Danny is a white boy who actually didn’t abuse his privilege and try to fuck people over. He helped with the medicine issue and he tried to help those families near the cancerous factories. He cares more about the people than the amount of money he has. You know who did abuse his privilege? Ward. Literally one of the first things he did was try to pay Colleen into fucking Danny over. He pointed out how shitty her dojo was and tried to pay her, bribe her.

So yes, Danny has privilege but Luke was wrong in calling him out for it. Because Danny doesn’t understand what it is. His entire life was harassment from Ward, the death of his parents and then even more hardships and harassment from the monks. Danny has literally just came back home, he doesn’t understand the power he has because he’s literally never had it before. Even while being the Iron Fist, people looked down on him.

Luke calling him out on the privilege definitely made his eyes open more but the way he did was just uncalled for. Danny literally had it drilled into his brain that The Hand was the enemy and anyone working with them was the enemy as well. Do you blame him for attacking Cole when the kid was literally covering up murders? I understand the struggle of not having enough money. I’ve seen enough eviction notices and how my mum struggled to get the money and pay it back. But that? Covering up murders? Cleaning up dead bodies? Was a horrible thing to do and even if they were teens, I assume we’re old enough to see right from wrong.

In the end, I love both Luke and Danny. They’re amazing characters and they definitely improved Danny’s character in The Defenders.

Plus, I really hope we get to see more of Danny and Luke’s friendship.

Fanfic writer appreciation day.

I wanted to thank everyone who has sent me a message or tagged me in a post today. You have all made my day so special. I know I am very late doing this but this will be my last thing before going to bed. Below is a list of all the authors I love and adore. I am going to try my hardest not to miss anyone. I also have a awesome writers page on my blog where I have links to my fav writers and a little description as to why I love them. Even if you are not on my list, I want you to know that I love your work. The time, effort and confidence it takes to post work on here is extraordinary. So for everyone ho posts: I LOVE YOU <3

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So sans doesn't like humans very much, how does he feel about frisk?


he likes frisk, and he’s considered a kind of uncle figure in their life. they have good times.


at the same time, there’s something really suspect about a child who just…HAPPENED to know how to react to everyone in the underground, to the point where they seriously just seemed to know what was going to happen before it did. NOT TO MENTION. winning all those fights? especially against undyne? and asgore? yeah, something’s fishy.

he may not know what it is, nor can he prove anything, but sans has some theories. he’s quite perceptive and when they first got out there was always…something really weird about how they reacted to things. 

but, they stopped doing that and honestly if everyone is happy and they’re out, sans wasn’t going to waste time thinking too much about it. 


Rantaro Amami
* The first word that comes to Rantaro’s mind is not a nice one, and I’ll give you a hint, it starts with an F.
* But he knows that if he panics, he will miss crucial details of where the heck he put his wedding band.
* If you’re in the house, he’s very casual about the ordeal, acting as chill as he usually does, while his mind is frantic to find it before he loses his sanity.
* You don’t notice his secret glances, or casual tossing of an item, but you are the first one to find it before he does.
* When you inquire him about he, this guy almost dies from relief, explaining that he had taken it off so it wouldn’t get damaged while he was doing some light cleaning.
* He’s grateful to have your keen eye, and takes a light note that if this ever happens again he’ll just ask you…then again he wouldn’t wanna make this a habit.

Korekiyo Shinguuji
* Nothing soothed Kore more than a nice relaxing mid afternoon bath.
* The setting was stress alleviating and calm.
* Even though he loved you dearly, he did relish the moments when he had time to drift off in his own thoughts.
* He won’t lie though, spending too much time in the bath aroused his neediness and desire for you company.
* Oh great, now he’s made himself lonely…his mind pondered to you, curious if you shared his loneliness at the time. Hmm, perhaps that will be a question for when you return.
* Once he was satisfied with the amount of time he spent in the bath (that and the water turned freezing), he got out and wrapped himself in a towel, getting ready for the rest of the day.
* But…
* He was certain he put his ring on the counter?!?
* He wouldn’t have been careless enough to bathe with his ring right?!?!?
* Even though he already know what he’d done, he glanced at the tub anyway, hoping that maybe he hadn’t let out the water…
* For the next two hours, Kore desperately contacted as many plumbers in the area who could appear on such notice.

Kaito Momota
* He always takes his ring off before a work out, y'know?
* Once the blood gets pumping, and the sweat starts to roll, there’s no way he could keep up with it when he was totally focused on cardio.
* He always placed it in the same spot every time so he wouldn’t forget it, side right pocket of his gym bag….uh…side left pocket of his gym bag??? Front pouch? Inner pouch??? Maybe it was in his wallet????????
* At this point Kaito was in a frenzy trying to figure out where he’d left his ring, his extra clothes were tossed about carelessly, as he emptied out his entire bag.
* Okay Momota, maybe s/o won’t freak out because of this. That’s why you got the warranty right??? You didn’t forget to put the warranty on your rings did you? Son of a b-
* He couldn’t even say he was disappointed, sure the ring mattered, but it wasn’t some sort of symbolism that he’d lose you right (unless the occult had something to do with this…)
* Kaito was far too deep in his thoughts to even care about changing back, and instead stuffed all his things back in his bag and prepared to head out.
* Just as he was about to leave, one of the gym attendants stopped him at the door.
* “Sir, you dropped this!”

Kokichi Ouma
* Let’s face it, the guy is going to lose his ring more times than he can count. But it’s not on purpose.
* While he is careful not to get it damaged, he is usually too into whatever he’s doing to remember to remove it so he doesn’t lose it.
* He never in his entire life would have counted on losing his ring in the worst place imaginable.
* An amusement park.
* …
* Even worse, you were with him when he felt the article slip off his finger during the ride.
* Don'tpanicdont'tpanicdon'tpanicdon'tpanic!
* No task was ever too large for the great King! Especially when he’s got eyes and ears everywhere!
* He’d simply have one of his super elite team members find the ring while he kept you distracted.
* “Aw, but I wanted to take a break.”
* “Nishishishi~ S/o don’t be lame~ There’s so much we still haven’t done yet~”
* He hoped that by doing this he’d also wear you out and eventually he could slip away himself and look for his precious wedding band.
* It was near closing time in the park and still no luck.
* At this point Kokichi was on the verge of real tears, mainly because it was his fault, but also at the fact that he can never keep up with his ring!
* He could easily lie to you, but would good would that be if he-
* Wait a second–
* Interrupting his sulky mood, Kokichi noticed a familiar glinting ring on a ring stand of a carnie booth.
* Ditching you for a moment, Ouma, the expert liar, was able to win his ring back with his smooth talking, 100$, and his s/o’s skill at carnival booth games.

Shuuichi Saihara
* Whoever said detectives never had to do dirty work, obviously hasn’t observed the fields a detective works in.
* To say the least, Shuuichi is fully aware of how his job can cause damage to his wedding ring.
* That’s why during a ‘field day’ he never wears it, in feel of what messy situation could damage the band.
* Of course he always puts it right back on when he returns to his office, especially when the poor boy has been exposed to something particularly gruesome.
* The ring is a symbol of your love for one another, and that love protects his heart from the shattered- OH MY GOSH WHERE IS IT?!?
* It seems like today the guy can’t catch a break. One moment he’s investigating for a culprit of a literal bloodbath, now he’s gotta worry about his own (for lack of word) security blanket being lost.
* Maybe he could just call you to make himself feel better.
* Probably not, the guilt of losing his ring would eat him up if he did that.
* Quick to retrace his steps from earlier that morning, Saihara reached an inconclusive investigation. The last place he put his ring was in face the ring stand in his desk?!
* He hated the idea of accusing one of his team mates of stealing his ring…but did anyone clean his office while he was out?
* Just as he thought it, he noticed the office janitor making his way to the elevator to the next floor to clean.

* Can robots…wear rings?
* Let’s just say they can (for the sake of this ask)
* Kiibo was doing some heavy house chores, hoping to surprise his lovely human spouse when they returned home from work.
* They work so hard, it was the least Kiibo could do for them!
* He’d read on the Internet somewhere that wearing your wedding ring while cleaning, could damage it, so Kiibo kept from doing so whenever he did do some heavy cleaning like this.
* And a big clean like this required an apron, even if it wasn’t particularly his taste, he preferred not to get his own armor messed up.
* Checking the pockets for his ring, he prepped the apron to be washed with the final load of laundry…only…
* He was sure he placed the ring in the pocket??? He could have sworn that…the hole in the bottom of the apron’s pocket mocked him as he stared into the empty pouch.
* He made a mental note to ask you how to sew as soon as possible, but first…
* He retraced his steps, moving aside furniture, books, picture frames, and other items in the house in search of the ring.
* He was determined not to give up, even when he ended up making a bigger mess than before he cleaned up.
* “Ah-HA!” He shouted joyfully holding up his ring proudly, oblivious to you walking in through the front door.
* “Kiibo?! What happened in here?!”

Gonta Gokuhara
* Gonta was really careful.
* Super duper careful.
* He wasn’t sure how this could have happened?????
* One moment he was out and about observing bee growth, the next he comes home, following his normal routine…nothing out of the ordinary, until he heads to bed.
* If it were up to him he’d sleep with his ring on, but you warned him that in his sleep he had no way to keep up with it, so it was best to remove it.
* When he goes to remove his ring, that’s when he notices it’s gone.
* But…Gonta was sure that…
* You tell him not to worry about it, the ring could always be replace-
* But Gonta does not see that as responsible for a gentleman to replace the original gift from him s/o.
* So it’s near midnight when Gonta goes out to the field near your house to look for his ring.

Ryoma Hoshi
* If he lost it that obviously meant he didn’t deserve it right?
* Grrr, now wasn’t the time to self-loathe!
* Now was the time to find that wedding ring your s/o worked so hard for. Then you can spend all afternoon self-loathing!
* He wasn’t even sure how he could have lost it, he’d come home today completely worn out for some reason and just crash out on the couch.
* Now his ring was gone…
* Lame, right?
* Probably the dumbest thing he’s ever done so far, unless you’re counting-
* Focus Ryoma! Find the ring first!
* Okay, compromise. We do the loathing thing and look for the ring.
* While he’s tossing aside couch cushions and pillows, he’s cursing himself out for being such a loser.
* “Ridiculous-” *tosses pillow* “-irresponsible-” *moves aside furniture* “-brainless!”
* At this time, you walk in on the complete war zone he’s created. Ryoma’s practically lost his sense of surrounding, forgetting that you were even home at this time.
* He pauses, simply staring at you, hoping you would just let him do what he needed and forget this whole thing even happened.
* But you just spent almost five minutes just staring at one another, until you broke contact, picking up his ring on the side table.
* “Oh, were you looking for-”
* “Yes, thanks you.”
* He knows it’ll be impossible to just grab his ring and go be awkward somewhere else, so he figured it was best to just do the latter and try to collect some confidence to reclaim his band.

based on my real life experiences with GSAs/advocacy groups i feel like ace discourse has reached a nadir of non-negotiability on both sides. let’s be real–anyone over the age of 18 who’s still digging in their heels about this shit isn’t going to change their minds. 

in light of that i’ve decided i’m just going to start making snide comments about things i’ve noticed from the “ace community” (scare quotes because running sideblogs where u photoshop the ace flag onto fictional characters doesn’t constitute a community). 

you know that shit where self-identified ace people pretend not to know what sex is? i fucking HATE that. you know, theres a gay joke on your dash about bottoming and some dork adds “i dont care which bunk bed im in!!! XDDDD” in the replies. god! kill me. 

Based on suggestion from certain people *they know who they are!*  I am now going to give you all a pre-peek into what is being updated tomorrow because its angst central!

Free for me

Burned eyes

A triad (its the continue for the fluffy RexObiCody one where Ahsoka walked in on them)

And one funny one.

All the other are angsty little fucker…

So look forward to those!

anonymous asked:

Hello, lovely Witter! In my story, there is a "found family", and they are the main focus of the entire thing, really. The 'adults', or 'dads and our mom' they call them, are stumping me. A, B, and C are in a poly relationship and I don't really know how to express it. Could I have some help? Also, thanks for all you do, you're honestly a life saver and probably one of the greatest humans alive. Thank you so much.

//Aw, calling me lovely, pfsh. Thank you!

So, I’m just going to point it out; we live in the kind of world where people can be so oblivious to some things- especially those that are “out of the norm”- that people tend to reject the concept of something if it is not stated plainly.

You know those people who stare at two girls kissing and they’re all like “aw, what cute best friends!”? Yeah.

In most cases, I think coming out to state it plainly is the best way to get it across to your readers. 

Example: “A, B, and I have been dating for three years now. It’s been going well.”

If you don’t want it to be that obvious, I’d suggest small subtle hints, like;

“A, B, and I are going on our date tonight. Our anniversary is coming up and we might be late coming home.”

I think it also heavily depends on the type of characters they are. A couple heavily invested in PDA would express their affections towards each other in a not-very-subtle way. A and B kissing in front of C, who has been establish to have a relationship with A/B, and there being no upset feelings involved, your readers might get the hint or at least start to.

When it comes to portraying them, well, remember that all relationships will work on communication, trust, and honesty. The more people in a relationship, the more communication required. I suggest looking up some peoples’ experiences with polyamory.

If this doesn’t help, feel free to send in another ask!

There’s a rescue GSD a few doors down from me, I think I‘ve mention him before. He’s reactive, more so than Mango, but he’s coming on, looks much more healthy than he did a few months ago, I enjoy seeing him.

Normally he is walked by his male owner. The GSD and Mango would be a super bad combination, so we have to avoid each other, but we always wave hi, and sometimes converse about our destinations so we don’t end up repeatedly bumping into each other. Or at least know if we are going to. The last few times they have been joined by presumably the other half of his owner pair. The first time I saw both walking him the man said something along the lines of  needing to move on from where they were standing to take their dog into the church yard so me and Mango could walk past. The women turned around, looked horrified at Mango (who was sat watching me for treats), and yelled ‘Oh my GOD, yes’ and scuttled away. I though it was a bit of an over the top reaction, but OK, maybe she was nervous about her dog reacting to Mango?

Today I met them, we saw each other from the end of the street and as I went to turn around the guy yelled ‘It’s OK, we’re going to cross the street’. So they did, and me and Mango keep going. Then the GSD spots Mango and barks and pulls, at which point the women started screaming and yelling. I couldn’t really tell what, she was facing us, but I don’t know if she was screaming at me and Mango, or in general or?

I don’t like it. I know our dogs wouldn’t get on, but it’s OK, we have a system, so they will never get close enough to not get on. But her yelling made Mango react (I think at her, rather than the dog), and I worry that she’s joining him so that she can take over walks sometimes and I really really don’t trust her to keep calm and avoid each other.

Okay I know I said I was going to sleep but I just reenacted that Squidward meme the one where his eyes snap open and are all red bc how could I go asleep without telling u guys my fourth grade teacher shoved a kid in a locker??

He was pretending to be dr. Science (an alien not of this world) who didn’t understand humans, so when this kids twin walked into the room dr science was like what the fuck there’s two of u I need to take one of u back to my planet for testing and just shoved him in the locker

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Can I ask for a scenario where Todoroki has a s/o who always gets in his room(they don't even nees the key) and are always laying on his futon while they wait for him or he's doing his homework but, one day Todoroki just decides to kiss them becaus bruh, they look so cute! I don't know if it makes sense but thanks!💜

Pretty short I guess, hope you like it.💜💜

You had snuk into his room again. You were supposed to hang out later anyway, so you could just go there and amuse yourself. You climbed in through the window again and jumped in. Todoroki was doing his homework on his desk, he glanced at you when you came in, but quickly returned his attention to his notebook.

“Well hello to you too.” you teased.

‘Hi.“, he muttered.

Todoroki had never figured out how you got to his room. He knew you usually came through the window, but there was no way you should be able to open it from the outside. He didn’t mind that you liked to be at his house, but some times you appeared without any warning. You just popped up from somewhere, and had scared him a few times with your sudden appearance. Now you did what you always did, you had. A kind of a routine. You laid down on his bed and started humming something.

“Are you gonna be finished soon?”, you asked

“This won’t take long, I promise.”

“That’s what you say.”, you pouted.

Todoroki made the mistake of stealing a glance at you. His focus on the school work was immeadiatly gone. You looked adorable, laying on his bed and pouting. You were tilting your head from side to side, growling quietly. You reminded him of a cat. He turned around, back to his desk and tried to finish his homework, but you kept growling behind him. He couldn’t focus at all. So he just turned around, got up and climbed on top of you on the bed. He was holding your wrists down very gently. You could get away anytime you wanted.

“What’s this about?”, you smirked.

“I can’t concentrate anymore, you distracted me.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”, you grinned.

Todoroki just rolled his eyes, and gently placed his lips on yours. The kiss was warm and safe, but at the same time very passionate. He just wanted to kiss you, feel your lips against his. When you were done, you were both blushing and smiling.

“Where did that come from all of a sudden?”, you smiled.

“I felt like it. I wasn’t too invasive, was I?”

“Nah.”, you smirked.

You tangled your hand to his hair, and pulled his head down. You kissed again. Your hands were roaming his hair. You liked that he got impulses like these sometimes, but he still stayed very considerate. He was so gentle and sweet, and that’s why you liked him so much.