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I'm writing a story about a girl who is actually a ghost but doesn't know it. She just thinks her family is ignoring her. She meets a Medium boy. He sees her and they become friends. They fall in love. At the end of the story, the girl accepts that she's a ghost and.... moves on in words. Gets where she's going. Can you help with how they met?

Wow! This sounds amazing, I’m sort of unsure of what you mean when you say ‘medium boy’, but I’m sure I can work with this!

So, ideas as to how the ghost-girl and mortal (?) boy meet? Now, I don’t know anything of your characters, so I’ve compiled a list of vague ideas:

  • Hear me out, maybe ghost-girl sees him doing something stupid, then continues following him around all day, giggling, expecting him to not see her, or for him to hear the snide comments she’s making. He pretends to ignore her until one day she says something really flirty, he rolls his eyes and looks at her, deadpan ‘I know, I have a good ass, get over it.’ She totally flips out because ‘all this time he could hear me???’ (Sorry, this just popped into my head and I wanted to put it in!)
  • Her messing up an exam he’s in, because ‘no one can see me’ and not realising he can see her. After that he looks for her.
  • She saves him in a car accident, no one understands why he survives and he thought ‘the girl’ was a figment of his imagination, but she keeps appearing at random intervals and he’s starting to think his medication is too high.
  • The ghost-girl, decides to visit the hospital to see if she was ever brought there before she’d died. She’s checking the register, when a flurry of white coats and scrubs bustle past, a boy sprawled across a bed, bleeding out. She decided that she wanted to be there if he was to die, that way she could welcome him into his new life/death. She made her way to the surgery room, following closely and squinting at his features, she couldn’t tell whether she wanted him to survive or not.
  • He saw her sitting on a wall close to the Thames, crying. He didn’t understand why no one else wasn’t noticing it and left his friends to go and sit with her. She didn’t understand why he could see her, but she was happy all the same.

I don’t know your characters, so this might not be how they act at all, just message me for more prompts on it and we can chat it through if this isn’t right! I’d love to read it, good luck on all the writing. Lots of love from Yasmine xox

contrary 2 popular beleaf  ,  victor  DOES NOT  and will most likely never consider the justice league to be his friends or his family.

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Do you know any fics where Stiles is lonely. Like he's not friends with any of the pack, and just going through life by himself. Or fics where Stiles is just plan lonely? Thanks for trying if you can't find anything.?

Yup! - Anastasia

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I Take The Day Hour By Hour by destimushi

(1/1 I 959 I General I No Pairing)

It’s another typical Saturday for Stiles: cold pizza, lots of documentaries, and disappointment.

Lonely by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)

(1/1 I 1,541 I General I Sterek)

He let Derek know about the pack, who was dating who, what was going on, if any drastic changes had occurred.

Texting Derek made him feel less alone. It made him feel like Derek was just away for a brief moment on pack duty, and he’d be back any day now—probably falling through his window mortally wounded and bleeding all over his floor. Stiles was positive that one patch of hardwood was just permanently ruined, by this point.

But, to date, no Derek. And so, Stiles texted.

Why’d You Bring A Shotgun? by Tigerion

(1/1 I 1,752 I Teen I No Pairing)

Being in his wolf mode has benefits, like providing people with something they can open up to and Derek uses it to keep a lonely Stiles company on the full moon. Which is something Stiles really appreciates, because no interruptions while talking. All is fine and dandy until the Sheriff comes home to find a very naked Derek Hale in his son’s bed.

memories & scars by Lonelyirises

(5/5 I 2,352 I Mature I Sterek)

Little did Stiles know…

of ignoring problems until they go away by JaneDoe33

(3/? I 2,818 I Mature I No Pairing)

Scott is a good friend.He is.So Stiles has no right to feel abandoned by him.He does his best.Stiles is just being needy.Not that Scott knows.Not that Scott will ever know because if Scott finds out how pathetic he is he may not want to be friends anymore.So Stiles can’t tell anyone.Anyone at all.

Don’t Leave Me by Mr_Carrot

(7/? I 4,496 I Mature I Sterek i Rape)

The Stilinskis’ were on an airplane to Beacon Hills to visit Stiles’ grandparents on his 8th birthday, but he was the only person out of the entire plane who made it. He was taken in by his grandparents, but they died when he was 10. That was six years ago. He is now sixteen years old, adopted by the “not so kind” Theo Raeken. When he finally escapes, he finds his knight in shining armour.

NOT A BEAUTY QUEEN by RougueShadowWolf

(4/? I 6,355 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

It had always been a struggle not to feel like something useless, unwanted or ugly. Stiles couldn’t point out when exactly she’d learned she wasn’t beautiful, it just felt like she’d always been on the ugly-side of things so much so that even her own mother had sighed sorrowfully while saying, `I wish you could be as cute and pretty as Lydia and Heather.´
Not every girl is born to be beautiful, Stiles if anyone knew it.

I thought Ohana meant family by Beck2Beckk

(5/5 I 6,773 I Not Rated I Sterek)

After everything with the nogitsune, Stiles has been left behind in the dust. He has a hard time dealing and with everything that has been building up, coming to its peak, will someone lessen the blow, or will Stiles just blow up completely?

uoy evol I by danthezijn

(5/? I 19,921 I Mature I Stackson)

[06/15, 0:42am] LC: I can say things backwards without thinking about it

[06/15, 0:42am] RRH: you’ll have to prove that 2 me one day

[06/15, 0:43am] LC: maybe I will


Or the one where Jackson is lonely, searches for a friend online, and falls in love. Oh yeah, and he’s good at talking backwards.

Stiles the Strange Pet by TriscuitsandSoup

(23/23 I 62,205 I Mature I Steter)

Peter welcomes a strange new house guest.

A Life for a Life, Makes the Whole World Bound by augopher

(26/26 I 90,697 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles was lonely; there was no other way of putting it. The Nogitsune had left the pack a wary of him, not that they thought it had been his fault. No, they worried it would happen again. Once bitten, twice shy.
The morning after his 18th birthday, his torso was covered in mysterious green tattoos. He hadn’t been that drunk. He’d definitely remember that. Great. Something else to make him feel like a freak. Insomnia led him to his mother’s diary and a tale of how she helped an odd man once who gave her the warning, “Be careful of your wishes three.“ Everything clicked into place.
So…he was a djinni. He subtly changed things about himself. More muscle? Done. Better hair? Done and done. End his crippling insecurity? Done, done, done. He hid his new gift until he found himself bound to Derek.
With Deaton’s help, they translated meanings in his tattoos, but they were incomplete. A passage of his ‘Rules and Regulations’ was missing. Everything was fine dandy until Stiles’ new powers and penchant for mischief and karmic retribution threatened to destroy him, fracture his mind, and turn him into something which couldn’t be contained.
Could the pack save him in time, and at what price?

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mmm, how about what would have happened if keith had stuck around for "mom" to come back in that one blade of marmora dream sequence? you know, the one where his dad is trying to get him to stay in the house until mom gets there and there are explosions outside?

*cracks knuckles* taking a bit of a different direction on this but here we go.

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I don't know that hand-holding between a probably-asexual meta-human a woman who is at a place in her life where romance is ludicrous would necessarily be a romantic/sexual act. Is that what you meant by implied romance stuff being set up?

they’ve literally set up romantic relationships with 



Anonymous said:

Did you get the vibe that Castiel got his wings back from this episode of, “Touched By A Nephilim?” They didn’t show it, but he looked fucking tuned up on-the-whole, so I am excite (also getting your wings is kinda like a metaphor for being redeemed, and that’s kinda his thing right now. Just sayin’).

i actually didn’t get that vibe! i get the feel cas is being brainwashed again. but because they did give us a glimpse of what the baby saw, i do wonder. BUT YEAH as far as wings go, i feel like he woulda just flown them somewhere if that was the case! it’d be a lot less difficult to track than a truck y’feel

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For the anon who is afraid of donating blood, about a month after giving blood, you will receive letter in the mail from wherever you donate to. The letter will tell you your blood type and about what is going on with your blood. If it is fine, they will tell you where the blood was sent to. If not, the letter asks you do get another test. So, it is all confidential and no one will know unless you tell them, but it does take awhile and you need to check before hand for your own health.

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Hi!!! I was going through your rec lists but honestly there's just so many and I couldn't find the one I wanted. OTL So, terribly sorry to bother!, but do you happen to know a fic where Victor and Chris, who still are figure skaters, are spending the night in a hotel room throwing dares at each other, and at some point Victor has to prank call a random number and the person who picks up is Yuuri, but he's crying? He finds out it's Victor later on, and they start meeting each other! Thank you!!!

I don’t think I’ve read this! 

Anyone know what this fic is?

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How do you think they would react to MC being like on a national level swimmer who dreams are the Olympics? Or state level (which is huge where i am from. Im australian and a swimmer and those are my dreams hahaha. Almost there tho!) - do RFA + V and Unknown along with them. ;--;

Oh my gosh, how exciting! When I see you’re famous and I see you on TV one day I’ll be like ‘Yeah I know them, they asked for a request on my Tumblr!’ Although I’m going to have to say I really don’t know much about swimming. All of my swimmer knowledge comes from watching Free! and like two Olympic matches so I’m sorry if the swimming terminology is incorrect! I still hope that you enjoy and good luck my friend!! :D 


  • Yoosung is so incredible hyped when you tell him that you’re a professional swimmer
  • He has a little bit of knowledge of swimming but he’s extremely eager to learn from you
  • Really enjoys watching you practice and cheers really loud for you
  • Yoosung is always waiting at the end for you with a towel in hand ready to wrap around you
  • When you tell Yoosung that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer he’s so shocked
  • He becomes one hundred times more supportive and will try to help out in any way that he can
  • Yoosung is so proud to call you his girlfriend and won’t stop supporting you until he sees you with that gold Olympic medal around your neck


  • Zen first thinks that by you being a swimmer you mean just like a casual swimmer
  • Oh no, you explain to Zen that you’re a professional swimmer and he’s so happy for you
  • He honestly just wants to see you succeed so he becomes your fanboy
  • Loves watching you practice and always gives you a huge hug afterwards because he’s just so happy for you
  • When you tell him that you’re trying to get to the Olympics, Zen think he might explode of happiness
  • He’s always there for you and even though he’s not a very good swimmer, will always encourage you Zen firmly believes that everyone should follow their dream and you’re no exception, so he decides to be there for you every step of the way until he sees you on the winner’s podium


  • Jaehee loves the fact that you’re a swimmer!
  • She watches swimming on her off time so when she finds out that you’re a swimmer she’s so excited
  • Starts asking you a millions questions and honestly, it’s so cute to see her so excited
  • Jaehee almost fainted from excitment when you told her that you were trying to go to the Olympics someday
  • She helps you with a training regiment and basically becomes you’re new coach
  • Every single practice she’ll be there as well as your swim meets
  • She’s always waiting for you at the end and will hug you, jumping up and down when she sees your times
  • Watching you swim gives Jaehee something to be happy about and since seeing her happy makes you happy, you tell her that one day you’ll be standing on the podium with a gold medal with her at your side


  • Jumin is pleasantly surprised to find out that you’re a swimmer
  • He’s actually quite knowledgeable about swimming and even offers to hire a personal coach and trainer for you
  • He’ll rent out an entire swimming stadium for your to practice with and one of his favorite things to do is to bring Elizabeth the 3rd with him and watch you practice
  • When you tell Jumin that you’re trying to become an Olympic swimmer, he’s got his phone out trying to call the Olympic committee to get you in
  • You have to explain to him that you want to get in because you worke hard and not because of his status
  • He understands and makes sure to schedule his meetings around your matches since he loves watching you swim
  • Always waiting for you at the end to wrap you in a towel and tell you how proud he is of you
  • Jumin becomes extremely supportive of your swimming goals and promises that he won’t give up until you’ve won gold


  • Seven can hardly believe it when you tell him that you’re a swimmer!
  • He’s never really been into sports, but he’s always enjoyed watching swimming so now he’s hyped
  • Seven wants to hack into the Olympic committee’s system to get you in when you tell him that you dream of being an Olympian swimmer
  • You tell Seven to chill and if he wants to help, he can cheer you on instead
  • He agrees and goes to all of your practices and matches, making up ridiculous cheers but they’re actually pretty cute
  • Like when you’re doing the backstroke, Seven will yell “My girlfriend’s got backstroke for days!”
  • He always waits for you at the end and screams about how amazing you swam and how proud of you he is
  • Seven said that neither himself or you will rest until you become the most decorated Olympian swimmer


  • V absolutely loves the fact that you’re a swimmer!
  • This boy is really interested in whatever you do, but becomes especially excited to hear that you’re a swimmer
  • He can’t really see well enough to try and give you advice but he’ll tell you that he’s sure that you always do an amazing job
  • V took a photo of you swimming the breaststroke and it’s now his favorite picture ever and he keeps a copy with him at all times
  • Tries his best to go to every single one of your matches and always gets excited and cheers for you it’s the sweetest thing ever
  • He gives you so much encouragement when you tell him that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer and promises to always be there for you to cheer you on
  • V sincerely wants to see you succeed and promises that one day he’ll take a picture with you and your gold medal


  • Saeran is really interested and somewhat hesitant to hear that you’re a swimmer
  • He’s not a great swimmer himself so he can get nervous around a huge pool of water
  • But seeing how happy you are when you talk about swimming makes him curious enough to watch your practices
  • Saeran’s eyes light up the first time he sees you swim and at that moment on, he becomes your number one supporter
  • He actually approaches you on teaching him how to swim better to which you happily agree of course
  • He gets super pumped when you tell him that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer and says that he’ll be there with you every step of the way
  • He’s always there at the end of each match to tell you how good you performed and to glare at the other swimmers
  • Saeran genuinely wants to see you succeed and tells you that he’ll stay by your side until you become a gold medalists

So i read the hate post @sandy-sims got and honestly got so upset and angry that I cried.

That’s right, I fucking cried over some one who I don’t know getting hate and here is why:

Sandy has been NOTHING but nice, kind, positive and supportive to anyone no matter what size the blog, the shape, colour, or background of the blogger.

 I have this friend, who is the most pure, beautiful soul I’ve ever met and while I am not at all religious and don’t believe in heaven, she is going to heaven.

I haven’t found many other people like this, ESPECIALLY on the internet where people just talk and lie out of their asses. But Sandy is one of them. She has the best intentions and the most friggin amazing story!!

I would be absolutely heartbroken if she left. She has made a colossal dent in this community and in the best possible way. Her presence makes me feel creative and happy. I think her just being here is spreading positivity.



Requested by Anon #300

Y/N: You said you needed to see me Ivy?
Ivy: I have someone who I’ve been taken care of, they wanted to see you.
Y/N: Do you even know if I know them? It could be anyone just because I’m close to the mayor.
Ivy: Just go talk to them.
Y/N: *sighs* Fine.
Oswald: Y/N, am I glad to see you.
Y/N: Oswald? Oh my god! You’re here! And alive!
Oswald: Yes I…
Y/N: Where the hell have you been?! Ed and I have been so worried!
Oswald: Ed?
Y/N: Yes, Ed has been doing everything to find you. We all have.
Oswald: Ed is the reason I am here.
Y/N: What are you talking about?
Oswald: Ed shot me Y/N. He shot me and threw me in the river!
Y/N: Os you’ve lost a lot of blood. You might be confused.
Oswald: You are the only person I trust right now Y/N. Can you help me?
Y/N: Help you? How?
Oswald: Help me take down Nygma.
Y/N: IF this is true, I do know some information that could be useful.
Oswald: Great. Thank you. *stands up*
Ivy: Whoa. Where are you going? You have to stay here.
Oswald: There’s someone I need to kill.
Y/N: Ivy is right, focus on getting better. It’ll be better if Ed does think you are dead.
Oswald: Okay.
Ivy: Can I help?
Y/N: The more the merrier.

So I’ve had a pretty rough month...

Just last week, our trauma bay had the body of one of our surgeons who died in a terrible accident…and literally just this past Tuesday, April 25th, one of our OR nurses who used to work with us before he had to go to UCLA for treatments as he was fighting stage 4 brain cancer (GBM, to be exact) passed away.

Anyways, at work we noticed in our hallways all of a sudden it smelled like roses, but you can’t have any fresh flowers or anything in the OR because of sterility concerns & everybody was wondering where it was coming from, including our surgeons - we were investigating all day & still don’t have a clue where the scent came from…So we’re just all like…

We all know most hospitals are haunted, but the OR felt peaceful for some reason irregardless how busy we were. Do you guys have any ghost stories? :) 


Brielle: “This is so uncool, Seth. So, so, uncool. I told you I don’t like to be played and what have you done?!”

Seth: “I’m sorry, Brielle. I…I did know who you were this whole time. I didn’t know how serious your Mum and my brother were and you were just so cool and everything I was looking for…I wanted to give us a chance to see where -”

Brielle: “This isn’t going anywhere, Seth!”

Seth: “Well…we wouldn’t be related by blood, so -”

Brielle: “No, no. This is making me feel weird. I can’t do that. We’re done, Seth.”

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"you'd gas Jews, too!" - what kind of monster do you have to be to assume that everyone else is as cowardly as you are?

So here’s the thing. If you ask me here, now, my gut reaction is I wouldn’t gas jews. But that’s kinda a loaded question because in modern times, with what I know and the lovely life I had? No, I don’t think I could. I don’t think I could with a gun to my head. 

But if I grew up in nazi germany? If I was surrounded by nazi propaganda. If I joined up thinking I’M GONNA HELP THE COUNTRY and then I see what’s actually going to be asked of me? Do I think I could say no? It’s hard to even wrap my mind around that question – what part of me is immutably me, who could never be raised or put in a situation where I could be lead to do evil?

Why do I think everyone else is as cowardly as me? Because you can look at the records. You can read about the people who did this.  You can read about the psychological phenomenon that helped facilitate it. If you didn’t want to work at a concentration camp you didn’t have to. They didn’t want people there who weren’t willing… yet very few people opted out, even though many many many many MANY wrote about their anguish about what they were doing. You can read about how this was presented to them. “Hey, we know this is hard. And this is dirty work. And no one wants to do it. We understand you don’t want to do this. But we have to do this for the country. Do you want to let everyone down?”

This was like the Milgram Experiment. The actual, real interpretation of the Milgram experiment. You force people to do things, they rebel, but if you put that weight on them like they are shouldering a burden that would be passed to someone else… People largely go along. Do I know I’d go along? Well, some people didn’t. Maybe I wouldn’t. But I’m not egotistical enough to assume there is some magic spark in my soul that would prevent me from doing what many many other people did, especially when the safer thing for me to do, psychologically, is assume I’m not special.

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Hcs for Sam dating a girl who looks like Jess

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

The first time he saw you, he was so distracted that he tripped over the curb and nearly fell on his face. You chuckled and shook your head, going over to him. “You know, it helps if you watch where your going.” You teased.

His heart clenched, but he found his voice. “Yeah, I guess that would be a good idea.” He chuckled. 

“I’m Y/N.” You introduced yourself.

He licked his lips and smiled. “Sam.”

“So, Sam, curb tripper, care to walk with me? We seem to be heading the same direction.”

“I’d like that.”

“Sammy!” You shook him gently, trying to wake your sleeping boyfriend from a nightmare. “Sam!”

Finally, his eyes shot open and he was breathing heavy. His hands ran down his face with a groan. You knew all about Jess, how she died, and that you looked like her. Sam moved so that he was on his side, propped up on his elbow. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He gave you a sad smile.

You shrugged one shoulder. “Still be tripping on curbs?” You tried to cheer him up. “You wanna talk about it?” Your voice was soft.

There was a pained expression on his face. “Y-you don’t have to listen about my night-”

“Sam. I love you, you can talk about her to me. Just because I happen to look like her doesn’t mean I’ll find it weird having you talk about her.” You assured him. “Now, I’m going to lay down, I’m going to hold you, and you will talk.”

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Do you think there's a possibility candy knows what she's gotten into? Like not Luci being the actual devil, but using her to get to his mother

YES!!! I think the last few seconds of the new 2x14 clip proves it! Candy says “That makes you my mom now…” meaning either Lucifer told her Mom’s had some work done or you know The Truth. I’m going to say that Lucifer just shows her who he is, because lets face it, it’s less drama that way.

I think Candy is way smarter than she lets on and just found that being a ditsy blonde can get her through life easiest. Which is where Lucifer comes in. I think he made a deal along the lines of like “Hey come marry me for about a week tops, help me see what my shrew of a mother is up to, and hell yeah I’ll get you a full ride to Stanford.”

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Tbh I love singular character universe swaps soooo if u have anymore to ramble about I'd love to hear it

Well if we’re going with the fahc Gav and Kings au Gav switch, the difference would be really obvious to those who are close to him. Like the Fakes would immediately notice the much softer, much more open Gav. He’d be more genuine smiles and very obvious confusion when he doesn’t get whats going on where they’re more used to sharper smiles and snippy sarcasm. Kings verse (more specifically King ryan since he is Gav’s husband) would probably notice the different way fahc! Gav holds himself. There’s a distinct defensiveness in it, one grown from his line of work that’ll definitely have Ryan raising an eyebrow to it.

idk i don’t have much to ramble on it cause its like. a Weird Idea i’ll probably never do a fic on but its interesting to think about idk.

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Salams, Since you got anons asking about converting, I been thinking about it too. I've tried to find a Shia mosque to go to in Toronto, but they all seem geared towards immigrants communities and services aren't done in English. I'm told the best option is the Jaffari Community Centre in Vaughn, but that's too far a trek for me to go by TTC from Scarborough. What are your recommendations? Jazakum Allahu khayr

Walaykum Salam!!

The Jaffari centre is really absurdly far and you’re right it’s really difficult to get there if you don’t have a car–I really wish there was a smaller centre closer to the heart of Toronto.

Unfortunately though that’s definitely where you will have most luck in terms of speaking to a scholar who can guide you through this process. All of my experiences with this place (and the experiences of people I know who have gone through the conversion process) have been extremely positive and safe and welcoming.

I don’t know how comfortable you’ll feel with this, but if you were to come off anon I could most likely help you with transportation or arrange a ride for you to get there with someone from the community.

If you’re not comfortable with that, I’d highly encourage giving them a call and letting them know your situation of being unable to travel there and I’m certain they’d be able to find you a ride–lots of people carpool to get to the Jaffari Centre!!!! Its in such a residential area and so deep in Vaughn.

Wishing you so much luck, and ofc feel free to ask any more q’s or message me privately.

You know, I’m watching people make posts where they say that bloggers who make fun of the manipulative tactics of privileged people on here are ableist…and its like…sure but how about you call out the people who use those tactics?  You know they do it in order to exploit and hide behind neurodivergent individuals so that they can demonize every single thing poc and others do instead of erasing the context in order to make it seem like folks are targeting neurodivergent people (especially if you are going to pretend all poc are neurotypical and are just attacking white neurodivergents)? 

Also, being neurodivergent doesn’t entitle you to be racist? And people wouldn’t be exasperated by that excuse if people didn’t derail every complaint with “actually, someone might have a reason why they need to blurt out racial slurs and turn violently racist, they do it to cope…”