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ok i’m watching Sense 8 (i’m suddenly more into it now- before i couldn’t get through the pilot lol). and i’m just on the second ep. but like three people are vocally disapproving of this cop because he took a minor who got shot to the hospital? i mean i know we’re in a shitty place but like…huh? like it’s played as if it was a morally ambiguous choice? like they act like a CHILD who got shot is literally supposed to be left there to die without even a call for back-up or ANYTHING? if they’re talking ‘gritty dark realities’ i could get it but it’s not played that way, they’re acting like ‘how odd of you to take the child who was shot to the hospital’ like the black nurse character seems pissed even. what the huh the huh?

i’m also coming from years and years of hospital shows and like MASH where everybody is like ‘i know this guy did something bad but we must save every life dammit!’ so this is weirding me out.

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steggy + mobster AU

(inspiration from these prompts)

  • For as long as he could remember, Steve Rogers wanted nothing more than to be a cop, to fight the worst of the city’s bullies. It took many long years, but he finally graduated from the police academy, and they placed him in the organized crime division.
  • Peggy Carter was terrifyingly efficient at everything she did, a character trait that had served her well throughout her life. After the tragic death of her brother at the hands of the people who were meant to protect him, she turned to the Family, where she worked as a sort of fixer, working entirely behind the scenes to investigate and then solve problems for the Family. She hated the people she worked for, even if she enjoyed aspects of being a fixer, exposing lies and exceeding expectations.
  • When Grant, the new muscle, enters the Family, Peggy doesn’t know what to make of him. He’s built like a tank, but he’s quiet, thoughtful, and unlike many of the men employed by the Family, he challenges and engages her without crossing any of her boundaries. He’s respectful, but never a pushover, and Peggy finds herself drawn to him despite her best efforts to remain aloof.
  • Steve really, really hates undercover work. His alter ego is hired muscle, and he often finds himself tagging along as extra support for their fixer. Peggy is a force of nature, fully capable of taking care of any situation that arises, so Steve doesn’t do much. Instead, he talks to her (in his report, he considers it obtaining intel). 
  • They debate about anything and everything, both strong willed and stubborn beyond belief. Steve, much to his chagrin, is captivated by her strength and conviction, and he begins to dread the end of this assignment, because she would go to prison and he would never see her again.
  • Peggy figures it out. She’d be a pretty terrible fixer if she couldn’t read between the lines, couldn’t understand what makes people tick, couldn’t figure out the difference between a truth and a lie. She confronts him in the middle of a job, enjoying the way he splutters and deflects. After letting him flounder for a while (Peggy hates being lied to, especially by those who are important to her, not that he knows), she promises to testify against the Family in exchange for leniency.
  • Steve agrees, as do his superiors. After the raid, Peggy is swept away by Witness Protection, and Steve doubts he will ever see her again. Even if the trial is successful and all of the Family are put behind bars, he lied to her every day for months, she probably has no desire to be around him.
  • A year later, after a wildly successful trial that put him on an incredible career track, he walks into the precinct to see a brunette woman sitting on his desk, legs swinging back and forth. He walks up to see the very woman he had been missing more than he would ever admit, a bright grin on her face. She pulls him down to her level and pecks him on the lips, leaving a faint smudge of lipstick behind.
  • “Miss me?”

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We both forgot about it. It isn’t a matter of who placed it on the side of things least important in our lives first. It doesn’t matter that you said it first or that I was the one who accepted it before you could. It doesn’t change anything to keep reminding ourselves that we could have done more. Two years later and we couldn’t have done anything more than what we did. We were younger, too naive to know that the world isn’t always as kind as we’d like for it to be. When I realized you weren’t coming back, a certain inescapable death took place inside of me. The place where hope resided stopped existing. I know that sounds sad but it’s also truthful. The world took from me what I wanted to hold forever. I am still trying to understand why.

Melissa the killer

When Spencer took Melissa’s ring to the pawn shop and went back for it, it was gone. In the place of the ring was a rusty old horse shoe that meant A had been their. That was 48 hours after she had pawned Melissa’s ring.  ( In this same episode the girls follow Melissa who meets with Wren. He gives her a bag of pain killers. But what did Ian need the pain killers for? He fell into a whole bunch of ropes and probably got serious rope burns. But besides the hole in his head the mention no other injuries which is odd.)

Then Ian’s body is found in inside the barn he is found dead in a horse shoe is missing from the wall. A had clearly been their it was clear by that in the fake suicide note.

We find out Ian has been dead for about a week and the text Melissa’s got where not from Ian. 

What if he didn’t know  Alison was alive he said to her  “What are you doing here?”  But then I re-watched and noticed Ian’s face. He was shocked as hell when he saw Alison alive. 

Alison told the girls Ian walked out of that church alive. He walked out knowing a huge secret that Ali wasn’t the girl in the grave.

I think that is what got him killed. 

Melissa is suspicious as hell her behavior over her engagement ring that seemed to simply go away. Ian died you would think she would want to find it even more. But once we see the A ending of A getting the ring it’s not mentioned again.

She texted with Ian supposedly for a week they didn’t talk on the phone or meet up?

In 2x02  just two episodes before Ian’s body is found Spencer ask Melissa’s if she has went out. She says ever left the house. But the camera scans over her red freaking coat and down to her wet and slightly muddy boots. In she had her sonogram in her pocket and Spencer  notices she didn’t drive her car. 

I think Melissa thought that because she was pregnant she could convince Ian to be quiet. But Ian was on the run for a dead girl that wasn’t dead I’m sure he wanted to go to the police. 

After Ian body is found in 2x04 she lost the baby and she fake her pregnancy up until she was found out. 

I think Marlene wants us to believe Ian committed suicide because Melissa being the killer is the final twist. 

That  she worked with Charlotte because she is in love with Wren who is Charlotte's brother.  

She got with Ian and Garret to find out how much they knew being members of the NAT club. And once she got the information they were each killed.