who knows what will happen in a few weeks

Just had a guy come into my store and say, “I need your help.” I’m like yeah? And they he goes on to tell me about how he was in my work a week or so ago and saw a girl working here and describes her to me. I immediately know who he is talking about.

He wants to know if I know her and what her name is because she smiled at him. SMILED. I ended up quoting Mariah Carey to him, “I don’t know her.” I lie and say we just had a girl quit so maybe that’s who he saw. He says, “yeah I haven’t seen her since so I was afraid that’s what happened. I’ve been in here a few times at night looking for her.” IN MY HEAD IM LIKE IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE??? cause it’s coming off super creepy.

Idk I always keep an eye out for people cause you never know. Like I once had a girl hit on me at work and I told her I wasn’t single and she still some how found me on Facebook and messaged me, I ignored her message, and then she found out who my sister was and she realized she was friends with one of my sisters friends so she tried getting my sister to talk to me for her. Just recently she had her friend message my sister again asking about me and it’s been two years later!

Any ways leave people alone when they are at work god damn like of course they smiled at you, they are working and have to be polite.

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I would actually love it if Felicity punched Susan. There's no way that's who she's punching this week, but it would be great if she could punch her in a few episodes, just knock her the fuck out. It's all wishful thinking though because there's no way that would ever happen on the show, only in my dreams.

forgive me it’s 4:40 in the morning and I don’t know what i’m doing… but uh enjoy this fic because i agree? 

She hated that woman. It had only started with a mild dislike. A passing comment to Oliver in the bunker about how she disliked her. She pushed it aside when Thea told her about Oliver seeming to like her. As a friend she could give her opinion before, well she would still give her opinion, but as the ex-fiancee it seemed a little petty and distasteful. For a fleeting moment she wondered if Oliver had pursued her just because of what she and everyone else said about the reporter. She decided he wasn’t that kind of person.

Felicity played nice when they met at the party. It was awkward, but she tried to push through it. She tried to ignore the fact that Susan was undoubtedly gorgeous. He still had a thing for those leggy model types, huh? She knew she was sexy in her own right, but she couldn’t help but notice the certain allure the reporter had. It wasn’t even then that she started to really hate her. Pettiness and jealousy aside she could tolerate her at least.

But when she threatened to broadcast a news story about Oliver’s bratva days, for what? Blackmail. That was when she was pushed over the edge. She still loved Oliver, still cared about him more than any ex-fiancee should, and that meant she wasn’t going to let this sorry excuse for a reporter do this to him. Star City meant everything to him, so did his job. He was finally doing something that made him happy and Susan Williams was threatening that happiness.

“It’s going to be okay,” she said to him as they stood in his office.

“I trusted her,” he whispered.

“I know,” she squeezed his hand, “Let me go get you something to eat, I know you haven’t in awhile.”

He simply nodded.

She left his office and started down the hall; she didn’t make it very far when Susan rounded the corner.

“How did you even get in here?” she hissed.

Susan blinked, “Excuse me?”

Right, she didn’t know that Felicity knew all of Oliver’s secrets.

Shaking her head, Susan tried to push past her, but she wasn’t going to budge. “I don’t think you need to see him today,” she said.

“I have some business to attend to with Mr. Queen,” the smirk on her face made her tremble with anger.

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Percival Graves is (probably) a good man

Another instalment of my headcanon series…

  • Percival was on a secret mission when he got captured and detained by Grindelwald, which is why no one noticed his absence
  • Plus Grindelwald only took his place for a few days
  • He is still enraged when he is freed and understands what happened
  • People get fired when he comes back. Some get hexed too

  • He insists that Tina is promoted a few weeks later
  • They have an open-heart discussion about what happened while he was “away” and they end up being quite good friends

  • When he learns about Credence’s “death”, he’s the one to get funerals set up and to make sure there’s a place to go to mourn him
  • He also takes his dispositions to make sure every one of the kids that were helped by Mary-Lou is safe and taken good care of

  • Tina eventually tells him that Credence is actually alive and well and away
  • But she also insists that they can’t meet as it would probably traumatise both of them
  • He doesn’t like the idea but gets convinced by the necessity of preserving both Credence and himself
  • He still asks her to tell Credence he would like to meet him if he ever wants to
  • She does tell him, two years later, when Credence asks about the real Mr.Graves
  • They eventually meet and it’s painful and awkward but also offers them both a sort of closure

  • His favourite colours are bright orange and light green
  • Percival has the worst fashion sense
  • He goes to work all pretty and dressed up because he knows how to follow a trend
  • But when he’s at home he wears the ugliest jumpers ever
  • They’d burn your eyes if you looked at them for too long

  • He was a bit concerned when his hair started greying but when no one made fun of him at work he just started forgetting about it
  • Except when his colleagues annoy him. Then he blames it on them
  • He doesn’t have lots of friends, but those he has go back to school and he would trust them with his life
  • There was a rumour he was secretly married to Seraphina Picquery. They never laughed so hard together before the day they learned about it
  • They’re not even actual friends, but they do have a lot of respect for each other
  • They both think the other’s job is incredibly difficult and they wouldn’t want to exchange their places

Other headcanons :

Credence  Queenie  Newt  Tina Jacob

I promise!

Fandom: Star Wars

Chapter/ One-shot: One-shot

Characters: Pregnant!Reader x Cassian Andor, Wedge Antilles, Chirrut Îmve

Words: 1689

Warnings: Spoiler alert: Rogue one spoilers! 

A/N: This became a lot longer than I thought it would be. Sorry about the ending, I kind of fast forwarded it because everyone who has seen the movie knows what happens and I’m not good at rewriting stuff (plus it has been a few weeks since I last saw Rogue one so I don’t remember everything). And right now I do not have a longer story about [Y/N] background.. :) 

Originally posted by fandomsarecoolilikequiteafew

You had been feeling nauseous lately and you had been late with your period. Even if you already knew what was going on you still wanted some confirmation about it. You were sitting on the bed in the medical bay, waiting for the medical droid to come back with the answers.

“Miss [Y/N], congratulations, you are having a baby” the droid said when it came back to the room. The droid told you that you were on your ninth week pregnant. You didn’t know how to react but you smiled at the droid before thanking it and left. Now you were worrying about how to tell your boyfriend, Cassian, about it. He was on a secret mission right now and you didn’t know when he would come back, in the meantime, you continued to do your work at the base. You did a little bit of everything, sometimes you were helping out with the ships and sometimes you were behind the desk, so to say. You were now helping Wedge Antilles, your best friend, to fix something on the wing of his x-wing when you saw Cassian’s ship land. You excused yourself and went to greet him. They had a petite woman with them but you didn’t recognise her.

“Hi” you said when you met Cassian. He took you in for a hug and kissed your forehead.

“Hi, sweetheart” he whispered softly and you chuckled.

“Captain, stop messing around, we have a meeting to attend to” you heard the familiar voice of K-2SO. Cassian sighed before he let go of you.

“Hi Key” you greeted the droid.

“Hello Miss [Y/N]” he greeted you back.

“Sorry, I will see you soon” he said and quickly kissed you before he left. You smiled as you watched him walk away and soon you went back to help Wedge to fix on his x-wing. Moments later you heard Cassian call out your name and you turned around to see him jog towards you.

“Cassian” you gasped when he took you in for a hug again.

“Sorry” he whispered. You chuckled softly. Not so long ago he didn’t want to show to anyone his soft side. There you stood hugging again when you heard K-2SO walking closer.

“I’ve been looking for you, Captain” the droid said and you sighed.

“Key, give us a moment here” Cassian said, a little annoyed about K-2SO always interrupting you two.

“Very well, I’ll go and prepare the ship. We’ll be leaving soon.” the droid said before it left.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked Cassian with a sigh.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just about to tell you” he answered you. You looked up at him with a sad look on your face. He tucked your hair behind your ear and smiled weakly at you. You knew deep inside you that this was going to be a hard mission but your instincts told you that he would come back.

“I love you” you said as you looked lovingly into his eyes. Cassian smirked a little.

“I love you too” he said and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss wasn’t long but it was full of love.

“I have to go now” Cassian said and you nodded.

“Be safe and come back home” you told him and he smiled. He kissed you quickly before he left to the ship. You noticed that the woman he had brought with him was leaving with them but you didn’t think more of that. You watched as the ship flew away before you went back to yours and Cassian’s quarter.

As soon as you heard that Cassian was coming you ran to the docking bay to greet him. You didn’t have to wait so long when you saw a ship land. It wasn’t Cassian’s U-wing and you started to worry a little but when the ramp fell down and you saw Cassian you let out a breath. You ran over to him and threw your hands around his neck. He chuckled as he took you in for a hug. He leant in for a kiss and the kiss was full of passion.

“Hey” he said as you stopped kissing. You smiled as you greeted back.

“I missed you” you told him and he hugged you tighter and kissed your forehead.

“I missed you too” he whispered. Cassian had to go to a meeting again and he rushed away to get there in time. You walked over to greet the new arrivals. You learned that their names were Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe and Bodhi Rook. You noticed that Chirrut were blind and he told you about the force helping him see. He also told you what happened on Jedha and Eadu. You sighed but you knew that Cassian did all this so that the resistance could be one step closer to save the galaxy from the empire.

“Is Cassian the father?” Chirrut suddenly asked you and you stared at him with your mouth open.

“How do you know?” you finally asked him after a moment of silence.

“The force is strong with your child, and also with you” he told you calmly. You quickly glanced up at Baze who shrugged his shoulders.

“The force works in mysterious ways” Chirrut continued and you looked back at him again.

“Yeah, well, there has been a jedi in my family. My grandfather was a jedi, and my mother used to tell stories about him when I was a child. I never became a jedi because the jedi-order got destroyed when I was just an infant” you explained to him and he listened carefully.

“I see. Who was your grandfather?” he asked.  

“His name was Qui-Gon Jinn”.

“Aah, I’ve heard about him” Chirrut said. You smiled at him. You saw that Cassian was walking towards you.

“You have to tell him” Chirrut said and you answered with a yeah.

“Hi” you greeted Cassian when he arrived. He greeted you back but soon asked you to leave them for a minute. And you did. Moments later you saw the petite woman, whose name you had learned was Jyn Erso, talking with Chirrut and Baze and soon you saw that Cassian had gathered a group of rebels and they were all talking with Jyn. You stood there watching them. When they were ready, Cassian came over to talk to you.

“You’re leaving again?” you asked and you felt a lump in your throat.

“Yes, we have decided to help Jyn get the Death Star plans.” he said and you felt tears in your eyes. “And it is probably going to be a one way trip” he continued and you started sobbing. He took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. Soon you pulled away from him and you wiped the tears of. You looked into his eyes.

“Just promise me one thing” you begged him as you reached your hand to his chin and he leaned in to your hand.

“Anything” he said.

“Promise me that you will get back home again, in one piece.” you said and you reached your hand towards his and guided his hand to your stomach. “Promise me that you will get back home for us” you continued and the tears started falling again but you were smiling at him.

“Are you pregnant?” he gasped and stroked your belly. You nodded and let out a small giggle. “I love you” he continued and you tried not to start crying again.

“Promise me” you begged.

“I promise” he promised and you hugged each other. “Thank you” you whispered. You pulled away from the hug and gave a quick kiss to each other before he left to the ship. You saw Chirrut on the ramp smiling at your direction and you smiled back at him even if you knew that he didn’t see it. Cassian gave you one last look and you waved your hand at him. You watched as he disappeared into the ship and it took away. You ran up to the control room to wait for answers.

“What is your boyfriend up to?” one of the workers there asked you.

“Honestly, I have no idea” you answered him. You sat down beside him.

You were waiting for some answers and it felt like an eternity. You heard that the Alliance fleet went to support them.

“Your girlfriend seems nice” Jyn said to Cassian when they were onboard of the ship.

“She’s the best” Cassian told her with a smile. Jyn smiled back at him. They finally arrived to Scarif and they were lucky enough to get through the gates. Jyn, K-2SO and Cassian managed to get to the Citadel Tower.

After everything that happened in the Citadel Tower, Cassian and Jyn limped to the beach.

“I promised [Y/N] that I would get back” Cassian said to Jyn when they sat down. Jyn smiled and looked at him. “She’s pregnant” he said before he continued “And I love her”. He looked at Jyn with tears in his eyes and a weak smile on his lips. “But this was worth it” he said and turned his head to look at the Death Star as it fired the superlaser towards the planet.

“[Y/N]” someone shouted. You saw that it was Wedge who ran towards you. He was short of breath when he came to you and before he spoke he tried to catch his breath again. He looked at you and you could already guess what he was about to say but you didn’t want to believe it. He sat down beside you and took your hand in his. He looked into your eyes before he spoke. “I am so sorry, [Y/N]”. You stared at him before it hit you what he had just said and that’s when the tears started falling down your eyes. Wedge took you in for a hug and you sobbed into his chest. “I’m sorry” he whispered. Now you had to raise your child alone but you would always tell your child about his/hers dad who was a hero that saved the rebellion.


[01.23.2016] hello friends, school is kicking my ass but i am alive. heres some spreads from the past few weeks. \o/ ive had an increase in followers even though i havent been posting much?? thank you so much?? you’re all very kind. i will try to be more active again. hope everyone is doing well. \o/


Your decision to stop fighting crime gets thrown out the window when Flash faces Captain Cold and needs your help.

A/N:  This part is very meh lol but I liked the last little scene. If you like this please read the rest of the Neuro series on my blog!

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My Candy Love/Eldarya Sin Week

Since a lot of shit has happened in the last few days I think we deserve some…fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Let the sin week begin from November 21 to November 27! 

You already know whats all about: Fanarts, drabbles, headcanons, fanfiction…anything as long as its sinful. 

Remember to tag everything as nsfw for people who doesn’t like this sexy stuff. Also, tag it as the belonging game; don’t tag an Eldarya fanart to my candy love and vice versa, unless it’s a crossover. 

If you have more ideas or i forgot something important, please add it :3 

Was sent a very concerning ask...

I’m not answering it here. I will address somethings discussed in it however.

- Mentally I am prepared for whatever is thrown my way. I am older then the normal recruits they receive and have had more life experience at this point. Getting yelled at is not a concern of mine. They are angry and screaming for a reason. Fire fights aren’t calm and quiet.  

- I don’t have asthma. I don’t know where you got that from. I have been sick for the last few weeks which affected my breathing. That’s it.

- This line “ Just give it up buddy. It’s not happening.”

I don’t know who you think you are, but you don’t know me. You have no idea what I’ve put myself through in these last 9 months. I have worked harder for this then anything else in my life, completely transforming my body. I was out running at midnight. I run in the freezing cold. I run in the pouring rain. I climbed miles up a mountain at 2 am and started a fire on top. I’ve lifted way more then I ever thought I would and ran longer then I ever thought I could. I’ve bled, I’ve sweat, I’ve pushed myself to tears….and this is just the damn delayed entry program. Im not even at boot yet. I can guarantee you though, when I pass through those doors, I will work even harder. Yea there will be times that I’ll want to leave. EVERYONE has them. I’m giving up a growing youtube channel, a job I’ve fallen in love with and the hobby thats kept me going for damn near 10 years. I’m doing this because becoming a Marine has been a life long dream. A calling I cannot even begin to explain to someone who isn’t even brave enough to drop anon when sending me a message.  

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Well, of course, Ch*ryl is in the papers now. Can't let Liam get any attention these days. It's all about her. *rolls eyes* What happened to the "ban" on photos of her self-centered arse?

Hi anon,

Well its a photoshoot for charity and they’ve leaked pics or made them available, who knows but yeah.  

I presume its the photoshoot from a few weeks back where we had the ‘leaked’ pics from her hair stylist.   +

Anyway…Liam looked fantastic.   

It’s like no one pays attention. Yesterday, on Raw Talk, Roman literally said he’d go after the universal title and do it better than Seth, he wishes Seth the best because they’ll always be brothers and he wants the revenge he never got. 

Anyone who paid attention tonight would notice that Roman had no absolute clue about what to do to Seth, what to feel. It’s called continuation, it’s actually fucking happening, if y’all would open your eyes a little bit wider. He and Seth stared down and Roman literally didn’t know what to do. Just looking at him, you could see that.

So of course they’re not going to make Roman and Seth all fucking buddy buddy. What they’re going to do is have Roman and Seth forced to work together for the next few weeks, probably leading up to Survivor Series, where Seth is probably the fifth and final member (because there’s usually five). Roman will be forced to confront his feelings on the betrayal and get his fucking revenge.

On the morning of November 9, 2016: I woke up, checked the news, and then cried—sobbed, really—in my bed. No, not because my candidate lost but rather because of fear. This has been on my mind an awful lot the past few weeks. We don’t know what’ll happen in the future or in an hour’s time or even after you finish reading this post. What I do know is who I am, though, and that fear of who I am almost killed me in 2008. So, I’ll be damned if I let fear (of hatred, of the president, of bigotry, of homophobia) stop me from living my life. Don’t waver or let the fear keep you from living (and loving) out loud. Find solace in your sense of self. I know I am. This MY America.


Part 3 of the Teach Me series

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Word Count: 5,187

Warnings: heavy smut, oral sex (both receiving), language.

Summary: (Sam x Reader, both 18 years old) The reader has had sex before with a previous boyfriend, but Sam has never even had a woman naked in the same room before (other than in the occasional porn magazine). He confesses this to the reader, who suggests that they take their close friendship one step further…

Tagging: @nanfandan @winchester-smut @winchesterenthusiast @withoutaplease @oriona75 @mrswhozeewhatsis @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall @blushingsamgirl @smutalecki @scorpiongirl1 @kittenofdoomage @sammysnaughtygirl @fingersinsamshair @samsdirtylittlesecret

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For those who recall the post I made about my grandmother and cancer that was found after removal, I just got the best news I ever could receive. They finished the testing on the lymph node biopsy and she is completely cancer free. The area of skin they removed is healing very nicely with the grafting that was done and all she had to do is go in to get stitches removed in a few days to a week or so. She just got off the phone with my mother and we are both so relieved. 

Thank you to all of those who had good thoughts coming my way or offered your hands out to me through the time of not knowing exactly what was going to happen. You are all so kind and amazing. <3

The Countdown is On

One month tomorrow I will be on the platform competing in bench. If my shoulder comes back. I’ve trained 5-6 days a week since September with this goal in mind. At first it was a no brainer. I’d made the cut off already my first meet of the year. Only had to hold steady and post at the required qualifying meets. Which I did. Then something happened – who knows what exactly – and I’ve been a bit of a lame duck ever since.

When I threw my back out for six months last year around this time, I shifted all my energy to bench. It saved me. It gave me something to be proud of, to work for. It made all the pain make sense. Hard work pays off, right?

I did come back,and I was able to pick up again with squats and deadlifts in addition to my trusty bench. Until a few weeks ago, when it all began to unravel again. Back tweaks, rotator cuff agony, pulled groin.

Overwork? Sure. But that is the sport in its essence, trying to find the line between giving ‘er and letting up. Some days, you feel awesome, and still that might be the day your back goes, your groin misfires. The body is a cruel mistress. But it is also fabulous in what it can take and do. I’m trying to honour it, alongside my strengths and limitations. Sometimes, though, that balance is hard to find.

This is where I find myself staring down these last weeks before Nationals. Will I be able to get some sets in at a respectable weight before the meet? Will I post anywhere close to my best? Will doing so shatter what little strength is left and I’ll have to start all over again, from scratch?

The countdown is on. Place your bets. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

I Think I Love Her/ N.M. Imagine

I’ve been dating Nate for a little over 3 months now. Yeah I know it’s not that long but Skates never been the one to “cuff” anyone, until we met one night in a tattoo shop. He was hanging out with Sammy and Emily and all their friends from Omaha and I was there with my sister who happened to be Emily’s best friend. He came up to me and asked what I was getting and we got lost in a conversation about each others tattoos and became friends. From there we haven’t stopped talking and we ended up dating.

A few weeks ago Nate and I were sitting on the couch and he was smoking while we were watching a movie. He paused it and looked at me. After a few seconds and me giggling at him, he took one last puff and said “I want you to meet my family.” I was taken aback by his comment not knowing what to say. “I’m serious.” He said adjusting his position on the couch so that he was facing me but so that my legs remained in the same position on top of his. “I believe you, but are you sure they’d want to even meet me?” I was nervous about this, I mean I’ve talked to a few of his family members online and over the phone but that’s really it. “My mom loves you lil mama she told me the other day that she’d like to meet you, and I want my family to meet you so why not?”

“Wake up lil mama we gotta go.” I heard Nate say shaking me. “5 more minutes” I said pushing his face away from me. “Nope, its time to wake up.” He said pulling back the covers and picking me up taking me to the bathroom. “I just wanna sleep.” I said yawning. “And I just want you to brush your teeth.” He said putting the toothbrush in my hand. “Fine.”

“Something interesting?” Nate said why standing in front of the mirror looking at me through it. He was only in a towel and his body was still wet while he was shaving. “Hmmm just a cute boy in his towel.” I said walking towards him and grabbing his free arm and rubbing it lightly. “You ok ma?” He said grabbing a dry towel and drying his face off. “Yeah just a bit nervous.” He turned to me holding both of my arms. “Everything’s going to be okay baby, like I said they love you already.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Omaha, Nebraska…” I heard the flight attendant say as I woke up and tapped Nates shoulder so he would wake up as well. I laid my head on his shoulder until we were able to get up and get our things. We walked to our baggage where we were suppose to meet everyone and I saw Kami first and pointed her out to Nate and he went up behind her and gave her a huge hug. It was nice to see how happy he was around his family. “And this must be the beautiful Y/N!” I smiled as Kami came to me for a hug “Hi Mrs.Maloley!” I said and as I pulled away I caught Nate smiling at me and giving me a wink. “Oh honey call me Kami! So I was thinking we’d go to the house first so you guys can put your things away and then go get some lunch?” We both nodded and everyone climbed into the car and we went off to Nate’s house.

“You’ll be in here with Nate.” Kami said while giving me a small tour of their home. “Now kids put your things away and we’ll get some food, you must be hungry.” She said leaving Nate and I by ourselves “we’ll be done soon mom” Nate said and closed the door. “I think she likes you” He said as I started putting a few things on hangers Nate gave me. “I hope s-” Nate pulled me into him and hugged me tightly. “thank you for doing this.” I pulled away and looked up at him. “Of course” I said and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“So Y/N are you in college?” Monte asked as we sat down at the restaurant “Uh no I’m actually an animator for Pixar.” I said as Nate put his hand on my knee. “They let you work there with tattoos?” Stew asked. “Yeah, well as long as it’s follows their guidelines I’m fine.” I say as I looked at my arms.

Nate’s POV

I sat back at lunch with m family as I had my hand on Y/N’s leg. It made me happy to see her interacting with my family the way she was, the waiter came and we starting eating our food and having a good time. Once we got back to the house my dad pulled me to the side while Mom, Y/N, and Kaylan were in the other room drinking wine and talking. “You really like this girl?” My dad said as he was leaning on the counter. “Yeah I mean she means a lot to me. I honestly didn’t think I’d find someone like her.” I said hoping up on the counter. “She seems like a wonderful girl. Don’t fuck up Skate.” He said pointing a finger at me. “I won’t pops I promise. You know I think I might love her.” I said looking up at her and seeing her smiling and laughing with my family. “The way that you look at her, I know you love her. You should tell her.” He said lightly pushing my shoulder and smiling at me while walking away. I shook my head at him and laughed, I think he’s right, I should tell her.

It was late and everyone was heading to bed and Y/N and I walked down to the basement to see Stew playing video games. “Goodnight Stew.” Y/N said before going into my room. “Night Y/N” He said waving at her. We both went into my room and I kissed her and locked the door. “What’s up with you?” Y/N asked giggling. God she makes me happy. “I- I uh I’m gonna go talk to Stew for a little bit.” I said flaking out. “Alright well I’m gonna go to sleep.” She said and gave me one last kiss before I walked out the door.

“Damn I would’ve thought you’d be getting it in by now.” Stew said. “Shut the fuck up” I said laughing. “Why you out here and not in there?” He said handing me a controller. “I love her.” I said. “Okay? So what’s the problem?” He said pausing the game to look at me. “I don’t know how to tell her.” “Do you think she loves you too?” Stew asked raising an eyebrow. “Well yeah I never really doubted that.” I said thinking a little bit. “Well then there shouldn’t be a problem. If you really love her and she loves you it’ll come naturally.” I thought about it for a minute. “How the hell are you this wise.” I said smirking at him. “I’ve done a lot of growing up what can I say?” I laughed and shook my head as we began playing video games for at least 2 more hours. “Alright, I’m gonna get some sleep, you should too.” I said shoving him into the pillow.

I walked into the room and saw Y/N sleeping cuddled up to one of my pillows. I smiled and took my shirt off so I was just in my sweats and climbed into bed with her. I moved the pillow and she instantly cuddled up to me instead. I started playing with her hair while thinking of all the things I love about this girl. “Your hair, your eyes, your smile, I love everything about you. I wish I could tell you how much I love you baby girl.” I whispered to her. “I love you too.” She whispered and she looked up at me. I smiled and kissed her and continued playing with her hair as she outlined my tattoos with her finger. “I love you.” I said once more as we both fell asleep. A/N: sorry I haven’t posted anything recently I just graduated so I’ve been busy haha but I will start posting more.

time to splurge my diginerd everywhere sorry to anyone who has yet to realize how much I love digimon lmao

It’s Tamersona week so I thought I’d share (with words, because I cannot art) how I imagine I’d meet my partner Digimon(?) who is Renamon. 

The first prompt is first encounter, how we met and what led me to become chosen. 

It’s always been advised to me to unplug any electricals when there’s a huge storm outside. “You never know what could happen!” well, they were right. A huge storm had ridden in a few miles from the ocean, a remnant of a hurricane that had managed to last until it hit the tail of England, where I lived. I took no notice when the lights began to flicker ominously, absorbed in my video game until the electricity fizzled and everything went black. More than anything I was annoyed, at myself for not saving in the last 3 hours, at the weather for knocking out the electricity just when I’d finished a hard boss battle. Reluctantly I sighed and ducked under my desk, beginning to unplugged everything, the last thing I’d need is a surge breaking all the fuses. 

When I finally sat back on my heels, it took me a little while to notice the room had been bathed in a cold gray light coming from my now unplugged TV. I should’ve felt uneasy, panicked, afraid and instead, I felt nothing but burning curiosity as instinct made me reach out toward that light coming from the TV.

It was a little surprising that my hand was sucked into the wrist when it connected with where there should’ve been an LCD screen. I could feel static where my wrist was touching and on the other side.. a cool breeze.

Something began yanking on my hand, slowly pulling more of me towards and into the small screen. It did cross my mind that I could end up stuck half out of the TV should whatever this gray light was disappeared and so I stuck my other arm through.

When the weird event of being pulled through a TV was over I found myself in a digital world of bright and pastel colors, even some of the leaves on the trees were pink or a vibrant red. Before me was Renamon, who had been surprised to see a hand sticking from the trunk of a tree and assumed they were stuck so she began to pull.  Before I could say anything she knelt before me and swore an oath to protect me, although I hadn’t even told her my name.

Ok so if you don’t know what happened with this year’s Australian census you have to listen to this perfect representation of the bad sit com that is the Australian government.

So basically over the past few weeks there have been government ads reminding us all that census night is (was) on August 9th. They have also been reminding us that, unless you order a paper census form, you have to fill out the census online on August 9th. The census questions relate to who was in your house on the night of August 9th, so people would have to fill it out at night to make sure it’s accurate and there’s no surprises of someone crashing at your house or whatever after you’ve already filled it out.

If you didn’t catch that, the Australian government asked roughly 24 million people to all log in to the census website on the one night.

24 million people at once.

But that’s not the best part. The best part is not that the servers spectacularly crashed. The best part is not that somehow no one in the government saw this coming.

The best part is that they’re reporting it as an ‘attack’ from 'hackers’. That’s right, those rotten hackers are coming and making technology function exactly as expected. Be afraid, Australia.