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ah i feel like,,,,maybe not all furries,,,are bad,, thsis sounds so dumb but i was dumb scared of them until i found you on this blog lol

im.. i feel like its not even worth it at this point to correct people who think im actually a furry but u know what i will gladly accept my role as Furry Ambassador to the US if its going to convince ppl that drawing animals doesnt automatically make you like a weird deviantart fetish person

good job anon. im proud of u for overcoming ur Fear

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Are you named after someone? No, if i was a boy my mom would have chosen my name, if a girl though, my dad

When is the last time you cried? yesterday

Do you like your handwriting? I lik it most of the times, but when i spen too much ithout writing it comes out horrible and im sorry for whover has to read it

What is your favorite lunch meat? uhm.. i dont know (? potato pie or MILANESAS WITH MASHED POTATO 

Do you have kids? no

If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? I used to think i would, but by now i dont know

Do you use sarcasm? no

Do you still have your tonsils? yes 

Would you bungee jump? no, unless its with someone else who also feared heights like me so we could get over it (if thats even possible)

What is your favorite kind of cereal? i love all cerealsSSSSSSSS

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?depends usually no

Do you think you’re a strong person? I tend to think im weak many times and i hate myself for it. So i figure the rest of the time im not hating myself over it im being strong, mainly because ive made it til here/now

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? vanilla

What is the first think you notice about people? their voice, small details like their shoelaces or somthing on their pants or shirt shape lol

Red or pink? pink

What is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? the way that i put on weight fst if i dont take care and starve every day :)

What colour pants and socks are you wearing right now? im wearing none 

What was the last thing you ate? salad

What are listening to right now? the sound of my fan

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? orange

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? i think my mom


Hair color? currently blonde

Eye color? green

Do you wear contacts? no

Favorite food to eat? cookies, fruits, cereals

Scary movies or comedies? if they’re good, any

Last movie you watched? the darkness, and meh..

What color of shirt are you wearing? pink

Summer or winter? winter

Hugs or kisses? hugs in general

What book are you currently reading?  none

Who do you miss right now? my willpower

What is on your mouse pad? dont have

What is the last TV program you watched? i dont kno

What is the best sound? soft rain falling

Rolling Stones or The Beatles? beatles for life

What is the furthest you have ever traveled? france

Do you have a special talent? i can sing, dance, i can play any instrument, im a good cook, i speak 4 languajes, i survive my traumas and self hatred every day

Where were you born? im just gonna say south america

I tag: @carlpalmer @glosscake @dedicatedfollowerofrock @messtalia and everyone who wants to do it :)

boys are so fucked up like in the beginning they text you back all the time, call you every night and tell you how amazing you are bla bla bla and when they have you they suddenly change. They do what ever the fuck they want because they know that at the end of the day youll be the one who tells them how scared you are of losing them even if they are the ones who should be afraid but they take u for granted i hate this











(we’re watching cowboy bebop next oh god)

  • [during sex]
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUKE!
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: ...
  • Naruto: I can explain
  • Naruto: It's a habit
  • Hinata: What?
  • Naruto: No, wait. What I mean is- the only person who shouts my name like that is Sasuke and I usually shout his name too, like, when we fight
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Naruto: I don't know. It's kind of our thing. We've been doing it for years.
  • Naruto: Well, not doing IT, you know, not like we just did. But that name thing, 'it.' I'm not in love with him, I swear! At least, not the same way I'm in love with you.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: I mean, we only kissed once, and it was totally an accident.
  • Hinata: Naruto
  • Naruto: Or, twice, unless you count that other time-
  • Hinata: NARUTO!
  • Naruto: SASUK- Hinata, I meant to say Hinata, see? It's like a reflex.
  • Hinata: Go sleep on the couch while I think about this relationship.
  • Naruto: Fine, but can I ask you something?
  • Hinata: *hopeful* Yes?
  • Naruto: By 'this relationship,' did you mean yours and mine or mine and Sasuke's?
  • Hinata: Get out.

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could you do like a headcannon about the height difference between isak and even? like i imagine even would tease isak and be like "oh do you need help reaching that lol" or calling him his smol boyfriend and isak gets frustrated because like he's only a few inches shorter than even idk i miss them so much

im sorry this is so late! but ha yEs!!!! this is not really what you asked for but im just starting to get back into the writing headspace again! so this is just a quick and sweet lil slice of life xx

  • listen im a shortie at 5 feet and everyone i know makes fun of my height, i have no doubt that even would be a cheeky lil shit and do it to isak who’s only slightly shorter. now there’s heaps of situations where even would do this but here’s one.
  • firstly - even showering isak with compliments is #canon. so i imagine a time where they’re both lying in bed on their sides, loosely cuddling and even goes all, “you’re so soft, like your skin and your hair and your face.” and then proceeds to kiss each mentioned feature before he adds, “and so small you fit perfectly beside me.”
  • isak ofc is offended. “ME? small???? even im 6 feet fucking tall, im SLIGHTLY shorter than u?? im taller than everyone we know!”
  • “well.” even replies pensively. “compared to me. admit it.”
  • and isak just huffs and counters back with, “yeah, only because you’ve somehow got giraffe genes.”
  • and it was so random that even just blinks, taken aback, before throwing his head back and guffawing and isak’s lips are quirking up as he watches even lose himself to something that he doesn’t even think was that funny. so isak pushes playfully at even’s shoulder with a muttered and half-hearted, “shut up its true, you’re like, freakishly tall.”
  • things get a bit serious tho all of a sudden when even calms down and looks isak in the eyes, his own eyes soft before he states, “but you still love me anyway.”
  • he didn’t phrase it like a question but isak still heard the hint of one. for all the confidence even seems to have, isak’s been seeing quite a lot more of his insecurity lately and while it hurts isak to know that even feels this way sometimes, he’s glad that he believes in them enough and trusts isak enough, to share all the different parts of himself, the good and the bad, the fun and the sad. 
  • but isak rolls his eyes, tryna play Cool, be cool isak don’t randomly jump him and shout ALWAYS!!!!
  • so isak ducks his head down a lil and then looks up and locks eyes with even, cheeks warm, and he could say something ridiculously sappy like ‘always’ or ‘ yes’ or ‘of course! but he’s isak and this is even and they’re both still so new to this, the feelings that even will bring up in isak will always feel new even after months, that’s just the way it is between them.
  • isak decides to stay chill and say, “well, if i must.” with a long drawn out and obviously fake sigh and even’s eyes twinkle and isak knows that he Knows. isak doesn’t even have to say ‘always’ or something sappy like ‘forever’, bc even can see it in isak’s eyes, he can feel it in the way he kisses and moves around him, the way he touches him and looks at him, the way he talks and supports him. 
  • the way he just IS.
  • because he does love him and he isn’t afraid of even knowing.

im going to scream never do biochem at uni what even are myeloma cells? who knows what a hybridoma is?? not me!!! what is science? the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

So, I like totally lurk through the mr robot fandom because it’s like half people who wanna ride rami until he splits them in half and like the other half who just think of rami as this total memelord child and poorly photoshop every picture of him one way or another and it’s like I don’t even know what to do with this information. I have no clue how to process it and it’s like im too gay to want to fuck this man but I also don’t think of him as a child and I just appreciate his acting and wanna get a beer with him. Where do I fit in?


TW Im not putting this under a Read More because that would be against what this post is about but TW here for anyone who does not want to read sensitive material.

You do not have to CONDONE these things. But CENSORSHIP and saying that people should censor or not even post certain material in a FANTASY setting like the RP community is only promoting ignorance. 

Lying about the TRUTH of the world is worse, these things DO happen. If you want your tumblr RP experience to be with rose colored glasses. Then don’t follow blogs that post sensitive material and UNFOLLOW and block if you want if they do. 

BUT telling someone they shouldn’t write this or that is CENSORSHIP there is a REASON we read banned books and advocate for them because CENSORING people is what creates an ignorant mass. 

SO do remember that muse =/= mun. That this world is full of terrible things and SHOULD I DARE to want to reflect that with my writing I WILL. That does not mean that I condone these behaviors or that I ENJOY them. It only means that I am trying to connect with the society I live in and understand the way people fit into it and THUS portraying my ideas to others in this manner.

So the world is full of RAPE and MURDER and PROSTITUTION and TORTURE and BLASPHEMY and ANY NUMBER of things. You cannot demonize people for writing them

OR YOU KNOW WHAT you can! Because me telling you not to would be censoring you. 

On my end of the spectrum it makes me VERY UNCOMFORTABLE when people deny the negative aspects of their characters through roleplay especially in the historical community. Because it’s erasing the realities of the situation. i.e founding fathers that owned slaves

AUs are fine. AUs in which your characters didn’t do those bad things they did are fine! But erasing history is what puts us back to square one. 

Back to censorship. I will NEVER unfollow because of squicky content or something your character does because HUMANS do terrible things. Watch the NEWS. My character on this blog OWNED upwards of 300 people. He was a rebel general that sent CHILDREN out on the front lines to fight his battles. I have no place to act like he is the saintly father of our country that people are brainwashed to see him as.

Unfollow blogs for your own sake if you must, if you have certain triggers put them in your rules and steer clear of blogs that might hinder your experience here. But my PERSONAL opinion is that telling people what they can and cannot write is UNFORGIVABLE. You are not the police, you are a person on the internet. 

This blog is against censorship. 


[01.23.2016] hello friends, school is kicking my ass but i am alive. heres some spreads from the past few weeks. \o/ ive had an increase in followers even though i havent been posting much?? thank you so much?? you’re all very kind. i will try to be more active again. hope everyone is doing well. \o/

louis XVI: callout culture is so toxic. people make mistakes its a part of being human. i cant believe im being attacked for something you couldve just inboxed me privately to talk about, i didnt even know what i was doing was wrong. i think its time we left this pettiness behind and took a stand against callout culture. who is with me everyb

I am alarmed by the fact that antis are out there intentionally doing physical harm to Yixing. They are out there doing an intentional act of physical harm to someone who they don’t even know personally. They are so blinded by their pointless hate to the point that they have failed to realize that what they are doing is immoral and just so inhuman. I wish that they would reflect on themselves, what would their parents think of them if they learned that their children are out there doing this kind of act. How the fuck can you hate on Zhang Yixing, he’s such a hardworker sunshine that we do not dererve. This world doesn’t need salty ass inhuman antis.

i am literally speechless, this man doesn’t know shit about politics nor he knows about diplomacy, i don’t know what’s gonna be of mexico in the next months, i am scared for my people’s future, for minorities, for muslims, for the world’s future, but most of all i am shocked by the fact that so many people share that way of thinking, so many racists, mysogynists, ableists, xenophobic.

so many people filled with nothing but hatred.

america fucked up, and they really did.

america will not be great again after this.

steve would be so fucking touchy ok like im not even joking in how much i fuckin STAN THIS
he doesn’t even realise he’s doing it at first
his hands just randomly start running up and down your thighs and he only notices when u clench your legs together shooting him daggers
after that he starts doing it all the time
like all the time
he runs his hands through your hair gently tugging at the ends, knowing what it does to u
he has an arm wrapped around your shoulders whenever you’re busy and stares at men who stare at you, (he’s not the jealous type but….who am I kidding yes he is)
he likes to run his thumb over your bottom lip when you pout, staring at u with his hungry expression, daring u to continue as if he won’t bite it in front of everyone at the table
his grip on your hip gets tighter when u lean too close to tony in a low cut tshirt, everyone ignores the growl he sends to tony knowing it was normal for steve to get possessive
whenever someone hits on u or him, he makes a show of slapping and gripping your ass while staring them dead in the eyes….

fuckin steve rogers

@ people with intestinal, bowel, stomach issues

I feel really sorry for those with intestinal issues like IBD, IBS or anything like that because it feels like theyre unabled to talk about their issues because its considered “gross” or too “inappropriate”.

or worse, people think that theyre entitled to know what the illness does to them, even if they dont want to talk about it.

theyre either taught that talking about their illness is disgusting or theyre taught that they shouldnt have privacy, that theyre not allowed to say no.

I just really wanna say im sorry to those who have to go through that, because you are not gross and you deserve to talk about your issues as much as you want or to not talk about your issues at all.

you are not gross for having an illness that has to do with your stomach, you should never be ashamed or embarressed to have medical issues.

talking about your issues is not inapropriate.

not wanting to talk about your issues does not make you mean, or rude, it makes you a person who wants their privacy.

You deserve the right to vent and rant and educate

you also deserve the right to privacy.

you are strong

you are important

you matter.

and you shouldnt never have to feel guilty or apologize for having a medical issue, no matter what that issue is.

sorry if this doesnt sound that good, or if im not explaining well, i hope this comes out well tho.

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hey friend this might be completely unnecessary but it was bugging me so i just kind of want to put it out for you if you want it. so i've seen you get so much awful backlash about using they/them pronouns and people telling you that youre too young to know who you are and i want you to know that it's bullshit. im a firm believer that the only person who really knows you is you. i realized that i wasn't cis when i was 13 and even though i didn't start presenting as anything other than femme(1/1)

hvwkfrost said:(2/2) until i was 15 that didn’t make my identity any less valid. i’m almost 20 now and well along in my transition and if you decide to take that path i hope you make it here too. in the mean time don’t rush and go with your gut. do what makes you happy and comfortable until you’re the best version of yourself. take care!

ahh thank u so much for this!! it’s really nice to hear these kinds of things from what’s been happening recently, thank u!! u take care as well!

every time i visit this site, my heart becomes unbearably heavy with sadness. and here is why: there is so much love hidden in these letters. so. much. love. but does it do any good, if it never reaches its destination? if its recipient never reads it? no. it stays hidden in someones heart, heavy. so here is my wish: if you love someone, if you even feel the tiniest bit of emotion towards someone, tell them. please. make sure they know it. write them the most beautiful love letter mankind has seen, and send it to them with a white rose. ask them how their day was. paint their eyes. sit next to them in class and have a real conversation. i dont care how you do it, but do it. because publishing an anonymous letter wont do anything. maybe im the only who worries about this, but life is passing us by. passing me and you and all of us by. what good is it to keep love to ourselves. if youre looking for a sign, this is it. tell them you love them. please. 

- a girl who doesnt see enough love in the world



so many inconsistencies in this chapter rip i have to edit some pages

anyway im going to be busy this week so i figured id post these ahead of time ish (i usually aim for the weekends or slightly earlier) i am V TIRED already just thinking about it

i have a bunch of asks in the inbox ive been meaning to answer too so hopefully ill get around to it tomorrow afternoon? who knows.