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Bonus: The Misadventure of PB’s Poor Little Hat 

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i can’t stop writing about married kara/lena so here have this

a rooftop wedding seemed like a great idea when kara had first suggested it, arms wrapped around lena’s waist, nose in lena’s hair, both of them swaying back and forth in the middle of their kitchen. the idea was so cute. so manageable. 

but – 

here they are. one rooftop wedding and one poorly timed alien invasion in.

before kara can try anything, her sister rises up from her chair, gun drawn and brows pulled.

“alex!” kara hears eliza hiss. “put that down!”

it’s too late. alex is a deadly shot, and the ten-foot-tall purple menace that decided to crash kara’s big day has two-tenths of a chance at surviving.

well, all by itself it should. kara sees about five more of those big guys sliding up over the edge of the roof and pooling into purple mass before assembling themselves upright again in seconds. it’s rather disgusting and disheartening to witness. 

the guests aren’t in shock. to be fair, there’s only ten of them: alex, eliza, maggie, james, winn, j'onn, lucy, clark, lois, and cat.

oh, and the minister. who is m'gann. that’s another story for a later time, like when kara’s married and enjoying a rare day off with her wife in a far, far away place where no otherworldly antics ensue.

speaking of her wife –

lena’s sigh is quiet, her head tipped back and eyes closed, and kara offhandedly thinks she looks absurdly pretty, though she knows lena’s probably just counting backwards from ten and trying not to challenge the god of love to smite them down right now. 

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i think we've loved a thousand lives, i try to find you every time

2k words, ao3

soulmate au bc there’s no such thing as too many soulmate aus

title is from “same soul” by pvris

Jesus leaned against the convenience store’s back wall, panting as he ripped the hat off his head and pulled his bandana down to uncover his face. Despite the heat, he didn’t grab the bottle of water from his coat pocket; only a few swallows of water filled it, and he knew he couldn’t risk that. He was only somewhat thirsty from the summer sun; he could take a few more hours. He’d be back at the Hilltop before he let himself run out.

That was when he heard the truck – a distant hum before it turned into a deafening roar and, as if to mock Jesus and his thoughts of momentary leisure back at the Hilltop, parking just in front of the very same store he himself rested behind. Two doors opened and slammed shut only seconds apart and Jesus hid in the shadows, his heart rate increasing. He heard at least one pair of boots clicking against the pavement, its gait too casual.

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my bitter, shriveled little heart grows at LEAST three sizes every time I see an allo person say that a-spec people inherently belong in the LGBT+ community, so hey, if you were wondering how to make your local a-spec folks happy this Pride Month…well, that’s one thing you can do 😘

Cake Batter

A Dean x Reader AU / fluff

A/N: This is my submission for @dancingalone21‘s AU Funny Quote Challenge [ x ]. This is an AU, in the fact that Sam and Dean are not hunters. I didn’t really get a chance to specify that in the story, but that’s really all I could think of. I haven’t written anything in a while, so I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,529

- language.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

It was Sam’s birthday, and you decided last minute to make him a cake - from scratch. You had never baked anything that didn’t come in a box with specific instructions, so you were nervous it would come out horrible. Sam wasn’t one for sweets anyway, but everyone deserved a treat on their birthday, and he was going to eat it if you had to force it down his throat.

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I was tagged by @oddtape to do the “8 selfies of 2017″ tag.

So uh it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Suho stan. Again. As you can see I’m full of energy and joy in all of these pics :-)

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Oh my gosh, I was tagged forever ago by the wonderful @lizzamorango to do the Edge of Seventeen tag, created by the incredible @alwaysimming (who I have become a little bit obsessed with recently). I have been dying to do this tag since it was created because I think it’s such a cute idea but I didn’t have time to get around to doing it until today when I was supposed to be revising for my physics exam but ssshh!

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I know this tag is kind of dead now but I still wanted to do it and I’m still going to tag people because I want to see all of your lovely sims! So I apologise if you’ve already done this, it’s been so long that I honestly don’t even know anymore. I’ll just tag my faves (who I don’t think have done this yet): @simsimeree, @holly-plumbob, @lxcysims, @pixiesimsie, @toiletpapersims, @simshine-n-lollipops, @frannybobanny, @surreysimmer and @acoldcoffeebean!

So yeah, here are my two little legacy founders in their teen years! I hope you like my precious little teenies as much as I do! (little backstories = down under the cut! beware: I get really carried away with this kind of thing…)

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so i haven’t written anything 5sos related in two months, but i saw this picture and was instantly inspired…….so here you go lmao hopefully it doesn’t suck too much

Calum always hated the winter. He wasn’t overly fond of snow, he disliked the cold weather and he was usually away from his family when that’s all he wanted to do. Him and his band were playing the Jingle Ball again. He loved playing shows and seeing a sea of fans screaming for his band. But this time of the year, all he wanted to do was spend time with his family.

He missed his sister – Mali Koa, his missed his parents – Joy and David, and he missed his home. He was tired of feeling so small in strange places. He wanted to feel whole and warm again in the arms of his family in a place that he knew like the back of his hand.

But instead, he was constantly stuffed into a bus, spending hours a day on the road driving to the next venue to play a show and do the same thing all over the next day. Calum hated to admit it, but he was starting to feel numb, and not because of the cold.

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anonymous asked:

Whats up with Anders thing with cats?

Well, do you want the short, happy answer, or the long, sad one?

Short, happy answer: Anders loves cats and it’s adorable.

Long, sad answer: Anders loves cats and it’s fucking heartbreaking if you think about it for any length of time.

I do think he’s always been a cat person, partly because, even before Justice, he didn’t have a great level of self-worth. Because when a dog loves you, it’s because it’s a dog. Dogs love everyone. Having a dog, arguably even a mabari, love you isn’t an accomplishment. But with cats, you have to earn it. Cats like very specific people, and it’s not always easy to get one to love you, particularly in the Circle where there’s a sort of shared ownership. So having the Circle cats love him was probably pretty cool in Anders’ mind, because hey, the cats loved him, even if no one else did. That was impressive. And once a cat loves you, it’s just as unconditional as a dogs. He’d earned that love, the kind of love he desperately needed, even if it was only from a cat.

Then there’s Mr. Wiggums. He says in Awakening that Mr. Wiggums was ‘the only company I had when the Templars locked me up’. And even though he didn’t say exactly what that meant, I’m willing to bet he meant also during his solitary confinement. Which means that literally the only real contact he had with another living, breathing thing was this cat coming to visit him. That’s all he got for an entire goddamn year. Given that, it’s no wonder that he’s so attached to the creatures. That cat is likely the only reason his mental health is as good as it is (plus his incredible willpower, of course; but the point is, it’s a fucking miracle he’s even functional after that), and he probably knows that, on some level.

There’s also a popular headcanon that the reason Mr. Wiggums got possessed was it was actually related to Anders. Because it was a rage demon, and thus it could’ve either been an attempt to save him from the demon, or because this tiny kitty was so full of rage towards the people who hurt his human (I lean towards the second). Because seriously, cats may be angry creatures sometimes, but this one was so angry he attracted a fucking rage demon. That’s some next level shit. And even if that’s not the case, Anders could think it is, which would add to it.

And then he gets Pounce in Awakening. He already loves cats, and for the first time ever, he can finally have one for himself. And he can basically deposit his overflowing reserve of repressed love onto this cat (seriously listen to the way he talks to him; that’s some serious love right there), and it’s not weird. And Pounce would love him back, because Anders took care of him and all that, and then he has something that loves him, even if it’s ‘just a cat’ to everyone else. So I think Pounce was really fucking important to him, for those reasons. He wants and needs love (both to give and to receive), and, once again, a cat serves as his outlet for all of it. And he’s happy with that.

So yeah, Anders loves cats. A lot. Part of it is probably just that he prefers them, but his life experiences also contribute heavily to it, I think. I might be putting way too much thought into this, but it fits really well, so I can’t help it.

Ice (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: lame ass title…. I’m so sorry lmao, but I’m trying to write everyday for you guys. I will try. I promise and I want to prove to you guys that I don’t suck and I’m not actually a horrible person lol. 

prompt: reader failing at ice skating and here comes bucky who is a professional au

word count: 926

Originally posted by enochianess

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

“Come on, stop being such a debbie downer,” they nagged, giggling as you saw your life flash before your eyes as you gripped the railing to hold you up.

“It’ll get better. Pick yourself up and come on!” your friends sang as they whizzed past you with ease on their blades, tiny flakes of ice sprinkling your face as they boasted their skating skills while you sat shivering as your bare hands held the ice cold railing, still frightened to heave yourself up in fear that you’ll end up on the ice.

Of course, you had to give into peer pressure and agree to go ice skating with your friends, despite your childhood memories of falling and slipping in the ice rink near your hometown. You just couldn’t say ‘no’.

Sighing, you flicked your head as you attempted to move your bangs from your eyes before you picked yourself up. Your legs shook as you tried so hard to keep your balance against the freshly smoothed ice, the blade digging into the ice. Breathing out a deep breath, you whispers words of encouragement. You gave yourself a little push and you were moving steadily against the ice, barely moving inch by inch when you lost your balance yet again, this time, ending up on the ice.

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