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Do you think we'll ever see Katsuki showing concern for Izuku? Like genuine worry for his wellbeing or safety? I'd love to see it, but I know it's not necessarily part of his character TO be concerned for others ...

Oh yes absolutely, we already got a taste of it after End of Term directly after Shigaraki + Deku’s confrontation in the mall. 

Katsuki’s a genuine kid, and in order to become a hero who saves All Might has already said that would be through the influence of Izuku, whether or not that will be in immediate concern for his life or imitating his behavior…we’ll just have to see!

Arkham Knight Villains Meeting: An Accurate Depiction.
  • Poison Ivy: So, we're all teaming up to take down the Bat. This should be fun. What do you boys have in mind?
  • Riddler: I don't know about you Ms Isley, but I will be proving my superior intellect once and for all with a variety of riddles, trophies and races all over the city.
  • Poison Ivy: You're kidding, right?
  • Riddler: This is no laughing matter, Ivy.
  • Poison Ivy: Harvey? Please tell me you have a better idea.
  • Two-Face: With the Bat distracted, Gotham's banks are ours for the taking. We'll show them who's really in charge.
  • Poison Ivy: Stealing from banks is all you ever do, Harv. Penguin, darling, please tell me you have a real plan.
  • Penguin: I av' a plan alright. It's time to ship these guns out and sell em' off to whoever's paying.
  • Poison Ivy: I knew you meat sacks weren't capable of taking down Batman. Looks like it's just us Harl.
  • Harley Quinn: I dunno Red. Some old guy's been phoning me all week sayin' he's the new Mr. J. I think I might tap that if he's cute.
  • Poison Ivy: You're serious?... Screw it, I'll risk it on my own.