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CuntCracker (trixya lesbain au) -pastelcholita

A/N: yes, i know i’m a terrible writer who never finishes anything, hence why i am writing a pilot chapter before actually committing to anything this time. yes, i know it is terribly late to be writing anything even vaguely related to the nutcracker ballet. on another not, i hope you all enjoy and i greatly appreciate everything. love you amazing people. best wishes for the new year ~kisses~

-pastel cholita

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The Symphogear Hardboiled 1940s Noir AU

A friend and I threw this together and I’m posting it here for future reference.

  • Tsubasa is a no-nonsense private detective, who runs a small agency which has all the usual Noir Private Detective Agency Problems like running out of coffee or stumbling through two disjoint murder investigations when the client just wants someone to help file their divorce paperwork. She’s still hung up on Kanade’s death, and everyone who knows her knows better than to directly tell her to stop looking into it, but beyond that she’s a consummate professional.
  • Chris is a slightly-more-nonsense private detective and Tsubasa’s current partner. As in canon, her parents died when she was young and she was a victim of human trafficking; just in the city rather than a fictional South American country. Genjuro saved her and helped her get her shit together, and then introduced her to Tsubasa to get Chris some steady work and Tsubasa someone to talk to.
  • Hibiki is an idealistic young police officer, who admires Tsubasa and Chris and somehow keeps running into them when private detective work inevitably overlaps with Real Police Work. The rest of the department lowkey does this on purpose because they don’t really want to deal with them.
  • Miku runs the local bar. She’s not usually part of the action, but has to deal with everyone before and after it, which is sometimes worse. Hibiki is her favourite customer, naturally.
  • Kanade was Tsubasa’s original partner when the two of them founded her agency. She died under suspicious circumstances for which Tsubasa blames herself, leading Tsubasa to pursue her own investigation on the side of whatever cases they are working.
  • Fine is a shady underworld figure who was somehow involved in Kanade’s death and Chris’s past.
  • Maria is a glamorous lounge singer who plays the part of the femme fatale. Because this is still Maria, her dangerous, dazzling persona is an act, and she’ll sometimes drop the mask and spill her spaghetti everywhere and they’ll be getting marinara out of the carpet for weeks. Fine is blackmailing her into doing some of her dirty work.
  • Kirika and Shirabe are staff in the bar where Maria performs, and are mostly unaware of Maria’s shadier dealings. Fine uses them as leverage against Maria.
  • Genjuro runs a gym, and is the one who introduced Chris to Tsubasa. Because action films do not yet exist, he is a fan of pulp radio dramas. He remains semi-inexplicably awesome.
  • Fudou is a businessman with ties to organised crime. He keeps an eye on his “grand”daughter, but generally won’t step in to help her because even after Tsubasa has officially separated herself from the (non-Genjuro) family, he’s still testing her.
  • Yatsuhiro works for Fudou, but he’s not as much of a jackass.

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are you ever gonna do any more of the barista au ???

Of course!! it’s just that…uh… 

Lol, I’m kidding. I’m actually thinking about you guys asking me things about the Au’s (cause I might add more or not, who knows? not me) that you’re curious about instead of making a whole askblog for each one of them orz. I’m still figuring out some stuff but I will keep doing it, so don’t worry <3

Jikook Skater/Hockey AU!


Jimin wants to be a well-known figure skater and he doesn’t really like ice hockey. He’s a psychology major so he sees things that might not be there, but he knows one thing for sure: Jeon Jungkook is a well known ice hockey player and the man wants something from him.

“I have my friends and family to support me, what more do I need? A boyfriend who cuddles me after a long day at school and tells me he believes in me? Haha who would possibly need that when they’re twenty.”
The story will be written in Jimin’s and Jungkook’s POV.


Red is not just black and white

CHAPTER TWO OF MY FANFICTION IS DONE IM SO EXCITED!!! Like english isnt my first language but im trying to do my best and it’s here!!!!

Ice Hockey Player/Figure Skater AU

“ Jimin wants to be a well-known figure skater and he doesn’t really like ice hockey. He’s a psychology major so he sees things that might not be there, but he knows one thing for sure: Jeon Jungkook is a well known ice hockey player and the man wants something from him.
“I have my friends and family to support me, what more do I need? A boyfriend who cuddles me after a long day at school and tells me he believes in me? Haha who would possibly need that when they’re twenty.”
The story will be written in Jimin’s and Jungkook’s POV. “



02/10 - “Dear baby Eijun,  What’s bedtime like?“ from nightmarelady77

For the record… I don’t even know who Sawako is (and I don’t care. I don’t read shoujo. OTL) Also, I hate doing backgrounds. What is perspective??

I should have the next up by tomorrow, but I’m not sure. Might be busy since it’s father’s day. We’ll see.

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How about our long-lived friends Zeno and Clow for the "Give me a character and I will answer..." meme?


  • Why I like them: I love wizards and I found him both very intriguing and dorky. He might be a powerful guy who invented ways to do things his way because he could, but he also as oddly tender and wise. He’s a dad sorcerer.
  • Why I don’t: Calm down with the memory alterations and the godmodding and the AU micromanaging, bruh
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Episode 68 of the anime is what made me like him
  • Favorite season/movie: You know, when it comes to Clow I prefer his anime self in general because he’s more fleshed out, more extra, and more stupid. Sure, he has three cards to hurt people but he also has a card to turn shit into candy and another one to bathe his sun guardian and do laundry. What’s not to love?
  • Favorite line: “Each season passes into the next. Have you ever thought about how sad it is? I have. I just wish the seasons could stay….”
  • Favorite outfit: A tie between those white and blue robes in that illustration with Yuuko, and “King Clow” of Clow Country. But I do like his canon robes and that Western brown suit. i like all his outfits. Wasn’t there a changshan somewhere too?
  • OTP: Yuuko
  • Brotp: Kero. Well, and Yuuko
  • Headcanon: Is it established fanon (or canon) that he also altered his own memory before dying so Eriol’s memory of Clow’s death made sense against TRC canon? Because really
  • Unpopular opinion: fuck Tsubasa?
  • A wish: That he’s not involved in whatever’s happening in the Clear Arc (I’m behind). But I have low hopes, considering all the cryptic talks between Eriol and Syaoran
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Just don’t use Clow anymore, Ohkawa. Let the man die in peace
  • 5 words to best describe them: eccentric, overpowered, burdened, cheesy, drunk
  • My nickname for them: Original Clow-Cola Formula, Stupid Wizard, Magnolia Man

Zeno coming up as a reply!

and that’s a wrap

@choc0bunnyqueen you are evil, my friend, pure evil. But I love it. 

@birdsandpipers thanks for sending in both those suggestions. I’m thrilled to have an excuse to write more Belkia now! Someone suggested KuroMahi for the shackles of the mind as well, so it’s unanimous xD Kuro for that theme, for sure. (with possible cameo by Hyde? who knows!)

The only theme left is tales of long ago. And, well, I’m thinking I might go the fairytale route on that one. Because writing that Forest Fairy!Sakuya got me thinking - and you know what? SakuMahi, Little Mermaid AU. Sakuya wanting to be a part of Mahiru’s world, but in the end he lets him go and turns into sea foam … Why yes, I do love to write Sakuya suffering.

A big thanks to everyone who sent in ideas <3 I’ll post up another one when I hit a wall again.

I found Adam on putlocker! And got to watch it again and having seen Charlie Countryman as well, I can now contribute sensibly to the spacedogs subfandom!

America was not perhaps the most sensible place in the world to run to. He didn’t have a ready made foothold in the political system since he didn’t know anyone there. And starting a new crime syndicate would be difficult with so much territory already occupied. He could join, but at his age, with his expertise? No, no. He wouldn’t stand the disrespect. Maybe a new line of work then, if one could be had…

The good news about America though was it was densely populated. And people always needed little jobs done that they didn’t want on the books. Nigel was good for that. So maybe, America was not such a terrible place to go after the hot water with Gabi and Darko.

He’d managed to obtain a work visa for 6 months, legal and all. He figured that would give him enough time to get his foot in the door somewhere. After that… who knows.

He’d found a little flat in New York, quiet, clean. It was nothing like home. No broken bottles and piss on the front step. There were still sirens every night, sometimes he’d wake up in a cold sweat hearing one close by and couldn’t go back to sleep. But there were far fewer gun shots. Less crying in the night. He supposed this was what people called ‘the good life’.

Nigel walked back to his apartment building one autumn morning. The weather was good and transport was so fucking expensive here, better to walk. He stood outside, leaning against the quaint little gate outside and lit a cigarette. He wasn’t alone, a young man was sitting on the steps up to the front door, taking no notice of him, but intently watching the street.

Nigel looked at him curiously, following his eyes, wondering why he focused so hard on the people going by. No spy or assassin ever looked like that, it was a dead giveaway. And this boy didn’t look like he could handle killing a mouse much less anything else. What could possibly interest him so much?

“Hey,” he called out.

The young man’s head shifted in his direction but he didn’t make eye contact.

“Hey, you on the steps,” Nigel tried again.

“Hmm-mmm?” he looked up, genuinely surprised, as if he really hadn’t heard him the first time.

“What are you looking at that captures your interest so completely?” Nigel leaned over the fence, folding his arms.

“Oh, um, people,” the man nodded, eyes darting around, then shifting back to his primary focus.

“People, huh? You like people watching?” Nigel invited himself over, sitting down next to him.

“Y-Yes, I do,” the young man returned hesitantly, again, not looking at Nigel.

Nigel took a long drag from his cigarette and looked at the young man carefully. Up close he could see the intensity was brought on by an overall nervous disposition rather than an inherent passion for his activity. He had no aim in watching these people other than to watch them.

“Mind if I sit here and watch people with you?” Nigel asked, eyes on him rather than the people.

He shook his head, “No, no. That’s okay.” There was a brief smile. So the man did have emotions, he just didn’t understand them very well. His smile though encouraged Nigel that conversation might be possible.

Nigel at last turned his attention from the man to the people walking past. They were mostly boring, unattractive, nothing unusual. One guy picking his nose. Another clearly hungover. Two men offered a surreptitious look at a third lady’s ass when she walked by. Nigel chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?” his companion asked, turning to look at him for the first time.

Nigel sat up and scooted closer, “Well, did you see those two men who just walked by?” He pointed to them lazily.

The man nodded, “Did they do something funny?”

“Well, they thought that redhead with the cherry-shaped ass was very attractive, so when she walked passed them, they looked back at her over their shoulder to check her out. They thought they were being sneaky, but we saw, didn’t we, hey?” Nigel grinned, tapping his shoulder, “That’s why I laughed.”

The man frowned, squinting, “Why is that funny?”

Nigel looked up, surprised, then furrowed his eyebrows, trying to think how to explain. “Mmm… it’s funny because it was predictable. Well, for me it was predictable that they would check her out. And it was predictable that they would try to be sneaky about it, but that failed.”

The man thought about it carefully, “I’m confused, was it that they were predictable or their failure that was funny?”

“Both,” Nigel took another drag, “I would never be so obvious.” He grinned to himself.

“Oh,” the man sounded disheartened and looked away, tightening his arms around his knees, “I’m always obvious.”

Nigel blinked and cocked his head, “Are you?”

The man shifted uncomfortably, his whole body tightening. Nigel frowned.

“I uh, I h-have Asperger’s syndrome. I don’t… communicate feelings the way NTs, neurotypicals, do. I can only say what I feel, exactly what I feel. I- I don’t say things I don’t mean or use metaphors or things like that. So what I s-say is always just… what is,” the man swallowed and kept licking and chewing his lips as he spoke.

Nigel nodded, “I heard of that. You seem alright though. And not funny.”

The man looked up, “I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

Nigel smiled, “I know. I mean, you seemed worried that I would laugh at you because I thought you were obvious. I’m not laughing at you.”

“Oh. Okay,” the man relaxed a little again, sitting more upright.

Nigel stuck his cigarette between his lips and held his hand out, “I’m Nigel, I live downstairs, in 1B.”

The man took it, grasping his hand firmly and shaking it once, “I’m Adam. I live upstairs, in 2A.”

Nigel smiled, “Good.”

Adam frowned, “Why is that good?”

“Because now that we’ve been introduced we can see more-” Nigel paused and rephrased, “see each other more often and watch people together. Would you like that?”

Adam smiled, briefly, but it was a smile, “Okay.”

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Hey there I was just reading some of ur fics and i came across your Chuck au and I was curious if that was all there is of it??? bc like i remember reading more somewhere??? idk maybe im crazy but are you the only user that wrote a chuck au? (cuz it's an absolutely brilliant au btw...)

Hi friend! Thank you! I do have just a few fics under a Chuck AU tag here! I… feel like you’re right? I know that I’ve read a few other Chuck AU fics, too, but I can’t remember right now who might’ve written them? 

Please let me know if you’ve written or read a fab Chuck AU!

mothtoaflame  asked:

I keep reading all those beautiful happy ending AUs and I feel just great for a moment, and then it hits me, that this isn't canon, and in canon, there IS no happy ending. And I feel so fucking sad for them, especially Mickey, like a physical weight on my chest. I'm doing this all wrong, right?

You’re not alone, friend.  Probably everyone who will listen knows how I feel about AUs by now.  They in no way take away the very real pain of canon for me.  I wish they did.  At this point I can’t even read fic right now.  Forget about writing.  So I’m with you.  I do think I’m a little farther along in the process than you, though.  (Warning: long winded personal shit that I’ll probably regret posting later to come)

I think I might be ready to move on.  I’ve felt this way for a long time, and then more acutely after the finale of s7.  I managed to finish my big bang and haven’t been able to even write a sentence since.  I realize it’s been one month and the writing drive can come back unexpectedly, and I hope it does (because I’ve got one final obligation I am really, really struggling through right now).  Reading fic is a chore too, which is something I have never experienced ever.

So for me, I’m in that stage of acceptance.  Maybe still a little numb.  It’s over.  I’m hanging on because I love my friends and this fandom and (will always) love Ian and Mickey.  But yeah.  Maybe you’ll get there soon too.  I’m sorry if you do though, because it still sucks.  Maybe even more so.

I’m not ready to say goodbye completely, and I’m a big believer in never say never (including in canon wtf is wrong with me).  So I’ll tough it out for a while longer.  I hope you do too!  

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trope - rivals to lovers who remain rivals!!

How Likely am I to Write it: Haha pretty high, I think? Like c’mon, think of all the tension of the rivals who are attracted to each other or become attracted to each other - and they just keep up that rivalry because they enjoy it so much!

What Characters/Pairing I’d Most Likely Write it For: Oh gosh, I could probably finangle it to work for almost any pairing I write, but focusing on characters… I bet you it’d be a fun Nat and Bucky one, you know? Rivals to lovers who remain rivals, lol. It’d be like foreplay to them. It might be a fun like, MIT era AU Tony and Rhodey fic, too, lol. I’d probably go with the last one more than the first one, just because I love writing Tony and Rhodey AUs, not that I do it that often, but yeah.


Shitty college AU, ava and odin need money to pay rent and they try babysitting but it goes horribly wrong. 

if you’re wondering why he is angry: 1) the child was rude 2) the child was rude to a GIRL 3) THAT GIRL IS AVA ok I’ll calm down excuse me I’ll go yell in a corner I’m pathetic lmao

Love Paint This Wall

pairing: Tsukishima Kei / Yamaguchi Tadashi 

dedicating to @leona-dracontisinspired by x.

By accident and a twist of fate, Tsukishima Kei finds his muse.

He has just finished speaking with his professor who told him that his drawings were too “boring” and “stiff.” He has to loosen up and draw with emotion. Her comments piss him off and he’s decided to sit on a random bench on campus with a coffee and his sketchbook – which is when he sees him.

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Hello. Owo Now, I’ve done little headcanon things for the Tuckington fandom, but never a compilation-type thing, and I think it’s high time I do one. You know, my official this-is-an-otp-of-mine thing. (Many are AU)

• When Tucker notices Wash has gray in his hair, he immediately starts calling him “old-timer.”

• Only to learn that Wash is actually younger than him by like a month

• who’s the old-timer now bitch

• (I’m a sucker for the more mature person in a ship being the younger one btw)

• (especially if they’re also super fuckin tall)

• (*cough*Locus*cough*)

• (anyways)

• Modern AU Tucker and Junior fighting for Wash’s attention

• Wash loves it

• Tucker might possibly be a sucker for anime

• Wash may also enjoy anime once in a while

• Wash might possibly introduce Tucker to a certain anime with wizards and guilds

• Tucker may possibly point out all the gay ships he can find

• One cannot simply be certain

• Wash watches it with him

• Though he really prefers to read books

• Much quieter

• Waaash my sweet bby Wash has no fashion sense (much liek mehself)

• Tucker ransacks his closet and only finds hoodies and baggy jeans

• Tucker actually cries

• Wash gets flustered so easily liek even Tucker’s BAD jokes make him turn beet red and Tucker loves it and makes fun of him for it

• Until Wash decks Tucker in the face for making him blush

• Asshole

• Wash actually cannot cook like at all

• Tucker ends up cooking bc he actually can

• He also is a pretty good dancer

• And singer

• Sings Junior to sleep sometiems

• Wash enjoys it

• Since he really can’t sing either

• Or dance

• But he can write nice stories

• Tucker finds his super secret journal (diary) of story ideas and reads it

• Doesn’t understand why the world suddenly goes black right at the end of the chapter

• Until he wakes up with a headache

• Wash has very little alcohol tolerance

• He’s a cute cuddly drunk tho

• Tucker is a horny drunk

• He’s also kinda kinky

• Poor Wash

• I’m so sleepy tbh

• And sick

• Bye guys ♡

So I was thinking, Adrien and Chat have fairly different personalities, right? Chat is outgoing and flirtatious while Adrien is more serious and even self-critical. This difference is probably due to the fact that, when he is Chat, he has a mask on. Anonymity. No one, not his father, not his fans, is judging him, and that must be liberating.

So, what happens if someday he and Marinette found out each others’ secret identities? I see all these AUs and fanarts about Adrien becoming flirtatious to Marinette in school (which are amazing of course), BUT… I think it might be the opposite. What if Chat suddenly started to behave more like Adrien? What if suddenly he is less confident with his advances, no longer flirts, and even becomes distant to her? Now that Marinette/Ladybug knows who he actually is, do you think that his insecurities as Adrien, that he normally leaves behind when he is Chat, would take over? Something to think about… >_<

tldr: this love “square” will be the death of me

the way he moves // cashton

Rating: T 

Words: 3685

Calum’s running his hands up Ashton’s chest, tracing collarbones with his fingers to calm himself. “Sorry, I’m just not used to all this yet.” he explains.

Ashton fixes him with a curious look, “Like, the stripper thing?”
“No like, the dude thing.”
Calum gets dragged into a strip club by Luke and Michael after they find out he’s into dudes, where he finds out they’re the worse wing men in history and that he has a thing for cowboys apparently.

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Magical Strike USUK because some people wanted it. 
What is style consistency? Is a thing that exists? I feel like they took different than how I normaly draw I don’t know. Maybe it’s the new program.

and jinahli (It won’t let me tag your name T-T)

I might go back and do more coloring with this who knows.