who knows but he's a boss and i love him

you all, i just love j-zed so much. I LOVE HIM. He’s hands down to the ground my favorite fictional character. wanna know why? I’ll spill.

He’s just queer and it aint know thing, right? Like he never had this coming to terms with his queerness story line. He just is. He dated gals, he dated men and it is what it is to him. and he’s totally cool with it. He wants to be with Bits for 5ever and it was never an internal battle. and he never had this big need to come out cuz to him he just loves who he loves. and when he told his close peeps about him and bitty…his buds were cool, his rents were cool, his boss was hella cool and supportive. how utterly refreshing, amirite? i get the nervousness about coming out to his team and the public cuz of how homophobic pro sports still are but in jack Zimmerman’s everyday life he’s just incidentally queer and he’s just so okay with it and that is such GOOD representation in media that we NEVER SEE. normalizing queerness. I love it a lot and I would dieeeeeeeeee for jack and ngozi.

Important things we’ve learned about Luke (plot wise and character wise) 

  • Though he can be gentle and loving, he’s also not afraid to step into his role as Alpha ™ and let his pack members know who’s boss. 
  • Alaric was in a similar situation as Simon is currently and Luke took him in just as he took Simon in, which means he’s probably done this with other pack members too. 
  • Luke’s mother is one of the Iron Sisters. She gave him the stone that Alec used to track Jace using his Parabatai bond. 
  • Luke gave his pack members orders to leave Simon alone (and to not attack him). Which is presumably difficult, given how much ire exists between vampires and werewolves. 
  • A lot of people seem to think he just blindly fawns over Jocelyn but in actuality they have a very equal relationship. He isn’t afraid to tell her like it is, and he pointed out that it was wrong of her to lie to him about Jace’s demon blood, just like how it was wrong of her to lie to Clary about her past. 
  • Clary trusts Luke immensely, perhaps even more than she trusts her mom right now. And Luke would do anything for her. 

Bonus (based on the 2x04 promo): Luke is going to argue against his pack’s wishes to keep Jace safe from them. 


I’m particularly fucked up over this chapter who knows why but here I go:

-I love that rage Urie has at the wedding concept, I bet he’s pissed out of his mind cuz he’d already been thinking about proposing to Mutsuki but he’s still too awkward about how to transition between angry boss and fluffy hubby that he just hasn’t even talked to Mutsuki other than mission talk since they got back. 


-The TRUST Kaneki is putting in Seidou!! After knowing nothing about him!! He has to ask the guy’s name for christ sake, he’s seen how INSANE Seidou was in the past, and yet Kaneki is humbly accepting his help because he sees his value. Imagine what a huge compliment that is to Seidou, to be treated normally, to be treated like he can be depended-on! And now this is his chance to finally be the hero! I mean, he kind of was before but then he killed everyone he saved (he had to though!! ;-;). But Kaneki is being such a great leader here, he’s putting trust in his subordinates and using their strengths and that will make them trust him and die for him. I’m so fucking proud of him

-What a shame that Ayato’s on the lab team, that means he doesn’t even need a suit, what are they going to do with the suit that Tsukiyama just made him what a waste, at least let Hinami keep it for their wedding lets be real

-IF NISHIKI ISN’T ON THE LAB TEAM HE MIGHT NOT RUN INTO KIMI. I feel like even though this isn’t Kanou’s lab they’re infiltrating, she’s more likely to show up in a laboratory environment, maybe Kanou has some connections with CCG’s lab, maybe she IS the connection, who knows, but if he’s just doing whatever the Suits are doing (presumably just acting as a distraction), he’s never gonna be anywhere near her.

-Is anyone else getting really suspicious of how ishida draws noses?? Like some of them are great but some of them look like inverted chicken mouths (not just beaks, the entire mouth), and the more I stare at them the more dysmorphic they look, it’s like turning into Dali level nonsense before my eyes

-OKAY so my followers might know by now I’m not a strong supporter of the Touka/Kaneki ship. I don’t hate it, but I do really have an aversion to the way she’s treated him in the past. I get it, I do, I’ve read the counterarguments about her motivations and how she doesn’t know how to express her feelings or frustration at him, but this chapter really brought it home for me. It’s supposed to be kind of a funny moment but it broke my heart. She asks to talk and he agrees, with the FULL BELIEF that he’s going to get hit again. He thinks she wants to talk to him to FUCKING FIGHT HIM. He doesn’t get any impression of tenderness from her, he doesn’t feel SAFE around her. But she is a big part of his past, she was a prominent member of the people he’s been fighting so long to protect because of the things she’d done for him, so he’s willing to tolerate the abuse because she’s irreversibly important to him. I just don’t like that at all, I don’t want him to end up with someone that he associates with pain and fear, someone that doesn’t make him feel safe. Kaneki really really deserves someone that will cuddle with him and laugh at his dumb jokes and not make him afraid to irritate them. He deserves someone that knows him better than he knows himself, someone that acknowledges his flaws and mental health problems and that can actually help him with it. Sorry, I just get really choked up about this subject. He’s been through enough.

-Big round of applause for Kuroiwa being a dumb motherfucker. “Why do you want to marry me?” “I figure you cook pretty good”. Honestly eyebrows.

The Interview

Prompt: Dean is a nervous wreck, applying for a job too good for him, among people way smarter than him, and wearing one of his brother’s gigantic old suits. He’s riding the train, panicking, but his bench mate helps him calm down and talks him through why he’s scared and why he’s applying in the first place. It’s wonderful, sparks fly, but Dean doesn’t get the man’s number before he’s rushing to make his interview. Little does he know who the boss is… wink wink

– Loved writing this (: I changed the train to a bus but other than that I hope it’s everything you wanted. Enjoy!!!

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PTA Asgore

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the PTA Undertale series ( Parent Teacher Association), and if you haven’t I’d go search for it now.

Mostly it focuses on Sans, which is awesome, but I’d love to hear about Asgore.

Maybe Sans and co. Couldn’t make it one time. So Asgore sits in, his usual polite, charming self. Only for that bitch Linda to open her mouth, completely steamrolling everyone’s ideas, criticisms or recommendations in favor of her own.

Now, remember, in a pacifist run, Asgore is a brute of a boss… Yes, Sans has power, but I think its because he can keep training through each reset.

He also ran a whole RACE for who knows how long, single handed.

So I want him full blown “king” mode, eyes glowing, voice bellowing, dismantling everything that comes out of Linda or Helen’s mouths, scaring the shit out of everyone present as he does so.

Then back to sweet innocent Gardener Asgore who mumbles an apology and sits back down.

Tl:Dr, I want Asgore to completely wreck Linda’s bullshit by telling them about how to be a real leader involves doing things you don’t want to for the sake of those you lead.

trans character masterpost

for anon  ♥ ♥ ♥

workin’ on my tan - yoogni  (taekook, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers, slow build, oneshot)

jeongguk is annoyed. it’s the hottest day of summer so far and he’d love to go outside to enjoy it, but he can’t. because of his neighbour.

You’re someone who only exists in novels - acepink  (namjin, bakery au, completed chaptered 6/6)

From the first time Namjoon met Yoongi’s boss he was already half in love with him

You’re Just Fine shinkiies (yoonseok, loving boyfriend hoseok, anxiety, panic attacks, ongoing chaptered ¼)

Just as Hoseok turns his attention back to his phone, Yoongi’s raspy voice cuts through the silence:

“I’m a boy.”

Transboy Yoongi fic

guess i’ll go sit with drum boy, at least he’ll know how to hit - jflawless   (yoonseok, band au, slurs, oneshot)

hoseok is the drummer in a shitty band and yoongi likes him anyways

By Any Other Name - forheart  (yoonjin, family au ,oneshot)

Jungkook’s family is different, but it’s his family, and he will punch any kid who says otherwise. Which happens. Yoongi is called to the school to discuss his son’s behavioral problem. 

late night walks - taetastic  (taekook, angst, fluff, homophobic/transphobic slurs, oneshot) 

It’s that horrible time of the month again.

a picture is worth 1000 words - jflawless  (jihope, drabble)

a drabble about transgirl aesthetic blogger jimin and her boyfriend hoseok

Feel pretty - vminhope  (yoonseok, fluff, lil bit of angst, oneshot)

Hoseok is sometimes a boy. And others, Hoseok is a girl. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter. And for the rest of Bangtan, Hoseok is just Hoseok.

he, him, his - perfectyoongi  (yoonmin, jimin-centric, angst, angst with a happy ending, homophobic slurs, oneshot)

jimin learns that he doesn’t need to fit under the categories of ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ to be happy.

a story about dfab genderfluid jimin finding himself.

these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone - lilacflowers  (taekook, high school au, fluff, oneshot)

taehyung starts a bird watching club at his school.

misconceptions - hobijam  (jihope, closeted character, fluff, oneshot)

Hoseok meets Jimin because of a broken gender-neutral bathroom, and for the first time, he’s glad that the world hates to accommodate trans people, because Jimin is a ray of sunshine.

the trans!girl! Jimin and trans!boy! J-Hope fic that you know you want.

Take 1 - Lady Luck (zistysfosgerald)  (nammin, fluff, high school au, transphobia, twoshot)

Jimin is a confident young girl in high school, who has a huge crush on the most popular guy in school, Namjoon.

Shopping - pocketmonster (yoonmin, drabble)

Jimin takes Yoongi shopping for clothes after he drops the news, hands shaking near his sides and his cheeks warm. He pulls Yoongi through the store, pass the dresses and the skirts he grew up in, with their tight collars and itchy fabric, and he leads him to the boys section. Jimin makes his sit on the cool leather chairs in the store and he whisks away to find clothes for Yoongi. 

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Me. I’d love to talk about Johnny

He’s my favorite character from the whole movie!  He has the most clear motivation for winning the contest, and I wish we got to know more about him and his family life.  Was his father ever his dad, or just his boss?  Did his dad join in organized crime before he was born, or was Johnny around to she his dad’s shift from family man to mob boss?  Is his mom in the picture?  I imagine she was the one who enrolled him in piano lessons as a child.

  • Kusakabe: How long have you been in love with Sawada, boss?
  • Hibari: That's disgusting. And wrong. I don't even get - why would - I've never been in love with anyone, anywhere. It's none of your - you have - the nerve, the audacity!
  • Hibari: Tsunayoshi is my acquaintance, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how... h-how do I know, frankly, that you're not in love with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hmm! Check and mate. This is an outrage! Who do I call?
Call Out Post

This is a call out Post to @the-insane-honey a guy who is seriously fucked up this guy come from a happy go lucky family and is abusive , spoiled , transphobic and mysoginistic This guy is an emotional abuser , he litreally took all of his girlfriends passwords and used her accounts to call her a whore for leaving him example

“Alright, Francis, Jess. I know Jess is cheating on me, due to blocking me and finally ignoring me. I find you both very fucking pathetic and Jess what you see in Francis I have no idea. I was bossing you around because half of it was my paranoia, and the other half was because you said it was cute and loved how I “protected” you. What you’ve done Jess I’ll never forgive you. But congratulations, you win. Assholes
P.S. I still live, no suicide just yet.
P.P.S Your mum died to a heart attack, I swear to fucking god I hope you’re next.
- Jojo. “

For cleareance the persons mom had died of a  heart attack when the person in question was only five years old . Over the past This person would put down and insult their girlfriend even forcing her to wear the same hairstyle and would pin people agaisnt her and would force her to his tastes often using her as just a slave and this has had a  history of transphobia often insulting trans people he would keep tabs on his girlfriends conversations to the point of her having to delete them he would call her out on gaining weight even though the person mentioned here themselfs are overweight. And this person did have a history with insulting and humiliating any type of women in his life and he would justify all this becouse of his paranoia and becouse he thought he protecting her and also tried to emotionally guilt trip her into staying with him example

I love you..
But I’m still with Joe..
I’m a daft fuck, he started crying..
And screaming..”

“We was quite bloody busy
On a matter of if I was going to actually throw myself infront of a truck or not.

He would also go on to do while in the middle of their relationship he would send her nudes to his friends withouth her consent nor withouth even informing her and tldr she is 17 which meant anyone over the legal age except in maybe Brittain could have been classified as a sex offender just by recieving them and when the person got dumped they proceeded to harass and block her friends off her Tumblr/Facebook/Discord twice. Eventually the Uncle of the girl went to talk to the guys mom and somehow the guy walked scott free and even getting the girl to be banned of the internet for 1 year. So please dont let this neckbearded twit walk freely with his “Nice Guy” Facade the only reason the police didnt fucking follow up on this was becouse they considered the pictures not to be that bad.

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Not so quick little WestAllen Headcanon

Imagine though Iris getting really good at spooking criminals in the city with how thorough she is. And then one day she’s getting close in this case about some crime boss or something and so he sends one of his lackeys after Barry and Barry kind of just lets him kidnap him cause he just wants to see how it plays out. 

And he’s like “who are you?” and the guy tells him his entire plan about how if Iris doesn’t drop the story he’s gonna kill him. And Barry’s just like “so…you’re not like… a meta”. And the dude like flashes his gun and he’s just like “I’m scary enough on my own pal”. And Barry just smirks like “you’re just….a regular guy?” And the criminal dude is so confused because he’s got this lanky nerdy looking kid tied to a chair and he’s not even blinking and so he tries to change it up and he’s like “okay, we’ll call your girlfriend and see what she says”

And then he gets Barry’s phone and dials Iris and he’s like “I have your boyfriend” and Iris is like “who is this? Weather Wizard? Prism?” And he’s like “I’m the guy who has your boyfriend. And if you ever wanna see him again you’ll drop the story”. And Iris has to like stifle a smile because Barry is still kinda in danger so she asks to speak with him and when he puts Barry on she’s just like “Babe, how’d you get yourself kidnapped?” and Barry’s like “It wanted to see what would happen, I don’t know what to tell you” And then he starts laughing like “Babe, he’s just like…a regular dude. He looks like his name is Glenn or something–” “My name is Pete” “His name is Pete”  And they’re both laughing so hard but it’s so inappropriate and Iris is like “well like..hurry up, you’re supposed to be making dinner tonight” and Barry’s like “Alright–but hey! You got your first ransom! I’m so proud of you!” And she’s like “thanks babe” and then she waits on the phone while he beats the guy up and gets free.

And when he gets home they just start cracking up laughing. They tell all their friends (that know about Barry) that he got kidnapped by a regular dude and Iris’ story is a hit. I suck at conclusions. This was just rolling around in my head and it made me crack up. Maybe I’ll write it sometime later. 


for an anon who wanted imagines with Seb in them (you didn’t say who to use as his faceclaim so I used Michael Fassbender because that’s who I envision him as!)

Jim watched as Seb grinned at you and it registered that it was much more than a ‘friendly’ grin, “Seb, can I talk to you?” Jim asked suddenly, “We’ll be back in a moment, darling.”

Sebastian knew what Jim was going to say before he even said it, “You love (y/n).”

“Boss…” Seb shook his head, “(y/n)’s with you. You know I’d never do anything to jeopardise that.”

merlinaknight  asked:

Hi! I'm Melissa. I love your Tumblr so much! Thank you for creating it, Ben has become my drug lately and oh, it's an addiction I don't wanna get rid of. I think Lana del Rey's You Can be the Boss fits him like a glove. You'll see what I mean. ;) Bye from Mexico!

Nice to meet you Melissa *waves* Thank you for loving my blog! I can see why you compare Ben like a drug. Uggghhh I swear he’s all I’m thinking about. He’s ruining my life. Thanks for the song! Look for those of you who follow the story that me and @daddyorsonkrennic have been writing then you know that I listen to classical music lol I don’t know Lana del Rey but I will be sure to check that song out for sure!

my boss is so adorable? he doesnt know polish at all, only some basic phrases that he had learned living here, but he always uses them, even when he talks to people who dont know polish either? i often hear him having an online meeting with some english speaker and he just says things like “tak” “dobra” and its just so endearing? i love my boss he is great

I'm dying alone
  • Mom: you know? You should be more feminine. I mean, who knows? You could meet the love of your live anyday
  • Me: but I already did, his name is Soryu Oh, he is a mob boss from Hong Kong, the leader of the ice dragons
  • Mom: ... I mean someone real
  • Me: but nobody is as perfect as him! Anyway, thanks for the reminder that he'll never be real 💔😭

10. Sam, oh lovely Sam. I know his ultimate conclusion is a big driver in Aelin’s history and story, but have you ever wanted to go, ‘screw it, Sam should come back as a ghost and you can’t stop me because I’m the boss’? (Sam <3)

SJM: I love Sam so much, but at the same time he is better, not for him but for Celaena and the rest of the story, he’s better off dead. Even when it came to the romance in Queen of Shadows, I wound up asking myself on a whim, if Sam came back, would she go with ‘You-Know-Who’ or would she be with Sam, and I realized, no she would let Sam go. He (Sam) would be like, “Surprise, I’ve been in a foreign country for three years”. She would have changed enough and found who she loves, so even if he just came back it wouldn’t be like what it was before, which might upset some readers. I love Sam but he’s what she needed at that time and was so instrumental to her growth.

(OMG excuse me while i go drown in tears)

Molly Hooper is one of the greatest female characters ever, though.

You can date and sleep with a mad terrorist serial killer, without knowing who he is, be inevitably traumatized by it, but still be able to say “Well, I dumped him” and shrug it off.

You can be madly in love with a difficult, ambiguously gay genius detective who will probably never return your feelings, but you can still slap him around if you want to and show him who’s boss. 

And all this while everyone deludes themselves into thinking you’re a meek, shy little wallflower and the perfect symbol of fair, fragile womanhood.

Coworkers are Weird (Reader x Scott)

Word Count:702

A/N: Sorry for the stupid title.. i couldn’t think of anything else to call it. If you have any better ideas let me know! First Scott imagine. Sorry if it’s sloppy I wanted to get something out for u guys. ENJOY BABIES I LOVED WRITING THIS

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Torn: A Rapmon and Suga Au

Officer Kim Namjoon has made it his life goal to capture the infamous Drug King: Min Yoongi. In order to catch him he must avoid any distractions but that’s not exactly what happens when he starts falling for the lovely new secretary at his station. There’s one thing he doesn’t know, Min Yoongi has also fallen for her. Torn between both men, she has to decide if to betray her boss and man she’s been in love with since she first started her new job, or risk everything for the sweet criminal who is slowly making her fall for him. How will this all end? You will get to choose.

genre: angst
word count: 1246

part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7 part 8  part 9

**This fanfic is written in three point of views, Namjoons’, Yoongis’ and the readers’. I felt this was the best way to explain the story well. Also I have no idea who I want her to end up with so I’m gonna let you guys choose. I’ll have some chapters up first and let you guys decide. Some of the other members are going to be scattered throughout the story as well. I hope you guys enjoy, I haven’t written fanfic in a while but I’m glad to start again.

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Spoiler Warning (Zootopia)

I recently saw a movie with a character who:

-Is a brilliant botanist who uses those skills to solve a massive conspiracy before the police even know it exists.

-Regularly attends secret nude yoga classes.

-Is best friends with the most feared crime boss in the city.

-Wears a cable knit sweater and tie (tight Windsor knot)

-Has a loving devoted wife and two kids who you know he always finds time for.

-somehow has NO lines in the entire movie because he is for whatever reason NOT the main character?!