'unmasked' designs for an existing character that I don't thinnnnnk I'll keep (MUST…BE…CREEPIER…), but like enough on a technical level to post. The sloppy inks are an attempt to quick get down a mottled/aquatic look (unsuccessfully) since it's supposed to have the same skin quality as like…an octopus, or a jellyfish on some areas. Still figuring that out.

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Ok... Im not sure if I like a girl in a friendly way or a romantic way... Im asexual and I thought I was heteroromantic but idk now! How can I differentiate between platonic and romantic attraction? Thanks for all the help :)

That honestly depends on the individual, Anon. I’d say it comes down to what do you find romantic. One of my frequent fantasies I get when I have a crush is just hugging that and possibly napping on them while they play video games or do homework or just mess around on the computer. And that’s hardly romantic for a lot of other people. It’s just a thing that I really wanna do with them. I get that just as much as the desire for normal coded romantic stuff like kissing and going on dates and hanging out.

What do you find romantic? Do you you feel a pull or gut desire to do those things with that person? If so, it’s probably romantic attraction. If it’s just a pull or gut desire to do things you consider platonic with that person then it’s probably platonic attraction.


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I have this problem where I /really/ ship Oliver and Felicity, and I think they're really good for each other, even though I think Oliver spends half his time being a terrible person and a huge part of the Olicity fandom is crazy. But most of my friends ship Oliver and Laurel and talk about how the Olicity fandom has no respect for comic canon and hates Laurel and is horrible and all - definitely not true in my case. Do you ever have that problem?

First off, thank you for this question. Thank you for coming to me with this question. I don’t know if I can do it the justice you deserve, but I’ll take a shot at it.

'Do you ever have that problem?', as in because I ship Olicity do I have problems with non-Olicity shippers?

The answer is ‘no’. I follow, or at least try to (let me know if I am not), a no hate policy. I like my blog, and my Tumblr experience, to be open to all opinions and to be based in respect. Hey, we all are not the same, so of course we are not going to like the same things. It’s expected. And fandoms have a reputation for passionate, loyal fans, especially ones rooted in comics.

I follow many *Lauriver* blogs. In fact, I consider most of these bloggers my friends. Just because we do not ship the same thing does not mean we cannot still discuss Arrow, or something else entirely. I respect their ship and opinions and they do the same for me. I like to focus on our similarities rather than our differences.

As for Olicity shippers not respecting comic canon, I haven’t read a comic book in my life. All my comic info comes from either my dad or the Internet. So am I a ‘pure at heart’ comic fan? No, not even close, but that does not mean I don’t respect it.

As for hating Laurel, I don’t hate Laurel at all. In fact, I love her to pieces. Most of my followers don’t seem to have a problem with my Laurel love, but then again, they probably use blacklist or savior. I don’t blame them for wanting to control their dash content. Different strokes for different folks.

Are we all crazy? No, we aren’t all crazy. Most of us have a level head about us.

So, if you ‘really’ ship Olicity, ship Olicity. You can’t help what you like/fall in love with/have a connection to. I’m going to use the cheesy Minute Maid slogan: ‘Put good in, get good out’. If we all put in respect and understanding, we will get out respect and understanding. Healthy debate is inevitable, especially in fandoms, but that is what it should remain as, healthy.

Wow, this got lengthy. I hope I answered (or at least made a valiant attempt) your question. Feel free to drop by anytime.

While I was talking to lady-sephia about knb, it suddenly came to me that I have no idea what color Iwa-chan’s eyes are o Co! So in my wonder, I went on a quest to figure out what color Iwa-chan’s eyes are by collecting screen shot from the anime. And this is what my fish like self discovered! I even went and eye-dropped the color with photoshop and put the swatches on the side \O wO/

Iwaizumi’s eyes are a share of warm gray!