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Chapter 2

Summary: A fun night in Atlanta forces the reader into a fake relationship with celebrity Tom Holland in order to save both of their careers.

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction, entirely made up by me for me. I don’t necessarily condone the behavior in this fic, nor do I actually know Tom, Harrison, or the other real-life people who feature in it. Because of this, they might not always act like themselves based on what we know about them.

Chapter 1

Word count: 4211

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I really want a scene where Dean consoles Claire and says he lost someone he loves and that he’s there for her. I want Claire to say something like “It was Cas, wasn’t it?” Or “Yeah, I think I know who it was.” Just. Give me bonding over deaths of love interests.


I’ve seen multiple posts headcanoning that exact thing happened when Dean talked to Claire. Because Dean specifically told Jody that he alone spoke with Claire, one on one– saying *I* talked to Claire, and not *we*, despite Sam being right there too, and expressing his own feelings about Claire implying that he may have tried to speak with her as well.

But the I vs We thing has been an ongoing theme for Dean that came into strong focus during s12 (and lampshaded in 12.20 by Max and Alicia in the scene where they called asking for the Winchesters’ help). Regarding Cas specifically, Dean offered to go with Cas in 13.07, and practically insisted on accompanying him, explicitly DISincluding Sam, despite the fact Sam was sitting right there.

Dean’s beginning to take full responsibility and ownership of his own feelings, and it’s fantastic.

Do I wish we actually got that scene of Dean and Claire talking? Of course I do. But I understand why we didn’t… 

(but in my head, until proven otherwise, I am imagining it went exactly as you’ve described it) :D

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Hi! I found your art(at least I think it is) of kid lance crying, while hunk is looking at him and shiro is holding kid Keith, I was just wonder do you still have the original post. Is there also a continuation where shiro comforts lance? Or maybe did someone write a fic to accompany your great art work? Or was it developed from a fic?

Oh yeah!  I know the exact one you’re talking about, here’s the link to the full post http://foxyjoy-art.tumblr.com/post/156631101194/foxyjoy-art-when-space-dad-starts-playing 

There was a continuation. It was actually like my perspective of the 2nd season when it came out. I guess to explain, I felt like Shiro was being a dad and/or caretaker who was playing favorites. Lance feeling left out, Hunk slightly behind him, and Shiro giving the most attention to Keith with Pidge by his side.  if that makes sense 

I had beef with the 2nd season for a while.. 

It’s so nice when you post a memorial for a pet and @fall-out-brendon cones along and comments “should have got a bigger tank.”

Excuse me? Have you ever been on this blog? Do you know the tank sizes of any of my animals? And more than that, THAT’S what you choose to comment on a MEMORIAL post? Who taught you manners? Magikarp lived in a 10 gallon tank with a filter and heater, ate an extremely varied diet, and had plenty of hides and decor. For your information.

I’m so angry at this. Who taught this kid manners?

Many people argue about who are the realest ships in Kpop, well I’m here to settle the argument. No it’s not Chanbaek, or Vmin, or Jackbam…but Joohyuk. Joohyuk is so real it actually hurts. Minhyuk clearly loves Jooheon so much. Their relationship is actual goals. I bet they’re doing some cute shit right now with each other. You know how people say ‘We go together like peanut butter and jelly’… well when I get a boyfriend I’ll say ‘We go together like Jooheon and Minhyuk.’

Be a member of Bat-Family and become best friend of Maggie Sawyer would include...

I love Maggie too much and I’ve read a lot of fanfics after the Sanvers break and I’ve been thinking all this is very unfair to my baby and she deserves someone who’s always there for her. It’s not a romantic but it’s something we all need: a family. I hope you enjoy. Again I could not post the gifs because of my internet. Let me know if you want me to continue.

Maggie Sawyer x Platonic!reader (Bat-Family)

Originally posted by chylrrleigh

You and Maggie met when she was transferred to the Gotham crime unit.

Just when I thought I was free of the whole superhero thing,” was the first thing the detective grumbled at bumping into you.

You smiled underneath the mask (a mask that had a different design than the rest of the family. It covered the nose down, leaving the eyes free.)

Well, you’ll notice in your first few weeks that Gotham needs every ‘superhero’ available, Detective. Don’t die and good luck

You two have become a dynamic double … vigilant belonging to bat-family and she the new detective in the branch. One that had not yet been hit or bought by corruption.

Maggie was … different. She was everything a cop had to be (a couple of years in Gotham you get ripped off).

She became your “commissioner Gordon”

Strangely, Maggie has found in you someone to trust not just to business matters.

A few months together and she would be venting to you about your past, both on the balcony of your new apartment while eating tacos.

And you would also tell her a few things within your availability (Bruce would kill you if you missed out on some important information).

You don’t have to be so wary of me, I know that Bruce Wayne is Batman.” You stared wide-eyed and it would have been a comic image if your chest did not run a mile an hour with information thrown in the wind with such casualness. “What? I’m a detective. I detect.

You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing. From there, you had nothing more to hide from her.

Maggie grew quickly inside Gotham, taking over power posts that caused envy and hatred in many veteran (and corrupt) men present.

You were quite proud and soon, Detective Maggie Sawyer was now Captain Maggie Sawyer.

What are we going to drink to celebrate today?” You intercepted her at the end of her shift and she could tell through your eyes that you had a huge smile on your face behind the mask.

I’m going to drink, you’re underage

Okay, maybe that was the only thing you regretted telling her.

It’s a promotion, Maggie. Laws should not apply to celebrations!

Unfortunately, fortunately, her new promotion added new places of interest and soon, Maggie received the proposal to return to the national city to take the lead and command of the NCPD.

You don’t have to go if you don’t want to” you said one night, sitting next to you on the couch. Yours forgotten uniforms, changed into pajamas and a movie night. (you had already removed your mask from her for a while)

They need me there and it’s been five years” Maggie gave you a dimples smile, but it was still a sad smile. “I had plenty of time to get over it and compose myself

And yes, it was true. She had five years to overcome Alex Danvers. But you knew that Alex Danvers was too deeply rooted in Sawyer’s heart to be removed.

Well, if you’re going back to NC, I should go too” you commented casually, while eating popcorn and watching the forgotten movie that was playing on netflix.

Maggie’s eyes widened and she spun on the couch so fast that if it were not for your good reflexes (thank you, batman) the popcorn bowl would have gone floor.

What? Do you want to leave Gotham? "Maggie did not seem to believe what she was hearing.

Have you become close enough? Yes. She considered you to be her little sister.

You became your family.

But drop everything you got and built in Gotham for her and her insecurities in finding a love she thought she had overcome? That was too much.

Why not? You are my family and you need me. Someone needs to keep their ego under control as you become the new head of the national city science division …

Your family is here too“ Maggie whispered, tears already filled her eyes, about to spill.

The Bat-family is great. They will survive without me. Besides … things have been different since I’ve revealed myself to you. I think I lost my job as Robin “ you joked but Maggie already knew her enough to feel the hurt and disappointment in your voice.

Then she hugged you and they both clung together like a lifeline.

I’d like to say that I do not need someone to take care of me, but … I’d be lying

And the Bat-Sawyer duo is on their way to National City. It’s good that this city gets ready …

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cute little story, I ended up going to the game VERY last minute and I ended up sitting in front of a group of (my best guess) 60-70 year old women and a guy and they knew every single players names, like they’d analyze the game and it was so cute and one of them told another one “that’s not regularly their 17, you know who it is?” “Tobin Heath” “yes”. They were so engaged I love them and they are me when I’m 70.

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how do you feel about newer works of online media (17776, the adventure zone, etc) being compared to homestuck?

i think it’s flattering, if usually undeserved. i know a lot of people hate having their work compared to homestuck, which is understandable. i don’t even want my own future work to be compared to homestuck (though i know it’s inevitable). for creators who personally acknowledge that my shit inspired or influenced them in some way, though, it means a lot. 

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Just wanting write in that one: your a fantastic writer and two: i flipped hella hard when i saw you fallowed back cuz i was not expecting that! Thank you! TuT all I ever get these days are Sex Bots. So its good to have an actual person fallow back.

Gosh do I know the Porn bot struggle… got a wave of them over the weekend and had to block them all. Ick…

But yes! I give all my followers (who are real and don’t post things that make me uncomfortable) a follow back! It’s a thanks you for following me in the first place. :D

Hi!! Do u have any interior pics of lili and Coles...
Anonymous said: Hi!! Do u have any interior pics of lili and Coles apartment (like maybe before they moved in when it was still for sale) Thanks ❤️ Answer: You can find examples of that by searching...

This is also a really extensive post I made QUITE some time ago and even has vids of stuff


So @theheavycrown

I couldn’t reblog my own post (who knows?), so here’s the link of the most comprehensive set of their pics I have….interestingly, it turns out it was YaoiHag herself asking for info and this was what she used to try and “prove” to me they don’t live together.

Soooooo….Lili frequently posts herself in the grey couched apartment, even when Cole is working and several times while he was out of town. She’s also a few times photographed herself in the possible other apartment, but with one exception, this is ONLY when they have out of town guests.

The grey couched apartment is assumed to be Cole’s because he has, to date, posted ONE post of himself in it (and that wasn’t OF him, but him on the terrace, looking at the view)….but that was only the night time view post….otherwise, he has never, EVER posted himself in it or it’s surroundings….BUT, it’s MUCH larger than any of the rest of the cast’s (you’ll notice in the links I remark on that) and in rather upscale building.

Their exact unit, on a lower, less desirable floor, recently quickly listed and (presumably) sold for $1.5. I think between Lili’s rare shots of herself and the hefty price tag (even as a sublet—-though I think he bought it) indicates only Cole could swing it financially (rent stipend or no rent stipend). There’s also a shot of him in the fairly famous lobby AND, of course, KokeJ basically outed his address to the world last month, which I will neverrrrrr post….

In fact I talked a bit about just that yesterday:


Additionally, while Cole can easily afford a larger, nicer pad and, per his ex, he “lived in really ritzy apartment and was used to living a certain way”…..but that was her whining about how much it cost to live there, which in NYC is even more $$$….because, actually, Cole ISN’T that guy…..at ALL: he lived in the dorms his first year or two in college, his family’s house (that he basically paid for) isn’t THAT fancee, he lived as roomies last year with KokeJ because everybody else had to, so he might as well and during filming hiatus, while in LA, was Debby’s roomie. In fact here’s his old apartment in Brooklyn:

Doesn’t look especially palatial or upscale to me….Nor is it fancily decorated, etc….

All of which indicates it’s just not, past a certain level, especially important to the dude, cause he’s a lowkey, largely non-materialistic guy…..

Soooooo why would he opt to live in a large, painstakingly decorated in a manner really similar to his GF’s parents’ house, apartment?  And pay a lot for a privilege he presumably never really cared about? I mean, I can see the view being something, but that building has smaller, cheaper units with views (tho no terraces, TBF)….but otherwise, cause he shares it with Lili.

Or, at a minimum wants her there all the time, anyway….(with her keeping, maaybeeee, her paid for by Berlanti cracker box—-if it exists—-for guests and for when they fight/somebody has the flu/someone needs sleep/their photography studio/etc…..)

Fanfic in coming - Vegas Baby

A final little teaser of what I’ll start to post tomorrow. It’s a multi chapters fanfic. I will update on tuesdays and fridays. It will be a human!au (once again, how surprised are you?), and rated explicit.

Summary :

Sam takes Dean to Las Vegas for his birthday. The weekend turns wilder than expected when they meet a bartender who knows how to bull (or moose) ride.

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Omg new blog yes! Can i request a scenario with tyl tsuna and tyl xanxus have a gf who's a doctor treating their wounds? Thank you! <3

This request was asked a longg time ago, but I never got around to posting it? LOL

My apologies to the other admins for going MIA, I had really bad writer’s block.

I hope this was okay…?


“Geez Tsuna, how many times has this happened?”

You knew Tsuna hated it when you were nagging him constantly, but it was because he never listened to you that you emphasized it so much.

“I know you’re the don of the great Vongola family, but this is just ridiculous.” You narrowed your eyes at him. “Are you allowing yourself to get injured just to see me?”

Tsuna smirked. “So you finally figured it out. You’re getting smarter, (S/O)~”

Your eyebrow twitched, and you forced a smile. “Oh really? So you enjoy being in this state, huh?”

“Yea—OW! (S/O)!”

Stay still you idiot, I have to clean up your wound.”

The big whining idiot that was the “King of the Underworld” had been a past repeated patient of yours.

It wasn’t until he came in random times of the day to drop off little “thank you” gifts and coffee that you realized he was someone who obviously wanted to be more than just a patient.

After his persistence and good charm, you finally gave in to becoming his girlfriend.

“You should’ve warned me first,” he hissed.

“Your fault. Seems you’ve now become a masochist of some sort, so I’m simply giving you what you want.”

His annoyance quickly switched to amusement. “You never let me finish my sentence, though.”

You blinked. “What?”

“Yeah, if it means getting treated by you all the time.”

Sighing in exasperation, you grabbed more material for cleaning his wound. “If you want to see me so much, why not just make me the head Vongola doctor for all I know?” You laughed. “Kidding—”

Tsuna blinked. “So you’ll let me? I thought you would get mad if I did it without your consent.”

“H-huh? W-wait, no, I was kidding—”

“Let’s go submit your resignation letter right now.”

“Tsuna! W-wait—”

He sent a smirk. “Now I can see you every time I want. And I’ll make sure you’re aware that I’m more of a sadist than a masochist.”


Your eye twitched at the sight in front of you.

The almighty boss of the Varia had done it again.

With the actions he constantly took, it was a mystery as to why you even loved him in the first place.

Yes, the grown ass man who refused to get treated for his bullet wound was your boyfriend, Xanxus, though, maybe not for long.

“(S/O), what are you doing here?” he grunted, taking a sip of his wine from the glass in his hand.

You sent an annoyed smile. “What reason would I be here for at this time of day, dear?”

He sent an indifferent glance, and went back to his wine. “Don’t try to be smart with me and answer my question.”

“Xanxus, I have a PhD, I’m not “trying” to be smart, I am. You’re smart too, so let’s try using your head for once, yeah?” Walking over to him, you grabbed a chair nearby and sat next to his grand couch, putting the first aid kit you brought onto your lap.

“I don’t need treatment. Leave, (S/O), I need time alone.”

“No. What you really need is medical help. I’m not letting you die from your stupid pride.”

He scoffed. “Woman, something like this won’t kill me.”

“Oh really? You wanna bet?”

He rolled his eyes. “Depends on what we’re betting on.”

“I was kidding, Xanxus, because we’re betting on your life, you idiot. It’s on me if you die, so I’m treating you no matter what you say.”

You gripped his arm, and saw him slightly flinch. You raised an eyebrow. “So you don’t need treatment, now?”

He glowered down at you. “Don’t make me repeat myself, woman. Leave.”


You and him glared at each other, and it was at that moment that you took out the bullet lodged inside of his bicep.

Xanxus winced, which caused him to lose his glare.

In triumph and satisfaction, you cleaned his wound and began bandaging his arm, noting the tenseness of his arm from probably restraining himself from flinching again.



“We’re done.” Cutting the bandage off its roll, you sent a smile. “Now was that so bad?

He rolled his eyes. “That was unnecessary.”

“…With a doctor as a girlfriend, you’d think he’d be more reluctant to be treated,” you muttered to yourself. Gathering up your things, you stood and walked to the exit. “Whatever, I’m leaving.”



Getting cut off by his lips, you could only stand there speechless as you watched him pull away and smirk at you.

“…With a mafia boss as a boyfriend, you’d think she would dress sexier around him.”


His smirk grew. “Though I bet we can change that right now, can we?”


So this was why you fell in love with him.

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‘I’ve never done this before,’ Serena confesses, when she’s pressed between Fleur and the inside of Fleur’s bedroom door.

I’m not tagging that many people but if you fancy it: @matildaswan, @mxquill, @wonkots42, @belligerently, @sententiousandbellicose, @ddagent, @slightlyintimidating, @imagebender - and anyone else who’d like to. I’d love to know what you’re working on!

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I get sick of HC having to be canon and can't be questioned just because they're 'progressive', even though they're harmful. I saw one user say Orsino is trans because a male body wouldn't fit into his robes. This wasn't a troll either.

I’ve seen and commented on the trans!Orsino thing last year some time I think? Or I just saw it from the sidelines with whatever that feeling you get is when you watch a tumblr trainwreck spiral from one post. His feet model is from the female model rather than male ones, so the original post claimed, and that’s where the headcanon came from. Like, cool, whatever. I actually kind of thought it was a cool idea until, you know, the people who hc’d it got really up their own asses about it and called people transphobes for not agreeing.

Headcanons are still headcanons and have literally zero weight on canon unless they are explicitly acknowledged by the creators. And then, guess what, if they’re acknowledged as fact that makes them canon! People aren’t satisfied with their personal ideas being ideas so often because tumblr is a pissing contest of “look at how progressive i can be!” and “praise me for pretending I can foster representation out of nothing!”

Dorian is a character that brings representation for gay men because he is canonically a gay man. Fenris brings representation for male sexual assault victims because he is canonically a sexual assault victim. Vivienne brings representation for black women because she is canonically a black woman. You can headcanon until your fanfiction is wholly unrecognizable when compared to the source material and you’ll still have done literally nothing for progressive representation. Sorry.

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" i never cared for his excessively aggressive attitude and overly /v/ way of conducting himself online" speaking of /v/, its hilarious seeing all the people who call YOU the /v/ moron or 4channer, its just such a shock that i always wonder if they actually know who you are, or if its just that they only know 4chan from its last few years

i think people assume i’m a 4channer because i defended the merits of nier automata, which is what got me surrounded by /v/ morons to begin with

see, i would post a reasonable defense of nier automata’s merits, and /v/ morons would use my reasonable post as a springboard to hurl insults at people in the typical 4chan fashion 

that actually wasn’t really a new phenomenon either. back when nintendo was really bad in 2014-2015 i would make posts critical of nintendo’s localization practices and gamergaters would use those as springboards to go off about “muh censorship” 

its part of the reason why you dont see many long posts about those subjects from me anymore. i got sick of shitty people using my well-structured and well reasoned arguments over shit like video games as springboards for harassing others 

now if you see a long post from me it’s either about transformers or about me hating /v/ nerds or bronies 

And to be clear, I know I demonize Square a lot lately, and of course it’s not so black and white. Many people at Square (probably most) are good people trying to do their best.

But LiS’s marketing has been up to some really shady shit that really rubs me wrong, and I care too much about the game series to not vent that frustration. When I get simplified asks whining about who knows what, I unfortunately tend to give simplified replies.

If people wanna enjoy the “Hot New Thing ™” so much, I’m not stopping them. Leave my Inbox alone, I’m leaving YOU alone. If my posts are somehow upsetting you, just by existing, that’s your own problem. I haven’t attacked anyone, I haven’t told anyone (besides Square, I guess) what to post or not post, what to feel or not feel.

Please deal with your hurt in your own way, and I will mine.

I hope you guys like this little drawing but I must mention something. Idk if you remember when I reintroduced cloudy but I added something to her to make her stand out more as an oc right? I just didn’t mention what that was but now I’ll let you know :3.

Soul mainly is drawn in her angel form witch is appart of who she is. Cloudy on the other hand is a demon but not the bad kind. She acts more quite, dark, and shy kinda showing how she’s a demon. Welp.

I hope that makes sense! I also hope you like this post!

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i saw a japanese walkthrough of the game and i really want to know what they say to each other when "k" reveals himself but i couldn't find any video to that yet so i was wondering if you could tell me what they're saying?

WARNING: If you do not want to be spoilered then please ignore this post because this is a major spoiler from the game.


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how to win over the signs

aries: passion. they love anyone who loves anything. as long as you have one thing that you can go on and on about, it’s almost a guarantee that an aries will fall for you. when you talk and have that light in your eyes, an aries will just never get sick of you talking.

taurus: sensitivity. if you are sensitive to their feelings, and sensitive in general, a taurus is likely to be completely won over. they know that there is strength in having a big heart, and they like a person who is able to show it.

gemini: nature. a gemini will fall for you almost instantly if you love the earth and its beauty as much as they do. they’ll never get sick of looking at stars and going on hikes with you. if you have a love for all the beautiful wonders in the world, a gemini is the perfect person for you. 

cancer: beauty. not in looks, but in who you are. cancers are very good people readers. they love people who have good intentions, and they can see through it if you don’t. if your heart is pure, and full of beauty, they will automatically love you for it.

leo: praise. a leo has confidence that is unsurpassed. if you compliment them, boost their ego, and love them unconditionally, that is the energy they need. they will give back as much as they get. they’ll never get tired of you telling them how great they are, and doing it in return. 

virgo: affection. a virgo is a very big cuddler, kisser, hand holder, etc. it’s how they show their love. and for someone to do it back would be the thing that really steals their heart. 

libra: understanding. a libra wants someone who they can talk about anything with. someone who won’t think they’re crazy for all the thoughts that go through their head, but rather understand them. it’s important to them to feel understood even just by one person.

scorpio: strength. they enjoy someone who has gone through a lot, but came out on the other end and is an even better person because of it. someone who proves that they know what it takes to go through the worst of struggles.

sagittarius: fierce. they want someone who is going to go after what they want and not take any shit, just like them. they find it charming to have someone who is assertive and will stop at nothing to get what they want. 

capricorn: communication skills. a capricorn very much appreciates someone who does not beat around the bush and will tell them when things are bothering them. it means a lot to them to have someone who will tell them like it is even if it might hurt their feelings.

aquarius: humor. an aquarius wants someone who won’t take life very seriously, or themselves. they want someone who is able to make them laugh and smile and forget about things for a little while.

pisces: emotion. any strong display of emotion to a pisces means a lot to them. they want someone who wears their heart on their sleeve. someone who isn’t ashamed to cry or laugh the loudest or even get mad. it’s what they like to see, someone who isn’t afraid to show what they feel.