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My mother says I say I love you like someone who’s afraid they’re going to lose everything
Like someone so certain that loss is just around the corner I have to make absolutely certain people know

But I think
I say I love you more like someone who has never once believed it when it was said to them
Like someone who knows so intimately what it’s like to not be sure how others feel about me that I can’t bear the thought that others might not know how I feel about them
Someone who’s spent their whole life needing reassurance
Who wants
To make sure that those they care about are reassured

I say I love you consistently
Until the words are like a chorus to a song that sometimes only I am singing
Because the idea that you—that anyone I love
Doubts my love
Doubts their importance to me
Feels the way that I do every day
Terrifies me

I never learned to love with less than my whole heart
And I never once said I love you just to hear it back

—  w.n.

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ok so before i found your blog, i didn't know who thomas sanders was. but when i found your blog, i keep seeing posts on him and i got curious so... thanks for bringing me into this fandom do you know how many times i cried in one day just because i've never seen such preciousness before but thank you i owe you my life

Aw, this makes me really happy! I’m glad that you found his vids and community, and it’s cool that the blog did that for ya. :3 Have fun, friend! I’ve had a super-positive experience with everyone so far, and Thomas’s content is engaging and creative and lovely. (As are the friends who show up in and contribute to his vids.) X3

Have fun, friendo! <3

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I love the head canon that murdoc is Latin because I also am and it speaks to me on a personal level, but do you know how people came up with it? Like is there off hand comments about it or small amounts of proof? I would love it if that were the case ❤

I don’t actually know who started it and when and why but it’s honestly one of my favourite headcanons. I love the idea of Gorillaz being even more diverse, and especially with Latin representation too because it’s rare in my opinion. Jamie has said that Murdoc Niccals is white and since it is his character, it is only a headcanon but people are allowed to have those. (No seriously, if I see one more person yelling YAH BUT HE IS WHITE, I will fling myself into fire.) I suppose if one puts on fandom-goggles, you can find proof for everything but among other things we have seen him in a poncho in an official video, his skin tone in phase 1-2, a clip where he speaks Spanish and his whole “I’m gonna go to Mexico now bye" in the end of phase 2.

Personal sidenote: I’ve only watched some of Supergirl and we all know how I feel about jeremy jordan but I’m really glad he apologized for the stuff that happened at comic con today cause it really does suck when you feel like someone you look up to thinks your feelings are invalid and also lgbtq representation is v important and queer ships– even non-canon ones– don’t need to be joked about. that being said he’s the only one I see who’s really being criticized that much for it and he’s also the only one who’s apologized. So that does say something. Clearly he screwed up but I also truly think that in no way was jeremy trying to be malicious. He’s a genuinely good person and he learned from his mistake.

I worry about my cousin y'all. She stay getting back with dudes who did her wrong,even dudes who played her and I don’t know why. She ask me advice about them when it’s obvious like girl… He only wants you for sex none else. She be like “Okay” but then be with them cause they say what they know she wan hear then she act hurt when they leave her for someone else or play her. I know she’s 24 and grown and I should mind my business, but how can she let herself be treated like this and think it’s love? She stay posting on FB about how not to let a nigga treat ya but stay letting them treat her this way. I don’t know what to do, she won’t listen to me so Idk tbh.

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Maybe u deserve the shit u get. There is always reason why people don't like someone etc.

I have done literally nothing to deserve the shit I get. Most of it is people coming into my ask box and practically demanding that I post pictures of a certain game play and when I don’t, and god forbid decide to post what I want on my own blog, they get pissed and decide to insult me or make assumptions that I’m leaving a certain family/save. Like, even if I did, who cares? I don’t have to post anything at all but I choose to because I think it’s fun and I know there are people out there that genuinely like my stories, too. If they don’t like it, there’s both an unfollow button and/or a way to block certain tags so that pictures that are tagged accordingly will not show up on their dashboard. But instead they decide to take the time to write me hate. Just because they’re not getting what they want when they want it. Seems both childish and immature if you ask me.

But thanks for saying I “maybe deserve the shit that I get”. Much appreciated.


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Okay can we talk about the fact that Max Landis…

ahh omg when did max say that?? :O

In the Skybound Livestream interview. :)

“You know you have a vulnerable, intense, emotional and angry sort of hero Dark Knight version of dirk. 

You have sort of like a super motivated fun, wild ass-kicking version of Todd. 

You have Farah, who for the first time ever, enters a world in which she actually gets to do the stuff she’s good at. In the first season, she’s like James Bond but everyone’s like ‘you’re so lame!’ but this season people see her more clearly. 

And of course the Amanda storyline is hard to talk about because it’s only spoilers. It’s all spoilers.” 

Announcement: Original Fiction

Hello, my people!

Sooooooo, I’m here to know who wants to get linked to my Original Fiction when I started posting it? I finished the first two chapters and I plan to post here as soon as possible. My idea is to basically do like C.S. Pacat did with Captive Prince: post it online and gather my own audience instead of writing my original story with the only purpose of getting it published.

I decided to go down this road for only one reason: I hate the lack of response writing a book by myself feels. It’s too lonely, especially for someone who is used to writing fanfiction and get immediate reaction, even if it’s in the shape of a like and/or kudo.

This post is to know who is interested to know when my original fiction is posted here. So, like this post if you want to be tagged to read my original fiction. You can also reblog to spread the word about it.

If you don’t know my writing, you can check out my AO3 profile or this AU that you don’t need to know anything about the characters to understand the plot: Just following the map that leads to you.

About my original story the basic plot is this:

James is an amateur skater that needs to win a big championship to launch his career as a professional skater. So, in a moment of desperation, he decided to summon a demon to strike a deal: if the demon made him win the championship he needed to get his dream career, James would repay however the demon wanted it. He successfully performed an incantation he found online to invoke a supernatural being, except…It wasn’t the demon he was aiming for.

Even though James ended up summoning a trickster deity, he still managed to seal the deal he had in mind and for a lower price that he thought he’d have to pay to a demon.  

Now the question was: will the trickster actually hold up his end of the deal? Because James was familiar with the trickster myth and he wasn’t so sure it was one of his best ideas. Well, in his defense, desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Warning (?): It’s a gay book so like if you’re homophobic, stay away from it.

hey sprousehart shippers,

don’t let yourselves get stressed out about people that are completely out of your control.

speaking as someone who has experience with obsessively shipping 2 real people, it’s okay to get excited when you see them together. But them NOT being together doesn’t mean that anything is wrong between them, especially at an event like Comic Con where so much of what they do is planned by other people. you don’t have to read into every little thing they do and every face they make as an indication that they are/aren’t together. also, they’re probably getting really worn out today from all of the events they’re doing, so any lack of interaction isn’t really an indicator of their relationship. on the flip side, smiling at each other also doesn’t mean that they’re dating. 

but it’s perfectly okay to ship them and look into it for fun as long as you’re not invading their privacy. Don’t post anything about sprousehart on either of their social media accounts. and don’t stress yourself out over whether or not they’re a thing! you can’t control it and if they ARE together, they’d tell you when they wanted to. And if they’re not together, that doesn’t mean that their friendship is suddenly worthless. 

I hope you all enjoy the comic con pics! Happy shipping :)

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Count me in as another person who really isn't that invested in an Iris reporter arc. I also think the constant questions about it are annoying- like if the writers feel like doing it, they will. That's really not the hill to die on when it comes to this show.

It’s not about not being invested, I just have things that I care about more, like seeing her with friends and family. We’ve always seem her working, first at Jitters, then at CCPN. We still don’t know if she has any friends outside of Barry and his new post-flash friends. Like, who were all of those wedding invitations for? 

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see her at work, or that her job isn’t important. I DO believe, however, that there are ways to show her skills as a journalist without literally showing her in CCPN every other week. I have good friends on here who disagree with that, and I don’t respect them or their opinion on the matter any less. 

I don’t think the questions are annoying, the fandom has been respectful, and if we don’t ask for what we want, we won’t ever get it. We’ve always asked for what we wanted, and we’ve gotten pretty much all of it. 

The ONLY thing I find a little annoying about the situation is that people feel the need to literally see her in CCPN, that’s always the focus, instead of asking for more of seeing Iris using her skills in her role on the team (which, again, she DOES do even if they aren’t literal about it). 

Okay time for my dumb emotional post. I’m honestly heartbroken that Fairy Tail has ended. I knew it had to come at some point I just didn’t think so soon. Fairy Tail holds a very special place in my heart. I discovered it while going through a very difficult time when I almost lost my life for multiple reasons (cliche I know), but it’s thanks to Fairy Tail that I’m still here today. It’s done so much for me and has made me who I am today. I could never thank Mashima enough for making this wonderful world. And even now that it has ended, I know it’ll always be there to make me smile. Thank you Fairy Tail, for everything❤️👆🏻
PC: @posidilia

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Onion boy is the kind of guy who would scream at you for having a safe word during BDSM sessions. There's this blog here on tumblr, toodomforyou, that posts crazy Doms who try to act all high and mighty as if they're experts on BDSM when they don't know shit. He would fit so well on this blog. The mods would rip him apart

# anti o # anti onision

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people who steal art and act all defensive when called out on it

If art isn’t yours then it’s not yours to post so you have to ask permissions and respect the artist’s wishes. You may think that you’re showing support but you’re stealing someone else’s hard work and thats a really shitty thing to do. People work really hard to make art and it’s their choice to post it but them posting it does not give you permission to take it
Also, when someone lets you know “hey this is so-and-so’s art, did they give you permission to use it?” You have to answer honestly and if the answer is no then you need to take down the post until you get proper permission from the artist. Also, finding art without a source is not an excuse to post it, it’s still not yours and you still don’t have permission to steal it so it’s stealing and it’s a really shitty thing to do. And when you do have permission to post with credit “cree to the artist” is not good enough, say the artist’s name and give all of their links so I hat you are giving full credit. “Creds to the artist” is like saying “hey I stole this from someone, I don’t even care to see who I stole it from” so don’t do it

(Send me stuff to rant about! Anything!)

You know that this last post had me thinking. I think I actually separate Netflix!Matt and comics!Matt as two different characters. Like, really. 

And I think it’s probably because Netflix!Matt is at his beginnings but at times I kinda regret comics!Matt in his smooth arseholery. Even when he does shit things - oh hell does he do shit things - he has that outer layer of being in control (which he is not. which he might try to fool himself into believing he is but he is not).

That “successful lawyer who can ruin you” outfit, you know. Like for me comics!Matt is actually frightening both in and out of the DD costume and even without any mention of superpowers or “secret” (HA AH) identity, because HE. IS. GOOD. And that he knows. Too much. He’s smug as hell.  

While Netflix!Matt is a lost puppy and doesn’t even try to really hide it ? Like. Never. He’s too pure. He’s never smug. He’s never “I’m smart” before it all crumbles upon him (while he keeps saying he’s smart. Matt, no.). And I don’t think even while he gains confidence over the shows, that he will become smug this way, because it’s simply not in the character. See, he does shit things, he makes bad decisions, and it’s partly because he kind of overestimates himself as DD, but it’s not out of this weird… spite? Sometimes that’s how comics!Matt feels. Like, you said this was stupid ? Oh yeah this is stupid, but I will do it anyway. Well Netflix!Matt will, but he will never say it’s stupid, because he doesn’t believe so, and that’s where the difference lies for me. 
I actually think that if Netflix!Matt was to show something close to his comics counterpart arseholeness, he would feel out of character. 

Also might come from Charlie Cox’s total absence of poker face / dead pan expression (in this role). Which is probably calculated. It’s not a critic, just an observation : Matt is readable no matter what - which might be why he keeps wearing his glasses when contrary to the comics he has no visible scarring to hide, hah (yeah, seen that somewhere else much :P). 

Last : I want Matt having a blast being DD. Like it feels like Netflix!Matt NEEDS to do what he does, but doesn’t especially enjoy it past fulfilling his anger issues. Comics!Matt openly loves nothing more than running around on rooftops and flying over his city (I understand the disappearance of that in the show for realism’s sake, but… flying Matt with a smile on his face is something priceless, thanks). I do hope the Defenders change that, and I’m kind of confident it will, because the trailer had them being funny and having fun. Keeping fingers crossed.

Don’t mistake me, I’m damn in love with Netflix!Matt. It’s just that, at times, I miss comics!Matt (especially that I don’t like the current run, so I extra miss him). And a proof that I do love both unconditionally is that now I miss Netflix!Matt when I read the comics. I HAVE COME FULL CIRCLE \o/

Long live the show and I sincerely hope S3 will be better. Sadly for my sanity, it has me in anyway, whatever it does… 

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Hi♡ I'm new on Tumblr and I was wondering if you could give me any advice

Hey love! 😀

The first thing I’m going to say is don’t get too caught up with notes, you’re probably not going to get ask many as you except when you first start up, but the more you post and the more tags you use the more you’ll start gaining followers. I know a bunch of people who started a blog but eventually got fed up because they were only getting like 20-30 notes. I’ve been posting on my blog for a year and a half now, but I still have posts that have less then 10 notes, and it’s okay! Just keep in mind why you started your blog in the first place, put out content for your own enjoyment, not for other people. When you start focusing on pleasing everyone else, that’s when it starts getting stressful, and trust me, you don’t want that.

Try to make some friends as well, don’t be afraid to message other bloggers and try to form a relationship with them. I have made some of my closest friends on here and idk where I’d be without them.

Finally, have fun, at the end of the day it’s just a blog, post whatever the hell you want to post (just make sure you’re not being offensive 😅), don’t let any hate get to you, and don’t stress too much!

If you want to talk about anything feel free to message me! ❤️

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Hey what's that Melissa post about?


jeremy jordan starts a song about how supercorp will never happen and how they’re just friends, and basically makes everyone who saw something between them and ships it feel like absolute crap, and melissa gleefuly agrees and joins in because it’s so funny!!! so hilarious!! that fans would dream about more wlw rep and the lead of the show being lgbt when there’s some obvious chemistry between them. And they MUST know that a big part of their fandom is lgbt. it’s just direspectful and ugly to treat our sexualities like a punchline, basically.  

Day of Atonement

With only few days left till 2x16, I decided to write this post. As you might know, some users are planning to boycott this episode. This episode’s plot is happening during Day of Atonement, a very important day for Jewish people. Actually- the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. I want you to understand the significant of this episode for Jewish people, who get to see their traditions represented on T.V. More than that- we get to see our holiest day represented on T.V, and personally I’ve never seen that happened before. Judaism is often badly portrayed in media, so when we get a Jewish character doing the day’s traditions with his Jewish family- you can’t boycott that. Other than that- the episode was written by a Jewish man, so it is representation off-screen as well. Because most of the non-Jewish users here don’t know about the day and its traditions, and often say wrong stuff in connection with it, I’ve decided to write a short explanation about Day of Atonement, so you’ll understand more about the day and won’t boycott the episode.

Day of Atonement (or Yom Kippur), is the holiest day of the year for Jewish people. On that day, Jews do self-criticism and ask for atonement and forgiveness from God on their sins. It is believed that on that day the fate of the Jewish people and the entire world for the next year is being decided. There are traditions and prohibitions for Jewish people on Yom Kippur. For 25 hours it’s forbidden to eat and drink, to drive, to work, to use water, to use electricity and electronic devices, to wear leather shoes, to use lotions and perfumes and to have sexual relations. The goals of the fasting is not to punish the Jewish people- but to free us from the materiality and try to make humans more like angels without physical needs, so they can focus on the spirituality of the day. Jewish people wear white on Kippur, for purity. The majority of the day Jews are spending together in the synagogues, praying for God. The last meal before the fasting is called “Seuda Mafseket”. That is probably the meal Simon and Maia are attending.

I hope you understand a bit about this day, and why it’s so important for all of us. So I ask you, please, don’t boycott the episode. The importance is tremendous and I don’t want the writers to lower the amount of representation we get. Watch for us- Jewish fans.  

AU where you know who your soulmate is based on this almost instinctual mental connection that transcends the boundaries of any typical relationship. You can hear each other’s thoughts and feelings and mentally reach across thousands of lightyears of distance when you need each other and—

Oh, wait, sorry, my bad. That’s not an AU that’s Star Trek canon.


(Had to post stuff with quotes since screenshots were too small)


So lots of the posts i’m seeing are missing out on a lot of shit. I went through it myself and read through it. 

“Nothing’s a coincidence, idiot. No town in America has such a concentration of eligible, willing Dads.            (    …I just thought it was a coincidence.                {$PlayerFirstName}, ever wonder where all the wives and husbands in town went? Why everyone’s an eligible single father?” &  “How many couples have I pushed to divorce? How many wives and husbands have I hunted in the dark?”

Fucking Joseph…   Joseph is talking about how much of a ‘coincidence’ it is that everybody is a single dad expect for Joseph. WHICH HE ALSO HAUNTED/DIVORCED/KILLED.

THIS right here is after the part where you have a dream I guess?? And the pictures that were leaked about the creepy ones… (I think and I hope this was just a dream) 

“AmandaDemon   neutral &  Cracks begin to form along the walls around me. I look down and see the floor collapsing in tiles. As the walls, crumble… I see where I truly am.         Amanda turns ash black, her clothes, hair and bracelets collapsing into concentric rings of pitch-dark smoke.” 

When you wake up.. you are greeted by Joseph and you have a knife! But who gave you the knife? It was Robert.

Robert knows about the stuff Joseph has done! He knows what probably is gonna happen! (Might do a whole post about Robert later)


“Mary   noblink  &  Joseph     pain & You stole so much of my life from me.             #   Honey, sweetie, you… stabbed me.   It’s over, Joseph.        Joseph’s eyes go wide. He releases his grip on me and I gasp in, Joseph backs away from Mary, clutching the wound on his shoulder.   “

Mary then stabs Joseph with your knife! which is these sprites…

(And the Joseph stabbed one which i’m lazy to find.)

So Mary basically saves your ass and this his cannibalistic god sent children eat him.  “Won’t you feed us, Father?    Father… we’re so hungry. “ 

So then you wake up and supposedly the ship had sank and such, and then we meet the detective. Which is Saul! (his name is hinted in the game files than stated)

I’ll link my new post with all the other small connections we made once I make it.
Thanks to my friends @bunnard and @yellow-osteospermum for helping me out.

Also thanks to http://shingeki-no-kuushu.tumblr.com/post/163274581166/some-more-textures-i-found-in-the-game-files   for finding the pictures.

Other theories: http://gengarpopsicles.tumblr.com/post/163308679040/cult-ending-connections-and-such-22