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so I finally got to watch 12x12, and something struck me at the end that I haven’t seen anyone else comment on. I mean, yeah, everyone talks about how it was Crowley who saved Cas, and how that means maybe Crowley still has some human blood in him/is turning into the cranky old uncle who claims to hate everyone but still makes sure there’s gifts in everyone’s Christmas stockings. But there’s more to it than that. 

That final scene, in Crowley’s throne room? It wasn’t just a reveal that Lucifer’s back there (or that he’s Mark Pellegrino aka best Lucifer again) - it was an additional, very pointed comment on Crowley’s actions. 

After Sam killed Ramiel, Crowley picked up the Lance of Michael while everyone was focused on Cas. No one noticed him take it, no one would have noticed if he just left with it. Crowley knew, at that point, what the lance was and what it could do. He also knew that Lucifer was back in the Cage - meaning, under Crowley’s control - and the tag scene implies that Lucifer’s been up in the throne room taunting Crowley where Crowley could taunt him for some time. 

Last season, Lucifer put Crowley through weeks or months of physical and psychological torment, and even tried to kill him. Crowley has every reason to want him to suffer and die horribly. Yet in that moment in the barn, Crowley looks at the Lance of Michael, aka the lance specifically designed for killing Lucifer slowly and in extreme agony, and chooses to break it to save Castiel. 

Crowley didn’t just save Castiel’s life, and he definitely didn’t do it because he’s thinking tactically about what it means to have Cas and the Winchesters in debt to him. (They already are and already ignore that fact anyway.) No, Crowley gave up a chance to kill Lucifer to save Cas. He chose to allow the biggest threat currently in play to remain in play - and yes, Lucifer is in play even while in the Cage - as well as to not take vengeance on the archangel who tormented him, all in order to save someone who can’t even be bothered to thank him. 

(tagging @semirahrose because you always have lovely thinky thoughts about the characters and I’m curious if you saw the same thing?)

thunderbird headcanons

- newly sorted baby thunderbirds who feel like there was a mistake because they never even left their town before coming to ilvermorny

- thunderbirds turning the common room into one giant blanket fort and telling spooky stories until they all fall asleep in a pile

- thunderbird camping trips where the heads of the house teach the importance of not disturbing nature while exploring; “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”

- disabled thunderbirds using spells in order to go along with their able-bodies peers, and the faster students slowing their pace to make sure everyone can keep up

- introverted thunderbirds who explore the world through books and technology and have probably seen more beautiful things than anyone else

- thunderbirds consistently getting lost in the wilderness and needing to call back to ilvermorny for help, even though they insist they totally knew where they were going the whole time

- thunderbirds who would rather sit and write their own stories of untold places than follow along with the others

- thunderbirds sneaking out their windows at night becomes such an epidemic that the professors have to charm the thunderbird dorms to keep them inside

- even though the school is hundreds of years old, every once in a while a curious thunderbird stumbles across a forgotten wing or classroom nobody knew was there

- every semester thunderbird house celebrates with a castle-wide game of hide and seek; the school record for length of time without being found is 6 days


Genre: fluff, angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word count: 1,198

a/n: OMG I haven’t uploaded in so long!! I am so sorry!! This was a request a while ago but it’s going up now! Thank you to those who read my work and I always take feedback and requests!!

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“We really shouldn’t be doing this.”

You pulled away from the lavender hair boy’s chest. He looked down at you sighing out of frustration. Because of the dim light in the alley, you could barely make out each other’s expressions but you knew already what his face would be like at the moment.

“Y/N are you going to keep hiding like this?”

“It’s not right and you know it.”

“Then when’s it right? You broke up with him ages ago.”

You couldn’t say anything to this. It was true. You had broken up with the rapper in his group over a year ago. Still you couldn’t help the guilt building in you.

“You should go upstairs now. They’ll be wondering where you went.”

You quietly whispered this and turned away from him. Jimin grabbed your hand as you were about to leave.

“You do love me right Y/N?”

You loved the boy in front of you no doubt but you didn’t want to be the one to break up the boys’ friendship. Jimin adored his hyung. He was always the closest to Yoongi who mostly kept to himself. That was how you got to know Jimin the best.

“I do. I really do.”

“Then I’ll live with that for now. Text me when you get home.”

He smiled his eye smile and squeezed your hand one last time before letting go. You walked out of the alley and fidgeted with your phone in your coat pocket. It was your fault. You shouldn’t have kept contact with Jimin. He was the caring type. After your breakup, Jimin constantly made sure that you were alright and was a friend to you. He made it impossible to avoid this with his cute smile and sincere eyes.

I’m home.

You texted Jimin the second you set foot inside your apartment and threw your phone on the sofa as you sat down in front of your desk and turned on your laptop that you’ve been neglecting for a while. You were supposed to be finishing two projects but was stuck these few days. Your growing guilt was the problem.

“God Y/N. Get a grip. Let’s get some work done.”

You pulled your hair into a sloppy ponytail and started working to clear your head of Jimin and Yoongi. You were making some progress when your phone rang with a message. You got up stretching out your arms and grabbed your phone off of the sofa.

I’m going to be busy starting tomorrow so can I come by?-Jimin

Their next promo would start in two days meaning that they would be busy throughout the month. You decided to cut Jimin some slack and answered back with an okay. Your doorbell rang when you were almost finished with a project but you left it there to open the door. Jimin was standing there with a 6pack and fried chicken in his hand. You smiled as you let him in and took the food from his hand.

“I thought you were on a diet Chim.”

“I’m on a diet 24/7 you know that. I wanted to treat myself and you.”

You nodded in agreement and went to get utensils as Jimin plopped on your sofa and opened a can of beer. You returned and joined him.

“Honestly I thought you would say no to me coming.”

“I was going to. But I was harsh before so I had to let you come. And the fact that we have to let your birthday pass.”

“Hey my birthday is not a big deal. But I’m happy that you feel like making up for it.”

Jimin put his can down and hugged your shoulders tight. You sat there drinking your beer and shrugged. He was too good for you no doubt. But you weren’t giving him what he really deserved.

“I’m sorry I put you in this position. But Chim? Promise me something.”


“When I say now can you promise to drop everything and come to see me?”

“Sure. But why?”

“That’ll be the day when I let everything go.”

Jimin looked down at you widening his eyes. You plainly grabbed a piece of chicken and shoved it in his mouth. It would be soon. You could feel Jimin becoming a bigger part inside you.

“I’ll have my phone glued to my hand.”

Jimin’s comeback was more than a success and that meant he needed at least two more bodies and didn’t have the time to contact you much. You were surprisingly glad that he was busy while you were getting your head straight. You walked into your favorite coffee shop but stopped as soon as you walked in. Yoongi was coming out with a cup of coffee in his hand and you weren’t the only one surprised to see him. It was your first time meeting each other like this after the breakup. You awkwardly smiled at him.

“Hey shouldn’t you be really busy?”

Stupid. That was the first thing that popped into your head. Yoongi chuckled when he noticed your awkward expression and nodded. He knew you too well.

“Um yeah. I just wanted to pick up some coffee before we went. Their coffee’s the best.”

“Oh. Right. Um good luck this promo. I really like the album by the way.”

You had to get away from this situation and hurried to end the conversation. You started to walk toward the cash register when Yoongi called you from behind.

“Hey Y/N? It’s okay to meet him you know.”


“I kinda already knew for a while now. I’m fine with it.”

“No don’t say that. I really can’t.”

“Hey I’m happy for the two of you. And I’m glad that it’s Jimin.”

“I, I can’t do this. I mean he’s like a brother to you. He is a brother to you.”

“It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“

You stopped yourself from rambling. You finally plucked up the courage to look up at him. He was staring down at you with the calmest face expression that he owned.

“Because it’s Jimin I’m fine with it. If it were Tae? Well that’s another story.”

Yoongi put on a grin as he talked. He was trying to make this easier for you. That was the Yoongi you knew.

“I’m sorry Yoongi.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. We weren’t right for each other and you found someone that’s right for you. I love you Y/N. You know I always will, but it’s not like that anymore. I’m fine. I truly am. Stop giving Jimin such a hard time and let him in now. He’s waiting.”

You felt the tears filling in your eyes and quickly dropped your head before you showed Yoongi. He was always a step ahead of you and he approached you and held you in his arms carefully.

“I really should be going but Y/N, I want you to be happy.”

Yoongi rubbed your shoulder and smiled down at you before leaving. You stood there still letting the remaining warmth of Yoongi’s touch fly away. You took out your phone dialing the number and he answered as soon as you did.

“Hey Y/N.”



Ignis: “Noct… You can’t be lazy and sleep the whole time. We still have to go to the shopping mall you know”

Noctis: “Nah… You guys go and I will take a nap”

Prompto: “Good idea! Then I will buy some beautiful flowers for Lady Lunafreya and give them to her personally while you stay here. You don’t want to waste energy anyways”

Noctis: “What?! No! I will buy the most beautiful flowers for her! And the only one who will give them to her is also me! Out of my way!” *runs to the shopping mall without giving a damn they have a car*

Prompto: “I knew making him jealous would do the trick hahaha!”

Ignis: “That’s it?! That’s all I should have done to get him finally do some work and stop being a lazy brat prince?! In all these years I have been screaming my lungs out over nothing!”

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I just read the latest update for The Wrong Strain (I've recently gotten into another fandom and have been neglecting everything else, sorry 😔) anyway! The moment Jean came along I just KNEW Pansy would get infected too (it's like an STD what is wrong with him why isn't he taking his potions, can he be liable for this?? It's practically murder.. Sorta), do you have any plans for who her mate will be (harry?)? Or will she get cured before that? Did you plan this or just.. Winged it? Love you! ❤❤

I do know who her mate will be, and this has been planned a long while, as @shayalonnie can attest.  (Though I’m a little disturbed by the people who want Pansy to die. Guys… being petty and jealous and bitchy does not make you deserving of death!)

I don’t think that Billy would really be happy in any way about Goodnight walking off. Even accounting for the fact that it would mean Goodnight living to (not) fight another day.

Goodnight isn’t really in a good way and Billy knows it, knows him. Knows that he’s haunted by nocturnal fowl and an old war. He has PTSD, though they don’t have that word yet. The people who have it wound up institutionalized and killed themselves in large numbers. There was no legitimate help.

Billy helped, while he was with him. He managed to make excuses, or distract, offer a shoulder and a roll-up to take the edge of it off. He was patient with him.

Even when it’s nothing that anyone else but him and Billy knew about, Goodnight was ashamed of it. Ashamed of the man that he’d become. We know that and Billy knew that. Left to his own devices his own legend would get him only so far for so long. Look at how fast Faraday catches on, suspects /something/ of him.

Nevermind that he’d have leaving weighing on him. The fact that he’d given into his demons and run away, left Billy Rocks and Sam Chisolm and all their new friends, that town, to die against insurmountable odds.

What he’d be looking at is a slower, pride-less death, letting his demons eat away at him.

All this, when he’d been so close to standing back up. Billy had probably always had his doubts about the whole thing. Goodnight joined up because of a mix of debt and friendship to Sam Chisolm and the fact that he wanted to be his whole self again, wanted to prove himself.

Billy’s mourning that night when he starts drinking. It’s not because the day ahead has gotten any more impossible, and I doubt it’s for himself.

He’s thrilled when Goodnight comes back, whether he says that he knew he would or not. He knows what it means, that Goodnight Robicheaux gets to stand up and fight one more time, that he overcomes those demons for however short a time.

They die, but they die together - heroes.


Pairing: Solangelo
Genre: Fluff
Length: 1.1k
Prompt: “two extras have to sit across from each other and pretend to converse at a restaurant on the set of a movie. but the fake conversation turns to real conversation and they are really into each other and the director calls cut because they are distracting from the actual characters who are supposed to be the ones making eyes and looking like they’re falling in love, not a couple of random extras”

I saw this and couldn’t resist

Nico had only agreed to this because Will had cheated. Will has been his best friend for several years now and knew his weaknesses - specifically, free food. Will promised that he would take him out to a local pizza place, and while it probably tasted the same as it did at camp, the idea of getting away for a couple of hours was too good to pass up on. So, here he was, on a movie set of all things. He didn’t even know what movies were.

They huddled together on set, a throng of people surrounding them and a steady hum in the air. It was set up to look like a cozy cafe, somewhere Nico could imagine sipping coffee if he had a normal life. But he didn’t have a normal life. Nico observed the area out of habit, calculating escape routes, how best to get civilians out of the area, when Will knocked his shoulder into him. “Hey, relax for once. If it wasn’t safe for us to come here then Chiron would never have allowed it.”

Nico nodded minutely as he continued to map everything; he saw Will roll his eyes in his peripheral vision before crossing his arms. A flicker of movement caught his attention as the director walked into the room, trailed by the stars of the movie who left a murmur in their wake. Will gripped Nico’s arm, shaking slightly as he jumped up and down. “Nico! Those are the people I was telling you about!”

While Will stared at the two actors, Nico was temporarily transfixed by the way Will’s face shone in fascination. Nico shook his head out of it as Will turned to him, smiling so hard that Nico was worried that Will’s cheeks would hurt tomorrow morning. Before he could figure out why he would care, the director spoke. “Everybody, take your places!”

They were ushered to a two-person table right behind the co-stars and Will practically squeaked, “Nico, we’re going to be on camera. We’re gonna be in the frame.”

Before he could respond, the director called for action, so he just let a small smile tug at his lips. The dazzle of Will’s barely contained excitement hit him full on as Will turned to face him; the lighting made his hair glow golden, his blue eyes sparkled like the calm ocean on a sunny day, and his grin was blindingly happy. It took Nico’s breath away. Will tilted his head to the side, and the and the only word Nico could use to describe him was beautiful. Will opened his mouth, “What?”

Nico blushed and looked down at his fingers, which twiddled nervously, and softly said, “Nothing.” Will reached his hand out to calm his nerves, looking at him endearingly. Nico glanced up through his eyelashes and Will squeezed his hand reassuringly.
Nico was confused. This was his best friend, but he couldn’t help but feel safe, home, yes, WILL.

He tried to distract himself by saying the first thing that popped into his head. “You know I’m gay, right?”

He closed his eyes and sat there for a moment, disbelieving. Did he really just say that? He rested his head on his arms, groaning lightly in embarrassment. Nico could hear Will laughing at his expense and his entire face up to his ears turned scarlet. He was going to tell Will to stop when a booming voice yelled, “Cut!”
Nico lifted his head in surprise, forgetting that he was, in fact, in public on a movie set. The two turned to look at the director, who was - strangely - making his way towards them.

The director pointed at them, “I want those boys out. The leads of this movie are the ones who are supposed to look like they’re falling in love, not random extras.” Nico turned to Will with wide eyes, who just looked abashed. “They’re distracting from the main characters. Out. Out!”

They leapt out of their chairs, hastily hurrying to the exit, and Nico did not think about the fact that everyone was watching them or that Will had grabbed his hand on the way out. Or that they fit together perfectly. Or that it felt right and made him relax with each passing step.

When they reached outside, they paused, turning towards the other; they burst out laughing, and Nico would be lying if he said he didn’t think Will’s giggles were the most gorgeous thing he’d heard in his life. After settling down, Will spoke to him slightly out of breath, “I can’t believe he kicked us out!” Nico nodded his agreement. “What can we do about it now though. Ready to go get that pizza?”

With their hands still intertwined, the proposal - though pre planned - seemed oddly intimate. He hesitated. Will furrowed his eyebrows, his voice nervous, “If you don’t want to that’s fine. I just thought that since I promised to get you food on this date that -”
Nico cut him off, his heart racing, “Date?” It came out high-pitched but he was so stunned he couldn’t find it in himself to care.
Will’s other hand ruffled his curly locks as his eyes shifted nervously, the sunlight illuminating his features. “Well - uh - yeah, a, uh, a d-date”

Nico stared at him, wondering how he could have missed this key information, “Did I completely skip over the fact where you asked me out?”

Suddenly, the ground seemed very interesting to Will, who was studying it very carefully, “Uh, no?” And it sounded like a question. “I was kinda thinking that it’d turn into one when we went to dinner, I guess. Or hoped.” His tone became very rapid and he unlaced his fingers from Nico’s, “But, um, if you don’t want to then that’s completely fine. I’ll take you back to camp. Or you can go by yourself and I’ll take a different way. Or -”

Nico stepped into Will’s personal space and he stopped speaking immediately. Nico noticed his breathing become deeper and quicker.

“No, I’d like it to be a date you big dork.”

Will’s eyes shot up, and his face became blindingly excited all over again. He grabbed Nico’s wrist and pulled him in the general direction of the restaurant. The wind rustled their hair as they walked towards the pizza place, and Nico could hear Will whispering to himself, “A date. A date with Nico Di Angelo. He said yes.”

The breeze cooled his nerves, Will’s hand was in his own, and a warm feeling was spreading throughout his body. Will. He was going on a date with Will Solace. And Will was just as excited as he was.

He did nothing to stop the large grin from spreading across his face.

Kurt Wagner x Reader - Alcohol

Your Mutation: Fire Control
Prompt: #95 “Are you drunk?”
Requested By: @willsomeoneholdmyhand
Word Count: 658
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: drunk!kurt, fluffity fluff

Kurt didn’t go out to bars much; he hated drinking, he hated the loud noises and he hated all the comments he got on his blue skin. Yet somehow Peter had convinced him to come out to some random bar and had also gotten the poor boy completely drunk. Kurt was a complete light-weight and so was Scott; luckily, Scott knew his limits. Kurt had had about 3 beers when he was drunk off his ass.

Peter was smart, for once, and knew that having a teleporter out while he was drunk was not a smart idea. So Peter, Scott and Warren ended their night early to bring the blue boy home. Warren and Peter held the boy up, supporting him under his arms, while Scott tried to follow without tripping. They knew who would take care of Kurt and make sure he didn’t die from throwing up. Unfortunately, that same person was going to scream at them for letting Kurt get drunk in the first place.

You had spent a nice, relaxing evening in your room. You had finished the homework due Monday and even got caught up on a few TV shows. The clock had just hit midnight and you had decided it would be best to go to bed, when there was a knock at the door.

“Hallo, liebling. Wast ist lost? (Hello, darling. What’s going on?)” Kurt slurred out. He leaned himself against the door frame so he couldn’t fall over. Warren, Peter and Scott stood behind him and each of them gave you a small wave.

“Hey, where did you guys go? Is everything okay?” You asked the boys. They all gave you light smiles and went to explain at the same time, but suddenly Kurt pulled you into a tight hug.

“Ich liebe dich so sehr, liebling. So sehr! (I love you so much, darling. So much!)” Kurt giggled out. The boy smelled like cigars and booze. You carefully removed the boy from around you and brought him into your room.

“I love you too, ok? Stay here and lay down on your side.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek and laid him down in your bed. After getting the blue boy situated, you turned to the other three boys who were still standing in your doorway.

“What happened?” You questioned them angrily.

“Nothing, Kurt just had some… weird… food.” Peter mumbled. You narrowed your eyes at the boys. For as much as Peter steals things, you think he would be a better liar.

“Kurt,” you called, “are you drunk?” Kurt sat up and shot you a smile.

“Ja, sehr. Wussten sie ich liebe dich? (Yes, very. Did you know I love you?)” He smiled at you. Although you couldn’t stand drunk Kurt, he was pretty cute.

“Lay down, baby.” You sighed. Kurt gave a small nod and laid back in the position he was in before.

“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you three, don’t take Kurt drinking. You can go to bars and hang out, but if that boy gets so much as one beer in his hand next time you go out, I will not hesitate to set all of your rooms on fire. Now, please; leave before you have to deal with him throwing up.” You fumed. The three boys mumbled ‘sorry’ as they shuffled to their dorms. You rolled your eyes and shut the door, turning to Kurt.

The drunk boy was already fast asleep in your bed. You smiled at the sight of his tail flicking every now and then. You walked over and removed his shoes and jacket. Kurt woke up and giggled as you climbed into bed next to him.

“Sie sind schön und ich liebe dich. So viel, liebling. (You are beautiful and I love you. So much, liebling)” Kurt mumbled, drifting back to sleep. You smiled and curled up next to him.

“I love you too, Kurt.”

I’m literally dying, I love drunk!kurt so much. Don’t even try to tell me the poor boy isn’t a complete lightweight and that he wouldn’t slip into German when he’s drunk. Love y’all so much and I loved writing this! Requests are currently closed.

mtl likely to tell you to be quiet during sex

Suga: He would love to tease you about staying quiet, and I could see it going hand in hand with his public sex kink. He might have you back at the dorms, using it as a way to push your limits, to see how much you could handle.

Jimin: He would use it as a threat, and I imagine it being used with his punishment kink. Threatening to keep you quiet and cover your mouth if you couldn’t take all that he was giving you.

J-Hope: He would like to use it as a way to remind you that you couldn’t stay quiet. His endless energy would go completely into you, making sure that you knew you were his, that he was the only one who could keep you on edge. That he could always make you scream.

Jungkook: Like J-Hope, I think he’d find it reassuring whenever you struggled to follow his orders of being quiet. While he’d love to hear your moans telling him over and over again how good he made you feel, he’d love even more to know how badly you had to tell him that.

V: I think that this would happen with oral. He would love to delve into yo uwhile you were gripping at his hair, he’d love to pull away and look up at you, because that’s when you moaned loudest, at the loss of contact, only to have the reason he’s up being to tell you to be quiet.

Rapmonster: I think that he would really dislike you trying to hold them in yourself, that he would only like it when he was the one making you stay quiet. Any time you tried to stay quiet without him being the one to demand it of you, he’d just try even harder to make you break.

Jin: I think he’d be really dominant when it came to telling you what to do. How to move, what to say, to tell him what you wanted, to tell him everything you loved, to hear you screaming his name. The only time he’d make you stay quiet was when he didn’t want to be caught messing around with you.

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Holding Hands


Author’s Note: Y’all, it’s been freaking forever since I have posted a preference. I hope everyone enjoys it! - Haley xx 


Dean’s way of holding hands with you was very possessive. He would hold on tightly while walking through a crowded bar, making sure everyone around knew you had him. You would tease Dean when his fingers wrapped around yours, but deep down inside, you knew that it was all for good reason. Dean had lost his mom, dad, and his brother (a lot) but Dean could not lose you. You were the one thing that kept him sane during the bad times; the one who could make sure he was alright when everything else wasn’t. Holding your hand while out and about helped Dean feel better. Who could take that away from him?


Holding hands with Sam meant safety. When running away from the monsters is when Sam would grab onto your hand and never let go. He had to make sure if he was running away from it, so did you. You all would hold hands onto the long rides to the new hunts. PDA was a big no in front of Dean, especially in a small space such as the impala, but Sam sitting in the back with you, holding your small hand in his, it was like nothing could go wrong. Even if something did, you and Sam would still find each other in the mess and intertwine your fingers together, just to let each other know they were safe for a moment.

How interesting would it be if Asami had been the one to be the avatar.

Like. Her parents discovered her abilities as a toddler after she accidentally set one of her toys on fire then waterbent while taking a bath later that evening.

Imagine how excited they were. Now imagine Yasuko’s death a couple nights later. Imagine the hate that immediately started to form in Hiroshi’s heart for benders. Imagine Hiroshi inventing something that would hinder Asami’s abilities. Imagine him instilling prejudices in her head from the time she was a small child.

Now imagine 19 year old Equalist!Asami meeting a brash young waterbender from the southern tribe who makes her question everything she thought she knew.

imagine Harry Potter going to his eighth and last year of Hogwarts. it’s taken a while for everyone to get used to the fact that Draco and Harry are, in fact, dating. because of the fact that Draco’s father (and Draco as well) are death eaters and Harry is - well he’s the boy who lived, the professors are taking extra precaution to make sure that no one outside of Hogwarts would know, because how would Voldemort react if he knew that his little spy is dating Harry Potter, his worst enemy, and has been feeding him false information all along, with Crabb and Goyle right behind him, because they’re too dim to realize the truth.

but now, voldemort is gone, but not without many losses. and for Harry, those losses are a bit devastating. he can finally live alone without the dursley’s to bother him, which is incredible, might I say so myself, and has rented a little apartment not far from London. the only people he has told where he lives so far are the Weasley’s, Hermione, Neville (because what would that not-so-hopeless-anymore boy do without him?), Seamus, Dean, and of course, Draco.

Harry and his friends are celebrating his birthday on July 31st, it’s about thirty minutes till midnight, they’ve been celebrating with tonnes of cake and butterbeer and things Ron and George took from home. the doorbell chimes, signalling that someone’s at the door. Harry shouts over the noise, “I’LL GET IT!” and he opens the door, his fourth cup of butterbeer in his hand (truth be told, he was getting about little tired of the butterbeer).

Lo and behold, there is Draco Malfoy, in a low-cut dark blue t-shirt and black jeans. Harry thinks to himself how well Draco knows how to dress for a wizard, remembering Arthur’s attempts at Muggle dressing. Draco looks a little embarrassed, but still has his smug smirk on his lips. he leans forward to wrap his arms around Harry’s neck, and murmurs a soft, “Happy birthday, Potter,” before leaning in for a kiss.


Memorial Day: Covering an outpour of grief 

For my final assignments as an intern at The Flint Journal, I covered various memorial day services, including one at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. I found it fitting that this internship would come to an end with me covering an outpour of grief. It’s something that, in addition to other things, I feel this internship has well prepared me for.  

My grandfather, a WWII veteran passed away while I was interning here. I found out while working on a story. I cried hard that day right in front of my subject. His memory kept crossing my mind with every service I attended. 

Approaching these individuals, I had a heavy heart but I knew that making these photos would only capture the feelings I had felt these past weeks myself. Empathy has always been a key point for my boss, Jake May, who covers a lot of spot news here in Flint. Anytime I’ve been nervous about taking photos in dire situations, he’s instilled me with purpose. This weekend was all encompassing of that principle. 

Every person I approached was understanding and kind to me. Not a single person questioned why I was taking these photographs. That spoke volumes to me and I’ll be forever grateful to them. After leaving the cemetery, I drove home in silence. 


1. Deandra Christiansen, 16, sobs at the gravestone of her late father, Eric Christiansen, following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. Eric served in the National Guard until his passing. “Today, brings back lots of memories of being with him. I was very proud. Not having him here for all the special things (is the most difficult part),” Deandra said

2. Beverley Shea, of Sterling Heights, lays flowers at the gravestone of her late husband with sister Xenia Martin and her sister’s husband Jim Martin following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich.

3. Flags with hand written notes decorate the gravestone of Oliver Stevens, a bronze star recipient and D-Day veteran, following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. The Stevens family also signed the outside of Oliver’s coffin at his funeral.

4. Marion Portuesi is consoled by her husband David Portuesi while visiting the grave of her parents before a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. Portuesi’s father, who passed away in 2010, served in World War II and the Korean war while her mother stayed on the home front. 

5. Lucille LeMarbe, 90, of Waterford, listens to remarks during a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. “My Husband is buried here in the cemetery and I will also be buried here,” LeMarbe said. 

6. Bill Gramer, of Flint, bears the American flag during a Memorial Day service at the Flint McFarlan Veterans Memorial Park in downtown Flint. 

7. Amber Hackett, 79, visits the gravestone of her late husband, Dennis Hackett Jr., with her family following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. Dennis passed away on October 20, 2014 and it was the first time Amber had seen the headstone in person. 

8. Patrice Henderson, 50, of Detroit, sobs at the gravestone of her late father, John Henderson, following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. Henderson’s anchor and rope tattoo is in his honor. 

9.  Flowers rest on a gravestone following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. 

10. Anthony Kucharski, 33, of Royal Oak, kisses the grave stone of his father, Ronald W. Kucharski, a Vietnam veteran who passed away on October 5, 2013, following a Memorial Day service at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Mich. Anthony had been sitting whispering to the headstone “I love you daddy.”

FRUK Prompt - Kid!France Shenanigans


One morning England gets a frantic call from hid boss, and it turns out that France somehow woke up as his past 12 year old self (current memories gone, and past memories active). So they need someone to keep him while whatever it is wears off (or maybe someone to fix it, since England and magic and all that). kid!France is acting like the kid!France England remembers (annoying little shit, but also very cute and with lots of love for kid!England).

He tells kid!France HE’S little England but all grown up. kid!France is confused but also fascinated, so he takes to him and follows him around observing everything he does with wonder (maybe making comments like: “Who knew little England would grow to be so handsome!”, “Why are there fire balls on the ceilings?? [light-bulbs lol], "am I handsome too?”, “do you like me??” “are we best friends?” etc.).

Anyway, what happens in the middle is open for whatever. What I want is for kid!France to tell him that he had hoped they grow very close because he loves little England so much, and how wonderful it would have been for them to fall in love, etc.

And then adult!France is back on the story, and England is all confused (because maybe he does notice all the looks and little smiles France aims at him all the time) for the next couple of days/months/years/whatever until he mentions it to France and…

Eventually they talk about it and France confesses he’s always thought this, despite all the hardships they’ve gone with and against each other. Romance ensues, and England is all happy he can run his fingers through France’s hair and kiss those delicious lips, and France is happy to be in England’s arms. The end. [Fluffy/romantic/hot ending are all welcome].



Psst, someone wrote a story Bless.

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> He's a very smart Prince, he's a Prince who prepares. Knowing this time I'd run from him, he spread pitch on the stairs. And I'm caught unawares. Well it means that he cares— This is more than just malice. Better stop and take stock while you're standing here stuck on the steps of the palace. All right, what do you want?Have to make a decision. Why not stay and be caught? Should I give that a thought, what would be his response? But then what if he knew who I am when I know, that I'm not what he thinks that he wants? Or, then, what if I am, what a Prince would envision? But then how can you know who you are till you know what you want, which I don't? So then which do you pick- Where you're safe, out of sight, and yourself, but where everything's wrong? Or where everything's right, but you know that you'll never belong? And whichever you pick, do it quick, 'cause you're starting to stick to the steps of the palace. It's my first big decision, the choice isn't easy to make. To arrive at a ball is exciting and all, once you're there, though, it's scary. And it's fun to deceive when you know you can leave, but you have to be wary. There's a lot that's at stake, but I've stalled long enough, 'cause I'm still standing stuck in the stuff on these steps. Better run along home and avoid the collision. Though at home they don't care, I'll be better off there, where there's nothing to choose, so there's nothing to lose. So I'll pry up my shoes. Wait, though, thinking it through, things don't have to collide, I know what my decision is.. which is not to decide. I'll just leave him a clue, for example, a shoe. And then see what he'll do. Now it's he and not you, who'll be stuck with a shoe, in a stew, in the goo, and I've learned something, too, something I never knew, on the steps of the palace.<p/></p>

“Like wot I do.”

Terry Pratchett, who passed away on March 12th at the age of 66, wrote entire novels while battling Alzheimer’s since 2007, which eventually affected his ability to even read.  He used voice recognition software or dictated words to assistants to complete his final works.

Artists, writers, and other creatives: your excuse for not sharing your gifts with the world?  Are you balking at taking time away from friends and family and other responsibilities to have time to make your art? 

Because Terry didn’t, even when he knew the number of tomorrows to do ANYTHING would be limited.  It wasn’t because he hadn’t already left an impressive legacy: over 70 books, most of them bestsellers, translated into 37 languages, adapted into several live-action and animated productions, over the course of 44 years.

It was because his art was as crucial to who he was as breathing, and stopping doing that was the ONLY excuse he recognized as valid enough to put down the pen and stop writing.

Now stop making excuses and go make something.  Make people laugh and think, inspire them. 

Like wot he did. 

How Lay Would Propose

He hated that he was always traveling and the most time you had spent together lately had been the short periods you had between picking him up at the airport and taking him to his next flight. Yixing knew that this day would be something different and something special. He felt his hands shaking as he got off of the plane, knowing that in mere seconds he would be reunited with the person who he loved most of all. While in China, he had gotten you something particularly special. “Where are you? Are you in the car or in the airport?” He asked you over the phone as he finally retrieved his suitcase and began to make his ways towards the exit. You told him that you were waiting for him, sign in hand and everything. He found you quickly, almost dropping his bags and the box from his hand as he hurried over to you. He picked you up and spun you around in his arms. “Ah, I’ve missed you!” you cried as you held him tightly. “When is your next trip?” You asked him in a slightly sad voice. He pulled away from you and smiled, holding out the small box in front of you. “Well, I was thinking of taking a break so we can plan our wedding.”

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While updates have been generally slow since we have returned from Hogwarts - which, I will take full blame for because, really, who knew being a prefect was so darn busy?! Nonetheless, as Rachel previously stated, Frog Choir auditions are being held on Monday. This gives you just enough time to prepare an audition piece, so you needn’t worry. If you’re debating whether or not to take that leap and audition, I assure you that it will be the greatest decision you would make. Not only is it the most rewarding club (in my opinion), it also opens you up to so many new opportunities and I urge everyone reading to consider auditioning. Even if you’re under the impression that you can’t sing, then never fear! There are so many other jobs and positions you can take, and it’s never too late to start rehearsing. 

I hope to see you all there!