who knew they were even dating

Klance Headcanons

I ship this so much ok

*Keith loves to just flop into Lance’s lap and nuzzle into his neck

*No matter how badass he acts, Keith loves cuddles with Lance

*Lance loves cuddles with Keith too

*They once tried to ‘get it on’ in Red before… they were thrown out, leaving them on the ground, red-faced, and in their boxers

*Pidge, Shiro, and Hunk all knew they were dating, even before they told them, and were ultimate shippers 

 *Shiro still acts like a dad with them though, and will not let them be by themselves in a bedroom, so they have to sneak around to get any kind if alone time, whether their doing ‘it’ or not 

 *Allura and Coran accept them, and Allura fangirled when they told them about them dating, but were the only ones who didn’t catch on to their relationship before being told 

 *Lance constantly calls Keith ‘Babe,’ and it always manages to get a blush on the boy’s face

 *Lance speaking Spanish turns Keith on beyond belief

 ((More coming soon, this is all I can think of atm))

liar (archie andrews x reader)


pairing: archie andrews x reader

word count: 905

request: Hi! Could you maybe do one where you’ve been dating Archie for about a year and you find out for the past couple of months he’s been seeing Ms. Grundy (ugh) behind your back? Thanks!! Absolutely adore your blog <3

You were easily a teacher’s favorite without even really trying. All your teachers appreciated your efforts and knew who you were— except one in particular.

You were fine with it, really, until you realized that it wasn’t that Miss Grundy didn’t like you— it was that she seemed… uncomfortable. She wouldn’t look you in the eye, wouldn’t say anything to you unless she had to, and seemed put off whenever you tried to address her.

“I just don’t get it. I mean, did I do something? You talk to her a lot, right? You’re like her favorite,” you explained to Archie, your boyfriend for over a year now.

“I don’t know, (Y/N)…. maybe she just doesn’t feel like talking to you,” Archie shrugged, walking down the hallway at a fast pace.

You huffed angrily, mumbling. “Well then, she wouldn’t be the only one, huh?”

“What?” Archie suddenly turned to you, looking at you for what felt the first time since the school year started.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, Archie. Something’s up with you, and I don’t know what I did.” You sighed. You have been trying to hint at this for weeks now, and you had given up on trying to be subtle. You didn’t know what was wrong and it was stressing you out; you usually told each other everything.

Archie very suddenly grabbed your arm, stopping you, and pulling you off to the side, so you were against the wall. “No— you didn’t do anything, okay? I need you to know that. It’s nothing to do with you. You didn’t do anything.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, shaking your head, not understanding what he meant. “Archie, I don't—”

He cut you off from speaking by pressing his lips against yours, gently pushing you into the wall behind you. When he pulled away, his eyes were glassy and watery, as though he would never see you again. “You’re perfect, okay? And I’m really not. Nothing is your fault. Promise me you’ll remember that.”

You gulped, slightly afraid and still not understanding. “Archie, what are you talking—”

He kissed you again, cutting you off again, urgency in his eyes when he pulled away. “Promise me.”

“Okay…” you breathed slowly.

A week later, you understood.

You had done some extra credit homework for Grundy, hoping that maybe it would lighten up her mood towards you. You instantly regretted it as you spotted her in the classroom through the door window— making out with your boyfriend.

You froze in place, chest heaving, your eyes burning the image into your brain forever. You felt heartbroken and paralyzed, but a strange sense of completion at the same time— like now everything made sense. Now you could breathe again.

Except you couldn’t.

You very literally couldn’t breathe, and began hyperventilating, taking sharp, shallow breaths. You didn’t exactly register what was happening anymore except that at some point you had stumbled backward so your back had hit the wall, and you slid down it, your knees up to your chest. You didn’t know how much later it was that Archie had left the room and found you on the floor, kneeling next to you, worried.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N), what happened?” He begged, caressing your back gently.

You snapped out of it, and flinched back. “Don’t touch me,” you demanded, somehow not crying yet.

“Okay…” Archie trailed, keeping his hands to himself and being understanding as he usually was during a panic attack. It was sweet. It was stupid. That’s not why you didn’t want him to touch you anymore.

“Get the hell away from me. Don’t talk to me, ever again!” You said a bit louder this time.

The worried look on Archie’s face had something else to it now. “What? Wh—”

“I saw you. And Grundy. Together. Making out.” You gasped between words, trying to breathe normally again, your eyes beginning to water at both your struggle with oxygen, and the circumstance.

Archie didn’t say anything, but his eyes began watering too.

“That is wrong. You’ve done stupid shit before— broke Betty’s heart, left Jughead, but this? This is morally incorrect on so many levels. It’s a crime. You cheated on me. It’s stauatory rape. You *cheated on me. You *lied to me!” You scrambled backward on the floor and stood up, wanting to hold your own against him now.

Archie stood too, and gulped. “I know.”

“Does anyone else know?” You crossed your arms.

Archie shook his head slightly, looking down. “I was going to tell you.”

“When?” Tears threatened to fall as the weight of the situation began to hit you.

Archie stuffed his hands in his pockets, kicking at the floor, looking like a shy little boy again, speaking softly. “Next week.”

You felt some comfort in the fact that you found out yourself, but you were still utterly destroyed. “Why did you do it? Do you love her?”

Archie shook his head again, and dared to look you in the eye. “I love you.”

You waited a moment before responding, so it stung more. “Liar.”

Miss Grundy walked out of the room, and froze, her stupid, young, prettier, naive eyes going perfectly round and wide— she knew what had just happened.

You didn’t know what to do, or who to tell, or where to go. “You’re both cowards,” you said, turning on your heel and walking away before they could see your tears fall.

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Date a being who’s been silently and invisibly watching you your whole life, but who never knew how to let you know they were there and that they loved you. Date a being who’s been watching you even across multiple reincarnations, but who never told you what they were because they were always too scared you might react badly.

When I’m feeling particularly adventurous...

I like to think about Janto.

Jack and Ianto went on dates. 

There was a time when they went to a military ball at UNIT, but Jack took off part of his uniform and they blended into the crowd and no one knew who they were and they were free to dance to their hearts’ content.

They went on that movie-dinner date that Jack proposed. They went on more than one! Sometimes they saw old movies, sometimes they saw new movies. Sometimes they paid attention to what they watched, sometimes they didn’t. There was that one time they went to see the new James Bond, and there wasn’t any groping involved.

They went to restaurants and museums. If they ever got the time to travel – and they did, once or twice – they went to look at local attractions. They went to large, expensive places, and smaller, more intimate ones. Jack showed Ianto places and things he loved, and Ianto returned the favor.

They were actually very romantic.

They did more than have sex at work in inappropriate places… they kissed! They hugged! They shared secrets and held hands. They talked to each other and basked in the hidden moments to just be together.

They were in love. They even said so.

When I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I like to think that Jack and Ianto were in love. That they were normal. That they were happy.

so i wrote some jarchie stuff that’s semi-canon compliant even with regards for the ep 8 leak. anyway. here you go

Archie was fine with it. Really. He was doing great. He was doing awesome he was so so goddamn happy for his best friends. So fucking happy and not at all jealous. Just… worried. Yeah. Worried.

Jughead wasn’t expressive most of the time and Betty was, well, Betty but something seemed off with them together. Betty seemed to be trying too hard, like she was covering something up, and Jughead seemed to be completely detached from the situation whenever he was around her. Or maybe Archie was just a little too hopeful.

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Too soon- Isaac Lahey (Prompts

Anon said: 10 & 18 with isaac lahey please? :)

“Please, stop doing that it’s turning me on” Isaac said as he watched you dance seductively at the beat, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth, you cocked an eyebrow as you kept dancing

“What? I’m just dancing Isaac” you laughed as his eyes were locked on your hips watching them move and pulling up your shirt a little, not much but enough for him to start fantasizing about what he would do if you were alone and not at a party, he knew he shouldn’t be thinking about you in that way, because you were Scott’s little sister -who was at this point his alpha, practically- in fact Scott almost ripped his head off ones he found out you two were dating.

But somehow you’ve always managed to mesmerize him, even if you just looked at him for a few seconds, everything disappeared from his view, except from you, you were always his light at the end of the tunnel.

“Okay, we’re going” he said taking your hand to leave the place


“Fuck…” you mumbled “I’m pregnant?” You asked Lydia in disbelief who could just nod silently “Oh my GOD. Scott’s GONNA FUCKING KILL ME” you shouted and Lydia shushed me

“Don’t scream!” She warned

“I’m panicking, okay?” you said

“Yeah I noticed” she joked and you looked at her seriously “Okay. No jokes” she mumbled

“Hey Y/N can I talk to you?” Scott said entering your room, you glanced over to Lydia before turning back to your brother

“Sure” you said nervously as you went to the hallway

“I need you to stay here, the pack is going out, if you can lock your door” he instructed you and you nodded feeling relieved, Scott frowned “Are you okay?” You couldn’t help but gulp

“Yeah” you said as your voice cracked
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked you worriedly
“Scott, it’s nothing” you tried to calm him down
“If it’s nothing why won’t you just tell me?” He questioned as he focused on your heartbeats, his eyes opened widely “Why do you have to heartbeats?” He asked and you opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out “That motherfucker” he mumbled walking away from you, to the front door were Isaac was, ready to leave

“Scott don’t!” you pleaded as you tried to catch him but it was too late, ones Scott spotted Isaac he embed him against the wall.

“YOU ASSHOLE HOW COULD YOU?!” He shouted him right in the face, his eyes flashing a bright red while Isaac was surprised and clueless.

“What are you talking about?” He asked trying to defend himself

“YOU IMPREGNATED MY SISTER” he said and Isaac frowned

“What?…. Y/N is…” he mumbled trying to process the news looking at Scott and then he looked over at you “You’re…” he trailed off, you could just stand there speechless. When Scott realized Isaac didn’t really have a clue of the situation he let go of him and left you two alone. Isaac’s eyes were still locked in yours as he stepped closer.

“So…” you said breaking the silence “What do you think about babies?” You sounded casual and he smiled grabbing his arms around your waist

"As long as you’re the mother it’s fine by me” he said sweetly and then he pulled you into a warm hug

Cold Pizza (chapter 3)
  • Jaehyun fluff
  • word count: 1,045
  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2
  • a/n: here u go chapter threeeee send in feedback pleaaaaasee

“I’m only joking,” he laughed out when he saw your face.

He ridiculed love in front of you, how could he do that? You let out a small fake laugh to make him think that he didn’t actually get you but he did. He knew he did. He was so sly with his words and actions he could trick anyone, he was too smart to be a pizza guy.

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Her Doing the Christmas Dance from Mean Girls: MULTI-FANDOM


He would laugh at you as if there’s no tomorrow. It would become so bad that he couldn’t breathe properly, wheezing on the floor as you continued to dance.


SeungRi would just record you sneakily and then post the video on his social account if people knew you two were dating.


He would join you ad neither of you would care that his moves don’t even match. The boy tried his best.


Would look at you with love and adoration because you were so cute when concentrating as much.


“No, no! You missed a move there, jagi~!


“Let’s bet on who can pull off sexier faces and moves while dancing this.”


Would just look at you confused but then realize that it’s just your Christmas spirit acting up and instead of questioning you would simply turn up the volume.


“What the hell are you even doing?”


word count: 889

The drive to her house was reflexive. He hadn’t been there in months, but he knew every turn, stop, and light, as he made his way through the city. He was shaking. It wasn’t the cold making him shiver or the fear of hitting black ice. It was facing demons of the past and laying everything out on the table that brought a chill to Shawn’s bones.

He hadn’t seen or heard from her since the album came out. Her final text to him was a smooth and cold, “Go fuck yourself.” So he should have told her that there were songs about her, about them. He didn’t know how to say it, he wasn’t even sure that he knew now after months of imaginary conversations between the two of them.

It was ‘Don’t Be a Fool’ that did him in really. He thought he was doing her right by saying goodbye. I mean who wants to date someone who’s never there? Who’s changed time zones three times in one day? Who has girls who love him and hate her? She didn’t sign up for that and he knew it. He thought that she would know that it was because he loved her that he said goodbye.

She didn’t.

He broke her heart into thousands of tiny shards. She fired them all back at him when he hurt her. He could feel them slicing his skin as she wiped a stray tear and told him to, “Get out.” She didn’t even scream it. She didn’t have the energy to fight him. She had spent too long trying to convince him that she loved him, she trusted him, and that she didn’t want to lose him.

And he threw it back in her face.

He pulled slowly into her driveway and clicked the lights off. He sat in his seat for a little while. The heat in his car giving way to the icy wind waiting for him. He hoped it wouldn’t be waiting for him at the front door.

He wanted so badly to ring the bell and have her open it and fall into his arms and tell him that she forgave him. He knew that it was nonsense, but sometimes nonsense is the only thing that will get you to ring the bell.

So he did.

She opened the door and he could see surprise in her eyes, if only for a second . She covered it quickly with a hardened exterior. “Can I help you,” she said. She didn’t ask.

“Please,” Shawn begged. His voice caught on his words as he looked into the eyes of the beautiful girl he let go of. She looked like he remembered her too. Truthfully, it hadn’t been that long since they had seen each other last. But, he thought she might look different than before.

Her hair cascading past her shoulders, holiday pajamas on, and her ratty old slippers he begged to replace. She was an image.

“I’m not interested in buying anything.” She said with a venom that cut him as the poison seeped into his veins. The door began to close and Shawn knew that he couldn’t lose the moment. If he didn’t say anything now he never would. He would lose her. But, he wasn’t done fighting.

“I fucked up. I fucked up and I’m sorry,” He called.

“You don’t get to say that you’re sorry,” She said swinging the door open again. “You don’t get to come here and knock on my door and tell me that you fucked up. I know that you fucked up. Did you think that you would come here and I would be waiting by the door for you and jump in your arms and thank you for coming back to me? If that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find it here.”

“I know. I know. I thought I was doing what was best for you. I thought that leaving was the only way to save you from everything and I thought I didn’t have a choice. I know that I did and I know that I blew it, but I’m here. I came because I wanted you to know that I never gave up on you, on us. I know that I broke your heart and if you can’t forgive me I understand, I can’t forgive me either.”

She stood there. Contemplating whether to give into this tall boy on her porch and give into her heart. Or to follow her head and slam the door in his face. She didn’t. She let a tear slide down her cheek.

That’s when he knew that she hadn’t stopped loving him either. There are some people in the world who will cry at everything and some nothing. She was a nothing. Crying was something she saved for ones she trusted. His misty eyes matched hers as she said the words he was dying to hear.

“Come in, it’s freezing out here.”

He took two steps before she was in his arms. His cold nose pressing into her neck and he knew there was a chance.

aragakiyuki  asked:

#21 “What are you doing here?”, Got7 Mark. Thank you in advance!

21. “What are you doing here?” 
genre: angst

You heard a knock on your door, disrupting you from studying for a test you desperately needed to pass. You sighed, getting up and moving towards your door slowly. You opened it to see Mark, your ex, standing there soaked. 

“What are you doing here?” You asked, studying his features. You were too focused on studying to realize it had started raining. You wondered how Mark managed to still look so good even soaked by rain, why was he soaked? 

“I needed to see you.” He replied, looking at you and no where else. Who was he to come to your place when he was the one to end things? Why did he want to see you if he didn’t want to date you? 

“I don’t want to see you.” You said, but both knew you were lying. You still hadn’t gotten over him, you didn’t know how. 

“Don’t lie to me, (Y/N). I just ran through rain for you please don’t close the door.” You frowned at him. 

“Don’t guilt trip me, Mark. I can close this door if I want to. You don’t control me.” You said, raising your voice slightly. Of all the things you disliked about Mark now, him trying to guilt trip you into numerous things was one of them. 

“Wait, I didn’t mean it like that. I just, it’s cold please let me in.” 

“Why should I? You dumped me and didn’t talk to me for three months, I’m not just going to let that slide.” This time Mark frowned. 

“I was afraid. Afraid to hurt you, or get hurt myself. Relationships scare me.” Mark tried reaching for you but you flinched back. 

“Then stay out of a relationship, and go home.” You replied, closing the door softly. You knew your voice sounded cold, but you didn’t care. That was the same tone he used when he left you, now it was your turn. 

James Potter Imagine: “Cheerleader”

Can you do a James Potter X Reader where the reader is a cheerleader and Dumbledore wants her, Lily, and Marlene to do a “half time show"for the Quidditch game, The reader has a crush on James and he finally notices her during the ½ time show and it’s super fluffy and they start dating?

Requested by anon

“Ready for that half-time show, [y/n]?” wondered Lily, with a slightly teasing tone.

She knew how nervous you were about it, and so did your best friend Marlene, who was doing wonders to hide her amusement at your anxious face.

“I still have no clue why Professor Dumbledore wants us to do this…” you complained, an adorable pout settling on your features.

“Oh, who knows, [y/n]? Maybe a certain boy with glasses will notice you at last…” Lily smirked.

“I don’t have a crush on anyone, Lily,” you assured her. “Even less on that prat!”

You felt your cheeks turning pink and cursed yourself for the self-control your body lacked.

“You couldn’t lie if your life depended on it, [y/n],” Marlene commented. “Besides, you don’t have to affirm anything. You keep talking in your sleep, mumbling his name non-stop… You fancy James Potter, [y/n], no matter what you say. It’s not something bad, you know? He has grown up. He isn’t so immature now. He is quite decent, actually.”

Your cheeks had never looked so red, of that you were certain. There was nothing more appealing at the moment than running and hiding. Trying to dissimulate your discomfort, you blurted out, “He is far from decent! The swine doesn’t even leave me alone when I sleep. He has to turn my dreams into nightmares!”

More lies, of course. That had been your attempt to save your dignity.

“Whatever you say, [y/n]…” Lily huffed.

Both girls chuckled at your exasperated expression. Luckily, the show was about to start.


You were with Marlene and Lily, chatting animatedly in the Great Hall when your crush came over.

“Hey, [y/n]! You were marvelous during that half-time show! I think we won the game because of you…”

That comment was all it took for your face to flush. You could hear Lily and Marlene snickering from behind. You wanted to kill them.

“Thanks,” you managed to reply shyly. Get a grip, you thought. Don’t show them he affects you so much.

Potter grinned at you then. Sweet Merlin! He looked even more attractive when he smiled like that! Could he stop doing that? It was distracting and it took a great deal of effort not to swoon over him.

“There’s a Hogsmeade trip on Saturday… Do you want to come with me and have the time of your life?”

Your [y/e/c] widened. Was your mind playing tricks with you now? Was he asking you out on a date?

His chortle brought you to the real world.

“Yes, it’s a date…”

So not only did you sleep-talk, but you also thought out loud now. Just great. Anyway, it didn’t matter. Your crush was asking you out. The logical outcome would be that you agreed. But then again, you didn’t really believe he was in love with you. For all you knew, it could be a prank. Besides, you had no desire to prove your friends that you love him and that they had been right all along, thus the words slipped out your mouth without warning, “Well, I am sorry, but I won’t go out with you. I’ll go with Marlene and Lily.”

James frowned. The secure and somehow conceited composure he carried with him petered out.

“Oh, I thought you fancied me the way I fancied you.”

“I don’t.”

“Are you sure, love? We can have fun and-”

“I’ll go with my friends, James, not with you.”

He gulped at your words and stared at the ground before nodding and leaving you behind.

“What was that?” asked Marlene.

“Yes, why didn’t you agree to go with him?” added Lily.

You simply shrugged and assured, “I don’t like him that way, that’s all. I told you so yesterday, remember?”

You skedaddled before they could question you any farther. If you had stayed, you would have heard the red-haired witch muttering under her breath that you were the most stubborn girl she had ever met.

Hogsmeade Day…

You were drinking butterbeer and gossiping with Lily and Marlene, as usual, when you heard some guys spelling your name, shouting the letters with enthusiasm. Your head turned towards the source of the sound. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes. The marauders were there, all dressed in cheerleader clothes, shaking pom-pons. They were attempting to do a show. Peter Pettigrew was the clumsiest of the lot, but the others weren’t much better either. One would think that James would be good at it since he excels in sports and Quidditch, but cheerleading wasn’t a talent of his. You began to giggle. He simply looked so freaking adorable failing to pull off some moves. Lily and Marlene weren’t laughing though. Instead, they joined the gryffindor crew. The girls improved the performance, and the guys felt more confident with them. The clients of the Three Broomsticks began to cheer, whistle and applaud while you stared at Potter, not really paying attention to the rest of the gang. James nearly fell though, and the guffaws of the spectators snapped you out of your daze. It was then that you realized what your friends were chanting: “[Y/n], give James a chance.”

Your mouth went dry. 

The performance was over. Everybody clapped before they returned to their meals and conversations. Your crush approached you and took your hand. Your heart was fluttering wildly.

“[Y/n], go out on a date with me. The day has just begun. We can go wherever you wish. We can do whatever you want. Just give me a chance.”

“Y-you d-did all of that because you wanted to g-go out with m-me? Why?” you stammered, your cheeks rosy.

He passed a hand through his dark hair, mussing it.

“I did it because I really like you, [y/n]. I mean, when you did that half-time show the other day I couldn’t take my eyes off of you… I figured you’d notice me too if I did the same… So much for that, right? I only made a fool of myself. I think it’s clear to see… I’ll just go. Forget this ever happened.”

You had been an utter fool. You knew it now. Cursing your stubbornness and pride, you grabbed his wrist and dragged him towards you. Before he could escape, your mouth was over his, not really caring that Lily, Marlene and the Three Broomsticks’ clients were witnessing it. You perceived his confusion and shock, but he soon put his hands on your back and brought you closer, kissing you back with fervor. When the kiss reached its end, he smirked and teased, “I guess this is the beginning of our date.”

“You guessed right.”

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R76 Valentine’s Day 1: First Date

Jack found Gabe deep in his ‘cave’, the semi-humorous name people called the Blackwatch sector of the base, in his office. He was working and muttering at Athena when Jack knocked and entered without waiting for acknowledgment. Mainly because Gabe never acknowledged anyone when they bothered him in his office. You were expected to wait until he was ready to see you and then he’d come find you. Only person Jack knew who didn’t wait was himself. Gabe didn’t even notice when he came in until his screen changed and Jack guessed Athena was telling him Jack had come in. He looked up, brows going down. “What are you doing here?”

“Nice to see you too,” Jack said and came around to his desk.

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Would You Be My Wife (Part 11)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 718

Warnings: None

“Would You Be My Wife” Masterlist 

Originally posted by enochianess

T’Challa didn’t leave until you had given him your number and you had promised that you’d go on a date with him the following weekend. “I have to see you again,” he said, smile wide and swoon-worthy.

You grinned back at him and knew that you were as equally-flirtatious as he was, but in the back of your mind, Bucky lingered. His sudden departure had left you utterly baffled and you grew even more concerned when you texted him and he didn’t reply. He always replied.

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you got a cute butt (harvey/mike) - for sussoria

As soon as Harvey realized his feelings for Mike had gone beyond the professional, even beyond the familial, that they’d gone further than he ever anticipated, he promised himself that he would never inflict those feelings on Mike. Mike, who was so happy now that he and Rachel were dating. Mike, who deserved everything good in the world and more than Harvey could ever give. Mike, who Harvey just didn’t deserve.

So he sat back, listened as Mike raved about Rachel, nodded and smiled along as Mike waxed poetic about his love life.

He figured that this was his punishment. Harvey wasn’t an idiot. He knew both Donna and Scottie had feelings for him, but even though he never encouraged them, he never did anything to actively dissuade them either. He gave Donna liberties he shouldn’t have, and he slept with Scottie for years, and while he felt many emotions for them both - admiration, like, respect, appreciation - he didn’t feel what he knew they felt. And now, he was in the exact same position they were in: having feelings for someone who didn’t have those same feelings back.

It was for the best. Harvey was in no position to have an actual adult relationship, despite how genuinely and wholeheartedly he cared for Mike. For all his social graces and sexual prowess, relationships were a foreign territory to him. For most kids it’s their parents divorce that fucks them up. Not Harvey. No, for him it was his parents marriage. He saw two people who went into a relationship on unequal terms - different wants, different needs, different levels of affection - and it was a great example of how not to have a relationship. He decided long ago that he was never going to enter a relationship for the wrong reasons, like his parents had. And it was a decision he has stuck to and never really regretted.

He’d never met anyone who made him want a relationship before now.

But it was all for the best. He would probably just fuck it up in the long run. Harvey told himself, again and again, that Mike was happy, and he was with someone with whom he could build a good life, and that was all that mattered.

So when Harvey received a text from Mike - 911 my apt - he didn’t exactly rush over to Mike’s apartment. Because, although he didn’t know the specifics, all Mike had been talking about all week was the ‘big date’ he had planned for Saturday night. Mike had seemed so excited about it, and Harvey had, as always, just smiled and nodded along. So Harvey could only assume his emergency was date related, and though Mike was his friend and Harvey would do anything for him, that didn’t mean he needed to rush across town just to help him deal with whatever disaster has occurred while planning his date with someone else.

Mike opened the door mere seconds after Harvey knocked, his face brightening instantly. “You’re here,” Mike exclaimed, wrapping his fingers around Harvey’s forearm and pulling him into the room.

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Birthday Dinner

hope you guys enjoy 😊 i don’t own anything! except i guess laura’s snooty boyfriend that i gave the most snobbish name to😂
Sylvie wanted to be optimistic about this. She really did. But she knew that something about this night was going to go terribly wrong.

Today was Diego’s birthday, and his only wish was to go out to eat as an entire family. Antonio and Laura had tried to get him to agree to a separate dinner, but he had refused. Over these past couple months of dating Antonio and getting to know Diego and Eva, Sylvie has realized that Diego was actually the one who had taken the divorce harder than Eva. He knew his parents were not getting back together, but still enjoyed any time when the original four were back together. He didn’t even mind if Sylvie and Laura’s boyfriend Gerald were there as well.

Sylvie had never been to one of the infamous Dawson post-divorce dinners that Diego always requested, but what she heard from Eva has given her a pretty good idea. They were extremely awkward, with Diego being the only one who had a good time because he was completely oblivious.

“Ready to go?” Antonio called from the living room. Sylvie finished putting on her nude shade of lipstick, throwing it into her purse. They were only going to a casual local restaurant, there was no need to dress up.

She stepped out of the bathroom, approaching the patiently waiting Antonio. “Sorry I took so long.” She apologized, grabbing her jacket off of the coat rack.

“You can take even longer if you want.” He offered, which made Sylvie roll her eyes. He really didn’t want to go tonight, they actually were going to have a nice dinner at the apartment tomorrow for Diego. Probably make up some excuse for the reasoning in case he gets mad.

“We are already running late.” She told him, opening the door. She stepped out into the hallway, awaiting for him to join her. He locked the apartment before turning around towards her, stuffing the keys into his pocket.

“This is going to be a night in hell.” Antonio grumbled as they headed towards the elevator.

“Hopefully Diego and Eva can dictate the conversations….?” Sylvie pointed out, pressing the button to go to the main floor.

“We can only hope for Diego.” Antonio told her, leaning against the elevator wall. “Eva hates this kind of stuff, she will probably be hiding in the bathroom multiple times tonight.”

“Oh.” Sylvie managed to say, wondering if there actually was any hope for tonight’s dinner. She only hoped so for Diego’s sake. Some divorced parents are able to get along, but some can’t, and unfortunately for the boy, his parents fell under the can’t category. The way Laura ended hers and Antonio’s marriage still was a grudge held by Antonio against her. Yes, he had moved on, Sylvie was positive about that. Their relationship was strong and serious. But Laura had hurt Antonio, and how she handled it hurt their kids as well, which was something Antonio definitely couldn’t forgive.

“How about you?” Antonio turned the conversation on her, a soft, concerned expression on his face. “Are you going to be okay?”

With that question, Sylvie couldn’t help but grimace. Her and Laura…..didn’t get along too well. Ever since she embarrassed her in front of everyone at the firehouse, Sylvie couldn’t help but feel negative towards her boyfriend’s ex. And time and time again, Laura continued to display behaviors that didn’t help improve Sylvie’s view on her.

“You could just stay—”

Stay home? That wasn’t an option. “No, no.” Sylvie shook her head in protest. “Diego is looking forward to this. I would feel like I was letting him down.”

They exited the elevator, heading towards the front doors. “I hate how she talks to you though.” He sighed with frustration. “It seems harmless, but we both know that they are jabs she’s throwing at you.”

“I’ve handled it before, I can handle it again.” Sylvie replied, but internally her stomach was twisting with nerves. Ever since she got back together with Antonio, she was more confident than she ever has been with a relationship. But when the person throwing your insecurities at you was your boyfriend’s wife for 15 years, it’s pretty hard to just shrug your shoulders and move on. However, since she didn’t want Diego and Eva to begin hating their mother, she kept her mouth shut and took it.

“I don’t know if I can handle it again.” Antonio grumbled, hitting the unlock button for his car.

Sylvie rolled her eyes as she got into the passenger seat. “Yes you can, for Diego.” She reminded him. “And if you can’t….well, you can go hide in the bathroom like Eva does.”

Antonio snorted, but didn’t protest to her idea. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

When he slowed down as they were approaching the red light, Sylvie leaned over to press a kiss on his cheek. “This is more of a special occasion.” She tried to not only assure him, but also herself. “I think everyone will be on their best behavior.”

He briefly removed his hand from the steering wheel to squeeze Sylvie’s own. “I’m glad that you are going to be there with me.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She squeezed right back, until he removed his hand from her’s to place it back on the wheel. “For both you and Diego.”

Their talk had given Sylvie some confidence, but as they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, the nerves began to take over. Every encounter she has had with Laura has been unpleasant and awkward, she wasn’t too optimistic about this one being any different. She might not be nasty while her children are present, but somehow she will probably get in a side comment that will rile Sylvie up.

“Don’t let yourself get anxious.” Antonio cautioned as he pulled into an open spot and stopped his car.

“Don’t let yourself get irritated.” She echoed back at him, raising an eyebrow.

“Well there are our goals for tonight then,” He said as he got out of the car. “As well as making sure Diego has a good time.”

“And that Eva doesn’t get too upset.” Sylvie added, shutting the car door and approaching Antonio’s side as they began to walk into the building.

Her boyfriend sighed at the mention of his eldest child. “I’m afraid that I don’t have much hope on that.” He muttered. Eva and Laura especially have been butting heads lately, over a magnitude of reasons. Sylvie couldn’t help but feel slightly bad for Laura, even though she knew that the woman was the cause of everything. Her treatment of Sylvie was not going unaware to Eva, one of the main issues of their relationship currently.

When they walked into the restaurant, they spotted Eva, Diego, Laura, and Laura’s boyfriend right away. To Sylvie’s relief, they were sitting in chairs, not a booth. At least they weren’t being forced to sit super close to one another. Sylvie and Antonio took the seats between Eva and Diego, meaning directly across from them were Laura and Gerald.

“Sylvie!” Eva excitedly greeted her, throwing her arms over her shoulder. “I’m so glad to see you!” The teen gave a big smile towards her mother, using her interaction with Sylvie to piss her off. Seeing this, Sylvie quickly detangled herself from her, not wanting to start drama as soon as she arrived.

“Hey, Eva.” She responded warmly, but making sure to keep her distance. She stretched her neck to view Diego on the other side of Antonio, wanting to say hello to him as well. After all, he was the reason why they were all here. “Happy birthday, Diego!” She then decided to tease him. “Maybe I’ll let you win at chess as a present.”

He rolled his eyes at that. “Let me?” He shook his head, disagreeing with her. But the smile on his face let her know that he knew that she was teasing. “I think it’s the other way around, Sylvie.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Sylvie could see a relaxed smile on Antonio’s face as he viewed their reaction. Maybe this wouldn’t go too badly after all.

Then the woman who seemed to cause all the drama spoke up. Sylvie herself couldn’t help but cringe when she heard Laura’s voice. “Aren’t you going to introduce yourselves to Gerald?” She questioned. It was obvious that she didn’t like the interactions between Sylvie, Diego, and Eva, and she was trying to divert the four of them.

Sylvie took this time to actually look at Gerald, Laura’s boyfriend. Antonio had only met him briefly one time, and really didn’t have much to say about him. So Sylvie only really knew a few things about the man. That he was older, in his 50’s, divorced, had children in their 30’s, and was pretty rich. And according to Eva and Diego, he treated them like babies.

Sylvie reached her arm over the table to shake his hand. “I’m Sylvie, nice to meet you.” She politely said, before giving a smile to Laura to try to be amicable. However, her returning smile was definitely fake.

“Nice to meet you.” He answered back. And just when Sylvie began to think that maybe he would be different than what she had been told, that he would maybe be a decent guy, he opened his mouth to speak again. “Wow, Laura told me you were young, but I didn’t expect this! Can you even drink yet?”

At that rude, blunt statement, Sylvie couldn’t help but drop her jaw. She was taken completely off guard, in such surprise that she didn’t know what to say. Next to her, Antonio started to get defensive.


They had barely been here for five minutes, she didn’t want this night to go to hell this early. “I’m 30, actually.” Under the table, she pinched Antonio’s side to warn him to calm down. Luckily, he listened, leaning back into his chair and the tension on his face and in his shoulders disappearing.

Thankfully, Diego began to tell a story from school and that slightly eased the tension of the adults. The waiter came by, asking them what beverage they wanted.

As time passed, it seemed like things were looking up and they were going to get through this dinner unscathed. Eva and Diego were the ones who controlled the conversation, while everyone else contributed here and there. Eva only escaped to hide in the bathroom once. And when their dinner came out, Sylvie was feeling optimistic that tonight was going to be a success.

Until Laura decided to confront her children on something that had been apparently bothering her for some time.

“Why haven’t you two looked or talked to Gerald this whole dinner?” She asked them, a frustrated look on her face. “Actually, this isn’t the first time this has happened. She turned her head towards Sylvie. "You talk to her all the time.” She regarded Sylvie like she was nothing but scum at the bottom of her shoe.

That made Antonio enter the conversation. “Laura—”

“Because we like Sylvie.” Eva said, shrugging her shoulders. “She is actually interested in us, treats us like actual human beings, and also has a personality instead of being a robot.”

“Er—” Sylvie tried to insert herself, with the goal of somehow changing the subject, but everyone ignored her.

“Maybe because Sylvie’s practically the same age as you and you view her as a cool friend, while Gerald is an actual mature adult—”

“Again, I’m 30…” Sylvie said. Yet again, no one paid attention to her.

Now Antonio was getting angry at Laura for attacking Sylvie. “God dammit Laura, we are trying to have a nice dinner for Diego’s sake, but all you’re worried about is your boyfriend’s ego!” Sylvie placed her hand on his back, but unfortunately he was too riled up for this small action to calm him down. “And you’re attacking Sylvie for it! This is not the time and place for this shit!”

Oh, hell. There was no going back now. Their voices weren’t too loud, but they were still getting attention from nearby tables. The overwhelming tension was very noticeable.

“So how’s everyone’s food?” Sylvie interjected, just as Laura was opening her mouth. “I know for me, this chicken parmesan is really good.” She babbled, wondering how much she was currently sweating from nerves. “Laura, you got the same dish, right—”

“I don’t find Sylvie to be a good influence on our children.” Laura stressed out the word our, sending a nasty look towards Sylvie’s way.

“I like Sylvie.” Diego piped in, an attempt to break the tension between all of the adults. However, he was ignored.

“Laura, seriously—” Antonio was gritting his teeth, seeming like he was about to blow, but then stopped talking, took a breath, and got out of his chair. “I’m going to get some air.” He muttered, before placing a hand on Sylvie’s shoulder. “Come on, you probably need some too.”

Sylvie shook her head. “No, go by yourself.” She told him, gently taking his hand off of her shoulder. “I’ll be fine, I promise.”

He didn’t budge until Eva spoke up as well. “She’ll be fine, dad. She has me and Diego.” She reassured her father.

With that, Antonio left to get some air. Sylvie turned back to face the table, fully aware to the awkward silence.

“I guess Antonio couldn’t handle being embarrassed, but he shouldn’t be surprised.” Sylvie squeezed her eyes shut and tried to count to ten to calm herself down. Laura’s shrill voice wasn’t helping, though.

“That’s what you get when you date an immature, college blonde—”

“I’m 30!” Sylvie hissed, slamming her hands against the table. Everyone’s eyes widened at her outburst. She couldn’t help but be surprised at her reaction too, she usually just bit her tongue and took Laura’s words. But now that she had opened her mouth, words kept falling out. “I’m a full grown adult! In a mature, consenting relationship with, guess what? Another adult! Pretty sure that’s none of your business!”

Laura tried to speak, but Sylvie’s burst of confidence meant that she continued to speak. “And I am not this evil woman who is trying to steal Eva and Diego away! I’m not trying to be their new mother! I just want to get to know them and spend them with them because they are great and fun and amazing! Which I don’t know how with you raising them—” Next to her, Diego began choking on his water.

Her pumping adrenaline was slowing down. “Anyways, I’m not going anywhere, so I would appreciate you getting off of my ass and start treating me with decency. You’re not only making me feel upset, you’re making Antonio as well,” Sylvie brought attention to the pacing Antonio outside of the restaurant. “And you are damaging your relationship with your kids!”

“Point is, I love Antonio, I love your kids, and I don’t really love you, Laura. Actually, you are kind of a menace. But no matter what you say, it’s going to affect you more than me in the long run.” She stood up, fed up with the disastrous dinner. She turned to hug Eva and then Diego, whispering “Happy birthday, I’m sorry.”

She then dashed out of the restaurant, not wanting to hear Laura’s response, or anyone else’s for that matter. It was bad enough seeing everyone whisper and stare as she left.

Antonio was confused when he turned around and saw Sylvie appear out of the doors. “Sylvie, what are you doing?”

“Oh. My. God.” She gasped out, finally coming to terms about what just had happened. “Holy shit! I can’t believe—” She was incapable of staying still, walking around aimlessly, in complete shock.

“What? What happened?” He grabbed her shoulders to stop her pacing. “Did Laura say something—” His voice was beginning to become dark, as he seemed to think about marching back into the restaurant. He was eyeing the door… Sylvie realized that she had never vocally said her disgust of his ex wife when she was in their presence, so her bursting out all frazzled would certainly have him concerned.

“No, no! It was me!” Sylvie denied his accusations, shaking her head rapidly. God, after their worrying about Laura ruining today…..it ended up being her! “I was the bitch!” She moaned, dropping her head dramatically against Antonio’s chest.

“You talked back?” He seemed amazed by this. Sylvie took it as a good thing that he wasn’t yet mad. He was the one who took the high road, stepping outside. While she attacked like a crazed lion.

“Oh no, more like screamed back.” She shuddered at the memory. “She again referred to my younger age, saying I was some stupid blonde bimbo basically…and ugh! I just hate it when she refers to me as the blonde so…that’s when the dam broke.” Sylvie began, allowing herself a quick moment to catch her breath.


Antonio tried to interject, but she wanted to fully explain the whole story first. She ignored him, continuing on. “So I said that we were two consenting adults in a relationship, and that it was none of her business.”

He widened his eyes at that, which made Sylvie want to laugh. She wasn’t even halfway done. “Yeah, that is practically nothing compared to the rest.” She sourly told him.

“Then I said I wasn’t some evil witch trying to steal her children away, that I just enjoy spending time with them because they are sweet and awesome kids,” She hesitated before saying the next part, knowing it was pretty bad. “……and that I don’t know how that is with you raising them—”

Sylvie was appalled when Antonio began laughing. “Don’t laugh! It’s not funny, I was so immature and inappropriate—”

“Sylvie, baby, she’s the one who has been immature and inappropriate ever since you’ve met her.” He softly told her, as he rubbed her arms. “You weren’t any of those things. You were badass because you stood up for yourself.”

“……that wasn’t all of it.” She said, wishing it was. “I told her I wasn’t going anywhere, and she should treat me with more respect. Er, and then I said I love Antonio, your kids, but I don’t love you. And that she’s a menace.” Sylvie finished, glad she was finally done explaining. “So, that’s it. That’s how Sylvie Brett ruined Diego’s 14th birthday—”

“Sylvie. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Antonio pressed his lips against her forehead. “I bet the only ones mad in there are Laura and Gerald, and who cares about them, right?”

“What about Eva and—” The door opening behind them caught her attention, as she whirled around to face whoever joined them.

“Diego? Eva?” Sylvie was surprised to see the two teens, coats on and looking ready to go. “What are you two doing—”

“Whatever you two plan on doing.” Eva shrugged. “We couldn’t be in there anymore, mom’s being too unfair and…..well, excuse my language dad, bitchy.”

“I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it.” Was Antonio’s response. “How did your mom react when you said you were leaving?” He asked his children.

Diego was the one who answered. “Uh….not good.” He looked pretty nervous when thinking about her. “I’ve never seen her so mad….” To Sylvie’s surprise, he now turned towards her. “It was awesome what you did! Mom didn’t know what to say when you left!”

“Um, thanks?” She responded, glad he wasn’t mad at her for yelling at his mother, but at the same time feeling guilty about making a bigger wedge between Laura and her kids. Yes, it was definitely Laura’s own fault, but Sylvie couldn’t help but feel bad.

“What are we going to do now?” Eva said the question everyone was thinking. They definitely couldn’t go back into the restaurant, after the chaos that occurred.

“We could go get ice cream?” Diego suggested, eyes going back and forth between Antonio and Sylvie. “That sounds good, since we did just eat dinner. Well, most of it.”

No one protested, which Antonio took as a sign of an unanimous agreement. “That sounds like a great idea.”

And for the first time that day, Sylvie felt completely stress free. They would all be able to enjoy and celebrate Diego, without the presence of Laura.

High Hopes

anonymous asked:
Hii, could I request an imagine/one shot (whatever) based on the song High Hopes by Kodaline? Thanks :) and btw i love your blog :D


You woke up suddenly, a thin layer of sweat covering your body. The dreams still hadn’t gone away since you and Harry were forced to end your two-year relationship. And the dreams made everything so much worse. Faces of people who were now part of your past swirling in your mind, one face more prominent than the others. Harry. 

You and Harry had been so in love. But your lives just weren’t compatible anymore. Things were easy when you’d first started dating; everything just fell into place. But once you got a full-time job and Harry left to go on tour, things got hard. And you guys started fighting, all the time. And neither of you was really happy. And both of you knew, deep down, that what you had would have to end, even if you didn’t want it to. Harry was the one who had actually brought it up, made the move. He told you things had just gotten too difficult and that this would be for the best. 

The best. He was the best. Until he wasn’t anymore, until he grew distant from you and seemed to care more about his job and his fans than he did you. And that hurt so much, especially because that’s not how it always had been. The first year of your relationship had been like a dream, and Harry put you before everything. But when it came down to it, he had to choose. And he chose his career. 

And it’s like there’s this world that you were pulled into when you started dating Harry that you could no longer be a part of now. Harry’s friends, his lovely family, the people who you spent so much of your time with when you joined him on tour, the few times you did. They were all gone now. But they lingered in your dreams, and so did Harry. And sometimes it seemed like it was just too much to bear.

Today was one of those days. You trudged into the kitchen of the hotel room from the bedroom, looking to see that it was already almost noon. You had moved into Harry’s place awhile back so now you were just staying at a hotel until you found a place. It had been weeks now since you and Harry split up but you just weren’t making any progress. You didn’t even have the effort to really look into apartments that you could afford, and it’s not like you had so much money that you could keep staying in a hotel much longer. So you did what you did most days, although it usually wasn’t until later in the afternoon that you started drinking, but today you were starting early. 

These days you just went straight for the bottle and drank it from there. Vodka was the way to go today, you decided. After taking enough swigs from the bottle to make you considerably drunk within a few minutes time, you stood at the counter, bottle in hand, thinking about what to do next. You just couldn’t stay cooped up in your room today, you just couldn’t go another day without seeing anybody. So you made the poor decision of wandering down to the hotel lobby. You popped the cap on your bottle of Vodka and placed it in one of your messenger bags so that it couldn’t be seen. Just in case you’d need it. 

You could definitely feel the alcohol starting to hit you as you made your way down to the lobby. And it was when you walked through the doors into the open space that the memories hit you like a truck. And you’d known you and Harry had stayed at this hotel before, shortly after you’d started dating, but you’d decided to stay there anyway. Because “it would be fine”. But now, standing there with the Vodka running through your veins, this place took you back to where it all first started. To times when things were easy, when it was just you and Harry and no one else mattered. When he still loved you. When you’d dance around in the kitchen late at night. When you’d sing in the car at the top of your lungs and Harry would laugh at you and join in, singing off-key on purpose. When you’d overheard him tell his sister that he thought you might be the one. When life was better, when life was good. And in that moment, the memories were enough. Just thinking back to the way things were was enough for you. And in that moment, you had high hopes, thinking back to the way things were. But then the moment was over, and you were standing in the middle of the hotel lobby with a bottle of vodka in your bag. And you pulled it out and took a large gulp of the alcohol that burned down your throat, you just didn’t care anymore. And then the bottle fell from your hands, whether on purpose or by accident you didn’t know, and you were staring at a broken bottle on the floor of a hotel lobby where you and Harry had been before. When it had all first started. But now, all that was left were memories and a broken bottle at your feet. 

And the world keeps spinning around. And that was the only reason you had made it this far and would make it further than that. And part of you knew that, that you would eventually be okay again and maybe even happy, but it was just so hard living without him. But the world keeps spinning around.


There you go, hope you enjoyed it!


Slash imagine (requested)

When you had gotten back home from your first date with Slash you haven’t felt the urge to tell all your friends about it like you usually would after a day like that. You wouldn’t have been completely comfortable with letting them know cause you’ve already been aware at that time that they might find it weird or even disgusting although they were your friends. Of course you couldn’t know but you were scared they might judge you for dating a man who was twice your age. You knew it wasn’t common but why would you care? You were convinced that you wanted to be with Slash and the difference between your age didn’t matter to the both of you.

You sighed with a happy smile on your face. Despite being scared that people might judge you you have been over the moon since the day Slash and you have met. He was so much more understanding than most guys your age and you knew exactly what you were talking about - you’ve had enough experience to tell that. Nonetheless it was a lot of fun to spend time with him and you didn’t care that he was a bit shy, you actually adored that about him.

When your bell rang you couldn’t hold back your smile at all when you opened the door for Slash who put his arms around you before he even said a word to you.

“Hey…” you mumbled as you nestled up against him. “Did I forget that we had plans for today?” Slash pecked your lips. “Nope, it’s a surprise.” You smiled at each other. “You’re so sweet” you said “I would have put on some better clothes though.” “Baby, you look great. I don’t care what you’re wearing.” He smirked and you covered his mouth with your hand. “Don’t say that you’d rather see me without any clothes on, that’s so cliché!” Slash grabbed your hand to keep it away from his face and chuckled. “I would never say something like that!” “Sure” you drawled sarcastically. “Come inside, I’ll get changed. Where are we going, by the way?” “I’m not sure, I just wanted to take a walk through the city and maybe we could go and eat something later.” “That sounds like a good plan” you stated with a smile.

It wasn’t too long before the two of you strolled through the streets, holding hands. You decided to go window-shopping and usually you would see something you liked and you went inside to take a better look at it without actually buying anything until Slash insisted on buying a pair of shoes for you and although you protested you couldn’t stop him from getting them for you eventually.

“Slash!” you whined “That’s not fair! The shoes are so cool I couldn’t say no.” “You did say no. A lot” he said with a chuckle. “Yeah, but if those shoes weren’t that beautiful I would have tried harder” you mumbled before you placed a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, baby.” “I’d do everything for you, (Y/N). You know that.” Before you could say another word you were interrupted by someone calling your name.


You turned around to the familiar voice which belonged to your friend (Y/F/N).

“Hey, what a coincidence!” you exclaimed happily before you hugged each other. “Now I know why none of us could reach you” (Y/F/N) said and nodded at Slash. “Oh… right. Slash, that’s (Y/F/N). (Y/F/N), that’s Slash.” “Hey, nice to meet you” Slash said and held out his hand towards your friend who simply ignored his gesture. “(Y/N), can I talk to you for a second? I need to show you something!” “Sure…” You gave Slash an apologetic smile. “It’s alright, I’ll wait here.”

(Y/F/N) grabbed your wrist to drag you along the street and around the next corner where you both made an abrupt stop. You frowned when you saw the stern look on (Y/F/N)s face. “Okay, you’re mad cause I didn’t tell you about Slash, right? I mean I totally get that but-” “You’re actually a couple?” You were at loss for words for a second about the harsh tone in your friend’s voice. “Yeah. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I was scared you might find it weird” you explained calmly. “That’s right. It is weird, (Y/N). How old is he?” “Why would you care?” you asked flabbergasted “I’m happy, that’s all that matters!” “Of course you are. You’re naive enough to believe that he actually likes you for being the person you are and not cause you’re still young.” “Excuse me? Do you actually think before you speak?!” you hissed. “I don’t think that being young is the only good thing about me.” “That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m your friend, I know you got a great personality. But I don’t think that he cares about that…” “You don’t even know him! You have only just met him” you shouted with watery eyes, unwilling to believe your friend’s words. “It’s always like that, I don’t need to know him, that’s a fact.” “And you call yourself my friend? Bullshit.” “I’m not the only one who thinks that way about your… uh, boyfriend.” “What are you talking about? No one knows about us” you countered. “We’ve seen you a few days ago and it was obvious what was going on. I would’ve talked to you earlier but I wasn’t sure how to start this conversation.” “So you’re trying to tell me you’ve been talking about Slash and me behind my back?” “Oh, come on! You gave us every reason to do so.” “I would’ve never thought you could be so shallow. Just… leave me alone” you mumbled, feeling more disappointed than you ever had before in your life. You’ve been friends for such a long time but you did not even recognize your friend at this moment. You made your way back to Slash without looking at (Y/F/N) once more and.

Slash gave you a concerned look and caught you in his arms the second you got back to him. He didn’t say a word, he simply held you close to him. You wrapped your arms around him and a single tear made its way down your cheek.

“I’m sorry” Slash whispered. “Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong” you mumbled. “I’ve tried to ignore it but people are giving us weird looks all the time. I don’t get it. It’s none of their business after all.” Slash placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Baby, don’t think about those people. They have nothing better to do in their lives than to criticize everyone who’s a little bit different from what they would call the norm.” “Can we please go back home?” you asked. “I don’t want to run into any of my friends again. I’m not sure if I can even call them friends anymore.” “Sure, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, honey.”

You were back in your apartment soon. You did not even have the energy to take off your shoes and plunked yourself down on your sofa in the living room. Slash joined you and put an arm around your shoulder. You leant against him with a sigh.

“Am I really that weird?” you asked low-spirited. Slash cupped your face with his hands and gave you a tender-hearted look. “(Y/N), you’re a wonderful person. There are so many reasons for people to act the way that one friend of yours did before… you’re not weird. I know it’s hard to ignore all the hate but I need you to know that it doesn’t change anything about the way we are. It’s you and me, and that’s all that matters in the end. I hope you know that I love you for who you are, baby.” A smile crept onto your face and you placed a kiss on his soft lips. “I would never question that” you whispered.

Dark didn’t exactly plan to have a kid in his arms this evening, but as a child you were needy for attention and crawled there. You were the child of his latest ‘friend,’ who needed a babysitter for their date night.

He didn’t care much for children. They could feel something was wrong with him after a few minutes of interaction, and it always became an issue for the task at hand. You, luckily, were already exposed to him enough to where you wouldn’t create a fuss. He never knew that was a possibility before, but here you were.

“I think we need some fresh air,” Dark announced to you.

“Okay,” you simply responded, not really paying attention as you pulled his hair. He was glowering but you were oblivious.

With a sigh and a heave he stood and moved to the back porch, looking up at the night sky, and noticing the absence of stars through the thick clouds. You were still tugging at his black hair, but noticed his breath wasn’t coming out is puffs, while yours was.

“Look, Dark,” you exclaimed. “I have smoke coming out of my mouth!”

He turned his attention back to you and couldn’t help but chuckle at your foolishness

Just then you reached up and grabbed at his hair again. For a moment Dark considered throwing you inside as a sort of timeout until you muttered to yourself some gibberish.


“What is it?” you repeated.

“What is what, exactly?”

You pulled at his hair again, “I don’t know.”

He sighed and looked to the sky again. There was a small flake floating before him.

“Snow,” he said simply. “At least, I think…”

You bent backwards, forcing him to better support your upper back lest you fall.

“It’s cold.”

Dark couldn’t believe it was snowing. There wasn’t any prelude to this aside from the clouds, which had come by before.

He looked to you as you gazed at the snow in awe. This must have been your first time experiencing this form of precipitation. It seemed you had something in common with him, all of a sudden.

His Smile

Newt Scamander x Reader 

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 A smile from him. That is all it takes to make you feel so much better. 

The first time you saw it, you knew you were in trouble. You were smitten and you think it is fair to say that it was love at first sight. You never thought it would happen to you because you hated the idea to simply fall in love with someone without knowing who they were. Something about his smile was different though and you could tell that he was special. Getting to know him made everything so much better and with every day you spent together you were surer that he is the one. Getting to know him made you love him even more. Newt and you had been dating for a few years now and he was and still is all you ever ask for. 

He has known about your struggle since the beginning and was one of the rare few that didn’t judge you for it but rather tried to do everything he could to make you feel better. The first time he saw your scars he wasn’t discussed by them or starred at them. He kissed every single scar, no matter how tiny, which were still visible on your arm. They were a constant reminder of the pain of your past. 

He was there for you every time you felt like you were worth nothing. He told you that you were loved so much whenever you felt like no one could ever be able to love you. 

He hated to see you hurting like this. 

He tried his best to tell you that you are worth so much more than you thought. You were convinced that he would leave you and no matter how much he tried to convince you otherwise, you wouldn’t believe him. 

“I will have to prove you wrong then." 

He smiled at you with so much love and adoration. This damn smile that made you fall in love with him the first time you met him. 

You didn’t believe him though and told him that he would want to get away from you really soon. He promised you then and there that this would never happen. You weren’t convinced at all but then again only time would tell. 

 The days turned into months and you started to think about the possibility that his words could be true. Months turned into years and you still couldn’t fully believe that this man chose you, of all people. He was funny, kind and so so loving. He deserved so much better but he chose you, the broken girl with all her scars. 

You heard someone say your name and you snapped out of your thoughts. You best friend stood in front of you, tears in her eyes. She was dressed in a beautiful dress the two of you chose together. 

 "Are you ready?” she asked. 

Of course you weren’t but there is no time to get cold feet. 

“I think I’ll never be.” you answered. You took one last look in the mirror in front of you. The young girl who hated herself so much had turned into a grown woman. She was still struggling form time to time but she had people in her life now who told her the truth about herself when she wasn’t able to see it. When all the hate and the pain got too much, they were there to catch her. A lot of people helped you become the person you were today but there is one special man who taught you what real love was. 

“You can do this” you tell yourself. You promised him. 

The next thing you knew was that you walked down the aisle. Both of your families starred at you, in a way judging you. 

Everything feels wrong, the dress, the decoration, the flowers you chose. What were you thinking? This is wrong! You felt like you didn’t belong here. 

It felt like a wonderful dream turned into a horrible nightmare.

Thoughts you had fought for years suddenly return. You are not good enough. He’s better off without you. Leave now and he will be so much happier.

You looked up and caught Newts eyes. He was smiling at you like you are the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Like you were all he ever wanted.

His smile. It was so perfect and it reminded you of that time he promised you he would never leave you. 

It had been years since he had made that promise and he still hadn’t broken it. Newt was still at your side no matter what had happened over the last few years. He had chosen you and today is the day you would marry him. Seeing him smile at you with so much love made you realize how you far you had come. It reminded you of what you had survived. You are fighter and a survivor and you wouldn’t let anything ruin this day. 

The longer you looked at him the more relaxed you got. Newt could see that you were struggling and made his way towards you and leaned down to kiss you on the cheek. He whispered something in your ear before the two of you made your way to the altar. 

“You are so beautiful. I love you so much.”

The ceremony was over faster than you realized but then again you can’t remember much about it anyway. You had been too busy staring in Newt’s eyes. The moment were the two of you were supposed to kiss was close and you were suddenly really nervous. Newt and you had kissed a lot of times since you started dating years ago but this, this was special. This is the the first you would kiss your husband. Newt leaned in and paused inches away from your lips. This moment before the actual kiss was about to happen was your favourite by far. So many different emotions were flooding through your body. Excited, nervousness but most of all love. So so much love for this man who was now your husband. Newt took your face in both his hand and kissed you slowly. You kissed him back just as slowly, none of you were in a hurry. You had the rest of your lives ahead of you. This kiss was just the start and it held so many promises for the future. The kiss lasted longer than you indented it to. The both of you weren’t able to stop but eventually the crowed made it clear that now is the time to stop. Newt leaned his forehead against yours and gave you the biggest smile possible. 

"I will love you forever.”