who knew they be stripping a few months from then

for years i knew three things about fullmetal alchemist

1) some guy carried a billion pictures of his daughter (this one i got from those hughes cosplayers who carry like an entire strip of photos with them)

2) something about that guy makes everyone sad

3) a little girl gets turned into a dog thing

thus, until like…maybe a few months ago, i had no idea hughes died and thought that it was HIS daughter that got turned into a dog thing

Why Abby Wambach Doesn’t Want To Be Known ‘Just As A Soccer Player’

Over the course of her career, soccer star Abby Wambach scored 184 goals — more than any other man or woman in the history of international soccer. She won two Olympic gold medals and was named the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year before retiring from the sport in 2015. And yet, she says she never wanted to be known as “just as a soccer player.”

“I knew at some point that that identity would come to an end, and if I stripped that identity away, what then? Who am I then?” Wambach tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “That’s what [these] last few months have really been about for me, is emerging into the person who I really am.”

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images