who knew these two were so emotional

I had to run for my life today, something I hope I will never have to do again. I knew there was a possibility of a terror attack in Stockholm but I’ve never truly realised it… today has been jarring and I’m an emotional mess, I’m just so sad for the people who were hurt and their families but also everyone who would be hurt by the increased islamophobia and racism in Sweden if it turns out the attacker wasn’t white… you know who ran with me and were absolutely terrified? Two girls both in hijabs. We are all terrified and we are all victims, but we need to spread love at this time and not hate.

BTS Reaction to Their Innocent GF Defending Them

Request from @teacuplissy; “A request where the boys’ usually pleasant girlfriend becomes protective of them after she hears someone subtly try to throw shade. She calls them on it.”

Note: I had way too much fun with this..I’m sorry if it’s too much lmao. I bet y’all didn’t see two reactions in a row coming lel *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He usually felt pain when people insulted him, only shrinking as he tried to hide away but when your grip tightened onto his hands as you soon began to charge towards the insulters; he was rendered speechless. “It’s better to let someone think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.” You sneered, standing before the two men and although you looked like a smol hamster compared to them — the fire blazing around your build had them apologizing immediately. In Seokjin’s eyes, he imagined the light illuminating only onto you from the sky of the park, angels harmonizing in the background as he realized that you, his goddess, was a force to be reckoned with.

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Suga ➳ With you by his side, he could care less about who spouted what around him. You were his ingénue, an angel sent from above and once you had slammed your fists onto the marble table situated inside the fanciest of restaurants, your chair screeching as you abruptly stood up; your stilettos tapped against the glass floor as you made your way to the table filled with obnoxious men before stopping in front of the culprit. Suddenly dropping a handful of napkins onto his lap, you smiled towards the man before saying, “your ass must be jealous from all the shit dripping from your mouth.” Yoongi could only stare to you in disbelief, wondering when and who exactly possessed his lovely girlfriend at that moment.

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J-Hope ➳ You were shaking with anger at seeing Hoseok put up a front, acting all happy when some men tried to hit on you and have the audacity to tell you that being with Hoseok was a mistake. You were seething, but Hoseok only smiled while ignoring them, and you knew it pierced his heart whenever the smile would grow smaller and smaller.

Suddenly, you turned around and walked towards the men who began to whistle in happiness, only to be shut down immediately. “If you really want to know about mistakes,” you growled as they all became quiet, “then you should ask your parents.” Hoseok would be laughing so hard, dancing and asking them if they wanted some ice for that burn as you tried to drag him away.

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RapMonster ➳ You were all eating dinner with the boys when they all started to make fun of Namjoon, having nothing else to speak about and only finding amusement in ruining his pride in front of his girlfriend. He only smiled softly, not wanting the one he loves to see him in a different light as Jimin would squeak and giggle in various ways with the younger ones while they roasted their leader. The way you were gripping your fork went unnoticed, soon clearing your throat as you gained everyone’s attention once the waiter had placed the food down.

“Oh hey,” you smiled, looking to the green peas, “Maknae line, it’s your balls.” Namjoon would scream ‘oooh’ in the background, finding what you did in his defense the cutest thing ever.

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Jimin ➳ Jimin was suddenly pushed into you, and he would laugh nervously as he gave you a skeptical smile. “It’s fine.” He murmured, trying to push you along to keep you protected and from harm’s way but you wouldn’t have it in the least. The boys were laughing, calling Jimin various of names before they began to inch closer to the two of you once again and you were too quick for Jimin to react, suddenly pushing him to the side as you instantly karate kicked one of the men in the balls.

“That was just the appetizer,” you began to rub your hands and Jimin could only stare to you in aloofness; wondering if the one he loved oh so much was suddenly in the arms of a demon, “who wants the main course?”

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V ➳ If anything, one thing he knew you hated was seeing him be awkwardly quiet. You two have been playing at the arcade for a while, and although you both started off having a blast; Taehyung was slowly sinking into his emotions as he looked down. You were confused at first, until you saw a group of men laugh out loud as they were roasting him from afar. 

It was abrupt, but once you left the man with an assuring squeeze on his hand, you sped walked towards the group with a cup of dippin dots in your hand. “I just wanted to return your balls.” You told what you assumed was the leader, dropping the ice cream as it fell all over his lap; his supposed friends began to giggle and Taehyung was suddenly struck with pride at seeing his own girlfriend defend him.

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Jungkook ➳ You two were walking down the park, his fingers interlaced with yours as he swung it side to side with a smile playing against his lips. He already heard those guys talking crap about him, saying various mean things that stuck his heart but he only wanted to have a great time with his precious girlfriend — so, he pushed his feelings to the side. What he didn’t expect, though, was you abruptly letting go of his hand so you can stalk your way to the men and bring out a very colorful vocabulary he didn’t even know existed within you.

He was shooketh, his eyes wide as you got the men to frighteningly apologize to him. “No one messes with my man.” You murmured, and Jungkook was still in shock. Although it was hot in his eyes, if anything, he should be protecting you.

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Imagine being Lucifers soulmate

Word count: 2186

Request by: anon - Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Lucifer x reader where Chuck is like “yeah Lucifer has a soulmate duh” so Sam, Dean, Cas, Lucifer, and Chuck all go to find them (Sam and Dean ready for her to be all evil) but they’re super intelligent and sweet? Thank you!! 

A/N: Thanks for the request <3

No one’s POV

Sam, Dean, Cas and Chuck were all sat silently in the room thinking of ways in which they could make Lucifer less angry at everything which reduces the risk of him throwing one of his ‘tantrums’ and destroying his brothers and humanity.

“I guess we could find his soulmate,” Chuck spoke out loud breaking the silence causing both Sam and Dean’s heads to shoot up and stare in Chuck’s direction.

“That’s a possibility,” Castiel replied to his father before continuing to look down at the lore book in his hands.

Both Sam and Dean just continued to stare at them in shock. The Lucifer, the very fallen angel which wanted to destroy humanity, had a soulmate, a human soulmate. A long period of silence followed as they were both too frozen to say anything.

“Wait what? Lucifer has a soulmate,” Dean spoke breaking the silence asking the question both him and Sam wanted to ask.

“Yeah Lucifer has a soulmate, duh,” Chuck laughed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “I made every angel have a soulmate.”

“Could you take us and Lucifer to her?” Sam asked Chuck steadily and Dean looked at him as if he had just said the most stupid and crazy thing in the world.

“Of course I can,” Chuck replied looking over the small group of people within the room, “It’s just getting Lucifer out of his room and agreeing to the plan that’s going to be the hard part, I don’t think he even knows himself that he has a mate.”

Everyone’s heads drifted to Dean silently, as a group, picking him to be the one to speak to the angry archangel only a few rooms down from them.

“Well I’m not going in there alone with no defence against a moody archangel.” Dean spoke matter-of-factly.

“Who are you calling moody?” A smooth voice called out causing everyone’s heads to shoot over to where the sound came from.

There stood Lucifer leaned against the doorframe with a smug expression covering his face, it was the first time anyone had seen him come out of his designated room almost as if he could sense that the others were talking about him.

“Lucifer, come sit,” Chuck spoke causing Lucifer to pull a face which resembled disgust.

“I’m fine here,” he replied. Lucifer still wasn’t back to being 100% father and son with God (in fact he acted like a teenager) but they seemed to be better than they were when he first got out of the cage and being moody constantly was better to Chuck than his son not talking to him at all.

“Well, what do you all want, I could hear you all thinking my name from my room,” Lucifer spoke into the silent room taking notice of the shocked expressions on the Winchester’s face’s when looking at him.

“Father decided it would be best if took you to see your soulmate.” Castiel informed Lucifer.

Shock was evident on Lucifer’s face for a split moment in time before it returned expressionless to try and hide the emotions he was feeling; it was clear to everyone in the room that he didn’t know he had a soulmate.

“Well, let’s go do that then,” Lucifer spoke calmly yet inside he knew he was excited. After the fall and spending so long in the cage, he had begun to think that his father had not created him a soulmate and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he still had the ability to feel love like his brothers and sisters, “It’s slightly better than doing nothing in my room all day,” he added not wanting anyone in the room to acknowledge his happiness, he still had the reputation of ‘the devil’ to hold.

“That was easier than expected,” mumbled Chuck to both Dean and Sam with a chuckle before raising his hand and clicking sending them all to meet Lucifer’s soulmate.

Your POV

Sighing to yourself, you collapsed onto the sofa, your favourite book in your hand ready to read the night away. The day had been so busy and you hadn’t had a second to relax so you had decided to spend the rest of the night just relaxing, listening to your favourite band and reading. That was until you heard a knocking at the door.

Thinking it was just some hunters coming to you for information you decided to ignore the knocking at the door and continue reading, trying your hardest to relax. They could go to someone else for help, it’s been too long of a day.

The knocking continued so you sighed placing the book down and made your way to the persistent person knocking at your door so late at night.

Shock was evident on your face when you opened the door to 5 men staring at you, two looking slightly scared making you confused as to why they could be here. You slightly backed away from the door in case they were demons (which you doubted highly due to the friendship you had with Crowley, although they could be rouge demons) or any other monster which could have found out you were helping hunters.

Even though you were nervous, your eyes couldn’t help but drift over to the man with blonde hair you just wanted to wrap your hands in and gorgeous blue eyes that you could stare in for eternity, your eyes continued to roam over his body, as did his with yours. You quickly diverted your eyes away from him in case he noticed you checking him out.

“How can I help you lovely men?” you smiled slightly looking at them as a whole.

“We was wondering if we could speak with Y/N,” the guy in the trench coat asked.

“That would be me, please, come in,” you replied, a smile not leaving your face, you nervously watched as they all stepped onto and over the welcome mat which contained a hidden devils trap under it. Your worry slightly lifted when you saw that none of them had gotten stuck. We are demon free, I repeat, demon free you thought to yourself as the men followed you into the kitchen.

“Anybody want a cuppa?” you asked happy that you weren’t in danger, if you were they probably would have tried to attack you by now but you were still cautious just in case.

A chorus of ‘no thank you’s’ was your reply apart from the blonde headed man replying ‘please’ causing all of the other men to look at him as if he had grown another head.

“S-Sure thing,” you cursed yourself for stuttering when talking to him and you felt your cheeks begin to heat up.

You hummed a cheery tune as you quickly spun around and popped the kettle on before making a drink for the both of you. As you handed the mysteriously hot man his drink your fingers collided for a moment and everything felt right like nothing else mattered in that short moment of time but you and him, sparks of electricity running up your arm. Looking up into the man’s crystal blue eyes, you searched for any sign that he had felt the same as you but all you saw was his expressionless face. Quickly, you grabbed onto your drink before sitting down and inviting everybody else to do so.

“So, what is it you guy’s wanted,” you smiled taking a sip of your drink. You had always been a cheerful person, from a very young age up until now and you had always believed that there was too much negativity within the world that you couldn’t possibly contribute to that, so you tried to spread as much joy as possible. It was one of the reasons you started helping hunters with their boring lore work. Lucifer realised that and admired you for it.

“Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves first, shouldn’t we?” the tall long haired man said nudging the person next to him who continued to stare at you like you was some sort of myth or legend.

“Wha- oh yes. Introductions. I’m Dean, that’s…” he paused for a second whilst pointing in the blonde man’s direction, “…Nick?” he said as more of a question, “Chuck, Cas, and this is my little brother Sam.”

It was now your turn to have shock overcome your face. Did you hear them right? Sam and Dean Winchester was in your house, in front of you with the infamous Castiel you had heard so much about. What the heck would they want with you?

“Winchester brothers?” You asked out quietly, surprised that a voice even managed to come out of your mouth.

“Yeah… That’s us, how’d you know?” Sam asked slightly creeped out that you knew who they were.

“Oh come on, every hunter knows about you two,” you stated.

Silence overcame the room as the men processed what you had just said, the only person to show any form of emotion was Nick, a large, proud smirk across his face at the fact you were a hunter.

“Well then, since you know about the supernatural, we can properly introduce ourselves,” Chuck spoke motioning to him and Nick, “I’m God, but I prefer Chuck.”

“Pleasure to meet you Chuck!” You spoke happily sticking out your hand for him to shake, surprising yourself that you didn’t react massively to the fact he had just told you he was the God. He chuckled taking your hand in his, your infectious smile crawling its way onto his face. Everybody then looked in Nicks direction, you saw him nervously fiddling with his hands.

“I, uh, I’m,” he stuttered, a hand reaching to stroke the back of his neck to calm him down as he debated whether or not he should tell you the truth, “I’m Lucifer.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him, for some reason it just felt right and both you and Lucifer knew it. He sighed into the hug relaxing instantly when you didn’t freak out over who he was

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you too Lucifer,” you said into the hug before pulling away from him seeing a smile on his face. The rest of the group seemed shocked at his display of emotion yet Lucifer decided to ignore them and keep smiling at you.

“So,” you spoke suddenly clapping your hands together and reluctantly turning away from Lucifer, “What brings the Winchesters, God and the angels to these neck of the woods.”

Lucifer’s metaphorical heart stopped for a moment when you acknowledged him as an angel, he didn’t think he could possibly fall in love with something as quickly as he was with you.

“You understand the concept of soulmates correct?” Castiel spoke up and you looked over in Lucifer’s direction knowing where the conversation seemed to be heading.

“I do,” you answered Castiel but not taking your eyes off of Lucifer and him not taking his eyes off of you.

“Well, we found out that you are the soulmate of-“

“Lucifer,” you spoke cutting Castiel off. It definitely was the only explanation for the strong attraction you were having for him, it felt as if you had known each other for all eternity.

“Yes, Lucifer is your mate,” Castiel confirmed.

You felt as Lucifer’s hand slid down into yours, fingers locking together causing a grin to appear on both your face and Lucifer’s.

“Okay let’s leave them to it then,” Chuck said shoving the rest of the boys out of the room and throwing a wink at you. Sam and Dean still continued to show shocked expressions at your kindness towards everyone as they were pushed by God out of the room to leave you and Lucifer some privacy to talk.

“Y/N,” Lucifer turned to you and placed a hand on your cheek the other still locked between your fingers, “I know we have only just met, but it feels as if I have been in love with you for eternity.”

“Me too Luci,” you confirmed slightly blushing and ducking your head at the way in which stared lustfully at you.

His hand drifted down to under your chin as he lifted your head to make you look at him. Your eyes locked with his ocean blue ones and it felt as if he was staring directly into your soul. Slowly, with his hand still on your chin, Lucifer leaned down hovering his lips over yours momentarily as your foreheads touched due to how close you were before locking his lips with yours. As cliché as it sounds, you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach when your hand reached up and gripped into his blonde hair. His gentle hand snaked its way around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest as he deepened the kiss. In this moment, wrapped in your soulmate’s arms, feeling the best you had in a while, you knew that you was truly in love as was Lucifer and that he was going to do everything in his power to protect you.

have you ever been in love? part 2 - reggie mantle

word count: 2.596

warnings: swearing, 

plot: happens about 2 days after the Vday quiz and if I summarize more I give away the plot

a/n: so i wasn’t planning on writing a 2nd part for HYEBIL but it was heavily requested and it’s Ross’s bday so,,,it happened

“Who’s this guy?” The bright screen of a phone was pushed in your face, causing you to groan and close your eyes. “Sorry.” The guy next to you muttered before toning down the luminosity.

The first thing you saw upon opening your eyes was an Instagram picture of you and Reggie Mantle. He had his arm around you and there was a dashing smile on his face. You were kissing his cheek and looked happier than ever.

And you were happy.


“That’s Reggie, he was my boyfriend.” You spoke before pushing the phone away from your face.

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Auston Matthews #2

Requested by Anon: hi could you please do one of auston matthews where you act like you hate each other but you’re both secretly in love ? and one of you confesses his/hers feelings ? thank you :) x

Warnings: Drinking, degrading talk of the main character, mean girls

Word Count: 2500

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for your patience. I loved this prompt! I hope you enjoy it! 

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You were always bad with emotions. Okay that wasn’t entirely true, you really were only bad with one emotion and anything that had to do with it, it being Love. So were you in love with Auston Matthews? No… Maybe… Yes. You were completely mad about the NHL player. And he made you completely mad. He angered you in every way. Well, maybe half of that was your fault. Like mentioned earlier, you weren’t great with the emotion of love, which meant, Auston made you nervous. It was hard to talk to him any time you were around him. Eventually you tried to avoid him at all costs but you also wanted to be around him 24/7. So yeah, there was some hostility between you two. To be fair it wasn’t all your fault. Auston was the one who started the hate relationship you two now had. It was clear ever since the third time you hung out with him. You had slyly mentioned to your best friend, Mitch Marner, that you thought Auston was attractive. You may have understated your emotions for Auston though. The first time you saw Auston, you knew. You knew that he was the one. You never once believed in true love at first sight but the moment Auston looked at you with those big brown eyes, you believed. With that being said, things had got a lot more difficult since then. Mitch said he would talk to Auston for you and from that point on Auston was always rude towards you. You thought it was because he actually didn’t like you and was just trying to send the message. A message where he hated you. It was clear. Mitch didn’t understand it. He said he’d try and tell Auston to settle down but you asked him not to. You didn’t want Auston to know you even cared.             

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: No, I just got this idea

Warnings: mentions of sex, really

A/N: I just had a little spurt of inspiration for this short imagine, I hope you enjoy it.

masterlist / coming soon

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Stiles watched as your legs carried your body across the stage, the excitement swirling in your eyes as you accepted the scroll out of the older man’s hand and your eyes immediately locked on Stiles as you raised the piece of paper in the air. He let out a chuckle, winking at you as you walked back to your chair, trying desperately not to fall over the robe that was far too big on you. You paid for the right size robe but because you arrived a little later than everyone else, they only had robes three times bigger than your size available. You moaned and groaned but had no other choice but to accept it.

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anonymous asked:

Hc for jumin falling for an mc who was married before, but her husband passed away and she's currently pregnant with his child?

This is such a feelsie request, I love it! I got carried away and made this longer, mainly because I really enjoyed writing this request! So I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Jumin knew from the very first time that he heard your voice from the first phone call between the two of you that he loved you
  • You helped him deal with his emotions and aided him when dealing with his difficult father
  • When he needed you the most, you were by Jumin’s side when Elizabeth the third went missing
  • Even though he was completely distraught with his beloved cat missing, Jumin noticed how you had some particularly strange food cravings
  • Jumin also took note of how your belly was slightly protruding when you wore the dress he picked out for you for your first RFA party
  • While he had his suspicions, Jumin wanted to be civil with you and talk about what was going on
  • So Jumin sat you down on the smooth leather couch one night, resting his hand on top of your own as he asked what was truly going on with you
  • After a deep, shaky breath you told Jumin in a tiny voice
  • “I-I’m pregnant Jumin. But please let me explain. Before coming to the RFA I was married but sadly, my husband passed away not to long ago. I’m pregnant with his child but that doesn’t change the fact that I love you now Jumin, with all of my heart.”
  • Jumin’s eyes widened slightly as his thoughts became true, you really did love someone else before him
  • But Jumin thought back to all of the time the two of you spent together
  • You were always there for him even when he didn’t know how to react to certain emotions, your happiness was contagious making him feel such joy that he never knew was possible, you’re smile made him feel alive
  • It didn’t matter if you did have a past lover, Jumin loved you and you loved him, that’s all that mattered to him
  • “I want to help you raise this child MC, I promise to love them and treat them as my own child because if it means making you happy, then I’d do anything.“
  • You and Jumin got married about two months after that talk, finally starting your life together as husband and wife
  • As your due date came closer, Jumin made sure to have nurses and maids on standby whenever he was at work
  • Jumin was at your side as you squeezed the life out of his hand as you delivered your baby boy
  • The moment Jumin held your child, he instantly fell in love with him, knowing that this child deserved happiness and love even if it wasn’t his own
  • Your son grew up admiring Jumin, constantly asking questions about the company, being gentle and caring with Elizabeth the third, and his eyes would widen wonder as Jumin would tell him bedtime stories
  • You would watch from the side, holding your now noticeable second baby bump as Jumin would come to your side and rub your swollen belly
  • Once you delivered your second child, yours and Jumin’s true child, Jumin felt the exact same amount of love for his new daughter as he felt for your son
  • You and Jumin would watch as your son and his daughter would play and laugh together as if they were true blood-related siblings
  • Every night Jumin would silently thank your deceased husband for giving him you and his son, promising to love them until the end of time
  • Jumin would forever adore his family, always making sure that he gave an equal amount of love to you, your son, and his daughter because for the first time in his life, Jumin felt what true happiness was
“Snowy Reunions”


((Bad name? lol))

Word Count: 2,524

Warning: uh….mentions of prostitution…I think. That’s about it.

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More Than Words - Johnny angst/fluff

It feels like forever since I posted a scenario, so here’s this! Johnny getting jealous over you hanging out with Jaehyun and Doyoung. Starts off as a vague imitation of angst, with a fluffy ending (I’m a sucker for fluff if you can’t tell)I hope it’s alright, and thank you for the request!! 😊

His eyes were fixed on you, laughing and smiling - something he considered a privilege to be able to witness, you were just so radiant. But he couldn’t keep his focus on just you, the two smiling figures next to you distracting him from his origional focus.
He knew he couldn’t control you, or who you hung out with, and it was unreasonable to ask you to just stop hanging out with two of your closest friends, but the way Doyoung put his arm round your shoulders as you smiled with them, and how Jaehyun laughed so hard he slapped his hand on your leg - and left it there, no less - it made him grit his teeth, emotions he knew were unreasonable bubbling up his throat.
Thoughts paraded through his mind, to tell them there was some emergency, or ask you to help him with something in another room, to straight up yell at them to get their hands off you, or grab you and walk off, anything to get you back to his arms, and his arms only.
They say actions speak louder than words, and th way Doyoungs arm lingered around you yelled at him like sirens, warnings going off in his brain so loud he wondered if anyone else could hear.
“What’s got you looking like Taeyong when someone messes up his soap bottles?” Doyoung asked Johnny, side eyeing Jaehyun at the same time.
“It was one time!” Jaehyun exclaimed, causing another spluttering laughter to tumble of your lips.
“Nothing.” Johnny replied, clenching his fist and standing abruptly. “I’m going, you coming? Or would you rather stay with them?” He asked you, looking you straight in the eye with only a little motion of his head indicating Doyoung and Jaehyun.
“Please stay, we hardly get to see you!” Jaehyun pleaded at you, oblivious to Johnnys bitter stare.
“Yeah, don’t leave me with just him” Doyoung added, to which Jaehyun glared, turning his attention immediately back to you. Jaehyun gently pat your head, taking a strand of your hair and twisting it slightly between his fingers, as if to cling to you and keep you with them.
That gesture tipped Johnny over the edge. Before you even got to reply, he stormed out, slamming the door behing him and causing the three of you left in the room confused and startled.
“I should go check on him…” You said, concerned but oblivious as to why he was acting as he did.
“He’s just mad over something, he’ll get over it” Jaehyun replied.
“I just want to see what’s wrong, he’s hardly ever like this.” You frowned, standing up and brushing off the two boys grumbles and sighs.
You left the sitting room where you’d been, looking into the hallway and tiptoeing across to the kitchen. You’d hoped Johnny hadn’t gone far, a prayer that was answered as you found him in the kitchen, stuffing his things in his bag, a scowl plastered in his face.
“Hey.” You asked gently, trying to seem casual, but also laced with apprehension. You made your way over to the breakfast counter, leaning against it as Johnny zipped up his bag with an anger you couldn’t understand.
“What’d that bag do to you?” You joked, deciding not to plainly asking him what was wrong, trying to uses humour to be tactful.
Apparently, he didn’t appreciate the tact - replying with a curt “It didn’t get all handsy with you, unlike some people.”
You cocked your eyebrow, a smile toying on the corner of your lips as he slung the bag over his shoulder, ready to leave.
“Johnny, you aren’t jealous, are you?” You teased, the look on his face somewhere between begrudged and guilty.
You let the smile over take your lips, lifting yourself to sit on the counter and put your face closer to his.
“Really? It sure looks like it.” You joked, peering at him.
“Maybe. Okay, yes, I am.” He gave in, sighing and running his hand through his hair. “Doyoung and Jaehyun were just so close to you, and you seemed so happy with them, I feel like I can’t make you laugh as much as them and maybe you prefer spending time with them and maybe-” You cut of his ramblings by placing your hands on his cheeks, moving closer to him and looking into his eyes, bearing your sincerity for him to see.
“Johnny, you don'y make me laugh as much as them,” His heart dropped at your words, so you continued “that’s because I’m laughing at them. They’re honestly such idiots sometimes, even more than you’re being right now.” You paused as he laughed slightly, enjoying how you could so easily lift his spirits with a simple joke.
“But you know what?” You asked him, gently brushing your thumb across his perfectly sculpted cheek where it rest. “You make me way happier. They can be touchy and joke, but it’s all just friendly. When you touch me I get butterflies, and smile for no reason - I’d prefer to sit and do something boring like taxes with you, than anything with them.” You reassured him, letting him take your hands from his face and hold them in his, giving them a quick squeeze before letting his arms drift round your waist, standing between your legs dangling from the counter. You wrapped your arms round his neck, crossing at the nape of his neck as you gave him a short kiss.
“I’m sorry, I trust you and I trust them, I just want to be the one making you laugh, and putting my hands on you.” He admitted
“Look what you’re doing right now, Johnny. It’s a bit more than Jaehyun patting my head like I’m a kid or something.” You laughed together, breaking it only to give him a kiss that showed your feelings more than any words could.
“Hey, everything alrigh-” Jaehyuns voice trailed off abruptly “okay you’re making out in the kitchen, I’ll go.” He turned and left ad quickly as he came in.
“The kitchen? That’s so gross! Get a room!”

Requests open for NCT-U and 127!


Jared Padalecki x Reader

1000 Words

Story Summary:  Feeling down, Jared surprises the reader.

Author’s Note: So this is for @supernaturalmarvelgirl. I saw your post, and thought this might be needed. Also for any Jared/Sam girl who is feeling a little down. Also I hope it doesn’t suck because I seriously wrote it in about 15 minutes. 

Laying on the couch, you rested your head against your arm, staring at the TV, not really seeing what was playing. Sighing, you curled in tighter, your energy drained, your emotions a roller coaster ride.

Things had been bumpy for a while now. Your fiancee, Jared, worked in Vancouver, while you lived in Austin. Weeks would go by without seeing his smiling face unless it was on your phone, and you wanted nothing more than to have him there with you. To feel his strong arms wrapped around you, to run your fingers through his long, silky locks.

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Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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I’ll be your Rock.

This is for the anon who wanted a fic for Mark and a FEM!Reader supporting them through the 6 and 8 million subscriber videos: 

Anon request: 

“If you still write for Markiplier, can I request a Markiplier x Fem.Reader, where she comforts him after his 6 mil and 8 mil subscriber videos, and is always really strong and his rock and stuff, and then something really sad or upsetting happens to her, and he’s there for her and fluff?”

OMG! So I had to rewatch the 6 and 8 mil videos again, and my god I cried like a little baby! 
It reminds me just how supportive and loving Mark’s community is. So, a reminder that I love all of you!! 

Warnings: fluff

I hope you enjoy it!

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6 Million: 

It hadn’t been a shock to you when Mark announced the 6 million milestone. You knew he’d go far on his Youtube channel. 
What had taken you by surprise was the tears that started rolling down his face. 
“All those people,” He had sobbed. “I-I can’t believe it.” 
You ran to him, wrapping him in your arms and allowing him to cry on your shoulder. “I’m so proud of you, Mark.” You said soothingly as you squeezed him. “You’ve come so far.” 
You pressed a kiss to his temple and he pulled away. Enough to look at your face.
He was smiling a bright smile that made his face light up. 
“I wouldn’t be able to do this without you,” He said, sniffling. “You’ve supported me all the way to this point. Keeping me on track, making sure I get those videos out.” 
You smiled and kissed his lips. They were wet with tears, salty but sweet. 
“You’re the goofball they love, Mark. I’m just the side attraction with the whip.” 
He laughed, his sobs quieting. “Still, you’ve been my motivation and I’m so grateful you’re here with me.”
You blushed and rewarded him with the smile. 

The 6 million video was heart-wrenching. You watched it while Mark was recording. He had asked for you to be there with him. For support, perhaps? But you refused. 
This was his milestone. The subscribers created the video for him and you didn’t want to take even a sliver of Mark’s attention away from the screen.
You waited for Mark to finish recording. Patiently standing outside the door, and when he exited the room, you wrapped him in a tight hug. 
His eyes were red and puffy. His breaths quiet sniffles even when he chuckled at the sight of your tear stained face. 
“I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone with my reaction,” He said into your shirt.
“You mean everything to your community,” You told him, “Just watching the video is enough for them.” 
He hugged you closer, crushing you against his chest. “Thank you.”

8 Million Video: 

8 million. 
You were so proud of him.
Mark had stared at the number for over an hour. He was a little more prepared for this milestone. But you knew it would still be an emotional ride for the two of you.
This time was different though. He dragged you into the recording room, sat you beside him and started the video before you could even protest. 
“So, I’ll be reacting to the milestone video with my lovely girlfriend, (Y/N). Who has been beside me through everything. She kept me afloat during the bad times, and made the good times so much better.” 
He smiled at you, kissing your cheek and chuckling at the tears that were already forming in your eyes. 
“You’ve done most of the hard-labor though,” You reminded him. Playfully poking his side. 
“You’re just the side attraction with the whip.” He winked. 

It was an amazing experience, seeing the fans. The people who watch, support and grow with Mark. That sit on the other side of the screen and laugh with him, cry with him. 
You were so proud of Mark. So proud of what he created, what he inspires in people.
You looked at him throughout the video. His eyes were puffy again, red and tears formed rivers down his face. You threw your arms around him, holding him as you both watched his community react. 
“No, don’t cry!” Mark sniffled at the people on the screen. “I’ll cry enough for all of you!” 
You laughed. “I wanna hug everybody!” 
“Hugs for all of you amazing people!” Mark said, pulling you into his lap and squeezing. 
You kissed his cheek. “I’m so proud of you.” 
He smiled and nuzzled your neck, “You’ve kept me centered. My anchor that kept me from floating away. Thank you, (Y/N).” 

You hugged yourself. Tears were already spilling down your face and you couldn’t stop the sobs escaping your chest. 
Why did it go so wrong? I don’t understand, what happened?
You retreated to your bed. Collapsing amongst the blankets and wiped away the tears. 
“Babe?” You heard Mark enter the room. “(Y/N) whats wrong?” 
You shook your head, unable to form words through your whimpering. 
He approached you, kneeling in front of you and pulling your hands away from your face. He held them gently, searching your teary eyes for an answer. 
“I-It’s just family stuff,” You managed to blubber out. That was all he needed. 
Mark scooped you into his arms. Cradling you like a child against his chest as the flood-works broke. 
His hands drew circles on your back. And he whispered sweet words into your ear as lightly pecked your cheek and lips.
“You’re amazing, (Y/N).” He told you. “You’re an inspiration to me. The way you carry so much on your shoulders. You’re so compassionate and loving. You’ve helped me through so much…I can’t even begin to thank you.”
You sniffled into his shirt, clinging to him like a life-raft.
“Whatever is happening right now, I’m here to help you.” He assured you. “I promise things will get better soon. And no matter what, I’ll stay with you.” 
You nodded, still sobbing softly, and leaned up to kiss him. 

a few thoughts

that “you said you would come with me” from watson hit me really hard and i haven’t been able to put it aside for quite a few days now. here is joan watson for all her life internalising her feelings, repressing her emotions and putting aside her grief all to help others. she’s been through so much shit, SO MUCH, but every time she decided to pick herself up, to start afresh, to put these feelings aside until later on. along came shinwell, and she saw something in him, like she could do something right again. shinwell wanted to change, wanted to help and that beautiful, beautiful and golden heart of joan’s wanted to guide him along the way with sherlock, her best friend, her partner, the person she trusts and loves the most. eventually, shinwell decided to do something that he knew would disappoint her, but she hung on because despite the “lesser evil” part, she still believed in what he was doing and why he was doing it. he wasn’t getting away with anything. they both knew that. she might’ve not trusted shinwell anymore, but she sure as hell supported him. and then, he got killed and she was the one to lay her two fingers to find a pulse that wasn’t there. she was the one who had to see his lifeless body being covered by a bag and wheeled away.  she was the one who had to fight for what he was doing, to finish what he had started and the internalised feelings and emotions were finally being sent up to the surface. it was finally starting to overwhelm and drown her, pulling her back in, so she asked sherlock to just be there. mind you, she had probably never really asked someone to just stay like this; just to be there beside her, someone she could hold onto. she trusted sherlock and she would always trust him so she knew that he would be there for her. but still, she asked will you go with me with such a heartbreaking vulnerability, and looked at him like he was the light that would bring her back in from the storm that had surrounded her. she still had that longing hope that she would get justice for shinwell and sherlock would still be here despite all the issues they were having, next to her and they would be okay and everything else and everyone else would be okay.  but he didn’t come and she was so fucking hurt because she thought that he abandoned her all because shinwell hurt him a few months ago and he wasn’t able to get over it, DESPITE the fact that she quietly asked him to go. and then tyus wilcox dropped it on her that shinwell died because of her, because her name was in his contacts. another name got added on the list of people that died because of her. gerald castoro, andrew mittal, emil kurtz with two innocent civilians and now shinwell johnson. but she sat in front of all those monitors listening to carmen, listening to her screams and yells and pleads and that shot itself was so fucking heart-wrenching I had to pause for a moment to continue on. she still gave him a chance to answer the question when he came to the room but the words I forgot, from a man WHO NEVER FORGETS was full of such betrayal and absolute agony, she had to get up and walk away from him. that absolute pang of hurt on her face was there because she now knew that sherlock never wanted to come and took pity on her when he said of course and was using an excuse of all things to get out of a situation that shouldn’t have been created in the first place. and then he tried to berate shinwell thinking it would solve the problem, a man who was dead because of her and a man who at least tried to do something right. she literally had no one left at that moment in time, she really believed that. joan watson believed she was alone and that she was now back to square one. something so sacred and intimate between them had been broken and there was no going back and sherlock was too confused to even stop her from heading out and closing the door on him. god, the writers could’ve done so much with this, so much with joan and everything she’s been through. the imagining dead people trope would’ve worked so well on her. i’m so sad. this is the saddest, and the most heartbreaking finale I have seen. bring on all the angst fics. let’s give joan watson and the partnership between sherlock and joan what it deserves, SOMETHING EQUAL, because the writers sure as hell won’t.

camp halfblood! au

• son hyunwoo aka shownu
• son of demeter
• cabin four
• is quite the cuddly teddy bear
• takes care of his friends before himself
• can control plants
• but he doesn’t use it often
• is friends with the nymphs
• well they all love him but he isn’t interested
• is a bit awkward
• doesn’t really open up to people easily
• can cook but let’s his siblings take control of it
• is very calm and laid back
• his group of friends often try to mess with him but he just sits there and takes it
• they call him dad because he’s like their father/older brother figure
• he’s among the oldest
• tries his best at everything he does
• will literally spend half his day taking a nap

how you two met:

• he had fallen asleep during training
• and you were the one who had to wake him up
• so when you finally did (after ten minutes)
• he was shocked to see you there
• he fell behind on his training and you told him you’d help
• it was strictly a friendship at first
• but he developed feelings for you fast
• which for shownu was a huge deal
• because he rarely ever showed emotions
• but with you it was different
• when he learned that one of his other friends liked you
• he mentally freaked out
• because he knew you two were meant to be
• “shownu? what’s wrong?”
• “nothing.”
• you were upset that he was being so closed off with you
• “okay, it’s not nothing. I like you.”
• “really?”
• “yes really, would I ever lie to you?”

Imagine a criminally good date night with Jamie

(A/N: I finally finished this! I know I haven’t written for Jamie in a while so I made this one extra long and cute. I hope you enjoy!) 

Imagine a criminally good date night with Jamie

“Hey Y/N heads up,” Sonny said, jerking his body to gesture behind you before walking away hastily as if to get out of the way.

You spun around quickly and suspiciously to see your boyfriend Jamie walking up to, dressed up smartly but casually clutching a bunch of flowers. You shook your head at disbelief, crossing your arms in anguish, as he reached you with a triumphant smile on face.

“You tricked me,” You pointed out with fake menace.

“Guilty,” He smirked, handing you the flowers and kissing your cheek.

“How much did you pay him to distract me while you got changed?” You inquired, narrowing your eyes at him and flashing him a glare.

“Didn’t have to. Apparently tricking you was all the payment he needed,” Jamie informed, chuckling.

You leant to the side, looking past Jamie so you could glare at Sonny who was watching happily from his desk.

“We’re going talk about this tomorrow!” You warned.

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lunadesuvida  asked:

#2, #6, and #77 🖒😊

You waited patiently as you stared down at your Batgirl costume. 

You had invited Bucky and Steve to this years comic con to see your dream guy, Sebastian Stan. You’ve been lusting after him for ages now, ever since you watched the Covenant almost a decade ago. He was literal perfection and you’d do anything to catch a glimpse of him. When you discovered he would be attending the comic con in New York this year, you practically dragged Steve and Bucky to the car. 

They both decided to wear their combat suits, hoping that they’d blend in and everything would go smoothly. 

“Steve said you were here.” Bucky spoke as he stood next to you in line. The line was for the met and greet, and you were a giant bundle of joy as you inched closer and closer to seeing your Sebby. 

“Does my hair look okay?” you asked as you stood before Bucky, smoothing out your locks. Bucky’s eyes traveled down your body, taking in the short, tight material before giving you a simple nod. 

“You look gorgeous as always, doll.” he said with a tight smile. One that held so many emotions behind. He’d never tell you, but he had been deeply in love with you since they day you met. 

Before you knew it, you were face to face with Sebastian, who was eyeing your costume a little too much for Bucky’s liking. 

“Wow,” Sebastian smiled. “You look very beautiful.” 

You blushed and pulled a piece of hair behind your ear. “Thank you,” you giggled. “You look amazing as always.”

Bucky rolled his eyes as he listened to the two of you flirting shamelessly. He could feel himself growing hotter with jealousy each second. 

As soon as the picture came, and Sebastian’s hand traveled to your behind, Bucky lost it. He stormed up to the photo booth and practically lifted you up. He turned around and began walking away. 

“Hey!” Sebastian shouted with a frown. “What’s up with you, man?” 

Bucky spun around and pointed an accusing finger in his face. 

“Don’t flirt with her. Don’t touch her, or we will have a problem!”

You angrily kicked your legs as Bucky exited the building, calling him every single name you could in the book. 

“What is your problem?” You shouted. “What on earth could have happened that would call for this type of treatment from you?” 

“You could have died.” Bucky said nonchalantly with a shrug. 

“From what? Getting my ass grabbed? I’ve never heard of such a thing!” 

As you both reached the sidewalk, Bucky set you down gently. You looked up at him, pouting as you crossed your arms. He’d just ruined your day and he wasn’t even remotely sorry. 

“Don’t look at me like that.” He groaned. 

“You better make this up to me, Barnes.” you sassed as you watched him step closer to you, towering over you with an amused smile. 

“I guess I’ll have to take you out this weekend and ask you to be my girl” he said. “Then after that, I’ll just have to take you home and give you mind blowing orgasms until you can’t think straight.”

You blinked, your mouth hanging open as you processed his words. 

“As in a date?” You asked stupidly. He let out a chuckle before turning around and walking away. Not without motioning you over with his finger very seductively. 

“You gonna stand there all day, doll,” he smirked. “Or do you wanna find out the answer to that question?” 

Imagines List


Last day! This is so bittersweet!

     There are two major connotations of red. Both were passionate, hot, filled with energy and emotion, strength and power. On one end there was war, rage, danger, and warning. On the other there is love, romance, and desire. The color red is known to increase heartrate and blood pressure, make people more aware and alive, so Nursey avoided it, opting for cool blues and rich greens. He knew people who personified the color itself, that flicked and burned like a flame. Their bodies were filled with energy that swelled under their skin and power that exhibited itself in every word they spoke. These people were hot and passionate and frighteningly alive when all Derek wanted was be cold, relaxed, subdued. He felt so intimidated and jealous of their zeal because he tried so hard to be chill and failed but the energy he had was nothing like theirs. It was encompassing and sickening. It made him feel ill and drained. But he met so many red people at Samwell and melted.

   Bitty’s red was bright and light, like a cherry. It was sweet, and incredibly warm, and comforting. Bitty’s red was happy, like sparklers and fireworks and freshly kissed lips.

Lardo’s red was deep and burning, like blood. It was dark and mystifying and intricate.  Lardo’s red was dark like stained wood, pomegranate juice and fresh bruises.

There was Shitty, whose red was like garnets and sweet cranberries. Ransom’s red was like a fire truck and classic red lipstick. And there were people that were blue, but unlike Nursey they were sincerely blue. Jack was blue like ice and the foaming ocean, and Holster was blue like the night sky just before the stars began to shine or forget-me-nots.

Then there was Dex. He was everything Nursey feared and envied about Red. He was one of those people whose skin itched with energy, whose heart beat like a war drum, whose skin flushed hot with danger. His skin was red like the coals of a fire, his eyes like sun warmed honey. Sometimes Will’s red was like raspberries and poppies and soft autumn leaves. Other times his red was like hot flames, racing hearts, and a resistance. His red so outright and natural that its impossible for him to ignore.

He can feel the words, shameful and sick, spilling out into the smoke above his head. Lardo and Shitty are staring at him with wide, quizzical eyes, and as he pauses for a breath Lardo huffs out a laugh, “You sure are a poet, Nurse. You ever bother to write any of this down?”

Nursey turns his head and rests his cheek on the hard wood floor. “What color are you Nurse?” Shitty is pulling the blunt from his hand and taking a long drag. “If you want to be red, and aren’t really blue.” He ponders for a minute, and his anxiety and self-doubt are the first on his mind.

“I’m yellow. Like a festering wound. Or mold.” Lardo is shaking her head from the window sill, ”Nah man. Not at all, you’re green. Like coniferous forest, or emerald velvet.” Shitty is blinking at her, then moves his hand to cup Nursey’s cheek.

“You’re wrong, babe. Nursey is purple. Like the endless lavender fields in France, or the purple clouds against a pink sunset.” Nursey is beaming, and he thinks his cheeks might break if he smiles and bigger.

Shitty is running his fingers through Nursey’s curls when Lardo whispers, “You’re so fucking beautiful, Nursey. You don’t need to be red.”

Mean Queens Ch.10 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: fuck u wank. This might be the best chapter we’ve written so far (at least, this is the chapter i’ve enjoyed the most). We’re showing the judges versatility with a lot of fluffy cuteness. You should not trust us. As always, thank you thank you thank you for all the love!

wankCAMP’s A/N: fuck nymph she can suck ass. She is a fugly slut. DO NOT TRUST HER! Anyway, enjoy this long, long, long, fucking long, really long thing. I like it, hope you do. Don’t forget to click on the links for sneaky snaps! And tell us what you thought, the response has been overwhelming <3 10 chapters! I’m weak. Also i have given up on trying to stop nymph from putting wank in my a/n. Fully given up.

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jackdawsonsgrl  asked:

I was thinking for Princess x Newt there could be some angst but also some fluff? I can imagine Newt is finding it hard to sneak around and not fully be with the one he loves. However, take it any way you want! I love what you've done so far ❤️

Oh-K!!! Here it is, the next installment. Enjoy lovelies. ❤️

Princess series this way!!!! 🌹

Another Princess imagine.

“Thank you, Jacob. Make sure the food is ready by the time the King arrives.” You moved around the kitchens, eyeing the many dishes Jacob and his assistants had been preparing all day for dinner. The King had been gone for a few weeks now, off on another one of his diplomatic missions as he so eloquently put it. You stirred your finger into the soup, taking a taste and nodding at the chef.


Jacob smiled proudly, resting his hands on his hips as he thanked you. “Don’t worry, your highness. He can’t be disappointed with what I’m making.”

“I’m sure he won’t, Jacob.”

With a smile, you turned and left the kitchens sighing when you realized the very bane of your existence was heading back to your castle. The past few weeks had been…more than sobering. Newt had ignored you for the most part of it, barely saying a word when you did manage to pass him by in the halls. That was…until last night.

You could tell he had been drinking, the strong smell of wine hung strong on his breath, and his kiss was more than sloppy, yet all the same it was everything you had been wanting.

Newt was a habit you couldn’t bring yourself to quit, and you weren’t sure you wanted to. Having him by your side was a dream you one day hoped would come true, but you knew deep down it just couldn’t happen. Not in the right way. As much as you wanted him with you always, the pain in his eyes every time you sent him away…you couldn’t bear it.

You reached the doors of your chambers, suddenly feeling a bit fatigued and the only thing you wanted to do was lay down and miss the entire dinner. Anything to be away from your husband. You sighed in slight pain, holding your stomach as you took a seat on your bed.

“You must be thrilled…”

Newt’s voice caught you off guard, making you dip back into the bed in defense. The wizard sat on the edge of your window sill, looking out at the gardens below.

“Newt…what on earth are you-”

“Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve snuck into your chambers, my lady.”

He bowed to you, though the bitterness behind it was evident in his movements.

“Why are you here?”

He chuckled at that, placing his hands in his lap and picking at his nails. “Perhaps I’m a fool.” His green eyes trailed up your body, stopping just as they met your own worried gaze.

“I…I don’t know why. I was on my way to the library, and I just…”

Newt pushed himself off the window, stalking over to you, eyes never leaving your form.

“I just wanted to see you.”

A worried sound left your lips, and you looked away from him hoping it would make this easier to say.

“Newt, we almost got caught the last time. And the other night you were drunk! You walk away from me-…you….”

Your voice began to crack, all your pent up emotions spilling out in front of the only man you’ve ever loved. All you wanted was for him to hold you, and never let go even if it meant the end for you two.

Newt’s fingers slid under your chin, lifting it so you could look him in the eye. His expression was no longer cold or distant, just empty. Like a man who already knew what he wanted was out of reach.

“Forgive me for that. I did not mean to drink so much, and I only needed to be with you. Have you any idea how much I love you?”


“No. Do not stop me anymore, do not pretend this isn’t what you want either. You love me, Y/N.”

His word cut deep into you, because it was the truth. You adored him, loved him, and no one would ever make you feel the way he did. His touch alone drew your breath into a hitch, making your heart beat fast in your chest and it was almost painful to deal with.

“I do…”

Tears fell down your cheeks, the overwhelming feeling of relief clouding your head as he leaned down and kissed you. His lips pressed firmly against yours, hands cupping your cheeks as he pushed you back onto the bed.

His hands trailed along your sides, lifting up your dress and removing whatever clothing was in the way of your passions.


You gripped his shoulders tightly, wrapping your legs around his waist as he entered you. His thrusts were rough, yet somehow passionate. Conveying the very emotions he was currently feeling. He needed you, more than anything in the world, but he was beyond exhausted of fighting a losing battle.

“I love you…” He gasped out, lips pressed into your cheek as he panted out in pleasure.

You threw your head back into the sheets, moaning when he kissed your neck and picked up his pace.

“I…oh, Newt…I love you, too.” You whispered into his neck, your fingers tangling into his messy locks. It wasn’t long till you both reached that point of bliss, and his body relaxed into yours, catching his breath as he slowly removed himself from you.

You allowed yourself a moment to enjoy the aftermath of your lovemaking, letting him hold you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Promises you knew none of you could keep. But, it was comforting to hear none the less.

“I should get ready.”

Newt grumbled, trying to keep you next to him but deciding it was in both of your best interests to let you go.

“Your husband should be arriving by now…”

“I know.”

You got up, brushing your fingers through your hair as you tried to look presentable. But, you could feel the evidence of your lovemaking dripping down your thighs.

“I should bathe.”

“Shall I join you?”

Newt smiled at you, fondly thinking over the last time he drew your bath and spent the night with you. But, you rolled your eyes at him hitting him playfully on the leg.

“Don’t push this, Newt. This is a very dangerous game we’re both playing.

“I’m aware, my love.”

His words were shocking to hear, simply because he hadn’t called you by such things since before your marriage to Grindelwald. You smiled at him, kissing him one last time before heading towards your bath leaving him to clean up as well.

You looked into your mirror, rubbing off your lip color and removing your earrings. Every second that ticked by only brought your husband that much closer to you, a feeling you had begun to dread more and more.

As you walked towards your tub you heard a loud sound, almost like the very walls were cracking. You stilled in your movements, looking towards the door as you called out to Newt.


His voice didn’t come though, and you felt your mouth go dry as sudden anxiety filled you. “Newt…”

Going against your instincts, you ran outside of the bathing area, stopping just as you entered your chambers once more. Your eyes widened when you saw your lover, his body lying limp in a pile of blood on the ground. Your mouth hung open, a loud sob leaving you as you ran to him. You sank to your knees, hands hanging over him in shock.


His eyes were closed, blood pooling from a large wound on his side, as if some creature had clawed at him over and over again. You pushed your hands over the area, blood seeping into your sleeves and dress as you tried to stop the bleeding.

“Oh my god…Newt!”

Sobs wracked your body, and you held your hand over your mouth as you cried out.

“Someone! Someone please help!”

Tears streamed down your face, the sound of your doors opening as Tina and her other guards raced into the room. Fearing their Queen was under attack. Tina stopped in shock, looking up at the walls of your chambers, concern washing over her as she saw the large claw marks that marked the ceiling.

“What happened…”

You didn’t bother explaining, you grabbed her arms crying into her as you screamed for someone to help Newt.


To be continued!!!! ❤️ Ayyyy.

Originally posted by serenaswaldorf


Word count: 3100+

A/N: keep in mind in know that in 2016, the 6th of Dec wasn’t a Saturday. But ignore that like I have haha! & also this was originally 2 different chapters, but I combined them & I might do that with a few more so there isn’t so many chapters.

I’m glad that people have liked the first chapter. The drama hasn’t even started Unfolding yet! ✔✔❤❤

As usual: oversee the grammar and spelling mistakes I make. I’m not the best editor 🖕



Before I knew it Monday came around, and to say that I was excited to see my babies was an understatement. It had been two miserable days of not seeing their darling faces creating havoc around the house. I missed cleaning up after them, snuggling with Ruby at night when she couldn’t sleep, cooking with Joshua when wanted to bake.

In those two days I moped around the house, cleaning spotless bench tops, re-washing all the linen in the cupboards, and having lunch with Greg on the Sunday before he went to Los Angeles to see his sister for a week.

Since the kids school was only a few blocks away I decided to forgo the taxi and pick them up by foot. I even considered stopping at a small ice cream bar to give the kids a treat. It may have been the middle of November but I didn’t mind a little ice cream here or there.

I replaced my black stilettos for some ankle boots but left my work attire on, only putting thick white peacoat and black scarf over top. I grabbed my handbag and keys from the kitchen bench before locking up.

It was a bonus that I got to work half my days at home instead of being cooped up in a stuffy office for hours on end. Being a senior architect and a boss meant I could mold my own hours and delegate my work load. My boss and owner of the company, Chloe was an incredible lady and not much older then me. When I started working for her straight after collage, her business was just starting off.

Being only 5 years my senior meant that she turned into one of my closest friends. She was there visiting me at the hospital when both my children were born, and one of the people holding me up when my marriage broke. Apart from her, and my best friend Izzy, she was the only other person I trusted that wasn’t family.

The walk to columbia grammar and preparatory school only took about 20 minutes or so, it was a nimble walk along the streets of the upper west side. Finn refused to send our children to any other place stating ‘it’s what’s best for our children’s education’ and I couldn’t agree more.

It was a private school full of privileged young youths, the tuition alone per year was more then buying a house. But when it came to their learning money wasn’t a problem. It was one of the places Finn’s company donated heavily too, he was also on the board of trustees and a former student.

I opened the door to ruby’s class room and gathered with the other parents in the corner as the teacher was talking to the students.

“Hey Rachel” whispered another mom to the left of me, she was a sweet women that wasn’t short of bedazzling herself with stunning diamonds.

“Hi Rebecca, how’s your day?” I replied with a hushed whispered and shuffled closer to her so I didn’t disturb the class.

“Oh you know same old, same old. Patrick begs me to stay at home and keep my feet up until miss Isabella makes her grand entrance, he’s like a broken record that man” she smiles rubbing her, very round tummy. I looked at the 40-something year old in amazement, her hair prim and proper, with wonderful designer clothing and a kind hearted smile upon her face. It was rare to meet genuine people in New York. It reminded me to set up a coffee date with her sometime soon.

“Listen to your husband Rebecca, Patrick’s right you should put your feet up more often. You won’t be able to do it when she comes along” I tutted and chuckled quietly at my authority.

“Yeah maybe but I’ll be so bored. I need to be doing something or I feel like I’m going crazy”.

“I know how you fe-”

I was interrupted by the feel of a tiny body constricting themselves around my legs in joy. Her little pony tail bouncing with her movement when Ruby began jumping lightly on the balls of her feet. A smile radiated my face, leaning down I wrapped an arm around Ruby’s back and cuddle my little girl close.

“I missed you too sweety” I whispered softly into her ear and returned to my stand position.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Rebecca, I’ve got to get going to Josh’s classroom” I learned over a pecked her cheek in Farwell. “Bye brody” I patted her sons head as they both smiled and waved goodbye.

After collecting ruby’s bag and coat, we headed down the hall to Josh’s class. Her tiny hand secure in mine as we walked side by side through the busy corridor.

Josh was already waiting for us by the door as he talking to one of his teachers, Mr Holden.  He was a bubbly old man, who talked years of wisdom. Josh was fond of the old guy, admired him almost. He made sure Josh kept his grades impeccable and in exchange he would tell Josh all about his time teaching in France, Ireland and Australia.

“Hi mom” beamed my little man, then said a quick goodbye to the teacher who waved at me.

“How was dad’s house?” I was a bit sceptical on how the weekend went after ruby’s little breakdown.

“Awesome!” He beamed. “We had so much fun! Dad took us out for tea, went to the park and even the zoo mom. The ZOO!”.

“It would of been better if you were there” I could barely hear the whisper that was muttered by Ruby. My heart broke again after hearing her soft words. I knew they weren’t meant for my ears, so I decided not to speak up.

We headed towards the little ice cream bar that was situated between our house and the school. Even with New Yorks chilly temperature the place was still bursting with people. It took us 20 minutes for us to place our order (Ruby with a scoop of vanilla bean and sprinkles, Josh with a scoop of raspberry swirl and I deciding on a scoop of cookies and cream). We chose to eat and walk, the kids talking about the rest of the weekend and school today and I filling them in on my lonely adventures without them.

By the time we arrived home our bellies were full and the cold finally getting to us, Ruby snuggled closer into my leg as I fished into my bag to retrieve the keys.

The rest of the night was full of laughter and a light tea before both the kids and I curled up in my king size bed and dozed off.


The rest of the month flew by fast and before I knew it, it was already the 5th of December. Finns mood stayed placid but he didn’t speak to me or step foot into my house after I kicked him out. He’s grumpiness was obvious on his face, but I was glad the smart ass kept his usual comments to himself.

Greg had popped over several times after work when he came back from his sisters house. He only stayed one of those nights, to which I was grateful for. Our relationship sometimes felt more like a friendship and I was comfortable with that. I wasn’t ready to give my heart to someone else after a messy divorce.

If i was being honest, I wasn’t completely over my ex-husband. I probably never will be. He swept me off my feet when I was only 18, I was new to college life and Izzy convinced me that our first week should be spent drinking until our livers gave out. I being the pushover I am agreed and somehow we found ourself at a prat party.

Finn approach me and asked me to dance, and I being a typical freshman fell for his charms and instantly in love. It was just my luck that he reciprocated my feelings and for the next 12 years out life was bliss. Until it wasn’t, until he broke my heart in the worst possible way.

Joshua’s 8th birthday was tomorrow and it was my turn to have him. I hadn’t planned anything big, but I couldn’t wait to surprise him with a visit to the Rockefeller centre to go ice skating, then to travel to my parents house over in New Jersey for a family tea. He wasn’t a fussy child and the simple things in life is what made him happy. I’m glad that even though he grew up around money he doesn’t demand to be spoilt.

I was lucky to have both humble and nurtured children. Money buys power, to which their father had Alot of, and still with the world at their feet they would rather have a simple gift then an extravagant one. I guess they inherited my way of thinking, I had always told them money can’t buy love.


By 7am the next morning the house was alive, the birthday boy had made sure of that. His excitement for the days events were contagious and I couldn’t help by smile everytime his eyes lit up after opening one of his presents.

Blueberry waffles were still steaming hot on the counter top as I prepared the cream and chocolate sauce. It was a breakfast I disapproved of, but today was Josh’s day and he had practically begged for days on end for them. Who was I to say no? How could I even say no?

Just as I was about to call the kids to the dinning room table the door bell chimed. I looked at my watch seeing it was only 8.14am.

‘Who on earth could that be?’ I thought to myself as I dusted off my hands and made my way to the door. My Mom and Step-Dad knew we were coming to their house today, same with my older brother Robert.

Izzy surely wouldn’t be out of bed this early on a Saturday morning, plus she was at a franchise meeting in LA to both her and the kids dismay. They loved their aunty Iz, who had a habit of feeding their bellies full of white chocolate muffins. Also, Chloe was meeting us at the ice skating rink with her two bubbly children. So we weren’t expecting company.

Shocked couldn’t even describe my emotion when I opened that door to see my ex-husband and his new hussy standing there on the door step.

His impeccable dark blue wash suit was tailored to perfection as aways, hair greased back leaving it slightly wet, which could also be said about my panties.

Olivia looked stunning as always, and it made me sick. Her newly short platinum blonde hair was styled into a quirky quiff, her slim figure dressed in a perfect two toned grey and white stripped knitted dress that stopped just before her knees. She added black boots, a grey coat and a beautiful necklace hung around her neck.

I internally groaned when I assessed my own attire of, black leggings I pulled from my draw and a old, baggy OASIS top which I stole off Finn in my junior year at college. It was stretched beyond belief because of the two pregnancies I endured and the neck line kept slipping off my shoulder. No doubt my hair was still a tangled mess on top of my head, actually I was a mess from head to toe and they were the perfect couple. But just to add insult to injury, I remember that I didn’t even bother to put on a bra this morning. Great, just great.

“What are you doing here?” I tried my hardest to cover up as much of my top as I could, I didn’t want to look like a desperate ex-wife still mourning the loss of her husband. But the look in his eye told me he had already noticed what top I decided to wear.

“I came to see my son on his birthday Rae. Is that alright with you?” I rolled my eyes and ignored Olivia’s snickering. I stood to the side and allowed them both to come in, as much as I wanted to slam the door in their faces I knew that Josh would want to see his dad.

The kids where currently in Josh’s room playing the Xbox game I got him, so I excused myself to notify them that their dad was here to see them.

The moment their little eyes connected with their fathers they came running down the stairs and engulfed Finn in a giant hug nearly knocking him to the ground.

Josh started talking a mile a minute explaining to Finn all the exciting things that he had gotten already. I could see Finn smile as he watched his son, causing a small ache with on my heart. These moments are the ones I missed, when we would spend time as a family.

I knew that Finn had already given Josh his present when they had seen him after school on Thursday so I was a little shocked to see him pull two small gift box’s from his coat and hand them to both the kids. I didn’t stick around to see the cute expressions they made when they opened them, it still hurt to much.

“Dad, mom cooked our favourite breakfast today! And made home made chocolate sauce” Josh spoke excitedly, “dad, are you staying for breakfast? Please, please say you are!”

Finn, Josh and Ruby looked to me expectedly as I stood awkwardly in the kitchen. I nodded my head silently and listened to the kids cheer.

“But finny, we have a plane to catch” Olivia whined. It was the first thing she had said since she arrived, and I wished she had just kept her mouth shut.

“Liv it’s a private plane! I’ll just ring the airport and delay it by an hour” Finn spoke softly, but I couldn’t help but pick up on his cool tone. Olivia continued to whine like a 3 year old about keeping to a schedule and I didn’t have time to listen. I just continued to busy myself with setting the table.

They all gathered around my mahogany 6 seater table in the dinning room. Finn and Olivia sat together on one side, and the kids, and I sat on the other. Never had I felt this awkward in my own home, between Olivia scrunching her nose up the waffles, and the kids in a in-depth conversation with Finn, I just felt alone. This wasn’t the family breakfasts I dreamt of when I was a teen. Silently, I sat there nibbling on a few bits of freshly cut fruit. Wishing I could disappear.

“Mommy?” Ruby whispered, disconnecting me from my thoughts and bringing me back to reality, not realising I zoned out.

“Yeah baby” I cooed stroking her soft light brown hair smiling.

“Why is Olivia here?” I turned to my daughter and leaned closer to her.

“Ugh- well sweety. She is your daddy’s girlfriend and she wants to see you guys. It’s Josh’s birthday and he’s extremely happy having them here. Why do you ask?”.

“She doesn’t like us very much” Ruby muttered, “she always says we get in the way”.

I focused on my breathing, reminding myself that today was Josh’s day and I couldn’t ruin it by jumping over the table and strangling the bitch to death.

“Like I said sweetie your going to have to talk to your dad about that”.

“Talk to me about what?” We swung our heads towards Finn not realising that our conversation was being heard. I felt ruby’s small hands latch onto mine in a death grip.

“Well… Umm… I think it’s something you and Ruby should talk about that- in private” I explained sending a small smile to Ruby.

“And why is that?” Olivia butted in. I could see the annoyance etched on her face.

“Because it’s a private matter between him and his daughter that’s why” I narrowed my eyes on the witch, but kept my voice light. She had no right to butt in on this conversation.

“Oh please save me the sob story. You just want to spin lies to my Finn don’t you!” Olivia spat. Her words echo in my head over and over again. Her Finn. I felt my heart break all over again.

“I would never, ever do that! You have no ri-”.

“Enough!” Finn bellowed, his face tinted red in anger.

“Olivia, I’ll meet you in the car” Finn hissed, ignoring her complaints. She huffed and stormed off; slamming the front door behind her.

“Kids do you think I can talk to your mom for a minute?” They both nodded and went back up into room after I kissed them on their heads.

“What exactly was that about Rae!” I cringed at his toned. He leant over the table, his eyes boaring into mine. I looked away deciding the left over fruit on my plate looked particularly interesting.

“I think you need to speak with Ruby, Finn. I’ve told her too, but she is too scared” I sighed, “and that is what I tried to explain to your girlfriend”.

“I’ll deal with Olivia later Rae, don’t bring her up”.

“Why did you have to bring her here! To my house! I understand you wanting to see Josh but you know how we feel about each other. And you still-” Finn abruptly got up from his chair and walked around the table until he was standing right next to me. Yanking me by my arm lightly, Finn dragged me to my feet.

“You left me remember! You packed your shit and left with my fucking kids in the middle of my business trip. So don’t you dare go there!” He hissed causing me to flinch back.

“You were so heart broken that you moved Olivia in 6 months later” I scoffed, “you know what just leave please. This is Josh’s day! And I don’t want it ruined by a silly little argument. So please just go say goodbye and hop on that plane of yours and go… your good at that” I barely whispered the last words before I fled.

Out of all the deceitful things Finn had done to me in the 2 years since our divorce, this took the cake. I could deal with his hateful words, but for him to bring her into my home… That was unacceptable. To let her talk to me like that in front of our children. I was done.

There was no use hiding my tears in the bathroom I barricaded myself in. I needed to get this pitty party over with, because today wasn’t the day for a mental break down.

'Why wasn’t I good enough Finn?’


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