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Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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Last day! This is so bittersweet!

     There are two major connotations of red. Both were passionate, hot, filled with energy and emotion, strength and power. On one end there was war, rage, danger, and warning. On the other there is love, romance, and desire. The color red is known to increase heartrate and blood pressure, make people more aware and alive, so Nursey avoided it, opting for cool blues and rich greens. He knew people who personified the color itself, that flicked and burned like a flame. Their bodies were filled with energy that swelled under their skin and power that exhibited itself in every word they spoke. These people were hot and passionate and frighteningly alive when all Derek wanted was be cold, relaxed, subdued. He felt so intimidated and jealous of their zeal because he tried so hard to be chill and failed but the energy he had was nothing like theirs. It was encompassing and sickening. It made him feel ill and drained. But he met so many red people at Samwell and melted.

   Bitty’s red was bright and light, like a cherry. It was sweet, and incredibly warm, and comforting. Bitty’s red was happy, like sparklers and fireworks and freshly kissed lips.

Lardo’s red was deep and burning, like blood. It was dark and mystifying and intricate.  Lardo’s red was dark like stained wood, pomegranate juice and fresh bruises.

There was Shitty, whose red was like garnets and sweet cranberries. Ransom’s red was like a fire truck and classic red lipstick. And there were people that were blue, but unlike Nursey they were sincerely blue. Jack was blue like ice and the foaming ocean, and Holster was blue like the night sky just before the stars began to shine or forget-me-nots.

Then there was Dex. He was everything Nursey feared and envied about Red. He was one of those people whose skin itched with energy, whose heart beat like a war drum, whose skin flushed hot with danger. His skin was red like the coals of a fire, his eyes like sun warmed honey. Sometimes Will’s red was like raspberries and poppies and soft autumn leaves. Other times his red was like hot flames, racing hearts, and a resistance. His red so outright and natural that its impossible for him to ignore.

He can feel the words, shameful and sick, spilling out into the smoke above his head. Lardo and Shitty are staring at him with wide, quizzical eyes, and as he pauses for a breath Lardo huffs out a laugh, “You sure are a poet, Nurse. You ever bother to write any of this down?”

Nursey turns his head and rests his cheek on the hard wood floor. “What color are you Nurse?” Shitty is pulling the blunt from his hand and taking a long drag. “If you want to be red, and aren’t really blue.” He ponders for a minute, and his anxiety and self-doubt are the first on his mind.

“I’m yellow. Like a festering wound. Or mold.” Lardo is shaking her head from the window sill, ”Nah man. Not at all, you’re green. Like coniferous forest, or emerald velvet.” Shitty is blinking at her, then moves his hand to cup Nursey’s cheek.

“You’re wrong, babe. Nursey is purple. Like the endless lavender fields in France, or the purple clouds against a pink sunset.” Nursey is beaming, and he thinks his cheeks might break if he smiles and bigger.

Shitty is running his fingers through Nursey’s curls when Lardo whispers, “You’re so fucking beautiful, Nursey. You don’t need to be red.”

holy shit this episode was emotional/perfect imo, it had all the things i needed when it came to team family interactions, i knew from spoilers that these two were gonna go on that foolish mission & it should be obvious who dies between them but god damnit i aint prepared for it, those sasha/rosita + maggie/daryl scenes hit me.

bonus:jesus finally mentioning hes gay!!!!

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Twenty-Two (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Twenty-Two

Alcohol: a colorless volatile flammable liquid that is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer and other drinks.

Intoxicating. That seemed about right.

In fact, that was all Suga could do to describe his current state, an irreversible feeling of numbness that was intoxicating and something he never wanted to go away. He never ever, wanted to feel all the emotions he knew were right behind the wall. So he kept drinking, and even started smoking again despite your protests.

As you played with Jae on your lap, the two of you sitting in the raggedy old couch that you had come to love so much, you tried your hardest to fight all of your own emotions as you stared at Yoongi from the corner of your eye who was taking turns between drinking and smoking. You didn’t know what to say to stop him, and you didn’t know if you should. Everyone coped differently. He just needed time, at least, that’s what you kept telling yourself.

The first day you went back to school, you ended up shaking with anxiety right before the bell rang for lunch. You weren’t ready to hear it, to see the boys come in and know that there would always be one less now, that you would keep waiting for Jin to walk through that door with that same smile on his face and he never would.

It was too harsh of a reality— and so you decided not to face it yet. Instead, you walked straight out of the classroom in the middle of the teacher’s lecture and headed for the safest place you knew.

Underneath the tree you felt safe, you always had. Even though it felt wrong to sit there without him nagging you and asking you questions, you still felt like you could feel him there with you. You didn’t even try to fight the first tears as they rolled easily off your cheeks, needing that reminder that this was real and that you had to face it eventually.

This was how you coped.

And everyday, it seemed to get easier. You would leave before the bell rang everyday, but everyday you would risk a little bit more. Cutting it close to the last minute before you heard it. You needed those days, those few days to get your emotions in check and to finally let him go.

But even though you needed that time for yourself, it seemed like the boys needed you more.

The first day, about a week and a half after Jin’s death, that you stayed until the boys showed up, was the hardest day. The air was solemn as they all took up their seats, silently pulling out their food and eating. V and J-Hope would crack jokes every once in a while, but no one really seemed interested in participating besides you and as the period wore on, even you got affected by the negative air, not wanting to hear the jokes any longer.

You sat next to Yoongi, who wasn’t sleeping but had his head laid carefully on his arms that were stretched out on the desk, watching everything. He had this blank look about him, like even if you stood up and walked away and never spoke to him again, he wouldn’t notice. It scared you, because you had no idea how to help him or how to even begin to ask him how he was feeling. He hadn’t looked you in the eyes since that day, and hadn’t even dared to touch or kiss you.

“Hey maybe we should go block up an intersection today. We need some good laughs.” V suggested, a smile gracing that cute face of his and making you smile glumly in return.

“Yes and we can get eggs to throw!” J-Hope agreed, laughing at the thought.

“Would you both just shut up already?” Suga suddenly spoke and you were startled. You had hardly heard his voice in the last week and a half, and you definitely weren’t prepared for one of his classic temper tantrums. “How can you laugh or act like everything is fine when one of us is dead?!” He stood up suddenly, his body shaking in anger and you suddenly felt scared.

Setting a steadying hand on his, you spoke quietly. “Yoongi. They’re just trying to cope in their own way—“

He shook you off and you felt like you had been punched right in the chest. “I don’t fucking care, Y/N! You’re acting like a bunch of children. We don’t have time to go vandalize and run away from the police anymore! Whalien and Cypher are out there looking for our heads. They’re going to take Y/N and Namjoon and you guys want to throw eggs at cars?” He was screaming at his friends, nothing registering in his mind besides his anger and his own voice. You were taken aback at the sight, and V and J-Hope looked close to tears, mouths shut so tightly you feared they weren’t able to breathe.

Suga stormed out and you didn’t go after him, knowing it wasn’t worth it. He needed his time, he needed to find his own way of coping and you couldn’t interfere.

Now sitting in the train car, Jae in your lap laughing without a care, you suddenly weren’t so sure he was capable of coping and recovering on his own. He had hardly spoken to you or come to see you.

After that day, you hadn’t dared go home, and for good reason. Your father had put out a kill order on your head. When you sided with BTS and didn’t willingly turn yourself over to Whalien and Cypher you had sealed your own fate. This was his way of letting you know that you had been officially disowned and were unwelcome in his home. Your accounts under his name had been frozen and you were now living off all of the money you had saved up for college, to move far away and never look back. You had wanted this, but maybe not quite so soon.

Suga didn’t know of course. He knew you couldn’t go home, because if you did your father might never let you out of his sight again. But he had no idea that if they found you you were dead. You didn’t think it was a good idea to tell him in his current state.

Watching him now, you almost burst into tears. You had never felt so apart from him, like there was no way of getting back to him. Even before you had known each other, there had always been that indescribable link. But now, it was like he didn’t see you at all.

Setting Jae down, you walked over to meet him and sat down on the floor next to him in his corner. He didn’t say anything, didn’t even acknowledge your presence. So you took the bottle from his hands and took a long sip. He looked at you like he would murder you for taking his alcohol until he saw that you were joining in. You handed it back to him when you were done and the two of you sat like that in silence for a while longer before you finally spoke.

“Yoongi. Please don’t lock me out. Talk to me, I’m right here you don’t have to do this alone.” You didn’t mean it to, but your voice came out desperate. You just wanted him to come back to you, because to be honest, you couldn’t do it anymore alone either. You needed him as much as you knew he needed you.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t even look your way. You wanted to shake him and scream, but you knew that would just upset Jae.

You pulled your knees up to hug yourself and curled into a ball. Burying your face, you tried to stop the tears, not wanting to let him see you like that anymore. You wanted to be the strong one for him.

“Why won’t you say anything?” You heard your words break even though it was muffled by your knees.

You heard him shift slightly, hovering somewhere near you unsurely. He didn’t like to think that he made you feel so sad, like he had made you build up a wall again. His hand hesitated by your shoulder. “Y/N, I, I just, I don’t know how I can be around you when—“

He didn’t get to finish when Jungkook stumbled in, his eyes teary and his hair a crazy and attractive mess. Even though you wanted to curse him for interrupting you right when you had gotten Yoongi to talk, he looked so sad, and all you wanted to do was give him a hug.

“Suga, V was arrested.” Jungkook reported urgently, “And—“

“Goddamit what is wrong with all you! Why do you all keep making everything so fucking difficult?!” Yoongi stood and you shrunk back, hating this side of him. It made you nervous, like the gentle guy you had fallen for was nowhere to be found and he was just that boy who mercilessly beat into his victims over and over again.

Jungkook didn’t look as scared of Yoongi as he normally did. In fact, he looked almost pissed and his words confirmed your thoughts. “What the fuck is wrong with you Yoongi? We’re all trying to get through this together and you’re just over here acting like a little bitch, too scared to admit how broken you feel. Too afraid to let everything out!”

Suga got up and walked around in an angry circle as he tried to think of something to say. You knew this wouldn’t be good, so you got up and held Jae close, urging him not to look at the way his older brother, his hero, was acting. And you were glad you did.

You flinched as he suddenly swung his arms out and swiped all of the drinks he had been drinking to the ground, letting them crash and spill everywhere, just trying to find an outlet for his anger. This wasn’t him, you didn’t want it to be.

Jungkook put a hand on his shoulder, trying to yank him back but he just snatched his arm away as he turned around swinging his free arm at Jungkook who pulled back just in time. He keeled over then, screaming in anger but it sounded like more than that to you. It was a call for help, a cry of pain as everything settled in around him.

Tears sprung to your eyes as Jungkook started towards him again, but this time he didn’t aim to hurt him. He swept Suga up in his arms, forcing a hug onto him as Jungkook cried out himself, tears streaming down his face. He needed his hyung, he needed someone. And he was going to save Suga from this drowning state no matter what it took.

Suga resisted the hug with everything he had, worming his hands onto Jungkook’s chest and pushing him, hard, so that his back hit the wall and he slunk down in pain. You could barely look, and you cried out when Jungkook hit the wall, hating the sound it made.

Suga stumbled back, a look of satisfaction intermixed with sadness crossing his face. You wanted to slap him, and make him realize what he was doing but you didn’t have to.

When Jungkook looked up the look on his face was absolutely heartbreaking.

He looked like he had been betrayed, his eyes filled with more tears as he stared at his hyung like he had suddenly lost all of the respect he ever had for him. And then, he was darting forward, his fist connected with his jaw and Suga fell back so quick you wondered if you even saw it happen. Jungkook yanked him back up by his shirt and you saw the blood that bled from Suga’s mouth. His form was loose and influenced under Jungkook’s grip. He managed to get a hand on Jungkook’s shirt, throwing him once more to the ground and making Jungkook wince in pain.

And then Suga did something none of us were expecting. Jungkook looked up in surprise as he grabbed ahold of the chair he had been previously occupying and flung it at the wall, the crash sending reverberations throughout your body and making you feel like all of your hope had been lost. You couldn’t believe the way he was acting. You didn’t even know who he was in that moment.

He ducked out before either of you could say anything, but right before he left Jungkook said one last thing that made Suga hesitate in the doorway.

“Hobie is in the hospital.”

You looked at him with alarmed eyes, not believing his words. “What did you just say?”

Suga turned back with a disbelieving expression.

“Him and V went out to block traffic like they were talking about. One of the cars didn’t stop and hit Hobie dead on. V called the police and was arrested and then they took Hobie to the hospital, he’s in critical condition. That’s what I came here to tell you.”

Suga looked like he regretted everything instantly, his little maknae sprawled on the floor because of him, because of the mess he had created. He couldn’t help but want to cry when you suddenly sprung into action.

“What hospital is he at? We have to go right now!”

But Jungkook ignored you, seeing that he was finally breaking through to Suga. “We needed you, Suga. Everyone was looking to you and Rap Mon to hold us together like you always do. And instead you left us all alone. We’re falling apart, can’t you see that? How could you do that to us?” His tears were back again and you watched as Suga finally shut down, his head hanging low.

And then his deep voice rumbled in sadness. “Take me to him. Now.”

A/N: I know I said before that tomorrow was going to be the last update but I lied. I have to add one more chapter in so tomorrow will be the extra chapter and then the FINAL CHAPTER will be uploaded on Saturday! Thanks guys! 

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Emotional cheating in Sherlock’s fake suicide

Think of a typical scene in film between two lovers in which one confronts the other about cheating.

Person A: “Was he the only one?”

Person B: “There were a couple of others.” (goes on to ramble apologies and explanations)

Person A: (ignores the rambling, sighs with sadness, face betraying the fact that he knew deep down there were more) “Who else?”

Person B: (gives the details)

Person A: “So just this guy, this RANDOM chick, and 100 TRAMPS.”

Classic cheating confrontation scenario, played out to also reflect emotional cheating (which is also something almost exclusively linked to non-platonic relationships), sub-text hinting at a sexual, romantic betrayal. John cannot believe Sherlock chose his brother, Molly Hooper (whom he sees as inconsequential to Sherlock as this is what Sherlock portrays their relationship to be), and 100 tramps, a word choice with another meaning that I don’t think can be swept under the carpet.

Sterek!Ulay, Oh

oh my sweet jesus, my sweet zombie jesus, I just discovered this song and watched the video  where two lovers reunited after like 30 years and after I had a breakdown after thinking of my first love, I thought about Derek and Stiles. 

Derek and Stiles who were both secret lovers who were deeply in-love with one another but simply couldn’t be together. So in their final moment, they met up at the preserve where they first met and had their final kiss. A kiss so profound and full of emotion and salty-tears where they both knew just how much they cared for one another. That had fate given them another shot, they would’ve ended up together. 

And then they part ways for 20 years. 

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ok but i just cant help but thinking esp with the strong parallels between kaneki and arima that arima is similarly low key suicidal like kaneki. They are emotional foils to each other– Kaneki wears his heart on his sleeve and Arima is obviously very buttoned up. But they do care for each other and have an emotional bond, something Arima doesnt usually take the time for, but now this betrayal that he knew was coming but he still seems so, so sad fighting Kaneki. And all this while, here are these two men who feel like they were just born to die in a world where they have had no say in what happens to them, how they are used, how theyve had no choice. But as theyre fighting, if one kills another, the curse really is that the other has to live.