who knew these two were so emotional

Imagine being Lucifers soulmate

Word count: 2186

Request by: anon - Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Lucifer x reader where Chuck is like “yeah Lucifer has a soulmate duh” so Sam, Dean, Cas, Lucifer, and Chuck all go to find them (Sam and Dean ready for her to be all evil) but they’re super intelligent and sweet? Thank you!! 

A/N: Thanks for the request <3

No one’s POV

Sam, Dean, Cas and Chuck were all sat silently in the room thinking of ways in which they could make Lucifer less angry at everything which reduces the risk of him throwing one of his ‘tantrums’ and destroying his brothers and humanity.

“I guess we could find his soulmate,” Chuck spoke out loud breaking the silence causing both Sam and Dean’s heads to shoot up and stare in Chuck’s direction.

“That’s a possibility,” Castiel replied to his father before continuing to look down at the lore book in his hands.

Both Sam and Dean just continued to stare at them in shock. The Lucifer, the very fallen angel which wanted to destroy humanity, had a soulmate, a human soulmate. A long period of silence followed as they were both too frozen to say anything.

“Wait what? Lucifer has a soulmate,” Dean spoke breaking the silence asking the question both him and Sam wanted to ask.

“Yeah Lucifer has a soulmate, duh,” Chuck laughed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “I made every angel have a soulmate.”

“Could you take us and Lucifer to her?” Sam asked Chuck steadily and Dean looked at him as if he had just said the most stupid and crazy thing in the world.

“Of course I can,” Chuck replied looking over the small group of people within the room, “It’s just getting Lucifer out of his room and agreeing to the plan that’s going to be the hard part, I don’t think he even knows himself that he has a mate.”

Everyone’s heads drifted to Dean silently, as a group, picking him to be the one to speak to the angry archangel only a few rooms down from them.

“Well I’m not going in there alone with no defence against a moody archangel.” Dean spoke matter-of-factly.

“Who are you calling moody?” A smooth voice called out causing everyone’s heads to shoot over to where the sound came from.

There stood Lucifer leaned against the doorframe with a smug expression covering his face, it was the first time anyone had seen him come out of his designated room almost as if he could sense that the others were talking about him.

“Lucifer, come sit,” Chuck spoke causing Lucifer to pull a face which resembled disgust.

“I’m fine here,” he replied. Lucifer still wasn’t back to being 100% father and son with God (in fact he acted like a teenager) but they seemed to be better than they were when he first got out of the cage and being moody constantly was better to Chuck than his son not talking to him at all.

“Well, what do you all want, I could hear you all thinking my name from my room,” Lucifer spoke into the silent room taking notice of the shocked expressions on the Winchester’s face’s when looking at him.

“Father decided it would be best if took you to see your soulmate.” Castiel informed Lucifer.

Shock was evident on Lucifer’s face for a split moment in time before it returned expressionless to try and hide the emotions he was feeling; it was clear to everyone in the room that he didn’t know he had a soulmate.

“Well, let’s go do that then,” Lucifer spoke calmly yet inside he knew he was excited. After the fall and spending so long in the cage, he had begun to think that his father had not created him a soulmate and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he still had the ability to feel love like his brothers and sisters, “It’s slightly better than doing nothing in my room all day,” he added not wanting anyone in the room to acknowledge his happiness, he still had the reputation of ‘the devil’ to hold.

“That was easier than expected,” mumbled Chuck to both Dean and Sam with a chuckle before raising his hand and clicking sending them all to meet Lucifer’s soulmate.

Your POV

Sighing to yourself, you collapsed onto the sofa, your favourite book in your hand ready to read the night away. The day had been so busy and you hadn’t had a second to relax so you had decided to spend the rest of the night just relaxing, listening to your favourite band and reading. That was until you heard a knocking at the door.

Thinking it was just some hunters coming to you for information you decided to ignore the knocking at the door and continue reading, trying your hardest to relax. They could go to someone else for help, it’s been too long of a day.

The knocking continued so you sighed placing the book down and made your way to the persistent person knocking at your door so late at night.

Shock was evident on your face when you opened the door to 5 men staring at you, two looking slightly scared making you confused as to why they could be here. You slightly backed away from the door in case they were demons (which you doubted highly due to the friendship you had with Crowley, although they could be rouge demons) or any other monster which could have found out you were helping hunters.

Even though you were nervous, your eyes couldn’t help but drift over to the man with blonde hair you just wanted to wrap your hands in and gorgeous blue eyes that you could stare in for eternity, your eyes continued to roam over his body, as did his with yours. You quickly diverted your eyes away from him in case he noticed you checking him out.

“How can I help you lovely men?” you smiled slightly looking at them as a whole.

“We was wondering if we could speak with Y/N,” the guy in the trench coat asked.

“That would be me, please, come in,” you replied, a smile not leaving your face, you nervously watched as they all stepped onto and over the welcome mat which contained a hidden devils trap under it. Your worry slightly lifted when you saw that none of them had gotten stuck. We are demon free, I repeat, demon free you thought to yourself as the men followed you into the kitchen.

“Anybody want a cuppa?” you asked happy that you weren’t in danger, if you were they probably would have tried to attack you by now but you were still cautious just in case.

A chorus of ‘no thank you’s’ was your reply apart from the blonde headed man replying ‘please’ causing all of the other men to look at him as if he had grown another head.

“S-Sure thing,” you cursed yourself for stuttering when talking to him and you felt your cheeks begin to heat up.

You hummed a cheery tune as you quickly spun around and popped the kettle on before making a drink for the both of you. As you handed the mysteriously hot man his drink your fingers collided for a moment and everything felt right like nothing else mattered in that short moment of time but you and him, sparks of electricity running up your arm. Looking up into the man’s crystal blue eyes, you searched for any sign that he had felt the same as you but all you saw was his expressionless face. Quickly, you grabbed onto your drink before sitting down and inviting everybody else to do so.

“So, what is it you guy’s wanted,” you smiled taking a sip of your drink. You had always been a cheerful person, from a very young age up until now and you had always believed that there was too much negativity within the world that you couldn’t possibly contribute to that, so you tried to spread as much joy as possible. It was one of the reasons you started helping hunters with their boring lore work. Lucifer realised that and admired you for it.

“Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves first, shouldn’t we?” the tall long haired man said nudging the person next to him who continued to stare at you like you was some sort of myth or legend.

“Wha- oh yes. Introductions. I’m Dean, that’s…” he paused for a second whilst pointing in the blonde man’s direction, “…Nick?” he said as more of a question, “Chuck, Cas, and this is my little brother Sam.”

It was now your turn to have shock overcome your face. Did you hear them right? Sam and Dean Winchester was in your house, in front of you with the infamous Castiel you had heard so much about. What the heck would they want with you?

“Winchester brothers?” You asked out quietly, surprised that a voice even managed to come out of your mouth.

“Yeah… That’s us, how’d you know?” Sam asked slightly creeped out that you knew who they were.

“Oh come on, every hunter knows about you two,” you stated.

Silence overcame the room as the men processed what you had just said, the only person to show any form of emotion was Nick, a large, proud smirk across his face at the fact you were a hunter.

“Well then, since you know about the supernatural, we can properly introduce ourselves,” Chuck spoke motioning to him and Nick, “I’m God, but I prefer Chuck.”

“Pleasure to meet you Chuck!” You spoke happily sticking out your hand for him to shake, surprising yourself that you didn’t react massively to the fact he had just told you he was the God. He chuckled taking your hand in his, your infectious smile crawling its way onto his face. Everybody then looked in Nicks direction, you saw him nervously fiddling with his hands.

“I, uh, I’m,” he stuttered, a hand reaching to stroke the back of his neck to calm him down as he debated whether or not he should tell you the truth, “I’m Lucifer.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him, for some reason it just felt right and both you and Lucifer knew it. He sighed into the hug relaxing instantly when you didn’t freak out over who he was

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you too Lucifer,” you said into the hug before pulling away from him seeing a smile on his face. The rest of the group seemed shocked at his display of emotion yet Lucifer decided to ignore them and keep smiling at you.

“So,” you spoke suddenly clapping your hands together and reluctantly turning away from Lucifer, “What brings the Winchesters, God and the angels to these neck of the woods.”

Lucifer’s metaphorical heart stopped for a moment when you acknowledged him as an angel, he didn’t think he could possibly fall in love with something as quickly as he was with you.

“You understand the concept of soulmates correct?” Castiel spoke up and you looked over in Lucifer’s direction knowing where the conversation seemed to be heading.

“I do,” you answered Castiel but not taking your eyes off of Lucifer and him not taking his eyes off of you.

“Well, we found out that you are the soulmate of-“

“Lucifer,” you spoke cutting Castiel off. It definitely was the only explanation for the strong attraction you were having for him, it felt as if you had known each other for all eternity.

“Yes, Lucifer is your mate,” Castiel confirmed.

You felt as Lucifer’s hand slid down into yours, fingers locking together causing a grin to appear on both your face and Lucifer’s.

“Okay let’s leave them to it then,” Chuck said shoving the rest of the boys out of the room and throwing a wink at you. Sam and Dean still continued to show shocked expressions at your kindness towards everyone as they were pushed by God out of the room to leave you and Lucifer some privacy to talk.

“Y/N,” Lucifer turned to you and placed a hand on your cheek the other still locked between your fingers, “I know we have only just met, but it feels as if I have been in love with you for eternity.”

“Me too Luci,” you confirmed slightly blushing and ducking your head at the way in which stared lustfully at you.

His hand drifted down to under your chin as he lifted your head to make you look at him. Your eyes locked with his ocean blue ones and it felt as if he was staring directly into your soul. Slowly, with his hand still on your chin, Lucifer leaned down hovering his lips over yours momentarily as your foreheads touched due to how close you were before locking his lips with yours. As cliché as it sounds, you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach when your hand reached up and gripped into his blonde hair. His gentle hand snaked its way around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest as he deepened the kiss. In this moment, wrapped in your soulmate’s arms, feeling the best you had in a while, you knew that you was truly in love as was Lucifer and that he was going to do everything in his power to protect you.

I had to run for my life today, something I hope I will never have to do again. I knew there was a possibility of a terror attack in Stockholm but I’ve never truly realised it… today has been jarring and I’m an emotional mess, I’m just so sad for the people who were hurt and their families but also everyone who would be hurt by the increased islamophobia and racism in Sweden if it turns out the attacker wasn’t white… you know who ran with me and were absolutely terrified? Two girls both in hijabs. We are all terrified and we are all victims, but we need to spread love at this time and not hate.

BTS Reaction to Their Innocent GF Defending Them

Request from @teacuplissy; “A request where the boys’ usually pleasant girlfriend becomes protective of them after she hears someone subtly try to throw shade. She calls them on it.”

Note: I had way too much fun with this..I’m sorry if it’s too much lmao. I bet y’all didn’t see two reactions in a row coming lel *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ He usually felt pain when people insulted him, only shrinking as he tried to hide away but when your grip tightened onto his hands as you soon began to charge towards the insulters; he was rendered speechless. “It’s better to let someone think you’re stupid than to open your mouth and prove it.” You sneered, standing before the two men and although you looked like a smol hamster compared to them — the fire blazing around your build had them apologizing immediately. In Seokjin’s eyes, he imagined the light illuminating only onto you from the sky of the park, angels harmonizing in the background as he realized that you, his goddess, was a force to be reckoned with.

Originally posted by for-seokjin

Suga ➳ With you by his side, he could care less about who spouted what around him. You were his ingénue, an angel sent from above and once you had slammed your fists onto the marble table situated inside the fanciest of restaurants, your chair screeching as you abruptly stood up; your stilettos tapped against the glass floor as you made your way to the table filled with obnoxious men before stopping in front of the culprit. Suddenly dropping a handful of napkins onto his lap, you smiled towards the man before saying, “your ass must be jealous from all the shit dripping from your mouth.” Yoongi could only stare to you in disbelief, wondering when and who exactly possessed his lovely girlfriend at that moment.

Originally posted by yoonmiint

J-Hope ➳ You were shaking with anger at seeing Hoseok put up a front, acting all happy when some men tried to hit on you and have the audacity to tell you that being with Hoseok was a mistake. You were seething, but Hoseok only smiled while ignoring them, and you knew it pierced his heart whenever the smile would grow smaller and smaller.

Suddenly, you turned around and walked towards the men who began to whistle in happiness, only to be shut down immediately. “If you really want to know about mistakes,” you growled as they all became quiet, “then you should ask your parents.” Hoseok would be laughing so hard, dancing and asking them if they wanted some ice for that burn as you tried to drag him away.

Originally posted by syubto

RapMonster ➳ You were all eating dinner with the boys when they all started to make fun of Namjoon, having nothing else to speak about and only finding amusement in ruining his pride in front of his girlfriend. He only smiled softly, not wanting the one he loves to see him in a different light as Jimin would squeak and giggle in various ways with the younger ones while they roasted their leader. The way you were gripping your fork went unnoticed, soon clearing your throat as you gained everyone’s attention once the waiter had placed the food down.

“Oh hey,” you smiled, looking to the green peas, “Maknae line, it’s your balls.” Namjoon would scream ‘oooh’ in the background, finding what you did in his defense the cutest thing ever.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jimin ➳ Jimin was suddenly pushed into you, and he would laugh nervously as he gave you a skeptical smile. “It’s fine.” He murmured, trying to push you along to keep you protected and from harm’s way but you wouldn’t have it in the least. The boys were laughing, calling Jimin various of names before they began to inch closer to the two of you once again and you were too quick for Jimin to react, suddenly pushing him to the side as you instantly karate kicked one of the men in the balls.

“That was just the appetizer,” you began to rub your hands and Jimin could only stare to you in aloofness; wondering if the one he loved oh so much was suddenly in the arms of a demon, “who wants the main course?”

Originally posted by chimneytaels

V ➳ If anything, one thing he knew you hated was seeing him be awkwardly quiet. You two have been playing at the arcade for a while, and although you both started off having a blast; Taehyung was slowly sinking into his emotions as he looked down. You were confused at first, until you saw a group of men laugh out loud as they were roasting him from afar. 

It was abrupt, but once you left the man with an assuring squeeze on his hand, you sped walked towards the group with a cup of dippin dots in your hand. “I just wanted to return your balls.” You told what you assumed was the leader, dropping the ice cream as it fell all over his lap; his supposed friends began to giggle and Taehyung was suddenly struck with pride at seeing his own girlfriend defend him.

Originally posted by jjilljj

Jungkook ➳ You two were walking down the park, his fingers interlaced with yours as he swung it side to side with a smile playing against his lips. He already heard those guys talking crap about him, saying various mean things that stuck his heart but he only wanted to have a great time with his precious girlfriend — so, he pushed his feelings to the side. What he didn’t expect, though, was you abruptly letting go of his hand so you can stalk your way to the men and bring out a very colorful vocabulary he didn’t even know existed within you.

He was shooketh, his eyes wide as you got the men to frighteningly apologize to him. “No one messes with my man.” You murmured, and Jungkook was still in shock. Although it was hot in his eyes, if anything, he should be protecting you.

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have you ever been in love? part 2 - reggie mantle

word count: 2.596

warnings: swearing, 

plot: happens about 2 days after the Vday quiz and if I summarize more I give away the plot

a/n: so i wasn’t planning on writing a 2nd part for HYEBIL but it was heavily requested and it’s Ross’s bday so,,,it happened

“Who’s this guy?” The bright screen of a phone was pushed in your face, causing you to groan and close your eyes. “Sorry.” The guy next to you muttered before toning down the luminosity.

The first thing you saw upon opening your eyes was an Instagram picture of you and Reggie Mantle. He had his arm around you and there was a dashing smile on his face. You were kissing his cheek and looked happier than ever.

And you were happy.


“That’s Reggie, he was my boyfriend.” You spoke before pushing the phone away from your face.

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Adverbially Yours, Part 1

Based on this post here. This post is part 1 of 3.

Don’t get me wrong. Stephen King is a god of writing. He is the Homer of America, and I mean the Greek Homer, not the Simpson Homer. Every one of you should acquire a copy of On Writing and read it multiple times over the entire rest of your lives.

But in an effort to punch you in the face with the rules of good writing, God King Stephen skips some of the subtleties of the craft that will also make you a better writer. Not because these ways of breaking the rules become rules themselves, but because they help you analyze and edit your own work.

So let’s meet under the troll bridge and discuss the scary monsters that are adverbs.

What He hath said:

3. Avoid adverbs.  

“The adverb is not your friend. Consider the sentence “He closed the door firmly.” It’s by no means a terrible sentence, but ask yourself if ‘firmly’ really has to be there. What about context? What about all the enlightening (not to say emotionally moving) prose which came before ‘He closed the door firmly’? Shouldn’t this tell us how he closed the door? And if the foregoing prose does tell us, then isn’t ‘firmly’ an extra word? Isn’t it redundant?”

What King points out is not the evil of adverbs, but the evil of throwaway adverbs.

“He closed the door firmly” isn’t terrible, but the poor sentence can barely hold onto the word “firmly,” leaving it hanging over the reader’s mental cliff. Especially when they come out of nowhere, adverbs stand out, crying for attention. They leave your readers wondering why you used them.

There are two ways to avoid the dangling adverb here. As King suggests, your readers should know that your character – let’s call him Barry – is going to shut that door with physical and emotional strength and finality. Let’s assume your readers already know Barry is a chiropractor with a booming practice and a loving extended family who demand more of Barry’s time than they should.

Try this:

“If you were so unhappy, why didn’t you leave sooner?” Barry said the words, but he already knew the answer. He knew David stayed because Barry was a good dog father and a solid citizen type that everyone envied. It had made coming out and announcing the marriage that much easier, especially to David’s conservative parents.

Now, they’d both have to admit failure. Barry’s family would understand. They’d seen enough of their own marriages go awry. He could already hear his mom: “Take time to heal and then get back out there. You’ll find your true love, I know it. If you sell the house, you can always come back home, dear.”

But this was the end of true love for Barry. At least he’d get to keep Duck (the dog).

David would have a much harder time by admitting defeat. His mother would claim her prayers were answered; his sister would give him the name of a good therapist – one of those who would subversively try to “cure” him of his “destructive” desires. Yet David was going to go home to them anyway.

“Bar, you know why I’m leaving. You’ve always known.” David turned and walked out the front door.

“I do,” Barry whispered when David was halfway down the front walk. He fought off the urge to call him back, because he knew David was right. Then he closed the door.


And we know he closed it firmly. Barry has seen the end of the marriage, and he knows why. He knows David isn’t coming back. We know he has the physical strength to shut the door. He fights off his last urge to stave off the inevitable.

When that door closes, everything changes. It has to be done firmly.

Suppose, however, you don’t have that much lead in before you get the itch to write a dangling adverb. There are ways to deal with that, too, depending on the scenario and the characters. Maybe you’ve already laid out their personalities; maybe closing that door is how you’ll telegraph characterizations to come.  

“Barry closed the door, then jiggled the knob to make sure the latch had caught” or “He closed the door and pushed on it to make sure it stayed shut.” These say something about the character. He needs surety, finality.

“He closed the door, then opened and closed it again to make sure it stayed shut.” The door represents Barry’s reluctance to let David go, then his acceptance that he’s going to leave regardless. Unless of course the door is broken and it needs to be shut multiple times to stay shut, and Barry had promised David he’d fix it, but he was always working and came home tired and spent the past two weekends with his sick father, etc …  

“Barry took a deep breath to calm himself, then closed the door.” He shuts it while still harboring anger or agitation.

“He slammed the door shut.” If you need the direct approach.

In these examples, the door, and the act of closing it, have become an important symbol for the relationship. In your writing, it might not always be this obvious … but when it is, you’ll want to make sure you avoid using throwaway adverbs.

But if it helps, write “He closed the door firmly” on your first draft. THIS IS WHY WE TELL YOU FIRST DRAFTS ALWAYS SUCK.

Next up: dialogue tags, aka, “she said, adverbially.”

– Aliya

Auston Matthews #2

Requested by Anon: hi could you please do one of auston matthews where you act like you hate each other but you’re both secretly in love ? and one of you confesses his/hers feelings ? thank you :) x

Warnings: Drinking, degrading talk of the main character, mean girls

Word Count: 2500

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for your patience. I loved this prompt! I hope you enjoy it! 

Auston Matthews #2 | #2.2 | #2.3 | #2.4 

Originally posted by werenskiz

You were always bad with emotions. Okay that wasn’t entirely true, you really were only bad with one emotion and anything that had to do with it, it being Love. So were you in love with Auston Matthews? No… Maybe… Yes. You were completely mad about the NHL player. And he made you completely mad. He angered you in every way. Well, maybe half of that was your fault. Like mentioned earlier, you weren’t great with the emotion of love, which meant, Auston made you nervous. It was hard to talk to him any time you were around him. Eventually you tried to avoid him at all costs but you also wanted to be around him 24/7. So yeah, there was some hostility between you two. To be fair it wasn’t all your fault. Auston was the one who started the hate relationship you two now had. It was clear ever since the third time you hung out with him. You had slyly mentioned to your best friend, Mitch Marner, that you thought Auston was attractive. You may have understated your emotions for Auston though. The first time you saw Auston, you knew. You knew that he was the one. You never once believed in true love at first sight but the moment Auston looked at you with those big brown eyes, you believed. With that being said, things had got a lot more difficult since then. Mitch said he would talk to Auston for you and from that point on Auston was always rude towards you. You thought it was because he actually didn’t like you and was just trying to send the message. A message where he hated you. It was clear. Mitch didn’t understand it. He said he’d try and tell Auston to settle down but you asked him not to. You didn’t want Auston to know you even cared.             

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: No, I just got this idea

Warnings: mentions of sex, really

A/N: I just had a little spurt of inspiration for this short imagine, I hope you enjoy it.

masterlist / coming soon

Originally posted by wydobrien

Stiles watched as your legs carried your body across the stage, the excitement swirling in your eyes as you accepted the scroll out of the older man’s hand and your eyes immediately locked on Stiles as you raised the piece of paper in the air. He let out a chuckle, winking at you as you walked back to your chair, trying desperately not to fall over the robe that was far too big on you. You paid for the right size robe but because you arrived a little later than everyone else, they only had robes three times bigger than your size available. You moaned and groaned but had no other choice but to accept it.

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Death Scenes

A/N: Just wanted to post something for you guys, so I just whipped this imagine/drabble thing together :) And trust me, no angst in this one, despite the name! Little over 700 words.

Jensen x friend!reader, Jared x friend!reader

Filming death scenes was always an experience.

This time was no different.

It always took a lot of takes to get it right. It was uncomfortable, and kind of unilaterally for the one playing dead — which in this case was you. But, even though you still had to put in an effort, it was Jensen and Jared who were up for a challenge. Not that you doubted they would perform beautifully — they were two of the best actors you’d ever met — you knew it was hard to bring about such powerful emotions.

On set there was always a lot of laughing behind the scenes, which always resulted in a lot of gag reel for the fans. Many bloopers so to say. And this scene, again, was no different.

Because, may you say, it was damn hard to stay still like that. And although you put all your concentration into it, it didn’t always work, since natural forces seemed to be working against you.

The scene began by you laying sprawled over the asphalt, obviously dead. Then Dean was the first one to reach you, and a few moments later Sam would find his brother kneeling besides his sister, whisper ’no’ before running up to them both.

So, the director of the episode told you that the cameras were rolling and you closed your eyes. You needed to stay as relaxed as possible, appearing limp. Your breathing was shallow and slow since it was important that the fall and rise of your chest wasn’t noticeable. Your face needed to be completely blank, loose, no crinkled eyebrows or any tension at all. You needed to keep your neck completely slack too, so that when Jensen grabbed your shoulders and rocked your body, your head would just loll to the side.

That’s when you got the urge to sneeze. And before you could think any more of it, you heard Jensen’s approaching footfalls and a puff of wind. He fell to his knees — and then there was a burst of laughter.

You instantly opened your eyes as a smile spread on your face, his laugh incredibly contagious. ”What?”

”What’s that face?” He cackled, tears in his eyes. ”You can’t look like that when I’m supposed to cry!”

”I was trying to hold in a sneeze actually,” you retorted, although laughing too now.

A loud chuckle was heard, unmistakably Jared from behind the scenes.  

More takes followed, one where Jared almost tripped while running, one where Jensen accidentally said your real name instead of your character’s, and one where you got this weird twitch in your leg.

It was actually pretty hard, emotionally, for you as well to film the scene. Sure, most draining it was for Jared and Jensen, but hearing them cry was hard for you too, even if you knew it was for the scene, it was acting. But still, your chest still clenched at hearing their sobs.

But soon enough, the director yelled cut and told you it was time to wrap it up because they had what they needed.

You opened your eyes again, and slowly sat up fully. After one look at your friends, you instantly wrapped one arm around each of their necks, pulling them into a close hug.

Because they looked miserable. Tearstained cheeks, blood-shot eyes, drooping shoulders.

And, you may not be the most experienced in the business, but you could tell the difference between fake and real tears. Therefore, you knew both Jensen and Jared were crying for real.

You’ve known each other for many years now, and had during that time grown very close. You weren’t just playing siblings, you actually considered them family in real life too. Having two extra brothers — along with their two lovely families — were especially nice since your own, biological family lived so far away.

They had both told you that they didn’t have to think of anyone else besides you being hurt, or in trouble, or well, dead, to bring out tears. Same went for the other, and you also felt the same way towards them.

Both of them still had tears running down their faces well after you were told you were done for the day.

”Shhh, it’s okay,” you murmured, rubbing their shoulders. ”How about we go out tonight, have a few drinks or something, just hang out?”

Jensen let out a small chuckle and nodded as he took a deep, ragged breath.

”Yeah, that sounds nice,” Jared responded, sniffling, speaking for the two of them.

You smiled to yourself. You loved the two dorks so much. Never could you have imagined this when you walked into that small, bare room, to audition for the show ”Supernatural.”

You were so glad you did.

“Snowy Reunions”


((Bad name? lol))

Word Count: 2,524

Warning: uh….mentions of prostitution…I think. That’s about it.

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44335557! (4)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 4 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 4,111

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“Sehun! Sehun!”
You panicked as you ran to his bathroom and swung the door open. You were in such a frenzied state that you weren’t thinking about what you were doing you burst into the shower and stared at Sehun wide-eyed. It seemed that in your panic you had forgotten what a bathroom was for and what he would be doing in his bathroom.

“Jesus Christ Y/N! What is wrong with you!?” He screamed grabbing his towel from the radiator, he quickly wrapped around his mid-section. But it was too late you had seen everything already. He was stooped down as though someone had punched him in the stomach, his face red as he was panting and staring at you through wide angry eyes. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!”
Your breath was shaking as you stood there, your knees trembling. What had just happened?
You heard a noise in the distance coming from towards the living room.

You let out a whimper as Sehun shouted at you, but you were so shocked that you couldn’t move. You were paralysed; stuck in your spot and the both of you were staring at each other in horror.

“Babe I think I left my purse in your –”

You spun around to look in the direction of the voice behind you.

Sehun’s girlfriend.
“What…the fuck is going on?” She breathed; her face much more menacing then it was when you first met. She was livid, her face was red and her hands had formed fists which were shaking violently. You blinked hard twice only just realising the situation that you were in. You willed so hard for the ground to swallow you up, but it didn’t happen.

“This is not what it looks like.” You tried to say confidently but it came out as a mere squeak and by the look on her face you were only making this worse.

“Mei, it’s not what it looks like I promise you.” Sehun’s breath was quick and sporadic as he took a step in her direction; tightening the towel around his waist “She’s just a friend.” He turned to look at you and frown. “A very stupid one.”
Her name was Mei and it didn’t suit her at all, she was looking between you and Sehun with venom in her eyes.

“Oh really babe?” She hissed. “Because you see, I just find it kind of funny how I’ve never heard you speak about your friend before and she has a key to your house Sehun? What was she coming here for? And what the fuck is going on, Huh!?”

She looked at you, her eyes boring into the back of your skull.

“N-nothing.” You stuttered, your eyes darting between her and Sehun. “He slipped and fell in the shower so I was helping him back up.”

“No I didn’t.” Sehun frowned, shaking his head. You looked at him with anger and desperation in your eyes. Was he stupid? What was he doing?

“Sehun.” You gasped in disbelief. “I’m trying to remedy this situation what the fuck is wrong with you. I’m trying to make this better.”

“No, don’t fucking lie because nothing was happening and if you lie it makes it look like we need to cover up something when nothing happened.” He held his hands up to his girlfriend to prove his innocence but he still seemed disbelieving.

“What the fuck was going on then?!” Mei screamed pushing Sehun’s wet chest hard, but he was toned and he hardly moved an inch he just stared at her blankly as he pushed his wet hair out of his face. His body was still dripping with beads of water and it was dropping onto the floor beside you.

“I don’t know.” Sehun grunted looking over at you. And that’s when you began to panic again as you just remembered what was happening.

“It’s Baekhyun.” You tried keeping your nerves at bay but it was hard as your words were spewing out of your mouth faster than you could think, you weren’t sure if you were coherent but you were trying desperately hard. “Jongdae rang, saying Baekhyun was in the city hospital. I don’t know why- he didn’t say- he hung up and—I came to get you so we could go find him – if he’s hurt then…I…how”

“Wow Y/N calm down.” A look of worry crept its way across Sehun’s face as his slipped past you. “I need to get some clothes on, we’ll go then.” Apparently he knew what Baekhyun meant to you and so he was concerned. Besides, Baekhyun was his friend too and so he wanted to make sure he was okay.
You were aware that you were an emotional wreck now; Baekhyun was in hospital and you’d just seen one of your closest male friends naked. Two things that shouldn’t have happened. You stood their awkwardly with Mei who was still absolutely seething she shot you a dirty look and wandered off into the direction of Sehun’s room. You stood there silently eavesdropping as you stared at the wet tiles in the bathroom.

“Mei I’m telling you nothing happened, nothing at all. She just opened the door and I just got out of the shower.”   You heard Sehun quietly say as you heard shuffling around in the room; you were praying that he would hurry up. You needed to know Baekhyun’s state.

“Am I not enough for you Sey? You need two girls; I thought I was enough to satisfy you?”
Sey? What kind of a nickname was that? You cringed inwardly at her pet name and also at the thought of him being sexually intimate with someone. It didn’t match his personality.

“For fuck sake Mei I am NOT sleeping with her. If you want to stay here tonight you can, we can talk about it when I get back, but I have to go see if my friend is alive.” You heard some footsteps approaching you. You looked up to see Sehun wearing a black tracksuit. His wet hair was pushed out of his face; he grabbed your wrist and led you out of the bathroom and towards the living room.

“Come.” Was all he said.

“Hi. We’re looking for a Byun Baekhyun.” You leaned over the counter. The woman behind the screen smiled as she began searching her computer. Your breathing was heavy as you began to drum your fingers nervously on the counter. Sehun brought his hands down over your fingers, frowning at you through wet strands of hair.

“Stop it. You’re putting me on edge.” He grunted.

“Yes. Mr Byun Baekhyun. He’s on Victoria Ward; fifth floor.”
You weren’t sure she was just supposed to give out information like that but you nodded thankfully anyway. This time it was your turn to drag Sehun towards an elevator and pull him inside. You stood there breathing out heavily. You couldn’t keep yourself still. Nerves were vibrating through your body as you were looking at the buttons on the wall; the elevator slowly crept up a floor. What on earth had happened to Baekhyun in the short time that you had left him?

“Calm down Y/N. I’m sure he’s fine. It’s probably one of his asthma attacks.” Sehun looked at you with his usual blank face.

“I can’t calm down Sehun.” You frowned.
The elevator pinged as you finally reached the fifth floor; you quickly stepped out and scoped the room; you saw Jongdae and Minseok sitting around a bed. A pale Baekhyun lying on top.

“Oh my gosh why does he look dead?” You whimpered.

“For fuck sake Y/N he’s not dead, would you calm down you’re fucking scaring me. Damn it.” Sehun hissed quietly as he grabbed you once again over to where your friends were. He looked at Jongdae and Minseok, giving them a small nod; his signature greeting. “What’s happened?” He asked dropping your arm.
Hospitals made you sick; you were positive all you could smell was sick people and death. The sound of beeping machines and the occasional scream of ‘help!’ made you feel extremely queasy. You didn’t want to be there.

“All I know is that they found MDMA in his system and they said something about hypersensitivity to drugs.” Minseok shook his head as he looked down at Baekhyun’s pale and almost still body. His chest was rising and falling ever so gently you almost couldn’t see it and his forehead was sweaty causing wet hair to stick to his face. “What the fuck was Baekhyun thinking? MDMA in his system? This is not Baekhyun.” Your mind immediately switched to Nel and her new ‘friends’ your face contorted into an expression of rage.

“I’ll be back.” You hissed. “I just need to use the toilet.”
Once inside the toilet you angrily whipped out your phone and began to ring Nel.

Hello?” She answered from the other side of the line.

“Don’t fucking ‘hello’ me Nel. What the fuck did you do to him and why the fuck aren’t you here.” You spat. You were not willing to hold back this could not have been Baekhyun’s idea. It didn’t make sense.

“Hey listen to me! First off I did NOT force Baekhyun to take any drugs! I told him no! I told him to leave it but he wouldn’t listen I told him that we should go home but Baekhyun is his own man, what was I supposed to do?!”
You were livid your breath accelerating as your body began to shake slightly.

“Nel, why the fuck has Baek been taking drugs.”

“I’m telling you Y/N I really don’t know. You’d have to ask him, I’m sorry but I really need to go. Let me know how he gets on…please. I’m worried about him.” The phone cut off.

You ran the cold tap and left your hands underneath as though this would somehow help you calm down. You exited the bathroom and walked back towards where the boys were sitting. You saw Baekhyun lying there with his eyes barely open. Your heart thumped against your chest. He was awake. Thank God. He gave you a weak smile as you approached him.

“Y/N…” His voice was barely a whisper, he was so pale and looked so tired as Minseok helped him to drink from a plastic cup of water, a droplet missed his mouth as it slid down the side of his lips and rolled down to his chin. “I’m sorry.” He croaked, his eyes were fixed on yours.

“Baek what the heck were you thinking?” You whined, your eyebrows creased together. “MDMA Byun Baekhyun, really?!”

You felt Sehun push you in the shoulder.

“Stop it. He just woke up.”
You sighed loudly. Whilst Jongdae yawned.

“Oh you guys must have been here for a while, you can go back home me and Sehun will stay.”

Sehun scoffed as he looked at you.
“No we won’t you’ve got me in to a whole load of shit that I need to clean up.”
Your mind wandered back to Mei who was probably still at Sehun’s house. Only God knows what she thought of you now. You sighed, it looked like it was going to be just you and Baekhyun from here on out. You looked over to Baekhyun whose eyes were now closed. He seemed to be drifting in and out of sleep.

“Call Chanyeol maybe he’ll be able to come pick you up later.” Jongdae yawned as he got up to stretch and hug you.

“Where is Chanyeol?” You questioned as you raised your brow.

“It’s Monday…you know…”

“Oh yeah right. I forgot.”
You waved goodbye to three of the boys as they left the ward.

You sat beside Baekhyun silently, resting your hand above his until he woke up again.

“Hey…” His voice was so quiet you almost couldn’t hear him. “Thank you…for staying here with me. Don’t leave okay?” He smiled at you weakly but you could see fear in his eyes. You gave his hand a quick small squeeze.

“Don’t worry Baek, I’m not going anywhere.”

It was 12:05AM, when you left the Hospital. You were sat in the car with Chanyeol biting your lips as you realised that you would have a lot of explaining to do to your mum for coming home at such a ridiculous hour.

“MDMA!?” Chanyeol gasped in shock as you were stopped by a red light, the rain was lighter now but it hadn’t completely stopped yet. “What the fuck was he thinking?” He stole a glance at you before the lights turned green again.

“Chanyeol I think he’s been hanging out with Reiji and those guys. Nel’s been mixing him in with the wrong crowd, she’s able to handle things like that but Baek…that’s not him…I’m so worried.” You looked over at Chanyeol and saw him frown as he looked ahead at the empty road.

“Reiji? Why would he want to hang out with them?”

You sighed as you shrugged your shoulders.
“I don’t know Chan, but I guess he’ll be okay for now they said he can be released tomorrow if his levels stay low. Anyway how’s your sister?…”

“She… could we maybe…not? It’s been a hard day.” He let out a heavy sigh and his facial expression was one of exhaustion and pain.

“Yeah sure. I’m sorry that was insensitive of me. But Chanyeol…please consider going prom you deserve it okay.”
He nodded quietly focusing his eyes on the road ahead and it wasn’t too long after until he dropped you home.

“Try and get some sleep. I’m sure Baek will be fine.” He mumbled before he drove off.

You woke up the next morning and picked up your phone from the side table, you panicked as you realised that it was 11AM. “Shit” You hissed to yourself, you were late for school and you definitely were not going to get there in time since you weren’t the type of person that dared leaving your house without a shower unless it was really an emergency. You rolled over onto your back and unlocked your phone screen. “Shit” You hissed again. 3 missed calls from Baekhyun. This time you weren’t willing to risk it and so you had called him straight back. He picked up after the second ring.

Y/N?” His voice was still soft but he definitely sounded much better than yesterday. You heart was thumping and you didn’t know if it was because you were happy or terrified.

Baek? Are you okay?”

“Yeah…yeah I’m fine. I was released this morning. I want to see you, please?” his voice went a tone higher as he waited expectantly for your answer. You hummed confirming that you would meet him. “Good. Meet me on the high street.”
You dragged yourself up from the bed when he hung up and walked to the bathroom. Now your mind was going into overdrive, what would you wear? How much makeup would you put on? You had to look pretty but not overdressed. He probably wouldn’t notice the difference but the finer details meant a lot to you. You noticed that you were home alone at this point and you were thankful since you didn’t need your mum lecturing you about timings again.
You decided to go for a simple duck egg blue shirt and black trousers with black trainers, better to keep it plain you thought to yourself. You grabbed your bag from the side as you spritzed yourself with some perfume. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and bit your lip as you sent a text before you set out:

I’m sorry about last night. Are we good? 😶’


You met up with Baekhyun and you were shopping around a ‘bespoke fashion’ shop. There were rows and rows of beautifully coloured dresses and rows of suits that to you looked the exact same but Baekhyun begged to differ, arguing that the cut and shape of each and every one was different. He decided you go shopping for your prom outfits and you agreed, because you were too embarrassed to admit that you couldn’t afford a new dress at the moment. You saw a fuchsia dress that caught your eye it was long and flowing, the perfect style, cut and shape. You smiled up at it as you stroked it from where it hung on the rack; Baekhyun was standing beside you with a slight smile on his face.

“That would look great on you…”

“You think?” You rubbed the material between your thumb and index finger, the material was so soft and light.

“Yeah…the colour is perfect. You should get it.”
Your heart sank to the pit of your stomach and your face went blank. God only knew how much you wanted the dress.

“Umm…I’ll think about it. Why don’t we go find a suit for you to wear?” You hummed, walking away from the rack of dresses and moved over towards the men’s section. Baekhyun frowned in your direction as he pulled you back over towards the dress.

“No we’ll focus on this, get the dress. I’m telling you it will look great.”

You blinked, not knowing what to say. “It’s fine Baek I –”

“Why? You don’t you trust my taste? You’ll look amazing in fuchsia trust me. What’s the issue?”

You let out and awkward sigh as you lowered your head so he couldn’t see your face properly.
“Baek…I can’t afford a prom dress right now.” You rubbed your arm uncomfortably. He knew about your financial situation; your grandmother had been ill and she wasn’t living in the same country as you; but your parents were struggling to pay for all of her medical treatment. She was better now and it was worth it, but unfortunately it had left you in a lot of debt and just about enough to live by daily.

“Uhh I’m sorry…” He looked at you apologetically and rested his hands upon your shoulders. “Look why don’t we go for some lunch hmm? It’s on me don’t worry it’s the least I owe you…”

A half hour later and you were both sitting in your favourite brunch bar. You stuck to French toast dusted with icing sugar, whilst Baekhyun bought his usual spinach frittata, the name of the dish made him feel ‘posh’ he would often say. You sat in the corner on a small table opposite from each other; a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice and two cups in the middle of the table.

“I know you’re dying to ask me what happened last night.” Baekhyun raised a brow as he looked up at you through long lashes, his chewing gradually slowing.

“I mean MDMA Baek, what the fuck were you thinking?!” You hissed as you put your toast back down on the plate. You needed to calm down.

He sighed and put his cutlery down too; interlocking his fingers together, he stared at his plate emptiness painted across his face. You couldn’t recognise such a solemn Baekhyun. Sadness didn’t suit your happy friend.

“I know Y/N, I’m sorry… I just… I’ve been stressed and they seemed cool. I don’t know I guess I wasn’t thinking. Nel hangs out with them and I thought it would be okay too. K was taking something, he offered some to Nel and myself she shook her head and left but I felt rude for backing out so…”

“You felt rude about taking drugs?!” you slammed your hand down on the table earning a glare from a couple on the table beside you. You lowered your voice and focused your attention back on Baekhyun. “You have health issues Baekhyun; you can’t afford to’ feel rude’ about turning drugs down. What the fuck is wrong with you? I’ve missed two days of school because of you and your foolishness. We do NOT hang out with them, I’ve already stressed that. They’re not normal Baek and you know it. We have exams coming up you need to stay focused.” You huffed as you ran your hand over your face.
Stress was eating you up from all aspects and life was becoming that much more harder to live.

“I know and I’m so sorry.” He reached across the table and grabbed your hands in his, squeezing them lightly. Your heart was beating faster and you felt a ripple of heat crawling across your skin. He was looking directly into your eyes and you could see the warm and gentle Baekhyun that you knew so well, however there was a hint of something else there too but you couldn’t tell what it was. “I promise you it won’t happen again; this friendship means more to me than them and I don’t want to ruin it. And thank you for being with me last night. I needed you more than you know…” He smiled at you weakly. “Let’s get a doggy bag. I’ll drop you back home, there’s no point in going to classes now.”

Sehun’s POV:

His arms wrapped around her disrobed waist as he pulled her closer into his bare chest for a kiss, it was silent in the house and all he could hear was her heavy breathing and the sound of their lips smacking together. She was digging one of her hands into his shoulder blade whilst the other was passing through his hair. She decided to stay the night and she still hadn’t gone home; maybe it was to make sure her territory was marked and make sure that ‘bitch’ wasn’t coming back for her boyfriend. Under the covers were becoming stuffy and even though it was how she liked it, it wasn’t how he liked. He slowly and slightly reluctantly pulled away from the kiss reaching over to the side for his phone.

“Sey!” She groaned as she traced her fingers down his warm firm chest and fiddled with the silver chain around his neck that she gifted him on their month anniversary. “I thought we said no phones.”

“I know but I need to check on Baekhyun; I need to see if he’s alright.” He mumbled as he unlocked his phone and frowned at the message on his screen.

I’m sorry about last night. Are we good? 😶’

He scoffed as he focused his attention back on Mei.

“Is he okay then?”

Sehun shrugged his shoulders as he dragged the sheets further down, desperate for the cool air to hit his skin.
“I suppose so.”

Mei frowned at him as he looked down at her; his face blank like it usually was.
“Who was that then? Was it her?”


Sehun didn’t realised that him being blunt wasn’t always what other people wanted, sometimes a little white lie was better than the truth.

Her frown deepened.
“Why are you so calm about her when you’re talking to me? I hate it. You’re so matter-of-fact about the whole situation Sehun and its driving me crazy.”

“Because nothing happened between us Mei that’s why. Nothing happened and nothing will happen. She’s my friend. Nothing more, she’s like a boy to me there is nothing about her that attracts me in the slightest you need to understand that.”
She hummed in satisfaction and leaned her head forward to kiss his chest.

Sehun was pissed off with Y/N though. She walked in on him naked and she expected a simple text to solve the problem. Nothing she could do would reverse what she had seen. Nothing she could say would undo what was already done.

“I want to meet them.” Mei spoke, breaking Sehun out of his thoughts.


“Your friends. I want to meet them.” She repeated looking into his blank brown eyes. He stared back at her emptily.


“Why not Sehun.” She frowned. “If there really is nothing to hide then let’s all go out for dinner. Though I can’t promise you that I’ll be nice to all of them, but I can be civil…If I have to.”

Baekhyun’s POV:

“Hello sir. Are you okay? You seem to have been here earlier today.” An assistant with a tape measure around his neck asked as he slowly approached Baekhyun. He was alone now that he had dropped Y/N home and came back to the clothes shop.

“Mmm.” Baekhyun nodded his head. “This black suit over here, I want it.” He pointed at the suit in front of him. “Oh and that fuchsia dress.” Baekhyun pointed to rack on the ladies side of the room. “Could you wrap that up for me too? I’ve got a prom that needs attending.”

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More Than Words

Member: Johnny

Genre: Angst & fluff

Words: 1k

Warnings: jealousy?? not really a warning idk

a/n: this is also old woah

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

His eyes were fixed on you, laughing and smiling - something he considered a privilege to be able to witness, you were just so radiant. But he couldn’t keep his focus on just you, the two smiling figures next to you distracting him from his original focus. 

He knew he couldn’t control you, or who you hung out with, and it was unreasonable to ask you to just stop hanging out with two of your closest friends, but the way Doyoung put his arm round your shoulders as you smiled with them, and how Jaehyun laughed so hard he slapped his hand on your leg - and left it there, no less - it made him grit his teeth, emotions he knew were unreasonable bubbling up his throat. 

Thoughts paraded through his mind, to tell them there was some emergency, or ask you to help him with something in another room, to straight up yell at them to get their hands off you, or grab you and walk off, anything to get you back to his arms, and his arms only. 

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Step Forward

Characters: Jensen x Friend!Reader, Jared x Friend!Reader

Length: 2099+ words

TW: Assault, Depression, Mental health clinic + treatment 

A/N: This will most likely the be first (and only) real people fics I will write. This was an idea that has been swimming in my head for a while, and something that happened recently encouraged me to write it. There are some details in this story that hits close to home. At first I wanted to write a lot of backstory for this character, but I decided to keep it completely open, and focused on the topic and the moment, instead of the character’s past. 

Feedback is appreciated (AND SO ARE YOU)!

Y/N stared at the fan with wide eyes. Her heart was pounding against her rib cage as thoughts raced through her mind faster than she could process them. In hindsight, she should’ve seen this coming. The industry always had little consideration to people’s emotions. There was always the option of denying all the rumours, but she knew it wouldn’t go very well. The truth was bound to come out, and it would be best to address it right away before it gets any further. At least this version was the closest to the truth.

She felt someone touch her elbow, and she immediately flinched, pulling her elbow back and taking two steps backwards. She stared at the two people she shared the stage with fearful eyes, almost letting out a whimper. Willing herself to calm down, she address the elephant in the room.

“Are you okay?” Jared whispered, eyebrows furrowed in concern and confusion. Jensen was a step back, equally as worried.

“I-I-” She cleared her throat, nervously wrapping her arms around herself. “I’m sorry,” she mouthed towards them before turning to the crowd. With shaky hands, she grabbed the mic. “I-I’d like to take two minutes to address these rumours,” she turned to face the boys, “if you guys don’t mind.”

They shook their head, Jared giving her an encouraging smile. She had to look away from their pitiful and concerned faces before she broke down.

“A little more than a year ago, my mom was diagnosed with alzheimer’s and dementia, and you guys know how growing up it had always just been me and her against the world. I also knew she was vehemently against being put in an ‘institution’. So I took her home with me, trying to balance my work life and my personal life. Her mind was degrading quickly, and the nurse I hired to take care of her when I’m gone said that she doesn’t have much time left before she wouldn’t remember me at all. It was tough to understand because physically my mom was still so strong, but her mind was a different story. Around that time, I was doing a lot of filming for this season. I won’t get into much detail of what happened, but someone who worked on the set of Supernatural har- assaulted me.”

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (8/?)

A/N: I’m so sorry for taking this long to update. But hey! It’s here. Thanks to @eve1978 for advising me to split the chapter into two, as otherwise it would be a VERY LENGTHY chapter indeed. So here’s part 8. And because I have more written already, part 9 will be poster either Friday or Saturday. Enjoy!

Word Count: 4.2k

Warnings: Swearing, sexual innuendo.

IBGT Masterlist

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

You decided to stay and chat for a few more minutes before heading back to your bedroom.

It was quite an exhausting night, physically and emotionally so before you faced your day, maybe there was still a chance of squeezing in some sleep after all?

Your wishes turned out to be a bit short lived when you collided with the mountain of a man that was Steve. His eyes flickered between you and the door of Bucky’s current bedroom. He inhaled a deep breath before finally settling his eyes on you.

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anonymous asked:

Hc for jumin falling for an mc who was married before, but her husband passed away and she's currently pregnant with his child?

This is such a feelsie request, I love it! I got carried away and made this longer, mainly because I really enjoyed writing this request! So I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Jumin knew from the very first time that he heard your voice from the first phone call between the two of you that he loved you
  • You helped him deal with his emotions and aided him when dealing with his difficult father
  • When he needed you the most, you were by Jumin’s side when Elizabeth the third went missing
  • Even though he was completely distraught with his beloved cat missing, Jumin noticed how you had some particularly strange food cravings
  • Jumin also took note of how your belly was slightly protruding when you wore the dress he picked out for you for your first RFA party
  • While he had his suspicions, Jumin wanted to be civil with you and talk about what was going on
  • So Jumin sat you down on the smooth leather couch one night, resting his hand on top of your own as he asked what was truly going on with you
  • After a deep, shaky breath you told Jumin in a tiny voice
  • “I-I’m pregnant Jumin. But please let me explain. Before coming to the RFA I was married but sadly, my husband passed away not to long ago. I’m pregnant with his child but that doesn’t change the fact that I love you now Jumin, with all of my heart.”
  • Jumin’s eyes widened slightly as his thoughts became true, you really did love someone else before him
  • But Jumin thought back to all of the time the two of you spent together
  • You were always there for him even when he didn’t know how to react to certain emotions, your happiness was contagious making him feel such joy that he never knew was possible, you’re smile made him feel alive
  • It didn’t matter if you did have a past lover, Jumin loved you and you loved him, that’s all that mattered to him
  • “I want to help you raise this child MC, I promise to love them and treat them as my own child because if it means making you happy, then I’d do anything.“
  • You and Jumin got married about two months after that talk, finally starting your life together as husband and wife
  • As your due date came closer, Jumin made sure to have nurses and maids on standby whenever he was at work
  • Jumin was at your side as you squeezed the life out of his hand as you delivered your baby boy
  • The moment Jumin held your child, he instantly fell in love with him, knowing that this child deserved happiness and love even if it wasn’t his own
  • Your son grew up admiring Jumin, constantly asking questions about the company, being gentle and caring with Elizabeth the third, and his eyes would widen wonder as Jumin would tell him bedtime stories
  • You would watch from the side, holding your now noticeable second baby bump as Jumin would come to your side and rub your swollen belly
  • Once you delivered your second child, yours and Jumin’s true child, Jumin felt the exact same amount of love for his new daughter as he felt for your son
  • You and Jumin would watch as your son and his daughter would play and laugh together as if they were true blood-related siblings
  • Every night Jumin would silently thank your deceased husband for giving him you and his son, promising to love them until the end of time
  • Jumin would forever adore his family, always making sure that he gave an equal amount of love to you, your son, and his daughter because for the first time in his life, Jumin felt what true happiness was
Speak In Tongues || Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

Drabble Game

31. “Did you just curse at me in a different language?“

58. “You never fail to surprise me.“

Kim Minseok + Reader + Fluff

“Sweetheart, do you think I should start learning a different language besides my native one?“ 

You locked your phone and threw it on the coffee table beside you. It was a rainy afternoon and Minseok has a day-off from work today. You both decided to stay indoors and just have a lazy day instead of going out and wasting gas and energy.

“I thought you’re currently learning how to play the piano? Can you do both at the same time?“ Minseok asked. He was sat next to you with a book in his hand. It was The Fault in Our Stars.

“I am.. But I want a new hobby.“ 

Minseok looked at you with raised eyebrows. “Another hobby?” he closed his book, “You never fail to surprise me.” he playfully pinched your nose and wiggled it from side to side.

“No, seriously. Should I learn a new language?“ you huffed. Besides your native language, you only knew English. It was actually funny that you can’t speak Korean, considering your boyfriend is a foreigner himself. Many people have asked you about dating a foreigner without learning their first language. Minseok was the one who adjusted with the language barrier. While earning his PhD, he took English lessons at the same time. He wasn’t planning on learning English, but when he met you, he got inspired. The two of you used to communicate using hand gestures and short sentences, sometimes calling Kyungsoo or Suho for help. And when Minseok knew his feelings were sincere towards you, he hired a tutor.

“Hmm.. Maybe Korean?“ he suggested with a bright smile. Of course! You need to learn how to speak Korean. It’s about damn time you start understanding what your boyfriend is saying whenever he’s watching a movie and getting so emotional he starts talking in a foreign language while you’re sat there only understand ‘Wae?‘ and ‘Chaebal‘.

“I can be your tutor.“ he continued. It took you a few seconds to decide, but then you finally agreed.

Boy did Minseok regret he even suggested that.

Because after a few days trying to teach you simple sentences, you were only able to pick up short everyday phrases.

“Honey, I said ‘Dinner is ready‘ not ‘Dinner is daddy’.“ Minseok groaned in frustration. “You’re not improving. Who eats their dad?!“ 

You pout at his reaction. You weren’t even doing this on purpose. It wasn’t your fault your tongue isn’t too fond with Korean accents. You didn’t even knew accents were important in his language.

“I’m trying okay! And I’m really tired..“ you whined. You slouched your back and stomped your feet like a child asking for candy. Minseok deeply sighed before leaning back on the couch. 

“You think doing aegyo can make you fluent in Korean, hm?“ he teased.

You stopped stomping your feet and stared at him with a blank expression. You scrunched your nose and gritted your teeth as if you were ready to bite him.

“Sapakin kita, gusto mo?“ 

Minseok’s head perked up at the foreign words he heard that left your lips. He looked at you with confused eyes, his mouth slightly agape in shock.

“Did you just..“ he stood up and started walking towards you until he was towering you. You nervously bit your lips, struggling to stifle in a laugh.

“Did you just curse at me in a different language?“ his eyes glared at you while you only stood there giggling.

“Maybe I did.. Maybe I didn’t..“ you took a step back, then another, until you were running away from him.

“You’re dead meat, (y/n)!“ 

Sapakin kita, gusto mo? = “Do you want me to hit you?”

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(so) far away; myg

pre-note; hello, this is een and this oneshot is going to be the very first one i upload on tumblr !! for all of you that wants a touch of angst in their lives, here you go. ♥

also! i really love cactus boy so i wanted to dedicate this oneshot to @sau-na for writing such an amazing au soBS ♥ please notice my love for you-//slapped

(so) far away; min yoongi x reader

genre; angst, soulmate au. 

word count; 5640.

recommended list of songs to listen to while reading; (bts) spring day, (bts)just one day, (bts) first love, (vhope) hug me, (bts) goyeob, (bts) wishing on a star, & (agust d ft. suran) so far away. trust me, these songs will make your reading experience at least 3 times better. :’)

note; the ones in italics and in big quotation marks (blockquoted) are lines of the letter c:


❝add a ‘so’ before you say 'far away’. it hurts less.❞

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Emergency Family (Part 5)

“Is Hyung still working?” Daamin asked as he changed into his pajamas. He had been waiting for him to come home so he could show him the new toy train you had bought him. 

You sighed, “Yeah.” Christian had said his goodbyes and left a few days ago. Daamin didn’t take it as hard, he had been living with you long enough to get used to your life and his. He knew sometimes he had to go but in the end, he always came back. 

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share the street » minghao


prompt: maybe like a lil scenario where the reader is a spray paint artist and Minghao is a street performer, and they both work on the same street and become interested in the other’s work (and also each other).
words: 1014
category: fluff, blurb
a/n: here you go darling, sorry it’s short

Originally posted by sunkissedhao


You made sure the respirator mask was secure over your nose and mouth before you began to paint.

The purple spray paint quickly covered the blank white canvas. Onlookers watched in fascination as you created a piece to sell to them. You continued tracing the petals on your flower mural, no care in the world for anything save you and your art. Usually you simply wrote encouraging phrases in bright colors and beautiful fonts. Other days, when you didn’t really feel up for encouragement, you liked to draw pictures. It seemed to be one of those days, for all you could bring yourself to paint were random flowers and butterflies.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” a voice startled you into dropping your nearly empty can.

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Unbearable | Jimin

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Summary: Loving him was hard, but hating him was even harder than you could imagine. The pain of being betrayed was unbearable. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t move and most importantly you couldn’t fight any longer.

Genre: Angst, Slight Fluff, Mature (cursing and drinking), Trigger Warning (mentions of suicide and depression)

Length: Short, something I put together in a hurry, but good overall.

Before you read this work is unedited. Beware of typos and grammatical errors.

5:19 pm

“Do you love her?”

As you asked him this you could see Jimin get that little smile on his face like he usually does when he’s thinking about something that he loves. He really truly loved her with all of his heart, and here you were waiting impatiently to see that you were meant to be his. You both went together like two hydrogens and one oxygen forming air. Her and him went together however like snow and summer. It just didn’t add up.

How could anyone love someone who caused them pain all the time? This question wasn’t meant for only him but yourself because each minute you spent looking at Jimin, speaking to Jimin was hurting your heart as one truth remained; he didn’t love you like he loved her.

Okay yes he loved the shit out of you, you are one of his best friends and you’ve sat with him during times when he contemplated living in this world during the dark times where he struggled with his depression, his cycle of going back and forth between good and bad. You stayed with him, you held his hand and you told him that no mater what he was not going anywhere.

“Yeah I do, I really really love her. Almost like I’m in love with her.”

“Did you tell her this?”

Pathetic. How pathetic of you to still be friends with someone who could not see right through you the way you could see right through them. He changed, you saw this, your friends saw it and even part of him had seen it as well, though as any normal person would do; he denied it.

“I don’t think the timing is right. Do you think I should tell her?”

“Yeah sure whatever you want.”

He took out the package of sushi from the fridge after keeping it in there since you stopped by a few hours ago. You came to his apartment with sushi, alcohol and other different types of snacks. “I love the sudden change in the attitude.”

“I love the sudden change in you.”

“Nice one. You know you could just talk to me instead of making your little side comments.”

“Because you’re in the position to tell me to learn the importance of communication. You left for two weeks once without telling me to go on holiday with her.” Both of your voices were pleasantly calm, no hint of anger present to anyone would think so walking by. But you both knew that deep inside that this simple, calm conversation was built up emotions being released in such a passive aggressive way since both you and him were people who tried to avoid fighting.

“You have a point.”

“Damn right,” you spat out more bitterly than you wanted. He looked at you with almost sad eyes, like he had lost a piece of him and he was trying to get it back. You wanted to tell him that you were sorry, that you were trying to fight the urge to just burst out into angry tears, tears that you’ve spent years trying to suppress. You’ve come to realize that the only thing he made you do nowadays was make you cry. He was killing you, being around him was killing you.

Jimin is more of a peaceful man in your opinion. You’ve never seen him fight with other people and if he did he handled it with class and peace. Especially after he met her, his smile got brighter and any care he had in the world was gone. Anyone would be happy that their friend is happy, me you were happy that he found someone who made him feel more alive than you did. But did he have to find happiness in her? All the while as you stood in front of him.

You had enough. Looking at him mad you feel helpless, like he ripped your heart from your chest and stomped on it as you blood out separately trying to reach for something that was out of reach. He was out of reach. Being with him was out of reach.

“We can’t be friends anymore.”

“What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean? Did I do something to you?”

Yes Jimin, you did do something. You did something that no one should ever do to a person unless they feel the same fucking way. You destroyed them, you’ve literally destroyed them and you don’t even know it.

“You made me love you.”


Clingy and Distant

@omelettesareevil asked: Could you write a fic where once upon a time rich and jake are arguing like hella bad to the point where something gets said which hurts rich but jake didn’t mean it because it was in the heat of the moment and he goes to Jeremy for help and Jeremy helps him feel. Egger then jake apologizing and they live happily ever after by

Oh god this is longer than I realized and I was going to go back and add more detail I’m sorry guys lol, maybe it’s just writing mobile makes it seem long but!!


The one thing Jeremy didn’t expect that night was for Rich to come knocking at his door at about 10 o clock. Jeremy thought that it would maybe be Michael, his best friend came over at random times when he was anxious or just needed company. So Jer didn’t bother to make himself decent, he stood at the door, toothbrush in mouth, and hair a flop of curls. He instantly knew something was wrong when Rich didn’t make fun of him, just glaring at the ground waiting to be let in.

The next ten maybe fifteen minutes were spent in a semi-comfortable silence. The main reason it was only semi-comfortable was that it was silence, Rich never really had these silent moments. Jeremy couldn’t help but be worried. He let the boy in, closing the door behind him and doing basically all the work for him. He took off his jacket, gave him a cup of orange juice and he sat him on the couch. He left only to rinse the minty foam out of his mouth. He came back to find Rich in the exact same position: sitting in his couch and staring sadly into the cup of orange juice.

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