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You’re Perfect To Me

(A/N- This one wasn’t requested but i felt that i needed to write this because there isn’t a lot of imagines where it involves plus size girls, or i just cant find them. I also do realize that i have posted something similar to this before. I fought my self on weather or not to post this. so i hope you enjoy this. And i’m very sorry for everyone that has been waiting for me to do the prompt they requested, i hope to get most of them posted soon, i have about two that are finished and i’m editing and a few i have started to write. You should expect  more updated when my summer vacation starts on June 2nd. Thank you everyone who is being patient for me to fill their request and everyone who has taken time to read my imagines, it truly means a lot to me because i feel that i’m a weak writer.) 

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Of course you saw the hate, it wasn’t like you could avoid it. Niall tired to tell you they were wrong but you knew they weren’t, that many people couldn’t be wrong. And the sad part was that you agreed with them, you knew your thighs were fat, you knew that in some angles you had a double chin, you knew that your stomach was big and ugly, and the worst was that you knew Niall could do so much better. 

When Niall sent you a text saying that he wanted you in the lingerie he got a few days before and waiting for him with a cheeky winky face emoji you felt anxiety rise in your stomach. You and Niall did have sex before of course but you always made sure that the lights were off and that you were wearing a baggy t-shirt, which Niall told you plenty of times that he wanted to see ‘your entire beautiful body’. Biting your lip you went of to the drawer where you had your bras and panties, you found the lingerie set quickly and picked it out of the drawer. It was a lacy black set, the panties came up to just about your belly button and the bra was so lacy and pretty that you felt that you didn’t deserve to wear it on you poor excuse for a body. 

Your attention was turned back to your phone when you head it ding with a text message. ‘Hey baby i just left and im on my way home right now , see ya in 10 . ;)’ it read, you couldn’t help but feel even more nervous as you looked from your phone and the lingerie that lays on yours and NIall’s shared bed. Taking a deep breath you put the phone back down onto the nightstand and took the bra and panties into the bathroom. With a deep sigh you slowly took off your jeans and t-shirt and replaced them with the lingerie. 

Tears pricked at your eyes as your fingers traced your stretch marks that made your skin ugly and imperfect. You closed your eyes and pictured Niall’s face when he saw them, when he saw that your body wasn’t beautiful. The dimples in your legs made you want to rip your skin off. You hated your body. Everyone was right, you’re just fat and ugly and Niall could get a beautiful skinny model, but no, he picks the fat ugly pig.  

You pulled at your hair in frustration, the girl that looked in the mirror back you was ugly and fat and you hated her.  Hearing the front door click shut from downstairs you quickly wiped the tears from your cheeks and went to go sit on the bed.  Pulling your knees to your chest and wrapping your arms around them you waited for your boyfriend to enter the room. 

“Hey (Y/N).” He said as he opened the door, but you didn’t look up from where you had your head resting on your knees. “There’s my beautiful girl.” He said fully coming into the room and shutting the door.  A frown appeared on Niall’s face when he didn’t get a response, he came over and tucked your hair behind your ear. 

“Whats a matter my love?” he asked. Niall already had an idea of what it was. You just turned your head and looked at his beautiful blue eyes.  He kissed your forehead and cupped your cheek using his thumb to rub softly over your cheekbone, “You look absolutely gorgeous.” 

You wanted so desperately to  believe him, but you couldn’t bring yourselves to. “I’ll be right back.” he said going into the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. You sat upright against the soft pillows and tried to hold back tears but failed, you wished you could have the bodies of the girlfriends Niall had before you.

Niall reemerged from the bathroom in his white Calvin Klien’s. He climbed onto the bed and pulled your legs from your chest and made you lie down, he slowly climbed on top of you and stared to kiss your chest neck and lips. This was one of the many things you loved about Niall; he always took such good care of you and treated you like a queen. His hand traveled down to your pussy and starts to rub gently but just enough to get even more aroused. 

“Feel good love?” He whispers into your ear, his hot breath on your skin and he bites your earlobe and tugs lightly causing you to moan slightly 

“Y-yes.” You could barely get out before he sucked at your skin, you knew that the hickeys he was giving you would be almost impossible for you to cover up with make up but at this moment in time you didn’t care. All you cared about was Niall’s soft wet lips on you skin and his fingers rubbing you over the panties he had specially picked out. 

Deciding to take it to another level Niall moved your panties out of the way and started to tease you more, “Fuck, Niall. Please, hurry up” He chuckled, his deep voice turning you on more as he slipped one finger into you curling it slightly. Making you arch your back off the bed only egging Niall on. He took his lips off your neck smirking as he saw a few hickeys starting to faintly surface already. His hand travailed to your breasts and grabbed them with his free hand and squeezed rather roughly but it felt so good. Niall moved his than moved his hand to your stomach where he traced on of your stretch marks. You stiffened. Your stretch marks were one of the many things you hated about yourself but they were something you were greatly ashamed of. Most women got stretch marks after they gave birth but no, you got them from your fat. 

Niall felt you grow uncomfortable under his touch and leaned his head down and kissed the mark he was touching, “So beautiful.” He whispered. Trying to suppress your  negative thoughts about your body you ran your hands through Niall’s soft blonde tips while he still layed sweet kisses on your imperfect skin. 

Niall’s fingers curled around the hem of the lace panties and pulled them slowly down your legs. The light weightless fabric grazed over your skin making goose bumps rise over your freshly shaved legs. He tossed them to the floor not giving any attention to where they landed. He then pulled off his boxers, faster then he did your panties, and tossed them in the same direction he did your underwear. You couldn’t help the blush that painted your cheeks as you saw his length bounce up, no longer being trapped by the fabric of the boxers. “Like what you see?” He laughed as he saw you starring 

“You know i do.” 

Smirking he moved his hand behind your back  and unclasped your bra and took it off of you allowing your breast to come free, “And i like what i see.” He said cheekily watching you laugh and blush at your boyfriends antics. 

“Shut up Horan.” You laughed as you rolled your eyes. His lips made contact with the skin of your neck once more making a moan escape your lips, Niall’s fingers slipped back down to your sensitive center where his fingers teased your entrance. “Fuck Niall why do you have tease?” You complained as your finger tips played with the hair on the back of his neck. 

He answered by inserting two fingers into you making you gasp slightly as he started to finger you. Niall’s mouth attacked the side of your neck effectively creating a pattern of hickeys.  

“Niall, enough of your fingers, please. I fucking need you in me” 

“You know i like to hear you beg.” He smirked slipping his fingers back out, his sweet lips left your skin as he moved between your legs, “So fuckin’ beautiful.” He said grabbing your thighs and spreading them allowing him full access. You closed your eyes trying to even out your breathing, Niall took this moment to surprise you and started to eat you out. His tongue , you squealed and looked down to your boyfriend whos head was now between your legs. 

He hummed against you making you pull slightly at his hair, “God Niall. Fuck.” You were in such a huge amount of pressure you couldn’t even put together proper sentences. 

“Don’t want my princess cumming just yet.” 

Frustrated you let your head fall back onto the pillow that laid under you. “Niall please” you begged. 

“You’re so fucking pretty when you beg.” He grunted lining up at your entrance. ‘Ya ready love?” 

“Shit Niall yes! Just please!” 

Not having to be told twice he slowly entered you making sure you had time to adjust to his size. “Tell me when you’re ready babe.” Nodding your approval to continue he stared to thrust. They started slow at first but he soon gained speed as he neared his own climax. 

A chorus of moans and grunts filled the bedroom as you both came close to orgasming . 

You screamed when you finally released only to be followed by Niall’s seconds later. “Holy shit.” Niall whispered out of breath as he pulled out and flopped down on the bed next you. He rolled to his side with he elbow bent and the palm of his hand cradling his head. His fingers pushed the hair out of your face as you turned your head to look at your boyfriend. 

“You’re perfect baby girl.” He said playing with your hair. 

You just smiled weakly as you looked into his eyes. “I mean it (Y/N) you’re perfect, the most beautiful women i have ever scene.” The words made you blush, “Now lets go take as shower.” He said standing from the bed and taking your hand pulling you up with him. 

You couldn’t help but giggle as he led you into the bathroom, your eyes falling to his cute little butt. 


So basically i was really feeling down one night and decided to write this, and i do not want this to come across that i want to play the victim or make you feel bad for me. Just needed to write to help myself feel better.  Anyway requests are still open and i plan to post more once summer gets here. ~ S 

swevicki  asked:

Is there a part 3 of the fanfic you wrote where Clarke is a former elite gymnast? I hope you will make it if you haven't :)

anon also asked: ‘Is there a part 3 to the elite gymnast/highschool bellarke AU?’ anon also asked: ‘Could you please give me the link to part 2 of the fanfic where Clarke is a gymnast and she starts high school and meets Bellamy and Octavia, and it ends with Octavia convincing her to do cheerleading? I would love to read part 2’

part one | part two

a/n: a shout out to shipreally who helped me tweak some technical stuff in the last part. you’re awesome! disclaimer: i am neither a gymnast nor a cheerleader. this is all based on research and watching olympics and make it or break it. forgive me. also, if i ever make technical errors on anything else, pleeeease let me know. i am not an expert in most things, i do a bit of basic research, but i am always willing to learn more! p.s. i didn’t beta this.

Friday rolled around and Clarke was only slightly jittery at the results being posted. Octavia had, of course, been hounding her all week with ‘Oh, no. You totally made it!’ and sending her a million and one YouTube video’s of Elite Gymnastics routines over Facebook. But, there was still something thrilling about approaching the bulletin board in the lobby of the gym and seeing her name at the top of the list.

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Long Luke Imagine

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-McKenna xx

Christmas Special – Luke

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I just saw this but I am here to say that this is not 100% true. The man they are talking about is H. H. Holmes (second picture) who was a doctor and businessman. He did not renovate a hotel, he built it himself. It was a block long building that had various shops at street level, the upper two levels were originally meant to serve as apartments since Chicago (where this was all going on) had a quickly growing population in the late 1800’s as it was making the change from a slaughter house city to more industrious. However, this changed when the U.S. decided Chicago would be hosting The World’s Fair (an event meant to compete with France’s Eiffel Tower because America can’t stand not being the center of attention). Upon hearing this, Holmes change his the name of this building to The World’s Fair Hotel (though now known as The Murder Castle) where he intended it be used as lodging for fair-goers.

Holmes went through countless people while building this castle while never paying anyone (unions didn’t exist at the time, so he got away with it). Another motive for using so many people in building this hotel was so he was the only one who truly knew it’s layout. As noted above there were staircases going nowhere, oddly angled hallways and much more. There was a lift in the center of the building that no one but Holmes was allowed to use that lead to an off limits basement. The basement was lined with fireproof brick and included a kiln that burned hot enough to incinerate flesh. 100 windowless rooms may be a hyperbole but there were a few. Most rooms had pipes for gas but no outlets for lanterns (lanterns were the standard for illumination since light bulbs were barely being invented at this time) and were often vault-like with air-tight doors. Holmes would lure people into these rooms, turn the gas on and listen to them suffocate on the other side of the door.

While H. H. Holmes probably didn’t kill 200 people, he was still a serial killer. He murdered at least 9 people (most of which were women he had seduced or married but included three children). Many people believed him to be Jack the Ripper (though this is also not true because it is documented that Holmes was in Chicago during the Ripper’s murders) The only reason the estimation goes up as high as 200 is because when police investigated the basement of the Castle, there were so many dismembered body parts in various states of decay and unfinished skeletons that is was impossible to for sure know the exact number of his victims. But it is true that he sold the skeletons to medical schools. The average price Holmes got for a skeleton was $36, which, in today’s money, is equivalent to a bit over $133. Between that, selling his victim’s belongings, collecting rent and running insurance frauds, Holmes was making bank.

Holmes was also featured in an episode of Supernatural. The 2.06 episode, No Exit, is about Sam, Dean and Jo hunting Holmes’s spirit in Philadelphia (where he was hung to death). There is also a book being made into a movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio as Holmes in production and is set to be released sometime 2015.

Hope this was educational in some way!   

Through her eyes

“Sherlock, I’m home!”

Getting no response, Molly went to check the bedroom. She sighed when she realised that the flat was empty.

She was woken up when the mattress dipped and the duvet was pulled off, though not entirely uncovering her.

“It’s just me. Go back to sleep.”

She hummed her response as she fell asleep.

She next met Sherlock just as she was retiring the next night.

“Where were you? No response to texts or calls…”

“Busy, have to keep in touch with my homeless network after all. You look beat, go to bed.”

“I’ll put the kettle on, let’s have some tea.”

But he was already in his mind palace, so she cancelled her tea plans and called it a night, though she did smile sleepily when later, he snuggled her into his arms and slept.

Living with Sherlock wasn’t easy and she felt she shared more romance with her cat and his Belstaf than the man himself.

Though she wasn’t surprised in the least.

She had expected irregular schedules, abrupt departures and arrivals, long silences when he was in his mind palace or away solving cases. Insults, patronising barbs, impatience and him leaving while she was mid-sentence.

She knew the cases would take precedence, his ‘bored’ phase would get on her nerves and his experiments would driver her mad.

There would be fights, long discussions and intense arguments over minor things.

There would be minimum romance or display of affection.

But then, there were moments, rare and in-between, when he took her breath away.

When he would just hold her close, no questions asked, after a bad day or an autopsy involving children. When after a particularly tiring day, the fridge would be filled and hot food would be ready on the table. When he would read through her favourite books just so they could spend a rainy day in, discussing and dissecting the books to its final words…who knew there were so many more angles to the Harry Potter series!

When he would look at her across a room filled with people and for just a moment the mask would fall and his eyes would convey the full force of his feelings. When he would kiss her passionately, make love to her tenderly, worship her.

When he would smile at her, gently squeeze her hand or kiss her head. When he would make her feel beautiful just as she was.

Yes, living with Sherlock Holmes was not easy at all. But when the heart was content, nestled in the warmth of true love, faults got covered by the truth beneath.

After all, even a rose plant had thorns, but the fragrance was still as sweet as ever.

ticking clockwise

The evolution of Alec’s character development through Magnus’s eyes, in 2.3k words.
Notes: AKA the fic in which I am Magnus. Also, thank you to Grace for beta-editing! 

Summary: Magnus often forgot about the age difference. Sometimes, it seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and Magnus could never really ignore the protective instinct that tugged on his heartstrings, that urged him to tuck Alec away somewhere safe. Even though Alec really doesn’t need it.

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