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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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Me Time

SPN FanFic

Sam x Reader Fluff Drabble

621 Words (what’s a drabble?)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Finally alone. You sat down at the little table in the kitchen and spread out your treat: three chocolate cookies stacked perfectly on a white square napkin and a glass filled ¾ of the way with milk.

You’d had a rough day and you deserved this quiet moment to enjoy yourself. Sure, it wasn’t champagne and caviar on a yacht with Ryan Gosling, but Oreos and milk in a silent room was more than enough for you.

You closed your eyes and savored the absence of noise. No screeching tires, no blaring AC/DC, no babbling Dean, no monsters shrieking, no guns booming… just…silence. After a calming sigh, you opened your eyes and reached for a cookie. You held it high between two fingers and inspected it before dunking it into the milk and counting to three. Once it had soaked up enough goodness you popped the whole thing into your mouth and smiled in satisfaction.

“That’s not how you eat an Oreo.”

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Detective Conan Chapter 999 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • [This is Ayumi!]
  • A: This oji-san is nowhere to be seen!
  • G: Maybe he already got rid of his hat and his clothes?
  • M: The sun is setting, so maybe he decided to blend into the crowd of people heading home…
  • C: It’s fine! You lot just keep talking with loud voices and eventually…

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Over the past few years I’ve been working on a project called The Elements. It’s FR inspired and includes one full length composition for each element. This is a preview with roughly 30 seconds from each. I hope to release the full project rounds about my three year anniversary in June! Until then, enjoy!

Earth 00:03 
Fire 00:30
Wind 01:03
Water 01:29
Shadow 01:56
Lightning 02:23
Ice 02:49
Light 03:16
Nature 03:43
Plague 04:09
Arcane 04:36