who killed the prom queen

If you have not read this book
I highly recommend it

Do yourself a favour!

It is fabulous and had me glued to every last word

It is basically a ‘who done it’ between 

Bronwyn Rojas, a goody-two-shoes geek set for Yale 

Cooper Clay, a jock bound for a scholarship in baseball 

Nate Macauley, a criminal drug dealer (and one hell of an attractive guy if i do say so myself) 

And Addy Prentis, the classic prom queen princess just holding together 

Who killed Simon Kelleher!?

These characters are written fantastically and they stay in your brain, twists around every chapter, these characters, as well as the side characters, are just incredible. You find yourself trying to solve the mystery and pick apart everything you can, it’s as though you are there in the book watching it all unfold. The characters have beautiful growth as people while the plot continues and relationships though seemingly unlikely result in the best mix and match possible. Again I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS NOVEL PLEASE GIVE IT A READ