who killed poor alice

List of Pandora Hearts Subtitles

(It is a list of chapter names, with their English title and their Japanese title, divided up by volume. I will only be translating the comments Mochizuki-sensei has made concerning some of the titles.)

-Chapters 3 (Volume 1) & 76 (Volume 19):

Retrace: III Prisoner and Alichino – 迷い子と黒うさぎ (Lost Child and Black Rabbit)-

Retrace: LXXVI Alice and Oz – 迷い子と黒うさぎ (Lost Child and Black Rabbit)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: Though the Japanese titles are the same, the position of [who is] the Lost Child and [who is] the Black Rabbit become inverted from the first half of the story to the second half of it.

-Chapter 20 (Volume 5)

Retrace: XX Who killed poor Alice? -誰がための言葉 (For Whom the Words are For)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: [The title] is from Mother Goose’s Who Killed Cock Robin. I wanted to include more Mother Goose contents in the main story.

-Chapter 45 (Volume 11)

Retrace: XLV Queen of Hearts -首を狩り者 (The One Who Hunts for Heads)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: The Queen from Alice in Wonderland is the Queen of Hearts (ハート, ha-to), but Pandora’s Headhunter is the Queen of Hurts (苦痛, kutsuu – pain, agony, bitterness).

-Chapter 46 (Volume 12)

Retrace: XLVI Persona -金色の上の仮面 (The Mask Over Gold)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: The “gold” represents Oz, Ada, and Vincent. [There was] an unexpected gag moment. I was very happy when many people told me, ‘This is the moment when I started to like Ada and Vincent.’

-Chapter 47 (Volume 12)

Retrace: XLVII Unbirthday -うまれてこなかった日 (The Day You Weren’t Born)-

Mochizuki-sensei’s Comment: Though the Japanese title has an unsettlingly feeling to it, it is a very peaceful moment. This is also an extremely important moment to Oz and the others, with the 'tea party’ they hold being a symbol of happiness for them.