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The Zipper Of Good Fortune

“What do you mean we have to close up shop? We’ve never even worked a night-shift before, this is the first time!” Jungkook said to his manager, who was very done with Jungkook’s shit at the moment.

“Can you just stop complaining? You either work the night shift, or you go. Why cant you be like Jimin and just do as I say?” The manager looks at Jimin who was currently standing to next to Jungkook.

“Woah woah woah WOAH, leave me out of this” Jimin says to the manager.

“Get to work, both of you. Theres no one else working tonight because of Valentines Day, they all have dates and you two are the only ones here who are lonely and single, so don’t even try me. Now if you excuse me, I have a date with my boyfriend Namjoon.”

“Have fun Jin hyung” said Jimin with a cheerful smile. That beautiful smile thats so welcoming to others. Jungkook sees his hyung’s smile, and even though he’s in a bad mood he decides to smile anyways.

“Yea, bye” Jungkook said rolling his eyes. The younger of the two goes towards a tie rack and started to organize the ties that have been thrown all over the place from the long day in the store. Jungkook has always wanted to work in a fancy store for some reason, he felt that it would suit his personality. He looked at a black tie with pink stripes, and it reminded him of the first day he ever came to work. He walked in, and the first person he saw was a young man with pink hair, wearing a black Burberry tux, and he had a pink tie on. He found it the most weirdest thing, seeing a man with pink hair. But damn was he cute. Fetus Jungkook was very nervous of his first day at work at his dream job, so he went up to the man seeking guidance.

“u-um hello, i-im Jeon Jungkook, your new co-worker” he hesitantly bowed at a 90 degree angle and looked at the pink haired man.

“Theres no need to be so formal, my name is Jimin, nice to meet you Jungkook” He smiled and bowed. His smile. His smile omg. Jungkook’s heart started to race at how beautiful Jimin’s smile was, and how angelic his voice sounded. Jimin looked like he was glowing inside the already bright store.

“Is that what you came to work in?” Jimin said, pointing to the younger who was wearing a white shirt and ripped jeans with tims.


“Well then, lets go get a tux for you!” Jimin smiled and grabbed Jungkook’s hand, dragging him towards the fitting rooms.

Jungkook smiles at the sudden memory that popped up in his head, his hyung has always been sweet and patient with him. Jimin was the friend Jungkook could go to when he needed to rant, or when he needed advice with something.

“When he says that we have to close up, does that also mean we have to do the cleaning to?” Jungkook said while hanging up the ties on the stand.

“Yea, I guess so, we are the only ones here.” Jungkook looked around the store and noticed that him and Jimin where actually the only ones there. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.



“I have an idea”

“…What is it?”

“Its very stupid”

“Your very stupid”

“Oh shut up” Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and they went to the backroom

“Jungkook, what the hel-”

“Shhhhhh, just wait” Jungkook walked further into the room and let go of Jimin’s hand unwillingly. His hands are just so soft and small, they are literally perfect to hold. He grabs a tux from the box that had just been shipped in today.

“Jimin. I HAVE to try this on”

“Jungkook you are an idiot”

“Yes. I am aware”

“Pass me the other one”

The younger smirked and reached into the box getting a tux that was Jimins size, and hands it over to him. They both left the dim backroom and went into the fitting rooms to try on the very, very expensive tux’s.

Jimin gets dressed faster then the younger and exits the fitting room and looks in a mirror. The silver button down shirt thats tucked into his slacks make his butt pop out, and it compliments his hips very nicely.

“Kookie can you see how this looks?”

“Yea sure hold on, i’m having a little bit of trouble with the zipper, it wont go up” he says struggling with the zipper.

“Do you need help?”

“W-what?” The younger started blushing at the thought of Jimin being so close to his dick…

“Do you need help?” Jimin said in a more powerful voice.

“NO I-im good”

After another minute or so struggling with the zipper, he finally gets it up.

“I GOT IT! HELL YEA” Jungkook exits the fitting room to a beautiful human being right in front of him. Oh wait he’s looking at a mirror. But then he looks to the side, OMG HES GORGEOUS!!!! Woop thats another mirror. He looks to the other side to see his hyung on his phone. Jungkook’s mouth drops at the side in front of him. Now, he’s just staring at Jimin without saying a word. The elder finally catches on and says-

“WOW Jungkook you look AMAZING” A little bit of blush creeps on his face noticing how sharp Jungkook looks. Sure, they were tux everyday, but the younger looks like he just came out of Prince Charming’s ball. His facial features suddenly look a lot sharper too, and its making the older feel some type of way.

“J-jimin you l-look really nice t-too” Jungkook stutters because the beauty in front of him is just so overwhelming.

“Can we take a picture together? I told my friend Yoongi that i’m going on a date with you tonight, and as you know, i’m not” Jimin laughs nervously as he scratches his head, hoping that Jungkook would be okay with what he suggested, and hoping he wouldn’t question why he decided to tell his friend that they went on a date.

“Yea sure, why not” Well, that went better then Jimin expected. He couldn’t help but notice the blush both of them had on in the selca. *Damn we look good together..*

“Damn we look good, can you send me that?” Jungkook said smiling with his cute bunny smile.

“Sure” Jimin sent the picture to his friend Yoongi and to Jungkook. The younger took out his phone when it rang, and Jimin looked at the notification. It was a text under the contact name of-

“Big Booty Jimin? PFFFFT”




“But seriously Jimin, damn that ass!”

“Bro your thighs look like they were sculpted by gods”

“Why, thank you” Great, now Jungkook was thinking about his Hyung’s ass. But its just so peachy and-

“Imma go get out of this tux, i’m scared i might rip it or something, we don’t want that happening”

“Yea we really don’t need that happening” They both went into the fitting rooms and started to get undressed. As Jungkook took off his shirt he couldn’t help but think about how Jimin told his friend that he went on a date with Jungkook. When Yoongi brought up a boyfriend, was the younger the first person Jimin thought of? The elder wouldn’t mind going out with him? The sudden though got him blushing and his cheeks felt hot. He went to take of his pants when he notices the zipper wouldn’t budge.

“Fuck” He kept trying with all his force to pull down the zipper but it just wasnt budging.

“Shit, shit shit” He started panicking, what the hell was gonna happen if he didnt get these pants off? He’s currently shirtless, stuck in pants that are part of a very expensive tux suit, he’s getting sweaty, and he’s at WORK. What a Valentines Day.

“Um, Jungkook are you okay?”

“No. Not really. Not at all”

“What happened?” Jungkook swung open the door and saw a startled Jimin outside of the fitting room stall. Jimin was currently looking at a sexy beast. He younger was shirtless, his nice abs exposed, and there was sweat dripping down his forehead and a little on his collarbone. He pointed to the zipper and said,

“This is the problem”


“OMG sorry i was pointing to my dick i meant the zipper”

“You scared me”

“I dont know what to do its stuck”

“Wait let me try” Jimin approaches Jungkook who’s currently in the fitting room fidgeting. The elder kneels down and his head is right above the younger’s dick and he suddenly feels awkward. He starts to blush and clears his throat. Jungkook is blushing hard as well, he’s basically a tomato at this point. The younger looks up at the ceiling and tries not to think too much of it.

“Well, uhm, im just gonna go for it” Jimin suddenly put his hand on the zipper and tries to pull it down. He tries again but this time his hand accidentally brushes a little too hard against the younger’s dick and Jungkook groans but when he realized what just happened he jumps back in shock.

“IM SORRY OMG” They are now both feriously blushing, and jimin can no longer look jungkook in the eye.

“JUST, JUST HURRY, i cant take them off by myself”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes just go ahead”

“O-okay” Jimin tried his best to not touch Jungkook’s dick, however, that didn’t turn out so well. Not just that, but the younger cant help but to look down and imagine Jimin’s pretty plump lips around his dick, sucking away. He bites his lip at the thought, he’s got to get these dirty thoughts to go away, he’s already getting a boner and he doesn’t need to make it worse. The elder is trying his best to not touch Jungkook again but when he does, the younger moans, and honestly, Jimin wants to hear him moan even more. He wants to hear the younger moan his name while he’s grinding on him and-

“mhmmm” Jungkook, just, he, MOANED? Jimin’s dirty thoughts distracted him and he accidentally let go of the zipper with force, and he put pressure on the younger’s dick. An idea popped into Jimin;s head. It really isn’t his fault, all those dirty thoughts. Jungkook got him all hot a flustered, being shirtless, moaning in all his glory. Jimin suddenly smirked and groped the younger, adding pressure and feeling the younger’s dick in his hand. Jungkook moaned, and took a step back in surprise, and shock.

“J-Jimin?” Jungkook looked into Jimin’s eyes and saw something he’s never seen before. His pupils have gone large, and he has a smirk on his plump lips. He’s no longer the cute angelic Jimin he first met, now he looks intimidating and sexy as hell. Jimin gropes the younger’s hardening dick again and the he groans at the friction. He feels to sensitive under his hyung’s intimidating touch, and he wants a lot more.

“J-jimin, do-do it again” Jimin’s smirk becomes even wider when he hears those words, he does the same action again however adding more pressure. The younger cant take it anymore, he starts grinding his hips against Jimin’s hand and lets out a lewd groan. The pink haired man looks up at Jungkook in shock, but he is just even more turned on now. He stands up and grabs the back of Jungkook’s neck and kisses him passionately. He starts grinding on him and the friction of their dicks rubbing against one another makes him go insane. He loves the way Jungkook’s body feels against his own, and he loved how the younger blushes innocently under his touch.

“Fuck Jungkook, you are so incredibly hot” He says while kissing the raven haired boy. The younger moans and grinds against the elders dick. All those fantasies he’s had in his head are now becoming reality. He lets his hands travel against the others chest, feeling every crease and playing close attention to his abs. He never knew Jungkook had an amazing body like this, just seeing the other shirtless is getting him turned on and making him lustful. Jungkook reaches down and grabs Jimin’s dick and adds the right amount of pressure to make Jimin groan and thrust his hips forward. Jimin pushes Jungkook against the wall and bites his shoulder,  he sucks and nibbles some more to leaving a love mark to claim him. Jungkook throws his head back in pleasure. He couldn’t believe that this was happening either, he’s currently having a heated make-out session with his hot co-worker. The older starts sucking and leaves love bites all over the younger’s collarbones .

“These pants are a problem, they’ve got to go” The older says in a husky voice that sends a shiver down the others spine. That husky voice made the younger lose his shyness. He was ready to fuck Jimin until he couldn’t walk.

“I’ve got an idea. Sit down” Jungkook sits down on the chair in the fitting room, following the others directions. Jimin straddles him, and starts riding the younger. The younger’s head falls back in pleasure and he lets out a moan. He grabs Jimin’s hips and starts adding more pressure to add more friction on their aching dicks.

“I cant take it anymore. Fuck it ” Jungkook reaches for the zipper and pulls it down with all the force he has. Jimin looks at the younger in shock,

“You-you broke it! Damn you want me to suck you off that badly, huh?”

“Its better broken then me cumming all over the pants, now isn’t it? Now suck my dick” He stands up and swiftly takes off the pants, leaving him in only underwear.

“My turn” Jungkook says with a grin. He slides off Jimin’s shirt and immediately attacks the new smooth skin. He nibbles on the older’s earlobe and gets a slight moan as a reward. He thrusts his hips onto Jimin’s, earning a very lewd moan from the elder. Jimin pulls the younger away from his body, eying him up and down. Jimin gives the younger a smirk, and he starts kissing and nibbling at the younger’s chest, soon lowering to his abdomen, leaving love bites. He swiftly takes off the others underwear, freeing Jungkook’s hard dick from the article of clothing. *Fuck hes big*. The elder continues what he was doing, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses as he gets closer and closer to the younger’s dick, the younger waiting in anticipation. Jimin kisses and sucks everywhere besides where the younger wants him to kiss and suck making the younger get needy.

“Stop teasing me”

“But your thighs are just too beautiful” Jungkook grabs a handful of Jimin’s hair and forces him to face the younger’s dick.

“Im about to fuck your mouth so I suggest your open those pretty plump lips of yours” Jimin obediently opens his mouth, accepting the switch of things and lets Jungkook force his dick inside his mouth. The younger moans at the feeling of him being swallowed, he loves the feeling of the older’s warm mouth around him, sucking away. Jungkook grabs the pink hair tighter and thrusts his hips into Jimin’s mouth, throwing his head back at the amazing feeling. Tears start forming on the elders eyes when Jungkook’s thrusts become harsh, and the hair pulling is intense, however he loves being mouth fucked.

“Mmm you dirty slut, you love the taste of my dick don’t you?” Jungkook says in a low breathy moan. Jimin hums in response causing a vibration that makes the younger whimper. Jungkook starts wildly thrusting into jimin’s mouth, pulling the older’s hair so he can swallow more of him. The younger throws his head back in pleasure when he feels he’s about to cum. Jimin however, grabs the younger’s hips firmly stopping the younger’s intense hip thrusting. He removes his lips from the younger’s painfully hard dick, making the younger moan in disappointment.

“J-jimin what the fuck?”

“I cant have you cum just yet, i want your dick inside of me” Jungkook’s eyes widened in shock and Jimin was honestly a little surprised with his own words, however he was just too horny to even give a shit. All he knew at the moment was that he wanted the younger’s dick inside of him. The truth is, neither of them has ever done it with a guy. This is the first time Jungkook has ever fucked a guy, and this is the first time Jimin has ever had a dick inside of him.

“What” The youngers eyes widened in shock.

“Fuck me” The younger’s shock just changed into pure lust when he saw the way Jimin looked into his eyes and how low his voice sounded. The younger groaned and pushed Jimin against the wall again biting at his neck. The elder moved his head to the side offering the younger more space to bite and suck. Jimin moaned at the feeling of the younger’s body surrounding his own. Jungkook went up and bit his hyungs earlobe, earning a satisfied groan. He felt two hands rub his sides and then they grabbed his ass earning a yelp.

“Fuck your ass is so peachy, we need to get those pants off” Jungkook smirked and unbuttoned the elders jeans, lowering them, allowing Jimin to slide them off. The younger gave Jimin one last kiss, tongues fighting for dominance as Jungkook rubs his hand against Jimin’s hard-on. He younger breaks the kiss and brings his fingers up to Jimin’s pretty plump lips.

“Suck” The older gladly accepts the younger’s demand and puts the fingers in his mouth. He sucks, his tongue swirling around the fingers and the younger swears he could cum by just looking at the sight. He brings his other hand down to Jimin’s hard dick and rubs through the clothing.

“Mmm baby your so hard for me” Jimin thrusts his dick into the younger’s hands wanting more friction. Jungkook watches as Jimin sucks desperately on his fingers wishing that it was his dick again. Jimin lets the younger slip his fingers outside of his mouth, and pulls him into a kiss. Jungkook uses his free hand to rub Jimin’s hard on through the fabric again and the elder moans against Jungkook’s mouth. He pulls away from the kiss and thrusts his hips onto Jungkooks hands again, letting him get the friction that he desperately wants.

“Fuck just, FUCK ME ALREADY” Jimin slides off his underwear in a blink of an eye and basically tackled Jungkook. He pins the younger against the wall, kissing his swollen cherry lips. Jungkook takes his lubricated finger and gets closer to Jimin’s pink hole, while sucking on those heavenly lips. As Jungkook’s hand brushes against the older’s hole, the older lets out a little squeak. He’s never felt a finger so close to his hole before and its a new feeling. He suddenly regrets what he said and he breaks the kiss, and bites his lip. Jungkook looks into the younger’s eyes, he could see a little bit of fright.

“Are you sure you want me to do this”

“Y-yes, but how painful will it be?

"Just a finger or my cock” Jimin blushes hard at these words,

“J-just a finger”

“You’ve never fingered yourself before?”

“YOU HaVe?”

“Of course!” Jungkook takes this opportunity while Jimin is distracted and put his two fingers through the muscle.

“AH, it burns!” Jimin yells out squinting his eyes. He has to admit, he really doesn’t like this feeling, but the younger’s hand slowly rapping around his cock is making up for it. Jungkook slides his finger in, and kisses Jimin trying to distract him from the pain.

“Babe, are you sure you are okay with this” Jungkook looked at Jimin’s watery eyes and saw pain. Jimin was about to answer no when-

“OH, fuck me!” Jimin’s eyes closed shut as he gasped for air. Jungkook found the older’s prostate and grinned, knowing that if he had waited any longer to find it he wouldn’t have been able to fuck Jimin.

“W-what was that!?” Jungkook rubbed against his prostate again and Jimin threw his head back welcoming the wonderful knew feeling. He closed his eyes so tight that he could see white when he opened them again. The younger added a knew finger and the elder whimpered in pain as the new finger was pushed into the tight muscle. But then again, the younger brushed against the bundle of nerves causing Jimin to arch his back and push his ass against Jungkook’s finger.

“FUCK! DO IT AGAIN” Jungkook thrusts his fingers into the elder at a fast pace, basically finger fucking the elder, each time aiming and hitting the elders prostate. Jimin couldn’t help but let his tongue fall out as he panted and threw his hips back everytime the younger’s fingers entered him. Jungkook’s pace got faster and faster until he noticed Jimin’s breathing and how his hole clenched against his fingers. The younger suddenly pulled out, getting a groan from the elder. He didn’t want him to cum just yet, and he felt that the elder was prepped enough for his dick. Jungkook turned around so now his hyung was against the wall and the younger was hovering over him.

“Jump” The elder jumped and the younger caught him, bringing his legs around his hips. Jungkook’s dick teased the elders whole, gaining a shiver from him.

“This may hurt a bit..” Jungkook entered Jimin’s entrance, stretching out the tense muscles slowly. Tears started forming on the elders eyes, he knew it would hurt, but this burns and it feels like something is ripping him open.

“Ah-hh, it-t hurts” Jungkook leans in and kisses the elder, trying to distract him from the pain.

“Its gonna be okay, I promise it’ll feel good in a little bit” He leans in for another kiss as he pushes deeper into the elder. They stay in that position for a little bit, Jungkook not wanting to cause Jimin more pain.

“You… You can go now” Jimin bites his lip as he sees Jungkook thrust into him from the dressing room mirror. He looks at the younger’s perfect body figure, the way he muscles flex, his nice broad back. He lets his eyes fall as Jungkook thrusts into him again. He didn’t think it would be so painful but it honestly feels like something is tearing him apart. He opens his mouth to let out a pained groan when Jungkook captures his lips in a deep kiss. Their tongues intertwine as they fight for dominance, the younger quickly winning as Jimin melts into the kiss. Jungkook’s thrusting is slowly speeding up, he just cant control it anymore. He’s secretly wanted to fuck his hyung and make him moan his name from the first day he met him.

“J-jimin your so tight” The younger says as he thrusts even harder into the elder.

“F-fuck” The elder is starting to get used to the thrusting and the pain is being replaced by pleasure. The elder starts moving his hips in sync with Jungkook’s thrusts, he felt like something was missing and he wanted to find it. The way his hole felt around Jungkook’s dick felt overwhelming to the younger. This is better than any girl he ever did. The younger moaned when Jimin started sucking on his neck, leaving another love bite. The elder started nibbling on the younger’s ear piercing which was one of his sensitive spots.

“J-jimin” the younger moaned. He thrusts really hard at an angle and Jimin swears he could see a white light-

“DADDY! F U C K ME” Well he found what he was looking for.

“What did you just call me?” The younger says with a wide smirk.


“Say it again”


“Fine ill just have to make you say it” The younger thrusts into the elder at the same angle making Jimin see stars.

“F-FUCK” Jungkook thrusts again, he’s quickening his pace but the elder wants more

“J-jungkook, h-harder!” The younger throws his hips against Jimin’s and the elder is hanging on to the younger’s shoulders for dear life. However, he knew Jungkook was holding back and he wanted more, he didn’t care what he has to do, he wants to be fucked harder

“Daddy harder!” The younger groans at the name, making him even more turned on. He thrusts harder and the elder is losing his grip on the younger’s shoulders. Jungkook is now thrusting in full pace with all his might, and Jimin could feel the ball of heat build up in his stomach. His prostate is being abused and he doesn’t know how much more he can take.

“F-uck i-im go-ing to c-cum” Jimin breathes out in moans.

“Hmm me too” Jimin’s entrance started to squeeze around the younger’s dick, making Jungkook moan at the tight feeling. Its just urging him to go more. He removes his dick from Jimins entrance, and slams back in with full force hitting the elders prostate completely.

“D-daddy!” Jimin pants out. He swears that he saw the gates of heaven for a good few seconds as he cums all over his and the younger’s stomach. He’s panting non-stop, and he feels amazing. The younger thrusts again into Jimin, going for his own release. He cums inside of the elder after a few more thrusts, moaning at how good it felt to finally release. They stay in that position for a little bit, trying to get their breathes back. He sits down on the chair and puts Jimin to sit on his lap.

“That was amazing”

“Yea i know but you couldve at least taken me on a date first”

“UM excuse me, you were the one who kept touching my dick! Its not my fault that you just looked so incredible during everything” Jimin laughed at the younger’s words.

“What are we gonna do about the pants?” Jimin says

“Oh shit I forgot about it. And that we are still at work!”

“Crap we have to close up!” Jimin suddenly gets up reaching for his clothes but then-

“OH FUCK” He falls back on Jungkooks lap as he feels a sudden pain on his lower back.

“My back hurts so much” Jungkook smiles and shrugs. He pulls the elder in for a kiss. It was deep and passionate and they both are enjoying it. Jungkook is the first to pull away as he says,

“Ill get us our clothes” He stands up and rests Jimin on the chair. He reaches for his clothing and once he has his underwear on, he gives Jimin his underwear and the rest of his clothing. They both struggle to get dressed, especially the elder who cant even stand.

“I have an idea about the pants” the younger said as he put on his shoes.

“What is it?”

“Why don’t we just put the pants back exactly how we found it, and then pretend like we don’t know anything if they ask us why the zipper is fucked? They don’t have to ever find out.” The younger grinned at Jimin, thinking this is an amazing plan.

“We are so getting fired”

“I know, but lets just try to stay until our next paycheck” They both smiled and started to close up shop. It was mostly Jungkook doing the work because the elder was having difficulty standing. They shut off all the lights and Jungkook helped Jimin walk outside. The younger locked the door and looked at the pink haired man.

“So, i was thinking, how about we go on a date? I mean if thats, if its okay with you, im not gonna force to do anything…” the younger babbles. He started to blush and looked at the floor smiling awkwardly.

“You know, for a guy I just called daddy, that was not smooth at all” They both started laughing and Jimin looked at the younger with kindness in his eyes.

“Yes i’ll go on a date with you” He pulled Jungkook closer from the collar on his shirt and they shared a deep, romantic kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is my first fan fiction and first smut, so I hope you guys like it! And also can we talk about how awesome BTS’s comeback is like damn. Chong! Jojun! Balsa! 

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It’s almost eleven when the door crashes open, John vibrating with energy as he hurls his jacket onto his chair.

J: I hope you are bloody pleased with yourself.

Sherlock trots in behind him, hands in his coat pockets and face downcast at his flatmate’s barely concealed rage. And honestly? He looks like shit. There is simply no other way of putting it. His face is ashen and there is a glassy quality to his reddened eyes.

J:  Two days ago you were lying in bed with 106 degrees fever and you still think you are James Bond. 

S: Who?

John just ignores him, the words pouring out of him, now that he has started.

J: What did I say to you on the phone? What did I say, last time you ran off half-cocked, without telling me, and almost got yourself killed?

Originally posted by halloawhatisthis

S: To wait for you.

J: Does anything I say even penetrate that gigantic brain of yours or do you just hear static when I open my mouth?

S: I have been doing this long before I met you, John. On my own. And I have always been fine.

J: Yeah, you keep saying that, but every time I turn my back, someone is pointing a gun at you.

John takes a couple more steps into the room, lips pressed into a thin line, fists clenched so tight I think I just heard one of his knuckles pop. His entire body is so tense, it seems as if just a tiny bit of pressure would make him snap into a million pieces.

J: That’s the second time. The second time in less than a month, that I had to shoot someone to save your reckless arse. Do you even realise how crazy that is? We live in central London, not bloody Kabul!

Sherlock has to avert his gaze at that. He really screwed up this time.

Originally posted by halloawhatisthis

S: I’m sorry you had to do that. Again.

There is an answering huff of breath as John tilts his head back in exasperation.

J: That’s not the point.

Going by the furrow in his brow, Sherlock just lost the plot.

S: Then what are you so upset over?

J: You!

It comes out as more of a shout. Sherlock visibly recoils, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the sound level.

J: You are the problem! Running off on your own, even though a couple of days ago you could hardly get up without my help. I told you I would be back soon, but no, Sherlock Holmes doesn’t need any help. You couldn’t even be bothered to text me!

S: You were at work.

J: Oh, don’t even start. We both know that has nothing to do with it. The case has been on ice for two weeks, now. A couple more hours wouldn’t have made a bloody difference.

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S: You are not my chaperone, John. I don’t need your permission to do my job.

J: That’s the whole problem isn’t it. Your job. Not mine, not ours. Yours. I mean, what even am I to you? The blustering idiot, that keeps stumbling after you, cleans up your mess and makes you look good?

Sherlock’s entire throat seizes up with the effort it takes him to swallow.

S: I don’t think you’re an idiot.

His voice is barely more than a whisper.

J: Well, then stop treating me like one!

John throws up his hands and stalks back over to Sherlock, stopping just a few steps in front of him.

J: The way I see it, there is only one way THIS…

He gesticulates in between the two them.

J: …whatever this is, is going to work. And that is as a partnership. I can’t keep guessing what your next move is going to be. I can’t keep chasing after you whenever you get some crazy idea in your head. You need to level with me. Because one day I might not see your half-empty cup of tea on the side table or a newspaper clipping lying around to tell me, that you need my help.

Now that the words have been said, both of their anger fizzles out just as quickly as it came. They are staring at each other, John looking more hurt, than accusatory, while Sherlock seems to be overwhelmed with the entire situation.

Originally posted by twocandles

Originally posted by twocandles

When almost a minute has passed, and Sherlock still hasn’t said anything, John shakes his head in defeat.

J: I’m going to go to bed.

He doesn’t even look up at Sherlock as he passes him on the way to his room.

S: John.

But John just keeps walking.

someone i once knew

This one is for @paradoxicalpsychic ! Thank you so much for so much encouragement and prompts!!

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Talking has never been Aomine’s strong suit.

Words just… aren’t easy.

Aomine is brash and abrasive; he says whatever is on his mind, and really doesn’t give a shit about the consequences. You don’t like being told the truth right to your face? Tough. He’s not the kind to sugarcoat things, because he honestly just doesn’t see the point in it.

If he’s being honest, his nature has always been a cause of strain in his relationships. Some of his friends have gone, not willing to put up with it; the few who have stuck around have helped dull the edges around his personality, but he’s never going to be a nice guy. It’s just not who he is.

But since his poor attitude has lost him the only relationship he ever really wanted to try for - well, he has realized that he can’t keep living his life this way.

Still, though, when confronted with someone, the words that he really wants to say, the ones buried deep, they really struggle to come out. When he’s forced into social interactions, he just reverts back to old habits.

It’s a lot easier talking to someone… not face-to-face.

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I know how strongly bts has an effect on you but can you talk about how much you love your husband ?? o(`ω´ )o tell him I said hi

My husband?  You guys want to hear about that dork?  Well he’s pretty much the best friend I’ve ever had (just don’t tell my best friend of sixteen years, she would be crushed) and he makes me laugh constantly.  Honestly though, there is no one else in the world who can make me laugh when I’m struggling or suffering through something.  And no one has ever made me laugh harder than he has.  I am definitely one of those people who find humor the most attractive quality in someone.

Anyways, he is the sweetest and I love him but he is also a jerk and makes fun of me for my “Korean shit”.  Of course he says that then will be like, “hey do you want to watch Running Man?”  He also secretly loved the drama Flower Boy Ramen Shop but shhhh don’t tell anyone.  He would be devastated if the world found out about his love for that drama.  

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Imagine a really childish, needy and cuddly alpha, who just likes hugs too much, and their mate is a "no-shit" Omega that needs their alone time. The Omega likes to just stay in their nest sometimes, but the alpha usually comes to disrupt the Omega by jumping in and doing a "surprise love attack". The Omega just sits there mumbling in protest wile the alpha "purrs", the Omega is annoyed, the alpha stars to play with them, saying that they enjoy it, which is true, but they won't admit it.

(The cuddle Alpha again) The Omega is always kinda sarcastic, saying thing like “You are the worst” and “I hate u so much”, but in a playful way. And the alpha sometimes get kinda sad about it, and just pouts and is heartbroken. The Omega just panic

(Did I send the ask before finishing? Confused… But ok, this is the cuddly alpha thing again) The Omega is very much sarcastic, always saying things like “I hate u” and “You are the worse”, but they mean no harm, it’s their way of showing love… and the alpha sometimes doesn’t get its sarcasm and just gets very sad. They pout and refuse to talk to the Omega, who, in turn, tries to make the alpha forgive them, and they get frustrated. After the Omega gets stressed too, the alpha forgives them

Oh, they usually make up fights by cuddling in the couch and watching movies. Both drinking hot cocoa and just silently bonding, until one of them falls asleep… (I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, sorreh)

(If you don’t mind, I’ll continue with them) So, the alpha is not that big, compared to other alphas (They are actually big compared to their mate) and they are very self conscious about it. They always ask their mate why does they like them, the Omega thinks its silly, and always responds with “Because you are the most adorable thing out there”. And the Omega is self conscious about their personality, thinking they are not sweet enough, the alpha loves that about them though.

Shout out :)

To the people who have nothing better to do than stalk my blog then run around lying to my friends about me (yeah, thats amusing af!) and reporting me to tumblr (who as you can see did nada because your reports were as fake as you :) lemme tell you something. Unlike you, I am not conceited enough to think Norman reads my stupid little blog (which btw likely has 10x as many followers as yours) or that anything I say has any impact on him whatsoever. Nobody I associate with even bothers with your pathetic blog because, seriously, lets face it, you don’t know shit. You can talk crap on me all you want, I could care less because as far as I’m concerned you are just a wanna be suck up yes man with zero originality who copies others because you have no talent. And FYI I’m not your problem and never was, you have way smarter people than me gunning for you, so good luck!

erwin-smith replied to your post “antis: erwin’s dead. stop mourning him. stop shipping eruri. stop…”

“Antis” more like people tired of them putting the salt in the tags when they’re trying to browse.

no i mean “antis” as in people who have spent the last 4 years shitting on erwin in the tags while we’re just trying to browse and who rejoiced when he died in the tags while we’re just trying to browse and who continue to be butthurt that people still care about him in the tags while we’re just trying to browse because they hate him and have always hated him and say things like i mentioned in my post because his death didn’t make him go away like they wanted it to and they can’t stand it. nice try tho

I wanna tell this guy friend of mine off bc he is being whiny but,,,Like shit is going on w/ a girl he likes who got engaged and its all he whines or talks about and its like the end of the world. Im just,,,buddy have you seen what fucking shit ive gone through. Im still here so you sit tf down and shut up. Ik suffering depression isn’t a competition but just like,,,Imagine going through everything that I told you. Also he says guilt trip shit like “Its whatever Ill never be happy” and I just want to say how he has been an abuser in my past as well so he is not pure at ALL

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Do you remember the Tumblr post, "This is Tumblr, we love gays more than gays love gays". Cuz it still haunts me to this day. No Tumblr does not actually "love gays". Tumblr is homophobic and they fetishize them.

That post was actually really funny in that it was a bunch of straight people saying they love gay people and I just find lies to be funny tbh. Like straight people don’t love us, they fetishize gay identity (at least the straight people who say shit like this do). Anyway I can confirm that us gays love each other way more than the straights ever could.

-mod L

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You and your "friends" are pathetic you know that? Y'all are the type of blogs that make me feel bad for Ethan and Tyler. Because they have disgusting perverts as fans who watch their videos and picture them doing disgusting shit. Like really, you think they'd be comfortable, or happy, if they saw what the fuck y'all posted? Or how you acted, or treated others?

lmao why u here then? why u following me? why u following my friends bc it sure as hell seems like ur just saying this bc ur mad at me bc i wasnt a sweetheart to u. 
lmao and there a “disgusting perverts” in every fandom, ur bound to fucking see it.
u know they are aware of the shit right? eth literally skips over it bc anyone w a brain will fucking avoid that shit.
we’ve only been shitty to ppl if theyve been shitty to us. and like the shit you say during a breakdown, yeah, can be bad, and itsnt really excusable, but it shouldnt be taken as a reflection of someones character becuase more often than not whats being said is said with the intent to make all interal hurt external.   also um, can u like, hop off anon lmao why u gotta be a pussy.
ethan or tyler wouldnt be proud of you sending unwarrented fuckign HATE they actually cannot STAND people like you

go fuck yourself in the mouth with a tazer honestly, 

lots of love from @crankyplier  

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my mum is divorced and you know how people are then.. (she was forced into marriage and my deadbeat father has never even tried to contact me, men ain't shit) and she used to tell me that i shouldn't even say more than "hello" to any boy and especially never stop for smalltalk because people will snitch and talk about how i'm a whore who talks to boys.. at 12 i thought she was exaggerating. she wasn't, at all.

Our cultures are such bullshit, they treat men as demigods and criminalise women like this. What makes me feel better is knowing that people who think like that will not prosper, because they think like shit. They’ll just remain stagnant whereas as long as we rebel and not give a shit what they think, we will go onto become the best version of ourselves.

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Hello, fellow geek here and I'm so happy I found your page. I dreaded going on Tumblr because of all the unnecessary hate Karamel was getting. It blew my mind that they think Mon El is the worst person ever, like I don't even understand. But whatever, anyway, I found your page and I agree with everything you say about them. I just wanted to thank you. Now I know I'm not the only one who thinks they're doing an amazing job with the storyline. I will go down with this ship! Keep up the good work

@pepperbermuda Hello, honey!

Yeah, Tumblr is going through dark times these days, but I think it’s happening everywhere. I’m avoiding Facebook lately because I’m so tired of the unnecessary hate towards anything, people overanalyzing every single shit and spreading negativity, and then I come to Tumblr to relax a little bit and enjoy the shows I like, and then the same shit happens here. The hate towards Mon-El is ridiculous, I mean, are we even watching the same show?

When I first started watching Supergirl, I didn’t even watch it every week and I ended up dropping it after a while, but when I got stuck at home for weeks after I went through surgery, I decided to catch up with season 1. When season 2 started, I fell in love with Mon-El and started shipping him with Kara almost right away (“I’m in your hands, Kara” ❤), and I got completely hooked because I think Mon-El brought so much fun to the show, and I’m loving his relationship with Kara. Now Karamel is canon but we can’t even enjoy it in peace because we have to deal with the ugly antis that attack Mon-El using feminism as argument when they’re actually being terribly misandric (a strong and independent woman can’t have a love life… unless it’s with another woman, of course ¬_¬). Not to mention the whole ‘toxic and abusive Mon-El’ bullshit (once again, are we even watching the same show??).

Anyway, sorry for the rant! lol

You’re definitely not the only one who thinks this season is amazing. Our Karamel family is growing fast! Welcome aboard!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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racism is built off of a system of oppression. if your race has not or can not be oppressed on a large scale you cant say people are "racist" against you. People can be prejudiced against white people though.

All I’m saying is people act like they can get away with treating white people like shit and making fun of them “because you cant be racist towards white people” and thats ridiculous. in my opinion, anyone can be racist towards anyone because the definition of the word itself doesn’t exclude any race.
I have friends who act terribly to people and when the other person says anything about it, the first thing they do is accuse them of being racist when in reality, they were just being an ass.

Is it fucked up that white people did a lot of shit to other races in the past? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that they all deserve to be treated badly because of things that happened in history. Especially since there are a considerable amount of white people who are fighting along side other races for equal rights, you cant classify them all based on how people were before. It just seems to me that some people (key word: some) are more about getting revenge on white people rather than having equal rights and people like that are the kinds of people that I hate just as much as I hate racist white people.

I am aware that there have always been issues between races but it seems like within the past two years, everything is about race and everyone is being accused of cultural appropriation. its just annoying to me that race seems to be the only thing that anyone cares about anymore.

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I'm seeing a lot of self negetivity on my dash recently and I was wondering if you could do the opposite. I've seen you say really nice things about people, so.-- just pick like 4 or 5 people and say something nice about them, please?

     Aww, you are literally too sweet. I’m sorry you’re seeing so much, I’ve been seeing a little of it as well. So, I’m just going to pick 5 people who I adore and just give them some good vibes. Hopefully. You say I’m good at this but I’m really not xD. Please note some of these will be longer than others because I just know them better. Under read more because long as shit.

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also; anybody who sexualises aro ppl by saying its just "ppl who want to fuck without emotion" or just in general saying that its like "sad" or "lonely" or really anything that makes it obvious they think that aro ppl are broken or less human because romance is ~the point~ of being human or whatever, because ive seen a bunch of that in discourse too...

:/ The “less human thing” is very clearly there when they say we just use people and treat them like shit (which is their logic for why “het aro men” according to their crowd are misogynists who treat women like crap), like they literally paint us as monsters??

And yeah being told someone wants me to be “lonely” because I’m aro (and they find me irritating) is really… like I know when someone’s not talking to me like I’m a person lol.

“The discourse” is a mess

lambofdawn replied to your post: i swear the emh fandom takes shit way too fucking…

I think like (and trust me I"m not starting shit here, just curious to see your opinion), the main discourse over HABIT is that they’re a literal psychopathic murderous entity. And it’s totally okay to like a character like that (HABIT is one of my favorites of all time tbh), but the discourse lies in people saying that they see nothing wrong with the character, and admire to be like him. Again, not starting shit, but would like to hear your thoughts c: <3

oh yeah thats totally not alright. blatantly ignoring the problems of a character who is written literally as a bad guy would indeed make you a dick. but to me it seems like some people dont fucking understand what it even means to be an “apologist” - either that or they dont care and that everyone who likes a problematic character whether they accept the flaws or ignore them is automatically labeled problematic

and sadly ive seen that actually happen!! its bullshit

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I think the scary thing people warn about is not that fox news on itself is the ones telling it but its one of the "reliable sources" the racist cheetoh likes to talk about, specially after not allowing other news sources but the ones on his favor to go to the white house press

i get that, i just think its silly and it annoys me. fox news is not leading trump further to the right. if anything theyre following his lead 

like how can you say we should be concerned about fox “influencing” him when hes the one who made this shit up in the first place. theyre scrambling to justify his actions. 

people need to stop thinking of trump as someone who is just too ~incompetent~ to form his own views. he’s not just “handling his position badly”. from the second he won the election he was surrounded by people, within the government and without, trying to push him into more moderate positions. 

his response to that is systematically cutting out non-sympathetic reporting and blocking any kind of internal oversight to his actions. you think someone else made that decision for him? bullshit. im sure his fascist buddies are very pleased with that decision, but they didnt make him do it. 

im tired of people chalking this up to simple ignorance/ ”stupidity” on his part, it undercuts how fucking dangerous he is. 

liberals seriously need to get it through their heads that trump IS fully occupying his role as a leader, and thats what we should be freaking out about. not fox news, not his advisors (that *he chose*), not the fucking russians, but trump

hey look at this lance

thats all, i just found this lance and i had to share him cause hes beautiful