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suicidal || alex standall

prompt: You should do an Alex imagine where his gf is on one of the tapes and is suicdal. + Can you do an Alex imagine with suicidal reader + Can you do a Alex imagine where you guys are really close and you are on the tapes and you become super distant and suicidal

warnings: suicidal!reader, swearing, reader is on the tapes

a/n: this took a while to post bc i had to think of a reason to why the reader is on the tapes. italics mean hannah speaking , and as always feedback is appreciated and requests are open ALSO reader is tape number 14 and lets pretend clay recorded bryce’s confession on something else.

Girls will be girls and boys will be boys they say. But sometimes their actions can affect lives. They affected mine, see I went through some dark times and when I needed you most, you backed out. Why did you leave when i needed you most? But hey, girls will be girls right? This one’s for you Y/N Y/L/N.

You were lying in bed, listening to tape Hannah speak, while you felt your heart sink. After sitting through a long night, listening to each tape, you finally got to yours. You never knew you were one of these reasons Hannah killed herself until you walked home from school one day and saw a horribly wrapped package addressed to you. You had used a walkman your parents had to listen to the numbered tapes. And hearing Hannah speak and introduce the tapes, you couldn’t believe you were one of the reasons.

You and Alex Standall were dating so once you go to his tape, you couldn’t believe what Hannah was saying, but you carried on, and listened to each heartbreaking tape. So once you got the last tape you knew it was about you.

You see Y/N, even though you are my 14th tape, Mr Porter is still my last reason. You were such a nice person, you became my friend after Alex and Jess left. But after my reputation had changed for the worse and I was ‘Hannah The Slut’ you started hanging out with me less. You still always gave me a smile when we passed in the halls but you never stopped to ask how I was or anything really. Were you ashamed to hang out with me? Was I a burden to you?

At this point you were in tears, your nose was stuffed and your eyes were red and puffy. “I’m so sorry Hannah, I didn’t mean to leave you.” You spoke, turning to your side on your bed. You had your headphones in so you didn’t hear your door open. You felt arms wrap around your crying figure. You removed one earbud and turned to face your hugger. “It’s okay Y/N.” Alex spoke and kissed your forehead. You turn to face Alex, your head in his chest “I didn’t mean to hurt Hannah.” You spoke into his chest, your tears staining his shirt, but Alex didn’t mind. He hated seeing like this.

Alex moved to stop the tape and move the god damn thing away from you, since you already finished your tape. “It’s okay Y/N.” Alex said once again, and you calmed down and slowed your breathing, listening to Alex’s heartbeat. Then the two of you fell asleep.

Since you were the last person to receive the tapes, you held on to them. Even though they caused you emotional pain, it was the only thing you had left from Hannah. You kept the shoebox under your bed, and rarely touched it. You carried on with your life as per usual. You started to notice how everyone who was on the tapes looked more stressed and freaked. They knew what you had done and you know what they did. But you and Alex were still happy, and that’s what matters. But after a week since listening to the tapes, you’ve had a total shift of behavior.

You had been more tired that usual, you ate less, rarely spoke and would get agitated easily. Alex noticed your shift in behavior, but thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. But then your behavior continued for 2 months. Then one day you weren’t at school. Alex had started freaking out, but you sat at home, emotionally drained. Why am I still alive? This question would echo in your mind. Why were you still alive? You had contributed to make a girl commit suicide and she was your friend.

You hated yourself and the guilt was eating you alive. “I shouldn’t have left her.” You mumble to yourself. Your whole body felt sore and weak, you’ve been eating less, your face was a sickly color and bags formed under your eyes. Alex went straight to your house that afternoon, panic was rushing through him. “Hey Ms. Y/L/N, is Y/N home?” Alex asked your mom who opened the door and greeted him. “She’s in her room. Alex, do you know why she’s been acting so strangely? She’s not acting like the Y/N we know.” Your mom spoke, her voice quiet. Alex shook his head, knowing better than to let his girlfriend’s mom know about the tapes.

She gave Alex a smile and let him in, the platinum blonde hair boy rushing to your room. He found you laying in bed and staring at your ceiling. “Why am I still alive Alex?” You asked, your voice calm and soft. “Y/N, no, please don’t think like that.” Alex spoke, immediately sitting next to you and pulling you close to him. “But it’s true Alex, I killed Hannah Baker.” You cried softly. “We all did, but you shouldn’t take your life because it. Hannah’s death affected a bunch of people and yours would too. Please don’t do it.” You laid your forehead on Alex’s shoulder, tears falling from your eyes.

“It’s hard, the guilt is eating me alive.” You said. Alex cupped your face and made you look at him, “It’s okay, we’ll get through this. I’ll help you.” He kissed your forehead. “Thank you, I love you.” You spoke, and Alex gave you a smile, “I love you too.”

damn this was rlly long and im not too proud of it but i posted so :)) ALSO this is such a serious topic like please if you ever feel suicidal get help or even call a hotline, its better to get help then go through it alone

Angle Grace - Part 2

REQUESTED BY ANON: You should definitely make a part 2 for Angel Grace, it was so good.

Part 1

It is going to be the first time you are going to go to heaven, it is scary. You don’t know what the other angels will think about you. You are not a full angel that is what you think, you are like them, but not born one. You also know that the Winchester’s are not the most popular.

First of all, you need to know how to go to heaven, so what you do? Concentrate on the word, and who you want to see.

Suddenly, you feel the warmth and the change of air, you just teleported. You crack your eyes open and frown at the sight of the white and bright corridor. This is not what you thought heaven would look like.

All of the corridor is full of doors, probably more corridors like this.

“Great” you sighed.

You start checking the names on the doors, getting discouraged each time you do not see the name you want to see.

Then, you see it, your hands start to get wet and you bite nervously your lip. What are you going to say? How are you going to explain that you are in heaven, but not dead?

“Suck it up, Winchester” you whispered to yourself.

You grip the door knob, take a deep breath and open the door, feeling the stress and fear go away at the thought of seeing your parent.

You talk a step inside, not surprised at all to see your old house, the one you lived for only seven month of your life. You saw it once, in a hunt a few years ago, a poltergeist had hunted the house. It was also the one time you saw your mother in flesh and blood. Well, she was not alive, but it was her as a ghost.

It is her that is sitting on the couch of the living room. Mary Winchester, your dead mother who you never knew. You smile and take a step into her view, catching her attention.

Mary stands up in one jump, eying you, her face filled with shock.

“Who are you?” She managed to say.

“Hey Mom” your smiles gets even wider.


You do not answer and take her in your arms smelling the scent of motherhood, something you always needed but never had.

“Mom, you should sit down” you said taking a step back.

She nods and sits, you do the same. It is weird for you that you are in your old house with your mother.

“I wanted to see you, so I came here” you started your explication “I didn’t know if I would have found you, I was hoping so badly and here I am”.

“How are you here?” Mary asked, his face suddenly changes “are…. Are you dead?”

“No” you shake your head “something happened a few months ago and… I became an angel”.

“An angel?” Mary repeated “I don’t understand”.

“Well, first of all… there is a lot of things I need to tell you”.

After telling your mother that you and your brothers are hunters, the apocalypse, John’s death… everything. Excepted for Sam’s death.

All the way, Mary listened to you, sinking in every word. Everything that she did not want her kids to be, they are.

“I’m sorry” Mary told you “I never wanted-“

“Mom, it’s okay, it was our destiny. I never believed in it, but I do now. I am just happy to see you again”.

“You are beautiful” Mary smiled “you look like your father”.

You copy the smile “Dad always said that I have your eyes”.

“Yeah, you do. I have something to show you” she said getting up “come”.

You follow her upstairs, you look at the pictures on the walls as you walk through the corridor. It shows all of the life of John and Mary, with Sam and Dean, a couple with baby you.

Mary opens a door and invites you to get inside. Your eyes widened at the sight, you have never seen something that weird, and you saw weird things in your life.

“Is… is that me?” You asked.

“Yes it is” Mary said walking to the crib.

In it, a little baby girl lays down, eyes wide open.  She stares at you, like she knows who you are. Though, one things comes to your mind, is she even real? You are in heaven, in your Mom’s heaven, she probably doesn’t even exist.

“Never thought I’d meet myself” you chuckle “I was chubby”.

“The cutest chubby baby” Mary said taking baby you in her arms “Dean was even chubbier”.

“Seriously? I have to tell him next time I see him… oh yeah, by the way, he says hi”.

“How is he? And Sam? And you too, I wanna know more”.

“Then, I say we sit down and talk about more of our lives”.


herc gets around. He’s also the friend who always makes your mom jokes and the first time he made one at alex it was very :///

herc has slept with probably everyone

eliza is a precious baby who hand makes cards and lil crafts for everyone on holidays (peggy helps too)

the amount of shit laurens and alex get into is unbelievable. so many fights. so many ER trips. so much of alex getting into twitter fights and tweeting seventeen consecutive tweets (that character limit man) and completely tearing apart that one anti-sjw that laurens fought yesterday

also he’s the guy who writes out his rant in his notes on his phone, and posts THAT on Twitter bc of the character limit. posts seventeen of those consecutively. he has a lot to say.

alex keeps pictures of everyone in his wallet

alex: is paying for something

cashier: oh who’s that in your wallet? your girlfriend? :-)

alex: yes! and this is my boyfriend john laurens- look at his freckles! and these are my friends herc and laf, this is my girlfriends sister, this is

peggy and the revolutionary set are bros. like complete bros. (for her senior skip day they take her to the beach and get into a lot of shit and walk the boardwalk and laurens probably wins her a stuffed bear at the lil game booth. herc wins her a bigger one and laurens Pouts About It)

jefferson and laf being weirdly attracted to each other and everyone always says they look alike and theyre both like “eh but I look better, am I right?”

truly they both like looking at themselves and that’s probs where the attraction comes from

literally everyone flirted with angelica when they first met her. except maybe laurens, that gay motherfucker.

angelica scares off people who flirt with her for a living. unless ur alex or laf or tjeffs, then she’ll scare you off in a flirty way. poor burr had to deal with her shutting him down harshly

burr and alex are so awkward around each other but??? also p fucking handsy? theyre the weirdest friends/not friends/friends who crush on each other

everyone probably smokes a lot of weed

at least jefferson does. he’s that kid that comes to class high every day but has really good grades. alex hates him for that

the crew goes to a trump rally to protest and laurens gets pushed by a supporter which starts a full blown fight

(they have posters and everything.)

laurens: what the fuck did you just say? babe hold my sign

alex: kick his ass baby i got your sign

it of course turns into a whole brawl because angelica jumps in, and ofc herc and laf gotta have their bro’s back

alex has been tearing into this shriveled up old lady who agrees with trump about immigration policies

they all end up getting arrested and angelica gets peggy to ask their dad for the bail money and angelica’s just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but they all get out and spend the rest of the night in angelica and eliza’s apartment, eliza running around from person to person with a first aid kit and tutting over them

alex and laurens just grin at each other with a bloody nose and black eye respectively, and eliza kisses both of their injuries and murmurs about how proud she is of her boys and how they fight for what they believe in and how she wishes she couldve been there

burr was invited to the rally but didn’t go, even though he dislikes trump and agrees with nothing he stands for. alex and him get into an argument over this, bc he doesnt understand why burr doesn’t want to go and burr doesn’t understand why alex feels the need to be so loud about how much he disagrees with people

burrs like “people have a right to their opinions” and alex wants to sc rea m

John: Dad, if you had to choose between me or mom, who would you choose?

Alex: Your mother on literally every scenario.

John: Yesss, Keith owes me 10 bucks.

Alex Gaskarth: Just Shut Up And Kiss Me

Request: Could you do a fluffy Alex Gaskarth imagine where you’re best friends and he’s your crush you are quite a bit younger than him though. You have a supernatural marathon and you start to get the feels that make you squirm and there’s a sad part and you hold his arm as time goes on you get closer and closer until you’re basically lying on him. You go into the kitchen where he holds you in his arms for a really long time and tells you he loves you and kisses and fluffy fluff!


A/N: This was really fun to write. :) How cute is Alex looking in the picture, by the way?!

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