who is this perfect being

Holly Stewart was perfect for Gail Peck, and here's why:

-didn’t put up with Gail’s shit
-laughed at Gail where others would cringe
-believed in Gail
-came down to 15 to “lay eyes” on her
-kissed Gail first
-“plus one forever”
-didn’t freak out when Gail chopped all her hair off
-made Gail into a homosexual marshmallow
-didn’t push Gail to come out before she was ready
-smiled like an idiot when Gail finally introduced her to her brother
-teased Gail relentlessly
-was a perfect human being
-“who knew it was my thing”
-was willing to brave a dinner at Casa Peck with Superintendent Mom
-batting cages
-made Gail feel loved
-hanging out!
-“she said I wasn’t over my ex”
-was head over heels in love with the surly blonde officer AND DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO TELL ME OTHERWISE

OK, I know that this beautiful and jaw-dropping scene is what’s making the ENTRE Yuri!!! on Ice fandom cry, scream, and bless the YoI creators for practically being gods to us fujoshi. Believe me, I did all three…but isn’t anyone going to talk about these moments:

Yuri is basically getting revenge on Victor for pretty much shattering his heart a few moments ago by playfully poking and patting his receding hairline.

Yuri is making fun of Victor’s expression. Keywords: MAKING FUN OF. Yuri, the nervous and timid guy is MAKING FUN OF his idol and coach.

Yuri’s calling out Victor, the “Living Legend” who’s been viewed as this perfect human being by almost everyone else in the series, for his inexperience as a coach (in other words he’s basically saying “You suck at consoling your skater.”)


What I basically got from these scenes is that Yuri is FINALLY 100% comfortable with Victor enough to tease him and call him STUPID. He literally says, “Victor no BAKA.” The tone of his voice alone shows his familiarity with Victor. 

I’m so happy to witness Victor and Yuri growing closer and closer with each episode until they broke the distance completely with that god-given kiss. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!

How to Get over Regrets

1. You can’t change what happened as yesterday is gone - but you can make some choices so the future turns out better.

2. We all have regrets – it is part of being human. There’s no-one who is perfect, or who does things perfectly.

3. See it as a life lesson, and something you can learn from. Good can come from your regrets if you’ll let them change your ways.

4. See yourself as a new person … As a person you believe in …. As someone you are proud of, and as someone who you like.

5. Practise self-compassion and give yourself a break. You still deserve to be loved … it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. . That was then – and this it now …. Let it go and look ahead … For you can’t change your future if you’re always looking back.

I always have a problem about which Founder to ship with which other Founder.

Like, Salazar being an absolute grumpy arse whenever he could but being super sweet to Helga by helping her baking and was secretly a better cook. Or Rowena being very tempted to ditch her wand and kick Salazar in the balls because he dared to argue her theory about some advanced magic she found.

Then I pictured Godric pestering Rowena as he showed off all his ‘impressive musles’ to a scowling Rowena, who secretly found it endearing. And also Helga blushing furiously when Godric presented her a dragon he just killed, a toothy smile on his handsome yet still bloody face.

But just when I thought I was already confused enough, the thought of Salazar fussing about Godric who just got hurt was too perfect to ignore. Or about Rowena and Helga being really cute girlfriends who braided each other’s hair.

Deciding the suitable pairing for the Founders are so difficult - and there are only four of them.

Enbies who are out and proud, who are vocal about their identities and existence, who stand up to exorsexism and transphobia, are perfect human beings.

Enbies who are more quiet about their identities, who quietly ask to go by neutral pronouns, who hide doodles of the nonbinary flag and symbols, who don’t speak up against the loud and angry voices are precious and wonderful.

All enbies, no matter their activism, are perfect.

I don’t know who thought picking a fight with these two was a good idea, but seeing as Papyrus was involved, they’re probably locked in a shed right now thinking about what they’ve done

he’s just angry because they broke his battle body

I started drawing this hoping to answer questions like “what does Undyne look like with her hair down” and “how adorably scrawny is Paps really under that armor, being nothing but bones and all”, but I think I created more questions than I answered

how much magic does a monster have to use before they need to be patched up manually instead of healing themselves with magic

why does a skeleton get bruises and why are they orange

how do bruises even work re: magic beings who have no blood

how does Undyne pull off being beautiful and perfect always

where is the fine line between taking artistic liberties with a fictional race that just so happen to look like human skeletons, and just giving biology the finger, and additionally, will local biologists let me live to see another day in case it has been crossed

we just don’t know


Okay it may just be me, but I actually have a lot more confidence for Nygmobblepot after this episode. Yes, we definitely are going to be on a wild ride. Owl lady knows about them! She now knows Oswald is in love with Ed! She won’t be letting that go, that will be used against them. Hopefully she won’t turn them against each other. But we can easily say that this isn’t over. Now that we have seen some of Isabella I can say that girl is creepy and suspicious as hell. She is just too perfect. Who is just okay with someone murdering their girlfriend after knowing them one day??? Like??? No one?? And can we talk about her in the preview. Wtf? I think she is a spy sent by the Court or the Red Queen. But we know their relationship will not last, and I think there is high hope for our boys.

ok but consider this; 2D being emotionally hyper sensitive. he’s able to pick up on even the most subtle mood changes – it can either cause him distress and concern, or relief and happiness. if Stu senses that someone is sad and trying to hide it, catch him asking if they’re okay, because he cares. he wants to know. he seems like the kinda guy that’ll Do His Best to make someone feel better. even if he accidentally mucks it up in the process, he’s trying.

reasons why that whole darn episode was amazing:

  • marlon’s fACE when faith makes a break for it is p r i c e l e s s
  • “she’s like the usain bolt of grandmas.” “who needs a wheelchair?”
  • rob being so upset that the wedding wasn’t perfect and aaron not caring because all that was important to him was that, at the end of it all, robert was his husband
  • i know i’ve said this at least six times now but i cannot even believe they got married in the damn garage they fucked for the first time in
  • also the garage is so much more significant than that? like, that’s where aaron attempted suicide, it’s where he first started to really grow up and be responsible, not to mention that’s where robert made the first attempt at even a friendship, never mind the affair
  • “remind me why i’m marrying you and your massive ego again?”
  • aaron’s little choked up, emotional giggle at the end of the “i wasn’t expecting you to do the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing” i mean the lad honestly sounds like he could cry of happiness at that moment
  • “that’s how it works, idiot” i love how this has just become their pet name
  • i really, really love how they keep coming back to the “but you know” “i know” thing
  • “i never thought i’d have this with anyone. and i never though i’d have it with you.”
  • foreheadkissforeheadkissforeheadkiss
  • all of aaron’s little smiles because aaron dingle’s happiness is my happiness
  • charity ringing the bell i love her like as much as she teases them she loves them
  • ADAM
  • the damn pink confetti
  • diane “break his heart and you’re dead” sugden is my queen
  • the “drink from the welly!” chant
  • cain, who once beat the absolute daylights out of robert, getting annoyed with him when he’s taking too long to do it
  • paddy’s “he does love you. i think anyone can see that.” he’s going to start accepting rob’s presence in aaron’s life
  • also the whole padron scene, i’m so glad they’re slowly fixing them paddy just needs to stop being so wrapped up in his damn self
  • “better go and rescue my husband”
  • just anytime they refer to each other as “husband” i mean really
  • “one’s enough, i like him conscious”
  • the way rob steadies himself on aaron after the welly idk why i like that so much i just do
  • the way rob grips aaron’s face as he kisses him in front of everyone and doesn’t even care #charactergrowth
  • if you blink, you’ll miss it, but right as the camera pans over before they disappear behind chas as she walks past them you can see rob gently kiss aaron’s neck
  • the way robert presses his face into aaron’s shoulder, his lil smooshed nose, and the way they both light up when they see chas
  • faith calling rob “blondie” does she even know his damn name? anyway if they wanna make rob and faith best friends i’m here for it
  • speaking of robert’s friends, robert has friends!! even if they were just background randoms that he never actually interacted with! but where the f was bob?!
  • how peaceful aaron looks in robert’s arms
  • robert and belle interaction, that made my life
  • robert’s drunk stumble (which is mostly ryan’s post-surgery knee)
  • “oi, have you seen me husband? dead grumpy, but he doesn’t look bad in a suit.”
  • the way reality hits aaron like a freight train at the end of the ep broke my damn heart but was beautifully acted god bless u ryan and danny
  • mr. dingle and mr. sugden
  • robert knowing aaron’s not fine
  • “i don’t wanna leave ya” “i don’t want you to go”
  • aaron apologizing to robert destroyed my heart like yeah thanks i didn’t need that or anything
  • “you’ll come home to me, and we’ll never look back”
  • also, the weird cover of ‘please don’t stop the music’ playing behind them in that scene
  • and of course, that beautiful wide shot of just them in the night with some candles, clinging to each other because they’re the most important things in the world

shotgunasshole  asked:

If you want to hold equal value to everyone you gotta do it to trump too. Otherwise your a huge hypocrite

I’m not sure what you’re implying by saying that. That I don’t value Trump as a human being?

I do value Trump as a human being. He has feelings and a family and should be held to the same standard as us all. Now that Trump’s president I think he should be held to an even higher standard (as all presidents should be).

I look at what I’d expect from a decent and humble human being who maybe isn’t perfect but is at least trying to help their fellow man.

I look at what I expect from a leader who is hardworking, (fairly) honest, and a humanitarian.

I find Trump lacking.

I find Trump lacking in almost every way I can judge a person.
Now, he’s the President of the United States and I am a citizen of the same. It is my right and my duty to look to him, scrutinize him, and hold him accountable.

I do not hold him to a different standard.
I’m just harsh towards him because he falls so far below what I expect from people.
I also will not lower my standards for what I expect from a president because he’s painfully inexperienced, a pathological liar, and has shown so far he’s unwilling to take his job seriously.

mlm are good.

mlm that aren’t pretty or handsome to society,
mlm that have illnesses that prevent them from being “perfect” or “normal”,
mlm who don’t have any self confidence,
mlm who still struggle with their identity,
mlm who are dealing with trauma so deep that it seems to swallow everything else,
all of us are good.

you do not have to be soft or gentle or fit anyone’s expectations of how you should act. you deserve life and respect as you truly are, even if that person is rough around the edges and may need help with some things.