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Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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my tribute to the wonderful and legendary jasper jordan

(Disclaimer: English isn’t my mother tongue, so I already apologize for any mistakes)
Jasper Jordan deserves - or rather now - deserved better. 

And you might agree - you might be sad about the fact that Jasper died or you might be unaffected - hell, I’ve read enough comments about people wanting Jasper to die, because they thought he’s annoying. Annoying. Fuck - that’s just - actually that’s messed up. But this isn’t about the people that have hated or still hate on Jasper, this tribute is dedicated to this wonderful fictional character I learned to love and appreciate. 

We got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people loved him for being positive, for being funny, for being naive, but brave at the same time. People loved him in S1, because he was easy to love. Because positive, funny people are easy to love - you seem them smile and they make you smile - and what’s there not to love? 

S2 Jasper - yeah, he was inspiring, wasn’t he? He was so fucking brave, he stood up for himself, for his friends in Mount Weather, he took the lead, because Clarke or Bellamy weren’t there - and he was motivating everyone else. S2 Jasper was inspiring people to do something, S2 Jasper was brave and fierce and - and he fell in love with this wonderful girl named Maya - and then everything went downhill from there. Everyone in Mount Weather died, Maya died - and Jasper - Jasper felt so safe in Mount Weather, he felt at peace, safe - ‘till he didn’t. 

Because while we got to know Jasper as this funny, dorky guy in S1 - people tend to forget what actually happened to him in S1. This boy is 16 years old and he was kidnapped by grounders and speared - he almost died. His friends died - and there was danger everywhere - but Jasper continued to be strong, continued to be this funny, dorky guy that people easily loved. He almost died again later, when Murphy threatened to kill him - so Jasper was constantly in danger, he was constantly on the edge of death, but people tend to forget that, because in S2 everything seems to be okay with Jasper - right? Because it didn’t affect him at all - and that’s where people are so wrong. 

Jasper suffered from PTSD - and this is canon - end of discussion. And his portray of PTSD was so real and raw and it’s actually sad that people only view it as annoying. Jasper didn’t suddenly “get depressed”, because of a girl “he just met”. I’ve read this so so many times and I can’t believe people can misinterpret a character and their storyline so heavily. This 16 year old boy went through so much, daily, they were basically at war  - he was on the edge of death - daily - at the age of 16 !!! - and if that’s not fucking traumatizing. But - I think what really affected him was that he thought Mount Weather would be safe. That they could be at peace and safe - that they could eat as much chocolate cake as they want and he could flirt with this cute girl from across the room - but as it turns out - he was never safe. The people in Mount Weather betrayed them and in the end his own people betrayed Jasper - or at least that’s how Jasper felt. And as Jasper said, they went to earth to see if it’s survivable - and from what he’s seen - it’s not. 

We’re at S3 now - and when I look back, I’ve always loved Jasper, but you know what, if I’m being honest - I really fell in love with Jasper in S3. And that’s pretty ironic, because people hated on Jasper constantly at that point. And why? Because he couldn’t deal with what happened and tried to cope with alcohol? Because he felt betrayed by his closest friends? Because the girl he fell in love with died in his arms and he couldn’t do anything about it? Because this sixteen year old boy suffered from so much trauma and never really experienced safety on earth? Because he suffers from a real and valid mental illness - PTSD? Because all I’ve read - all these arguments are “Jasper should just get over it”, “they all went through something traumatic” - but that’s the thing - Jasper isn’t everyone else. And you should never expect everyone to deal with their trauma the same way you do. You should never expect someone, who went through hell, to just get over it - and you should never expect Jasper to just get over it, because there are people on the show that went through something similar and are not as affected as Jasper was. 

And you might say that S3 Jasper is just “a drunken idiot”, annoying, broken, useless - I don’t care what ugly word you want to throw at him - but you know what? Jasper protected Raven, he actually saved her. Jasper - the apparently annoying, useless mess that you wanted dead - saved and rescued Raven. Jasper was a hero. 

And it’s funny, because people call Jasper selfish, self-absorbed and annoying - and I could never see that. Jasper is one of the most caring and loving people on the show and if you want to disagree - fine - but we saw Jasper, while he was positive and dorky - and he helped people, cared about them and showed bravery - and we saw Jasper, while he felt broken and while he drank himself to unconciousness - and he still cared about people, saved Raven, tried to comfort Octavia after Lincoln died or Monty after his mum died - but so many people still had the nerve to call him selfish. Because he can’t just suck it up or act like he’s fine? Because he’s not like every other character? 

But while you view him as an annoying character and hate him for acting like this - I just love him more. And just as Devon said - you shouldn’t hate on Jasper, because he’s hard to deal with right now - you should love him for that - you should want to help him, try to show empathy, try to understand him and everything he’s been through. 

Because while Jasper might be a fictional character - PTSD and depression are still valid and real mental illnesses. And some people might identify with Jasper - and seeing him - this representation - might help them. There might be many Jaspers out there - and the fact that people have the nerve to call him annoying, because he can’t cope with everything the way the other characters did - well that’s beyond fucked up. 

But you know what? I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry if you can’t love a character like Jasper, if you can’t see his complexity and the beauty of this character and the importance of his storyline. I don’t need to see perfect and well-collected characters on TV - I don’t need to see characters that always do what’s right and I don’t need to see characters that never make mistakes. Because that’s not realistic. It wouldn’t portray the reality. 

Jasper is a good person, he has a big heart, he’s selfless, brave, loving, passionate, open-minded and he cherishes freedom more than any other character. Jasper is someone, who wouldn’t force his opinion onto you - and he wouldn’t judge you for yours. Jasper doubts himself and he’s insecure, he blames himself for not being able to just act fine - and yes, Jasper is suicidal and he suffers from PTSD - and Jasper will probably die tonight - but Jasper isn’t his mental illness and Jasper will always be more than his death, Jasper will always be more than annoying and Jasper will always be more than this dorky, funny guy in S1 that everyone apparently misses. 

Jasper deserves better. Jasper deserved better. And we deserved to see him getting better, we deserved to see him overcome this - we deserved to see him smiling, him being close, best friends with Monty again - Jasper Jordan is maybe 17 years old now and he deserved so much more than that - and I really hoped we would’ve seen more of his journey, because his storyline, his arc could’ve been truly meaningful - but the writers apparently don’t agree. 

But you know what - Jasper Jordan is legendary and amazing nevertheless - he’ll always be a hero and a great character in my view. 

And at this point I also wanted to thank Devon for portraying Jasper - thank you for getting Jasper, for really trying to understand him and thank you for giving 100% every. single. time. - even when you just had limited screen time or too short scenes. Jasper will always be alive in our hearts, because you portrayed him so beautifully and because you tried to truly understand him in a way unfortunately many viewers couldn’t. 

And he might’ve not survived, but that’s not what he wanted - because Jasper wanted to live - and he always will - in our hearts. :)

Jasper Jordan is a legend. See you on the other side, my friend.

Why I Stayed || Part 1

Wooh second fanfic and I’m still trash. I really hope you guys like it, tbh this is so much better than my first one so like I’m glad but at the same time I wanna cry, ya know? Anyways, happy reading (or happy cringing if I’m right)

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request : Could u do a peter Parker x reader where he rlly likes Liz but the reader has been his friend for a while and she gets hurt over and over until she just gets mad?? Idk I think I just really like angst♥️♥️ thank u

Y/N = Your Name

words : 2007

Part 2



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“Did Liz get a new top?” Peter sighed dreamily.

“No, just never worn it with that skirt.” Ned replied just as dazed.

“Don’t you think you guys are being a bit creepy?” You questioned the boys sitting across from you.

Ned’s head shot over in your direction before he responded with, “We’re not creepy, we’re just admiring from afar.”

“Mhm, okay creepy.” You laughed.

Your attention turned to Peter, who was still gazing over at the most popular girl in school, Liz Allan. He’s always had a huge thing for her, and you wished that wasn’t the case. For years and years you’ve been holding feelings for your best friend, hoping he’d returned them, until the beginning of high school when he confessed to you about his infatuation with her. It crushed you.

“Hey, earth to Peter,” You waved your hand in front of his face, “You done gawking?”

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“I Told You My Dad Is A Spaceman.” *Chris Beck x Reader*

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Requested by @juliagolia87 : Chris takes his child to the Air & Space museum and corrects the tour guide throughout. Making his son and his friend laugh and have the best time there. 
Pairings: Chris Beck x Reader
Warnings: Nothing. A lot of fluff
Word Count: 1,367

“Hey, whoa, steady buddy.” Chris chuckles as he takes the jug of milk from his son’s little hands, “you’re making a mess that mummy will have to clear up.” He screws the cap back on the milk and hands a spoon to his son, who is just grinning from ear to ear as he scoops the Fruit-Loops into his mouth.

Chris pours himself a mug of coffee, grinning as he watches the small boy hum to himself and eats his colourful cereal. His life had changed, obviously, for the better but it still surprises him daily by how much everything had changed. Only five years ago he was up in Space, saving his dumbass best friend and now here he is, watching his son eat his breakfast. He had met you long before NASA and loved you ever since.

When he arrived home you had a little reunion, resulting in the birth of, Buzz Buchanan Beck. Chris got to name him, he was allowed to name the little star if it was a boy, although you were adamant it was a girl; you were very wrong. Four years later you got your own back, a little girl on the way and you were able to name her, Luna Aries Beck, after your favourite Harry Potter character. (Chris still says when you aren’t around, that Luna is named after the lunar eclipses.) Buzz is just turning six and Luna is only a little over a year old, they both take after Chris, it’s like living with three of him; it’s tiring.

“I thought you two would be gone by now,” you chuckle as you walk into the kitchen, a sulky Luna clinging to your blouse. Luna was a daddy’s girl and she always knew when he was leaving, she’d be pouty and silent till he got back.

Chris shrugged, “Buzz wanted to make his own breakfast,” he nods to the mess of cereal around the bowl and you sighed. “Look at this little pouty face,” he takes Luna from you, gently holding under her armpits, her bottom lip trembles as he stares into her blue eyes. “Not gonna smile for me? You get to spend the WHOLE day with Mummy, how exciting is that?” Instead of answering, not that she can withhold a steady conversation, she lifts her little hand and pats his cheek lightly still pouting.

“Face it, Chris; she doesn’t want you to leave.” You smile, “she reminds me of the day you left me,” you sighed dramatically and he rolled his eyes. “You two need to go, you still need to pick up Sam from his house and beat the traffic to the Museum,” you take Luna back and he kisses her soft cheek, pouting at the fact she still hadn’t smiled. “Go, you big nerd.” Flicking the NASA baseball cap he wears, every day, all day.

“Rude, Mrs Beck,” He kisses your lips softly before helping Buzz off of the stool and into his own NASA jacket, you sighed lightly. “Don’t miss us, Spacemen, too much,” Chris calls before shutting the front door.

You looked at Luna with a gentle sigh, she looks up at you. “Your dad and brother are nerds, you know that?” You asked, she cracked smiles at that, “Please, don’t grow up to like space, anything but that. I need just one other that has no idea what all the constellations are.” You plead softly before putting her in the Disney high chair.


If there was one thing that Chris, almost, loves more than you and his kids its Space. He had experienced it for himself, he loved every minute of being up there with his team and he wouldn’t have changed anything- well. you know, maybe Watney not almost dying. The fact he has able to share this love, this passion and knowledge with his kid, it’s incredible. You knew Chris was secretly hoping that his son would love Astrology, like him when he was a boy. So, when the day came that Buzz expressed his love for it, well, Chris was ecstatic. 

As an early Birthday treat, Chris decided to take Buzz to the Air & Space Museum, they had a little section about his Mission to Mars. Buzz insisted on his best friend tagging along; it gave Chris a chance to brag a little more, not that he’d admit to bragging.

His smile widened when both kid’ faces light up upon entering. They’re holding each other hand, a buddy system thing they learnt from school, and instantly run off in the direction of a big picture; the solar system. Chris has a hard time keeping up with the boys, trying to point out little facts that might interest them but they’ve already run off to another section by the time he’s halfway through.

“Guys, you can’t keep running off,” he scolds lightly when he finally catches up to them. They’re at the back of a small crowd of tourists, listening to a guide. His eyes catch… his own, he frowns but glances up, Ares III Mission. “Huh, you’ll like this one.” He nudges Buzz with a grin, who is intently listening and peeking through the crowd to see the screens.

Listening to the guide drone on, and on, and on about his mission was actually pretty boring. Especially when the guy was getting the facts all wrong, “Actually, it was 549sols, so around 554 Earth days.” Chris called out, he had done this three times already, and the guy looked at him irritably.

“How does your dad know so much about this?” Sam whisper asked Buzz.     

“I said he was a Spaceman, he was there, I think.” Buzz shrugged and looked at his dad, Chris full attention on the guide and all the facts he was getting wrong, not wanting to miss any and call this idiot out.

The guide rolls his eyes. “So, NASA, devise a plan to send the Hermes back for Mark-“

“Wrong, again.” Beck interrupts abruptly, Buzz and Sam, giggling from beside him. “They were originally going to bring us back if it wasn’t for Henderson and Rich Purnell, we wouldn’t have had the plans to go get Watney back. Once we voted, NASA didn’t have a say,” He shrugs from under his cap.

“And who are you?” The guide, named, Dylan, snapped.

Chris nods to his NASA I.D that’s up, just under, Major Rick Martinez. He takes his cap off and awkwardly waves to the guide who is in full shock, confusion and embarrassment mode. He looked down at his son, who is laughing.

Chris spends the next twenty minutes answering questions from the small group, a few pictures too. Eyes keep going back to his son, who looks to be having the best time at watching people get excited over his dad. Buzz pulls Sam to the screens, reading through the team’s profiles.

“I told you my dad is a Spaceman,” Buzz says matter-of-factly.

*Back Home*

“Have a good time?” You asked as Buzz came running in and jumping on the sofa, he nodded, already pulling out the stuff Chris brought him from the gift shop. “Go get your sister; she’ll want to see all this too.” You grinned as Buzz got up, already calling Luna’s name.

Chris sighed. “I heckled a tour guide today,” he tells you brashly but you nod. “How do you know?”

“People were posting photos on Twitter, plus someone got a video. Watney has been texting me, he says ‘Your husband, defending our honour… hot!’ then a bunch of heart-eye emojis.” Chris snorts with laughter, shaking his head but releasing a tired sigh. His spirit lifted when he sees Luna being helped walk in with Buzz.

As you sit on the floor listening to Buzz talk about his day, how Chris explained the solar system and listening to his Q&A about the Ares III mission, Chis laid down on the sofa with Luna on his chest. Petting her hair softly, humming the Star Wars theme, drifting between being awake and asleep; dreaming of the day that Luna will tag along to those museums.

(If you have any Chris Beck requests, send them in, I’d love to write more of him. Maybe even a series when I finished my Lance Tucker one. - Rosalee)

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Good morning, my lovelies! Lookee lookee what I woke up to, curtesy of @margarittet - I could die happy right now. But I don’t want to because I’d be damned if I missed even a second of this coming season!!

Let’s break this mother down!

1. A shot of a trench coated person walking on a darkened street. Dean (in V.O.) praying: “God–”

2.  “–we… need your help.” Dean’s prayer carries on into a shot of Sam and Dean in the Impala on a stretch of forest road.

3. Sam and Dean pull up to a Pirate Pete’s. An edgy Dean says: “Before I destroy the world let me just grab a bag of curly fries.”

4. Quicker flashes of Dean fighting; Jack going very demonic; Dean throwing a knife over Sam’s shoulder while Sam looks taken off guard; Jack, in jeans and tan jacket, “another” teenager with him, using his powers and making a guy fly backwards

5. Sam talking to Dean: “We’ve been down before–”

6. “–we find a way. ‘Cause that’s what we do.” Sam and Dean exiting the lake house. It’s daytime.

7. FLASH of new Big Bad, a bearded gentleman wearing a white suit. 

Insert: SEASON 13

8. MotW plant? Clawed hand, blonde girl screaming

Insert: IS THEIR

9. Quicker flashes of Dean (is it Dean though??) with a guy’s head between his legs being thrown violently onto a table (…………………….); Dean lit up by the headlights of a car, throwing himself out of the way


10. Quicker flashes of bearded guy in Hell choking demons - and enjoying it; Sam, Dean and old dude wearing tan jacket and jeans on a slope, Dean shooting at someone wearing a jacket with a pattern on the back

11. Land with bearded guy in Hell, choked demons falling to the floor. Bearded Guy: “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

12. Back with the moment after Dean has thrown that knife over Sam’s shoulder, both of them looking wary

13. FLASH of someone getting thrown against a wall


So what can we NOT discuss here? I will speculate around these images based on what we know of the first six or so episodes that have been shot so far and we can take it from there. I am so sure that the more savvy knowers of interiors/exteriors/set decor/props etc. and how they’re used on this show will be able to add, and are adding, their own interpretations and thoughts all over, so I’m excited to throw my two cents in. 

Firstly *slow clap* they give us Dawn of Darkness and then Season Thirteen Is Their Lucky Number within hours of one another. (they must surely be taking the piss at this point) (I love it so much)

1. So, this is Cas. I mean it has to be, right? Resurrected. This image of his resurrection set to the word God, and to the sound of Dean praying - it’s quite a formidable introduction to the season promo that, unsurprisingly, doesn’t have any Cas in it. They’ve kept his return under such wraps that giving away what role he’s playing in the narrative of S13 would surely be a ginormous spoiler. So all we get is a possible glimpse, but it’s a glimpse that OPENS the promo, and it’s a glimpse set to Dean PRAYING, praying for God’s assistance, for HELP - one of Cas’ fucking catch phrases (I can help, I only wanted to help) *mind slowly melting with impressions*

2. Sam and Dean in the Impala and that “we” shows that the brotherhood is as strong as ever, as it should be, now with everything they’ve lost and with all that they’re facing. Love this shot of them in Baby, love the winding road, love the implications of journeys and forward momentum - carry on you wayward sons kind of moment.

3. Okay, so… Firstly, it’s a very kid’s themed restaurant so the parental theme feels like it’s already being visually planted. And THEN DEAN IS FUCKING REJECTING FOOD. I know, I know, they have sort of possible End of The Universe stuff to worry about but WHAT??? COPING MECHANISM NUMERO UNO CHECKED OFF THE LIST AS INSUFFICIENT. *mind turning to mish* *I mean mush* *naw it always turns to mish* Okay, so he might still eat. But his first reaction is to reject it. Like wow. Also - edgy much? Irritated and angry over Sam suggesting something he thinks will bring Dean comfort and just YASSSSSSSSSSSSS. Yas please.

4. Okay, so the plants of Dean fighting feel standard, like the MotW flashes (if that’s what they were) but this fighting is cut between shots of Jack: first the UBER DEMONIC one - and yay for this! So Jack will take off for self-preservation reasons in 13x01. It’s shown how Sam and Dean leave the lake house alone, so all bets are on Jack just taking off immediately and the brothers debating whether to kill him on sight, or reason with him. 

The second flash of Jack here is him wearing the tan jacket and jeans we’ve seen him wearing in shots from the set, so we do know that clearly Sam wins out, they decide to reason with him, or he shows them that he’s just frightened and confused and they both rally to him (knife throwing scene feels like it might have something to do with this scenario…). Anyway, this flash of a scene, where Jack throws a guy into a wall just using his hand, could be Jack acting instinctively (which is what I’d like to think is all he can do at the moment, what he has to learn is how to control and tap into his limitless power without it getting the better of him) (age old set up for this type of thing, right - it’s basically Jack’s coming of age story) or it could be Jack being violent for violence sake. We’ll see which way they take it, what his journey is, my bet is on the lack of control, though, moving him and the rest of the characters onto a path towards finding that inner balance needed to feel whole.

5/6. I’m dead. THIS has killed me. My brain is no longer melting, it’s boiling like lava. FFS. Holy hell. SHITBALLS AND ACHING PRIVATE PARTS THIS IS AMAZING. If it is what I read it as: Sam HAVING TO CONVINCE DEAN THEY CAN DO THIS BECAUSE DEAN IS READY TO GIVE UP. That, my friends, is depressed!Dean. And if we so get him for 30 glorious seconds of deep hesitation and lethargy, or of we get him for two scenes, or half an episode, I could not care less. The point is CAS IS DEAD AND DEAN CANNOT SEE ANY REASON TO KEEP FIGHTING. If I’m right in how I read this 1 ½ second plant. :) The circumstances of this scene could be something else ENTIRELY. Pinch of salt, guys. ;)

7. So. The bearded gentleman. I read someone saying it could be AU!Lucifer in a new vessel, which I kind of LOVE… Would he go to the cage and kill Adam to get rid of Michael? I really would LOVE a scene or two with the cage and Adam and crazy Michael (if he IS crazy, if that’s not just Luci being Luci talking smack about his big brother who keeps antagonising him) Asmodeus? Surely this guy WILL have a name we know, it’ll be a character they’ve planted before. Asmodeus, to me, makes most sense… But honestly, I have NO real idea here. Spec spec speculation.

9. Ummmmmmm. Yeah, if that is Dean getting thrown violently into a table, that big, huge, muscle of a man has his face all up in Dean’s business. *cackle* 

10/11. Oh yeah this just underlines that we have a new King of Hell. Who calls himself a “sheriff” (cowboy theme all over this season, yes please) and wears a white suit, as someone already pointed out in the YouTube comments: like Sam when he was Lucifer’s vessel. So that could hint at this actually being AU!Luci… Or our Lucifer’s handmade soldier. Who knows! I’m excited to meet him, he looks badass and fucking amazing! *loud fast happy clapping*

12. Yeah, as mentioned - it feels like that knife is thrown at Jack, but this is absolutely me just inferring my own interpretation of why this particular flash is there and why they come back to it like it has actual significance. One flash of Dean throwing the knife and ok, fine, but here it looks like the brothers are actually in two mindsets in this scene: Sam looks taken aback and Dean throws the knife with an angry determination. The knife doesn’t seem to stick, though, as both of them stare as though they’re wary of what will come next, but Dean is the one who moves. Perhaps this is the moment they take Jack on, Dean coming over to Sam’s side that Jack’s just a kid at the end of the day… Awwwww, idk, but it is fun to be this inspired. My brain is on FIRE. 

If you want to weigh in, please, do! This is all spec ^^^^^ and my reading of these brief shots so if you want to add or just flail with me (or scoff though I’d enjoy that less but I’ll still put my arm around you because scoffing is valid too) then I’m always so damn happy to hear from you all!

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 Hey you guys! Would just love to know what you guys think overall of the promo so forget the spec part if you’re not into that, would just be so happy to know your impressions!! @super-sootica (my love!) @postmodernmulticoloredcloak @floralmotif @obsessionisaperfume @elizabethrobertajones


• “you’re dumb”
• “thanks, i know im handsome”
• “what-”
• all the members cannot stand you but then again when they’re stressed they just call you guys over and it just fixes up their moods
• mark hates both of you
• no exception
• y'all are annoying
• “aYOMURK.”
• taeyong cannot stop sighing around the two of you
• you know why.
• i know you know why.
• “your crush is coming!”
• “be natural- BOOMING SYSTEM UH UH”
• donghyuck thinks memes are dumb
• until he finds one that he thinks is funny.
• then it’s the golden meme and he’s sending it to you every 5 minutes.
• “i love you”
• “thanks, i love me too”
• you guys play really stupid games with really intense punishments.
• like, rock paper scissors where the loser GETS THEIR ASS BEAT.
• no one likes you guys but then again everybody likes you guys and it’s honestly like, same.
• OK but why do you guys seem like the type of couple who’d do the-
• “finish the heart”
• //sends a pic of middle finger
• it really catches him off guard when you call him haechan
• who is haechan.
• you guys literally, SING YOUR LUNGS OUT, TO FIRETRUCK. LIKE. FROM THE “GET IT LIFTED” TO THE “SOBANGCHA” part like it gets so intense
• you guys are both literally the smallest little babies OK LIKE DO NOT EVEN DENY. Y'ALL AREN’T EVEN LEGAL YET.
• not innocent tho
• what is innocence? :“)
• little tiny pecks on the cheek and the lips when no one’s looking bc no one needs tO KnOW.
• you ask donghyuck to sing you to sleep.
• he always replies the same way
• “oh my god shut up and go to sleep im growing and i don’t NEED YOU KEEPING ME UP BYE.”
• but rare days where he just feels a lil, just a tiny bit, clingy, he sings to you.
• but no he doesn’t sing romantic songs or lullabies
• he sings “booming system uh uh, ty track”
• cue taeyong yelling at both of you because you guys are laughing so hard and he’s just, doNE.
• you take his sweaters and hoodies
• he doesn’t even care
• you’re pretty sure he doesn’t even know that it’s his.
• donghyuck doesn’t act like it bc HE’S SUCH A SLY LIL DJDJ#&/*
• jeno always tells you how much donghyuck likes you but you just shrug it off and you’re like “idk, i like him a lot, though.”
• he really likes you honestly.
• you guys don’t talk about life till 5 am
• you guys talk about mermaids and whether or not they may or may not exist. till 3 am. bc you guys are growing. don’t you dare skip out on sleep, bad kids.
• you guys watch conspiracy theories ALL THE TIME.
• pretty sure harambe was a social experiment made by aliens living in a different dimension where the earth was taken over and created into a monarchy by the aliens to see how humans in a parallel universe would react to such an event.
• yeah. you guys are weird.
• ok so a really long time ago when you guys were both like, grade schoolers.
• well one day. donghyuck was sitting out on the bench because he sprained his ankle and no one sat down with him and he was just kicking sand with his feet.
• you walked over to him and smiled “hi.”
• “what do U want?” boy was he in a bad mood that he couldn’t play tag with everyone else.
• “i want to play with you!”
• “don’t you see that i can’t play?”
• “i can sit down and talk to you!”
• and that you did.
• donghyuck, the sarcastic, logistical, baby boy who loved running and laughing, was sitting down and talking to you and enjoyed it.
• “when i grow up, i want to sing on a big stage!”
• you smiled and nodded “im sure you can do it.”
• esp jaemin
• jaemin did not even care about donghyuck. he flat out told you that donghyuck liked you but you didn’t believe him.
• and yuta
• yuta has no filter when it comes to hyuck.
• donghyuck denied it
• until one day you two were sitting down enjoying your ice cream on a bench near the lake when were like “donghyuck, damn it-”
• and just, went for it and kissed him
• a gently one
• and donghyuck dropped his ice cream and then you pulled back and started blushing and let out a small “JSFJFJGJG WHY DID I JUST DO THAT UM-”
• but donghyuck then gave you a small peck on your lips to “calm u down” but it didn’t work it kinda made you freak out even more
• like. not in kisses, not in hugs, in actual money.
• he took back the $2.34 he spent on that ice cream cone.
• classic donghyuck for ya
• you guys do a lot of walking together
• you guys walk to school together
• walk to restaurants
• walk to stores
• walk to nearby lakes and parks
• waLks.
• he tries to teach you how to dance and sing
• tries
• what is reading the book before the movie
• what is not collecting every piece of merchandise of your boyfriend
• what is a proper meal and not fast food
• what even is donghyuck.


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So I was reading the headcanon tags and saw that one about overprotective Marco, and I had this idea where tom and Marco are at his (tom's) house and his dad starts being a dick to tom to the point that he forgets Marco is here and start beating tom. Then Marco beats the shit out of him for ever daring to treat his demon like this, while yelling at him that he should treat his son with respect or something... think you could do a fanfic like this?

Of course I can! This was so much fun to write! I worked really hard on it and had a really nice time making it. I’m not sure if it sucks or not, but I hope it doesn’t. I think it’s good but I feel like you guys might hate it. IDK, trigger warning. abuse/violence

Marco sat near his boyfriend and the two smiled at each other, they were laughing happily with each other about just seeing one another again. “I’m so happy you decided to come see me today!” Tom grinned. “It’s gotten lonely here for a while.” He frowned. Marco tilted his head and gave the demon a kiss.

“Why have you been here alone? You could have just teleported over to see me.” Marco suggested. Tom frowned and shook his head.

“No, my dad was upset with me, so he doesn’t want me leaving.” Tom responded. “So he’s been keeping me here for a few weeks.” He explained. This confused Marco. How could somebody keep a person in their home?

“How exactly?” Marco asked.

“Oh it’s called a restricting hex.” Tom explained. “It puts limits on not just my supernatural abilities, but my physical ones as well. I can’t fly, teleport, make a flame, and I’ll start to get really weak if I leave my house. I don’t really have the energy to get about. And i I leave the atmosphere of the underworld, the fire and warmth and such, I’d probably start getting sick.” Tom made a face. He’s tried it before.

Marco tucked his hair behind his ear and tried to think of a situation where that sort of thing was acceptable. “I don’t… I don’t think you should have to go through that.” Marco mumbled. Tom looked up curiously, and then smiled warmly.

“Oh no, it sounds worse than it is, I promise.” Tom assured. This made Marco feel a little better about his boyfriend’s situation. “As long as I stay in my room and don’t act out of line, I’ll be fine!” Tom chirped. Marco went back to worrying after he said that.

“What do you mean by that?” Marco asked. “Does your dad have control over it? The hex I mean.” Marco added. Tom nodded.

“Yeah… he can make it cat up if I start to act out of line.” He said this part a little warily but then snapped back. “But it’s a good thing! I deserve punishment if I act how he doesn’t approve. He’s my father, I should do what he says.” Tom explained. Marco didn’t like this at all. He didn’t like this odd side of his demon tat seemed so… brainwashed! Marco could tell the things Tom was saying scared him, but he wasn’t accepting or seeing it.

“Tom, that’s not-” Marco wanted to explained this to Tom, but he cut off when the demon gasped and his ears pointed up sharply.

“Marco!” He gasped in a hushed tone. “Oh no, you have to hide!” Tom pushed Marco to the closet and shut the door.

“Tom? What’s happening?” Marco asked. Tom shushed him.

“Shhh! He’s coming! He’ll be angry if he sees you!” Tom didn’t give much information, but Marco put a hand over his mouth to keep himself quiet. He looked through the cracks in the door and saw a large man enter Tom’s room. Tom cowered in front of him like a tiny bug as he came closer. “D-dad, what y-you doing h-here?” Tom forced out.

“Speak clearly, you sound fearful and weak.” The king demanded. “Show weakness, and rebels may try and take you out. And I may just let them.” He threatened. Tom gulped and stood up straighter.

“Yes sir.” He forced himself to speak connectedly. “Why are you here?” Tom repeated.

“You’ve disobeyed me.” The king snarled. Tom’s eyes widened and he shook his head frantically. Marco, who was still watching, began to feel nauseous at the sight of how scared his demon was becoming. He wanted to go out and offer him some sort of support, but stayed put, remembering Tom’s urgency.

“No!” Tom cried. “I-I-I swear! I’ve been here the whole time!” Tom promised. His father grabbed Tom by the ear and lifted him off of the ground.

“You have gone to earth again! I know you have!” He screamed at the much smaller demon, he then threw his son onto the ground. Tom choked up and Marco had to cover his mouth again in order not to let out a cry.

“No! I swear! I didn’t!” Tom was almost near tears and shaking like a leaf as the king came closer. He grabbed his son again and lifted him up. Marco gasped when he saw the gigantic demon slug the smaller one across the face and throw him down to the floor.

Tom looked at the king fearfully and closed his eyes tight. He was waiting for him to hit him again, but something worse happened. “STOP!” Marco screamed. Tom opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Marco grab the king’s arm and pull him away from Tom.

“Marco, no!” Tom cried, not wanting the violence to turn onto his human. Marco ignored Tom’s cry and stared up at the king with a look of rage.

“I do not care who you are, the king of the underworld, the king of hell, or the fucking king of burgers, YOU DO NOT HURT YOUR KID!” Marco yelled, shoving the man back. Tom gasped at this minor motion. Marco was way too small in comparison to actually hurt the man, but even raising a hand to him was something Tom would never even dream of seeing.

“Tink for a moment about who you are instigating.” The king narrowed his eyes. Marco growled.

“Oh, I know, and I do not care.” Marco assured. “Tom is a dear, he’s wonderful, and he deserves your respect. A child should never, EVER fear their parent, you don’t DESERVE to be a parent.” Marco raged. The king grabbed Marco by the collar and lifted him up, but Marco showed no fear. “You hurt him to make yourself feel stronger, but you aren’t, you’re weak and you’re pathetic!” Marco yelled, kicking his feet.

The demon king’s eyes went totally black and he bared his sharp teeth. He began to speak in a disoriented voice. “You speak of fear like you know.” He hissed, Marco saw black flames coming from his feet. “ArE YOu ReADy tO FaCE TRuE fEAr?” He dared.

Tom clapped a hand over his mouth, he was done being afraid, he wanted to help his Marco.

Before the king could do something, the unexpected happened, the king freeze with confusion.

Marco started laughing.

He then looked up at the devil king and narrowed his eyes, giving a smug look. “Are you?” He asked. The devil king then dropped Marco once he heard a noise behind him. He whipped around and saw Hekapoo standing in the door followed by Lekmet and Rhombulus. Marco grinned at Tom who was holding the dimensional scissors. He had cut a portal open to Heckapoo’s dimension so she and the high commission who were gathered at the time, had seen everything.

“Lucifer!” Heckapoo yelled. “You know very well the harm of an outworld citizen is prohibited. And what’s worse, you used an outlawed restricting hex on your own son.” She read the charges. Lucifer was about to fight but Rhombulus crystallized him before he could say anything, then transported him to his home.

Hekapoo turned to look at the kids and smiled. “Thank you for calling me, Tom.” She smiled. “Now we have proof of everything we suspected about him.” She explained, and walked closer to Tom. “Now we have the authority to help you.”

Tom looked at Marco in shock. “Why-why would you do all that?” He whispered. “He could have killed you!” Tears began to well up in Tom’s eyes and Marco held him close. “Why would you do that!?” Tom blubbered.

“I had to protect you.” Marco hushed him.

“Don’t do that next time!” Tom cried. Marco shook his head and hushed the demon.

“Oh Tom, I could never let you suffer. I love you too much to let you get hurt, and watch somebody hurt you.” Marco explained. More tears began to fill Tom’s eyes and he sobbed, being held by the human boy.

“It’s all my fault, I almost LET you get hurt.” His voice was shaky. Marco shook his head and gave Tom a kiss, trying to calm him.

“No, sweetie, no of course not.” Marco soothed. “You saved me, you called them here and saved me, and yourself.” he reminded. “You are so strong.” He whispered to the demon. Tom felt more tears well up in his eyes, and he clutched Marco close.

“I made it.”

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Could you do 14? Logicality

(This wasn’t probably that you were expecting, anon, I’m sorry, but I had a bad day and I needed to let it out… maybe I can write a part two with the happy ending? idk if you want me to let me know)

Warnings, angst, self doubt (tell me if I should tag anything else). High school AU because I live for them.

“Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to”

It was a bad day, there was nothing else to be said. Logan was trying to distract himself of the negative thoughts in his head. He didn’t want to let his thoughts be biased by the anger he was feeling. As he walked out of the school psychologist’s office, he focused on each step he took towards the cafeteria. He hadn’t eaten anything all day, so, logically, the physical need contributed to his irritation.

However, even after eating and resting his mind meditating, the feeling of displeasure was still there. Logan didn’t know exactly why these emotions were generating or who they were directed to. Himself? The Psychologist? The teacher that forced him to go to counseling in the first place? Everyone? No one? That’s why he hates emotions so much, they’re impossible to understand.

But the only thing that he hated more than his emotions, was having someone else trying to analyze them. He was just a normal student, what was the big deal? Yes, his grades had plummeted significantly since last year but that didn’t mean anything. Just the fact that he had realized how pointless is to be obligated to partake in this stupid school system that does nothing else than break young children’s minds-

Logan silenced his brain for a second while he took a deep breath. This was the fifth time in a row he had caught himself loosing coherence in his thinking. He was getting increasingly anxious and stressed, and there was nothing left to try in his list of calming techniques. Well, there was one thing left. Or, actually, one person.

Patton had been Logan’s best and only friend for years now. He was the only person that he could trust with his emotional struggles. Although the situation only one-sided, since Patton had many friends and he was open about his feelings with all of them. Logan had always admired his emotional intelligence, and how he always managed to bring him back to earth after days like this one. However, this happened only if Patton found him in that situation, because Logan would never ask him for help, since he would always assume the other was busy with a more important activity.

Even if the other boy was the only one he felt he could rely on, Logan had been avoiding him more than usual, again because of the annoying emotions he couldn’t control. Logan had thought that these symptoms, similar to those of one that is “falling in love”, that he was presenting were only cause of his mental dependence of Patton, so maybe if he separated himself, the effects would go away. That, of course, didn’t happen, and now he was stuck between constantly needing Patton’s help, but never asking for it. Logan’s situation was pitiful, really. Patton had a boyfriend, as far as Logan knew. He had many friends and, compared to them, he barely spoke to him. Patton was the nicest person Logan knew, he considered him his best friend since he was the only one. But, for Patton? He was probably no more than the guy that lived in an ongoing identity or existential crisis. It was certainly sad, just every aspect about Logan’s life.

A few hours after leaving the counseling office, Logan was still lost in his personal reflection and missed more than one class. He was sitting in one of the far corners of the library, his favorite place to hide away from his thoughts. He wasn’t surprised when Patton was standing in front of him at the end of the school day, he must have noticed his absence to the classes they shared. Logan suddenly became aware of the tears across his face, but kept his expression stoic. That way Patton would get the message that he wasn’t in the mood to have a conversation.

He, instead, hid his pace between his arms and started mumbling every idea that crossed his mind. This was a technique Patton had taught him, it helped him to release the pressure and feel freer. Meanwhile the other student sit by his side and stroke his back steadily, encouraging him to continue. This time, instead of calming down, his rambling became gradually more angry and desperate, uttering anything that crossed his mind. He can now remember everything he said, but in that moment he had no consciousness about the words that left his mouth.

At one point, Logan was almost shouting. “- I am just… pathetic. I thought I was better than others for being the smart one at school but now… now I can’t even bring myself to do one of the assignments I have accumulated and there’s nothing left of me. Without the good grades I- I am nothing, I am no one. I have no rational excuse or any logical reason to be like this, other than this cursed emotions that make even less sense. And on top of it all, I have to deal with this apparent and nonsensical love for the only person I talk to. I don’t even understand love, so why now? Why for you? I can’t do anything about it and- and- What am I supposed to do? I-“

Logan continued his speech without noticing the weight of what he had just said. He didn’t see the puzzled expression in Patton’s face while he was processing his words.

After that peak, the energy of his speaking decreased until he was just a crying mess once more. When he was breathing evenly again, he lifted his head and looked around him, only to notice Patton had left at some point. He didn’t even realized when the hand on his back had disappeared. Now that he was calmed enough, he tried to remember what he had said to make the other leave him there.  His eyes widened and his heart rate rose when the words became clear in his memory. He quickly grabbed his phone and looked for Patton’s contact.


“Patton, please answer me.”

Logan’s dependence of the other boy was ridiculous and unproductive, but up to this extreme he had no other hope. He was worth noting, but without Patton he felt even less. He wouldn’t make it without him.

“Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to”


“Best friend?” He asked himself, “He doesn’t even consider you his friend, you’re barely a person, and the only thing he feels for you is pity.”

The voice in his head was right, why did he even try? There was one objective truth, and it was that he would stay alone the rest of his life. He never wanted Patton to reciprocate his feelings, he just needed another living being to trust. And now he had lost that, too.


“Read. 15:42”

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Will you please do Matt and Dan for the ship post please! I adore your writing and posts. I refresh your page like every half hour to see if you posted anything new <3 <3 <3

you giant sweetheart what the heck of COURSE I can do danmatt for you <3


who is more likely to hurt the other?

i rlly… can’t imagine a scenario in which they’d hurt each other being as healthy as they are when we meet them in tfc but for argument’s sake it might be matt?? their relationship comes from a place of slow gorgeous trust and mutual respect but matt had to unlearn some bad habits that might have done some damage early in their relationship (the various consequences of drugs and being a physically intimidating dude when dan has every right to be wary of physically intimidating dudes and also wanting to be with and protect dan when she’s so capable herself) 

who is emotionally stronger?

Dan tbh she took care of her gd self for so long, and her level of composure and confidence is the last few pages of a longer novel that we only get snippets of. She spent years supporting herself, and supporting ungrateful ass cathy, dancing for money and taking no shit, like the world flipped her off and she broke its fingers

matt is strong but he is tender and he still expects better from the world

who is physically stronger?

okay like I GUESS it’s matt but it’s a close ass thing 

you know that scene from that disney short where this massive dude beats everyone in arm wrestling w/o breaking a sweat, and then his gf kisses him and he gets so distracted that she slams his beefy arm down and wins? yeah that’s danmatt

who is more likely to break a bone? 

im gonna say dan bc I feel like she would play so hard that someone would break her nose or smth and she would sniff the blood back up into her face and keep playing. Like she’s such an unrelenting captain…. she would

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

mmmm i think dan could do some damage if she were trying hard enough. She’ll ream someone out if they’ve done something wrong (again,, captain) bc she doesn’t spare feelings when she thinks they could learn something instead. but man it rlly gets to matt. he kind of has a history of not feeling quite good enough 

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

if dan knows she was harsh she’ll make things right, like she has the most sharply accurate moral compass ever designed. Usually though – it’s matt, because he wants to make sure dan knows that she doesn’t have to hold everything together on her own. she deserves better and matt tries every day to be better

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

dan is not a nursemaid she kicks ass & doesn’t take care of it but if u don’t think she gasps and grabs matt’s face and turns it towards the light and dabs too hard at his bruises ur wrong!!! (i don’t know if matt could take care of dan’s injuries bc he would be shaking too hard)

who is in constant need of comfort? 

along the same vein as emotional strength, matt has some delicate memories that try to get in the way of his life while dan keeps hers a little more tightly bound? that being said like. they both help each other to work through their pasts and calm each other down w soothing hair stroking at 3 am tbqh they’re just so healthy. what the hell

who gets more jealous? 

matt lmaoooo like sure dan will put a hand in matt’s back pocket if things get dicey at the club but matt knows how fuckin hot his gf is, and like he trusts her to the end of the earth but men are gross, and he knows this, and if they try shit he will grit his teeth so hard his jaw cracks (he ain’t intervening tho, he knows dan could rip off a dick if need be)

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

it’s not realistic

who will propose? 

technically I also wrote this in the bg of my andreil proposal fic here –

but i could see it going either way? imagine how honoured to death matt would be if dan proposed…….. like imagine the tears……….. the pda

let’s just say if matt takes too long u can bet on dan stepping in and buying her damn self a ring

who has the most difficult parents?

ok first of all I want u to know I reread dan’s backstory for this and I cried.. hard

i don’t actually remember what the deal is with dan’s parents after all that but I do know her aunt cathy can choke and that dan “asked her to be her mother” and that shit absolutely did not work out

from the shape of dan’s life pre-foxes it looks like her parents were absent (dead? i don’t?? remember?) and Matt’s parents are difficult, but his mom tries hard and he loves her sm

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

son it’s mutual, every time. they’re affectionate bastards for real, once they’re in they’re in deep (i can’t describe how many tackle hugs take place….. it’s in the thousands)

who comes up for the other all the time? 

they’re THAT couple who you can’t even separate in your head like they’re dan&matt. full stop. they’re all about that nonstop togetherness and talking about each other so…….. 

who hogs the blankets? 

again matt piles up the blankets and tries to make his gf as comfy as possible and dan is secretly so in love w the feeling of being surrounded and supported so she lets him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

who gets more sad? 

fucking……….. it’s always both

dan is so fucking grateful for what she has, for the father and team and love that she found all on her own. but she still remembers the dozens of skipped meals and the sound of her aunt getting fucked half a trailer away and the sting of having to grow up faster than she could physically grow, and the sick sweep of eyes all over her, and the underestimation on top of underestimation

matt’s never going to be completely over the way years of his life are a blur from the drugs, and his father didn’t really care what the fuck he got into, like 

the sad never goes away

who is better at cheering the other up? 

they’re both so good at this honestly read any scene where neil is struggling in the books and danmatt will be there and they won’t leave until neil is like. tucked in.

matt’s better at really vicious honest protectiveness, too earnest to even try to ignore, and dan’s really good at fierce kindness & revenge promises & taking ppl’s minds off of things

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

dan will take any opportunity to slap sense into someone, next

who is more streetwise?

oh absolutely dan

matt is super aware! of the world! and he’s no stranger to seedy parties and back alley brawls tbH but dan had a job at a strip club at the age of like 16 paying bills and taking care of business she SAW shit

and she’s out here killing it and still managing to be well liked and honing her talent! an icon on the streets & on the court

who is more wise?

this is a tough one?? idk man they’re both smart they both have experience and they’re efficient as fuck

if u remember when neil was struggling w his course load and they immediately swooped in like ‘u…. idiot…….. u ever heard of scheduling’ and fixed it for him?? school is their bitch

who’s the shyest? 

???? neither????? they adopt friends at first sight bro

who boasts about the other more? 

they’re both constantly flushed with fuckin pride about each other but matt’s the sort of guy who says ‘that’s my girl’ unironically. she’s captain straight out of high school! she’s the best dancer he’s ever seen! the kindest person! the toughest! the stars are always in his eyes I s2g

who sits on who’s lap? 

i mean canonically dan is in matt’s but I bet you matt would sit with his legs flung over dan’s lap and his head tucked into her neck 

Allura and Coran’s age

Okay so I haven’t really seen anyone talk about this but with the release of the Paladin Handbook we know for sure that Allura is a teenager. Well an Altean Teenager at least. But that brings up the question of how old Allura and Coran actually are. 

Allura is referred to as a teenager, but given what we know about Alteans Allura is most likely a Teenager as in the point in the Altean life cycle that would be the same point as a Teenager for the Human life cycle.

Alteans live for hundreds of years (if not hitting into the thousands) as shown by Coran.

Coran mentions that the Castle is 10,600 years old, well we can knock off 10,000 years for the time they where asleep. Meaning before they went to sleep the Castle had been around for 600 years. Well Coran also mentions that he helped his grandfather collect crystals from the Balmera when they were building the castle. Meaning the castle wasn’t complete yet and Coran was around for the entire 600 years since it was finished. 

(That and anyone have here a grandfather who was around 600 years ago?) 

So Coran is well over 600 years old, but appears to be middle age, if he was human he would most likely be in his 30s or 40s. And he had to be old enough to help when the castle was being built, meaning he couldn’t be like 601. 

(I am basing him in his mid to late 30′s and mid 40′s as every person I know who has hit 50 has had graying hair, then again Alteans are different and the only Altean we have really seen age (Alfor) have had white hair to begin with. I am not counting Honerva because of the quintessence messing with her appearance.) 

So my theory is that for every 10 years a human ages it takes Alteans 200 years. (Meaning Humans have very short life spans compared to Alteans) 

So after 600 years for an Altean they would age like a Human would in 30 years. 

So if Coran is somewhere in his 30s or 40s (maturity wise) (this is just my estimate based off of how he appears) he is probably between 700 (35) and 900 (45) years old. 

Now this is assuming they mature at a steady rate and don’t like, grow like how a human does to a certain point then just stop aging for a few hundred years. 

So that brings us to Allura who is a Teenager. Now assuming she is maturity wise between 15-19 human maturity wise (Which we know being 15 would be being very liberal with the age range.) Then Allura would be between 300 and 380 years old based off of my theory. 

Now of course this is just a theory and 100 Alteans years may not be the same time frame as 100 human years. Since like a tic is longer than a second and that there are 20 Vargas (hours) in one Quintant (Day). And that a year is called a Deca-Phoeb and Phoeb is the Altean word for Month and Deca means 10, so an Altean year may only be 10 Altean months long. So an Altean year may not be the same length of a Human year. 

That and Coran says in episode two that the portals would only be open for “two of your Earth hours” implying that an Earth Hour and a Varga may be different lengths. 

This of course opens up many other things, such as Coran and Allura way outliving the Paladins and having to watch them age and die long before they would be old themselves. (I mean imagine having these close comrades, basically your family, live and die in a time frame that is less than 5 years for you. (100 years = 5 years maturity wise))

And if they do age that slowly how long does it take for them to like talk and move. Do Altean parents have to deal with a 1 year old for 20 years? Does an Altean spend 200 years in their “Teenage” years? 

And what does this mean for any of the Allura x Paladin ships.

Now of course I could be far off on the aging rate, but regardless Alteans live for hundred of years. (Possibly even up to 2,000 since 100 Human year maturity would equal 2,000 years for an Altean) 

And do Allura or Coran know how young the Paladins would be compared to them? We know the Paladin’s birthdays, but the show isn’t going in live time, it’s not like they have spent a year in space yet. (I plan to make a post about approximately how long they have been gone.) 

So it is very possible none of their birthdays have passed yet. It’s possible they left in the summer (so after Shiro, Hunk and Pidge’s birthday) and with everything going on I doubt any of them are keeping track of what day it is so it would have been possible that with everything that was going on Lance’s birthday was completely passed over. (Idk about you but if was in the middle of an intergalactic war my birthday would probably be the last thing on my mind.) Or if in Fall they could have passed over Keith’s because considering how much Keith prioritizes the mission he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to bring up his birthday. 

This all has been running through my head for a long time now and I’ve just gotten around to typing it up. What do you guys think? 

DWTS24 Cast Announcement and why Simone Biles won’t win.

Do you feel it? The anticipation, the desire, the lust for shirtless foreign men mixed with the scent of sweat dripping on hardwood?



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Glorfindel and Ecthelion for the blog meme?


  • their blog url: @petaltothemetal
  • the kind of posts they reblog: It’s a good 99% hair and hair-adjacent content. 
  • the first person they followed: Tuuuuurgon
  • what kind of theme they’d have: I don’t even know how to make this funny when we know his coat of arms is yellow flowers on a green field, it’s fucking yellow and green guys and probably there are flowers. 
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: ‘I’m sure people are just curious, maybe I’m paranoid idk idk but it keeps seeming like people are trying to catch me out, like they don’t believe I am who I say I am? this one guy especially keeps asking me all these questions for a ‘book’ but I’ve never seen him writing he just naps all the time? sdfsdf what is going on’


  • their blog url: @fountainoftruth
  • the kind of posts they reblog: Everything Glorfindel posts from Middle Earth with passive aggressive well wishes. (Well wishes, do u c what i did there)
  • the first person they followed: Still Turgon
  • what kind of theme they’d have: Sparkly gifs of water that make your browser chug (c what i did there)
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: ‘so. Just another evening hanging out in the Halls. Not invited on any cool adventures. I mean, it’s fine, it’s not like I killed the Lord of Balrogs or anything, it’s no biggie I’m fine here, I’m enjoying the peace.’
All Figured Out - Peter Parker

Requested: no

Description: You knew Peter Parker and Spider-Man were the same person before anyone else did, but you keep quiet until he wants to tell you.

Word Count: almost 800 (super short I’m sorry)

Warnings: swearing maybe? Idk, nothing too bad though

Note: I wrote this a while back and I feel so bad bc I still haven’t finished my Harrison x plus size! Reader fic so I decided to post this for you guys until it’s done? I’m so sorry please don’t hate me

You had been best friends with Peter Parker for a few years now, but you had lived down the hall from his Aunt May your whole life and himself for as long as he had been living with her. If the two of you stuck your heads out the window at the same time, you could see each other from your own bedrooms. You’d grown closer because of school, and being neighbors ended up being an added convenience to your building friendship.

It’s also fair to note that you were reasonably intelligent; at the risk of sounding arrogant, it was almost a given that a student at Midtown High was pretty damn smart.

So why on Earth Peter didn’t think you would know what his “Stark Internship” really was, was honestly pretty surprising (and a little insulting).

It hadn’t escaped your notice that Spider-Man spent an awful lot of time around your apartment building. And every time Spider-Man was seen out fighting crime and “looking out for the little guy”, May Parker was coincidentally out of the apartment. You’d even seen Spider-Man himself observing May as she walked down the street, almost as if he was… making sure she got where she needed to go safely?

Remember how you knew exactly where Peter’s bedroom window was? Yeah, you’d definitely seen the superhero of Queens crawling in said window late at night, usually right around the time May would arrive home herself.

Let’s also not forget the time you opened the drawer of Peter’s lab desk in your chemistry class and noticed a suspiciously familiar looking substance – hadn’t you seen that dangling from buildings and wrapped around criminals who had been caught red-handed by the spider-ling himself?

Needless to say, you knew Spider-Man was Peter Parker and Peter Parker was Spider-Man before anyone else even thought to question the hero’s identity. Yet you said nothing and pretended to believe Peter’s poor excuses of explanations as to where his many injuries came from. You figured that, at some point, he would tell you himself if he wanted you to know.

While you were the first to know, Ned was the first to be told by Peter himself (and it’s worth noting that you also knew when Ned found out – you walked with Ned to your apartment building after school and knew that he would have to wait for Peter, who would still be out fighting crime; however, you figured Peter would be smart enough to figure out a way to keep his secret a secret in such a circumstance (you were wrong just this once.))

When you and Peter finally started dating, you still didn’t bring it up. You would fuss over his wounds and clean him up, never questioning his half-assed excuses and explanations as to how he got them – you knew the truth. And he always secretly repaid you by watching over you as his superhero self when you went out alone or without him by your side.

(It only made you love him more.)

When Peter finally grew the balls to tell you, you were alone in his apartment. He started with a pale face, clammy hands, and a shaky voice as he stuttered out a, “Y/N, I have to tell you something…”

Knowing exactly what it was, you would try to ‘guess’. “Oh, let me guess… you’re captain of the decathlon team? No, no, wait… you’re trying out for football? Nah, just kidding, you received a crazy special offer from some fancy university?”

He would shake his head and mumble, “No, well, actually – “

And just to mess with him, you’d cut him off yet again, “Wait, wait, one more guess! Um, let’s see… you’re, you’RE SPIDER-MAN?!”

The poor boy would choke on his spit as you just about died laughing at the look of utter shock on his face. He would scramble for words, trying to find a way to ask how you already knew. When he finally got his words out, you’d answer with a simple, “Peter, honey, you’re a bit obvious and a bit oblivious as to how obvious you actually are. But don’t worry, I haven’t told a soul and I have no intention of doing so unless you want me to.”

He would be so, so thankful and feel like the weight of the world was no longer on his shoulders now that two of the most important people in his life knew about his alter-ego and were nothing but supportive. And as you explained exactly how you’d figured him out, he would thank whatever higher power there was for giving him such a smart, loving, and level-headed significant other.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you do stuff for the Scavengers (if not you can just ignore this) but if you do could I get Misfire,Krok,Spinister,and Fulcrum starting to realize they're getting a crush on a human?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Why yes; I do fill requests involving the garbage collectors! I’ll be doing these as headcanons since these are a lot of fellas to go through. Hope you enjoy the trashcan boys! )


✦ Probably the only individual in the group to not mind the idea of having a crush on a human. Long as they’re sentient and can give their explicit consent, Misfire is down to clowning around with someone he thinks is cute and neat. His form of flirting is finger gunning at their direction and winking. This somehow works. Against all odds and the others’ doubt this freaking works because it isn’t long before he scores a date with them.

✦ His idea of a date is dragging them out to join him in an adventure of his whether they want to or not. They always end up devolving into breakneck police chase because his adventures tend to be illegal in one form of another. Misfire thinks these are the best type of dates because they’re always full of excitement! Car chases! Last second escape from prison and/or death! Misfire please.


✦ Likes them and isn’t ashamed of the fact he likes them. Telling them that he likes them is another story. He knows the Decepticons don’t have the reputation back on Earth and doesn’t want to make the human feel threatened or scared if he tells them of his crush. The way for his crush to know about his crush on them is the others to tattletale on Krok. He’ll get mad at them but secretly be grateful as that’s the only way he’s gonna secure a date with them.

✦ It’ll have to be the human who plans the dates since Krok is just trying to get the others to behave and that takes a lot of his time and patience. It’s often in the form of them hanging out in his habsuite, chatting about their day and sharing stories about their planet’s history. These are the few times the human gets to see Krok look so happy and relaxed - Until Grimlock bursts through the habsuite, asking the Krok and the human if they want to be his partners for hand grenade catch.


✦ Is very twitchy whenever his crush is around. This is out of shyness and uncertainty if his crush is actually a crush or an urge to shoot them on sight. It’s okay because his crush (and the other Scavengers) are wondering about the whole urge to shoot them too. If the human confronts him about this - with Misfire and Grimlock hovering nearby in case they got to scoop the human out of harm’s way - he admits it’s more of a crush than shooting thing. Mostly. Maybe. Wanna go on a date or something to test this out?

✦ Is willing to teach them medicine and health if they express an interest in it. This eventually leads to his human becoming his assistant when he needs to do medical work on the others if someone - Misfire - ends up getting themselves hurt and his servos are unable to reach more delicate/intricate parts. They also also becomes, like, eighty percent of Spinister’s impulse control when it comes to not shooting things.


✦ He??? Has a crush??? On a human??? In front of his salad no less??? Fulcrum is in deep denial when the first realisation that he has a crush on the human occurs because he doesn’t find them sweet or patient or lovely at all okay? They’re human. They’re supposed to be gross and yucky, not adorable and charming. Nope. Nu uh. No way. He is going to ignore the feelings no matter how obvious it is to everyone. It’ll take the rest of the Scavengers to make him admit his feelings for the human - Mostly in the form of using the old ‘pretend Grimlock accidentally killed them during a game of tag and force Fulcrum to admit his feelings aloud now that he’s lost the oppurtunity to do so’ trick on him. It works! Fulcrum is rather traumatised by the whole ordeal but it works!

✦ Most of their dates is spent in his habsuite, cuddling and talking about the wild day they had with the rest. Fulcrum finds himself looking forward to his date since he can vent about his worries and concerns for the others without being teased and the human can have a deep discussion with someone without it going off the rails. Also Fulcrum finds himself enjoying having a human curled up on his chassis. They’re so soft and warm to touch. He could get used to this arrangement. Long as he doesn’t look down. Or they cover themselves head to toe so he doesn’t see their skin. Whichever is easier.

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Do u think u could write a story where klance and drarry meet? Or klance and percabeth? I think that would be so cool to see how u would explain how they meet, probs wormwhole accident or somethin idk, I like ur writing a lot

This ask actually saved my life and i started writing it RIGHT AWAY. I picked Klance and Percabeth since those are my two main ships and i love writing them the most. 

By the way this is only part 1, i’ll have the 2nd part up soon. (when i post it it’ll be under my tag #worlds colliding)

Thanks for sending in an ask and i hope i didn’t disappoint!

Worlds Colliding - 1k words

Percy thought he was going crazy when he saw a giant blue lion fly down to earth, but of course, that was before he actually met the people inside of it.

Annabeth was alongside him, her sword out but limp at her side, her eyes glued to the spacecraft, confirming that Percy wasn’t seeing things. “What the-”

What Percy guessed would have been a colorful sentence was cut off by the lion setting down on the ground in front of them. The blue paint was chipped, it’s eyes were glowing, and it was big enough to trample them in seconds, though Percy wasn’t sure if it was an enemy or not. Defeating The minotaur? Sure. Mother Earth? Done and done. Lord of Time? No problem. But killing a giant, mechanical cat shaped space ship? This was a bit new.

“Should i be trying to kill this thing?” Annabeth asked, voicing Percy’s thoughts. Her eyes were still glued on the cat but her wits restored and her sword raised.

“I have no idea.”

The machine started moving with no warning, going from a sitting position to more of a kneeling one, it’s head against the ground and it’s back up, like it was about to pounce. Protectively, Percy tried to move in front of Annabeth only to collide with her, as at the same time she tried to jump in front to shield her boyfriend. They made eye contact and silently decided on standing next to each other, their weapons drawn and their eyes looking intensly at the machine in front of them.

After a few suspenseful seconds, the mouth of the lion opened. Percy and Annabeth flung forward and at the same time two people the lion revealed jumped towards them as well, a fight about to break out. Luckily, before any shots were made or swords were slashed, both parties digested the scene in front of them. They all stopped abruptly, not expecting the sight infront of them.

“You’re not monsters,” Percy said.

“You’re not sentries,” one of the boys in front of him said. He looked a lot like Leo Valdez, but the eyes ruined the picture. They were as blue as the sea, differing from the darkness of Percy’s friend’s. He was also much taller than Leo and wearing strange armor with a blue symbol over the chest.

“Who are you?” The boy next to him asked, who was the only one with his weapon still drawn. Percy found the angry and dark look to the guy almost comical, reminding him of Nico. At first he thought that he actually was Nico, but again the armor, only his was red, and the almost purple eye color ruined the picture.

“We could ask you the same question,” Annabeth responded, her grey eyes also glittering in distrust.

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And here’s another thing...
  • SlowSo Nico and Will are lawyers 
  • Will is a partner at this law firm 
  • He cares so much about his clients and listens to their stories, he’s never annoyed to do probono so the bosses love him, and he’s never rude to secretaries and so on
  • Most of the other partners hate him because of this and he kinda overshadows them
  • Nico is his new asscociate
  • He didn’t really know what he wanted to do but a lot of his friends do law and things related so he became a lawyer too but in his first year he realised he actually really liked it? 
  • He tries not to tell people he’s friends with Governor Grace’s son, soon to be a Senator probs
  • And he really doesn’t care (he really fricking does but will he let anyone know that? Hell no) 
  • All the other associate hate him for his connections so they feel a little cheated
  • So Will and Nico kind of bond over that??? Like they both get misplaced anger that’s actually jealousy from their colleagues 
  • So they work on a lotttttt of cases together 
  • Late nights, court dates, etc (cuties) 
  • At first Will thought Nico didn’t actually care but as they work together he starts to realise that Nico goes above and beyond, like he’ll show up to Will’s really late like “I’ve been researching all night and there’s this bylaw that can save our client and our case” 
  • And Will is his boss so he tries to keep it professional and try not to stare at that ass in those suit pants but boyyyyyy
  • But Nico and Will are comfortable around each other and realise they’re friends but are too scared to hangout unless it’s work related so Nico and Will end up doing extra work every so often so they can go to the other and be like “Uh oh we have work to do let’s pull an all nighter” 
  • Like all the other associates are terrified of the partners because they kind of control their career, but then Will passes Nico’s cubical like “get this done’ and Nico’s just like ‘Make me’ (he does it but these two have hella bants aight) and all the other associates just >:( 
  • And all the partners are like “Solace is finally playing the eh? Trying to get Di Angelo (son of that crazy rich and powerful business man with too many connections) into your back pocket?” 
  • And Will’s just like “Nah, I just see how much you want him in yours” 
  • Nico sees the hidden sass in Will and suddenly it’s sooooo  much harder to keep it professional, but he manages.  
  • And that goes fine
  • Sort of
  • Until 
  • Will calls Nico “Get here in the next five minutes” and hangs up 
  • Nico’s on a night out with Reyna (who totally works at the DA’s office - tbh she probably is the District Attorney or is on her way to be) but he has to be there in five minutes so he goes as is
  • Will’s in his office sitting on the sofas with so many boxes of files and shit how is this even real
  • He hears Nico dump his coat and says “There’s been a change in the merger, Olympus Records now want-” 
  • He cuts off as he looks up and sees Nico 
  • Nico is high waisted booty shorts
  • With bare, shaved legs
  • And Will can’t function for a solid minute
  • Nico doesn’t notice because he’s bending over Will’s desk to grab a file
  • Will knows he should look away but he can barely think BECAUSE NICO IS BENT OVER HIS DESK 
  • Nico turns to see Will all disheveled, the top few buttons of his shirt undone (With that bare, tanned chest with muscles Nico just can’t)  tie and blazer off and sleeves rolled up
  • They sit there TRYING to work but come on the sexual tension is tangible, they stare at the same pages for about five minutes
  • Nico gives up first, “Sorry, I can’t concentrate and I’m getting nothing done.” Genuinely sorry that he’s being useless 
  • “You think I’m getting anything done when you’re sitting next to me wearing that?” 
  • They refuse to do it in the office, but they still have work to do for tomorrow goddamnit, so they pack everything up head to Will’s “IS THIS A GODDAMN PENTHOUSE?” ‘Aren’t you rich?’ “UM NO MY DAD IS WTF WILL” 
  • For each bit of work they get done another item of clothing gets taken off -INCENTIVE 
  • They obvs have to keep they’re relationship a secret
  • But it’s not hard because literally everyone where heteroglasses
  • Like everyone tell Nico they bet that being the son of the CEO of Hades LTD gets him soooo many girl - and if he could he’d look deadpan into the camera
  • And “Will try not to flirt with the female customers” 
  • Because people mistake genuine interest in their problem and caring as flirting 
  • He once asked Nico if he was jealous of that and Nico’s just like “Nah, none of their asses could even compare” 
  • Because that is 100% Will’s fav feature
  • And instead of working late in the office, if they can they’ll take it back to Will’s and order pizza while they work. 
  • When they’re finished they normally cuddle up of the couch and watch Suits or Franklin and Bash 
  • Will was ecstatic to find out that sullen, idgaf Nico Di Angelo is a total cuddle monster, in bed, when Will is cooking (Which is stupid because Nico’s the better cook - so sometimes he’ll make Will’s cuddle him from behind while he cooks) 
  • Anyhow, the other partners are annoyed because they can’t get at Nico (and his connections) because he’s so obviously Will’s associate
  • But they become more comfortable at work and they tag team sass people and I just
  • Lawyer Nico and Will
  • PS
  • Lou Ellen is totally Will’s secretary, PA, idk, but knew wayyyy before they did, she and Cecil who’s another partner’s assistant have a wager about it
  • Jason is quickly on his way to becoming a Senator and one time he came by to have lunch with Nico and no one could deal (And Will was nervous simply because he was meeting his boyfriend’s very powerful friend) 
  • Piper is a paralegal who won’t take any shit for not being a lawyer and most of the time people come to her for help so no one tries to pull rank on her. She loves Will because of how down to earth he is. And she already knows Nico because don’t you dare let anyone know because then they’ll suck up to me but she’s dating Jason
  • Percy work in environmental law and whilst most lawyers have clients that are companies that do bad stuff to the environment, he worked on a case with Nico and Will and they found an equally beneficial compromise. And like when they finalising the settlement, when they were saying goodbye Percy’s suddenly like “You guys better invite me to the wedding” and they’re just like how???? Did he??? 
  • Annabeth works with Reyna in the DA’s office and you. do. not. cross. them. They are known as two of the most terrifying prosecutors to be against. One time Will was up against Annabeth and Nico contacted Reyna to see if what her thoughts on Annabeth were, whether she was one of those asshole lawyers or… and Reyna’s like “No, she’s amazing, you can trust here. Annabeth’s boyfriend Percy says you guys are good, both as lawyers and as people” And all them end up going out for drinks after the case is done
  • Hazel works in HR at their firm and she. Will. Not. Take. Anyone’s. Bullshit. “Idgaf if you’re integral to the way this company runs, did you try and touch up this intern???” 
  • Frank is a paralegal and Piper and Hazel are helping him pass his LSAT because he bumped into Percy and they got talking about animals and stuff and now he wants to rep them because there’s people poaching and that’s not okay
  • Leo work in IT and caught Nico and Will being cute, he sent it to them but made sure it was erased from the system. Then one time Nico couldn’t get a subpoena for something but Leo can actually help, he can hack like you wouldn’t believe shhh. 

I got wayyyy to into this but I’ll stop there

Tag Thing- 11 Questions (from a bunch of people)

Rules: always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, write 11 questions of your own and tag 11 people. I’m not going to tag anyone and write questions because this post is already crazy long.


My Questions:
1. When is your birthday?


2. Favorite season?


3. Favorite villain?

Umm of movies or books it’s super early and my brain isn’t fully functioning yet.

Books I love The Darkling and I suppose Heathcliff is deemed a villain.

Movies- Jareth the Goblin King.

4. Stars or the Moon?


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anonymous asked:

I like to hc that Shiro questioned his bisexuality for the absolute LONGEST and if he was ""bi enough"" because he'd only ever had feelings for one guy so when Lance came out to the team as bi Shiro immediately pounced on him and was like "how did you know you were bi when did you realize do you like girls and boys equally was it sudden was it gradual am I bi am I bi am I??? bi!????!!?" so Lance ultimately helps him discover himself (I NEED this lance and shiro bonding)


YOU GOT ME SO EXCITED I’M LEGIT WRITING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW LMAO, so yknow. Long ass text of Shiro and Lance bonding over their bisexuality under the cut. Also the way I’d really like their friendship to be shown in canon because I legit cannot shut up lol.


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anonymous asked:

What faults as a bf would they have???

that was quick

as much as we hate to imagine them this way, we all gotta admit, there are situations where svt would not be 100% great as boyfriends but its ok bc they’re still human! (don’t worry guys, i doubt they’re abusive so it’s not that kind of faults)

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slavs-right-tiddy  asked:

yo, i want to start reading fanfiction, got any voltron reccomendations?


asd;lkfjd I read a t   o    n    of fic and I don’t want this list to be too long so here’s some of my faves ;;o;; 99% of these are Kl/.an/.ce just cuz I just go in the ship tag for it lol 

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