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        ❝ We all make a living one way or another. ❞ It’s probably too simple of an explanation, but given what he’s just found out about Parker, he has reason enough to doubt that his insurance claim fraud will become apparent—unless he’s happy to run the risk of Good Doctor Devereaux spilling valuable information of his own. ❝ Considering that it doesn’t harm you at all, I’d like to imagine that you’ll keep your mouth shut regarding the matter—and if you won’t, I’ve enough information of my own to clarify, Parker. ❞

A Jedi in New York

Car tires whispered over the pavement, the beams of their headlights passing over the darkened city streets and alleys, the dark shadows flickering and flinching from them.  Steam pillowed in the air from open vents, casting a foggy overcoat in places.  Even at this time of night, there were quite a few people walking to and fro, their eyes furtive at times, always watchful.  Others were more relaxed and carefree, conversation and light laughter on their lips.  

Boots tapping on the concrete sidewalks, Tank was neither overly watchful, nor was he inattentive.  He simply let his feet do the walking, and the Force to guide him.  He had meditated for a short while, before doing his best to pack up the chute, mask and goggles into a tighter bundle, scrawled out a quick note, and headed out from Thera’s place.  Now, with the chute on his back like an overstuffed backpack, and a general idea of where to go, he walked the city streets.  Most didn’t give him a second glance: the night owl New Yorkers apparently may have been aware of him, but they didn’t dwell on him either, preferring to just go their own way and not be bothered. 

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Why do we hate our butches?

I visited a lesbian board today to do some reading on a couple of topics, and found a thread about stone butches. All the lesbians were posting the most ‘disgusting’ pictures they could find, putting vomit emoticons everywhere, ranting on about how people who are fug like this are the reason straights think lesbians are all fat and ugly!!!!! and talking about how traumatising is for them, as conforming and beautiful femme ladies to have people assuming lesbians are that

I just…

GUYS. Why are we hating on, policing the expression of, and furthering the oppression of other queers? 

Like really? You’ve decided it’s okay for people to not conform to society’s expectations of them in this one specific way (by being a lesbian), but HEAVEN FORBID THEY DON’T CONFORM IN OTHER WAYS. Like armpit hair, oh my god! That's disgusting! How dare a woman show her disgusting hygiene-slash-body-hair fetish in public! GROSS! And by the way, she’s doing it on purpose making a political statement so she should expect people to be nasty about it, I’m allowed! And she’s overweight. That is disgusting. She should put fork down!!! That’s UNHEALTHY!!! People will think all lesbians are fat!!!!

It’s like these women realise they can’t conform sexuality-wise, but boy do they try their hardest to conform properly to society’s (fucked) expectations of being a woman! 

Congratulations, you’re an invisible and (slightly more) socially acceptable brand of lesbian. I’m glad you have the choice of stealthing or displaying, it will make your life a hell of a lot easier. Not everyone is able to be true to themselves and do that, though, and why are you hating on people who can’t?

Society punishes people who don’t conform by calling them ugly and by being disgusted by them. Please explain to me how a woman with short hair, bodyhair and wearing mens clothes is omg so disgusting?? 

It’s only 'disgusting’ because it’s gender non-conforming. And, honey, if you’re a lesbian, there’s a whole lot of people who think you’re disgusting, too, even if you’re 'the perfect women’ and hypocritically hate those 'ugly’ butch lesbians (how dare they not conform!!). 


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I know you are in denial about Niall's weight gain, but acid reflux is a condition directly related to being overweight. We should be tweeting him and encouraging him to eat more healthily and give up all alcohol.

Niall’s face looks fatter than ever in these latest pics. He has so much extra flesh under his chin. Maybe he is ill with something that’s causing bloat.

Harry is growing facial hair too! They’re both mega fug. Who can I stan now? Niall’s chin looks twice as big as it should be in your new icon.

Ohhh, my lovely resident troll. You need a life, my dear.

As far as who you should stan now goes, here’s an idea:

His name is Caillou. He’s a little young, but he’s had a baby face since 1997 so he’s right up your alley!


Arthur- “All magic is evil.”

To save Arthur heartberak, Merlin just first lies to save Uther being killed by Arthur and then agrees with Arthur when Arthur once again thinks of all Magic as evil.

This scene is so Beautiful …it hurts my soul..even as early as season 2 Merlin still put Arthur above all else…EVEN MAGIC….and that is what hurts…to love someone so much that you would deny yourself that which makes you… YOU…not strong…not confident…not different…just that is what Merlin is…HE IS MAGIC..and he would deny himself that….for the one who he has sworn to PROTECT….