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“Fuck Bertolt, he wants to kill his comrades-”

“He enjoys it-”

“He hates humans-”

“No one is forcing him to do it-”

I don’t think harry’s tweet is even nonsense… Like if everything we believe to be true, really is true… Then Louis and Harry do TONS of stuff for the people who already believe they’re together and those things wouldn’t make an ounce of difference to the outside world. They are literally pushing themselves out to the people who already believe they’re in love..


Hi everyone! It’s been a year since I’ve had join tumblr and I just wanted to say THANK YOU all of you for following this trash blog, it makes me happy that I’ve meet so many amazing people on this site so I’ll celebrate sharing with you my first and pretty short follow forever. Here you’ll find my current list of favorite blogs so please check them out ≧ω≦

Thank you Mary for your HnR edit THIS IS PERFECT 10/10 A++++ OTP FEELS ILY I CRY

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Really what I admire about Johnny Depp is that he just does whatever the fuck he wants to do without caring about what people/critics/press are gonna think about him. Some artists are worried about their career and refuse certain project because it’s ‘not done’ by someone of their 'status’. But Johnny is one of those people who’s like 'fuck that I’m gonna star in this film because I know I will have an insane time making it and it would be so interesting to explore that character, never mind what it will do with my bank account or career, even if it is risky I wanna gave fun!’ I really think that that is something should be applauded. That’s just awesome. That’s fucking goals! Way to go bae!