who is this douchbag

genderswap au w/ i-am-the-bamf

all he wanted was to spend time with his girlfirend but he couldnt even have that. at the  moment Elijah  started down some douchbag who had the nerve to check out  his girl. “whats your problem little man” the guy snapped “MY PROBLEM is you checkin’ out my girl! if i catch you anywhere  near my girl again so help me ill-”


How Dare You

People making jokes about Texas’ floods being a sign of God need to pipe the fuck down. People have lost their lives, some are missing, and many have lost their homes because of this flood. There is more rain expected so it might get worse. This is not the time to joke or bring up politics and religion. So screw the douchbags who have no hearts and are turning Texan residents’ nightmare into a punchline. Not everyone in Texas agrees with the government. So back off!