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Thank you to the cosplayers who stop by the petrol station cafe I work in on Convention days. You make our weekends great by being in character when you order. Fuck the non-cosplaying customers who talk shit about you when you leave. I'm like, sir/ma'am that's their hobby and I'm damn sure it's more entertaining than yours. Have a nice day *patronising fake smile*

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I'm currently having a dilemma were I feel like I'm "too late" to cosplay. As if, everyone who is already cosplaying has mastered it and become presentable, where as I'm just starting out and don't even light a candle to most of the crowd. I really adore everyones craftsmanship, and it's an incredible hobby to be apart of. But no matter how many tutorials I see I feel like I simply don't have the skill/talent to put together a cosplay, or as if I can't be a beginner. Has anyone been thru this?

Hello there!

Sorry that you feel that way about cosplay. It should be something fun, but if you feel inadequate, that can take away from it.

Know that it’s perfectly okay to be a beginner. Cosplay is a growing hobby, and people are getting into it all the time. There’s no shame in being new! I’d guess that the cosplayers who are relatively new at a con probably vastly outnumber those who have been doing it for 5+ years (who outnumber those of us who have been doing it 10+ years, etc.). Just remember that there’s a reason why you see so many “cosplay 101″ panels at cons, and why help sites like this one can exist: because so many people are getting into the hobby or looking for ways to get into the hobby that this kind of thing can be sustained.

The thing about skill is that it’s something that comes with practice. No one is amazing at something on their first try. It takes time and experience to get good at something, and it’s hard work. You can’t compare yourself to someone who has been cosplaying for a number of years and has more skills and more resources than you. Only compare yourself to your previous self. Did you learn how to make a new type of clothing, even if it’s not perfect? Great! Your next version will be better. Did you have a problem with something and it didn’t turn out? That can be discouraging, but you learned something from it, and now you can apply that knowledge to future projects. Reading tutorials will only get you so far. You have to actually do things.

Also, there’s no shame in starting small. You want to get into cosplay but can only do minimal sewing? Modify pre-made garments. This can also help you learn how things are constructed. Make simple outfits to begin with. Most complex costumes are just lots of simpler sewing techniques put together, and while this takes time to do, it can help to think of a more complex outfit as smaller pieces rather than as a big complex whole. Your first cosplay doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) a super elaborate hand-beaded Sakizou design, for example, or a full suit of armor. Learning how to make simple things so that they fit well and have clean construction will be much more useful and much more impressive in terms of construction than trying to tackle something far outside your skill level.

It also helps to take things slowly and set reasonable goals. Say you want to make a whole costume in a year. Set a goal so that you make the skirt one month, the bloomers another month, the top another month, and the accessories another month. Take your time with the items, and remake them if needed. Break down each piece into even smaller pieces – make your goal for that week to learn to sew a zipper, or learn to sew elastic, and then work your way up to the more complex princess seams on the top, and then the more complex boning in the top, and then the most complex item, such as a small bit of embroidery. Make mockups and practice pieces (I /still/ make practice pieces for new techniques) so that you can do the technique a few times before doing the final piece. Learning skills in small, manageable chunks will make it less overwhelming, and you’ll learn how to put things together in a practical way that can then be applied to a more complex outfit next time.

You can also enter a contest that has a beginner skill division. Ask for advice from the judges on how to improve. Attend a con in normal clothes or a storebought costume and see how you feel about that. Take some of the pressure off, and refocus a bit on other aspects of cosplay before tackling a project.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of what you see online and the viral images you see of cosplays are the “best” images – the most impressive construction, the best photography, and any “flaws” are often hidden in creative photography or photoshopped out, etc. (Of course, “best” is super subjective here, and there is no “best” way to cosplay, hence the quotes, but I think my meaning is clear.) The average cosplay at a con doesn’t look like that, certainly not while walking around the floor, and there are a lot of beginners around, or people who cosplay for reasons other than the construction, and there is nothing wrong with that. I’d actually recommend looking at con coverage photos and videos, or digging through the tags for local cons. You’ll often see photos here that are hall shots (not staged photoshoots), usually taken by fans of the series because they like the character, not because the cosplayer looks like they just stepped off a movie set. Look at photos and videos of crowds and gatherings. You’ll see a lot of cosplayers there of all skill levels – you’ll fit right in no matter what your costume looks like. 

And hey, a lot of attendees will see your costume and be amazed by it even if you only see flaws! People are often just excited to see their favorite characters, or don’t notice all of the tiny things that went “wrong” that you might.  

It can be hard to deal with feeling of inadequacy, but you’ll get to the level of skill you want to be at faster than you think if you continue to work at it. Here’s the secret: a lot of artists (cosplayers included) are hardest on their own work. Even someone like me, who has been cosplaying for nearly 15 years, deals with these feelings. The secret to overcoming it is not to look at other people’s work (”this person is at a way higher level than I am and they just started!” or “I’ll never make anything that amazing!”), but to look at how far you’ve come, and what you are proud of in your own work. I’m a pretty practical person, so if I ever do feel that kind of inadequacy, I usually stop, identify where I can improve, and set out to do those specific things. Even then, you will see your flaws, while others will see your strengths. Learn to identify your strengths and appreciate them, and work on the things that you see as flaws. Know that no one can do everything perfectly, and learn to embrace that.

I mention my own experiences here because you sound like the kind of cosplayer I am. I’m the type who has the most fun with the construction aspect of it, and has fun trying to plan out and problem solve a cosplay, and then showing off all my hard work. Not everyone places as much personal importance on those aspects of the hobby, so this kind of advice doesn’t really apply to those who have different versions of fun. This answer isn’t meant to be a “you have to have good construction to be a good cosplayer” response, but since you specifically want advice on construction skill, I would guess that you’re the type who likes to make things.  

You’ll get there, but remember that you are always allowed to be at the skill level you are at. Always.  

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

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Hey so you probably get a lot of these and I don't want to take up too much of your time but I just wanted to let you guys know that as a long time Cosplayer who has wanted to do the Marauders for a while, I'm finally working on a Mooney cosplay with my group, you are the cosplays I look to as an example when it comes to design, head canons, portrayals. I marathoned Moonshadows in 2 days because of you. You made me fall in love with the Marauders all over again, keep up the amazing work.

That’s awesome! We’re always super happy to hear we have inspired other people to make more cosplays and fan-works! Thank you for this lovely message <3

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Sorry I just found this gif and had to use it /Sara

OUAT roleplayers

Hello my dearest followers and ouat roleplay community :D

I would like to meet as much ouat roleplayers as possible on here to interact with, to be silly with, to just have fun and write out the most amazing stories. 
There are quite some that I already found and follow, but I’m sure that there are still a lot of you missing on my list. 

Every OUAT cosplayer who feels like wanting to follow me or want to write with me, please don’t hesitate and like this post so I can find you ;-)

Many Greetings,
David mun



only tru tumlr users remember
  • the onceler fandom
  • people shipping a notepad with a clock
  • discourse of said notepad and clock about how it was too hetero
  • dashcon
  • the guy who pissed in the ballpit at dashcon
  • the homestuck cosplayer who almost killed themsellf by trying to dye their skin gray
  • WHAT NOW????
  • homestuck fandom in general
  • “peasent”
  • 2014 4chumblr raids
  • “superwholocks fans grab your tardis. 1D fans, grab harry. attack on titan fans, gra-”
  • january 2015 where the entire website broke
  • sonic for real justice
  • “always reblog the creator”
  • people calling danny divito “daddy”
  • people calling david karp daddy unironically
  • people changing john greens posts with the “cock is one of my favrouite tastes” copypasta
  • do you love the colour of the sky
  • mishapocolypse
  • doge
  • the time they changed the colour by like 2 shades
  • moreos guy
  • tumblr user pizza discourse
  • mario kart meme
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thats it im in hell remembering all of theese fucking goodnight

talking to characters and examining things even though they aren’t necessary for story progression actually reveals a lot of interesting information in SDR2. such as:

  • Sonia thinks of Souda as her stalker
  • Peko and Nidai are often harassed by people who think they are cosplayers from a fighting game
  • Saionji and Koizumi like to hold hands
  • Hinata and Koizumi both think mothers are the most important family members
  • Tsumiki had never played a video game before Nanami showed her, but ended up really liking them
  • after Komaeda blew up the hotel lobby, Nanami was most sad about the arcade machines being destroyed
  • Kuzuryu doesn’t think tattoos are something to be gawked at
  • Hinata doesn’t actually know how to read/pronounce the name “Izuru Kamukura”
Gaku Space @ Anime Impulse

Our precious prince™ Gaku Space, voice actor of Genji, graced Overwatch fans by appearing today (Jonny Cruz, Lucio’s voice actor, made a surprise appearance as well but that’s besides the point) at Anime Impulse, a very small anime convention in California. Just thought I should share some of the things he said and the things that happened!

Yes, this is Gency related.

Unfortunately I couldn’t record most of the talk, but I may upload video clips later.

  • When asked who his favorite hero was (with the restriction that he could not pick Genji), Gaku responded with Mercy.
  • One fan asked each panel member who their OTP is. Gaku also responded with Genji and Mercy. (x)
  • There was a witch!Mercy cosplayer in the crowd, who asked, “Do you need healing?” during the Q&A session. Gaku very casually said (but was still somehow very endearing to me), “Yeah, later.” It wasn’t in a rude way or anything, but it was said in a manner that even the crowd got a laugh out of it. It’s hard to describe.
  • The witch!Mercy cosplayer made a heart with her hands because of that. I couldn’t catch if Gaku did the same thing. (Edit: greywardencommandershepard on tumblr is the witch!Mercy and confirmed that Gaku also made a heart with his hands! Thank you!)
  • I can’t remember off the top of my head, but there was another cute Gency reference and the same Mercy cosplayer made the heart again. The crowd “aww”ed.
  • There are voicelines in OW that Gaku did recently but is not allowed to talk about. I’m very sure it’s referencing to the famous Valentine’s Day chocolates voicelines, but I’m not sure if he’s hinting at something else beyond that.
  • I find it absolutely amusing and adorable that Gaku actually calls Mercy “Angela” rather than “Mercy.” It might be because he has so many voicelines that use the former rather than the latter. Even the host of the panel had to be told by Gaku himself that, when he said Angela, he was referring to Mercy.
  • During the meet and greet, I requested that he say a romantic line to Mercy in either Japanese or English. He did it for me, and I have no idea what he said since it was in Japanese, but I’ll probably upload that one. Because Boy Do I Need Help. Nevermind, got the translation! (x)

Feel free to send additional questions or clarify any errors I could have made! 

; v; )/


Don’t mind me, just pumping out the tutorials like they’re going out of style.

This is a watered down explanation of what you should have for a basic cosplay makeup kit. If you’re a cosplayer who never really wears or ever wore makeup in your daily life, you might not know much about what you should pick up to start yourself off. If you’re just looking for a tutorial to give you a basic kit for when you want to look good at a con or for a photo shoot, this is for you.

Lupine looks super cute in this video too, so I would…. take a gander…

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