who is this anon who wants my face anyway

Look, some of you sistas who love to dismiss the issues other black women face, really need to stop.

This is for you anon, who keep sending me the same post telling me to “prove myself” because you you think I’m being over dramatic regarding my blog and wanting to mention how good you and other black women you know got it, so that must mean I’m being dramatic. How selfish are you?

Are the black women who send me messages about being abused, discriminated against, experiencing racism, misogynoir, colorism, anti-blackness, any for of shaming, struggling in anyway exaggerating too? Go personally tell that to these sistas, them being harassed and physically assaulted from street harassment, tell them they’re exaggerating.

Tell these teenage sistas who post in my inbox up they’re exaggerating when little black boys call them colorist names about their skin color and image, tell them.

Tell these sistas they’re lying when they post about them dating men who saying misogynoiristic intra-racist colorist things to their faces about black women.

Tell the sistas they’re exaggerating when they tell me in my inbox how comfortable they’re non-black associates are making insensitive racist jokes about black women around them.

Go ask the producer of Dark Girls to let you interview the black women crying about being subjected to colorism/intraracism for being dark skin, tell them they’re exaggerating.

Tell those little black girls being suspended from school for wearing afros and braids they’re exaggerating.

You want to tell the sistas in the military how they’re exaggerating about discrimination towards their hair?

Tell those black women who were turned away from the night club in the UK for being too dark or too fat they’re exaggerating.

Matter fact, see can you get in contact with black women who were apart of the civil rights era and tell them since you got it so good, that their articles and speeches about colorism, misogyny and sexism within the civil rights movement was just exaggeration. Tell them.

It’s not progressive, or helping in any way to turn away black women who are hurting and suffering. If you can easily empathize with every other group, especially black men, you should be able to empathize with black women.  All a brotha has to do is stub his toe on a white table and yall will be in the streets marching about racism over the company who made the table.

Just because you so happen to dodge the bullet doesn’t mean other black women have. Just because stuff is going right for you, it doesn’t erase misogynoir, racism, sexism or anti-blackness that specifically targets black women. Obama and Michelle didn’t stop racism towards black people, I know some of you all can cosign that, so why are you purposely being obtuse towards black female issues? Stop being selfish and greedy. You’re so focused on wanting to make yourself look good so you can measure up with everyone else trying to prove that you can be just as superior you come off insensitive towards other sistas.

White and black people making jokes reducing black women to animals, and sometimes not even beings but inanimate objects making fun of our skin tone and features.

Black women being abused and murdered and not a damn person gave a damn until someone had to scrape and bring it up to surface.

Want to tell the families of Reika Boyd, Aiyanna Stanely Jones, they’re exaggerating when they were telling people why aren’t people paying attention to their daughters like they are the men, because people don’t give a fuck whether black women die or not.

Bringing up hardships, racism, misogyny and sexism black women face doesn’t mean some of you sistas who enjoy the perks of being validated because who conform to respectability politics or misogynoiristic standards and sexist labels will all of a sudden not have them, that seems to be all you care about anyway.

There are many black people in higher positions so called “doing good” but if I or better yet a white person were to tell you or us we’re exaggerating about racism because we have a black president the whole damn race would have a fit.

So anon you can sit your high and mighty butt up here and continue to dismiss black female issues all you want to, but ask yourself what the hell does it do for you to brag about benefiting from status quo while other sistas suffer, and you tell them they’re exaggerating? How can you sit up here and read my blog and not see me responding to these sistas young and old talking about how society treats them?

 I refuse to be silent about how ignorant the black community and racist white society and outside of America is to black women.

I’m so sick of you who dismiss the cries of black women, but then want us to march for the cause and be loyal.