who is the silver fox

I can’t help but think about Yuuri being constantly mesmerized but also FULL OF SALT because Viktor, like a fine wine or good cheese, just gets BETTER with age. He is the SILVEREST OF SILVER FOXES. Yuuri can’t handle it.

Like yes his forehead gets bigger, but that just makes him look distinguished somehow? And the lines around his eyes give him this graceful wisdom. The glasses he has to wear later in life make him look like one of those beautiful professor-type men in movies–just looking at them, you know they’ve got to be over the fifty hump, maybe even pretty far over, but you still really want to see them with their shirt off? 

Viktor plans a beach trip for their thirtieth wedding anniversary and Yuuri watches as his sixty-year-old husband shakes salt water out of his hair and rubs sunscreen into the freckles on his shoulders. What the fuck. Yuuri is sitting here in a giant T-shirt and shorts with an overlarge sunhat and sunglasses, and next to him Viktor is reenacting the ads for Gucci’s summer 2049 beachwear ad. The only thing missing is a lion cub and a yacht.

“Aren’t you going to swim?” Viktor asks, leaning back on his elbows, legs crossed at the ankles. His whole body is laid out as though to soak up as much sun as possible, and Yuuri is huddled under the umbrella, every bit of him that will fit in the shade folded into it.

“My hip is bothering me today,” Yuuri tells him, mostly as an excuse.

“The water might help with that,” Viktor tells him, and kneads a hand into the meat of Yuuri’s hip. “It’s nice and cool. Aren’t you having fun, Kitten?”

Yuuri bows his head towards him, smiles and butts their noses together. Viktor has a smear of unincorporated sunscreen on his nose that transfers onto Yuuri’s cheek. “Of course I am. I’m with you.”

Viktor makes a weak little sound against his shoulder. “The things you say. Even now.”

“They’re true,” Yuuri says, and takes his hand through Viktor’s hair.

“I know,” Viktor sighs. “But sometimes I still can’t believe that you’re spending your life with me. Thirty years, can you believe it?”

“No,” Yuuri chuckles honestly. “I can’t. But I’m glad it happened. And that it’s still happening.”

“Thirty years and you’re still just as beautiful as they day I married you,” Viktor says.

Yuuri looks at his husband, Number 27 on People Magazine’s list of Fifty Sexiest Men Over Fifty, and blushes harder than he has since he was in his twenties. 

“Says Russia’s Golden Silver Fox.”

“I hated that article,” Viktor says. His fingers are tracing patters on Yuuri’s thigh. “It made no sense. Silver and gold clash. Anyone with a brain knows that.”

“I don’t think that was the point, Vitya.”

Viktor grabs his hand. “Come swim with me!”

“No!” Yuuri laughs, halfheartedly trying to tug his hand back. “We’re on a beach surrounded by twenty-somethings and unlike you, I have the waistline of a fifty-six year old man.”

“Then come back to our hotel room and I’ll show you the things your fifty-six-year-old waistline can do to me,” Viktor murmurs, and nips gently at Yuuri’s thigh just below the hem of his shorts.

“Well…” Yuuri twirls a lock of Viktor’s hair in his finger. “We do have a few hours before dinner.”

Yuuri lets Viktor cling to him like an octopus on the walk back to their room. Yuuri may be thirty-two years older than he was in the winter of 2016, but he is still the man who took pride in stealing Viktor Nikiforov out from under Russia’s nose–and he is still the only man who Viktor Nikiforov, Certified Fine Wine, Good Cheese, Silver Fox, has eyes for. It’s enough to make anyone feel good about their love handles. 

(Viktor thinks that Yuuri’s love handles are to be celebrated. But that’s another post.)


I’m so pleased I finally found the footage of Peter’s reaction to being thought of as a silver fox.

Of course I laugh with everyone and think it’s adorable he mentioned his lovely wife. But something that always struck me with Peter is he never publically expressed a high opinion of himself (that I’ve seen anyway), and he’s continually shocked when other people do.

It may be me partially projecting onto the poor man but I really hope he does know how much joy he’s brought us all, deep down.

I just love him so much and I have a lot of feelings okay?

Okay, but let’s be real. Peter. Handsome silver fox. With cute matching gap teeth. Who likes her dog. Who isn’t uncomfortable talking about going to therapy to deal with how past relationships have affected him. Who wouldn’t force her to move and leave the job she loves. Who seems confident enough in himself – but also doesn’t walk around talking about how Rachel’s already his. Didn’t spend their first date acting like he’s already in love with her [which is a massive pet peeve of mine]. Who doesn’t eat someone’s face off as a first kiss. Peter.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @mongoose-bite!!! Crunchy is one of my favoritest fic authors and also one of the best friends I have made in this fandom! EVERYONE GO WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And while you’re at it, go read and leave a comment on his fics! I’m going to list twelve of my personal favorites below (altho I could go on and on and on until I run out of fics!). LONG POST TO FOLLOW!

Fuck: My Life 

eruriren, snk

A streak of bad luck leaves Eren desperate for cash, and desperate enough that making porn doesn’t seem like such a terrible idea. He’s young, he’s cute, he’s horny, and his favourite studio is currently hiring. It seems like fate up until he learns that his two most admired actors, whom he spent the majority of his teenage years appreciating, have recently retired.

Still, he is nothing if not determined, and he sets out to see if he can persuade them to make one last movie. And then he gets to know them as people, and things start getting complicated.

Reasons I like it: This is one of the first fics of crunchy’s I ever read and I was obsessedddd. I swear I would be checking my phone for an email on update day like >.> c’monnnnnn. It’s eruriren and super persistent but adorable Eren. Erwin is charming and crunchy’s Levi is always so understated and muted it makes my heart ache. I don’t even like porn star aus but crunchy always makes me love tropes and ships I don’t usually like. 

A Sound Like Breaking Glass

ereri, snk

Eren lives by the ocean in a peaceful, untroubled world with his classmates. He studies, dreams of going out to sea on the boats to see what lies beyond the horizon, spends his afternoons by the water’s edge with his friends, and sneaks out at night more often than he should.
His greatest ambition is to join the crew of the Wings of Freedom, but after making a disastrous first impression on Captain Levi, joining his company will be easier said than done. Despite the insults and the bruising, Eren is determined and he vows to do whatever it takes to impress the captain before the ship is out of drydock.

Reasons I like it: Ngl, it took me several attempts to get into this fic bc I at first thought it was going to be a pirate au? I have the worst reading comprehension I swear. But it is not, it is perfect and I love it and it is actually my absolute favoritest fic of crunchy’s so even though it is in the #2 spot here, second is best. :P The characters are charming and the scenery is beautiful and I can’t say anything more about it without spoiling it. ;3 BUT AHHHHHH!!!

Breach! And Other Stories

winmin, snk

A collection on one-shots written for Winmin Week 2014. Mostly canonverse.

01. Superior and Subordinate: Armin was conflicted. They were superior and subordinate after all, kept apart by rules and regulations and just plain common sense. But the heart wants what it wants, and it wasn’t like there was much else that made Eren smile lately.
02. Stained Hands: Armin wasn’t trying to wash away the blood with ink.
03. Alternate Universe: Erwin is too big for his umbrella.
04. Role Swap: Their first night together after Erwin is rescued.
05. Hurt and Comfort: Faded names remind Erwin of a boy he met long ago.
06. (Free Slot): Breach! Armin goes to the ends of the earth for an interview.
07. The End: Armin insisted on the hood.

Reasons I like it: you know how some fics can ruin you on a ship and you can’t stand it? Well crunchy single handedly rescued winmin for me. I still think about Breach! A LOT. THE WHALES. WINMIN CUTENESS! ARMIN! ERWIN! BLONDE GENIUSES! 

My Old Friend

ereri, snk

When Levi was a teenager, the unrequited love of his life was Eren, his best friend’s father. Fifteen years later, Levi finds himself back in Whitecrest Cove to sell his late uncle’s house.

This story was mostly written for Ereri Week 2015.

Reasons I like it: Imagine, it’s the swinging 2015′s at the height of the the dilf!eren craze, in walks crunchy and suggests…what if…gdilf!Eren. Women are screaming, babies are crying, grown men walking around in a daze because their minds are so blown. No, but really, it’s actually a very poignant story of Levi reconciling his childhood and then grief as an adult and reconnecting with Eren who is a surfing silver fox. It’s quite beautiful. 

Blood Of An Englishman

hartwin, kingsman

Harry’s brains dried in the hot Kentucky sun. A fly landed on an exposed piece of his skull for a few seconds and then buzzed off. His blood seeped into the dust. In the distance sirens began to wail, and the crisp, elegant click of patent leather oxfords on concrete drew to a halt beside his ruined corpse.

“Oh dear,” someone said sadly, although Harry wasn’t alive to hear it. He heard, saw, felt, and was, nothing.

Death is not another country. Death is the deep blue sea.

Or, the one in which Harry is officially dead, actually a wizard, occasionally a small dog, and utterly unable to keep his distance from his young successor.

Reasons I like it: This fic has everything, Harry Hart dead but kindof not dead. Suddenly a wizard. A femme fatale Italian milf sorceress. Eggsy’s cute lil butt. Magic. It’s some impressive world building and I prefer it to the sequel we got instead. 

Too Hot To Handle

erejean, snk

Jean has recently joined MI6’s elite agents as 003 and he couldn’t be happier. His career is going places, his degree is paid for, his job is exciting, if somewhat dangerous, and his handler is the beautiful Mikasa, whom he will definitely certainly ask out soon.

Until it isn’t. Until Mikasa is replaced by Eren, who Jean quickly decides is absolutely the last person he wants talking in his ear when he’s getting shot at.

Reasons I like it: Well first of all I had to include this bc it was a bday present for me. :P I think this might be the only fic of crunchy’s I’ve read from Jean’s perspective? And I love him. He’s a cocky lil asshole and I still scream over this line: “He couldn’t believe how lucky he’d been to score Mikasa. She’d transferred from Foreign Office around the same time he’d been given his double-oh designation, and not only was she incredibly efficient, but she was absolutely gorgeous. Jean had seen an awful lot of movies and TV shows; he knew how this went. Sooner or later his roguish charm and devil-may-care attitude would thaw her icy exterior and the sex would be mindblowing.” HELP. I”M SCREAMING. Also it has SUPER SEXY hairy Eren (because crunchy knows my kinks, shush).

The Beneficent Gentleman

hartwin, kingsman

An act of heroism sees an unusual offer made to one Eggsy Unwin; if he can get accepted he can go to Oxford, all expenses paid. All he has to do in return is pass his classes, and keep his mysterious benefactor informed as to his educational progress via the old-fashioned medium of the handwritten letter.

An AU loosely based on Daddy Long-Legs.

Reasons I like it: this is incredibly ambitious for a fic. It’s all in epistolary form aka letters. It’s quite an undertaking to write but the result makes it seem so effortless. Plus I like handsome benefactor from afar Harry. 

Season and Circumstance

hartwin, kingsman

Circumstance dictates that there must be a great distance between Eggsy Unwin and Lord Hart, but the seasons turn and bring them together, and seasons turn and pull them apart. Seasons always change. Circumstances must be acted on. A Regency AU.

Reasons I like it: Hartwin Regency AU? Need I say more? Also crunchy always writes the best frot scenes like…if you want quality frot, look no further than crunchy’s fics. 

Magic Does Not Make A Garden

ereri, snk

Levi grows his garden peacefully on the edge of the desert, until the day he finds a boy with wings dying of exhaustion and takes him in.

Reasons I like it: Fuck this fic makes me wistful and teary eyed and hopeful all at once. King of crunchy’s short fics by far. I think about this fic nonstop. It’s too short to spend time describing it, just read and be full of FEELINGS for the rest of the day.

A Bird in the Hand

ereri, snk

Little ever changes in the Underworld, and few visit, but the arrival of a single songbird foretells a coming change for both the Underworld and its god, Eren.

Spring is here.

Reasons I like it: Hades/Persephone AU!!!!!!!!! Except Levi is Persephone and likes to wrassle and is so full of life I love seeing him like this. Also crunchy describes Levi’s naked figure so beautifully in the water i started salivating and it was so powerful it inspired beautiful art of the heichou booty by syn (nsfw link).

The Hero Who Traveled To Faerie in Search of a Bride

yurabek, yoi

The king is dead and in accordance with the custom all worthy aspirants to the crown must set out in search of a bride deserving of the throne. For one soldier, distinguished in battle, it was not enough to seek a princess among the neighbouring kingdoms, because for many years his heart had pulled him towards the distant spires and violet hills of Faerie, a land forbidden to mortals, for so few return…

Reasons I like it: sexy elf otabek with long hair :O and brave knight yura. I love the descriptions of the four courts and Victor is so goddamn perfect. The world building is sublime and everything feels so lush and perfect. ayaaaa to visit the fae for a day… 

Under Neon Skies

sheith, voltron

After the battle with Zarkon Shiro finds himself in an alien city, on an alien planet. Here Zarkon rules triumphant, the Black Lion tame under his hand, and Shiro’s own face appears on glowing billboards fifty feet high to advertise the arena fights as their reigning champion.

Shiro knows he has to get home because his universe needs him, but this universe just might need him more. He pins his hopes on the Blade of Marmora and learns that in this reality, Keith did not grow up on Earth…

Written for the Sheith Big Bang 2017. Not season 3 compliant.

Reasons I like it: i got to beta this fic but honestly crunchy doesn’t need beta-ing at all hahaha so it was a real treat to see it before anyone else. I love the alternate universe and the way it’s described so perfectly. Everything feels truly alien and you can feel Shiro’s loneliness. T_T And I love raised with the Blade Keith. He’s extra feisty. Also bc the most recent season has confirmed that alternate realities exist this is canon and nothing you can say or do will convince me otherwise.

The Garden of Wild Roses

allurivan, voltron

The galaxy might now be at peace, but Allura is not. A warrior without a war, a princess without a kingdom, she decides to tuck herself away for a while, take a well earned break and work out what to do with the rest of her life.

Earth is the obvious choice, the planet still coming to grips with a crowded universe but almost untouched by the recent war. Shiro organises a long holiday smoothly and swiftly, and it doesn’t occur to Allura to ask if she’s the only lonely alien he’s installed in the village of his childhood.

Reasons I like it: Okay i know, i picked 13, but that just goes to show you that i’m a liar. This fic has so many wonderful character analyses and I love how it shows Allura coming to grips with a war that has been won. And also I’m a slut for good pussy eating scenes what can I say. 

Sonic Characters as Drag Queen GIFs


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Remus Lupin x reader


The one thing you had always hated was cliches; it bothered you to the point of pure irritation.

Reading had always been your favorite hobby, but the characters always seemed slightly off to you. The girls were all “clumsy” and incredibly beautiful without even realizing it, and the guys were all tall and muscular. It annoyed you how every character was the same. The “clumsy, shy and beautiful” main character had become such a cliche in love stories, that you could barely read them anymore. And don’t forget about the “unique, powerful, only person who can save us all” girl. The one completely ordinary character, who suddenly was able to turn in to fucking Rapunzel and save everyone with her magical fucking hair.

You had accepted the fact that you were completely ordinary, except being a wizard. One could say you were happy about being ordinary; it gave you a sense of comfort. Being special would probably cause you way to much stress, and to be honest, you hated the idea of attention from other people.

So when you had decided to become an animagus, you pretty much expected to become something completely normal. Maybe a dog or something close to that. The fear of becoming something weird was always there though. And being friends with Sirius Black, the drama queen of Hogwarts, was not helping your paranoia.

The minute you had told him about your plan to become an animagus, he had started guessing what you would turn into. The guesses went from fly to giraffe, each one more absurd than the other. He even had a bet with James on what they thought you would become. James had guessed something cute, like a small bird. Sirius however, had guessed penguin. His reasoning for this was still unknown, and you weren’t really sure if you wanted to find out.

Sirius had spent a long time explaining why James’ guess was completely wrong;

“She isn’t going to be something cute or dainty, James. She swears like a sailor and to be honest, she isn’t very ladylike. She’s actually quite weird, which is why I chose a penguin. It matches her personality perfectly.” he finished with a smug look on his face.

To which you had responded;

“Fuck off, Black!”

To avoid the constant teasing from Sirius, you had asked Remus to be the one who would teach you. After months of practicing and having the horrible mandrake leaf in your mouth, you were finally ready.

It was a late Thursday night. You and Remus stood in an empty classroom, the tension in there obvious. You weren’t sure who was more nervous, you or him. He had gotten the idea that if anything went wrong, it would be his fault. It felt nice knowing that he worried about you, since you’d had a crush on him since third year.

Yet, if anything went wrong, you wouldn’t want him to blame himself. Scrunching your face in concentration you closed your eyes and tried to empty your head. The suspension both distracting and nerve-wracking.

“Just empty your head. I know it’s hard, but we’ve got all the time in the world” Remus said softly from beside you. Little did he know that his words made your stomach tingle with butterflies, and it was not helping at all.

Trying to ignore Remus’ presence, you followed his advice. With an empty head you focused solely on the task at hand. You bit your tongue hard from frustration as nothing seemed to happen. Just a little bit longer…

“You-you turned in-into…” Sirius laughed. He could barely stand straight, James couldn’t either. Their snorts of laughter bounced off the walls in their dormitory.

Fate was cruel. Out of all the thing your animagus shape could have taken, it had to be something completely unexpected. And you didn’t want that. So many people would have killed to become special and unique, so why did it have to happen to you?
Well, you thought. At least Sirius has something to laugh about.

“Yes, I turned into a silver fox. Get over it” you tried to keep a straight face, but the corner of your mouth tugged upwards slightly. Less than three seconds later you burst out laughing as well.

“Oh, the irony. Pay up, Pads” James said whilst supporting himself on Remus.

“You didn’t win, Jamsie!” Sirius exclaimed before pointing a finger at you.

“She didn’t turn in to a bird, did she?”

“No, I guess not. But a silver fox is pretty cute. and I guessed something cute” James defended himself.

“Neither of you won, okay?” Remus sighed from besides you. You were situation on his bed in their dormitory, like you usually would on a Friday night.

“Besides, I think her animagus form is cute” he added.

“Of course you do, Moony. You’re bloody in love with the girl” Sirius teased, not really paying attention to Remus’ bewildered expression. Based on his reaction, Sirius hadn’t planned to let that slip out.

“Uh- I mean- Not in love-no. I-in loaf. Remus really loves loaf. you see” Sirius stuttered looking very guilty. James looked like he was about to burst out laughing, but stopped himself.

“Sirius, mate, the cat’s out of the bag.” he said.

No one noticed that Remus was growing redder by the second. He let out a hurried “excuse me” before leaving in a rush.

“Look what you did, you idiots” you sighed. Following Remus, you cast them one last glare.

You found him stood in the empty common room, banging his head against the wall. It almost made you laugh, but given the situation, you didn’t.

“Rem, it’s fine. I actual-”

He cut you off before you could tell him that you liked him back;

“It’s not fine, not at all. I completely ruined our friendship. I understand why you don’t like me back. No one would like a werewolf, I mean-”



“I like you too”

“No, you don’t”

Now it was your turn to be confused;

“What do you mean? Of course I like you.”

“You’re just saying that because you feel bad for me”

“Would someone who only felt bad for you do this?”

You didn’t give him a chance to respond before taking two long steps and putting your lips on his. Your hands gripped his neck, but for a few seconds he didn’t kiss you back. Then, almost as if he finally understood that this was actually happening, his lips started moving in sync with yours. His hands found their way to your hips, as you tugged softly on his hair. You had both thought about just how perfect this moment would be, but you would have never imagined this. His body fit against your like it was made to be there, and you poured all your emotions into the kiss. Breaking away for air, he leaned his forehead against yours.

“Sirius was right”


“I am bloody in love with you”

I’m sorry. This is pretty all over the place, but I have major writers block and this is the best it is gonna get. It’s also unedited, so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. This is for the anon who requested a Remus imagine with a silver fox animagus, I hope it turned out okay xxx

Okay. Story Time.

Bear with me, this is gonna be a doozy.

So I study film in school and the department is like 70% boys and in my Casevettes class specifically there are only two girls including me. Today in that class we watched a movie called Rosetta by the Dardenne brothers (which is 10/10 would recommend) and it’s about a 17 year old poverty level girl and how she takes care of her mom and her relationship with this dude and throughout the whole thing she has these “mysterious” stomach pains which she takes pain meds for and is always grabbing her power stomach in pain and uses a blow dryer as a sort of heating pad.

Now pretty much every girl on the planet would know exactly what those symptoms are without ever seeing any of the movie. That being said this one kid in my class, Zach was all “What was that stomach pain about???” and my teacher Paul (who is a total silver fox btw) starts going on this long rant about how it’s a reference to another super famous filmmaker named Robert Bresson who has a character in one of his films get “mysterious” stomach pain and how it’s supposed to be an ambiguous nod to him and his career/movie.

At this point the girl and I both just start laughing because boys can be so stupid and we couldn’t help it. So Paul goes “What’s so funny about that?” and I reply “Paul, she was on her period. She had cramps.” and so all the boys go Dead Silent and Paul says “What? How could you possibly know that?” and the other girl goes “It’s just obvious!” and Zach butts in and is all “How?!” and so we look at each other and start trying to explain to a room full of men (who have apparently never experience even a singular woman on their period) what it’s like and they all got SO uncomfortable and SO red in the face like they wanted to be anywhere but there so we just kept going to prolong their pain.

 THEN Paul tries to argue with us some more like “You can’t possibly know that for sure, they don’t talk about it so you can’t know.” And at the same exact time we just go “Oh, we know.” And then out of nowhere this foreign exchange student from Belgium in the back who has never uttered a single sound in the entire 13 weeks of class just starts CRACKING up, tears streaming down in face any everything, he just gets up with all his stuff and leaves the room laughing hysterically and muttering in french under his breath.

Moral of the story, foreign exchange students will always surprise you. 

azrielever  asked:

Like, what are your Headcanons about Jason, Percy, Nico and Will when they get older? Who becomes a silver fox and who loses their hair? Who ages gracefully and who looks like they pulled a deal with Satan and still look young for a middle aged man? Who mellowed with age and who's a grump? Who gets a pauch and who still looks in shape? Just general habits and body hcs as they get middle aged.

Ooooh that sounds interesting. 

I have a bad feeling all demigods age a little faster than the average mortal, they’ve had to carry the world on their shoulders and that left it’s marks. Anyway, here we go:

Percy starts greying first, not just because he has been through more in some ways. His hair’s black too, so grey stands out a lot more.
He’s grown a beard in his early twenties, and looks so much like his father it irritated Sally in the beginning.
He definitely does not mellow with age, still as much of a little shit and ready to start a fight at a moment’s notice. He’s somewhat wiser now though, and scarily powerful. He may not be able to move as quickly as 12yr old Percy could, but his skill accumulated over years of fighting and training and surviving is down right insane. 
Percy travels around for a while, he joins satyrs in finding new demigods. Percy’s in his thirties when he settles at camp as a teacher and helps Chiron run the place. He gets a room in the big house because he is not the only child of Poseidon anymore and doesn’t wanna creep the kids out.
He has devoted a lot of time to arrange good communication with Camp Jupiter, to have events together every now and again, and to help each other out when either is in trouble. He and Reyna grew to be close friends, who are jokingly bitter about the youngsters thinking they own the place.

Jason grows up nicely, he loses the puppy dog aura and a fair few campers have an awkward crush on him. He looks like that one teacher, with stubble and dark framed glasses, who loves all his students, always has a cup of tea and a jumper over his dress shirt. Unlike Percy, he definitely mellows with age, unless someone provokes him he isn’t quick to prove that he hasn’t lost any of his skill.
It took Jason a long time to come back to New Rome. Being in Camp Half Blood has shown him that a lot of things are going wrong in the Roman equivalent, that it is not a good environment for young demigods, that he’s been groomed to be a child soldier against his will. Eventually however, Jason grows up enough to realise that he has the power to change that. Reyna and Frank did a lot of work already, but it’s not enough yet for Jason. He makes sure the legion isn’t run by 15yr olds anymore, but by adults like him and Reyna who can shoulder the responsibility. Who can be a parental and authoritative figure to new demigods, help than settle and learn rather than mold them into a shape acceptable to Roman standards.
His wrinkles are mostly smile lines, and despite only a year difference, people always think he’s much younger than Percy. He never stops being the dad friend and fiercely supporting all those close to him

Nico is absolutely stunning in his twenties, there’s n other way of putting it. He grows his hair out to a nice length that can be put in a ponytail or a bun, he grows tall but loses his lankiness in favour of lean muscle and defined lines. He never grows a beard, he can’t, but he doesn’t want to either. 
Percy thinks he looks similar to Hades when Percy first saw him: graceful and elegant, dangerous like a panther waiting to pounce.
Later on, much to Percy’s dismay, Nico doesn’t go grey. His hair is raven black until late into his fifties (while Percy is pretty much flecked with grey from his early thirties on.) His face ages gracefully, little in the way of wrinkles and more in the way of sharpening angles. he looks like an aristocrat, or a king from another time.
Nico took up smoking in his twenties, for a few years until Will managed to convince him to stop. He gets a few tattoos - one to remind him of his sister, one as a reminder of the hardships he survived, one for the new family he found.
Campers look up to Nico more than he ever expected them to. He teaches a few combat classes alongside Percy, but he’s not always around. He still travels back and forth and all around the world, sometimes bringing new demigods with him, sometimes news from Camp Jupiter. While he’s around more often, it seems entirely impossible to pin him down to one place. Some things never change.

Will is like everybody’s favourite grandpa. He doesn’t even look that old, it’s his kind and warm personality that has campers flock around him whenever he visits camp. He’s gone to New Rome to study medicine, the traditional way, and consulted a lot with his Roman siblings there. They’ve had so much to learn from each other, entirely different methods for many things, and Will comes back to Camp Half Blood to share his knowledge with anyone who’s willing to learn. He runs the infirmary for years, but he leaves for a few months every year for organisations such as  Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without borders? I don’t think that’s a thing in the US?) to help those in need as much as he can. 
Will ages gracefully. Like Jason, most of his wrinkles are smile lines, although he grows grey fairly early on as well. His hair is light, though, so it’s hardly noticable until Will is basically white haired. 

Bondlock Rare Pair - James Bond/John Watson

What can I say?  I have an undeniable thing for ex-military silver foxes who are adept at handling guns.  Let’s face it, in another universe, John Watson would have made a damn good agent (not a double-oh, of course, but that’s a moot point).  And we all know of James Bond’s attraction to strong-willed, competent individuals…

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.18- Blood and Thunder

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge/Chapter here with a fresh chapter of Star of Ceartais. A massive thank you to everyone who liked, followed, faved, reblogged and reviewed the last chapter and big thanks to the SOC Dev Team who helped craft this chapter especially Aussie who beta’d this chapter. So without further ado lets get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 18- Blood and Thunder

“Andraste.” Luna answered, the name being physically and emotionally painful to say.

Before Aleks could ask anything more, the unmistakeable sound of a gunshot echoed from below. On impulse, both Aleks and Luna went to the edge of the balcony and looked down below to see a dozen or so mammals forcing their way through the building’s entrance armed with assault rifles. “We need to call the ZPD!” Aleks said instantly.

“No, they’ll take too long.” The Vixen replied in an angry voice “We’ll take care of them.” She looked at the invaders not with eyes of Luna Wilde, but as Andraste.

“Wait, what? We? Luna, you need to hide, I’m the only one trained to deal with this.” Aleks said in an alarmed manner, speaking loudly over the rumble of thunder

Luna marched back into penthouse with Aleks on her tail. She went over to the closet near the elevator where the jackets and shoes were usually stored, opened it, moved aside the coats on hangers, then pressed a pressure-sensitive wooden panel. The rear end of the cupboard flipped around, revealing a CCTV monitor showing the lobby downstairs; The concierge sprawled on the ground having been knocked out. There were also twelve mammals with guns with one jackal shooting the lock off the spare key cabinet behind the counter and immediately selecting the spare penthouse key. “It’s The Drowned,” Luna said with hatred, noticing the armbands they were sporting, with their grim logo “they’re coming for me.” She then hit a button at the side of the monitor with the acronym S.O.S, it flashed red for a second before turning off.

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You had been invited to spend New Year’s Eve with your friend Lizzie. The two of you were going to go to a Bar-B-Q and stay the night at her dad’s house. Her parents were divorced so you had the option of her Mom or Dads house. But her dad’s was closer to the Bar-B-Q and she hadn’t seen him since the beginning of school so you were staying with him. You’d never met anyone in her family but she wanted to introduce you to a childhood friend she thought you’d be perfect for. So you drove in from school and didn’t even stop at the house to put your stuff up; just went straight there. You were having fun. It was New Year’s Eve after all, but the childhood friend James was one of the most boring people you had ever met. He was cute and sweet and all, but didn’t interest you in the least.

There was however a man who had caught your eye. He was older and a bit of a silver fox, but you couldn’t seem to forget about him. Nor him you as it turned out. Every time you’d look over at him; he’d already be staring.

You were getting another drink when someone came to stand next to you at the bar. “You from around here?”

Turning; you saw it was the silver fox who spoke to you.

“No. Just in for the weekend with a friend.” You said.

“You’re here with James?” He asked, his brows arching.

“Oh no. My girlfriend just thought I might like him.”

“Do you? I’ve known him all his life; he’s a good kid.”

“He seems like it, but I think he and I are just meant to be friends.” You said with a half-smile.  “What about you? You here with anyone?”

“My kids are around here somewhere, but I think they’re spending the night at their mom’s. So I probably won’t see much of them til tomorrow.”

“You’re divorced?”

“A few years now.” He said causally.

“I’m (y/n).”


“Well it’s nice to meet you Elliot.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

You two spoke for the next hour. You told him all about where you were from, where you went to school. He told you his daughter went there, and about being a detective. You realized it was midnight when people started counting down.

“Ten, Nine, Eight…”

Elliot grabbed your hand and pulled you around the side of house.

“Seven, Six, Five, Four…”

His hand tangled in your hair and the other went around your waist.

“Three, Two, One…Happy New Year!”

“Its good luck.” He explained before kissing you.


He took control of the kiss; running his tongue along your bottom lip asking for permission. You opened to him and…you were sure if he hadn’t already had you between him and the wall, you would have fallen into a heap on the ground. You could feel your body burning with blush, your heart was beating fast, and your breathing was becoming shallow. Your skin felt warm all over, and when he kissed you even more deeply…you felt something almost like an electric shock run over your skin. And somewhere deep inside you felt that tightening pull of wanting, of needing someone.

You’d never felt anything like this. Even with all the times you’d been kissed…you’d never felt this. This heat that went into your bones, that drove you to pull him even closer to you and tangle your hands in his hair. He pulled away from you after a few minutes of kissing. You nearly pulled to you again because of the satisfied yet wanting smile across his face.

But instead you said “Why don’t we take this back to your place?”

“What about your friend?” He asked smiling.

“I’ll text her that I’ll see her in the morning, and if I’m not home by seven that I was either kidnapped or having amazing morning sex.” You whispered in his ear before biting the lobe.


You weren’t sure if you’d ever had sex that good before. But he had proved to you again, and again, and again last night just how good he was…and once this morning. The two of you were kissing in bed when you heard sounds coming from the kitchen.

“What’s that?” You asked.

“One of the kids must have stayed over last night.” He said before kissing you again.

“As much as I would love to go for round…six…seven? I lost count. Anyway as much as I want to I need to go, lizzie will be worried about me soon.”


“My friend.” You explained getting up and pulling on your clothes.

“That’s my daughter’s name.”

“Really? What a coincidence.” You said before kneeling on the bed to kiss him one last time.

“So that’s it? Just one night and I never hear from you again?” He asked, his arms going around you.

“I left my number on the nightstand.” You said nodding to wear you had written your number on a notepad.

“Good.” He said with a satisfying smile.

Getting up you started to sneak out of the house having to pass through the kitchen.

“Trying to sneak in?” You heard.

Turning you saw Lizzie, your Lizzie making breakfast.

“Yeah.” You said quickly, trying to hide your surprise and confusion.

“Morning Lizzie.” You heard Elliot call as he came into the kitchen.

“Dad this is my friend (y/n).” She explained, seeing the look of slight panic f on his face that she took as confusion.

“Nice to meet you.” He said.

“You too.”

You couldn’t believe this. You’d just slept with your best friend’s dad…more than once.

“She apparently was having hot sex with a silver fox last night.” Lizzie laughed. “Or at least that’s what her text said.” She said as she walked out of the room.

“Oh my god.” You whispered. Panic peeking through your voice.

“It’s ok.” Elliot said trying to hide his laugh as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “She doesn’t know.”


“No buts. This just means you get to have more hot sex with a silver fox.” He whispered as he kissed your neck.

“Well that’s one thing.” You said breathlessly before pulling away. “Now let me go I have to go get dressed and somehow get Lizzie not ask about who I was with last night.”

“Just one more kiss.” He said pulling you to him.

“Let go.” You laughed.

“Oh fine.” He said letting go.

You started to walk away but stopped as he swatted your bottom. Gasping you turned to see him smiling.

“Just so long as you remember who left that whisker burn on your neck.”

“And why do I need to remember that?”

“So that you’ll be so hot and bothered by tonight that we’ll be able to go all night.” He whispered in your ear as he walked past you. “Because trust me…we…will….go…all night.”