who is the other one here

Maybe I’m missing something here, but why does everyone seem to think that Jasper is the abuser in this relationship? I mean, I know she’s smaller and cuter and she’s Steven’s friend and we’re meant to sympathize with her because of her tragic backstory, but let’s not forget what happened here. Jasper wanted to fuse so she could fight Garnet 2-on-2. Lapis was the one who decided to take that fusion, chain it up, drag their fusion into the ocean, and forcibly hold her down there for months on end.

Yes, Lapis has had quite a tragic past. Yes, she has been used and abused by other gems in the past, and really seems to need help recovering from that. However, Jasper didn’t put Lapis in the mirror. Jasper wasn’t sitting there using her in that mirror for millennia on end. At worst, Jasper captured and interrogated Lapis as she flew back to Homeworld. Even then, though, that wasn’t in the context of a relationship.

Jasper basically just got the shit beaten out of her for months on end, and the first thing she does once she’s free of the person who beat the shit out of her for months on end is immediately try to find this person and beg to be subjugated again.

Jasper is the one with Stockholm Syndrome. She needs to be kept as far away from Lapis as possible until she comes to her senses.

To all you people thinking Hilary will ban guns.

“I’m not here to repeal the Second Amendment. I’m not here to take away your guns. I just don’t want you to be shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun in the first place. We should be working with responsible gun owners to pass commonsense reforms and keep guns out of the hands of criminals, terrorists, and all others who would do us harm.” ~Hilary Clinton

She’s not going to ban guns. It’s impossible to do that anyway because so many people own guns and no ones gonna go house to house taking your guns. She just wants to prevent guns from going to someone with bad intentions.

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I feel like the reason the writers keep letting out hints and spoilers is down to the fact that the show isn't strong enough to keep its audience enticed anymore. By letting out spoilers and hints, annoying as it is, you want to see how it happens. You need to know more, you need to know the outcome. It's a shame really. Shows like HTGAWM and GOT give you a very small amount and make you want more, PLL does the opposite and it's one of many reasons why I'm quite looking forward to the shows end.

Yeah that’s definitely the reason. Freeform knows that there’s only probably 2% of viewers who will tune in unconditionally like us. Even if it’s just the girls sitting around drinking cocktails all episode, I’m still going to tune in regardless. So, to get the other 98% to come back weekly, they need to make promises like #PLLProposal. I definitely see why they’re doing it. But all of us here on Tumblr who are that 2% who will watch week after week no matter what, even if we somehow get renewed for season 8, it is frustrating. But again. I understand why they do it.

twd au where team family meet because of Pokemon go

Glenn (team instinct) and Maggie (team mystic) are fighting over a gym. it starts out harmless but then they start getting really competitive and start visiting the gym more and more just to battle each other, since one of them is always in control. they keep bickering and arguing about the game and who deserves the gym non-stop, until one night when they’re leaving they just don’t stop arguing and they pass a diner and Glenn interrupts to say ‘I need to eat. Just give it up and admit I beat you.’ and Maggie’s like 'We’re not finished here!’ so she just follows him in and they end up getting dinner (still arguing. the waiter is impressed) and then this keeps happening again for a few weeks until the bickering starts getting a flirty edge without them noticing and someone comments that they’re a 'lovely couple’ on the street and after they pass they just stand there thinking 'oh shit’. they’re avoiding eye contact until Maggie slowly starts grinning and Glenn starts grinning and then they’re both laughing and Maggie reaches across to hold his hand

Carl is obsessed with the game (Team Valor, naturally) and drags Rick out to the park every weekend to go hunting, where he becomes hunting buddies with a boy called Andre (team mystic). Rick doesn’t think much of it until a sweaty out-of-breath Carl runs up begging to have Andre and his mom over for dinner, and Rick’s just about to say no because they have plans already until he sees Michonne walking over and he loses his train of thought. she’s apologetic and says, 'Sorry, they’re just excited. Andre shouldn’t be inviting himself over.’ But Rick’s suddenly flustered and just says 'No, no, It’s fine! It’s no bother.’ they end up having them over that night and Rick is super awkward, cracking bad jokes and stammering and full of nervous laughter, to the point where Carl asks him point blank, 'Dad, why are you acting so weird?’ And Rick is mortified until he hears Michonne snorting next to him and he calms down a little. they share commiserating stories about their sons and the game and they’re both surprised how easy it is until they look up and realise Carl and Andre have fallen asleep on the couch, and notice how late it is. Rick walks Michonne to the door and there’s an awkward beat of silence until she says that they should do this again sometime, but just the two of them and then there’s a lot of grinning and an awkward cheek kiss but they go out again and then they keep going out and fall in love

Tara (valor) loves the game, and takes Meghan (valor) out every weekend to go hunting. they always grab lunch at this cafe opposite this gym that they’re trying to beat. Tara 20% wants to beat the gym and 80% wants to awkwardly stare at the barista, Rosita, that she’s been crushing on for months. the gym is being held by team instinct, and they spend months battling it and hoping they’ll run into the trainer, but they never do. they spend two hours in the cafe every week playing and talking and drinking orange soda, and growing increasingly despondent over their chances at taking the gym, until one day Rosita wanders over for a soda refill and glances at their phones and casually snorts and says 'You’ll never beat me with those.’ and wanders away. Tara and Meghan are freaking out, and a flustered Tara goes up to pay a while later and Rosita just smirks at her, but she checks the receipt on the way out and on the bottom is a scribbled 'hope you’re better at dating than you are at Pokemon’ with her number and ’ ;-) Rosita x ’ at the bottom. she looks back and Rosita gives her a wink and smirk before going back to work. Tara is grinning the whole way home

Daryl (instinct) downloads the game in secret, three months after its release, and denies any knowledge of it when it’s brought up. he only plays in public at dusk and dawn, when no one’s out, and he shields the screen to pretend he’s doing something else. he’s gotten pretty good at keeping casual, until he spots a rare Pokemon nearby and can’t help but get excited. he can’t see anyone around, so he starts fast waking all over the place, trying to find it, and he’s almost got it when suddenly someone bumps into him from behind, sending his phone flying. he spins around but it’s this hippie-looking guy (valor) who starts apologising immediately, saying it was an accident. his phone’s fine, so he just grunts and starts walking away, until he gets a few feet, glances at his phone, and sees the pokemon is gone. he looks up with rage and spins around to see the hippie guy slinking round the corner. he starts sprinting after him and catches up to him after a block. he tries to bump into him to knock his phone out his hand, but the guy somehow sees it coming and twists out the way, causing daryl to trip a little and drop his phone. the other guy picks it up for him, while daryl starts spluttering at him about stealing Pokemon and basic decency and the guy’s just looking amused, until daryl realises that he’s complaining about some random guy stealing his Pokemon and starts getting embarrassed. he goes red and grabs his phone out the other guy’s hand and takes off, ignoring his laughter. he’s almost home when his phone notifies him of a text. he opens it and reads 'your passion for Pokemon is cute. we should get drinks sometime :-) -Paul’ daryl goes red and deletes the text, but another comes soon after. after a few, he starts replying to try and get him to shut up, until he someone finds himself agreeing to a coffee date the following week

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((Hello! It's me again, but with a smaller request. The last song I listened to was Secret by The Pierces. So, why it is only slightly smaller, my request is a Liepard with Sebastian Michaelis palette and a Luxray with Claude Faustus colors! Your last sprites made me so happy, and in the middle of a bad day, seeing them made me actually squeal! Thank you for doing so much for the people who love your edits, and I look forward to seeing more from you!

Reading that makes me so happy! I’m so thankful I could do that for you!

Here’s this one, aka THE black butler

and here’s this one, the other butler

thanks for talking me through the colors!

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Am I the only one who has different types of OTPs? Dynamics wise, Yoonmin. Cute wise Namjin.. but Vmin seems like the most realistic. Idk man. What do you think? Also what ship do you think is the most realistic/possible?

honestly my opinion on which ship is the most ‘realistic’ changes with the weather…… like it’s a tossup between jikook and vmin for me and last month i answered this with jikook here so this time im going to say vmin for propriety’s sake lmao

vmin have easy dynamics, they’re supportive of each other, and they know each other so well, like down to the faults….. not to mention theyre quick at resolving conflicts and are super in tune w each other’s feelings. importantly, they have communication (which is so key), theyre equals, and they know how to make each other happy. vmin honestly have everything it takes for a relationship and they already act like theyre dating anyway so it wouldnt take much to go that extra mile and make it official

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I don't know if you have done an ideal female for Luffy and Zoro already, but if not could ya? Similar to the other ones. Looks,personality, possible occupation/title. (Like own captain that is a super rookie. Something like that.) Thank you. 😆

I haven’t done an ideal female for Luffy and Zoro, and I’m incredibly excited to do this! Here we go! :)

Luffy - I’d imagine Luffy to have a female S/O that’s about his size, or perhaps smaller? Either way, Luffy doesn’t care. He’d love to be with someone who shares the same sense of adventure as him, someone who could understand and love his fixation with being the Pirate King (and meat). Being with Luffy is all about having a good time. There won’t be a dull moment. Luffy is a tremendously fun person to be with. :)

When it comes to looks, Luffy still doesn’t care much. I do think that he’d prefer a girl with childish features subconsciously? He might think that freckles are cute.

Personality-wise, I think a fun-loving S/O would suit Luffy extremely well. It’d also help if his S/O is equally active as him, if not they could get worn out by his level of energy. Spontaneity is a hallmark feature of Luffy, so someone who shares this very trade with him could go along with his whims. Oh, she has to have the ability to stomach his pranks. Luffy can get really mischievous and cheeky at times. :) if she can return the mischief, Luffy would be so pleasantly surprised!

Luffy doesn’t care about the status of his S/O, but I think it’s very likely that he’d date a girl from outside his village. I’m not sure why, but him dating a fellow pirate crew captain seems unlikely. It could happen, but they’d have to go under his control, or that he’d be so confused about who’s gonna be the absolute captain. Just know that he will be The Pirate King. :)

Quality time with Luffy includes goofing around, fishing, and also eating. :) Luffy might come across as a simpleton, but he’s happy. His S/O would constantly be laughing and having fun.

Zoro - Oh, there’s my favourite boy! I’m actually ideal for him. I love naps. <3 I think that Zoro would prefer to date a girl that’s smaller in size than him? Mostly because of his overwhelming want to protect his girl against a particular cook. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Zoro would enjoy looking as the more dominant partner in the relationship. He’s happy to relinquish control in other aspects. ;)

Looks-wise, he doesn’t care much. But I do have a feeling that he likes girls with long hair? Oh, he’d appreciate a toned body on his girl, a huge bonus if she has dimples!

Zoro would love to be with someone who shares his love for swordsmanship, that’s for sure. He can actually talk for hours about swords and things related to it. As for his S/O’s personality, it’d help a lot if she was equally laid back as him. He’s not exactly an energetic person per se, but of course, it’s a different thing when alcohol is brought into the picture. Oh, get him a lass that could hold her liquor very well. He’d love it very much. BRING HIM ALCOHOL. IT’D MAKE HIM AN EXTREMELY HAPPY MAN.

As for the kind of person he’d date, it’s likely he’d date a swordswoman. Either that, or the girl that he’d known since forever who he eventually developed a huge crush on. He’s an extremely loyal person, and would expect his girl to reciprocate. Don’t cheat on him. Don’t. Unless you want to see this baby be reduced to a drunken mess.

Quality time with this baby includes napping (of course), keeping watch of the shit and working out. He’d be very stoked if his girl could work out with him, but nothing makes him more (secretly) excited than having his girl WATCH him work out. He’d flex the shit out of his guns, and he knows that his girl would be very impressed.

Essentially, dating this man is not much hard work. It’s very laid back and fuss-free, but you’ll have to endure his complaints about a particular cook. ;)


I came here to make an important notice

theres this asshole who used my art and many other artists stuff to make an eddsworld video, without credit. I read the comments and theres one person telling the creator of the video to credit the artist, but it seems it didnt pay attention to it.

Because crediting artists for the stuff we do its not hard, at all, in fact its really easy and you never get in trouble with said artist by just asking if you can use their stuff for soemthing.

so imma tag the artists who i recognize their art, used in the video: @trashpandaballs @nicktoonsunite  @yes-asil

So I want to talk about Jason Momoa for a second...and Dragon Ball Z.

Last weekend, DC dropped a beautiful bomb on all us fucking nerds and it exploded in a heated frenzy, and in the glory of the mushroom cloud of the Justice League trailer was none other than Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.

This Aquaman.

Most of y’all know Jason Momoa from Conan the Barbian, or most notably Game of Thrones. He’s the badass warrior Khal Drogo from Season 1, the one who had everyone thinking that Dani’s name was Khaleesi for FUCKING FOREVER AND ugh then she smothered him with a pillow

But enough about that.

What we’re really here to talk about today is fan casting for a live action Dragon Ball Z movie that will never happen because everything good in the world never comes to light adkjldj

I’m a self diagnosed obsessive freak over anything Dragon Ball, lemme tell you.

If I could find all seven dragon balls and make one wish, it’d be for a seven or eight live-action movie series that was nothing like the shitfest of Dragon Ball: Evolution and that I could direct it. But, alas, dreams.

Moving on.

Dragon Ball has a pretty diverse cast on the show, from humans all the way to freaky gumball aliens that absorb people. Out of all of these characters, Prince Vegeta is my fav. Vegeta is, hands down, my favorite fictional character of all time. The Prince of all Saiyans. Badman. I can’t get enough of him. Everything about him screams this siren song to my poor little heart and makes it pitter patter into overdrive. He’s strong. He’s smart. He’s sexy as a mf. He’s badass to the T. Who couldn’t love him?

Like any fangirl I’ve dreamed up dozens of fan castings for DBZ but always seemed to get hung up on characters like Goku, or Piccolo. ESPECIALLY Vegeta. These are some of my favorite characters and they had to be JUST PERFECT. 


Jason Momoa is EVERYTHING.

But seriously. He’s got an intense, exotic look to his features. If I remember correctly, Momoa is actually Hawaiian, which also gives him points in my book because FUCK YEAH HAWAIIANS. And his eyebrows… They’re the best part of him let’s be honest. We all live for his eyebrows. Like the scar and stuff HORY SHEET they even kinda DO the Vegeta thing where they’re constantly…I dunno…all drawn together and stuff. Like he looks so intimidating just because of how his eyebrows are.

I’ll stop about the eyebrows. 

He can pull off all kinds of hairstyles. This man can rock long hair, short hair, dreads, ponytails, you name it. Let’s put a little black flame on top of his head and call it good guys. Also, he looks SMOKIN beard/no beard. 

He has something called “presence”. 

A man like Vegeta can walk into a room and command everyone’s attention. His aura is SUFFOCATING. He is the embodiment of tension. Jason Momoa can also walk into a room and have everyone’s eyes on him.


And last but not least, Jason Momoa can drop his voice into that dark, gritty tone that Vegeta is so known for. Because who wants a smooth-talking Vegeta? We want gruff, throaty, I’ll-fuck-you-up-right-now-if-you-cross-me Vegeta.

Convinced yet?

Seriously, we NEED this to happen. It’s not a maybe, it’s a must. 


I was tagged by @himynameisizzy and @atomickola to post a selfie, thank you 💙

Here we have two though with my cute little birthday cake yesterday - I haven’t been here for long but the lovely people around me truly made it a special day :)

I will tag @ladyrevealedofcloak @kiittylove @klev3r @cry-for-absolution @papakazoo @dontforgetoctober3rd @justanotherghuleh @your-ghoul and everyone else who wants to do this ~


my part to the @opscifiandfantasy 

Rating: PG13 

Warnings: -

Thinking since some time over a Shadowrun Au for them… Here and there again and again. Sometimes of the Strawhats, then Heart Pirates aso. Where who would be placed.

In the end… Decided to use some from CP9 as Shadowrunners who are employers for a Lab, to make sure it is safe.

While the Redhead Shadowrunners are the opposide, they take some runs, but choose which ones. If they can they prefer not to kill. A complete opposide to the other runners you can see here.

Honestly i wanted to write a bit to this as well, but didn’t got it done in the end. So here are just the pictures, i still will work on something written!

My thanks goes to @benn-beckman since the sweet mun helped me in finding out who of Shanks people would be what :) Thanks again!

Good morning from your very sleepy fav.
I struggled to fall asleep last night, a little bit due to the cannula in my nose and mouth, and mostly due to the fact that the belt around my chest ended up pressing on one of my fibro points, causing a small flare. I officially fell asleep around 2am, woke up five or six times, and then was officially told to stay awake at 5:30. So you can probably guess how bad my fatigue is right now. And I woke up with a subluxed hip, so that’s pretty crappy, too.
In other news, I had a weird dream that I was back in college and there was a guy who thought he was cool for driving a tractor to school every day. So there’s that.

Anyway, here’s that #hospitalglam that I was too afraid to take last night, but decided to do today anyway.

#chronicillness #hypersomnia #narcolepsy? #ehlersdanlossyndrome #fibromyalgia #fibro #spoonie (at Central Bapist Hospital)

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i find how ppl on here talk about ~minors~ the most confusing thing imaginable.

like. the same ppl who’ll openly say that the legal/judicial system is garbage bc of white supremacy, capitalism, sexism, etc go on to over-determine this arbitrary, legal definition of who is and isn’t an adult.

being a ~minor~ is a useless legal distinction. it doesn’t mean anything other than the person can’t vote, buy tabacco, alcohol, and other such ‘majority’ privileges.

in other words, minor =/= child. these two things aren’t equivalent. one is a legal designation and the other a social one.

All my drawings

For quite a long time this “project” was a part of my Russian blog. But then I decided to move it on a separate domain. So here it is, all my drawings.

I mean, literally all, with no exceptions, from the first one to the last one (current month’s drawings not included and will be added at the beginning of the following month as usual).

Back then when I started drawing, I was very interested in others’ drawings, especially studies.

But for the obvious reasons all publish only their best works. Pretty reasonable. It have no sense to post bad works when you have a good ones.

Okay, no problem.

But it may give a wrong idea to those who study art on their own without any classes. Am I the most unskilled and untalented one? Why, why 99% of all my drawings are so awful? Why other beginners do not have these creepy drawings? Am I doing something wrong?

The answer is simple, though. All have bad, very bad drawings. But practically nobody wants to publish them. And that’s a problem.

Bad works are as important as a good ones. Without bad there will not be any good. 99% of bad drawings is just a “fair cost” in order to get this 1%.


So I’ve decided that I would publish bad drawings as well. Or, in other words, all drawings. All of them. Each and every one. Because it doesn’t matter how bad or good they are - all of them just a part of process of studying art.

I thought it may be helpful for someone, just like an example how some guy tries to teach himself to draw. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But if there is just a little chance that it really will - then it’s worth it for sure.

Link: http://allmydrawings.tulvit.net/

>Hanamaru’s newfound intrest in technology is adorable, I hope they go to an arcade and she just loses her mind

>Speaking of, the Yohamaru was alive and strong today and I’m very happy about that, Hanamaru being the one who ~understands~ Yoshiko real feelings just sealed the deal for me (and her failed attempts at being Yohane’s wrangler made me laugh to)

>Yoshiko herself really good here. I like how she actually has trouble “controlling” her other self rather then just be full on crazy all the time and just wanted to be normal, but Chika taught her that it’s okay to be abnormal as that what makes them all unique and Yoshiko is accepted into the group after accepting herself abd that’s just lovely.



>plenty of good chikariko mmmm 👌💖💖💖👌👌👌


so I’ve just finished three weeks of working at a daycare and here are a couple things I thought to post–

me: “where do we put our dolls when we’re finished playing with them?”
kid: “china!”

two kids playing house and one decided the other was being too bossy so trapped her in the house with the buggy

a kid peering over my shoulder to look at my drawing (I’m an art student) and saying “when are you going to draw something good?”

a little girl handing me an orange stick and saying “it’s a rainbow”

“can you hold my teddy? I’m going to be a butterfly”

If I remember more I’ll probably add more

it’s 1:27am and I feel like I don’t appreciate the people up here enough. seriously, you deciding to follow me is something I’ll be grateful for forever. you guys are the reason why I am where I am and I want to just thank you. thank you thank you thank you. there have been lots of people who I’ve talked to and become close friends with and other people who I’ve talked to and learned lessons from the hard way, but both have changed who I am. thank you thank you thank you. being on this website has helped me a lot become for confident in myself and what I want to be. your support is amazing and unreal, and your love can be felt through the other side of the screen. thank you thank you thank you. I love you. thank you so much.

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This question kind of has two parts. (I'm from Canada btw) So you don't necessarily have to do gender therapy in order to get T right? But anyways if I did want to go through gender therapy, does anyone know of any in southern Ontario? Also how does one like ask for gender therapy?

Callie says:

You don’t need long term gender therapy like other places, but you will probably need at least one appointment with a psychiatrist to refer you to an endocrinologist. For longer gender therapy, ask the person who is referring you for someone who can provide long-term gender therapy.

I don’t know where in Southern Ontario you are, but I’m in London, so I’ll be answering most about that because I know the most.

If you are in Toronto, you can go to rainbow health ontario at 333 sherbourne street http://www.rainbowhealthontario.ca/. There are also tons of Toronto trans resources here http://genesissquared.com/resources/trans-resources/

If you are in London contact Zach Templeman ztempleman@lihc.on.ca who runs the transgender health centre at the London InterCommunity Health Centre.

If you are in Windsor, http://windsortransresource.wix.com/windsortransresource has a lot of good resources

If you are in Sarnia, contact Lambton Public Health’s Sexual Health Centre toll free 1-800-667-1839

Anywhere else, go to http://www.rainbowhealthontario.ca/

If you have any other questions, message me @mcpowless-chang

Ok. so Dirty Laundry. I just reached chapter 5, but I can’t stop thinking about Lance, Keith, Lance’s family and the rest of the crew (Shiro, Allura, Hunk and Pidge), because why the hell not, dancing Payaso de rodeo.

Come on! This thing is so much fun to dance and it can get insanely fast, people stomping on your feet,everyone bumps into each other, some even falling. I’ve never gone to a XV años party where they don’t play this song.

For those who doesn’t know about this, here’s a video: x (this is the best one I could find)

I’m actually really sad about this. I want to be just sad for a minute and I want someone to comfort me, but Ryan is too busy being angry at his command and taking his frustration out on me to help me with this.
I mean I understand it sucks that he will likely not be here for his kid, and I also understand how frustrating it is that other people do get to stay home to take care of their family for whatever reason. I understand because all of it is sucky and frustrating for me, too. But on top of it, I’m the one who’s going to have to push an 8 pound Carina baby out of her party bits without my best friend present. And I know there will be other people that would gladly hang out with me if asked, but I don’t want those other people. My mother offered to fly out so she can be there if Ryan can’t be, but it’s just not very comforting. The idea isn’t making me feel better.

It’s like when I was 3 and I was staying over at my grandparents’ house and somehow everybody forgot to pack my stuffed tiger. I couldn’t sleep without my stuffed tiger, he kept all the bad shit away, right? So my grandpa went out and got me a stuffed bear for the night, so the bear could sub for a night and I’d be able to sleep. I distinctly remember thinking it was nice and appreciating the thought, but the bear didn’t bring my half as much comfort as my own tiger. So I kinda feel like everyone is throwing metaphorical bears at me, and I’m just over here still being sad that I don’t have my tiger.