who is the other guy i feel bad

People think Klance is bad when it comes to realizing your feelings and just dATE ALREADY but I raised you Shallura that know they like each other and have that nagging feeling in the back of their head that the other might feel the same way but are so deep in denial that they just “stay friends” who go on dates (“They’re not dates, guys! We’re just hanging out!’) and lowkey flirt with each other (“We’re not flirting???”) while everyone exasperatingly looks on like guys, guys its been tEN YEARS, JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY

Now that is painful stuff.

Trans guys are allowed to and desire to be strictly masculine in their presentation.
Yes gender norms are total horse manure but I’m a guy who wants to present entirely masculine. Not just androgynous.
Stop telling trans people that ‘you of all people should understand that boys should wear dresses or makeup, too!’ I wanted to die when I wore dresses and I don’t think that’s changed. I don’t mind makeup but even still I don’t wear it in a way that society sees as typically feminine so leave me and other masculine trans guys alone!!!
If you’re a trans guy who doesn’t feel comfortable presenting typically feminine in any way this post is for you. I totally understand. You aren’t a bad person and you aren’t reinforcing negative gender stereotypes.

The new Riverdale episode broke my heart

Like I’m sitting here right now and am so conflicted.

Sheriff Keller and Fred Andrews both ranking high on the best Dads list with Keller being cool about his sons sexuality and just being a caring parent by worrying about him and Fred doesnt get angry. No he is feeling empathy towards his son, telling him he is not stupid and he is not at fault. Like yes that is how you go! They make me happy.

On the other hand I am totally angry with Veronicas Mom for being shady. But its not that bad. Bettys Mom on the other hand is just so obsessive it makes me sick cause she doesnt realize she is at fault. But she is not the worst. Because Number 1 worst parent award goes to Jugheads Dad. The guy who made a deal to vandalize a property so it would sell cheaper and get demolished. Oh I should mention it is the property where his son works and lives and he knows and he just doesnt care. Asshole.

This is also the transition to my last point. I’m crying because of poor Juggy. He is homeless now and out of work. We dont know what happened to his sister or mother. He is a highschool student that provided for himself up until now and nobody besides his father (who does not care seemingly) knows about it. Underlying his statement that there were only a boy, a blonde girl and a brunette. He is the outsider on the inside of the town. He is the one who is alone in a crowd. And oh my god my feels…


Ok as a JJ fan from the VERY beginning I wanted to get something off my chest. Hang on guys this is going to be long. However i’m not doing a read more because this is very important to the current events happening in the fandom in regards to JJ. 

For 11 episodes, a huge number have hated JJ for various reasons. The numerous amount of you have listed the various reasons for your dislike, from his over confidence to how he called Yurio “a lady” in a previous episode. 

Now suddenly most of you guys are fans of him because he did a bad performance and got “redemption”?? The other half of you original haters are making bad jokes and being all smug about it. This disgusts me. 

If you were originally on the fence about him, sort of disliked him and feel better about him now, that’s fine but I’m talking about the people who made jokes about how he should die or get hurt and hated him for pretty shallow reasons tbh? Now some of those people suddenly feel sad and feel pity for him because he now has very little opportunity to get on the podium and won’t get in the way of your ships?

How two-faced.

Yes, this episode had a big redemption moment for JJ, especially since he was SO shallow and SUCH an asshole according to you guys.

While I agree that it gave him character development and I’m happy that we know more about him and watched him grow, I’m really angry about how some of you are treating it.

So let me give you a background about me and why this character has helped me through a lot.

I’m Canadian. Most Canadian stereotypes say that Canadian’s are nice, polite, shy and above all pushovers. I was one of these people. I got kicked to the sidelines, bullied and I get rude jokes very often by classmates. School is not very easy for me. For a while I had depression and I am trying to move on. I’ve had pressure to be perfect in school, to do things I cannot, to be so much better than I already am. I am constantly compared to people I know, being told “Look how much better than you these people are” “You should be like them.” I’ve had a very ugly breakup with someone who I thought was my friend, I have had rumours spread about me that were completely untrue and changed how I was perceived. I used to be a confident person when I was younger. I LIKED myself. But a while later things changed.

JJ is a Canadian character and is definitely NOT shy or traditionally polite. He is competitive(As shown from his proclamation in episode 10 saying he and his fiancee would get married first and win first place). However he has shown moments of politeness as well, inviting Otabek out to eat with his fiancee and himself, not pushing Yuuri away when the “katsudon” hugged him during his hugging rampage, but you could tell JJ was surprised. people got mad when he tried to talk to Victor and ignored Yuuri but can you really say what his motives were? He probably didn’t notice he was there or wasn’t paying attention, it could have been an accident on his part who knows. 

But in episode 11 he had a humbling moment. That moment where the pressure was too much for JJ and he succumbed to it. He got the worst score in his career, he got intimidated during his performance, he got caught up in the pressures from his family and his fans. Can you say that none of you have had a moment like that? For you to laugh and say “He deserved it” sure says a lot about your own character. I’ve noticed the hate in the tags, some people even saying that they felt bad for him until he did his signature “IT’S JJ STYLE”. First off, did you notice something different about his expression? He looked pained while he was doing it, not at all his normal self. I’ve seen this sort of thing before in real life, this is his way of coping with his loss. Remember that he made a promise to his family and his fiancee that he will win gold and that his fiancee and him will get married AFTER winning gold. He’s coping with how he “lost” the gold medal. He needs some sort of representation of how he is still King, still a winner. His JJ style is the example of that. The good news is that his fiancee still loves him and led the cheer for him during his performance, the Canadian fans joining in cheering him on even during his loss. If that isn’t a representation of Canada’s pride in its representatives I don’t know what to say. But in that moment I couldn’t be prouder of where I come from. 

You guys got mad over JJ telling to Yurio “Ladies first”, can’t you tell he was joking? He has a french name, so he’s probably from Quebec. Believe me, Quebecois are not your stereotypical Canadians, in fact JJ is pretty similar to how they act, but that dosen’t mean that confident Canadians are any less valuable than those stereotypical Canadians. JJ isn’t a terrible person by any means. None of them are. 

JJ’s theme song was about himself, okay but is that so shallow of him that you guys have to hate him for it? DID YOU GUYS EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YUURI’S “YURI ON ICE” ROUTINE IS ABOUT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

JJ’s theme INVITES people to join him, the commentator in the episode even said so. It’s a confidence piece, can you really say that figure skaters can’t do a routine to a song based on them? If you think so, then you are going to have to boycott the part of the next episode where Yuuri skates to “Yuri on Ice” then <: Sorry, just following your rules.

You guys didn’t seem to read his character bio when it came out, so I’ll state it for you. “Jean-Jacques tends to run his mouth quite often, but is otherwise a very trustworthy person who consistently carries out any promises he makes.”

People made jokes about how JJ should be ostracized because he’s “straight”. Way to assume something because his partner is a female? Does other orientations such as bisexual, pansexual or ace as some examples are nonexistent to you? As an LGBTQ+ Person myself I’m more than disappointed in you guys and I’m disgusted by your behaviour. Even if he is straight you guys shouldn’t stoop to these jokes. It’s offensive and biphobic. I’m sick of going into the JJ tag and seeing overwhelming amounts of hate. Character tags should be a place for fans to come together, not for haters to rub their hands over positive posts of JJ. Making anti JJ posts and putting it in the main JJ tag is gross too. Just make an anti JJ tag and enjoy yourself so you don’t poison things ok?

Well he didn’t quite follow his promise for getting first place, but what’s more important is that it states he’s trustworthy. A numerous amount of haters had a hatred of JJ because he is an “asshole” and did “other” things? Go ahead and angrily tell me all the bad things he’s done, I’ll refute them. The only bad thing he’s done was be confident in himself. You guys laughed when in episode 10 Viktor, Yuuri, Phichit, Yurio, Otabek, Chris, Minako and Mari up and left when JJ decided to playfully comment how he and his fiancee(who is a gem btw) would get married and win the gold instead. Them leaving the table was a bit of a dick move I’m sorry to say but whatever. 

Sure he’s confident. But his ego took a hit when he did poorly on his performance in this latest episode. People may laugh at him, other people may feel pity. The moment when he truly became the king is when he saw his performance score and learned to cope with it. With the love of his family, his fiancee and his fans, he knows he will be able to move on from this. After all Yuuri is starting to move on from his terrible performance from last year, JJ can move on as well. 

I know this was a long post and all over the place with my topics but it was on my mind since yesterday and I wanted to say it. If you want to block me after this then go ahead, but JJ deserves better than the shit you guys have given him. He’s proven to me that even though times are tough you can still pull through. You are still worthy of happiness, of success. Two-faced fans and haters of JJ piss me off because it shows how shallow some people can be. Anti-JJ things in his main tag pisses me off because it’s what I mostly see when I look at a tag of a character that I resonate with and that I always cared for. But to those of you who have always cared for him, who resonate with what I say, who have had bad moments and learned to grow from it, just know that I am proud of you. 

Thanks for listening.

Why are people attacking hyunseung and being nasty without knowing what’s up 

Hyunseung didn’t know before the news came out . The other guys aren’t at fault either, they probably just want to debut. Cube is the one who fucked up here, send your anger to the company, not the artists. 

Delicate Touch

Prompt: You’re a backstage interviewer (thanks to your bestie Renee) who has a flirty friendship with Karl Anderson and a love/hate friendship with a protective Sheamus. You and Sheamus both have feelings for each other. Karl asks you to go to the bar and Sheamus tags along but he doesn’t like Karl’s pick up lines and his hands on you. Some romantic Sheamus - @that-lolachick ​

Sorry for the delay guys. I’m trying to get my brain back in the swing of things after a rough couple of days, so I hope you like this. Sheamus smut can’t ever be all bad right?

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But guys, I feel so bad for yall Sheith or Kallura (?) shippers because y'all got a lot on screen time for your guys and lots of other shippers are hating on that…

I also feel bad for the Klance and Hance (?) shippers that got no recognition in the show at all and are kinda feeling left out and disappointed…

So I wanted to remind yall that there are literally no ships canon yet (although hunay is pretty close to being) so don’t lose faith in your awesome ships, and pay no attention to anyone who hates on them, or hates on you for liking them.

We need more 🚀🌌Voltron Positivity🌌🚀

two thoughts on "rogue one: a star wars story"...

one, i couldn’t help but feel REALLY bad for orson krennic for one very specific reason: his story is that of every series creator who ever had a show taken away by some asshole showrunner hired against their will. he literally dies watching his life’s work succeed from afar, wondering why the other guy was more “qualified” than him. to me, he is the real tragic figure of the film, and the one with whom i felt the most empathy.

second, a good two thirds into the movie, i found myself choking up with emotion… during the scene in which diego luna and felicity jones have a big argument about heroism, mission, and morality. while the scene was a good scene on its own, that was not the sole reason it resonated so much with me that it brought me to tears… but rather that here was a “star wars” film in which a latino man with an accent got to have the big heroic conversation with the other lead.

because my skin is light - and most people just assume i’m “white” - the one thing that always gave me away as “other” was always my accent: and i worked very hard to mitigate it as a ten year old who had just moved from puerto rico to the united states. i thought at my age - and a life lived in learned resignation to the the depredations of popular culture on minorities (and a professional life in which i have sometimes been an enabler of those insults) - i would be pretty much immune to the revelation that it feels good to see yourself on the screen.

whatever greatness or flaws “rogue one” may possess, that one moment gave me a glimpse of how much more “star wars” could have meant to me as a child (and for those of you who know me well, i know, it’s hard to imagine it could have meant more) had it deigned to reflect the world a little more accurately and perhaps made me feel that i could have been a hero without regard to, and not in spite of, the sound of my true voice.

who should you fight: overwatch offense edition

Genji: sure. you could fight genji. you probably won’t win. he’s a fucking cyborg ninja with a sword longer than his torso. he’s also a total sweetheart and hanzo already killed him so you would feel bad. unless you’re a healer main, in which case, kick his ass the second he asks for healing.

McCree: Part of me wants to encourage people to fight him. I’ll fight him. But really, the poor guy just needs a friend. fight him, but then get a drink with him if he doesn’t destroy you. he probably gives good hugs.

Pharah: DO NOT FIGHT PHARAH. You will die. she will rain justice in your entire ass and you will be dead.

Reaper: do it. kick his ass. he’ll probably wreck your shit, but if you throw him into a wall and fight him without his backup you can probably 1v1 him and live for a while. if you can keep a distance you might even win.

Soldier:76: absolutely fight him. Reaper will back you up. stay nimble so he cant shoot you easily. he’s a grumpy old man. confuse him with memes first.

Sombra: you could fight her and win pretty easily. But she’ll own your entire ass later. she will get her revenge when she releases those pictures of you that you want buried forever. choose wisely.

Tracer: why would you want to??? let the lesbian live. she’s too pure to fight. besides, she’d probably kick your ass, and she’d feel bad about it, and then take you for tea after. 

Sugar well received

I’m saying this because a year ago when I read something like this on tumblr, I wouldn’t believe it myself. 😅But it’s happening to me now! 🎉 SEA daddy, a daddy that I met only once, back in November. Just wired me 4K💸. He actually kept his promise on giving me an allowance and just when I thought it only applies to when we are meeting, but I haven’t seen him since Nov. 😬 But even though we are not seeing each other, I have been taking to him everyday, just a few messages here and there. Now I feel bad for not responding to his text as often 😝 So, sugar sisters out there, don’t give up! Real sugar daddies do exist!! Just take longer time and some luck to get them✨And forget about those guys who will low ball you and only hand you an allowance when there is sex involved. Thank god for SEA daddy, I think I’m dropping my Splenda daddy. May be I should keep both, but it feels so good to have a daddy who’s not calculative or fixated on money. 😌

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BROTP/Platonic Ask Box Game
Hey guys, since there needs to be more then one of these and I haven’t found a second here is another Platonic ship ask box game so send me a ship and I’ll answer:
  • Who offers to get rid of the evidence and body whenever the other starts complaining about someone:
  • Who shows up at the other’s house with food and movies when the other is having a bad day:
  • Who sends the other tons of videos/phone game requests:
  • Who glares at the other til they sit down and eat:
  • Who stands behind the other and signals to the person arguing with their friend that if the person hurts their friend then they will hunt the person down:
  • Who starts the war on stealing food from the other:
  • Who comes up with the bad ideas that they will regret in the morning and who stops them/goes with them to keep them from getting into too much trouble:

While the people who were suspicious of Pudding all along are celebrating their correctness, a lot of Pudding fans are understandably disappointed she isn’t their sweet little cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong and just wants Sanji to be happy.

Please keep these fans in mind over the next several days and as the story develops as they might not be feeling as celebratory right now and they are allowed to have those feelings. Ok? Okay. Keep it classy guys.

For the record, I was leaning towards her being good in the end but I spent a looooong time on the other side of the argument and I’m okay - this isn’t about protecting my feelings, I think she’ll be fun as a bad guy.


So I made this post about how in addition to meaning “the specter of a dead person,” the word “ghost” can also mean “spy.”

And I made this post about how The Other One could be a spy who died or one who was working for the bad guys.

But I think I forgot to ever go back and draw an explicit connection between those two posts for you.

It really, really feels like now is the moment to do that.


I’m pretty freaking pissed at fandom right now. I’m pissed at the antis on both sides. I’m pissed at all the people who can’t let people just have fun. I’m pissed at all the spoilers. I’m pissed at all the anxiety that has everyone leaping to the worst possible scenarios, interpretations and opinions. I’m pissed at the pissy anons who are just trying to ruin people’s enjoyment and make them feel bad or guilty or whatever. 

So i’m asking you guys, what are you looking forward to this season? And it can be bellarke or it can any other ship or no ship at all. It can be friends or plot twists or setting. Headcanons you have or speculations you’ve been hoping for.


If it’s positive and is about how you love the show and the characters, it counts. No hating this time. It’s not about the characters you don’t like or the possibilities you’re afraid of… just positive thoughts, even if it’s about the apocalypse and the drama.


If you are a person that shames people who have a kink, ship or whatever,

Don’t Fucking Follow Me.

You specifically make yourself angry and argue, and waste your time by making other people feel like utter fucking garbage for something they like, and if you think that “you’re the good guy” well sorry honey….. You’re not. You’re worse, ((not saying that people who have those ships or kinks are bad cause they’re not)) you’re acting like some type of people we all know…..

Homophobes and Transphobes.

A homophobic or transphobic person shames a person of what they like. And that’s exactly what these people are doing to these who have these kinks/ships and then they think they’re the good guy because: “I’m telling how wrong it is!!!” sorry, but you aren’t you’re acting like a homophobe or transphobe, and yet: “i hate homophobes and transphobes!!!” well sorry sweetie, you’re acting just like those people, shaming people who have a kink or ship just because you don’t like it….. Or “it’s pedophilia!!!” or “it’s abuse!!!” I’ll tell you what it is…….

Not Real.

And yes, I get that there are some people who ship real life people, but just let them be happy……. I personally don’t like irl ships, but I’m not gonna bother arguing with someone who just wants to be happy, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it, we aren’t shoving it down your throats, we aren’t FORCING you to look at it. You choose to look at it to make yourself angry on purpose, and then you shame us for doing so,

Like a homophobe or transphobe.

And I see these “____- hates-your-ship!!!” blogs…. Or “_____- is-against-your-kink!!!”

And all I have to say to that is…….

That isn’t gonna change our mind sets on how we like something. Your stupid little blog about shaming a certain ship or kink isn’t gonna change our minds about what we like, sooner or later, you’ll just look like a biggot trying too hard to shame people, and after a while, we won’t care.

and plus, most of the time, when people say: “they support it in real life!!!” they don’t, and no, it isn’t lesbian assure, it’s a fictional character that they can do what they want with, and plus, these aren’t your characters, you can’t stop us from doing something that makes us happy.

So the moral of the story is…..

Don’t waste your time shaming a person for what they like.

So I want a new tag to go around…..


So that’s it.

Undeniable Chemistry

My 9 yr old godson wanted to watch TWD w/ me so bad last night but he got his ass in trouble and had to go to bed lol I love it so much that he feels obligated to watch it w/ me lol (my baby) watching it w/ him now and he said “So wait whos the black girl?” I say “Thats my favorite Michonne”. He goes “ok and the main guy Rick? Why do they keep looking at each other like that?” I told him “because baby thats the King and shes his queen”.💁🏾🙌🏾 This little boy gonna then say to me “It seems like before he makes a move he looks to her to make sure she agrees. Thats relationship goals”. 😂 If my 9 yr old godson who barely watches this show can feel the chemistry between these 2 idk what to tell yall lmao Richonne trash is the way of life now just get w/ it.

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ah i feel like,,,,maybe not all furries,,,are bad,, thsis sounds so dumb but i was dumb scared of them until i found you on this blog lol

im.. i feel like its not even worth it at this point to correct people who think im actually a furry but u know what i will gladly accept my role as Furry Ambassador to the US if its going to convince ppl that drawing animals doesnt automatically make you like a weird deviantart fetish person

good job anon. im proud of u for overcoming ur Fear

Alright guys, I have to write down my feels for this last scene between Bellamy and Clarke, because it was so important. They started off in season one as enemies, who accepted to work together after a while, until they slowly started trusting each other through the course of late s1 and s2. Clarke’s disappearance broke Bellamy’s trust in her and s3 was mostly spent apart, or with bad blood between them. To see them working together like that again, makes me SO HAPPY, because all ships aside, they have always been a team and work best together. Jaha was right, they are lucky to have each other, because they give each other strength, they face hard decisions together and overcome difficulties ( there is also a major Kabby parallel, don’t you think? ). As for the last scene: 1. Bellamy slept in Clarke’s presence. I feel that is something very intimate for the both of them, that requires TRUST, because after what they have been through during their time on earth is most likely still haunting them in their dreams and makes rest hard. 2. She wrote down his name on the list, because she knows he is valuable for their people. Despite everything Bellamy has done, Clarke KNOWS he is still trustworthy and will do what he must to protect his people. He made some bad decisions, but always with best interests in mind, only he was misled by Pike. He did not slaughter the army for the sake of killing, but because he believed it was necessary. Bellamy ALWAYS does what is necessary, just like Clarke, even if it is a shit job to do. 3. He wrote down her name, because he knows she is equally important for humanity, plus he knows they work best together. There is only both of them, or non. They come as leader package and he will not survive the apocalypse without her. It also means he has forgiven her for leaving and that their friendship has recovered from it. 4. For the first time, Clarke has lost hope. The resourceful girl who never gave up and always had a plan B is hopeless and here is Bellamy, giving her exactly that, because that is how they work. They give each other strength when one of them doesn’t know how to go on anymore. Because TOGETHER is better than alone.