who is the benefactor

Organisation Generator

Was your character part of a noble military group at some point in their past? Perhaps they had an act in a wandering circus troupe? Or maybe they performed unspeakable deeds at the behest of a sinister religious organisation?
Perhaps you are a DM who has given your players a mysterious benefactor, but haven’t decided their true nature. Or maybe the Queen needs a group to call on to take care of these pesky adventurers who are threatening her plans!

Primary Purpose (1d10):

  1. Mercenary services
  2. Performing group
  3. Religious organisation
  4. Trading company
  5. Sailors
  6. Manufacturing or Farming
  7. Historians
  8. Medical assistance
  9. Wildlife exploration or expertise
  10. Magical services

Size (1d4):

  1. Diminutive: Five or fewer members
  2. Small: Fewer than twenty members
  3. Medium: Between twenty and one hundred members
  4. Large: Hundreds or thousands of members

Scrupulousness (1d6):

  1. Both lawful and good
  2. Willing to do anything for coin
  3. Willing to do anything to achieve a particular goal
  4. Lackadaisical but good intentioned
  5. Mischevious but not evil
  6. Outright evil; full on maniacal laughter type stuff

Signiature Feature (1d10):

  1. Members wear a uniforom
  2. Members recite a mantra or quote a manifesto
  3. Members’ bodies are decorated or altered in some way
  4. All members are of the same race
  5. Members carry a similar tool, weapon, or totem
  6. Members perform scheduled rituals
  7. Members have strict rules regarding speaking
  8. Prominent and recognizable iconography
  9. Accompanied by a particular type of animal
  10. All members are identical in every way

Leader Feature (1d10):

  1. Fearsome reputation
  2. Styled as a god
  3. Has never been seen
  4. Royalty
  5. Substance abuse issues
  6. Abnorbally large or small
  7. Recently deceased
  8. Eccentric
  9. Normal, down to earth person
  10. Actual god or demigod
Dear Teen Wolf fandom,

You don’t need the clues. When was the last time you’ve ever used clues, am I right? You don’t need them because you’re too smart to waste your time with them, okay? You can figure it out. Teen Wolf meta writers, you’re the ones who always figure it out, so you can do it. Figure. It. Out.

My "Who is The Benefactor" Theory aka Danny

So first things first (I’m the realist) this is completely my theory and I am no way incorporated with MTV to know the truth hence this is my theory.

I think Danny is The Benefactor. 

Before you all yell “but we were told he isn’t in s4” just know we’ve been told many things by the cast/writers that things were going to happen/weren’t going to happen. Example, we were told we would know Stiles’ name last season and that didn’t happen. I think we can take this into mind but I don’t think it’s fully true.

Here’s my evidence:

  • Danny knew about supernatural as he told Ethan in the season finale. So he could vary well be behind making the death poll with supernatural creatures.
  • Uh there’s a code that had to be cracked. Who do we know that’s a code cracker?

  • Danny is popular at BHHS and could have easily started working with these murdering freshmen.
  • Coach said nothing about Danny being gone when he was talking about Isaac, Jackson and Greenberg being gone. Don’t you think he would have?

So it’s just a theory but some of the stuff just makes sense. I am thinking that Danny could be The Benefactor.