who is that girl i see omfg

i watch it play out on my facebook feed. a cutesy video plays about a wife and a husband texting each other. she bothers him with messages, he almost types “fuck off bitch” but says something nice instead. in this video, the wife is at fault. he doesn’t listen to her, he doesn’t come home, he ignores her messages. she’s a crazy bitch for getting mad at him. 

my teacher asked us why marriage rates are going down. what do i know. i see instagram posts where a girl makes a joke about chloroforming a boy and i don’t find it funny. i see plenty of people who are perfectly happy and i see just as many who are broken, deeply. i see boys all the time unable to meet their girlfriend halfway - stuck, somehow, wanting to be open but knowing he can’t be. there’s a theory that the reason so many women are unhappy is that women have multiple deeply intimate relationships in their friend groups while men only have a partner. isn’t that sad. isn’t it strange. 

the girl i knew in high school says “omfg this is me and u dan”. she’s talking about a post where married couples want to kill each other. my mother once asked me why i am so scared of touching. why the first time people show affection is the same time i start running. the comedian onstage uses his wife as a trampoline. all around me, people are laughing. the trouble is that jokes always have a bit of truth in them. i almost text him “haven’t heard from you in a while” but instead i turn off my phone. 

there’s a lot of things i don’t understand, i guess. bachelor parties where everyone gets wrecked to celebrate his last days of “freedom”. the idea men are giving up so much to be with just one woman. the idea that a woman who is showing toxic behavior is just a bitch, and not a serious threat. what do i know. sometimes it makes me sick. when i was little i believed in love. 

but why do people constantly equate nightmares with marriage?

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BITCH THIS IS LOLO I MISS YOU. i'm new on tumblr, but too shy to get off of anon. any fic author recs? and why do you love them?

lauren, you need to calm down. this is the worst question that i could get at the moment, because i’m so wired on pain meds right now. also i’m still trying to find more authors to follow as i’m a tumblr newb.


disclaimer: pain meds make me weird, so i can’t think straight because i’m all loopy. i might forget a few people, but i’m going to try my best.
in no particular order:

literal queen b. badass, sassy, talented as fuck. i love her.
fucking legend. every time i see a hot man + alex skarsgard, i think of her.
queen of my planet. i love her and admire her genuine passion.
angst queen who slays. i adore her. “sweet dreams” makes me cry time to time.
my sœur in fluff. we fan girl about chris evans a lot.
her stories are hot, sexy, and damn good.
i admire her from the side because i’m chicken to reach out, but she’s a queen.
made of stardust and magic. and “chamber of secrets” omfg
i’m chicken to reach out to her too. but whoa i love everything she does.
mrs. lance the fucker tucker. she’s a babe.
she just surpassed 700 followers, and her writing proves why. yees girl.
becca makes my heart melt with her sincerity in and out of her stories.
nsfw, makes me blush, i want to be friends with her.
her fluff makes me cry, and it’s pure goals. i want to write like her one day.
the poetry that she does post makes me cry.

okay there are so much more, but i literally just looked at a clock and went “what is that swirly pendulum on the wall?” this is a sign for me to get off the computer because the pain meds are taking over.

hope this helps. and i miss you too, lolo. message me with your real account.
love, a heavily medicated jinah xx

ps. the pain meds aren’t illegal or something. i’m in a hospital and need it for legitimate reasons

i saw a dude wearing a critrole shirt standing in the courtyard at uni so i went up to say “nice shirt” and i was gonna walk off because he was already in the middle of a conversation with another girl buT then they explained the other girl had ALSO come up to say “nice shirt” so then we ALL started chatting about dnd and it was amazing omfg??

shout out to sebastian from uni who may or may not invite me into his campaign.

Holy Primus, look at this, Zen!!!! XDDD I hope you see the pic! It’s from Brave Police Decker! Even though it’s a dream but still ;____;

I have so much to look forward too!  <3 <3 <3

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Yo person *throws gang signs* (what the fuck am I doing with my life) Can you do headcanons of the RFA(including V) and Saeran reacting to MC being in a well known all girls KPOP group and she's like the main rapper and lead singer or some shit? Or just being a famous singer if you don't know KPOP? Have an magical day~ *aggressively throws glitter in face*



  • what did he jUST SEE???
  • WAS THAT MC ON TV!?!!??11?!
  • okay but tbh he wasn’t into kpop that much since he was too busy gaming all the time but OMG
  • dude he literally starts like memorizing all the members of her group, then binge watches Weekly Idol, MBC and Mnet performances, LOL HE EVEN DOES THOSE KOREABOO/ALLKPOP QUIZZES THAT ARE ALL “which member is your soul mate?”
    • gets salty when it’s not MC aww
  • surprises his honey by attending her fanmeet 
  • “Jagiya, can you sign my photobook?” ^-^


  • bro he was so proudddddd
  • impossible that he didn’t know of her what even was he doing with his life
  • right, he was practicing 24/7 I mean he didn’t know Echo Girl either soooo
  • anyways he starts watching MC’s performances and stuff and all is good UNTIL HE SEES WHAT MC WEARS HOLY SHIT
  • he cannot control his fanboying like omfg who knew MC looked like that under her sweater????
  • calls director to give him contacts to the stylist of MC’s group
  • he’s got quite a few complains and suggestions


  • I mean she respects MC’s career choice
  • she’s actually happy for MC, since she can do the thing she’s passionate about
  • but boy is she concerned when she hears news about saesangs
  • those bitches are C R A Z Y (not as crazy as Jaehee is for MC though)
  • she requests that Jumin send security guards to MC’s company specifically for MC’s group
  • for that, she sacrificed her spring break (luv u Jaehee bb :’))
  • despite her busy schedule, she tries to go to most of MC’s live performances though!! 
  • also buys official merch to support MC too


  • legit had no idea that MC was famous
  • “k-pop is not my style” - Jumin Han, 2016
    • props if you can identify the reference of this quote 
  • okay but think about it though like Mr. Corporate heir is really busy he has no time for celebrity gossip
  • how did he find out?
  • anyways he doesn’t really care but he does ask MC about all the details when he sees her
  • sample questions:
    • what is “Show! Music Core”? 
    • “Mnet”? so what like a net shaped like a M and you go there for what? fishing? I used to go fishing too - but golfing is less dirty.
    • also what do you mean “random play dance” that isn’t even a cohesive sentence.
  • low key goes to her performances after he realizes what SBS Inkigayo is 
    • let’s be real though how low key can you be when you buy the whole middle section of the seats and is surrounded by 20 security guards


  • dude he already knew
  • remember that background check?
  • anyways is a total fanGURL
  • hacks fansites so that all of MC’s group content is spread like a virus loloolol
  • dude he is a no shame fangirl but he is also a 200% proud boyfriend
  • makes couple t-shirts that he forces MC to wear for airport fashion (a new one every time)
  • LOL the world cannot believe MC is dating a doofus like him but there are no haters because he’s kinda really funny
  • the memes on the back of the couple tees are hilarious
  • yea but I thought he was a secret agent and blah blah can’t be known
  • he’s got different identities mate


  • okay so he didn’t know until Seven told him and ngl he was kinda mad
  • why did he have to find out from his idiot brother?
  • argued with MC about her honesty and felt betrayed
  • he is sensitive ok
  • so MC doesn’t get it and basically it becomes quiet between them
  • RFA doesn’t know what to do damn
  • Saeran doesn’t admit it but he misses MC when she moved back to her group dorm so he secretly goes to her performances
  • it’s not his fault but he looks a little sketch so the security asked him to leave the facility once 
  • he got SO mad omg
  • ofc MC overheard him screaming from backstage 
  • so MC comes out and tells security it’s okay
  • cue backstage make-up making out ;))


  • he found out hearing it from Seven freak the hell out over a phone call
  • he was pretty excited and even told seven he wanted to watch her perform
  • watch
  • oops
  • he was kinda sad about it but he didn’t say anything
  • MC noticed he was acting funny but when she confronted him about it he didn’t spill
  • she called Seven and he spilled the beans immediately
  • you know what MC did????
  • she surprised V with a private performance
  • do as you may with your imagination (I didn’t say anything ;))

heh. thanks for reading, I hope I didn’t let down my fellow kpop fans xD

~Cherry L.

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- I

- AM

- S T R E S S E D

- So like first let me say: The kids were FANTASTIC. Best performances of their lives!!!!

- everything that could have possibly gone wrong went the fuck wrong


- You know in horror movies were like one person gets infected or some shit but you think everything is fine until suddenly everyone is dying? Literally.

- May I remind you that mics have been perfectly fine all week,

- Opening number, Vanessa is doing her little bit and there’s just a tiny. Glitch.

- Like her mic dropped for half a second. It was hardly noticible. Tom and I literally double checked like “you heard that right?” But it was completely fine so we were like “It’s probably nothing”



- I’m fucking. Borderline screaming. Tom looks like he’s going to punch something and is running around checking for what the problem was. THERE WAS NO VISIBLE PROBLEM. THIS SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HAPPENING.

- And then it just???? Fucking stopped on it’s own???? What the FUCK. Sometime right before 96,000 it all just went back to normal holy shit


- AND something was up with the fucking keyboard’s speaker??? Because of course.

- Guys seriously we literally STILL DON’T KNOW what happened! At intermission Tom and I were just dying and finally he’s like “I don’t care anymore I’m just gonna see what the hell is wrong with the keyboard” and returned 3 minutes later, still no answers, and was like “You know what? ‘Blackout’ sounded fucking amazing and that’s what matters to me” like we honestly just quit oh my God

- However the kids really powered through all the issues and didn’t let it trip them up so that was good

- Meanwhile, though, the audience was FUCKING HILARIOUS I LOVED THEM

- I’m…fully convinced half this audience had never been to a musical before in their entire lives, and even if they had they had never seen or listened to In The Heights so their reactions were great.

- Lot of gasping holy shit it was so funny. “I got more hoes than a phone book in Tokyo” *GASP* “What do I do with this winning ticket?” *G A S P*

- The opening of act 2 when Benny and Nina are on the fire escape and clearly had sex the night before? G A S P

- Guys it was so funny. And they were clearly loving the music and laughing at all the jokes- every scene got deafening applause omfg

- They were all clearly very much sucked into the story so that was just so fun to see

- They tried to cornrow Benny’s hair

- That was quit half way through thank God omfg

- Also mildly off topic but when I was getting his mic on him he hadn’t done his bun yet and that boy has a fantastic head of hair holy shit


- There was a moment before they opened the doors and the entire theater was quiet but suddenly all (like…8 or 9) boys could be heard singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber at the top of their lungs in their dressing room. No explanation as to why

- They announced that the fall show was Pippin and Steven got a fucking baseball bat and starting balancing it on his fingers yelling “JUST IN TIME” (he had apparently ‘just discovered’ this talent on Sunday and has been talking about it like non-stop since)

- The girl playing Graffiti Pete had a bunch of school friends come to the show. They all shrieked every time she opened her mouth holy shit

- Before the show the director was giving notes and she said something like “This is right after Claudia’s death-” and half the cast was like “Tag you’re fucking spoilers” omfg

- And then when mic checks were happening Steven sang “atencion” and Tom cut him off yelling “SPOILERS, SPOILERS” instead of “good” lmao

- Okay so like…is there a little kids show character that I resemble or something????

- There were a lot of kids in the audience (probably like actor’s siblings or something) and like…during intermission an alarming amount of them were staring or waving at me with shy smiles or pointing me out to their parents who seemed to know what they were thinking and I was just like….Who do you think I am?????? Oh my God

- No one actually tried to talk to me but a few looked like they wanted to??? A few even got some of that gentle parental shove thing??? What is happening I’m so confused over this????

- Oh my God you know how in Boy Meets World, Rider Strong hated his fucking hair and as a result we were blessed with Shawn constantly aggressively raking his hair back with his hands???? There was a boy sitting directly in front of me who did that literally the entire show to the point where I was like….You need to stop I gotta see what’s happening on stage omfg

- Also lol I guess he was there for his ensemble sisters™ or something bc he cheered for everyone who came out for bows except he booed for one specific group of girls lol

- I was on my phone before the show and the directors husband made Tom get my attention just so he could silently give me a thumbs up before walking away so we were laughing at that

- He did give me free skittles at intermission tho which was rad (he tried to give me like the entire table for free lmao)

- The choreographer was working the spotlight (which she admitted she was confused by) and she was super tired and lowkey joked about falling asleep and falling over on the job before the show started but somewhere during act 2 I fucking saw the sliding spotlight and panicked lmao

- Her and Drew were bonding over being bad at spotlight and everyone in the back area said “you guys are better than Jimmy” in perfect unison lmao

- Usnavi was borderline sobbing by his last line in the finale omg

- We couldn’t fucking get a sound effect for the fireworks so for the final part of ‘blackout’ when you’re supposed to hear them the pianist deadass just whistled the noise omfg

- Nina and Abuela Claudia were the fan favorites, as I predicted

- Benny was a little off his game but I still support him

- Lowkey there’s a couple guys in this show who have never done any shows before and I’m not sure if he’s one of them??? He seems like he is so I think he was probably just nervous or something

- Everyone was sneezing and coughing bc why not

- Before the show the Piragua Guy was berating himself as per usual and the only cheer-me-up anyone could think to give him was “It sounds great! It’s just like, the words that you’re having trouble with!” lmao but he KILLED IT I was v proud the audience loved him

- Like 20 minutes before we let people in we had the directors daughter, in heels, on a fucking ladder painting over parts of the shop signs bc we realized that even though they had professional looking signs made they all had Philadelphia area codes on them lmao

- Oh God. So remember the not-screwed-in door I was complaining about???

- Well. They screwed it in. Backwards.

- And it makes an obnoxious noise when it opens and closes, and also doesn’t close all the way l m a o

- The programs all went missing lmao

- I found one box hidden away thank God but??? Apparently there’s supposed to be more. So we might just run out of programs during the second show


- Tom fist pumped multiple times in pride and excitement when the show finally ended lmao


- Lmao I’m pretty sure Tom was also lowkey crying at the end I didn’t say anything tho

- There’s more but it’s almost 2 in the morning lmao so anyway!!! Hopefully tomorrow runs a little more smoothly!!! And hopefully we get another great audience!! Overall it was great so I’m all pumped

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I'm a 21 y/o in college and just matched with this /really/ attractive young (25 y/o) English teacher on tinder fuck me up lmao. I used to be in the tcc a very, very long time ago so I check the tag here and there, but I can't believe I'm seeing stories of young high school girls being in sexual relationships with their tc's. It's so fucking gross and predatory omfg please stay away from those teachers. Why would anyway wanna be with someone who takes advantage of high schoolers anyway? Wtf

congrats lol

i know it’s fucking disgusting and kinda scary and IKR WHY WOULD U CRUSH ON A MAN/WOMAN WHO’D WILLINGLY HAVE ROMANTIC RELATIONS WITH A MINOR OHMYFUCKINGGOD when will kids learn that they are SEXUAL PREDATORS who, no matter how ‘special’ or happy they make u feel, are simply taking advantage of their position and using and manipulating you so that the relationship feels healthy ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i mean the sad thing is i understand why these highschoolers get into this shit. obviously its mostly the teacher’s fault (like it is the fucking teachers fault) but these kids wouldn’t be as vulnerable if they weren’t so delusional and misled (by their teachers and potentially the tcc). 

this is the teacher crush community. we crush on our fucking teachers, adults. if you were crushing on someone your own age, its reasonable to want them to like you back, right? that’s how a romantic relationship is supposed to work. so inevitably, crushing on a teacher would potentially mean you’d want them to like u back!! its just human nature

it’s okay to crush on your teacher. what these kids don’t recognise is that a teacher liking you back is, well, firstly rather illegal (and  even if you’re legal its not allowed and still would be predatory behaviour) but also very immoral because they’re both an adult and your teacher. teacher’s are supposed to be in a position of trust- a position of authority. 

say you’re having issues at home or are going through a hard time and can’t talk about it with family? teachers are meant to be like a guardian if you wish to talk with them about your problems. but all this has to be done in a professional manner because they’re your teacher and should have your trust, just like how you’d trust a doctor or counsellor. teachers are told to exercise a certain level of professionalism with students regardless of the student’s situation. 

this is why when i hear about teachers fucking their students i feel utterly sick because they’re straight up abusing the authority they have and inflicting this on a minor or young adult who may be easy manipulated, and are vulnerable. yes, if you’re totally in love with your teacher, and they’re handsome and funny and charming in your eyes then it seems like the best thing would be for them to like you back. we’ve all felt this at some point, but it’s wrong and puts you in even further danger from sexual predators (in this case teachers who fuck their students )  and can cloud your perception of things. a sexual predator will take advantage of this naivety. and i know what i’m saying is pretty damn obvious but i’m certain that there are kids in the tcc who still don’t quite understand that however nice they are to you, however hot they may be- a teacher who likes you back romantically, and goes as far as to have sex with you, is a sexual predator and they do not love you, they are using you. 

“You’re the worst.” - A Dipcifica playlist

Bombshell Blonde - Owl City // Somebody Loves You - Betty Who // Cheap Sunglasses - RAC // New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco // Something That I Want - Grace Potter // Disgusting - Ke$ha // Just the Girl - The Click Five // I Won’t Say I’m In Love - Hercules Soundtrack // She’s a Lady - Forever the Sickest Kids // Uptown Girl - Billy Joel // Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner // Fool Like Me - Cobra Starship // Falling For You - Colbie Caillat // I See the Light - Tangled Soundtrack // Primmadonna Girl - Marina and the Diamonds



Flirtatious Bastard | Theo Raeken Imagine

request ; heyy!! bless you and your writing for real it is amAzing!! can you write an imagine where you and theo have been flirty for a while and you think that you and theo are a “thing” but you see him flirting with malia/any other girls etc. and you get upset and you could choose how it ends! :) bless u queen

word count ; 1167

warnings ; make out session, angry theo, jealousy.

a/n ; was i just referred to as queen? omfg thank you. katherine pierce is the real queen, though, i have to say. back from two day hiatus!! 

You and Theo didn’t really have an official “title.” Was he your boyfriend? Your friend with benefits? Your flirty acquaintance? Who the hell knows? You certainly didn’t. 

He was staring at you again, a smirk plastered on his lips as he admired you from behind with his eyebrows raised slightly. He licked his lips, watching you lean down to grab your fallen pencil off the floor. She totally did that on purpose…Theo thought contentedly, admiring you from behind. You turned your head, matching his smirk with one of your own. 

“You’re staring again, Raeken,” you teased, crinkling your nose. “It’s impolite.” He shook his head, propping his elbows up on Scott’s kitchen table. 

“Not when you look like that,” he replied easily, licking his lips once again. “I have to stare, it’d be impolite not to.” You ignored him, though a tiny smile was on your face as you glanced back down at your notebook. Deciding to taunt him just a little more, you stood up, purposely walking in front of him with a little extra sway to your hips. 

He bit his lip, tilting his head to the side as he stood up,  Perfectly aware that everyone currently in the McCall house was watching the little exchange between the two of you, his hands trailed from your waist, down to your butt, giving you a light squeeze before sending you a wink and exiting to the kitchen. You grinned to yourself, biting your own lip before turning away and heading into the living room. 

“That was…something?” Lydia commented, scrunching her nose and glancing up from her book to give you a pointed look. “So, you two are dating now?” 

You shrugged, looking at Theo over your shoulder. “I don’t know, maybe? Kind of. We’re something,” you asserted, crossing your legs. Lydia looked over at Theo herself, and frowned. 

“You might want to establish your relationship status before he tries to shack up with Malia,” she said casually, brushing back her hair and returning to the novel in front of her. You raised your eyebrows, completely turning your body so that you could watch him flirt with Malia. Malia who had a boyfriend. Malia, who was supposed to be unavailable, flirting back. You snarled under your breath, feeling a tad possessive when you crossed your arms and averted your gaze. 

Fine, he wants to flirt with other girls, I can flirt with other guys. Game on, Raeken, you thought devilishly, scanning the room for potential flirt partners. Your eyes landed on Liam. He was completely inexperienced and adorably innocent, which was perfect. You sauntered over to him, whispering in his ear, “Flirt with me, I’m trying to prove a point.” His eyes grew wide, but he nodded hurriedly, a light blush already coating his cheeks. Aw, you thought, adorable.

He coughed, nonchalantly checking to make sure Theo was watching. “So… um, Y/N, you look…hot…today…” he stuttered, flinching at his own awful attempts at flirting. You giggled, encouraging him to keep going when you heard Theo growl lowly from across the room. There we go. Feeling a little more confident, Liam continued, “I mean, you look hot everyday, but maybe it’s the pants? I don’t know, they make your -” before the Beta could finish his sentence, Theo was pulling him way, forcing a smile onto his face. 

“Such a cute kid, now run along and play with your little friends, I need to talk to Y/N alone for a moment,” Theo said with clear annoyance, jealousy in his eyes as he took your wrist and led you upstairs.

He had you pinned up against the wall in seconds, hands entangling themselves in your hair as he pressed himself against you, lips trailing down your jaw and neck. Up and down your jaw, pulling on your neck, all the way to your collarbone. The purple splotches were already forming, and you were preparing to show them off almost as soon as you saw them. Then, you realized that sex wasn’t the answer to all of your problems (unfortunately). 

“What the hell are you doing?” You panted, eyes shut as you felt his mouth trail down your collarbone. You were enjoying this, no doubt about that, but your relationship couldn’t be just this. Sex sex sex, no emotions, insane jealousy.

“Marking you,” he muttered, sucking into the skin of your neck and nipping lightly at the skin. “It’ll calm down my insane jealously every time someone looks at you.” He continued biting lightly at your neck, leaving marks up and down your skin that would surely earn you a lot of attention in the school hallways and at home.

You didn’t want him to stop, at all, but you lightly moved him away from you. He was breathing hard, face flushed and sweaty, looking upset that you had stopped him right when he was getting really into it. “Is that all we are, Theo? Two teenagers with raging hormones and insane jealousy? I don’t want to be just that.”

“We aren’t just that,” he insisted, though he looked doubtful. “We aren’t,” he added, saying it more to himself than to you.

“Then what the hell are we?” You asked furiously, folding your arms. “You flirt with other girls, but then you get all possessive when I do the same with other boys. You act like we’re dating, but it doesn’t feel that way. You get it? If that’s all we are, then I want to end it. Right now.” You were being completely honest with him. You weren’t going to let some guy string you along like you were some helpless puppy. You were not helpless. 

“I’ll tell you what we are,” he said, matching your pissed off stance with one of his own. “Yeah, we don’t have an official title, we’re kind of dating. You’re basically my girlfriend, even if I don’t say it and even if you don’t call yourself that. We’re Theo and Y/N, we don’t need a title, we’re just us. And it just works, alright? The flirting with other girls thing, I don’t know why I do that. But you’re the only one I honestly compliment, the only one I want to be with. At the end of the day, you’re my girlfriend, I’m your boyfriend.” He walked a little closer to you, a hand on your shoulder as he rubbed his thumb over the skin there. His other hand brushed against your hip. 

You shook your head at him, running a hand through his hair, knowing he adored it when you did that, even if it messed up his perfectly styled and precious hair. He smiled. “Theo Raeken, you are a sweet talking, pretty faced, doe-eyed flirtatious bastard,” you informed him, leaning forward. Your lips were barely touching.

“You love it, though,” he breathed, connecting your lips and sliding his hands up your waist, winding them through your hair. Oh, the things this boy does to you.

there was a family party for my cousin’s seventh birthday right

- Due to a mix up, he ended up with two birthday cakes (and ice cream cake and monkey brains), and he was not happy about that.

- “Mom, I said I didn’t want any cake!”

- “Zack, seriously, what kind of kid doesn’t like cake?”

- *dramatic, long-suffering sigh worthy of an old man* “I don’t like cake and I don’t like pizza, can you please just let me live my life?!”

- My grandmom was way too offended that he can’t read cursive yet

- There was apparently some group consensus we weren’t let in on to give him at least 20 bucks per card???? This kid ended up with like $90????

- Like wtf on my birthday I got a hug from my mom and my grandmother had to be guilt tripped into going out to dinner with me. What is a 7 year old gonna do with that money

- The decorations told me it was Avenger’s themed but the presents told me it was Pokémon themed. I have never seen so many Pikachus in my life

- Jenna deadass almost puked all over the party but lied thru her teeth so she could go to a sleepover lmao

- My aunt Kathy was introduced to snapchat…Honestly I’m terrified for what the future holds now

- Someone was saying something about driving past their old favorite park from when they were a kid and my grandmom said “Oh is that the place where you killed that puppy???” AND I RECIEVED NO FOLLOW UP CONTEXT

- My cousin’s husband who had intensive emergency back surgery like last week was there drinking beer??? As if he wasn’t still on a shitload of strong pain meds???? Vince pull it together

- Kathy tried so hard to cut the ice cream cake well…Her hand and a bright white table cloth were lost in her efforts.

- I remembered the name of a book I was obsessed with when I was six and almost started hyperventilating bc I’ve been trying to remember for years

- Omfg so apparently a couple years ago when my aunt/cousins went to Disney they lost my cousins favorite stuffed elephant right. Like they just couldn’t find it in the hotel room and they literally searched the building and called every worker they could, this elephant was gone. The kid was beside himself with heartbreak for at least a year right

- So finally his parents had the idea to see if they could find a similar one on E-Bay, and they did…being sold from Orlando, Florida. And they bought it…And it was DEADASS the same elephant. My cousin’s name was still written on the tag omfg. Like. I’m sorry I’m still laughing at this

- There was a debate about different beers and my cousin said one of them tasted like “wet hot monkey ass”. Everyone grew very concerned as to why she was familiar with that taste.


- Pikachu almost accidentally got set aflame when the kid tried to blow the candles out

- I made a joke and discovered my 15 year old cousin lost his virginity. Am traumatized.

- “I could totally fucking punch Harry Potter in his bitch ass face”

- There was literally snow on the ground and yet all the children thought it was a good idea to take their shoes and socks off and run outside to play on the trampoline

- My mom started crying because she remembered the book series Lyle Lyle Crocodile

- A silence fell over the room when I mentioned they released stills from the new Mary Poppins movie before everyone rushed to their phones to see for themselves

- A very aggressive debate about Kevin Spacey movies broke out; Two couples almost divorced over it

- 12 year old Nolan, who is the shiest, sweetest boy I’ve ever encountered, almost got arrested because his friend tried to fight him bc they apparently like the same girl omfg

- His mother was cracking up omg

- The monkey brains were dropped on the floor at one point and people wept

- ‘Hey, the birthday boy blew out his candles a few minutes ago. This must be the perfect time to gossip about our cousin with brain cancer’

- Had to drag my mom out of there because I didn’t want to miss the last episode of When We Rise. The drone followed us in the car for a few minutes. I’m gonna kill that guy.

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Hey!!! Ps I adore you Gary hi hi!

1. First impression: It was literally “holy fuck a chubby girl who looks like a princess??? SIT IN HIS LAP GORL *air horns*”
2. Truth is: You really do look like aurora and I am going to forever see you as her ps I hope you sit in Dennis’ lap soon (still waiting on my roommate to send me pics of your castle)
3. How old do you look: 20 or so?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes!!!
5. Have you ever made me mad: OMG NO
6. Best feature: YOUR BANGS ARE BANGIN OMFG I LOVE THEM, your hair in general is fucking princess material dude
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: you’re my sleeping beauty omg of course
9. Name in my phone: probably aurora
10. Should you post this too ? if you wanna!

i’ve come across several posts discussing the lack of maggie sawyer appreciation, so this is a call out post for things i fucking love about our tiny detective.

-the fact that upon meeting the incredibly intimidating agent danvers she simply looked up into her face and gave her a shit eating grin.

-how adorable and also hot she looks when she wears that windbreaker jacket. -the head tilt, my dudes. just. it’s too much.

-how she’s just the best listener. that soft, understanding gaze she dons when she’s listening to alex.

-how tough she is?? she never shows any kind of fear when she’s on the job. she runs headfirst into the face of danger because she’s so so brave and wants to protect.

-the only time she does show fear is when alex tells her about her feelings and she’s scared of losing her friend.

-i love how much she cares about alex despite only having known her for a short time, because it shows how deeply she feels for people, and that if you make it past her defenses then she’ll be your biggest supporter.

-her sense of humor. she sees a lot of shit but keeps her wit and optimism and her verbal sparring w/ alex keeps me alive.

-the way you can see her biceps under that fucking long sleeved shirt when she comes to l-corp…like damn girl you ripped af.

-the dimples. i am powerless against them.

-how she hasn’t really opened up about her past yet, which imo is probably because her story has been centered around her role in alex accepting who she is, and maggie has just been listening and being whatever alex needs.

-the fact that she gets jealous of supergirl/alex. but not in a shy way, but more like an, “omfg are you kidding me 🙄” kind of way.

-she’s so compassionate??? like how much she cares for the aliens and wants nothing more than for them to be safe and happy, because she understands them. she knows what it’s like to be ostracized and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

-how she’s kinda wild? i mean when she watches alex/supergirl kick some ass and she’s like wow you guys are fun, not even 5 minutes after being tied up by a psycho?? girl is a freak and i love it.

-and finally, how smol she is. i’m a sucker for height differences, and i love how tiny she is but her personality is huge.

long story short, these are just a few great things about maggie sawyer, and she deserves the whole world because she’s a hero too.

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talk malisaac to me

like i even need permission???

isaac and malia having no people skills or filters together so they never confuse each other with hidden meanings or intentions

isaac and malia being that asshole couple that constantly picks on each other but god help the person who picks on either one of them because ‘nO, only i’m allowed to do that’ /punches lights out

isaac and malia not understanding why people think they should have phones full of ‘couple pictures’ – or pictures of each other. literally ‘but i see them every day? why do i need a picture?’

isaac and malia playing strip poker and malia literally not giving a fuck when she loses clothing and poor isaac is like ‘is this real life??? am i dead???’ because there’s a hot girl half naked in front of him who doesn’t actually care about him staring at her.

Rue and Katniss

Something I realized last night about Rue and Katniss’s short relationship in the Hunger Games is that I believe Rue’s name wasn’t chosen randomly.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I will rue the day!” (made famous by Shakespeare who wrote world-renowned tragedies by the way). 

Well the phrase, “Rue the day.” means  “you will bitterly regret this moment.”

And “rue” is a word from Old English that singularly means, “To make sorry.”

When Rue was murdered and Katniss was like, “Omfg.” like she (and the reader honestly) wasn’t scarred from all that had happened already in the book, I believe it was a pivotal turning point in the novel where Rue’s own name foreshadowed and had more meaning to the plot then what the reader first sees because after Rue dies, it’s the first time Katniss kills someone, Katniss rues the day by avenging the innocent girl and makes all who made her suffer sorry.

Also when Katniss wins the Hunger Games and gives a percentage of her salary  to Rue’s family, she adds on to her “Rueing of the day.” by giving President Snow the finger knowing that action would piss the Capital off a lot.

It wasn’t like Katniss didn’t have much to fight for already, but it certainly boosted her drive to survive after Rue died, making all who had anything to do with the Hunger Games bitterly regret the moment Katniss was reaped, making the Capital sorry for what they made the innocent contestants unwillingly go through.

Three years after only reading the book one time, always admiring the unique name Rue; on a random sleepless night I finally understand a deeper meaning to a very small, yet enormous hidden part of the book’s plot.

The last scene of 7x10
  • Girls: *Enter house*
  • Hanna: Animals? In an abandoned nature infested house? How can this be?
  • Jenna: Whaddup bithes I learnt how to plug in a speaker
  • Jenna: Btw I'm still pissed at you for doing that one thing when we were 15
  • Me: How does bitch know that they r giving her the real drive it could be a fake
  • Me: In fact why didn't they just do that
  • Me: This damned show...
  • Emily: Omfg this baby doll so cute I wanna raise a kid with Ali
  • Emily: *leaves phone and doesn't notice*
  • Me: How does anyone in this day and age just leave their fucking phone
  • Me: Wasn't she using it for light
  • Me: Did she not realize it was suddenly fucking dark
  • The Girls: Well we know their is a manic blind girl in here who probs wants to kill us and we should rly be leaving before shit goes down, but let's go exploring!
  • Aria: Welp let's not say Beetlejuice 3 times ya'll
  • Aria: #AriaInWonderland
  • Emily: Oops silly me just left my phone upstairs im such a dork
  • Hanna: babe ill go with you #hannily
  • Emily: Aw ty kinda hoping Ali would go with me but anyway xo
  • Hanna: Omfg there's someone up here. I didn't expect that!Whatever shall we do?
  • Emily: I know! Let's hide behind some large shelves he'll never see us!
  • Hanna: Great idea omg this is y we r friends
  • Noel: Look how cliche I am being today
  • Jenna: Come out come out where ever you are
  • Yes I'm talking to you Alison
  • If ya know what I mean
  • Jenna: *takes 5 steps up the stairs*
  • Aria: Let's call the cops we all know how much they will help us
  • Ali: Omg yeh and I'll text Emmy boo
  • Noel: Here comes a choppa to chop off ya head!
  • Ali: Omg wut bowling balls can curve through corridors now? Ya learn somethin new every day
  • Jenna: Watch me turn the lights off so ya'll see pitch darkness haha omg I'm so clever ten points to Jenna
  • Noel: I'm so misunedrstood nobody ever loved me
  • Noel: W8 CUT Marlene y am i even tryna kill these girls they ain't done shit to me
  • Emily: Woo hoo look at me go I just killed another guy!
  • Hanna: Omg well done Em
  • Aria: Omfg its a head aaah Im screaming wonder who's head it is
  • Aria: Where is Ezra when i need him
  • Jenna: Haha look at me im winning Noel just killed Hannily and them bitches are running for thier lives.
  • Jenna: Woops just accidentally kicked my boyfriend's head
  • Aria: Omg a blind girl has a gun we will all die !
  • Jenna: Haha I just shot Ali
  • Spencer: *crawling for her life as her friends run off without her and don't even notice shes done*
  • Jenna: Mwa ha ha ha ha yes yes, I smell ze blood. Bleh bleh bleh.
  • Mary: I know how to heal a gunshot wound don't call the ambulance just sing a creepy kids song 100 percent success rate
  • Spencer: Haha this is the second time I've been shot in the heart this episode speaking of which where's Toby Wan Kenobi
  • Toby: Dammit Yvonne I told you I told you bitch I didn't want a fucking sandwich and what did u do? U made me eat the fucking sandwich and I lost control of the wheel now we dead
  • Toby: Wonder who bought the house tho
  • Me: *large gulps of wine*

There are little girls out there who watch adult swim right now, just as we would watch Inuyasha and YuYu Hakusho on adult swim when were little. Little girls are watching shows on toonami, and you know how much they’d benefit from watching uncut sailor moon? How they would feel watching girls be themselves while also being strong? How they would feel if they were wlw and see haruka and michiru?

So yeah, excuse me if I’m salty for every DVD that comes out while not a single uncut episode shows on television

World Meets Girl

- Of course they went for the Golden Ticket cheese lmao

- Rowan and Sabrina ‘interrupting’ the title sequence ended up being cute but for a second I thought there was a problem with my TV and my broke ass almost had a heart attack

- That scene in their classroom area? The music that was playing made me emotional? And I don’t understand why?

- “You just get to chill in the audience for like 4 hours we aren’t starting yet”

- Did the girls ever actually bring those poor people food or was that an empty promise

- Corey was really digging that stuffed purple cat

- Auggie shouting “make me beautiful!” love that kid

- “I don’t really like Corey that much” “Yeah me neither.” 😂😂

- “Why am I telling you this? I don’t think I was in the show enough…” CECI MY DARLING I STRONGLY AGREE

- The way Rowan said “no” when she didn’t like the first outfit had me cracking up

- “We’re gonna go film a show!” “…Maybe.” “Yeah actually we don’t really know what we’re doing here…” 😂

- Fetus Ben Savage apparently sat on MJ’s desk and told him exactly how he’d do the show??? I love that loser omfg

- Speaking of, shoutout to the girl who interrupted them talking by screeching “I LOVE YOU BEN SAVAGE!!!!” like me too bitch the fuck?

- The boy that specifically summoned Sabrina to him, complemented her eyes, and told her he had a lot of feelings about Ski Lodge. Iconic.

- Also when he clearly wanted her shipping opinions on ski lodge and she dodged it like a pro??? Like that was a well done answer props to her lol

- Ceci grabbing the mic out of Corey’s hands amazing

- When they gave the friendship rings to those two little girls omg!!!

- “She’s like, my closest friend, except for all my other friends!” 😂😂

- Will someone please, for the love of God, just tell Ben Savage Cory is their favorite character omfg

- Danielle having to tell the little kid she won’t bite lmao

- “Who is your favorite Topanga?” 😂

- “She called my name, I HAVE to go to her!” Amir lol

- “Oh Jessie is HERE OH WOW!” Amir, Peyton, calm down a few notches my children 😂 Although those two girls were cute lol

- “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT THE SCRIPT ON THE COMPUTER!” I’ve done shit like that before don’t worry Row every actor has been there 😂😂

- Listen like the blooper real wasn’t even that funny but everyone in the cast has very infectious laughs omfg

- When they were doing the ‘ Bay Window Confessions’ and they’d cut and you’d just see Row and Sabrina sitting on each other’s laps and ‘awww’-ing??? Omfg

- “Are you more Riley or Maya” the age old question that I can’t personally answer yike


- “We actually became friends over this show and I love how you’ll just randomly message me in the middle of the day because you just know I’m sad” kill me I don’t want feelings omg

- The two boys who started crying because they made each other feel comfortable in themselves oh no!!!!!


- Seriously all those were so cute wtf someone be my best friend so we can cherish each other bye

- The whole thing with the cast together in the living room set. Like I just always love shots of everyone together don’t touch me

- Danielle started crying and I started crying

- Ben Savage being forced to come to terms with the fact he’s 35 on camera

- All the shots of fans in different countries was pretty cute

- The shots of the empty sets I was like “nope cancellation is a myth!!!”

- Rowan and Sabrina in their cute little Bay Window moment omfggggggggggg

- I’m putting my foot down this show is not allowed to end it’s too cute and I enjoy it far to much. I will physically fight the entire Disney corporation. Someone tell them to meet me in the parking lot of the church down the street from my house at 10:00 pm tomorrow it’s going down  

- All in all 11/10 fucking adorable I feel like I need to hug something I’m gonna go drown lingering emotions in fried rice

I went on tinder again to see if there were any interesting boys and honestly I’ve never felt so hopeless.

I am literally 0% attracted to any of them, I think I swiped left 1000 times and I swiped right like 2-3 times (and those were “yeah i guess….” kinda swipes). And they all look the same omfg i feel like i’m seeing the same profile 1000 times in a row ajshfuarhgbkgb 

Honestly what is this. Last time I was on this app there were definitely some pretty boys but now I can’t find any i’m going to scream

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"I TOUCHED SAMI TOO. Also Dolph, Big E, Kofi, and Byron." I touched Sami,Byron,Cedric,TJP. I actually got pics with Cedric and TJ. I have a profile pic of Sami,but it looks funny a little cause he's got red eye. :) I stayed to see 205 and dark match so I got out later. I came around time Big E was leaving. Were you the one with the other girl who was telling her Mom to stay where she was,that they were coming? If so,I was the one next to you in a Dean shirt! You had a sign "Sami Is Fabulous"?

I left after the dark match too. Omfg I was the girl telling telling her mom to wait!! 😂😂😂 And I had a Sami and Carmella poster. Were you wearing a Dean Unstable Ambrose jacket????