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“Take my believing heart!”

Little Witch Persona AU anyone? Phantom witches?? Witch thieves???

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Nine New Phantom Witches

character profiles, concepts and dialogues under the cut!

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SOPHIE!! i don't have Twitter so i have no idea what everyone is talking about Tyren and camren and L's tweets so pLEASE update me, i want to know e v e r y t h i n g !!! pls and thanks❤️

Okay, so it started when Ty posted this pic :

In a way confirming his relationship with Lauren.

The fandom got insane over it. Basically people are calling Lauren an hypocrite for dating a guy like Ty, who is known to have questionable opinions on women and the LGBTQ community, when she’s a proud feminist and bisexual.

Now there are three types of “haters” in there : 

1. The basic idiots, who don’t know anything about Lauren and who are just there to hate for pleasure - the real “fake fans”

2. The basic idiots who pretend to be “real fans” - often mistaken to be only Camren shippers when really most of them don’t even really ship Camren, they just want to piss Lauren off

3. The real fans, who are actually not hating on Lauren but are just worried about her and her decisions lately - but are still respectful about it - there are Camren shippers in there, respectful ones.

Anyways, earlier today Lauren lashed out in a few tweets about all the hate she was getting for maybe dating Ty

Until then it was okay, Lauren’s usual “I pretend that I don’t give a fuck but really I do” tweet - but then shit hit the fan when she replied to this tweet :

Once again, Lauren put every haters in the Camren shipper basket. Basically going back to the “sick pleasure” tweet she did a few months ago and once again not having any respect for the fans that are genuinely worried about her or other Camren shippers, like myself for example, who never bothered her.

Once again she made fun of a ship that helps and matters to a lot of people. 

Once again, she’s not thinking about the consequences of her words.

And to further illustrate my point, she also liked this tweet : 

There you go again, we’re the pervert CS who always hate on Lauren and imagine her having sex with Camila while we’re doing ourselves 🙄🙄🙄

Anyways, all of this hurt a lot of people - because Camren has a very deep meaning for many of us. So now people are pissed and sad because the artist we love, who is part of the community, who is supposed to represent us, is belittling us and making us feel guilty for just wanting to find comfort and representation in a ship.

Types of Naruto Fanfiction Tropes I Remember Over the Years
  • sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are on their way to train and they overhear all of their teammates calling them weak so they decide to get permission from tsunade to leave and train then they come back super boss level. sometimes comes back with kids and its obvious to tell who’s the dads but said dads are oblivious af to the fact
  • same as the above but the girls become rogue nin and somehow join the akatsuki and fall in love with whichever akatsuki member is in charge of their training
  • same as the above but this time its just sakura and hinata
  • sasuke and karin come back to konoha and someway, somehow, karin turns the entire village against sakura, including fucking tsunade [save for maybe one person that in all honesty sakura isn’t even close to, ex. shikamaru but according to sakura they’re just like siblings] so sakura decides to runaway and she joins the akatsuki who all love her because she’s been through so much and meanwhile in konoha everyone is shocked and hurt sakura left them and decide they must bring her back at all cost
  • same as the above but everyone still thinks sakura is weak etc and don’t want to save her but tsunade realized the error of her ways and makes everyone find her anyway
  • high school au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are the least popular girls at school who constantly get bullied [maybe temari is included, but usually just those four]. sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji are the most popular dudes in school with a shit ton of crazy fangirls. sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten all decide to stick up to the boys who are also bullies who in turn put all their bullying efforts onto the girls. but guess what, kakashi-sensei who is that teacher who’s always late af to his job/class is doing a group assignment AND GUESS WHO’S CONVENIENTLY PAIRED UP???
  • high school au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are all skater girls with no interest in dudes but new cute guys sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji fall head over heels in love at first sight but the girls are like buzz off.
  • did i mention that in all of these high school aus with sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten for some unexplainable reason they all live in this big house/apartment with each other
  • high school au where sakura is the only one being bullied and is for whatever reason the most hated and bullied girl in the entire school and the most popular [usually ino, sasuke, naruto, etc] decide to devise a plot where either naruto or sasuke trick sakura into falling in love with the respective guy then break her heart but they end up falling in love with her for real. sakura typically comes from a poor/troubled home that makes nards or sauce feel super bad
  • high school au where sakura is the most hated and bullied girl in school but finds solace and friendship by somehow befriending the most notorius kids in school that everyone calls the Akatsuki
  • sakura is the most hated and bullied girl in school but instead of the akatsuki thing, she actually has a nighttime persona and ironically enough that nighttime persona is super popular and loved by her peers and one of those peers, usually sasuke, falls for the persona and attempts to woo her whilst also being captivated by sakura whom he is annoyed by but also kind of is intrigued by
  • sakura isn’t being bullied but doesn’t stand out but she finds a new hobby in dancing or fashion or smth and the ppl who got her into it is the akatsuki
  • sakura is some kind of jinchuuriki like naruto like a ten-tailed wolf or smth and has been hated by the entire village her entire life save for best friend hinata. isn’t a sasuke fangirl but after being placed onto team 7 there is a love triangle. sometimes a love square if sai is thrown in as a first time ever 4 man squad thing is added
  •  sakura is chosen to be apart of an interrogation thing where she’s the medic for this particular person who turns out to be apart of the akatsuki but through their constant meetings and healing sessions, sakura falls in love with the person and they fall for her and share some passionate kiss and sakura typically helps this guy escape
  • tsunade has sakura to do an infiltration mission where she literally has to be arrested for some crime, escape authorities, and become a rogue ninja and join the akatasuki whilst somehow getting info about the akatsuki back to konoha. she typically falls in love with whoever she’s partnered with
  • the akatasuki actually need a medic nin to heal itachi’s eyes, so they decide to kidnap tsunade’s apprentice and force her to heal them and keep her forever. sakura typically either falls in love with itachi or with a diff member.
  • usually these above akatsuki fics have two ways of being handled: the characters are all p in character for what we’ve seen on screen or what is usually done– sakura sees the akatsuki as a bunch of goofballs that are actually nice af and konan is like a mother figure
  • sakura finds a box of cats outside her house and decides to take them in. these cats are usually the akatsuki
  • ‘The Future of Mrs Sakura ____’ au where every sakura ship is explored as this fortune teller person shows sakura her various futures with different guys and girls she could be married too. usually these fics are forever incomplete
  • sasuke is back in the village and is super flirtatious with sakura but sakura isn’t looking for love but finds it with someone else who isn’t sasuke. typically neji and sakura and neji support naruhina by being like chaperones on their dates cuz hiashi said thats the only way naruto and hinata can start courting each other
  • sasuke is back in the village, but this time sakura, hinata, ino, tenten, and typically temari shows up too, are all tired of their love lives/crushes so the girls decide to all date someone else. this is either super good or meh. best one i’ve ever read is Three Months y’all should read it, its 50 chapters long but bawse af
  • sakura goes back in time to prevent obito from dying and to save the future because the war is going shit and they’re side is losing. but sakura somehow falls for minato. she either knows who he is and is trying to get him to hook up with kushina but her arrival to the past fucked shit up so he isn’t into kushina anymore or kushina dumped him. or, sakura doesn’t know who minato is and they have a lot of sexual tension going on. naruto is usually brought up a lot of times and minato has this huge sense of jealousy and dislike of this naruto guy, which is amusing to the reader because we know that naruto is his son
  • another time travel fic but sakura has been chosen by some celestial being to change the past of someone who she subsequently falls in love with. like this fic Lost Year where she was trying to prevent Sasori from joining akatsuki it was p cute actually
  • modern rivalry au where sakura, hinata, ino, and tenten are in a band and sasuke, naruto, shikamaru, and neji are in a band
  • sakura, hinata, ino, or tenten wake up in the future where they are married to naruto usually and they have kids and everyone’s an adult.
  • after some incident between suna and konoha, temari is used as a peace offering for an arranged marriage. usually with either naruto or shikamaru
  • canon divergence where after the failed sasuke retrieval thing went down and kakashi was on his way to taking naruto back to konoha, they stumble upon tayuya who miraculously survived the attack and is taken back to konoha and she falls in love with naruto and vice versa. or maybe shikamaru
  • canon divergence where orochimaru took naruto under his wing by ‘saving’ him from his cruel fellow villagers and raising him in oto. naruto is good friends with the sound ninja 4/5 but he goes back to konoha for a spy mission. either falls for kin, tayuya, hinata, or sakura
  • canon divergence au where sakura’s parents died when she was young and was taken in by the akatsuki because konan’s motherly instincts kicked in and she convinced pein [the orange haired yahiko version b4 nagato’s big reveal] to let them keep her. usually titled smth like the akatsuki’s hime/princess/cherry/etc. she goes back to konoha for an infiltration mission if its planned for her to fall for sasuke, naruto, or neji instead of the usual akatsuki members if they just view her as their cute daughter/niece/sister
  • same as the above but it was hinata instead and the hyuga clan was wiped out by the akatsuki but konan couldn’t bring herself to kill this one baby that was in the arms of a dying woman
  • canon divergence where sakura is taken under orochimaru’s wing as a kid and goes back to konoha
  • sakura catches the attention of tobi who likes her a lot and they sneak around to meet and this way before it was confirmed tobi was obito or madara so there was like a shit ton of speculation
  • canon divergence where naruto was the one who saved karin from… wth was it a bear?? but that was before karin was revealed to be naruto’s cousin so after the reveal a lot of those fics were either deleted or forever incomplete

did i leave anything out? anyone else remember these tropes??

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You know... people Ship Betty x Sans???? Even after she killed him! xD

Sadly for this fandom people ship sans with everything that casts a shadow

Which is sad because usually characters that end up being a “pet” to the fandom usually gets all the hate from it as well.

Which makes it even sadder since Sans is such an amazing and deep character who has a lot to offer the way he was originally designed and made.

To all of you that ship sans with whatever out there

He’s not, and will never be interested.


Minnow’s Ex-Boyfriends.

Nathan was Minnow’s high school boyfriend back home. He plays guitar pretty good and likes video games. He can be kinda clingy, though. Shortly after graduating, Minnow told him she wants to be a freelance space engineer, and he got angry, so she dumped him.

He works at his dad’s bowling alley now. He sells his CDs there too, near the fire exit.

Djynn (that’s his codename) was Minnow’s first boyfriend after she went to space. He’s a freelance hacker who gets hired for badass space missions. He’s a cool dude, but his schedule never matches hers, and they both fly around the galaxy a lot, so they’re usually far away from each other. He’s also an organic being, which means he can’t teleport to her ship. Their relationship ended up just being occasional chats online, so one day they decided they could do that as friends.

He’s currently still a freelance hacker who gets hired for badass space missions.

Welcome To The Fandom

Rodger: Ahoy, Nakama! Welcome to the One Piece Fandom!

Fan: Oh Yay! I’m so excited to be here. I just think the show is awesome! So when do I get to meet all my Nakama?

Rodger: In time… In time… First I’d like to give you a tour of the docks.

*They begin tour*

Rodger: One of the easy ways to find the Nakama you will hang out with most is to align yourself with some ships.

Fan: Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see so many of them here. I thought Oda said there wouldn’t be any shipping…

Rodger: Oh yes, but that was a long time ago… Besides people are going to ship who they want… AH! Yes here we are at the first ship.

*They look up at giant ship decked out in gold*

Rodger:  This is the LuNa ship.

LuNa: They are the pirate queen and king!

Rodger: Most of them are convinced that they are canon based on the fact that Luffy trusts Nami with his straw hat.

LuNa: And that she is the one who is in control of the ship!

Rodger: They are usually in competition with the SaNa and other Luffy ships.

SaNa: Nami cried over Sanji leaving!

Twenty Million Luffy ships: They are just Nakama!

Fan:  What about that ship over there?

NaVi: Nami isn’t even into boys!!!

Rodger:  Oh yeah. They are the only major yuri ship here. Nobody really dislikes them surprisingly enough. They just ignore them until they need art to fap to…. Anyways! Continuing on. As I mentioned before there are many Luffy centric ships here. If there is a character, they have more than likely been shipped with Luffy, but we’ll meet some of the biggest ones.

LuHan: Hancock will die if they don’t get together.

ZoLu: First mate for life!

Lubin: Luffy gave Robin a home to belong to.

LuVi: Vivi is a princess with the love of pirates, who better to be pirate queen?

Rodger: And then there is the ship that has quickly become the most powerful…

*Ship flying a flag that reads “Allies” comes charging into view*

LuLaw: This is the best pirate alliance to ever exist!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodger *points at giant red party boat*:  And everyone goes there at some point.

*Girl walks out onto deck and throws hands in the air*

Girl: WOOOOOOO!!!!! LUFFY x MEAT!!!!!!

*The two continue down the docks till they come to another large wooden ship*

Fan: This ship looks pretty normal… What’s going on here?

Rodger: This is the Zorobin ship. It’s very popular and you’d think it was normal-

*Zorobin ship fires cannonball. The pair look to see a yellow and green ship and a ship shaped like a cannon*

Zorobin: Go away! Zoro’s power was awakened by Robin being in trouble. Robin’s too good to be shipped with a robot!

Fan: Who are they fighting?

Rodger: Well mostly the Frobin ship-

*The Frobin ship fires a cannonball from its cannon shaped front, and someone onboard starts waving cardboard cut-out in the air.*

Frobin: Well we have Oda!!!

Rodger: No you don’t!!!!

Frobin: He gave them couple’s t-shirts!

Rodger: They are convinced their ship is canon.

Fan: Well, is it?

Rodger: Only Oda knows… Anyways, that other ship, the yellow and green one, is the ZoSan ship. They are the biggest yaoi ship in this harbor.

ZoSan: It’s cute how they love to hate each other!

Fan: Ah, I think I understand…

*They continue on.*

Fan: Wow, all the ships over here look a lot smaller.

Rodger: Yes this is the yard of small, forgotten, and crack ships. The UssoKaya ship rests over here along with a bunch of others. People visit them from other ships on occasion, but they don’t have a lot of hardcore crew members.

Fan: There are so many ships, but what if I don’t think anybody should be together…?

*Rodger smiles and points at a large white building*

Rodger: Then you can join the Marines.

*Horde of Marines comes charging by.*

Officer: Quick men, the Zorobin and Frobin ships are fighting again. We must remind them that Oda said there would be no shipping of Nakama.

Rodger: No matter what you choose though, just remember that we are all Nakama and should love and care for each other.

*Rodger, raises arm to reveal x. Fan smiles and does the same.*

Rodger + Fan: WE ARE!

Humans are weird-Sickness

heres another bit- Our immune systems are fantastic

So a human inevitably comes down with some minor cold. the ships medic orders the usual, bedrest and fluids. so she is resting comfortably in her quarters.

Word of this reaches the ships Alien security officer, who is having NONE of this. When his species gets infected, they just DIE.

Most of the stuff that infects humans won’t infect their species, but we cannot have this spreading and killing the other humans! and this poor one, there is nothing we can do. we have to quarantine that section off.

It is jerry who comes to investigate the suspicious sounds coming from the corridor.

“Uhm…. To’Li? why are you welding sarah’s door to the bulkhead?”

*noticeably muffled sounds from within*

“Wait, is THAT what those sounds are? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!”

To’Li is baffled by their reactions. after a sit-down with the on-ship medic, he is assured that this is a minor pathogen that the human’s body can just fight off on its own.  (Jerry and two other guys fortunately are able to pop poor sarah’s door open with a plasma cutter)

m/m ships are literally just the het ships of tumblr. example:

het ships:

  • often forced, pairing two characters who hate each other or abuse the other
  • extremely sexist, demeaning a female character because she “gets in the way” of the ship
  • usually pedophilic, whether it’s pairing an elder with a minor, or making smut of underage characters
  • reduces characters to stereotypes or one (1) personality trait
  • usually between two white characters, even when other characters have as much or more personality
  • will often dominate the fandom, causing extreme discourse and the harassment of other users
  • usually shipped by straight women
  • just in general not very interesting

m/m ships:

  • often forced, pairing two characters who hate each other or abuse the other
  • extremely sexist, demeaning a female character because she “gets in the way” of the ship
  • usually pedophilic, whether it’s pairing an elder with a minor, or making smut of underage characters
  • reduces characters to stereotypes or one (1) personality trait
  • usually between two white characters, even when other characters have as much or more personality
  • will often dominate the fandom, causing extreme discourse and the harassment of other users
  • usually shipped by straight women
  • just in general not very interesting

UPDATE: if ya’ll could stop ignoring the fact that this was (very obviously) strictly about toxic ships so you can accuse me of being homophobic or anti-m/m or whatever that’d be great

imo the trope where one person in a same gender (lbr usually m/m) ship is always acting annoyed with the other who is overtly affectionate and enthusiastic replicates the hetero standard where the woman clearly despises the man who continues to try and woo her in increasingly annoying ways until eventually she does get with him (because if you keep at conquering a woman long enough, clearly she’s gonna give in) that keeps being presented as completely normal and fine dynamics

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hey, i saw that you accept prompts, soooo can you write a fanfic where killian asks emma for a baby after seeing david with neal or something like that? thank you sm (im sorry about the horrible english, it's not my first language).

I’ve done FOUR!!!! training modules today and my brain is turning into mush.

“There, that wasn’t so bad now was it?”

Emma’s ringing ears say otherwise, but she’s not her dad. Maybe this tantrum isn’t as bad as the others, but if it’s not she (thankfully) doesn’t have to be here all the time while Neal’s teething. David leaves Neal to the frozen banana and sits at the table with her. “Why not numb him up with a bit of whiskey?” Killian asks, still perched near Neal’s playpen.

Emma catches the scandalized look on her dad’s face and tries not to laugh as he says, “I’m not giving my child alcohol just because he’s upset!”


“Look, mate, you don’t dose him with it,” Killian explains, all too patiently. “Just dab it on with a finger, he loses the pain and sleeps like a–well, like a baby, you and the wife get some rest, and everyone’s much more cheerful come morning.”

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Not Like This (Part 1)

Part 2: Here
Part 3: Here
Part 4: Here

Part 5: Here

Star Trek AOS (Soulmate AU)
Pairing: Reader x Bones
Word Count: 1,873
A prompt from @bkwrm523​ a while back: “ So, academy era.  Soulmate Au where you can hear each other’s thoughts.  You and Leonard kinda chat sometimes, but haven’t met yet.  Leonard’s figured out that you’re both at the academy.  In the middle of one of his classes, he realizes from your thoughts that you were just in some sorta shuttle accident and badly hurt.  He leaves class immediately, gets you to tell him WHERE you are so he can call help.  Then, while rushing over, he coaches you through patching yourself up while waiting for help to arrive, all through thoughts.” 
Warnings: Nothing much for this chapter, just scary scenes and a bit of blood
Tag list: @outside-the-government @feelmyroarrrr
Others who have asked to be tagged for this fic/expressed interest:
@bkwrm523  @yourtropegirl @littlecarowrites @auduna-druitt @mccoymostly @nymphadora-blurryface 
Author’s note:  This was turning into a really long one shot so I’ve decided to break it up into three (potentially four) parts.  I hope you like it!

               It happened on your first day at the Academy.  As though the enormity of starting your new life as a cadet wasn’t exciting enough, it was also the day you’d first sensed the thoughts of your soulmate.  You’d heard the stories of the few in your hometown who were fortunate enough to have been born within telepathic range of their soulmates, but you’d never expected that you’d be one of the lucky ones.  You’d dreamed of all the things that Starfleet Academy would bring you as you traveled south from your home, but you’d never imagined or really, even considered, that there was a chance of finding your soulmate.

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Her Happy Beginning

A little Lieutenant Duckling fic, vaguely inspired by this post (it sparked the original idea at least) for the lovely @the-reason-to-sail-home. Thanks to @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for reading this for me!

On AO3

Some people wait a whole lifetime for their happy ending. Others find theirs sooner and yet find themselves bored and wondering, is this it? Princess Emma of Misthaven is luckier than most. She finds her happy ending at just six years old.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

“Who dares trespass on the fearsome Captain Hook’s ship?”

Emma freezes at the rough words despite the evidence of all her senses clearly showing that she is far from harm. In a forest, in fact, not more than a few miles from her family’s summer home and miles away from the sea.

But, in all her six years she’s never known anyone to take such a tone with her. People usually don’t when they talk to a Crown Princess. She should know that this is but a game of make believe, but she’s a lonely child and not used to playing games. And so, these words are enough to strike fear into her heart.

“Oi! Are you deaf or are you defying the Captain, lass?”

The voice comes from much closer now and she jumps, unsure of what to do or say. Instinctively she raises her hands in surrender and turns to face the pirate.

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Voltron Youtubers AU Part 3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4
As promised, here are the collabs for the Shallura channels!

On Allura’s channel:

  • Shiro appears on both of Allura’s channels
    • Allura loves to coordinate outfits for Shiro
      • Shiro is resigned to it. But he has this grin on his face in every video so everyone knows he loves it
    • They’ve also done a few videos on styling each other’s hair
      • Shiro’s little white tuft of hair does NOT look good curly
      • Shiro attempted to braid Allura’s hair badly as payback
        • He did not succeed. The video ended with a beautiful waterfall braid.
          • Jk he practiced for hours on Keith before recording so he could get it right
    • Shiro and Allura do Princess and Paladin roleplays on her ASMR channel
      • Shiro is a little TOO good at it
      • These roleplays are some of her most popular videos on her ASMR channel
  • Allura loves to collab with Shay, another up and coming ASMRtist
    • Their videos are usually spiritually oriented
    • Crystals are also a big thing in their videos because Shay is known for them on her channel
    • Allura tells Shay that she has a friend *wink* who collabs with her that would compliment her style
      • Shay already knows who she’s talking about and is subscribed to his channel
      • The fandom knows and now they ship Hunk and Shay
  • Hunk has only appeared on her ASMR channel so far
    • He’s got such a soothing tone that subscribers love him
    • He takes ordinary objects from his own videos to make the best trigger sounds
      • Videos with him are usually targeted for people with anxiety or nervousness
    • Allura says he should start his own ASMR channel or at least collab with other ASMRtists *wink*
      • Hunk declines saying he is an amatuer at this but he’ll consider it
        • He’s seen who Allura collabs with and is interested
  • Surprisingly Keith appears frequently on her fashion channel
    • He can pull together hauls and outfits from the weirdest of places
      • He and Allura always end up looking punk chic
      • There’s A LOT of flannel
        • Especially Keith’s iconic Red Flannel™
    • Allura has to beg for weeks but eventually Keith lets her style his hair
      • During the video she says multiple times how soft Keith’s hair is
        • She gives a Look to the camera every time
        • It’s for Lance. And he chokes on his drink when he watches the video because now he wants to know if Keith’s hair really is that soft
  • Pidge will never admit it but they love it when Allura styles their hair
    • But Allura finds it INFURIATING but also fun???
    • Because Pidge’s hair is just FLOOF and canNOT be tamed
      • Allura tries. She really does.
      • There has been ONE “success”
        • “There. It is done.”
        • “Uh, Allura? Is my hair supposed to feel like concrete?”
        • “Don’t worry about it.”
  • Lance and Allura just leave the cameras on and see where it goes
    • Usually they end up talking about skin care or boys
      • Lance also braids hair (growing up with so many sisters made it so he learned quickly)
    • Lance and Allura are Bros but Lance can’t go one video without flirting
      • Allura plays along because she knows he doesn’t mean it
      • The fandom ships them as a BrOTP mostly
        • Because the Shallura and Klance ships are STRONG
    • They usually end up having sleepovers after recording collabs
      • Commence comparing beauty routines before bed
  • Coran is very enthusiastic to be on Allura’s channel
    • He’ll talk for hours about mustache wax if Allura didn’t stop him
      • She doesn’t and lets Coran have the spotlight
    • Allura wonders on camera what Shiro would look like with a mustache
      • Fanart appears on all of her and Shiro’s social media after that
      • Shiro is still confused to this day about all of the #DapperSpaceDad art that resurfaces in the fandom every three months

On Shiro’s channel:

  • Lance loves to collab with Shiro to do Q&As
    • Sometimes Lance gets a little too real but Shiro makes it better
      • Space Dad to the rescue
    • They talk LGBT+ topics because Lance is an Icon™
      • Shiro and Lance have resources for subscribers about every orientation/expression under the sun
      • Lance particularly likes to advertise the website GettingBi.com *fingerguns*
        • There are t-shirts. Lance has one.
  • Keith also does Q&As on Shiro’s channel
    • Shiro takes the opportunity to be the Embarrassing Big Brother
      • Keith retaliates in full
        • There’s A LOT of blackmail in these videos
          • Pidge and Lance take full advantage of it
        • One video ends very abruptly after Shiro asks if Keith has a crush on anyone
          • Viewers get one second of a violently blushing Keith before the video cuts
    • But seriously, they have great energy on camera
      • Subscribers have dubbed them the Broganes
      • Shiro loves it. Keith does too tolerates it.
  • Allura guest stars on the channel often and they do relationship advice
    • They have earned the title of YouTube’s #PowerCouple
      • And #SpaceParents. And #RelationshipGoals
    • Shiro posted a My Girlfriend Does My Makeup video
      • Allura tried okay but Shiro’s eyeliner will ALWAYS be better
      • Allura can’t handle how gorgeous her boyfriend is on a daily basis
    • Allura also voiced over one of Shiro’s makeup tutorials
      • It was mostly just her screaming over how talented he is
    • Shiro loves to do her makeup
      • Fun fact: Shiro does the makeup for Allura’s Altean role plays 
  • Hunk comes on and they do cooking and diet advice
    • They work well in the kitchen together
    • The atmosphere in these videos is super chill
    • Shiro likes to bring up all kinds of diets and they cook something that follows it
      • Their vegan mac&cheese is to DIE FOR
      • So are their gluten free pancakes
      • Basically everything they cook is delicious
        • So says Allura
  • Surprisingly, Pidge appears on the channel to talk makeup
    • Not so surprisingly, they built Shiro a makeup robot
      • It mixes eyeshadow colors to create new shades
      • Pidge is currently trying to upgrade it to mix lip colors
        • Shiro is very anxious excited

And there we go Part 3! This was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. And the Klance one will probably be longer. (Expect that soon-ish by that I mean today) I’ve also got some one-shots in the works too and maybe a multi-chapter fic? Ahhh so many ideas! *fingerguns away*

YA Was Better In The Old Days

There are times when I really feel that modern girls are being ripped off in their YA. I grew up reading old WWII era Stories for Girls inherited from my grandmother and mother and let me tell you, restrictive gender roles and all, they let girls do more stuff than most of the current crop. And a lot of them were written around Girls Finding Their Calling rather than Girls Finding Their True Love.

For example:

In ‘A Friend for Frances’, Frances has to deal with the realities of being from a poor farming family and convince her parents to spend extra money on letting her go to a good school. She succeeds! She finds a best friend, learns about working hard to achieve your dreams, and ends the book a) all set to pursue her dream of gardening as a career and b) going to Holland to see the tulips because flowers are kind of her life. The only dudes involved in the story are her father, her brother, her best friend’s semi-present father and the Curmudgeon With A Heart Of Gold who gives her an after-school job.

In ‘Nancy Calls The Tune’, Nancy is a gifted musician and trained organist who takes a job in a church to free up the male organist to enlist and Do His Duty. Nancy and her housemate get jobs, work hard, Nancy helps maintain morale for the whole village and meets a nice man who respects her work-ethic and the housemate coerces a pilot into taking her over the channel to rescue her sister who is trapped Behind Enemy Lines. Some of the Patriotic Yay War Boo Cowardice stuff is pretty on the nose, but it still had a lot of Girls Doing Things.

In the entirety of the Swallows and Amazons series the girls were absolutely as competent as the boys when it came to sailing, exploring, and Making Up Cool Shit, and significantly more competent in the areas of cooking, supervising younger siblings, and making fires that wouldn’t go right out. It’s stated repeatedly in text that Susan, the ‘domestic one’, is the only reason they’re allowed to do most of it because she’s the one the parents can count on to make sure that Meals, Bedtime And Basic First Aid are applied at appropriate times. The assorted parents make it very clear to all the kids that John and Nancy may be the ships’ captains but SUSAN IS IN CHARGE IF YOU DISOBEY HER YOU WILL NEVER CAMP AGAIN.

‘The Daring Of Daryl’ features Daryl who is just SO EXCITED TO GO TO BOARDING SCHOOL THAT SHE RIDES A TRAINED BULL TO THE STATION RATHER THAN MISS THE TRAIN. An actual bull. Usual school story hijinks ensue, but I remember the book fondly to this day for Daryl’s almost Australian eagerness to embrace personal danger and sports. Again, very few dudes. 

It’s a bit older, but ‘Rilla of Ingleside’ is to this day one of the only WWI novels not only centered around almost exclusively female characters, but about girls who were at home, trying to cope with rationing and fundraising and answering the phone when any call might be to inform them of a death in the family. Rilla, a slightly spoiled teenager when the story opens, pulls her socks up and grimly soldiers on throughout. She raises money, knits socks, tries to keep her parents spirits up as their sons enlist one after another, somehow holds the family together when one of her brothers dies, and - with nobody blinking an eye - at fifteen adopts a war baby whose mother has died and whose father is overseas and takes care of it until the father comes back. There is a romance, but given that he’s also at war most of the time you don’t see much of him.

‘Dragon Island’ featured three girls who were shipwrecked (if I remember right) on an island with a significant komodo dragon population. They survived and didn’t get eaten and were generally plucky and good at problem-solving. They fished, scavenged, built shelters, all the good stuff. No romance unless you shipped the girls and let me tell you I did.

And there were innumerable Girl’s Own Stories and Girl’s Annuals and Girls Own Adventures in which girls scaled cliffs, captured spies, raised money for charities, thwarted evil capitalists trying to take the family farm, rode horses, saved injured animals, learned instruments, bested bullies, befriended strangers, went to sea, hiked up mountains, found treasure, put on shows, won scholarships, helped old people, won academic prizes, put out fires, and generally MADE FRIENDS WITH GIRLS AND DID ALL THE THINGS.

And every time I pick up a modern YA there’s at least one boy mentioned on the cover and Is It True Love and I just really miss the days when plucky, independent girls named Kate or Debbie or Susan or Abigail or Samantha were allowed to wear sensible shoes and pursue wildly varying hobbies and careers and solve their own problems that did not center around boys. Boys frequently did not even intrude on the narrative except as Annoying Brothers or Helpful Stable Hands.

I grew up reading stories in which heroines were expected to be plucky, tough, resourceful, independent, good at problem solving, unafraid of hard work and good human beings. My daughter is growing up reading stories about girls who fall in love and maybe, like, do some other stuff. I do not like this trend.

TLDR: I am old people and stories for girls were better in my day because there weren’t so many dang boys in them and also girls were allowed to do more things.


Finally got to making a Kuzupeko Child! Her name is Natsuko! I feel like Natsumi would have been slightly painful for Peko and Fuyuhiko to bare so it helped to soften the name a bit! She is the Ultimate Swordfighter (yes so creative I know) and she is the next heiress to the Kuzuryuu clan! (Also the age says “14 y/o not 19 or 17) (not that she had any choice-)

I really liked @http://thewildwilds.tumblr.com/ (cant really tag ppl-)  AU with Gambler/Yakuza Fuyuhiko and Pekoyama and their content got me to ship Kuzupeko slightly more then usual! (Even draw this child oop-) Props to them for making such a lovely well thought out AU with amazing designs! Enjoy all! (more stuff under the cut if you wish to read)

Overview of Natsuko

Natsuko is a quiet girl who prefers to keep to herself, and put on a serious face. Unlike some Kuzupeko children that I have seen, Natsuko takes more interest in her mother. She sees Peko as a strong women, and being a fan of strong women herself, Natsuko strives to be that way. However her definition of strong is tough and that prevents her from being an appealing person to some. Natsumi tends to put on a callus front in hopes of intimidating others, but her height says otherwise. She despises being patronized, belittled, looked down upon, or even babied to an extent. 

Unlike Fuyuhiko, she doesn’t swear as much other then the typical “you bastard!” during times of stress or when her “strong” façade is taken down, but she does tend to bottle up her emotions like anger and at the worst times release it. Natsuko tries to be as tame as she can be, but if frustrated she will break down and the serious build she keeps up will fall, causing her to become no other then the child she is. In the instances she is more likely to cry and get over emotional,

Her swordsmanship is rather impressive, and like her mother tends to wow many people. Fuyuhiko and her have a lovely bond together also. They both take long walks with each other, to which they end up bickering all the way home. All and all, despite her dedication for her mother Natsuko adores her father just as much, and even though they fight at times, she can’t help but run back to him apologizing for her mistake.

The Actor and The Pacifist. Part I

Inspired by a user under the name of FlamingFoxNinja, in regards to human actors and the what if scenario that they are the only ones capable of holding in emotions, faking certain things, and as we in the acting profession like to call it, “Bullshitting,” our way through things. I am a freelance professional voice actor, theater actor, and so on so forth. Hopefully I capture this right in my tired state.


Derrick had been on many a vessel with his traveling companion, Emma. The differences in humans was well cataloged throughout the galaxy, though it was rare to see a female towering over a male. Derrick didn’t mind as he was the voice between them both, considering Emma was quite the shy person despite her behemoth like size at 7 feet tall. This alien Merchant ship was their next vessel to board themselves upon, for their adventures took them farther towards the outer rim, aimed at Algolis V, a hub world for trade and entertainment though notoriously dangerous. “We are going to make such a profit! I tell you this my friend,” Derrick began, “I can just smell it, the credits rolling in will ensure we can make our way back to the Citadel as cultural heroes! Or at least very notable scoundrels.” The last part her mumbled, though his eyes flicked towards a crew member that reacted, thus causing Derrick to grin ever so slightly. 

“Hm,” Emma shuffled in the lounge as they watched the non-human crew go about their business, uncomfortable and pulling her armor closer to her. Between the two of them, she was a beast covered head to toe in thick power armor, though her shyness was a quirk she could not be rid of. Derrick took a more modest and light attire with notably flashy colors on his garbs. The prime piece of his attire was a notable black eye-patch with gold inlays protecting his right eye, resting atop a vicious burn scar beneath it. “Me?”

“Well of course I need you here, my big bad bodyguard and old friend, you are the dashing good looks and muscle of our voyages!” He proclaimed loudly with pride, causing any prying eyes to look away at last. 

“I don’t like violence,” she muttered through the helmet, the voice becoming partially distorted to sound more fiercer than it probably was. 

“Ah but you LOOK like you do,” he whispered and then gestured to her armor, it was far from shiny, and she had always protected her reckless companion well over the profitable years. Despite his attitude, he had a number of connections she used regularly to handle her own personal manners. “That is the beauty of it, of what I learned as an actor,” he took a stand upon his chair, looking as prideful as a man of his 5′3 stature could look without coming off as comedic. “For where we as humans shine is many a specialization.” He leaned forward and grinned, “Mine in its entirety is my powers of hogwash and subterfuge. For even in the army during my time in raids all across the galaxy, battling pirates and bandits, I learned the art of silver tongues is something of masterpiece only we can create! With my skills we will go far in the galaxy!” Derrick was careful in using human slang for lying, seeing the crew around them appearing confused by his jargon caused him to chuckle softly. 

“Excuse me, humans?” one of their alien crew members curiously questioned as he spotted them. “I was requested to bring you before the Captain of the ship, something regarding your,” the avian based sentient gazed down, ruffling some of the feathers on its neck, “Your papers? Specifically the documents you provided regarding your legal status to be here?” 

‘Rules,’ Derrick thought to himself. “The Sarkian always love their rules,” he cleared his throat before opening his arms and smiling, forgetting at times it could still be considered a threat. “My fine feathered friend we would be more than happy to meet your Captain! A Sarkians’s hospitality is legendary among the inner rim, and I am sure we will be happy to make her friendship.” Emma shook her head and sighed, there he went again attempting to make friends in the worst of ways. 

As they passed by a multitude of different species aboard the ship, it became obvious they caught more than a few stares. The rumors of humans being battle hungry Demons was well known, and their survival instincts were something respected and feared. Once they reached the bridge, Derrick adjusted his eye patch and straightened his clothes, “Look presentable, smile, er actually,” he looked up at Emma’s helmet and mask covering the entirety of her face, and she too looked down at him. Even without the mask it was obvious she had raised her brow in confusion. “Better just … Be yourself,” he stated nervously. 

“Nervous?” She questioned. What could it be now? Of all things? He was usually good with hiding such things even from her. 

“Always nervous before a good performance.” He could tell she was confused still. “I… May have fudged some of our papers so we could get on this ship. It was the fastest way to our destination.” Her heart practically plummeted. They were lying about being here? Oh this was going to be a disaster. 

“You are an idiot,” she grumbled. 

“I know, but hey … When in doubt, bullshit your way through.” He straightened himself up and smiled as the doors finally opened. “Greetings and most respectable salutations!” Derrick stated as they walked in. She was already stressing by his sheer stupidity. “We have heard that there was an issue with our papers? A clerical error I’m sure!” He stood proudly, absent of the nervousness that riddled him previously. Emma however was becoming upset and discomforted as so many eyes were on them. 

“Human,” The Captain started. Her feathers were a brilliant fiery red and orange, with touches of green above the head. Her four eyes blinked together as she raised her three clawed hand in a sign of formal greeting. “You have some explaining to do. First, your names.” 

“Why, I am Nathaniel T. Laz’fre, and my companion here is Ulrich Von Xer. We are simple travelers heading towards Algolis V to entertain an extended visit to one of my cousins as she and her wife bear their first child. It is a most momentous occasion for human culture!” His movements and voice boomed with energy, enough to overwhelm and captivate any audience. 

But the Captain seemed to be anything but entertained. “Allow me to clarify. Your REAL names.” she demanded with a stern glare. 

“I do not follow?” Derrick continued to play the game before him, resolute and unflinching. 

“Answer the question, or I will have you put in the brig, without hesitation.” The Captain hissed as she ruffled her feathers in a threatening manner. 

Derrick finally broke character and took on a more serious face, an aura of cold surrounded him as his eyes suddenly changed to that of a thousand yard stare. The smile was like glass, and small, showing no teeth as he stared at the Captain. His gazed caused a shiver up her spine, “Ah, I see. Perhaps you were unaware then.” He put his hands behind his back, standing upright and walking along the consoles of the bridge. “We are on an important mission… A bounty if you would,” he sniffled and gazed at the Captain again, standing much closer than was usually allowed. 

‘Liar,’ Emma thought as she saw him once again spin a tale of epic proportions, detailing how they had been sent out this far to catch a dangerous foe, responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands. He created a name, place, origins of attacks on human colonies they would not know of. It was a masterpiece that caused the Sarkians’s to believe him, or at least become worried enough about who they were dealing with on their ship. “As for our names, my real name is of no concern. To tell you would be a breach of security I, nor my companion, can accept.”

“I-” the Captain was taken aback by this knowledge, and believed it to some extent. She had heard the stories some humans were good liars, taking the truth and telling anything but it. However his demeanor plus his hulking companion caused her to fear for her crew. “Suppose you may stay… Having a human or two of such caliber as you both would surely be a boon of some kind. I do not wish to cause any sort of diplomatic incident, I am just a merchant after all.” She stated with a reserved posture.

“Thank you, my fine feathered friend,” Derrick smirked, his voice a low gruff growl as the words coldly dripped from his tongue like poison. “We will be no trouble… The Terran Republic thanks you for your assistance.” 

With that they left to their newly assigned rooms. “By the Great Mother, what in all four hells are we transporting in those two?!” One of the navigators responding after finally breathing normally again. 

“Humans are terrifying … Tens of thousands dead and they send just those two? They must be exceptionally ruthless.” Another rubbed her beak nervously. 

“Well… Having them aboard could be safe for the crew.” The Captain tried to reason a positive into the mix, but failed to convince even herself. 

Once they were in their shared room, Derrick sighed with relief and began to hyperventilate once he had laid down on one of the two beds, “Oh by the skin of my teeth,” he finally caught his breath. “I was certain they had us made… Good on you my friend, looking as imposing and intimidating as always. You are a natural!” He laughed as Emma sat down on her bed. 

“You lie well.” She stated, finally removing her helmet as it was only them. 

Derrick paused for a moment and smiled, though his eyes were somber. His companion had been with him for years, a decade maybe. Seeing her suffering first hand was still difficult to watch. Her face was burned horribly, eyes replaced by cybernetics from injuries long in the past, and beast claws had left a nasty scar across her face. Though her short raven black hair complemented her bronze skin well, it was clear such scars still made her uneasy when they were looked at. “I do my best,” he responded finally, though his tone was much like his eyes now. 

“Do not stare,” she simply replied before laying down in her armor. 

“Apologies,” he sighed before laying down as well. “We will make it there my friend… I know you wish to see your brother back on the Citadel.”

“Is it wise to speak the real truth here?” She inquired without turning too him. She merely stared at the ceiling above them, the titanium was a bland color, but these merchant ships of the Sarkians’s were never aesthetically pleasing at first. 

“The walls have no ears this time… Trust me, I know,” he stated. Their true intentions. Her dearest friend, a brother by bond, was recently injured. Holovids were one thing, but being there when he woke up in the hospital was another. 

“They say he will be receiving a new arm. He cannot afford it.” 

“I heard,” Derrick sighed, “I heard… We will get to him, and help remove that obstacle of petty debt. I promise you, my friend.” He said the last word with a sincerity she knew could only be given once in a blue moon. “Now… Rest … It will be at least another 5 rotations before we arrive.” With that, Derrick flipped on his side and fell asleep.

Little did they know, on the horizon of their next jump lay a predator… The predator born not of hungry by survival but the hunger of greed. Three pirate frigates lay outside the next hyperspace exit lane, eagerly waiting for another trade ship to pounce upon. Their blackened ships and twisted designs meant for intimidation and boarding. It would be a terrible tragedy… Or would it?

To Be Continued Tomorrow because it’s late AND I’M TIRED AS FUCK.