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Yeah, no. Men should be able to sign away parental rights. Women have abortions and men should have something similar. If a man does not want to be in that child's life, he should not be forced to pay child support for a child he didn't want. You and people like you continue to keep men from have equal rights to women. Women have more reproductive rights than men because you and people like you coddle women.

Oh boy I’ve been lumped in with SJWs! That means I’m running my blog right!

Anyway, on principle that sounds nice, but in practice I could see it as a way for men to dodge responsibility after the child is born and leave the woman out to dry. I think the best course of action would be if the man and woman signed a document BEFORE she got pregnant stating who is going to accept responsibility for parenthood and how long the agreement is to remain in effect. That way if she does get pregnant, there’s no question about whether the man promised to stay and then left or anything like that. But something like that needs to exist first before we implement an easy legal process for a man to abdicate parental rights just to get out of child support.

// okay so I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time because my muse for her keeps coming back (which doesn’t usually happen for a lot of the muses I’ve considered doing in the past) and I’ve rped a muse similar to her before so I might be okay at it??

but anyways, what do you guys think about me making a Say.aka Mai.zono blog and who would want to write with me there if I do make one?

who should you fight: lazytown edition

as written directly after a xyrem dose, by someone barely into season 2


look i know the fandom is divided on this guy but we can all agree he is a literal child, do not fight him. do watch your back because he will run you over with the vehicle he is somehow allowed to own and operate.


again a literal child, do not engage. if you see a slingshot, run.


why are you trying to fight children? anyway she could probably beat you up.


again he is a child, do not engage. could, without question, destroy your life. once casually invented a scanner that transferred living people into a computer. regularly monitors his town with an elaborate spycam setup.


why? why would you ever? you will have to fight me first. just let him eat candy.

Mayor Milford Meanswell

Listen. The man is trying. Whatever he’s done to wrong you, just talk to him about it and I’m sure you can work things out. If you do have to fight him, you’re probably okay.

Bessie Busybody

Again, you can probably take her. But again, why? I know she can be a little demanding and manipulative, but really, just refuse to do what she says. Don’t fight her. Just leave.


Honestly, go ahead. I mean, listen: if push came to shove, Sportacus could absolutely end your existence in about 2 seconds flat, and it would only take that long because he would have to start off with a couple of backflips. But the far more likely outcome is that he will talk you down, ask if he can help you with anything, let you vent to him for a while, give you some advice and/or general encouragement, and then cartwheel away because there’s a cat stuck in a tree. You might feel very silly and maybe a little disappointed in yourself, but ultimately you’ll come away a better person with a deeper understanding of life and what you want from it.

Robbie Rotten

You don’t even need to. Seriously, just leave him to his own devices and by the end of the day he will have essentially lost a fight to himself. Why do you want to fight him, anyway? Just let the man sleep. Just let him sleep.

url change: yuuyaas → yaoyorozus

Hello~! Ning here (once again) with another follow spree! Anime tumblr has been kind of slow this season, so I’m hoping to liven my dash a bit! I’ve also changed my url because I’m super hype about BNHA season coming up soon!! (Also shameless plug to check out the BNHA sideblog I help run: @dailybnha!) 

I apologize to anyone who I don’t end up following, I’m annoyingly picky. It’s absolutely nothing against your blog!

Anyway, please reblog this post if you tag your posts and are mostly anime. Please put your primary fandoms in the tags! I’m looking to bring variety to my dash.

I’m especially looking for:

  • Seasonal anime
  • Assassination Classroom
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Code Geass
  • Ghibli
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Noragami
  • One Punch Man
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Tokyo Ghoul

(I’m also looking for some non-anime content, primarily in DC/Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Fire Emblem - specifically the new Heroes mobile game - along with some other film!)

Bonus if:

  • make gifs/graphics or art
  • are following me

It would be greatly appreciated if mutuals could help me boost this!

Thank you everyone! ♡

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even if i unfollow all my idiot friends are still gonna eat your shit up and ill still see it on my dash, just do me a huge favor and delete this blog please. you've got like 10 others to run. do this awful blue website a favor

you know tbh anon i had a really nice day today. i got something off my chest that’s been worrying me for a while, i reached out to someone who’s gonna change my life for the better, and i’m genuinely in a really, really good mood. this ask means nothing to me but for what it’s worth, imo your friends deserve better than you, (i wonder if they know that this is the kind of person u really are?) and i hope you’re done with this because you are like, really boring

lazytown tumblr headcanons

-stephanie is that overly positive (if slightly obnoxious) girl who runs like a fitblr or a studyblr, or uses it as her diary

-she adds way too many exclamation points

- “Hey guys!!!!!!! How are you today!!!!!” 

- robbie types in all lower case and has never used proper punctuation in his life

-he blogs about fashion and social justice and gets in a lot of discourse

-sportacus rarely goes online but he just reblogs and makes posts giving advice about staying physically and mentally well. he never gets in drama because he is just Too Pure

-he types properly, and somehow you can just hear his accent in his words

reasons this website is garbage and I stopped
  • the staff is incompetent as hell lol
  • “this twitter personality follows a really nasty transphobe who goes out of their way to harass, mock, and bully trans teens and I personally don’t feel comfortable featuring their tweets” got twisted into “GENDEROFTHEDAY IS CALLING OUT DRIL LOL KEK” and “SO YOU’RE SAYING THEY’RE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION?”
  • Somehow saying “the ‘is mayonnaise a gender’ meme is mocking trans people” was interpreted as “defending mayonnaise as a gender”

Anyways, running this blog stressed me the hell out for a lot of reasons (aforementioned ridiculousness notwithstanding) and I would just not suggest becoming popular on tumblr

thanks to everyone who was cool and followed and supported the blog though. I appreciate it.

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So, I kinda really want to make my own Ravenclaw/Hogwarts Houses Blog but I'm just not sure if I can do it bc I'm only learning english for 4 1/2 years now so of course it's bad and I'm not sure if I can do it? So, do you have any tips?

You should definitely go for it! 

a. the only way your english is going to improve is by using it regularly and running a blog will definitely help you to do that

b. your english is great anyway seriously it’s way better than any of my own language skills. don’t let native english speakers put you off- there’s loads of people who speak other languages on this website and I’m impressed every day at people’s ability to learn slang in a foreign language how do you do that?

tips wise, I’d say if you’re not confident in your english skills then remember tumblr is primarily an image based website! reblog ravenclaw art or create your own moodboards (pinterest is great for finding images btw). talk to other people, post original content, and just generally be a nice person. there aren’t many active house blogs around so find your niche and have fun!

ps also if you set up a ravenclaw blog let me know and I can add you to the blog recommendations list in the faq :)


hey everyone☺
I never did that but why not
my name’s Alison and I’m a 22 years old french girl.
I don’t want to label my sexuality but god knows that I’m attracted to girls. I especially am weak on the knees for beautiful androgynous women but you are all so cute I swear.
Anyway come talk to me I promise I’m a kind person.
also note for the people who run this blog : I think I submitted before the submissions had open, I’m sorry please don’t get mad at me!

Xx 😘

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Can I ask for a scenario? No clue how to do this, here goes: Murasakibara and a female classmate who also loves sweets, they share sweets and go to all you can eat dessert shops together. Valentines day - how would the classmate give him honmei chocolates and their reaction? Sorry if I did this wrong in anyway. Thnx, Love your blog *huge virtual hug, runs away*

No come back here, I love hugs (っ´▽`)っ also sorry this is coming out past Valentine’s Day!

Murasakibara stared at the small, heavily decorated box set in front of him. The vibrant pink of the box, matched by the red and white stripes was almost too much for his eyes. There were hearts — at least he thought they were hearts — popping out of every crevice, almost as if they’d been crammed into the spaces. He almost wanted to push it away, unsure whether it was actually meant for him or not with how cutesy the bows and ribbons attached made it look. He definitely didn’t remember ordering anything like that.

But the cashier, who normally stayed in their spot right behind the counter, had hand delivered it saying it was already paid for.

Glancing up at his friend, he noticed how she avoided looking at the box. In fact, she was averting her gaze anywhere but in his general direction. Maybe she knew what was going on?

“____-chin, do you—”

“I think I should get going now,” she said quickly, cutting him off before he could ask. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

And like that, before he could even get a word in edgewise, she was scooping up her belongings and dashing out of the store. He hadn’t even gotten the chance to ask if she wanted to open the package together.

Shrugging — he’d ask about her odd behavior later — Murasakibara pulled at the biggest ribbon in the center, untying it from around the box’s perimeter. It fell open easily after that, revealing an array of sweet chocolates he was sure he recognized as most of his favorites. Inside, on the bottom of the box’s lid, a small note was attached.

To: Mura-chin
From: Your sweets buddy

I hope you like these. Don’t think too much about the wrapping! It’s all they had left.

Popping a piece of chocolate between his lips, Murasakibara thought about how he’d confront ____ next time.

So, in this very same date, exactly one year ago, i start this blog with no idea of how to run it. It’s incredible how fast the time goes and all the things that happen in between: the people you meet, the people who leaves, the lessons you learn, the change in your life and in yourself. Anyway, it’s been a wonderful year in this place and i just wanna say thank you to all the people in this site for being so amazing, all my mutuals that i appreciate so much because they’re the best, and of course all my followers, even if they’re just a few i love every single one of you

I hope y’all beautiful people want to participate in this little thing ツ


  • you don’t have to be following me but i appreciate if you did!
  • reblog this post to spread the word
  • you can request any of these, even all (but the time of reply will depend on it)
  • this will last all the weekend bc why not?
  • blacklist “jude celebrates” if you don’t want to see these

format under the cut!

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I just woke up to discover that we finally reached 10,000 followers !! Admin Kae and I are literally bouncing off the walls because of how happy we are !! I mean, I’m still half-asleep, but that doesn’t change how happy I am !!

I want to thank everyone who follows our blog, who interacts with us, who might not have a Tumblr but always checks our blog anyways, who tries to show us support any way they possibly can. We wouldn’t be able to run this blog unless we had great followers behind us, so thank you for following. It means a lot to us~ ❤️

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Sheesh what's up with all the hate you're getting? You're literally the princess of positivity!! What's there to hate wtf?Anyway just keep doing what you're doing! It's your blog! Run it your way. Everyone who you said explicitly aren't welcome here just have to deal with it jfc it's not that hard to get????~Leaf who doesn't wanna give away their blog but you follow them aha

Aaaaaa you’re so sweet!! Tysm! Like ya’ll can’t expect me to go “um yeah sure trump supporters/racists/nazis/homophobes/transphobes are totally welcome here yeah positivity for all” when 1. That’s literally not positive and 2. Would be going against everything I believe in. I won’t shut up about how I feel about something for the sake of maintaining a “positive image” because that’s not how I roll. You can point fingers and call me “not positive” and throw a tantrum because I’m “excluding” people from positivity, but at the end of the day I’m not losing a wink of sleep over it because people like that don’t deserve my positivity. People like that aren’t positive to begin with and I don’t want them here.

Anyways sorry for going on a whole tangent!

Lesbian Problem #35
  • Some guy: "lol since I like girls I guess that makes me a lesbian too"


Running this blog by myself has been getting a bit difficult and I don’t want to give up on it considering how much I love Riverdale, so right now I’m opening up applications to join Daily-Riverdale in hopes that there are a few people who love Riverdale and would enjoy creating some content for this blog! The application requirements are explained here, but basically I’m just looking for anyone who can great good gifs/edits and can be consistent with posting - I really could use some help running this blog, so I’m not being picky at all. Anyways, if you’re interested in applying ( I will most likely accept anyone who applies), just send in your application here! Thanks so much! - Electra 

Dear Followers,

Those of you who have followed me for a long time might have noticed that I generally try to run a politics-light blog. I avoid Tumblr-typical half-baked SJW stuff as well as fandom Discourse. You’ve probably noticed a huge uptick in political posts, and hope those of you who don’t want to see them have Xkit so you can filter them– I always tag “us politics”. But the reason I’ve chosen Tumblr as the venue for some of my political posts is because, of my various social media (OK that mostly means Facebook because I put zero effort into Twitter and have hardly any followers), I have the most followers here. 

My Tumblr followers are overall 1. younger than my followers on Facebook 2. Less heteronormative than my Facebook followers 3. more progressive than my Facebook followers but also, probably less likely to do stuff like make a phone call (just based on the sheer volume of ‘i’m afraid to talk on the phone’ posts I see), and I know many of you are not even of legal voting age yet. 

I do carefully choose which posts I reblog or which original political content I post on Tumblr. I choose it because I believe that particular message will reach an audience that needs that particular information and/or encouragement to do what you can to resist the Republicans, in the best ways you can. Maybe you can’t register to vote because you’re too young, but you can still do something. Young people are the future!

I’m having a hard time doing business as usual on this blog– blithering about performers, crying over plays and movies, slobbering over hot people, obsessing over historical figures and anything and everything about the 18th century, etc. I’m making calls, going to protests, showing up at my rep’s office, arguing with like-minded but less progressive friends on Facebook, and I’d feel like I wasn’t doing everything I can if I didn’t use my Tumblr as form of outreach and advocacy. 

We’re fighting for our lives here in the USA. It’s all hands on deck.


Hey ✌🏽
I’m Ruki and I’ll be 18 in July. I love hiking, kayaking and running. Living an active lifestyle in general lol
I’m a lover of tea (especially green) and coffee. I play the guitar and uke. I sing as well but I pretty much suck. That doesn’t stop me though haha
Looking to meet more gay friends or even a more than friend. Who knows?
Anyway, you could message me here on my blog @hip-hip-bourree

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Hey Mods! Do both of you do the art for this blog? I just want to say that I love the art style so much and all the characters are amazingly drawn. As a 22 year old who needs to practice drawing more often, this is honestly art goals and motivation for me. And thank you, both of you, for running such a cool ask blog with an interesting story!! I've been following for a while and this has become one of the Undertale things I look forward to seeing updates for the most! :D

Hi Mod Shade here! As of recently I’ve been doing all of the updates. Spacey has done updates in the past but mostly helps with the story and plot now.

But anyway, I’m so happy you love the blog!! And that you think of this blog as art goals???? ajndafkjgksdlbgklsg omgggg dude wow I’m really flattered and speechless aaaaaaaaa!!

And I’m so glad you look forward to the updates! All of this means so much to me <3

I hope to keep bringing you and everyone else good updates!!!

-Mod Shade

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How I, a socially disabled potato (ie INTP), am supposed to take care of my sweet sweet friend, INTJ, depressed and in denial about her condition, who now hides her feelings and thoughts from me so I'm not worried, and who refuses my help anyway?? I really don't know what to do anymore, please send help!!

1) Stop taking advice from this website

2) Ask a real psychologist 

3) Delete Tumblr and/or remember that most MBTI blogs are just comedic relief for the people running it, and are defacto not psychology experts :)


So, would you guys be Sweet+Potato orr


                                                Stop running from who you 𝕒𝕣𝕖
                                             Cᴏɴғʀᴏɴᴛ ɪᴛ 
                                                ᴇᴍʙʀᴀᴄᴇ ɪᴛ
                                                                   And go for its fucking 𝕥𝕙𝕣𝕠𝕒𝕥