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Well the biggest troublemakers and trolls are the OT only fans who hate the prequels, George Lucas and now all of a sudden are the same people who also didn't really like EU material either and are drinking the Disney kool aid they are the ones who make it a point to join prequel fan groups just to troll but those of us who like the prequels also like everything else and we do not troll anyone.

Hi!  I suspect a lot of who the worst troublemakers are depends on your experience!  (Or at least that’s so in my experience!  XD)  Like, some of the OT only fans have a really bad reputation for a reason, but also some of the most unpleasant people I’ve had to deal with are primarily PT fans or ST fans.  Every group has their awful behaved people, every group has at least a handful of really loud people who will constantly crap all over other people’s way of engaging with fandom or try to be a gatekeepr or say you’re interpreting something wrong.

As a prequels fan, boy, have I experienced people coming onto my posts just to add pointlessly negative things about the parts of Star Wars I enjoy.  But I’ve also see prequels fans unable to stop being pointlessly mean to other prequels fans or to sequel trilogy fans who don’t want to engage with Star Wars in the same way, that they just want to like their movies, not become experts on the parts of Legends or even Disney canon that they don’t care about.  And so many OT fans who spend so much energy hating on the prequels because they weren’t what they thought they were going to be.

All of our corners have people behaving like assholes, which isn’t uncommon for any fandom, really.  But, wow, I’ve experienced more of people jumping onto others’ posts to be aggressive to other fans here more than I have elsewhere!  I’m sure other fandoms are probably worse, god knows the Thor parts of the fandom in the MCU had a lot of poorly behaved Loki fans, and I’ve had to say many, many times on my Sailor Moon blog that you can criticize Sailor Moon Crystal all you want, but keep it off my posts, and STILL had trouble with it.

But idk each fandom has their own special flavor of it and I suppose the more one puts oneself out there, the more one has to deal with it.  It’s a learning process to let it roll off me and just get back to having fun and crying about the parts that I like, I suppose.  XD


Pairing: Scott x Reader


Could you do one for Scott? Maybe about him and the reader fangirling over Captain and then they just casually decide to go out or something?

Scott has created a chatroom.

Scott has invited Y/N.


Scott: Cap invited me to train with him. You jelly?

Y/N: He invited me to train with him too! You’re not so special, Lang.


Y/N: Scott. That’s a bit creepy, don’t you think?

Scott: Oh. I… I didn’t think so, but now that you mention it…

Y/N: I’m going to have to let Steve know.

Scott: Wait, Y/N, no, please!

Y/N: He’s not going to approve.


Y/N: I’m messing with you, lol.

Scott: I was shaking!



Y/N: We’re so getting kicked off the team if he finds out about our lil club.

Scott: Like that would stop us from stanning him.

Scott: you when you see Cap


Y/N: A rare pic of me trying to stop you from doing something stupid when Steve acknowledges your presence.


Phil has joined the chat.

Phil: Hello, amateurs.

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Masterlist (avengerofyourheart)

Marvel Reader inserts listed by character, currently Bucky, Steve, Tony, Sam, Scott, and Thor. A huge thank you to @beccaanne814-blog for the gorgeous character banners! 

Accidents Happen Series (reader x Bucky):

Summary: Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings him to the Avengers Tower (post CATWS, pre CACW). Bucky takes an interest in the reader’s quirkiness. (mostly fluff)

Accidents Happen Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

In the Arms of Justice (Bucky Drabble Series):

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later. (drama, angst, fluff)

In the Arms of Justice Masterlist (FINISHED)

Leave This Town (Mechanic!Bucky AU Series):

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Leave This Town Series Masterlist (in progress)

The Lucky One (Movie Challenge Bucky fic):

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The Lucky One Series Masterlist (in progress)

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Tumblr users themed questions
  • 1. What blogs are in the "Recommended blogs" section?
  • 2. How old were you when you made your blog(s)?
  • 3. Who is your best tumblr friend(s)?
  • 4. Which blogs are "Your most liked and reblogged blogs"
  • 5. How many blogs do you follow?
  • 6. Favorite tumblr editor(s)?
  • 7. Favorite blog(s)?
  • 8. How many followers do you have?
  • 9. Who made your icon?
  • 10. Who made your theme?
  • 11. Recommend 5 theme blogs
  • 12. How many likes do you have?
  • 13. Which blogs are your biggest fans?
  • 14. How many posts do you have?
  • 15. Do you share a blog with anyone? If so, who?
  • 16. Who do you get messages from the most?
  • 17. Who told you about tumblr?
  • 18. Why did you stay on tumblr?
  • 19. Do you consider yourself "tumblr famous" or famous in your fandom?
  • 20. What do you think people think when they hear your url?
Having a Youtube Channel with Barry Allen Would Include...

  • you starting a vlog bc you think it would be fun
  • and you’re making your little videos
  • and start to get a little bit of a fanbase
  • just a few hundred, nothing major
  • then one day barry comes in as you’re recording
  • and you’re so embarrassed bc you haven’t told anyone about it
  • but he thinks it’s cool and your whole conversation is hilarious
  • so you think
  • hey
  • i’ll put that in the vlog it’s funny
  • and people
  • freak
  • out
  • like you keep getting followers who are like
  • ‘omg have you ever seen two people more in love???’
  • ‘do the boyfriend tag with barry!!’
  • ‘i ship this’
  • so you keep making vlogs with barry
  • and he never reads the comments he just watches the video and helps you edit
  • so he’s
  • as always
  • oblivious af
  • AND
  • AND
  • sometimes barry does videos where he like
  • explains a science
  • and you’re like his lab assistant and he’s trying to be like
  • youtube bill nye
  • bc this is barry allen
  • biggest nerd of all time
  • and your fans are literally like ‘au where they’re scientists!!’
  • anyway yeah
  • and omg
  • one day barry posts a video that’s just of himself doing a vlog
  • and it’s like
  • ‘ok Y/N is taking a nap and i’m just hanging out here so i’m going to prank her and post this video before she sees’
  • ‘…’
  • ‘can i trust you guys with a secret?’
  • ‘…you should start spell checking your comments.’
  • oh and also there’s a weird conspiracy that your house is haunted
  • bc whenever you make a video alone there’s always a weird red streak that flashes by at some point
An open call for episode transcripts from our Travelers, struggles in creating the Penumbra as a small team, and why we need your help

UPDATE: Some extremely generous fans have stepped up to organize @thepenumbrapodcasttranscripts , so please head over there if you would like to participate! We are deeply touched by the speedy response to this post.

Hey there Travelers,

Kevin here. Over the thirteen months since the Penumbra’s first episode, we’ve received a lot of requests from fans for access to episode transcripts. Many of you have contacted us with well-reasoned arguments about accessibility for those with hearing and processing disabilities. Many of you have expressed frustration about the $7 Patreon reward level, at which donating patrons get to look at the scripts the actors see.

We’ve stayed quiet on this so far, but we haven’t been ignoring you. We recognize your frustration. We apologize if the packaging of our show has made you feel like we don’t notice you, or listen to you, or care about you. We do. Internally we’ve been discussing this for months – and after debating it and trying a lot of things, we’ve come to what we think is the only conclusion that makes sense given our situation. I’ll tell you the conclusion first, and then move backward to our reasoning:

We are asking for help from you, the fans, in making these transcripts a reality. If fans create a tumblr or website that features fan-made transcripts of every episode, we will gladly post a link to it on our website and promote it whenever a new transcript has been completed.

We have asked for this from you all before, but it understandably got lost in the weeks and months that have passed since. As a result, should fans express interest in creating transcripts, we will be reblogging this post once every two weeks until all of the transcripts have been completed.

We recognize that it is frustrating not having the supports you need to access our show as others can. We recognize that asking fans to create those supports is also frustrating. Please know that we are frustrated, too. We are living a very uncomfortable, very difficult reality in creating this show, and up until now we’ve kept the details of that reality invisible to you all. But if I can ask for just a few minutes of your understanding, I hope I can communicate clearly about the obstacles in the way of us creating these transcripts, which are also, not coincidentally, the biggest threats to the Penumbra’s continued existence in general.

What follows is an in-depth look at my reasoning. If you’re satisfied with the above, hey, skip it! You can find the couple of transcripts we had time to make here (as well as one by a fan who asked to be credited as subtlepuns), so go for it, work together, create a platform for them, and feel free to use what we’ve made to get you started. If you’re still bothered, or you don’t understand why we can’t just make all the transcripts ourselves, I ask only that you read and think about our position, here. It is not one made hastily.

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What did she ever do to you?
Show you love?
Be there for you?
Pick you up when you fell?
Be there when everyone walked out?
Be your biggest fan?

And how did you repay her?
By shutting her out?
Leave her wondering?
Making her cry?
Making her feel like she’s not enough?
Breaking her?

You took her for granted
The one person who cared
More than anything
And you wonder why she left?

—  melindacarolinee

Imagine - you are a rising star in the film business, and at an awards show people are asked to name the person they’d most like to meet on the red carpet. Astoundingly, you find your name mentioned more times than you expected.

It was the middle of summer in LA, and that meant it was time for the MTV Movie Awards, an event filled with A-Lister’s from start to finish, and you weren’t able to control your excitement when you were notified that you had been nominated for 3 different awards that evening. The first being, Best Rising Star, the next being, Hottie of the Year, and the last being, Actress of the Year, all three were flattering to even be nominated for yet alone if you won one.

The Red Carpet itself was amazing, sure you’d done it before, but not when people actually knew who you were, not when people noticed you. The ensemble you wore was chic and flattering against your figure, red lace dress which ended below your knees with a pair of nude heels, your hair was in a low ponytail which cascaded down your spine, your make-up was perfection, smokey eyes with a hint of pink, nude lips and amazing contour. So, when you stepped out of the limo, all eyes and cameras were on you, flashed coming from all directions as you walked down the carpet, stopping in various places to pose for the paparazzi which called your name.

Within a few minutes, you had managed to pull away from the flashing lights of the cameras and into a more civilised atmosphere, you turned to your manager who had stuck by your side and made a breezy comment about being relieved that you were away from the cameras which he laughed at as the pair of you walked slowly ahead, toward the news reporters with the large cameras and microphones, “Y/N Y/L/N! Can we have a chat?” one blonde woman asked you and without hesitation, you nodded and moved over to her, flicking your ponytail over your shoulder so that it lay on your chest, “Okay, so with us now we have Y/N Y/L/N, how are you feeling tonight?” the woman asked you, pushing the microphone in your direction.

“I’m feeling good, you know, it’s so surreal being here and people actually knowing who you are,” you giggled nervously as you looked around at the many movie stars and singers which fluttered around outside.

The reporter smiled, “You must be really excited, you’ve been nominated for three awards tonight, and a lot of people are rooting for you to win,” it felt like you were talking with a friend, the woman wasn’t pushy or demanding and she happily went at your pace.

With a nod, you smiled as she finished speaking, you E/C orbs sparkling under the fairy lights above, “Yeah, I’m really excited to be here in general really, just being nominated for the categories I’ve been nominated for is enough for me, I don’t know how I’ll feel if I end up winning one,” you told her casually with a shrug.

The blonde in front of you gave you a comforting smile, “Tonight is all about supporting your fellow actors and actresses,” you nod as she speaks, dipping your head down to hear her clearly, “Who has been supporting you the most throughout your climb to fame?”

The microphone appeared in front of your nude lips once more, “I love my fans, they’re so dedicated and so sweet, my manager is also amazing and he’s been with me since the beginning, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side, but saying that, my biggest supporter would have to be my mom, she’s always pushed me to be the best I can be and without her constant love and support, I wouldn’t be stood here right now, so it’s definitely my mom, without a doubt.”

Many stars began looking in your direction as you spoke to the reporter, it made you feel under scrutiny, it made you feel out of place, but you acted as though it didn’t phase you, “You are the centre of attention tonight, all night we’ve been asking stars who they would want to meet and why, and a lot of people here tonight really want to meet you and talk to you,” she told you as the gazes became more intense.

“Really? Like who?”

“Taylor Swift is excited to see you, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan really want to meet you, Nicole Kidman, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, a lot of people are lining up to speak to you,” she told you and you almost laughed, there was no way people were asking to meet you, “So, to carry on the game, who would you like to meet the most, and why?”

There was a few moments of silence whilst you pondered the thought, “There’s so many people I’d love to speak to, but out of everyone here tonight, I’d have to say I’d love to meet Charlie Hunnam, he’s a fellow Brit and I love his work, I think he’s really talented and just not appreciated enough for what he does for the business.”

“Funnily enough, he said pretty much the same thing about you,” you looked at the woman dumbfounded, “Enjoy your night, we wish you the best of luck!” with thanking the woman, you moved away and began walking alongside your manager again, resting your hands at your sides as you chatted to one another when you stood still.

A hand tapped your shoulder and you turned to see a set of bright blue eyes looking down on you, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t let you walk past and not introduce myself,” his accent made you weak but you plastered a smile onto your face, “I’m Charlie Hunnam,” you shook hands and he gave you a flirtatious smirk.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you told him confidently as you retracted your hand from his grip.

“How about we get you a drink?”

Your Biggest Fan (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You have loved Jungkook since before you even met him, obsessing over BTS and writing the smuttiest fics about him. But once you two start dating you try your hardest to prevent him from finding out. You’re successful for the first few years, until one night….

Word Count: 6,595

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut (who am I kidding this is definitely smut)

Content: masturbation mention, oral sex, Jungkook attempts to be a dom but isn’t very good at it, a little bit of bondage, Jungkook letting you call him Oppa, attempts at dirty talk, Jungkook being the squishy bun that he is

Sneak Peak: 

You sit down next to him, mortified, as you watch him reading in silence. “Are… are you actually into this kind of thing..?”

“I.. uh.. I—” you stutter, not knowing how to answer his question. “I mean I guess..?”

“It just seems so rough, so vulgar… Does— doesn’t that hurt?” He asks, pointing to a particularly rough portion of your fic.

“Nothing could be as painful as this right now.”

Originally posted by mayfifolle

My first BTS fic omg and my first smut. This is for @qweentae who made this imagine and I just had to write a fic about it 😂😂😂. I’m a fanartist not a writer I hope it’s not too bad. Here we go~

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How does one of the greatest shows go to the worst show ever? By completely disregarding its audience. You cannot disregard your audience when it comes to a television show. God knows why AMC and the show runners keep Scott Gimple (easy to control maybe), but they fire Frank Darabont (who wrote and directed The Shawshank Redemption, IMDb’s top rated film) and fire Glen Mazzara. Do you think the show runners are listening to their fans right now (or ever)? Hell no. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE.

aliceinboringland  asked:

Im so mad at myself because I've only joined the random 4 months ago, and even tho I already love them with my hole heart and cry with their special moments and get excited with their songs, I feel like a fake fan cause I haven't been here as long as everybody else so I shouldn't cry when I watch them winning their first award or when they thank us all, but I still do

Hi lovely~ I joined the fandom only a year ago, so I think I understand those feelings. I wasn’t there for their first win, or their first concerts, fansigns, etc.. But I’m here to tell you and anyone else maybe feeling this way that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, or that you haven’t been here for the whole time. What matters is that you’re here now. ♡ This sounds cheesy, but it’s so wonderful that you’ve let BTS into your life and your heart, get excited over their music, love the members for who they are, and celebrate the group’s smallest and biggest of wins as your own. And you know what doing these things makes you? A real fan. Loving, respecting, and supporting BTS is, when it comes down to it, what all fans (no matter how long they’ve been around) are trying to do. So please don’t be angry at yourself, or feel like a fake fan! You are a real fan. ^^ Now please enjoy today, your newest milestone with BTS, and look forward to the ones to come. ♡
- Kristi

GOT7 Reaction // To their S/O being the main vocalist in their group.

as i said before, I have so many scenarios go through my head right before I go to sleep and this is one of them.


Jaebum would be jamming to your songs everyday like he would be obsessed. He’d be so impressed whenever you sang live and made sure to buy all your albums the moment they came out. Biggest fan ever.

Originally posted by mvnghaos


Let’s be honest this boy would buy your albums several times to support your group. He’d always give you advice so you wouldn’t overwork your voice and late at night when the two of you were in bed, Youngjae would def ask you to sing him to sleep.

Originally posted by jypnior


For being a singer himself, he’d give you advice on how to properly take care of your voice since it’s so pure. secretly wants to do a duet with you. He also loves hearing your voice live since it’s so natural and beautiful. Jinyoung would praise you so much because of how well you did onstage.

Originally posted by got7gifs


He’d be so in love. He just can’t get over the fact that he found someone so talented. Mark would buy just about everything you put out and blast that shit on repeat. Every now and then he would ask you to sing for him since your voice was so beautiful

Originally posted by mauloveskpop


Would be the biggest fan/fanboy ever and would fight anyone who tried to prove him wrong. Jackson would buy 10 copies of your content and hype the shit out of you. Also he’d ask you to sing for him everyday. Morning, afternoon, and evening.

Originally posted by ashirley246


Deadass would be the only member who found it as a turn on and you know what I mean by that. BamBam is so amazed by how well you sung. He’d probably be that one member who shows you off too much. All of his attention would be drawn to your voice.

Originally posted by wassereis


Words could not express how much he loves hearing your voice. In your ballad, he would shed a few tears and praise you with kisses and stuffed animals. Sometimes he didn’t even have to ask you to sing for him since he asked so much you just did it naturally.

Originally posted by yugyeompire

So this was a fluffy kind of thing I came up with, I hope you enjoyed <3

Also my requests are currently open so dont forget about that :)


I think its awesome that creators and fans/aspiring creators can connect better with social media and conventions, but I theorize that cartoons especially shoot themselves in the foot due to this and not knowing when to lay off. 
Once you overstep the boundary as a creator, you feel responsible for the fans, and they feel entitled, which creates an unhealthy relationship that gets your show on the one-way train to disaster. And I’m not talking about asking what the fans would like to see diversity-wise or something (because that can be important due to the entertainment industry typically being an echo chamber).
I mean that it’s crucial to not steer away from your creation and goals to please audiences.
And the biggest reason for failure that I’ve seen is just creators getting too involved in fanbases. Like someone who worked on su got run off of tumblr due to entitlement problems. Even putting your toes in the waters by providing simple fan service can lead to disaster if not handled well. It creates this unbalance and unhealthy relationship where creators do anything to avoid making something different than what fans asked for, because it comes across as if one deliberately ignored what fans said. which leads to a bad time and probably a shitty show/game and a shitty fandom lmao 

Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 2

Originally posted by from-wizards-to-soldiers

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve go and pick up your son. The reunion is emotional, but you’re so happy to have Jeremy back in your arms. You take Jeremy back to the tower to meet the rest of the team and one specific person who he’s a huge fan of. Steve takes on a fatherly role and he and Jeremy become close. One night, Jeremy says something out of the blue.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Steve (Familial)

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers, Jeremy Y/L/N, Danny Smith (OMC), Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner, Henry LaMontagne, Peter Parker. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Thor Odinson, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Vision, Clint Barton, William LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne (Mentioned)

Warning/s: None, this is just very fluffy.

A/N: Thank you to @molethemollie for being my beta!!

A/N/N: I’ve decided to make this a crossover with Criminal Minds since the idea for this little series sprung from an episode of that show and it’s much easier this way since there won’t be loads of OC’s that I have to make up. Anyway, enjoy!

Part 1

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The Lady Professor and The Writer: Or, Still Working Hard

by: mldrgrl
rating: R
summary: Hank goes on a two week book tour and misses Stella

Hank was never very fond of book tours, less so as time passed.  It was the travel, mostly, not the signings or readings.  Those could still be fun.  But, the older he got, the more of a homebody he became.  Living out of hotels for weeks at a time could be fun for a few days, but not for weeks.  Being away from his things, away from his routine, away from Stella, held no appeal.

He fought with Charlie about it, but in the end, agreed to a two week tour around the states, hitting the major cities he was the most popular in.  LA, of course, New York, of course, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Baltimore, St. Louis, Providence, and oddly enough, Omaha.  Not in that order.  One night in each city.  He would be on a plane every day for thirteen days.  

He finished the first week on the west coast and then began heading east.  He was mostly looking forward to the last three days on the journey because it would require the least travel time and energy.  Boston to Providence to New York.  He would spend an extra day in New York to see Becca, and then he would fly home.

By the time he made it to Boston and into the home stretch, he was so anxious to be finished, the Q&As and the signings were becoming one giant blur.  Then again, they were all the same, just the faces changed.  He could handle one in his sleep at this point, and it was a good thing too, because he felt like he was sleepwalking through it.  When he got home he was going to have to ask Charlie to review the offers again on his last book for film rights.  If any of them were decent enough, it could buy him some rest and relaxation for awhile.

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Bts reaction when their s/o parents don’t support her being and idol and treat her bad?

These are probably not that great haha but enjoy!!

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners]


Originally posted by ksjknj

(Ignore his crown lol)

It would bother him if anything. It shouldn’t matter if you are an idol or if you were something else your parents should support you. He does understand where your parents are coming from but what matters is that your happy, healthy, and doing what you love and being absolutely great at it. He’s heard the way they speak to, the way they look down at you for being something that they didn’t want but he’s going to let you know that it’s going to be ok and that he’s for. “They hate me,” you mumbled hanging up the phone, but he still heard you. “They don’t hate you y/n,” “yes they do namjoon, did you not just hear what they said to me!” you threw your phone on the bed and you followed after landing on it with a puff. “Why can’t they just be proud of me.” You sounded like you were on the verge of tears and namjoon was quick to come to your aid and hold you in his arms. “Don’t cry baby, it’s ok.” You shook your head and sniffled a bit. “It’s not ok, I’m not ok,” you cried. “I know but it will be, they’ll come around.” He wipes the tear that rolls down your cheek “what if they don’t?” “Then that’s their mistake and I’ll be here for your supporting you like I’ve always been.”


Originally posted by jiminahhh

Knowing that your parents don’t support you because of your choice being an idol would bug him, but when telling him that they treated you badly because of it would really upset him. How does one treat their own child that way and all because the choice you made? It would bug him that you act like you are ok with what they think of you. Jin knows you’re not, ands he’s going to show you that if they won’t support you he will and always had. “Y/n,” he holds your face gently in his hands wiping away the almost dry tear tracks from your cheeks. “What did I do wrong?” “Nothing, you did nothing wrong,” He smiles softly and kisses your head. “But jin,-” “but nothing y/ they need to see that this is what you wanted and that they should be proud of you.” You forced a soft smile that quickly faltered. “I’m here, even if they won’t be.” “What if they never support me?” Jin wouldn’t know what to tell you at first but would hold you close to comfort you more. “Then they’re not very good parents are they?” he half jokes. “Jin,” “I’m sorry I know but its kinda true.” You couldn’t argue with that really, but you didn’t like bad mouthing them, even if they treated you the way they did. “I don’t mean to be mean y/n but you don’t need them if they’re going to be like this towards you.” His head falls on yours and you could feel his arms around you tighten a bit. “You have everyone else to love and support you, you have me.”


Originally posted by jeonbase

Yoongi understands the feeling. Not having the support you needed, wanted, it really sucks. At this time you would say that your family wasn’t on good terms with, like he was before. Yoongi knows what that’s like to. Despite being treated badly and having your parents support, you tried hard for them. To be happy. To have them be proud. He’s been through it all and understands. He’s grateful for all that he has now, but seeing you struggle little by little because the lack of support from your parents would hurt him. Yoongi sees how hard you work, even for them and he’s going to let you know that they’re lucky to have such a talented child such as you. “I don’t understand yoongi,” a small sigh escaped your lips. ‘‘I know this isn’t what they wanted for me but-” you paused dragging your lower lip between your teeth. “Why can’t they just be there for me?” You let your head fall onto his shoulder and he soon has his arm around you. “Because they don’t understand y/n” You look up at yoongi, “Parents think they know what’s best for you, what makes you happy and a lot of the time they’re right I’ll admit that but there are times you have to prove them wrong.” He look up from his lap and at you with a slanted smile. “You got the talent and the passion for this, show them that even if they don’t come around you can do this without em’ because you us, you have me, and your fans.” You smile fondly at him and peck is lips, “Most importantly me,” he says making you giggle a bit. “Thank you yoongi.”


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Baffled. He’d be absolutely baffled of the fact the you treated like that because of your dreams becoming and idol. Who does that? Are they crazy? Granted he didn’t have support either in the beginning but he was never treated like they didn’t care. They just needed to give it time. Not getting support is something he still doesn’t really understand but being treated badly? Hoseok wouldn’t eve be able to wrap his mind around that. He sees how much this would bug you yet you sometimes put on an act. If anything thing he’s gonna be you’re biggest supporter. He’s already claimed the spot for number one fan so why not. “Y/n I know it sucks but I’m here!” He has that cute grin on his face doing some  odd dance to make you smile. “You know that right?” “I do hobi,” his grin falters to a kinder smile. “Good, I’ll make sure you get the support that you deserve and love to, but not just from me, my family loves you to.” Hoseok sits by you and bring you in close to kiss your cheek. “They’re going to be proud of you I promise, just give it some time.”


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Jimin would probably be a bit angered knowing that your parents treated you badly. He wouldn’t like the fact that they didn’t give you their support either. That’s something he’ll never understand. Aren’t parents supposed to encourage their young ones and step all over their dreams? What happened to “I love you no matter what?” Or “I believe in you,” stuff like that. Jimin would let it get to him a bit because he cares so much bout yo and would ramble on about how you deserve better. “Who needs them anyway?” he huffs. “Jimin that’s not nice I do.” “Ok I didn’t mean that but still, aren’t you upset about this?” You shrugged a bit “I am but they’re still my parents and I love them. Even if we don’t quite get along at the moment.” You could feel his eyes on you, you knew what he was thinking. “they still shouldn’t have done that to you,” he says quietly. “I know, but I think they’re just scared of what could happen to me, I know they still care.” “So you forgive them?” You shrugged again. You weren’t even sure if this is something to be forgiven or to just be left alone. “Oh well no matter, I’ll love and support you like never before.”


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Taehyung would be surprised. How can anybody treat you so? Having knowledge of them not supporting you as well would make him sad. Parents are supposed to love you and cheer you on so why don’t they? He knows you care about them but whenever you bring them  up you have this sad look to your face. Taehyung doesn’t to see you upset at the thought of them so he would do anything to have you smile. “Babe, can you look at me please?” His deep voice calls sweetly to as his thumb caresses the top of your hand. “Don’t be so upset, I know it must not be a great feeling but they still love you,” You chew at the inside of your cheek looking down again. “I just want them to be proud,” you pulled yourself up and hugged him. “I know you do, but they still don’t change I’m still going to be your biggest supporter, ok?” you nodded and nuzzled you head in the cook of his neck. “I love you,” “I love you to.”


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This boy here would be utterly lost when you told him about your parents. He’d probably have a hard time believing or understanding the way you’ve been treated. Until he experienced it that is. Let’s just say the video call wasn’t all smiles and laughs. Hearing the way they spoke so harshly at you would have him in shock. Why do you put up with this? How? “I hope you know what they said isn’t true,” Jungkook would sit by you and hold your hand in his. “They don’t mean anything, their words I mean.” You knew he was trying to cheer you up but you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. “But I’m just a disappointment to them.” Jungkook’s eyes widen from your word and tears and hold your face in his hands so you could look at him. “No, no, no you’re not y/n you are not a disappointment.” He tries to calm you but isn’t sure what else to do. “Then why?” “I don’t now,” he says. He really doesn’t, there should be no reason for you to be treated that way. “It’s ok, I’m here.”

Hope you liked it ☺
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Lost and Found Part 1

Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: pleaseee write more newt imagines! Your existing ones are amazing!

Summary: Reader accompanies Newt to New York and makes new friends along the way, while also getting caught in the middle of a dangerous mess.

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey everyone! Just thought I would drop in and say hi. Also, hope you enjoy this fic!!

I do not own anything!!!

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“I know for a fact that he hates me, Y/F/N. Don’t even try telling me otherwise.” You muttered, trying your best to balance the tray of coffees and teas while making sure your phone wasn’t going to slip from its position from in between your ear and shoulder. 

“So what? This is your job. Just smile and nod and you’ll be fine.” 

“That doesn’t matter! I would prefer to have my boss like me.” You huffed, using your shoulder to push the door open before walking down the hallway. You had only started working for Harry about two weeks ago and the most exciting thing he made you do was to bring coffee and tea for his team. “I’m trying my best, y’know. I really am!” 

“I know you are! But you’re going to have to accept the fact that maybe there are some people out there that just don’t like you!” 

“But I’m such a likable person!” This honestly wasn’t fair. You didn’t even know why Harry wasn’t the biggest fan of you. 

Ever since day one he just seemed like he wanted to murder you. (You were being a little dramatic here, but still!) It was upsetting, really. You had heard so many good things about him, like how charming he was, how sweet he was… That was true if you applied it to literally anyone besides you. You hated that his first impression of you was a ditzy irresponsible person who constantly tripped over her feet! You had really, really been trying your hardest to get him to like you. The most you had gotten was a little smile and a nod before he was sending you off to pick up his dry-cleaning. You were basically like a little slave, but you were sure that if you worked hard enough and proved to him that you were capable of so much more, he’d let you in on the team meetings! Maybe. 

“Suck it up, Y/N! You’re working for Harry bloody Styles!” 

“That’s not the point! It doesn’t matter who I’m working for, what matters is that if the person I’m working for likes me or not! It would be nice if Harry bloody Styles actually bloody liked me!” You felt your phone buzz against your ear, indicating that you had received a text. Of course, you couldn’t check right now considering you had no free hands. 

“Not to mention, more evidence that he doesn’t like me is that the other day when I complimented his pink suit, he only said thank you. But when the water girl - I forgot what her name was - when she complimented his suit he started raving about it and- I don’t know, he was just being an asshole!” You exasperated, shoving against the swinging door roughly and- The next thing you knew, the cups of coffee and tea had clattered onto the ground and splashed onto- You’ve got to be kidding me

“Hm.” Your eyes widened when you saw Harry standing in front of you, his eyes shut while he stood there frozen, coffee already seeping into his clothes. (You hadn’t even noticed your phone clattering to the ground as well. You were just that shocked.) 

“Mr. Styles, I am so, so sorry,” You stammered, unsure whether to pick the empty cups off of the floor or take your hoodie off to dab at his soaked shirt. Everyone from the meeting room had popped out to see what the loud crash was, your cheeks reddening at the sight of a couple people giggling at what you had just done. “I didn’t- I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry!” You breathed out, feeling absolutely mortified. 

Harry let out a harsh sigh, wiping droplets of liquid off his clothes and his arms before looking right into your eyes. “You better clean this up quickly.” 

“I will, and I’ll replace the coffee-” 

“I’ll send someone else for the coffees considering you’ve jus’ proven how incapable you are at handling a simple task.” 

“Shit, I-” 

“Watch your profanity, this is a workplace. Jus’ clean up and head home, yeah? I’ll text you if I need anything.” 


“Miss Y/L/N. Please, I’m begging you to go home before you burn this bloody place down.” 

If Harry hated you before, he hated you even more now. 


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William Nylander - White Orchid Part 2


authors note: here is the continuation of my previous william nylander imagine. i know a lot of this is william’s family. but i hope that’s ok as i adore the nylander fam. there’s some fluff in there as well. my requests are also open now, so if you want to request a imagine feel free to do so. i hope you enjoy this and don’t be shy about giving me some feedback! i appreciate it a lot.

word count: 3158

Giving Jackie a high five you handed her a bottle of water. ” Well done Jacks. You just keep on getting better and better. Soon you’ll have to hire a professional to train with you on a regular basis. ” Looking at you, Jackie chuckled. ” Yeah well, you’re way better to play with than my brothers at least. ” You knew that the competitive side took over both William and Alexander in every way, shape and form. Even when they were playing against their sisters. At least when it came to tennis.

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thecouchwitch  asked:

So my boyfriend is japanese and i was in japan without him on holiday recently and got him a book. The books in the store were all in japanese so i picked a totally random one with a pretty cover and hoped he liked it. I bring it back to Australia and present it to him along with some bsd merch, and who does he tell me wrote it???? EDOGAWA RANPO.

First off, I hope your trip was a bunch of fun! and literally it’s fate that you got a Ranpo book