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Model Material {Harry Styles Smut}

REQUESTED: nooo haha i’ve just been wanting to dabble in writing abt harry!

okayyyy so i’m super nervous abt posting this bc i used to write abt harry a long time ago and now i rly wanna get back into it!!! i rly truly hope u guys like it. if u do, feedback is definitely welcome! it only takes a second and it means a lot to me 💖


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N°1 in the Jibcon 2017 edit spam - Friday Panels: Adam Fergus

“So, tell me; are those truly the only bones you wanna show me?”

the flirt master’s expertise transcends all universes.


J?r?my: woah ok-

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so uh!! I’ve decided to grab some guest artists up in this blog but the thing is that,,, approaching ppl makes me hella nervous so!!! all you guys can i guess, audition? for being a guest artist on this blog??? All you basically need to do is message me on this acc and send me some art exmaples, yknow? And pls dont feel bad if i say no!! its not because i dont like your art, its because i dont want to have TOO much guest artists to the point where you can never see my art here anymore so!! :O!!!

You Dug This Grave Yourself, Sweetie

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Word Count: 2230
Summary: The basic plot of Tony Stark’s daughter gettin’ together with Spider-Man behind his back, that I just can’t get enough of…
Warning: Ya girl didn’t edit this (Please forgive me, I promise I’ll edit the next one)

“You know you’re a deadman, right?” Bucky smirked knowingly, plopping onto the couch beside Peter, a bowl of cereal in his hand.

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Imagine Dean watching you take care of a baby and realizing he wants to have a family with you when it’s all over.

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

“Aaaand- we’re done!” you grinned as you placed the small plate on the side and grinned down at the little puddle of happiness. The little baby girl giggled at you as you tickled her tummy.

“All clean and fed, aren’t you a happy little princess huh?” you grinned down at her as she squirmed happily in your arms, lifting her hands and legs as if reaching out to you. You chuckled as you picked her up.

You were on yet another case with Sam and Dean, when you realized that your witch was targeting innocent children of all ages. The baby you were holding as of now had just lot her mother who had decided to fight rather than let her daughter die. You had decided to take care of her until the case was over and you could find her father that, as the woman had said, happened to be out of town. There was no way you’d let her to the cops who would take her who knows where.

“Look at you-” you cooed at her “So pretty, you like your pink shirt? Dean picked it up for ya! Gotta admit, I never expected him to have such a good taste. Who knows, maybe you inspire him.” you winked at her as she giggled, bubblingand trying to say Dean’s name.

“I’ll try not to be offended at what you are actually implying.” came a voice behind you and without even having to turn you smirked.

“Oh you definitely shouldn’t!” you chuckled, picking up the little baby “The clothes you picked are pretty darn good!” you grinned at him as you turned with the little girl in your arms. Your smile flattered only for a split second as you saw a kind of emotion you could not understand wash over his face.

“Geez thanks.” he mumbled looking away and you giggled.

“No problem” you shrugged, looking back at the little girl “What? What is it little one?” you cooed at her once again, making a funny face at her and eliciting a giggle from her.

“Isn’t it amazing?” you asked Dean but still didn’t look at him “She’s always so happy… despite what has happened.” you added with a sad mumbled and heard him sigh.

“At least she has her father, hopefully he’s not going to change after-” he stopped himself and cleared his throat “Yeah”

You dared glance at him for a second and instantly felt the need wrap your arms around him and comfort him. It wasn’t as if things were any easier for him lately, even with Mary’s return. If anything, it seemed that he had one more worry to burden his shoulders.

“Hopefully” you mumbled as silence followed for a moment, but it was broken by the little girl bubbling at you and you couldn’t help a giggle “Besides- look at this beauty! Who could ever resist her?” you grinned down at her as she laughed.

“Yeah” he breathed out but this time you didn’t look up at him, too focused on the little girl in your arms to pay attention to anything else.

Maybe it was your instincts kicking in, you wouldn’t know since you didn’t have nor had thought of having children, but you were willing to make the most of your time with her. And while doing that you were willing to shower her with love and make her as happy as she could be.

“What? What little princess?” you giggled at her as played with your necklace, a gift from Dean on one of your birthday’s “You like the necklace?” you chuckled and she giggled.

“It’s a gift.” you said with a grin “Hey!” you chuckled as she pulled on it alone with some of your hair “Easy there little one.” you pushed her tiny hands away from you for a little “If you want to pull on some hair, we have Dean here for that!” you said and she giggled as you glanced at Dean who was glaring at you.

“What?” you chuckled “She wouldn’t be the first woman to, after all.” you shrugged and he scoffed with a roll of his eyes.

“Dah! Deh- D!” she bubbled and you giggled when she finally exclaimed and Dean himself couldn’t stop a chuckle from leaving his lips.

“She already adores you, unbelievable.” you laughed as you pushed a few short strands of hair out of her face. Although it was not all that hard to believe considering you had such a soft spot for the older Winchester- well, it was much more than just that but you were scared to admit it even to yourself.

“Hey princess, want your stuffed bee?” you asked when you noticed her eyes were on the toy Castiel had brought her.

“Beeee!” she squealed and you laughed, grabbing the stuffed animal and waving it in front of her as she giggled, reaching out her hands with a small pout when she couldn’t reach for it as much as she’d like at least.

“Here” you giggled as she wrapped her tiny arms around it, a wide smile on her face. You chuckled kissing the top of her head, making her big green eyes look up at you in a second. They were so big an beautiful, adorned by long eyelashes that made your heart swell inside your chest.

“You love it a little too much don’t you?” you asked with a chuckle “Uncle Cas made a great choice too huh?” rubbed her tummy, making her laugh adorably. A laugh that cut short by a yawn leaving her lips, making you chuckle.

“Well, someone’s tired, aren’t you?” you chuckled “Come on, princess. Let’s get you to sleep.” you said as got up from your bed and walked towards her port bebe. It was the only thing you had for her to sleep. You tried taking the stuffed animal from her hands but whining she only tightened her grip around it.

“Or not.” you mumbled with a shake of your head, making sure as you got up that the shirt didn’t move much. Dean’s shirt by the way, because you were just too comfortable to take it off and you loved Dean’s smell a little too much.

“D!” she let a soft whine, reaching for something behind you and you turned to look at Dean that was still standing there, eyes almost wide as the little girl reached out for him.

“What? Want Dean to put you to sleep?” you smiled softly, looking between her and the hunter who seemed all the more nervous.

“D!” she exclaimed and you chuckled, looking at him.

“Come on, she wants you to hold her.” you said and he hesitated for a moment “Come on Dean, she won’t bite you.”

“But what if- what if she-” he stuttered, taking tentative steps towards you.

“What? Falls from your hands? Don’t be silly Dean. Alright, see-” you placed her down on your lap “Not hard. Now come here, because I see a crying feat coming if you don’t take her now.” you said a little sternly and he swallowed thickly, complying like a little kid.

“Just put your arms around her like this.” you said softly, guiding his hands so that he could hold her “Told you so, easy.” your hands rested on top of his holding her.

“She’s-” he started, eyes focused on her “She’s so beautiful.” he confessed and you smiled widely, nodding your head softly.

“She definitely is.” you whispered “Just look at her, staring up at you with so much adoration. I don’t know how you do this Winchester.”

“What can I say-” he chuckled “Chicks dig me.”

“Hmh” you hummed, subconsciously rubbing your thumb over his hand “That they do. Must be the charming smile.” you pointed out and he grinned almost shyly “It wins their heart over.”

“All of theirs?” he asked you, finally locking eyes with yours and for a second you frowned at what he could be really asking. But you didn’t have to question it as the little girl spoke up.

“D!” she jumped slightly and you chuckled as Dean’s eyes widened for a moment, scared she’d fall from his hands any given minute.

“Gosh you’d be an amazing father.” you whispered, tucking a few strands of hair out of her face; your eyes moving between her and the hunter.

“Not as much of a wonderful mother you’d be.” he confessed and you smiled shyly.

“I doubt it but thanks.” you mumbled and he gave you a look.

“You wouldn’t if you’d seen all the things I did today.” he confessed and your eyes locked with his, finally realization downing on you like a tone of bricks.

He had been watching you. His eyes had been focused on you the entire time, not the baby. At least not entirely the baby. He had been watching you acting all motherly with her, feeding her, changing het, putting her to sleep, playing with her and doing pretty much everything a new mother would. And all of that while wearing his clothes. All of it now was able to explain the look of nostalgia written all over his face and just why his eyes were glistening with unshed tears. He wanted all of this… with you.

Summer Camp

this is my first set of head cannons or writing any type of fanfic so im sorry if it’s really crappy Also this is basically based off of me working in a cafeteria at a summer camp lmao. Also this is unedited sorry if there’s lots of spelling mistakes. i’m not the best speller. Hope you guys enjoy :)
You work in the kitchen at a summer camp and help serve food to the little kids and Jared’s a Counselor for kindergartens
Warnings - one swear word
- this is both of your first years and on the first day he sees you and thinks that maybe this job won’t be that shitty
- Jared would be the counselor all the kids love because he’s really loud
- okay so he’d always play make believe games w/ the kids
- or he’d play tag and pretend to be really bad and always let the kids win so he could see them get really happy
- whenever he saw you when you served food he’d be really extra and try and look cool
- he’ll say anything to make you laugh and crack your rbf from prepping food all day
- and about 3-4weeks into the camp one of the kids say that Jared thinks you’re really cute
- after one kid said it they all kept telling you that
- so you’d start to blush a lot
- and he’d walk in and all the kids would giggle and try and act like their innocent
- Jared would ask what they we’re telling you but you didn’t want to embarrass him
- until one of the kids from another group says “Your class said you think Y/N is cute
- and Jared would get really embarrassed
- at the end of the day he’d come back and want to apologize but you said it was endearing and with a sudden burst of confidence he asks for your number
- from their you constantly text and form a really good friendship
- and tease e/o whenever you saw e/o at work

i know people feel like they messed up how magnus showed alec his cat eyes and ruined another first for malec or whatever but i completely disagree i love that it was shown in the way it was with magnus being in charge and just showing the lightwoods and being like “this is who i am” and alec’s little peak of interest… loved it


Liam x Reader

Warnings: smut, sex, public sex, rough, biting, +18 gif undercut

Liam let out a low grumble as he shifted in his seat. It took all he had not to crawl under the table and bury his head between your thighs. Instead he glared at you from across the table while prodding his lunch with a fork.

When he finally had enough one hand vanished under the table and just as he had reached your thigh Scott’s hand grabbed his wrist while his glare was fixed on you. “Stop it (Y/N), don’t look at me like that we can all smell you.”

“Well we can’t.” Stiles added and jerked his thumb at Liam. “But this one looks ready to make it with the nearest thing that moves so, it’s a little obvious.” He chuckled when you pulled a face on innocence before leaving without a word, throwing a bright smile over your shoulder at Liam who looked like he was half way between a dead faint and crawling through the canteen over to you.

During your lesson Mason sat between you and tried to keep you both focused on the work. “… the trip will begin tomorrow morning and will end on the Saturday evening,it is compulsory even for those on the Lacrosse team.” Your teacher finished but you had barely pulled your eyes away from Liams.

When the class finished the three of you met the pack at Scott’s locker per usual and started walking out to Lydia and Stiles’ cars. “So is anyone else going on that trip because we have to miss the game?” Liam asked and Stiles rolled his eyes.

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Regarding Kim Taedong

Hello, do you guys know who this kid is? -long post ahead

Yes, he’s the F to A class kid who smiled wide with uneven teeth and wriggles hand when nervous. Who also made the shape of you performance more incredible and amazing by suggesting scarf biting koreo.

Yes, he’s Kim Taedong

Some of you might not know or already know, he’s the original member of JBJ at first (as kencalltaegyun). And currently confirmed will debut with JBJ.

The thing is he’s facing a problem

So he actually wanted to leave his current agency. He terminated his contract and left to his hometown, disappeared for a week with no news, the company couldn’t reach him. So the company told the public that he’s actually absent from all activities (which actually none) because of personal reason.

When some said he’s actually leave to auditioning to another agency (i still need more proof of this). 

The company didn’t accept the one-way decision and Taedong’s disappearance which makes everything more difficult for both. They’re still discussing for what they would do next about this to reach an agreement.

This could affect the JBJ’s debut. Loen doesn’t care about individual problems, their job is only to get the members together and have them debut. There’s a possibility that other companies (who already agreeing for the JBJ debut) will change their minds about JBJ because of Taedong’s problem. 

I’m making this post not to make you guys blame Taedong like what he already get by now since everyone’s afraid of the possibility of JBJ not debuting. I’m afraid too but Taedong doesn’t deserve the hate, he need support.

As an ATM who has been with them since the start, you either stan them as whole or not at all, for the sake of JBJ. If you blame Taedong for JBJ’s not debuting possibility, I’m telling you guys to understand the kid’s situation.

Fans has been waiting for his ig update since forever, however this what we get. A heart breaking post on ig regarding his situation, which we should thank @kimshihyuns who translate this

Kim Taedong is having a physiological pain and a lot of pressure, he has so much on his mind. Guys, Kim Taedong is always the bright kid a group always needed. He didn’t mean everything to be like this, he made mistake but everyone did that when they wanted to be free and already tired with their current situation.

Taedong wanted to leave. We don;t know what is actually happening. Me. You. ATMs. haters. siders. None of us know. But one wouldn’t do something so reckless like this if nothing triggered him to in the first place.

We know Taedong has reasons. At least ATMs know. 

I wanted to say, please support Kim Taedong. We know JBJ’s future is also at risk because of this. But you support JBJ, that means you gotta support Taedong too, because as like everyone says, JBJ is complete with seven member

Debut as whole or not at all. Support JBJ as whole or don’t. Because he didn’t need hate right now. He need support from everyone so he can get up and fight for himself and for JBJ.

JBJ’s members are supporting them too. Why dont we. 

Please support Kim Taedong. He deserve the world and the whole universe. Thankyou. (sorry for my longass post)

Betrothed [Jon Snow]

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow x Reader

Word Count: 1,970

Warnings: Smut

Request: can u do one with jon snow where he’s the king in the north and you’re bethored to him cause you’re from a noble Family but you love eachother, and in the oneshot u two have been together for over a year and its just some cute fluff stuff and maybe sum smut

Hope you like it x

You fingered the silk of your white wedding dress nervously.

“You look beautiful.” Sansa smiled from behind you

She was currently brushing out your hair so that it fell down your back like a silky waterfall. Sansa had been helping you get ready for your wedding day all morning; she had turned you into a masterpiece, you had never felt more beautiful.

“Are you sure he wants to do this?” You blurted out suddenly.

You had been nervous all night; it was the first night that you had spent without Jon in months. It had felt strange to not have him there beside you, kissing your neck with his arm wrapped protectively around you. Thought had swirled in your head all night; wondering if he truly wanted to marry you. You had been betrothed for years now and although you have been together for a year; you couldn’t help but wonder if he was only with you because of duty.

“Y/N, Jon loves you.” Sansa reassured you gently, “He’s been waiting to marry you since the day you met.”

“Y/N, stop fiddling with your hair.” Your mother scolded as our carriage came to a halt in Winterfell.

“Sorry.” You mumbled.

You couldn’t stop fidgeting; probably because you were about to meet the man you were betrothed to marry. Your marriage to Jon Snow had been planned years ago by both of your families; and when Jon Snow had become The King in the North it had been decided that now was the time to meet each other. You couldn’t be more nervous. You had no idea who Jon Snow was, you had only heard that he was a brave and valiant soldier who had fought valiantly in the battle against Ramsey Snow.

“What is wrong dear?” You mother questioned gently when you didn’t move from the carriage.

“What if he doesn’t like me?” You whispered fearfully, “What if I don’t like him.”

“You will grow to love each other.” Your Mother reassured you; although it had the opposite effect, “Now come on, they are waiting.”

The wedding was going to take place in the Great Hall. The servants had been decorating it all night, lighting candles so that everywhere had a soft gentle glow. Flowers had been bought from the markets and scattered everywhere.

Sansa began leading you down to the Great Hall and you bit your lip as you heard the quiet whispers of the guests.

“There you are!” Arya beamed when she caught sight of you and her older sister, “You’re late!”

“Just like the first day we met you.” Sansa smirked.

“She’s late.” Sansa whispered to her sister Arya.

They were both watching their older half-brother; who was currently pacing the great hall. He had been fiddling with his hair for the past hour and the two girls had watched him in amusement.

He stopped suddenly, turning to face them with a worried look in his eyes, “Well?”

“What?” Arya frowned.

“Do I look ok?” Jon questioned anxiously.

This only caused Sansa and Arya to laugh.

You and your mother were waiting outside the great hall. A servant pushed the door open and announced you both.

Your eyes fell on the young man before you. He was handsome; so handsome it made your heart flutter. He was tall and muscular with wild curly hair that made your hands itch to touch. His dark eyes met yours and a nervous boyish smile spread across his lips.

“Lady Y/N.” He greeted you softly, walking until he was stood in front of you. He hesitantly took your hand in his, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

The sound of violins flooded your ears as you walked down the hall. A veil covered your face and you clutched a bouquet of flowers in your hands. Your heart hammered in your chest and the world seemed to slow down as you looked at Jon.

He was stood at the end of the hall. His hands were folded in front of him; his hair slightly tamed although it was still wild and curly, just the way you liked it. His dark eyes met yours and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile spread across his face. All doubt vanished from your mind as you realised that what was happening right now was so right. You loved Jon with all your heart; you had loved him since the start.

“So how are you liking Winterfell?” Sansa questioned curiously.

You were currently walking with her around the courtyard. In the weeks that you had been staying in Winterfell you had grown close to the redheaded girl. It had taken a while for the young girl to warm to you; although you weren’t surprised after everything she had been through.

“I like it here.” You answered honestly.

You did like Winterfell. It was different from where you were from. It was strange that Winterfell was always associated with harsh winter when the people here were like summer. Everyone had welcomed you, smiling warmly and pausing to talk to you whenever they had a chance. You felt free here; you could shoot your bow and arrow and run around the forest with the Stark direwolves.

“And Jon?” Sansa pressed, a small smile on her face.

Your cheeks heated up at the mention of the curly haired man. Over the past weeks you had spent a lot of time together. You had grown comfortable with him; you shared the same love of books and horse riding, and you could now talk to him without worrying about saying something stupid. However in the past week things had changed; every time you were near him you couldn’t stop looking at his lips, wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Lingering touches had been exchanged, and longer goodnight as you both stared at each other longingly.

“Yes, I suppose I like him too.” You answered casually.

Sansa smirked, seeing right through your act, “Is that so?”

You opened your mouth to reply when something nudged at your legs. You looked down to see Ghost, his snow white fur slightly dirty with mud. You kneeled down and stroked his head; smiling as he moved closer to you.

“It’s amazing how much he likes you.” Sansa breathed in shock, “He only ever lets Jon touch him usually.”

“It seems I have some competition.” A deep voice stated in amusement.

You looked up to see Jon walking towards you. He was also slightly muddy, his sword strapped to his side and his boots wet. You guessed he had been practasing fighting in the woods; you had learned he often did that when he needed to clear his head.

“It seems you do,” You grinned teasingly, “And I’m sorry to tell you but you’re losing.” You stroked Ghost once again and Jon smirked.

“I’ll have to change that.” Jon said with determination, “Walk with me?”

“Of course.” You agreed, moving to stand beside him after waving goodbye to Sansa, “Especially if Ghost is coming.” You added teasingly before you allowed him to lead you into the woods.

You look beautiful.” Jon whispered as you finally reached him.

His hands found yours immediately, tugging you towards him as you both repeated your vows.

“I love you Y/N.” Jon smiled.

“I love you Jon.” You breathed happily as his lips closed around your own.

Jon had finally given into temptation.

He had you pressed against a tree trunk, his arms wrapped around you small frame as he kissed you desperately. Your hands were entangled in his hair as you kissed him furiously, your heart beating madly in your chest as the man you loved kissed you.

You had not planned for this to happen; it was just supposed to be an innocent walk in the forest, but the hunger had taken over you both and you couldn’t wait any longer.

“Gods Y/N,” Jon breathed against your lips as his hands caressed your waist, “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?”

You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.” Jon gulped huskily as you walked over to him.

The wedding ceremony was over and after much drinking and dancing, Jon had finally taken you up to his bedchamber. Throughout the night your need for him had grown; you had exchanged glances every second and danced so closely the guests around you had began to grow uncomfortable. But now was the time; you were finally alone.

Jon tugged you towards him; not able to control himself any longer.

His lips were on yours in seconds; hot and passionate. Your hands entwined themselves in his curly hair as his tugged at the strings of your silk wedding dress. He grunted when he finally loosened the fabric; quickly tugging it down your body. His eyes trailed down your naked body, a low groan escaping his lips before he met your eyes once again.

“My beautiful wife.” He smiled before kissing you once again.

You kissed each other desperately, a hunger you had never experienced taking over you. You had waited for this moment over a year; your body had been begging to be touched by his own for over a year.

Jon backed you up so that you fell on the bed. He crawled on top of you quickly, kissing you fiercely before he turned his attention to your neck. He nipped and sucked, leaving his mark before he moved further down your body. His mouth closed around your breast, his tongue swirling around the sensitive bud. The new sensation caused you to gasp, your fingers carding through his dark hair.

He moved lower until he was kneeling on the ground, his face between your legs. You looked down at him to see him licking his lips, his dark eyes flickering up to meet your own. Without warning he leaned forward, his tongue circling your clit. A loud moan sounded from your lips as your back left the bed. He continued to lick you, teasing you with agonisingly slow circular motions until you were begging him to let you come. He lunged deeper, his tongue moving at such a fast pace it left you a screaming mess.

You breathed heavily as you came down from your release. Jon quickly tugged down his trousers and squared himself up against your entrance. You sat up so you could wrap your arms around his neck. He pushed into you slowly and kissed your lips softly; stifling your moan. He groaned at the feel of you and rested his forehead against your own.

“I love you.” He whispered against your hair.

His movements sped up when you started moaning. You tugged at his hair and bit his neck, moaning as his thrust became harder and more unforgiving. You squirmed against him, moaning his name as he pushed you further and further over the edge. One hard thrust caused you to break, curses spilling for your lips as you threw your head back in ecstasy. Jon helped you ride your high out before he couldn’t hold it any longer.

He gently laid you down on the bed, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close to him. He kissed your sweaty forehead gently as you gazed up at him; wondering how you ever got so lucky to be able to marry a man you loved so dearly.

“Goodnight wife.” He grinned boyishly; looking down at you lovingly.

“Goodnight husband.” You replied, just as happily.

okay but enj as a mechanic. he’s got a kid at home, the details are fuzzy but it was either adopt or give her to the jaws of the system, and we all know what he’s about.
he really likes hands on work, finishing a job, fixing things. not to mention there’s not much else for him to do, never having gone to college for lack of funds. he went to trade school early on, spurred by his parents, who were lovely people who wanted their son to be able to support himself. of course, even with a busy schedule he’s working himself hard to get some kind of college education, trying to be a perfect parent and making ends meet with work.

enter: grantaire. a mess. his car is a piece of shit. he’s a professor at a college in the city, on classics or greek or color theory or something, and he does. not. get. paid. enough. but he has time. he shows up to enjolrass work, harried, shirt untucked, tie untied, coffee in his hand and who knows how much more spilled on his interior. he’s weird. he’s nervous. he’s awful and sarcastic and he has a really nice smile. enjolras isn’t sure if he’s pissed off or smitten, but either way he starts working on his car. eventually, since he does need to commute and working on such a terrible car takes time and money, they start talking. they exchange numbers so enjolras can update him.

one day, everything goes wrong and enjolras has to bring his kid to the shop. he’s tired, he’s irritated, probably about to pass out, but lo and behold! grantaire appears with coffee. there’s a stilted exchange in which he figures out who on earth the child belongs too, but all is well because grantaire is the master babysitter. he gives sulking enj his coffee, and totally saves his day. once enj sees him being so good with his kid, some heartstrings get tugged, and by the end of it they’ve got a date planned and grantaire completely forgets he owns a car.

goddessasteria  asked:

A ship.. *look in my list* I know! Otayuri.

  •  Who said “I love you” first

Otabek. Let’s face it, Yurio would never breathe the L word unless he was hundred percent sure it’s reciprocated. Also, he runs away from mushy shit. Don’t get him wrong, he loves Otabek, but talking about his feelings makes him feel vulnerable. He did say it back when Otabek confessed though.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Both. They’re each other’s best friend, they have a picture of them together as matching backgrounds.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Yuri. And it’s always ‘meow’. Otabek just shakes his head.

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Otabek. “Beka this is the fifth stuffed animal you get me this month, what are you trying to prove?” “My love.” “Get out.”

  • Who initiated the first kiss

Otabek. Okay but you seriously can’t expect him to resist Yuri. That boy looks like a freakin angel when he’s lost in thought and his face muscles lose all their tension. It’s amazing how different Yuri looks when he’s not angry. Besides, Otabek just wanted to see him blushing for once. 

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Otabek. Yuri is just not a morning person and there’s no changing it. “I’ve got morning breath stop.” “I don’t care.” “You’re gross.” 

  • Who starts tickle fights

Yuri. He get’s in an evil mood every once in a while. Otabek is ticklish, especially on the sides. Imagine Yuri’s shock when he discovered this. Serious, composed Otabek being reduced to quivering mess of laughter and tears at his fingertips.

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Otabek. Yuri invades the bathroom nine times out of ten. He doesn’t give a shit. Otabek is a little more sensitive and prefers to be sure that Yuri doesn’t mind his presence. 

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Well, whoever finishes practice first (that is if they’re in the same country). 

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Yuri. Frankly, he’s more nervous a certain couple (*ehm* Victuuri* ehm*)  will find out he’s on a date with Otabek than the actual date. But being with Otabek does give him butterflies anyway.

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Otabek. Yuri shrieks whenever he sees one and topples over any piece of furniture to get away. Otabek is more put together even when they gross him out. But anything for Yuri who clings to him like he’s seen a ghost.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Yuri. Otabek could barely believe his ears when it happens. But apparently, all Yuri needs to stop being self-conscious is some alcohol. More shockingly, he becomes pretty touchy too. Otabek loves it. He never tells Yuri about it when sober in fear he’d stop.

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Meeting Catarina

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Alec was nervous. He didn’t even know why – his life was the most perfect it had ever been, with both Valentine and Sebastian dead. Things had calmed down immensely, and while he still had an Institute to run, his work load had dropped significantly.

Thus he’d spent as much time with Magnus as possible, to the point where he hadn’t slept in the Institute for a little over 3 weeks. They even had movie night with his siblings a few days ago, the annoying vampire and Clary in tow. Isabelle insisted he and Magnus were disgustingly cute. She teased them a lot about it, acting annoyed at never being able to hold Alec’s attention for long, because he kept getting distracted by Magnus.

They both knew she didn’t mean it though. She was nearly as happy as Alec himself over them working things out. Which didn’t prevent her from throwing snacks at him whenever she caught Alec staring at Magnus.

So all things considered – life was perfect. His relationship was perfect. But he was still nervous. Because he was about to meet Magnus’ oldest friend for the first time – Catarina Loss. He didn’t feel at all prepared. He’d heard a lot about her from Magnus, who liked to tell him his adventures with Cat and Ragnor, while they cuddled on the couch on the balcony watching the New York skyline.

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Story Time

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The cheers and the voice of Jimmy Kimmel welcoming you guys to the show brought you out of your daze as the show began. You were placed in between RDJ and your boyfriend Tom Holland. The three of you fit snuggly on the grey couch not really minding how close you all are. I mean you have been around Robert since the first Iron man movie came out playing as his accidental  daughter; and Tom was your boyfriend and you’re his love interest in the new Spider-man movie.

“So i just saw the ruff cut of the new movie and it is easily the best spider-man movie and a great movie,” Jimmy complimented and the three of you couldn’t help but smile.

“So have you guys seen the movie yet?” Kimmel asked.

“I have, I have. (Y/N) and I went together about a month ago.” Tom answered.

“You did? And what did you think?” Kimmel questioned.

“You know when you’ve revised for an exam and you feel like you’ve crushed it but the longer you wait to get the results back, the more you think you’ve kind of ruined it.”

“He’s British, by the way so he means test.” RDJ jumped in to clarify what Tom was saying which made you giggle.

“But yeah so I was walking into the screening and I was like ‘this is going to be awful, I’m going to hate it’. And leaving i was over the moon.” The Brit spoke.

“You did?” Jimmy piped in.

“Yeah, I loved it.”

“Robert, you have not seen it yet?” Jimmy asked RDJ.

“I have personally yet to see it,” RDJ replies. “When can I-”

“You will see it when I’m ready for you to see it,” Tom butts in which makes you laugh. Everyone took a second to recook before Jimmy asked the next question.

“Robert, how much are you involved in casting Tom in this movie? I would assume that there is this some kind of-that you play some kind of role in that.”

“Well it was really more up to (Y/N) here. Since they had already planned on doing a Spider-man movie and they had their love interest they needed to pick which boy had the most on camera chemistry with (Y/N).” Robert informed.

“So they brought all of them in on the set of Civil War and they handed each boy a script which they had one minute to go over and then do a little scene with me as Spider-man. The whole purpose was for them to forget most of the script so they could improvise and just see how well their banter with me went.”

“Are you serious? You guys are evil I was so scared when they told me i hate a minute to memorize those lines before I had to go and do that with you!” Tom hollered in fake annoyance which made you laugh.

“You will not believe how she reacted to you and the other boys. Which brings up the fact that I have a story to share.” Robert side-eyed you with a knowing glance which sent you springing towards his mouth to slap a hand over it.

“No! you said you wouldn’t!” I panicked. Two strong hands grabbed your arms and pulled you away from Robert and into a steel trap.

“Frankly darling, I’d love to hear the story,” Tom smirked evilly.

“It was right before all of the guys got there-”

“Squirt! Get out here! The directors are bringing in the boys who tried out for Spider-man! They need you to do a little script to see who you want!” Robert called to me from outside my trailer. Not exactly trusting that there will be a prank waiting for him on the other side of the door.

“Do I have to? Can’t they pick who the new Parker is gonna be?” you grumble while stepping out of your trailer.

“Do you want to work with someone you hate for months on end and then go on a bunch for press tours for even more months?” Robert answered your question with a question. You sigh and trudge behind Robert in a pouty manner.

“You know for being 19 years old, you sure are the biggest child i’ve ever met.” Robert smirks at you and you playfully glare at him.

“Welp, it takes one to know one.” You sass back and take off running after you hear an offended gasp.

“Other way!” Robert shouted at you while you made a wrong turn.

“I knew that!”

After doing script runs with five other guys who literally had little to none on-camera chemistry with you, you were ready to go back into your trailer and waste away the day with Just Dance.

“Please save me! None of these guys are working with me and they’ve been terrible eye-candy so i can’t even entertain myself with that!” You whisper shout to RDJ who only chuckled at you.

“Cool it hot shot you have one person left and then you can go continue to claim your title as Just Dance queen,” Robert teases. Your phone starts to buzz nonstop so you pull it out from your pocket and realize it’s your mom calling.

“Hey guys it’s my mom i need to take this can you let…um, what’s the guys name?”

“Tom Holland,” someone shouted.

“Yes, can someone let him in and give him the script while I take this? It won’t take long I promise,” you smile and walk off into the other room for some quiet time.

“Hey mom this isn’t a good time,” is the first thing you say when you answer the phone.

“Well this is important! Guess what Linda did today! Let her dog crap all over our yard and didn’t pick it up! I got it all on tape too!” You laugh as you was back into the room you were in letting your mother rant about her important story.

“Is it about Linda again cause i swear if I have to listen to one more story about how awful she is I’m going to loose my head,” Robert mumbled as you strolled up behind him. You glance up to see a nervous guy standing before you and oh was he a looker.

“Finally they bring in the eye-candy… I’d tap that,” you whisper to Robert while your mother is still babbling on. Robert spits out his coffee he was sipping and proceeded to laugh.

“My god could you make it anymore straight forward?” Robert laughed which caused you to giggle. You glance up at Tom who seemed even more nervous and to make him even more antsy you wink at him.

“Ok yeah mom that is so wonderful gotta go, bye!” You hang up the phone and toss it into a chair. 

“You must be Tom. I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you.” You hold out your hand to shake his and get tingles once skin touches skin.

“N-Nice to meet you too. I’m really nervous.” He stumbles a little through his words on his greeting.

“That is totally natural! Don’t worry just act your little heart out and you’ll do fine.” you say. He sends you a kind boyish smile that melts your heart and you knew that this boy was going to be the new web-slinger before the improv started.

“You seriously said that? I though you made a mean comment about me and Robert here was laughing at it!” Tom laughed.

“Leave me alone. I was bored and those guys weren’t cute and I don’t really get to see hot guys that I can be like ‘Hey I have 1% chance with this person if and only if i act 180 from myself’.” I pouted.

“Its ok (Y/N) we are still going to tease you about this for years to come.” Robert laughed and Tom pecked you on the cheek to try and lighten your fake pouty mood.


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