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GOD DAMN!!!!!! This brother can saaannngggg!!!!! Wait till the hook comes in…. THE END!!! LOL! Luke James….BIG

While watching the fine men of The New Edition Story you might have found some of these faces to be familiar. Here’s where you might have spotted these sexy black brothas from.

Luke James who played the role of Johnny Gill is a two time Grammy nominated singer. He also had a a role in Black Nativity. His album “Luke James” is available on iTunes so be sure to go buy that.

Bryshere Gray, who plays the role of Mike Bivins is well known for his role of Hakeem Lyons on Fox’s Empire. Out side of Empire Gray has been working on great projects. As a rapper he goes by the name of Yazz The Great. He’s also working on a new film inspired by the runner Usain Bolt that should be coming out soon.

Playing the role as Ronnie Devoe is Keith Powers. Powers has played as Theo in MTV’s “Faking it"and As Tyree, Dr Dre’s little brother in biopic "Straight Outta Compton.” You may have also seen Powers on the runway due the fact that he started off as a male model.

Playing the bad boy role as Bobby Brown is Woody McClain. You might have seen McClain on many hilarious vine/youtube videos. He is well known for his videos where he reenact comedic stand-up. He also used to be a back up dancer for Chris Brown so we assume landing this role was not a challenge. You can also catch McClain as a guest star on the CBS series Training Day starting Feb 2, 2017.

Disney fans might recognize actor Algee Smith who played Ralph Tresvant from the movie “Let It Shine.” He also starred in the movies “Earth to Echo” and “The Infamous.” With the voice we all heard on The New Edition Story there was no surprise to know Algee records music. Be sure to be on the look out for what he has in store.

Elijah Kelley, who played Ricky Bell has had many on screen appearances where you might have seen him. He played in Lee Daniels “The Butler.” He also had a role in the popular musical “Hairspray” and as a scarecrow on the NBC’s “The Wiz Live” Like most of the cast, Kelley is a singer and he has a single “Testify” that should be dropping really soon.

Watching last night’s James Corden

Mark Hamill talked about the first time he got crabs. I’m HOWLING with laughter. (It was his first paying acting job, at a Ren Faire. His comment: “I found them in the shower and screamed like Janet Leigh in Psycho.” Someone: “You got them from the costumes, right?” “Yes, absolutely.”)

Anna Faris asked him who Luke Skywalker lost his virginity to, and Mark cagily dodged it. 

James Corden is trying to make him sing in harmony and he’s terrible, and he’s blushing about it.

James and Luke make you laugh #21

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You were filming the boys for one of the Awesomeness TV episodes and weren’t supposed to laugh behind camera. You were great friends with the boys and they didn’t give a shit if you weren’t supposed to laugh; they’d actually make it a game.

You had the camera on James and Luke who were talking about something a fan said. You stayed quiet because you knew they would try to make you laugh.

They realized you were filming and both gave you weird stares. You rolled your eyes and just as you were about to move on, Luke puckered his lips and nodded his head, all while James was still staring at you. You giggled and quickly covered your mouth, knowing they wouldn’t be able to use the footage if you made a noise behind camera.

“We win!” Luke yelled punching Beau in the arm.

“Ah, fuck off. We still have more points than you,” Daniel said.

“Yeah, one,” Jai said snatching Daniel’s hat.

“You guys are so stupid,” you mumbled rolling your eyes again. “That’s why your my friends.”

Unclean- Single!Dad Luke

You giggled at Luke who was stoking your sides as you waited for James to be let out of school. You and Luke had been dating for three years, since James was two and had just started walking properly. Luke’s previous girlfriend had been thrown out of James’ life by many people, Luke included. She couldn’t look after herself never mind a child. She had a drinking problem and Luke had come home, on a scary amount of occasions, to find her passed out on the couch after taking some form of drug. Luckily, you only lived next door and after it had happened the first few times, had been given a spare key by Luke and would check in every night. If she didn’t answer the door you’d let yourself in and take James’ to you place where he’d sleep for the night while Luke argued with her. Once she left you started helping Luke out more, watching James while he was working or away, in Luke’s words you’d been a better mother to him than his actually mum. 

“So what do you say once we’ve dropped him off at my mums me and you go home and have a bit of fun” he whispered into your ear, with a smirk on his face.

“Stop it” you laughed as you smacked his chest

“Ouch” he chuckled


Luke turned around at the sound of his name and his happy mood disappeared. His face dropped and his mouth opened in shock.

“J/M/N?” he mumbled in shock

“Hey” she smiled and waved a little.

You kept your head down, she didn’t know about you and Luke and you didn’t think she’d be happy about, never mind the fact that you’re raising her child.

“What are you doing here?” 

“Well i got out of rehab a couple of years ago and I’ve been clean since, I’ve only just got the guts to come back, i was thinking maybe we could start again? you me and James?” she smiled lightly

Luke stood there too shocked to speak. He didn’t know what to say but the sound of a happy yell made both their eyes snap to the entrance of the school.

“Mummy!” James yelled happily as he ran at you with open arms.

“Hey bubby” you smiled as you caught him and gave him a big hug.

“Mummy i painted you a picture, look it’s our family” he smiled as he handed you the piece of paper.

“Y/n?!” J/M/N gasped as she saw you with her son.

You looked at her and then stood up while holding James’ hand.

“Er hey” you smiled awkwardly

J/M/N looked from you and her son to Luke as she bit the inside of her cheek. Luke looked back at you before back at her.

“Why is he calling her mummy?” she spat

“Because she is his mum” Luke said bluntly

“No she’s not! i am!”

“Hey!” you yelled as you covered James’ ears

“Just shush okay, we’re not doing this here” Luke said as he looked around at the parents who were watching them.

“Take him for ice cream or something” Luke ordered you

“Okay… i love you” you said quietly before pecking his lips and taking James’ hand again.

“Come on baby let’s get ice cream” you smiled as you began walking him down the street.

Luke walked a bit further down the road as J/M/N followed him. He crossed her arms over her chest and looked at him.

“What?! what did you expect J/M/N?! that i’d wait around for you after everything?” he raised his voice

“I expected you to check in on me over the last four years! i expected you to keep me in contact with my son. I didn’t expect you to just replace me with that slut!”

“Y/n is not a slut! she’s the best mother James has ever had!”

“How dare you!”

“Oh come on, you were a druggie, you were pissed every night you couldn’t even remember your own name most days never mind look after him. Y/n the best thing that ever happened to him, to us! she’d do anything for us, she has. She’s given up her job to look after him! you couldn’t even give up a drink!” Luke angered

“That was then Luke i got help, i’ve changed!”

“But for how long? i certainly do not plan on finding out, so go back to where ever you’ve been living the last couple of years and stay there!” Luke growled before walking off and meeting you at the ice cream shop.


Luke sighed as he lay in bed that night, your head on his bare chest.

“What’s wrong?” You mumbled into his skin

“Nothing… just got a bad feeling about her being back”

“It’ll be fine baby”

“I know but… what if she tries to get custody or keeps turning up at the school? he’s gonna get so confused”

“Luke, we’re not gonna let her, i’m not going to let her, she’s got no chance at winning in court, not with her past and if she keeps turning up at the school then there’s this thing called a restraining order”

Luke looked down at you and smiled a little.

“I love you” he mumbled

“I love you too, and James, and our family. There is nothing at all i wouldn’t do to protect my boys”

“Where did i get you?” Luke laughed as he rolled over so he was on top of you. 

“Heaven” you teased

“Yeah okay” Luke rolled his eyes before kissing you passionately. 


The next day was a repeat, when you were picking up James there she was. 

“Hi baby boy” she smiled at James

He looked at her slightly scared as he moved and hid behind your legs.

“Don’t be scared sweetie i’m your mu-”

“Don’t you dare!” you growled cutting her off

“He deserves to know the truth!” 

“He deserves a mother who won’t leave him crying while they’re getting high” you spat

“I’ve changed!”

“And i’m his mother, if i see you around him again i will get the police involved”

With that you picked James up and stormed off. Luke was fuming later that night when he got home and you told him what happened. He had stormed out of the house and to the hotel J/M/N was staying at, she had told him where he could find her. He banged on the door. J/M/N opened the door and looked at Luke shocked.

“Luke!” she gasped

“W-what are you doing here?” she stuttered

“You need to stay away from my family! i’ve had enough of you already!… what’s that smell? is that weed?”

“No! of course not- Luke!” she yelled as he barged past her and into her room.

He looked into the bedroom and there on the bed was some random guy, his bare torso the only thing uncovered by the duvet, he figured the rest of his body was naked too. The guy looked up from rolling a joint that would end up with the other two already on the side, stumped out. Luke turned and looked at her.

“Clean huh? if you go anywhere near Y/n or James i will get a restraining order against you…you will never be a mother to my son!” 

“Luke wait!”

But he’d already slammed the door. When Luke returned home, you were in James’ room reading him his bedtime story. Luke watched quietly from the door frame. He watched as you spoke in funny voices for different characters, making his sons face light up. How you kissed his head and tucked him in. 

“I love you bubby” you whispered

“I lub you too mummy”

You literally were from heaven. Luke thought to himself as he smiled at you while you walked to him and kissed his lips. 

“Is everything okay?” you mumbled

“Yeah… she’s not coming back”


“Can i ask you something?” he looked down at you


“Can we have another baby?”

You smiled and looked at the floor for a minute.

“You better have your pants off by the time i’m in that bedroom Hemmings” you smirked

Luke pushed away from the door frame and stumbled about as he tried to get his pants off and run. You giggled and looked back in on James. You had everything you ever wanted and no one was ever taking that away from you.

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Part 10 | Other Parts

  • Annabeth felt a bit sick. After a long talk with Percy, she decided on James’ birthday, Luke would finally meet him. 
  • How could she deny Luke seeing their child? He waited four years to see him.
  • “Mommy, who are we seeing?” James asked as he held onto her and Percy’s hand. 
  • “I told you, someone special.” She replied as they got to the hospital that was taking care of Luke. 
  • She looked at Percy. He gave her an encouraging smile. She told him to come with them. She needed some type of back up just in case something happened.
  • Annabeth signed them all in before Thalia took them to see Luke. She picked up James, hoping that it would give her strength that she made the right decision. 
  • Thalia stopped outside of his room and knocked on the door. 
  • “Luke, you have visitors.” Thalia smiled.
  • The door opened wider and Annabeth saw Luke sitting on his bed, watching TV and a gift wrapped up on the couch. His face lit up when he saw Annabeth and James.
  • “Hi.” Luke looked at them. His eyes landed on James. “Hi there, bud. What’s your name?”
  • James tried to hid his face into Annabeth’s shoulder.
  • “It’s okay sweetie. He’s a friend of mommy’s.” She told him.
  • Luke looked at Annabeth. “Did you tell-?”
  • She shook her head, giving him a pleading look. 
  • Luke looked back at his son. “Your mom told me it’s your birthday. I got you a present.” He got up and grabbed the present.
  • James looked at the gift.
  • “Go ahead, sweetie. Open it.” She put James down and he looked at Luke. 
  • Luke bent down and smiled at James, handing him the gift. “Happy birthday.”
  • James took the gift and slowly opened it. Luke smiled when James’ eyes lit up.
  • “Do you like it?” Luke asked.
  • James nodded and smiled, looking at the remote controlled boat. “Thank you!” He looked at back at the door where Percy was hiding out. “Daddy! Daddy! I got a boat!” He got up and ran to Percy.
  • Annabeth could see the light in Luke’s eyes dull. “Daddy?”
  • “He only started that this morning.” Annabeth told him. “He doesn’t know-”
  • “Who does he think he’s’ visiting?” Luke asked. “One of your friends?”
  • “How am I suppose to tell him Luke? After years of telling him the nicest way possible that you’re dead?”
  • “That you were wrong. That daddy is alive because he made it home from war.” Luke told her. “Anything to tell him that his dad is alive or the guy you’re dating isn’t his real dad.”
  • “He knows Percy isn’t his real dad. But Percy is the only father figure he got in four years.”
  • Luke had tears in is eyes. “Let me tell him. He deserves to know. Or let me bond with him.”
  • James walked back into the room and ran to Annabeth. “Mommy, look!”
  • “I see.” She smiled. “James, there’s something I need to tell you. The special person we came to see, the guy who gave you your present. He’s…He’s….”
  • Luke bent down and looked at James. “Bud, I’m you’re daddy. I was gone for a very long time fighting bad people. But I’m back now.”
  • “You’re my daddy?” James asked.
  • “Yes. I’m your daddy.” Luke smiled. “And I’m so happy to meet you.”
  • Annabeth bit her lip and looked at Percy who was smiling and holding the toy.
  • James smiled and hugged him.