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I think Koogi answered in an ask that she's in her twenties, but she didn't specify her exact age.

Koogi’s in her twenties and graduating college…She could be my age for all I know, and how she goes about with her fans makes her so familiar, as if Koogi’s just one awesome tumblr user who’s really talented haha


Yeah, but we only use them when we mean it!

I had wondered for a while why Yang purposefully said “father figure” here.
It’s not just Ruby, Yang totally sees Qrow as a father figure too and I love it.

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)

nekoma ANBU


Stiles and Scott’s reaction when they see how good you are at lacrosse.

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It was honestly the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. Taylor just surrounds herself with all these people who are so awesome and so aware of what’s going on and so gracious and so welcoming, that within 10 to 15 minutes of us all being together, we were like all really, really good friends.
—  Todrick Hall on Thanksgiving in Rhode Island and how warm and welcoming Taylor and her family and friends are (x)

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

Monogamous dealbreakers that are my everyday...

“Hey, who’s bra is this? I found it by the bed and it’s definitely not one of mine.”

Texting a partner to see if s/he wants anything from the restaurant in the middle of a dinner date with another partner.

Wife pulls a long hair out of my beard, holds it up to the light to see the color, “Red? Must be Tali’s.”

Kids who confuse one girlfriend’s name for another.

“Hey, I know we just finished hooking up…but now my boyfriend wants to hook up. Is that cool?”

“Is that your wife who just came home? Awesome! I need help picking out clothes for my date tomorrow night.”

Anything else fun to add to this list?