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Imagine Your OTP

Person A: *stares at chicken*

Person B:

Person A: *double takes between Person B and chicken*

Person B:

Person A: *picks up chicken like Simba*

Chicken: *stares intently*

Person A: *stares in awe*

Chicken: *unleashes the fiery fury of hell*

Person A: *s h r i e k s and starts running with chicken in hands*

Innocent Bystander: What—?

Person B: *turns to bystander*

Innocent Bystander: ????????!??!?!?!!!??

Person B: It’s cock o’clock

Person A: *comes running back and YEETS the chicken for a mile*


Zuko: My uncle, he used to say the best stuff. ‘Don’t work yourself into a lather. Look where it is and you’ll find it. Don’t put me in a home. Tell the truth and shame the devil. The devil knows where you’re hiding. If you take enough rides with the devil, pretty soon he’s going to drive.’

The Gaang:

Zuko: He was really into the devil.

For Thanksgiving Greg’s whole class is supposed to draw pilgrims but to everyone’s confusion he draws a guy in a pointy red hat and tells everybody it’s his brother who’s a pilgrim, so his teacher tries to set him straight by showing him the illustrations in the book but he starts laughing and says “Nahhh, that’s Lorna!” so then they just kind of let him draw whatever the heck he wants.