who is hot n who is not

i have been in america lately and tried its Various cuisine’s here is my review


  • what i had: four for $4 burger and lemonade.
  • what i thought: this is the same as mcdonalds but there is a smiling girl! the guy who invented wendys was called somethng else so who is wendy. Food apparaition?
  • rating: 3/5. food was boring but mysterious girl warmed my heart

cook out

  • what i had: hot dog and shake
  • what i thought: holy shit. also milkshakes in america are like, solid ice cream. i was expecting nesquik
  • rating: 5/5. the hot dog was nauseating but cost a dollar and the cashier liked toys

steak n shake

  • what i had: you can only have burgers and shakes from this restaurant so thats what i got baby!! when in roam!! hasta la vista!!
  • what i thought: siri didnt know how to get there so we got lost on the highway at 1am. WOOPS!!! thats the american life
  • rating: 4/5. tasted like i was dying, but pleasantly

cracker barrel

  • what i had: friday fish fry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what i thought: there was lots of old people in this restaurant. the waitress avoided me because my nails were painted. this is a well documented phenomneom but biscuits are definitely something different in this country than my country
  • rating: 2/5. scary torture cabin


  • what i had: piza slice
  • what i thought: i know this isnt technicaly a restaurant but drinks were 50 cents so it gets an honorable mention. there was a crate of mayonnaise but i didnt try that.
  • rating: ???/5. costcos most precious secrets are lost to us all
Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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bad | 06

He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Originally posted by jjks

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: future smut, romance, fluff, angst(?), badboy!au

WORDS: 5 125

WARNINGS: mature themes, language

| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: here IT IS! for all you children who are waiting for smut, do not worry, I know. just be patient ;) remember, everything happens for a reason. don’t kill me for this.

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Ambiguous Love

Hi friends! I spent so much time with this story and love it very much. Hopefully you will too. 
Songs that inspired this incase you wanna listen to them: 
-Aint Me by Kygo
-Attention by The Weeknd
-Comes & Goes by Greg Laswell

Request: Kinda, it’s about H being jealous but the main plot is from me. 
Warning: Mild curse language and lots of heart break. 

Gif isn’t mine and I would probably melt if he were to look at me like this.

A sour taste on his tongue combined with foul thoughts clouding his mind was what let him know that something was very wrong with him.

Harry was aware that his eyes weren’t supposed to stare at the guy standing close to Y/N as if he was murdering him in his head over and over again, even when that was just what was going on. With narrowed eyes he watched the foreign male touch his hand to her back in a far too intimate gesture as he laughed at something she’d said. How dare he do that?
Harry sat with his back to the kitchen as he watched her where she stood in the living room. He made a mental note to remind Jeff not to invite this guy again next time he held a small get together at his place.
Harry’s jaw tensed. Y/N was his. He was the only male she should give her attention to. The only one who should have his hands on her.

The guy wasn’t anybody Harry knew by name and he was sure to never bother to learn it either. He knew the guy was somebody who’d come around to these kind of parties a couple of times already and every time he was lingering around Harry’s Y/N the moment he had the chance. Harry did not like that one bit. Hot jealousy rushed through his body and with one last sip from his beer he got to his feet.

This needed to stop. He knew that it was him who caused Y/N to be alone and without a boyfriend and he wasn’t oblivious to how upsetting that was to her at times. This was unfair he knew but somehow Harry couldn’t find it in him to feel guilty. Other guys weren’t blind and found Harry gawking at the girl they were trying to chat to more than just intimidating, so with the majority of them one glare sufficed for their hands to pull away and leave Y/N’s smooth skin.
Harry felt like his behavior was justified. There was no way he could let his Y/N fall for a man who surely wouldn’t adore her enough. Harry wouldn’t ever allow Y/N to have a male’s hands on her body who couldn’t possibly be as tender with her as she deserved. If this meant Y/N would be alone and have no-one but Harry to love on her then so be it.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and began to walk over to where she was, his mind busy trying to come up with an excuse to steal her away. The unknown guy noticed Harry’s presence before Y/N did and like the rest of the flirtatious males he withdrew his touch from her almost instantly.
Harry didn’t say anything, not even when the guy greeted him with a polite smile. Instead he took hold of Y/N’s small hand, giving her fingers a tight squeeze before he began to pull her away from the bloke and towards the kitchen where he knew they would find some peace and quiet.
Slowly Harry relaxed. Feeling her warm skin in his palm and being able to just pull her closer and into his side where he could breathe her in… it had a smile pull at his lips.

With quick feet the girl hurried after him.

“What’s wrong?” her kind voice wondered once her friend pulled her into the deserted kitchen and she gasped quietly when his hands forced her up against the counter.

With discomfort written all over her face she pressed her hands against his chest so he would allow her to move away from the cold counter and closer into him.

“Ouch,” she complained quietly, “What the matter, Harry? Are you okay?”

„Who was that?“ Harry’s words were spoken was rough and lower than he intended and both of his hands balled into fists at his sides.

Y/N’s expression softened. “Harry, you can’t tell me that you don’t like Craig either. You haven’t even spoken to him. He’s quite nice, you know?”

„Quite nice?“ Harry repeated, stepping closer to her body, pushing her right back against the counter, „Huh? Was that bloke quite nice to you then?”

„Yes,“ Y/N tried to argue, her hands brushing up against his shoulders in an attempt to calm him, „And I don’t like how you always make me feel as though I need your approval when I talk to a guy.“

Harry swallowed hard. With a sigh he raised his hand and her body relaxed when his palm touched her cheek gently.

„You don’t need my permission. Of course you don’t.” He sighed before shaking his head, a deep frown on his forehead as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. The words were right there on his tongue.
“S’just… I don’t like it, you know? You with another guy.”

“Why?” Y/N wondered, her hands squeezing his shoulders, “I wouldn’t let anybody treat me badly, you know that. There’s neither reason to be protective nor worried.”

At that he rolled his eyes. Oh how wrong she was. As wrong as one could be. “That’s not what’s bothering me. How could anybody mistreat you?”

And he meant it then. How could anybody hurt the girl standing in his arms? She was so utterly kind without ever demanding anything in return. Her heart beat for the people she loved and it melted his own when she looked at him like he was all she could see.
That was what he was so afraid of losing. Losing to somebody else.

“Not with you gawking at every move either of us make, no,” Y/N giggled, again not understanding just how deep the meaning behind his words was.

With a sigh rumbling through his chest he stepped closer, his hands finding her wrists and she whined when he forced her arms up with a gentle but swift yank so they would wrap around his neck. A satisfied hum escaped his lips and he closed his eyes. Catching on to what he wanted she wound her fingers through his soft curls and pressed a loving kiss to his cheek when he stepped close enough for them to be embracing tightly. Y/N laughed quietly.

“Harry, love, how much did you have to drink?”

“A beer,” he grumbled truthfully, a frown forming, “Can’t a man get some love from his favorite girl without being accused of anything?”

“Of course he can,” she replied in a whisper, her heart beating so fast she feared it might fly right out of her chest and away into the sky. She tightened her hold around his shoulders and shivered when he moaned at the sensation of her fingers scratching the back of his neck.

Harry pressed his mouth to her neck. “Do we have to go back?”

“To the party? Yes,” she giggled against his jaw, “But we don’t have to stay that much longer.”

This pleased him. “Good. Don’t want you near Craig.”

“Hey, you just said that you agree with me not needing your permission for what I do.”

Harry pulled back and looked at her with arched brows. “So you want to do-”

She groaned and shook her head rapidly with her eyes squeezed shut. “No, I don’t want to do anyone so don’t even start.”

Reluctance gnawed at his insides but he forced himself to step out of her hold anyway. She was right. He needed to let her have space. Y/N gave him a warm smile before leaning up to press another kiss to his skin, this time his cheek.

“Harry, please…” she spoke softly, her lips brushing his cheek, “I really want to finally meet somebody, you know? And maybe Craig is going to ask me out so… don’t scare him away.”

There was nothing he could say.
Harry’s heart sank when he watched her step away from him and walk back into the living room where he knew Craig awaited her already. And sure enough when Harry followed, discomfort flooding his body, he saw the male he already disliked greatly smile and hold out a hand for Y/N. Greedily he grabbed her fingers and brought them to his wet lips, a sight that made Harry’s stomach turn. Surely Y/N didn’t like this behavior either, he thought and true enough Y/N’s smile wasn’t all honest. The guy squeezed her shoulder before saying something that made her laugh and for a moment Harry could actually feel himself wanting to punch the guy blue. A feeling Harry was not used to at all.
Harry wasn’t a fighter. He was a lover. But oh if Y/N didn’t provoke a side out of him he hadn’t known before.  
Fuck it.
Harry’s feet carried him towards his Y/N before his mind could catch up and in few quick strides he reached her. His hands found her shoulders, squeezing and rubbing them soothingly to get her to turn around and face him.

“Harry?” she wondered, surprise and confusion written all over her features, “What’s wrong now? Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Craig.” Harry breathed the words dedicated to the male standing behind Y/N but his eyes never left her lovely face.

They heard Craig ask what Harry was sorry for but neither of them got to reply before Harry leaned down and connected his mouth with Y/N’s warm lips. It took a lot of bravery not to pull away when he felt the girl gasp and her entire body go rigid. His heart beat so heavily in his chest and his head was dizzy but he refused to stop kissing her and instead continued to move his lips against hers with as much pressure as he dared. It was when he felt the soft touches of her hesitant fingers agains his neck that he knew he’d won. Sure enough she began to return his kiss, moaning and whining against him quietly whilst she allowed her arms to wrap around his neck.
Harry could have rejoiced.
Y/N’s lips were soft, warm and fitted so perfectly against his own he wondered how he hadn’t kissed her before. Her body cuddled into his as if she were his missing puzzle piece and he liked how well his own arms wrapped around her waist. She gasped when his tongue poked into her mouth and he sighed deeply upon getting to kiss her properly. His hands grasped her neck, the back of her head before letting them drop to her backside where he allowed himself to hold onto her in the least groping way he could.
His heart swelled when he heard her giggle softly and he moaned upon feeling her hands move across his shoulders.

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@all the artists who draw the matsus like Really hot but not in hot anime dude style, nor in a very realistic style, but in a cartoony style

hoW the FCUKd O u do that,. WHO did u sell ur soul to,,???


Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader


How about a Whacky Bucky x F!Reader chatroom? Bucky and Y/N have been secretly dating from the team, but when they try setting up Y/N with someone, will Bucky explode or keep it cool? Then when the couple spills the beans Tony and Clint get protectiv            

Bucky has created a chatroom: stevie i know u want to join but don’t. we are already in another chat there is no need for u to join this one too k thank

Bucky has added Y/N.

You: Are you even trying, Barnes?

Bucky: What? He won’t join.

You: He is most definitely going to join.

Bucky: No, he won’t. Trust me, love.

You: Yes, he will. If he wasn’t already suspicious he is now.

Bucky: Don’t worry, I have him distracted with cute puppy pictures in our other chat.

You: I want to be apart of that chat.

Bucky: So, I was thinking, dinner at your place, or mine? Or do you want to go out?

You: Out. I do not want to explain to Nat why you were hiding in my bathroom again, or have to hide every time Steve randomly shows up at your place.

Steve has joined the chat.

Y/N has cleared the chat.

Bucky has cleared the chat.

Steve: Why did you clear the chat? I don’t mind, really. You don’t have to hide. It’s okay. Just tell me the truth.

You: Really, Steve? You mean that?

Steve: Yeah. It does hurt, though. Finding out your friends are making plans BEHIND YOUR BACK BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO JOIN THEM YOU SNAKES

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Lance's Drunk Party Confession
  • Everyone's in college, and everyone went to a party.
  • Lance is drunk off his ass, chillin on the couch.
  • Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Lance and a few other party goers are still there.
  • Hunk: Lance, who's this guy you like?
  • Lance: Mmm he's so damn cute. N so damn. Mmmmmmmmm *rolls over*
  • Hunk: Yea, well, would you be more specific, buddy?
  • Lance: Yes he's got this...Ass
  • Keith: Tch
  • Hunk: Wow very specific-
  • Lance, interrupting: And these cute legs. And this nice hair. Its long. And He's got a super sexy attitude and rlly hot eyebrows. But those eyes. They like. Mind blow. Blown mind. I get goosebumps every time his meet mine. Deep ass purple. They got a sparkle to em I stg.
  • Everyone's dead silent, staring at Keith, who's blushing.
  • Keith: ...Lance are you talking about me
  • Lance: yessss but shhhh don't tell Keith
  • Keith: wtf

Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include:

  • him always sending you a ‘good morning beautiful’ text
  • being equally sarcastic
  • having star wars marathons
  • joining stiles in trying to get scott to watch star warsscott to watch star wars
  • cuddling
  • more cuddling
  • so much cuddling
  • him telling you how cute you are every moment that he gets
  • “stiles, that’s like the tenth time you’ve told me that today”
  • “shut up y/n, you’re cute”
  • fighting over who gets to be batman and who gets to be robin
  • dates in unique places because stiles has a unique mind
  • bitching about jackson and then theo together
  • wearing his lacrosse jersey at games
  • “you look really hot right now”
  • studying which always ends in the two of you making out
  • nerdy references that only you two understand
  • sex
  • sex sex sex
  • jeep sex
  • basically a lot of sex
  • him being really protective over you
  • especially when other guys try to flirt with you
  • “oh hey girlfriend, did you meet my girlfriend? yeah she’s my girlfriend”
  • fighting over which superhero is the best
  • being on different teams in civil war
  • “team iron man; i’m telling you, okay? tony stark knows what’s up”
  • “it’s a captain america movie! why would you be on any team but team cap?! honestly, you stress me out”
  • sending each other ugly faces on snapchat even when you’re in the same room
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • passionate kisses
  • angry kisses
  • lust filled kisses
  • kisses in general 
  • both of you fucking loving it when the other plays with their hair
  • going to mcdonalds in the middle of the night
  • sending each other pictures and gifs of cats throughout the day because cats are great
  • “fat cats are the best, i think we should get our own fat cat”
  • “i agree, stiles”
  • wearing only his shirt and panties when it’s just the two of you in the house
  • hearing him curse under his breath every few minutes because of it
  • sexual frustration 
  • defending each other in arguments against others
  • high-fiving each other during said arguments, because no one can compete with your joint sarcasm 
  • helping stiles through his panic attacks
  • being there for each other through everything
  • long hugs
  • hugs from behind
  • hickeys
  • “shit, stiles; my parents are going to kill me, and then kill you”
  • doing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be the little spoon every night
  • knowing his real name and calling him it when you’re play fighting
  • him setting his text tone to the loudest one so when you text him during the night, it’ll wake him up when you need him
  • the two of you having an unbreakable bond
  • “y/n, y/n, y/n”
  • “what, stiles?”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too, you egg”

what did you think?

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Believer [j.j.]

Originally posted by kylogue

just a lil something based on the Serpent scene in the season finale.

You stumbled along the path, following the others as you were pulled along.

“Guys slow down,” you whined. You were met with various chuckles.

You jogged in order to keep up, feeling your feet stop moving when you reached the familiar setting.

You glanced down before being pulled forwards once more, tripping over your feet as you tried to keep your balance.

“He giving you a hard time?”

You looked up to see your newly found friend. No, he’s family now , you hastily reminded yourself.

“Nothing to worry about. Hot Dog is just a bit excited,” you replied, smiling down at the dog. “It’s not every day you get to recruit a new Serpent.”

You kept walking, leaving the rest of the Serpents behind as you approached the trailer. They looked after you worriedly, suddenly wondering if they should have brought you. You turned around, walking backwards as you addressed the rest of your family. “You guys coming or what?”

The Serpents had taken you in as a favor to FP.

“Keep (Y/N) safe. She’s Jughead’s girl,” he had said.

“Uh boss,” the Serpents had replied. “You do know he left her for that Cooper girl right?”

FP had merely smirked.

Everyone knew the story of you and Jughead. A beautiful whirlwind of romance that had ended in disaster when he realized just how much better Betty Cooper was compared to you.

Truth is, a few months ago, you wouldn’t have even considered joining the Serpents. You were a good student. Straight A’s and knowledge that was only rivaled by Cheryl herself (that girl was pretty dang smart).

You had a good thing going with Jughead, at least you thought you did. Turns out he wanted more. More excitement, someone who wasn’t as boring and invested in their studies as you were.

He had told you in front of the whole school, told you how selfish and boring you were, only concentrating on school.

“There’s more to life than studying (Y/N),” he had said softly. “But you don’t get that and I can’t keep doing this.”

His words had hurt more that you cared to admit. The hallway was quiet as he spoke his words, everyone waiting for you to burst into tears, knowing that the words he spoke were a lie.

The moment never came. Instead, you swallowed back your sobs, surprising everyone when you flipped Jughead off and strutted out of Riverdale High with your held held high. Thunderous applause had followed you as you left, as Cheryl stepped up to Jughead and clapped for you, flipping him off as she told him the words he had secretly known all along. “That was a dick move Drughead. You just lost the best thing , that will ever happen to you in your pathetic little life, not that you deserved her in the first place.“

Jughead had swallowed harshly as she walked off. “I know.”

You left Riverdale soon after. You went back to your home in the South Side, transferring school districts and quickly integrating yourself with the student population. You became friends with people associated with the Serpents and eventually became one yourself (because of FP unbeknownst to you). Wearing the jacket became like a badge of honor, and everyone wanted to be on your good side.

You had become the opposite of what you were. You were reckless . You were selfish . And you were comfortable in being who you had become, always putting yourself first now.

The only person you kept contact with was Cheryl, surprisingly. You ignored everyone else, including Jughead who flooded your phone with calls and texts when everyone found out you had left Riverdale High.

Then disaster struck and Jughead ended up at South Side. You didn’t know until you bumped into him in the hallway, his eyes widening in shock as he took you in. You were more confident in your skin, he noticed. He couldn’t help the feelings that rushed back to him.

He had been the one to tell you the news: FP had been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom.

You had been kept in the dark, FP informing the rest of the Serpents that you wouldn’t be informed about his predicament.

Tears welled up in your eyes. FP meant more to you than anyone else. As soon as Jughead reached out to hug you, you turned around and walked out the door.

Jughead could not believe that you had willingly ditched school. You had changed. A lot.

You stayed with Cheryl, having been called in a panic by Archie after her little stunt. When she insisted she was well enough to go back home, you drove her back, making sure that she was safe from herself before hesitantly leaving.

You went home, only to be met with the rest of the gang, which led to you standing in front Jughead’s trailer, nervously tugging on Hot Dog’s collar as you tried to calm him down.

You could hear noises inside the trailer, your throat tightening as you realized what those sounds were. The rest of the Serpents froze slightly, trying to avoid looking at you with their pity-filled stares.

Inside the trailer, Betty was in a state of pure bliss. She was finally happy, her only worry being getting FP out of prison. She had Jughead, she had her friends. She was happy .

Jughead” she couldn’t help the moan that came out of her mouth as the aforementioned boy began trailing kisses down her neck. She trailed her hands down his torso, pulling his shirt up and then off. She then began trailing kisses down his neck as well, biting softly as he writhed beneath her touch.

(Y/N)…” came Jughead’s breathy moan. Betty stopped immediately.

“Jughead, what was that?” she asked quietly.

Jughead opened his mouth to reply but was stopped by a knock, causing him to look at Betty in a panic. “Is that your mom?”

“Who else would it be?” came her sarcastic response.

Back outside, Hot Dog began to bark and struggle against his leash as Jughead opened the door. The leash slipped out of your hand, causing you to go after Hot Dog as he jumped on Jughead.

“Easy Hot Dog,” you grunted as you regained a hold of his leash. “He’s family.”

Jughead’s eyes widened as he saw you, dressed in a tight fitting outfit with your leather jacket (which he had completely missed at school). You were a Serpent . The rest of the Serpents noticed his growing blush and exchanged smirks with each other as his eyes lingered on your form.

“Hey,” Jughead finally said, stepping out slightly.

“Heard your dad could have named names but didn’t,” a Serpent said, stepping forwards and standing next to you. “Serpents take care of their own. We wanted you to know, no matter what happens to him, however long he’s gone, we’ve got your back.

“That’s yours, if you want it,” he said gesturing to the jacket that you had carelessly slung across your arm. You stepped forwards shyly, extending your arm as you handed Jughead the jacket, trying to ignore the butterflies you felt when your fingers brushed.

Jughead stared at you, stepping close once he took the jacket. He slipped it on slowly and brushed it off, looking at it almost admiringly.

His gaze returned to you as he stepped closer, brushing your hair back from your face. You looked at him and then noticed movement in the doorway. Betty.

You stepped back as Hot Dog let out a yelp, spotting Betty as well.

“Juggie?” Betty questioned, stepping out slightly. She looked at you then at the jacket in surprise and sadness.

You were shaken out of your thoughts by a vibration. Your phone.

From: Cherry
It’s done (Y/N/N). The fire had been brought and the sins have been purged from the Blossom household.

Your eyes widened as you realized what she meant and you began to make your way back where you came from.

“(Y/N)! Where are you going?” you heard the Serpents shout.

“I’m needed somewhere else,” you replied quickly, running off with Hot Dog bounding at your heels.

“(Y/N)…” you heard Jughead say. You paused briefly and turned around, meeting his gaze before you slid your eyes over to Betty.

Betty, who no longer looked happy. Betty, why no longer felt as though she had it all. Betty, who knew that Jughead had never been hers to begin with.

You turned around and continued running to Cheryl but you knew. Betty knew.

You both knew that you had won Jughead over. You had never lost him in the first place. Now it was just a matter of time to see how long it would take for him to join you in the South Side.

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Types of nctizens when NCT has a comeback:

wowwww thank you everyone for 100 followers im so emotional rn ❤ isdhjwocjw jkjk anw to celebrate that, i have made a long ass post about the kinds of nctizens i have come across when there is a comeback coming up. once again, thank you everyone!!

1. the mother: look at my bby isnt he so adorable he grew up so much pls feed him more i wabt to see him healthy oml hes so squishy-

2. the unprepared: oMG iM nOT REadYy wAht iM sOo aTACKEDT RN SEND HELP ASAP idisIDJWCKSJC-

3. the rich kid: oh wow look at my wallet its still full gotta buy morE ALBums aNd merCH

4. the broke fan: ameyziNgGg my money disappeared aLL of a sudden ¿¿? whAT IS THRIFTINESS IDK MAN aLL I KNOW IS THAT IM BROKE

5. the cute fan: //chirpy voice// ihihihihihi oh my goshhh look at him hes so cute hihihi im blushing hihihi

6. the artist: hOW AESTHETICALLY PLEASING i have to draw this brb gonna get my materials ready

7. the fashionista: look at his outfit ITS SO GORGEOUS his shirT I GOTTA GET THAT GOD BLESS UR STYLIST

8. the hairstylist/hairdresser: neW haiR SAVE ME wait waht save mark first jfc his scalp-

9. the fanfic authors: oH wOw I SUDDENLY HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA i have to turn it into a stOry

10. the super supportive fan: look at tHEM thEyre so tALented suppORt my babies yaLL betteR BUy theiR aLbum-

11. the emotional one: look at how far tHey haVe grOWN i remember when they were just in smrookies waiT IM GEttinG teAry eyeD i need some tissUE-

12. the protection squad: pROTECT MY BBYS they doNt deseRve hate at aLL :

13. the verbally/physically violent fan: wHat¿¿¿? unTaLeNTED ¿¿?? yALL BETTER GET READY BC I WILL FIND U AND BOMB UR HOUSE oH anD did i forgEt tO saY tHat i aM goiNG TO PUnch yOu in tHe tHroat-

14. the meme master: //pauses vid// AHAHAHAHAHAHAJKSHSKDJA LOOK AT HIS FACE HAHAHHA HE LOOKS SO FUNNY oadskidjwk i haVe an idEa foR a meMe jusT A seC

15. the makeup artist: wOw LoOk at tHat heaveNLy faCe i loVe the eyeshadow cOLor ooOOo i have a feeliNg that i can do thiS look wait i gotta look for my brushes-

16. the dancer: amaziNg choReo iT looks so cOOL/cUte i waNna try to dance iT alryT gotta memorizE tHe steps here we gOoOooo

17. the singer: //hears the bomb ass vocal line// whOooOoaaaA thatS SO COOL im gOnna siNg it //clears throat// //ends up slaying it as per usual//

18. the one who streams 25/8: the wifi is gOod rn so i’ll opEn a few incognito taBs and stream the hell out of this song gotta get it to 100000000000000 views

19. the busy kpopper student: oH wow i have a chemistry homework, a history essay about that era, 6 reports about this thing..wow thats a LOT. bUt what is lifE anw gotta watch more vids i’ll just fail this time

20. the one who attends events/concerts: OOoOoooooOooo GOtta gEt thiS bannEr and show my support for tHem and iM gonna screAm rip my lungs and throat-

21. the chill fan: oh wow look at them they look so beautiful awww im so happy for them yayyy

22. the pervert: oh shit he looks hot wAIT IS THAT HIS //gasps// ASS OSCJWBCIWK

23. the unloyal hoe: what is bias¿?? :“))) i may or may not bias the whole group bUt who the hell actually cares-

24. the one who thinks of smrookies: tHeyre so taLented and amazing but you know whats better? hansol, kun, jungwoo, and yukhei geTting to debUt in NCT

25. the pure gibberish: OudjwndojskxkķkwndnsjchijICJSNXKNA JSNXSKMSJbw Jxjwnakxiajzkkwkkn //heavy breathing//

N O T E: This isn’t meant to offend anyone at all. This is just pure fun. I hope you guys find something funny in here because i had to squeeze out all my brain juice for this. I literally have someone in mind for each category lol. which one are you?

btw feel free to add more categories :D

When one of his men hurt you because you threatened to tell that he’s a traitor to your BF

I REALLY LOVE MAKING THIS KIND OF REACTION!! This is so angst somehow but I know we love angst, so enjoy it. 

Part 2 here

Kim Namjoon : 

Namjoon wasn’t very protective to you because he knew that you hate being caged so he gave you one of his men to guard you. He didn’t know that his man was from a rival gang which joined as a spy. 

“Tell me his secret.” He always want you to tell Namjoon’s weakness and forced you until he beat you up. You denied to answer even though he beat you up like crazy. You covered the bruises with makeup and long sleeves even in a hot weather. Namjoon didn’t realize at first because you always wear long sleeves until he slung his arm to your arm and flinched. 

He stared at you in confused, “I don’t think I hit you,” he said. He opened your sleeves and widened his eyes, “who did this to you?” You keep your mouth shut. “Y/n, tell me who did this to you.” You spilled the secret you’ve been keep for a long time and he was in rage. 

“Next time, you’re staying with Jin hyung.”

Kim Seok Jin : 

He would noticed how you flinched whenever he told his man to guard you and you would tightened your grip to his shirt. “What’s wrong?” He asked but you keep silent. He would pretended to leave for work and stayed behind the wall. 

“Did you get the drugs?”

“Jin trust you, how could you betrayed him!” You answered, “you work for the other side for the whole time.” He pushed you and beat you, “don’t you dare to tell him.” Jin would come out after he heard you screamed in pain. Both of you didn’t expect this but clearly, you could see that Jin is not the usual sweet and caring boyfriend anymore. 

“I need to talk to you. Y/n, go upstairs and lock the door. I’ll have nice conversation with him.” 

Min Yoongi : 

He was at work at that time, on his desk, reading the documents and the market while Taehyung and Jimin were fighting like a kid. Suddenly, he got a video call from you and Yoongi was confused. 

“Maybe it’s important, answer her,” Jin said. 

Yoongi answered the video call and widened his eyes as he saw you being tied with bruise all over your body and blood dripping for your forehead. He tightened his grip on the phone without any expression on his face. “What the hell,” he mumbled. Then, he heard a familiar voice from the background, “hello, boss! Well, I did expect you’ll have this kind expression when you see her like this.” 

“What the hell are you doing?” He flinched as he heard you screamed in pain as someone hit you. “You didn’t notice anything? I work for your rival, a spy. Now I know your weakness and I’ll do the worst if you didn’t give the south territory.” He agreed as soon as he said the deal, “you dared to hurt my girl, you’ll have the consequence.”

Jung Hoseok : 

He noticed about you always put heavy makeup on your face even though you’re staying at home. He believed when you say because you want to look good in front of you. 

One day, you didn’t know that he came early and you just finished your bath. You teared up as you saw your reflection on the mirror. Purple bruise and some part of your arm got bruises. “Who did that to you.” You gasped when Hoseok leaned on the door. “So this the reason why you put makeup very often? Tell me who did this, I’ll protect you. Please, tell me.” You would cried and spilled the story. He got angry because two things, he let his girl got beaten up and second because he trusted people so easily. 

“It’s okay. Everything will just fine, you don’t have to put the makeup anymore if that makes you uncomfortable. I’ll come home late tonight, rest well.” 

Park Jimin : 

He knew you’re keeping a secret from him and he didn’t think that it would be something serious like that. He realized about how scared when you joined him to the office. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked softly while caressing your cheek, “are you okay? You look very pale.” You shook your head and heading to elevator before him. 

But then, you met that guy. You know he’s a traitor and he threatened you not to tell Jimin about it by beating you up. “Did you tell him?” You trembled in fear, “you know what will happen if you told him right?” You flinched as he touched your hand. Jimin was there on time, “what will you do and telling me about what?” He pulled you behind him. “H-He’s….on the rival gang. He will beat me up like always if I tell you…” You whispered in trembled voice. 

“So, you dared to beat my girlfriend? Dude, I need to talk to you.” He hugged you before he left with his men to do the business.

Kim Taehyung : 

He felt this like another trade, he prepared the things with his men and waited for another gang in the other side. But suddenly, he stood from his seat when he saw you being tied and a man pointed a gun to your head while walking.

He noticed that the guy who pointed a gun to you worked for him. “What’s happening?” Taehyung asked in panic. 

“Hey boss, it’s quite funny that you didn’t realize I worked for your rival. Your girl here, tried to tell you but I threatened him. I can’t believe you trust me to guard your girlfriend. Now, leave the drugs and leave this territory or she’ll die.” You shook your head furiously, “don’t listen to him!” You yelled. But he kicked you several times, making Taehyung flinched. 

“Stop, you’re hurting her. I’ll leave this place, but don’t hurt her. She’s in pain..” He said desperately. 

Jeon Jungkook :

Like Taehyung, he was waiting for the gang to trade with him. He came alone because it’s the deal. He waited for 15 minutes and thought that it might be a trap but decided to wait a little bit longer. 

“So, you came.” He confused when his man showed himself from the door. “Bring her.” He widened his eyes as he saw you unconscious in a man’s arm. He stood and prepared his gun. “Don’t do it or else,” he pointed a gun at you. Jungkook trembled as he saw your face with bruise. Sad, angry, regret, betrayed. All the emotions becomes one. 

“You worked for them.” 

“Yes, thanks for bringing the things even though we don’t need it.” Someone kicked him until he fell on his knees. The guy laughed and waved at him. “I’ll keep your girl for a long time. I hope you’ll find her, Jungkook.” He got beaten up while screaming your name and before he got unconscious, he saw the door being closed and making you apart with him. 

bad | 03

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Originally posted by sugutie

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 856

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: I enjoy writing this, so the fact that you guys like it makes me so happy. thank you to everyone who sent a nice message, it means so much

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Going Down? (Elevator AU)

Overview: You’re running late for work when the elevator at your apartment breaks down. The problem? It happens to break down with you and your obnoxiously attractive next door neighbor stuck inside. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 2,100.

Warning(s): Swearing, enclosed spaces, talks of sex, they’re both sort of assholes.

Note: Elevator AU / Modern AU I wrote within two hours or so. They’re supposed to be in their mid-to-late twenties here. Enjoy! (Alternatively Titled: “Ellie the Elevator”)


“Hold the door, please!”

You rushed toward the closing elevator, the sound of your heels muffled by the carpeted floor. With only a few inches to spare, you saw a hand jut out and push the metal door open.

Clutching your purse to your side, you entered the elevator, meeting the deepest pair of grey eyes you had ever seen. With his dark hair and unshaven face, you knew it could only be your notorious neighbor, Sirius Black.

“Hi,” you said, slightly breathless from your run down the hall.

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Pain In The- (The One Who Worries Part 2)

Writer - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - Yes.

This was good, could you possibly do a part 2 where the baby is born.  I’m curious to see how Paul would react. - @xoxoronanlynch

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight

Summary – Paul’s imprint, (Y/N), is officially overdue to have their baby but it finally decides it’s ready to be apart of the world and no one knows what to do.

Warning(s) - swearing, delivery of a newborn, mentions of breastfeeding (this really shouldn’t be a warning.), fluff, horribly written birthing scene lol


A/N - Request are open :)

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Protective Barnes

Originally posted by buchanan-barnes

Pairing: Protective!Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 541
Warning: none. Just some cute fluff.

Summary: Reader’s ex-boyfriend comes back to pick up some things and meets Bucky, her new boyfriend.

I wrote another short one-shot because this idea popped into my head when I saw that gif above and the scene from Gossip Girl. Thanks Carter!

It’s been one month since [Y/N] threw her ex onto the streets of New York City and she was very glad that she did that. There were some guys who were a thousand times better than this asshole she called her boyfriend one month ago.

She was just sitting on the couch in her living room and read one of her favorite books when [Y/N] heard someone unlocking the door. Confused, she looked up from the pages as Ryan stumbled into the room.

“Oh…I had hoped you wouldn’t be…hi” he mumbled and scratched his neck. Sighing, [Y/N] buried her hands in her hair before she looked up again “What do you want here, Ryan?”

“I wanted to pick up the last things of me. My sweats and…the coffee machine. You’re alone?” Ryan put down the carton in his hands when Bucky came out of the bathroom. He was rolling up the sleeves of his shirt and looked at her ex-boyfriend “No…she’s with me”

“Ryan, this is Bucky. My boyfriend” [Y/N] smiled as he leaned over the backrest and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She took his metal hand and stroke with her thumb over the backside of it.

Both saw how Ryan tensed up and his jaw clenched while he was looking at Bucky “Shall I…go or do you want to…?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you” [Y/N] grinned sweetly and jumped from the couch. Swiftly she walked to her bedroom and left Ryan alone with Bucky, who was staring at him. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest and looked much bigger and more dangerous now. Ryan tried to avoid his gaze when James turned away and walked into the open kitchen to pour himself a coffee. Slowly, he took a sip from his cup and looked at Ryan “So…I have to thank you, Ryan. Because you were such an ass, I have the honour to love and date this wonderful woman” he winked “but still I would like to give you a lecture in how to treat a woman. Sadly I promised [Y/N] that I wouldn’t kill you so you’re save.”

Before Ryan could say something, [Y/N] came back and threw Ryan’s sweats to him “There you are. Now please leave.” she smiled and went to Bucky, who was sitting next to the counter and raised an eyebrow “You can buy yourself a new coffee machine. We’ll take care of yours”

“Oh and you can leave the keys here. Bucky needs them more than you” [Y/N] nodded to the keys that he was holding in his hands. Muttering he threw them on the couch and left while slamming the door shot.

“You’re so hot when you’re protective” [Y/N] turned her head towards Bucky who put his cup down. He smiled and turned to her so she was standing between his legs while he was sitting on the bar stool. Grinning, James pulled her closer “Well, that’s my job. I will always look after my best girl” She smiled, kissed him softly on his plump lips and wrapped her arms around his neck before he broke the kiss and mumbled “I love you so much, doll”

“Same, Sergeant, same” she grinned and kissed him again.

Finished. I hope you liked it! Leave me some ideas for other one-shots in my ask box or just say hello

The hurting - part 2 of It’s Over

hello hello! this was originally going to be two parts but i had a lot planned and i thought it would be too long. so i thought about doing three parts instead. sorry for the wait! hope you like part two! xx M

heath ledger deadass looks like harry in this movie, bye

Heartbreak. There is the kind of heartbreak that a person can get over. Sometimes it’ll take a few days, weeks, or even months. But eventually, a person can get over it. Even though sometimes it may linger in the back of the person’s mind but they’d only remember it as a small memory from their past.

It can make one strong or weak. It can change one’s perspective on certain aspects of life like love or trust. 

Heartbreak can make one strong. It can teach one a lesson about not giving yourself to someone entirely. Keeping a part of you to yourself only because you’re your own person. 

That’s the kind of heartbreak Y/N wishes she could have gone through. But if your heart is broken in the worst way by someone who you thought was going to be your soulmate, then you don’t know if you’d ever recover from it. That’s the kind of heartbreak a person can’t get over. The kind where you give yourself to someone entirely and they hold your heart in their hands. Just from making one decision, they can break it like it never mattered. Like your heart isn’t fragile. 

That’s how Y/N felt with Harry.

He was everywhere. No matter where she went. No matter how much she tries to distract herself, there was always something that reminded her of him. Of her soulmate. The man who broke her heart without realizing it until he had to face it too. 

 He knew that he broke her heart. He just didn’t know how much regret and guilt was going to come crashing down onto him until it actually happened. Until he saw her broken face. Until he saw her no longer wearing the wedding ring he put on her himself, promising that he would remain faithful to her the rest of their life together. 

It was all gone. All of those promises are broken.

But the heart aching pain and memories, it was still there. 

It’s been two months since Y/N left Harry. Two months since she left him in their house with her wedding ring in her bedside drawer. Two months since she left Harry with no remorse because he deserved to feel the pain. She had to watch her husband come home every night with another woman’s perfume and marks on him like he was someone she could just share. But it felt like a stab right to the heart. So seeing Harry’s broken and crumbled face didn’t make her feel anything but emotionless. Because he deserved it. 

Y/N had left Harry on that same exact night she confronted him. She already had her bags packed because she couldn’t take it anymore; seeing Harry give himself to another woman when he should’ve only belonged to her. She didn’t know what made her stay for so long. Maybe it’s because she loved him far too much. Maybe, just maybe, did she think that Harry would’ve stopped. But he never did so she was never going to stay. 

She had stayed with a friend until she got her own apartment. Harry would constantly call and text her, begging her for forgiveness. For a chance. Because he’s an idiot and he messed up so badly. Because he wasn’t thinking. But Y/N didn’t care at this point. She had given him a chance without him noticing. She just wanted a little bit of his heart. She just wanted to see that maybe he would stop because he promised her that he was all hers. But he went back on that promise and broke it. 

Once the media found out, it was plastered on every news stand. All over websites. It was constantly talked about and mentioned everywhere they went. Paparazzi following the two for questions. Y/N would feel like she couldn’t breath every time someone asked her what happened, who ruined it, why did they ruin it. Some of the answers to those questions are ones that Y/N needs too. 

Why did Harry ruin it? What did she do to deserve it?

She could no longer take it. She didn’t want to be associated to him any longer. So she sent him divorce papers that he had yet to receive. She didn’t care about money or the house. He could have it all. She didn’t want any of it. She just wanted to get away from the man who took her heart from her and crushed it like it was nothing. 

It was around four in the afternoon when Y/N heard a loud pounding on her door. She felt herself jump, slightly spilling the hot tea she was making in the kitchen. Cautiously, she walks towards the door, worried who it might be and why they were knocking like they were about to break her door down. 

When she opened the door slightly, she felt her airways constrict and she could no longer breath because she sees a mess right in front of her. 

Tangled hair, swollen red eyes with hues of dark purple beneath them and a stubbly chin stood Harry. And in his hands tightly held were the divorce papers. 

“Y/N,” His voice cracks, deep and raspy like he was just crying. 

Y/N already felt herself trembling, ready to shut the door but he stops her, putting his feet between the door with his hand pushing against it. 

“You need to go,” She tells him, already falling apart. 

“No, please, just listen to me, please, Y/N,” He cries out, the tears already streaming down his tired face. 

She doesn’t bother holding the door anymore, too tired to argue. Too tired to do anything at this point. 

“What is there to listen to Harry?” Is all she asks. 

“I just–you, you sent these divorce papers,” He mutters, a doleful look etched upon his face. 

A look of disbelief takes over Y/N’s face and she puts her hand on her chin pretending to think, feeling her anger increase already. “Gee Harry, I wonder why–maybe because my fucking husband cheated on me!” She spits harshly and he winces, shame written all over his face.

“I-I know,” he mumbles, “God, Y/N, I know because I can feel it. I know what I did and yeh don’t know how much I regret it, dammit, I don’t know what else to say other than sorry!” The tears dribble down his chin and he sniffles through his nose. 

“If you know, then why are you asking me? You think sorry is gonna fix this?” She mocks, a hostile look on her face. “You broke me! You promised me you were gonna take care of me. You promised me a happy life. You promised me you were all mine. Dammit, Harry,” She cries, “You took my heart right from me and crushed it! Imagine how the fuck I feel right now?! I constantly ask myself what I did wrong but I still don’t have an answer!” Her chest heaves hardly when she finishes speaking, her tears uncontrollable now. 

“I-I d-don’t know what t’ say,” He stutters out. 

He had no excuse for his actions. There was never going to be a good excuse for this. He lost her for good. 

“Just sign the papers and leave me alone!” Y/N says bitterly, ready to shut the door on his face because she could no longer stand in front of him like this. 

A pained expression takes over Harry’s face and he vigorously shakes his head, “No, No, Y/N please, No!” He begs but she brushes it off, slamming the door shut and locking it. Her back is against the door and she slides down until her bum meets the floor. She brings her hand up to her mouth, sobbing in her hands as the tears don’t stop. 

She didn’t think it was possible for her heart to hurt any more than it already did. 

“’m not giving up on us, Y/N, an’ ‘m not signing these divorce papers either! I love you dammit!” Harry speaks through the door, knowing she’s still there. 

Y/N lets out a shaky sigh, “You gave up on us a long time ago, Harry.” Is all she says to him, ignoring his last words. If he really loved her, he wouldn’t have cheated on her.

And with those words being spoken, Harry felt himself fall apart all over again like the night she left him. 

It’s been a week since Harry showed up at Y/N’s doorstep with the divorce papers. He still didn’t sign them. He’d still call and text her even though she hasn’t answered a single one. 

It’s two in the morning and Y/N is trying to get some sleep but it was still hard. It was still hard to fall asleep when she was so use to having Harry’s large, lean body laying beside her. She’d remember all the times he’d cuddle her from behind or sometimes she would cuddle him because he loved being the little spoon even if he was much larger than her. She missed it. She hated the fact that she still missed him. She hated how she still thought about him. She shouldn’t being thinking about him but she still did because she still loved him when he didn’t even deserve her love. 

The sound of her phone vibrating on her nightstand causes her to let out a tired sigh and open her eyes. She leans up on her elbow to grab her phone, squinting at the screen in the dark. She wasn’t surprised to see Harry calling her considering he does it every day. 

She decides to answer the phone so she can tell him to fuck off because she’s trying to get some sleep for once and not think about him. 

“Dammit Harry, can you at least leave me alone at this time–” She was cut off by his giggling, loud music playing in the background. What the hell was he doing at this time? 

“Y/N,” he speaks through the phone, “Miss youuu, loveee,” He drags out.

Y/N rolls her eyes. He was drunk. 

“Harry, I’m gonna hang up.” She says, meaning it. 

He quickly protests, his voice going from happy to sad in a matter of seconds, “No, no, don’t hang up, ‘m alone–oops sorry, mate.” She hears the sound of a glass breaking, her eyes go wide and she felt worried that Harry got hurt. The music dies down, Harry’s heavy breathing the only sound coming through the phone. 

“Harry, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

“I dunno,” He says drunkenly, leaning against the brick wall in the alleyway. 

“You don’t know?” She sighs, “Harry, how much have you had to drink?”

“I dunno,” He answers again, “‘ve lost track after the ninth one.” He says drowsily. 

Y/N sits up on the bed, wide awake and worried that he might drink too much if he goes back in for more. 

“Harry, I need you to go home,” She says calmly even though she felt herself getting upset for even answering in the first place. 

“Wha’? Why? ‘m just ‘avin a drink!” He grumbles, seeing his vision go blurry and he sits down on the cold ground.

“You don’t even know much you’ve drank, Harry!” Y/N stresses. 

“S’not like you’d care,” He mumbles sorrowfully, “’m sure you’d be happy ‘f yeh find out ‘m in the hospital. Won’t even bother yeh anymore. Won’t even call yeh or text yeh anymore an’ ‘m sure you’d be so happy–”

Y/N interrupts him, hating that he’s talking like this. “Harry, of course I still care about you. I don’t wanna wake up to a call from the hospital, notifying me that you’re getting your stomach pumped from drinking so much.”

Harry doesn’t say anything, resting his head between his knees as he brings it up to his chest. 

“Harry,” Y/N calls out, wondering why he wasn’t say anything.

“Hm?” He hums, feeling his body betray him. 

“Harry, where are you?”

“‘m-’m ou’side,” he slurs. 

“Where?” She asks, getting up from the bed in a hurry to put on a jacket and shoes. 

“Dunno,” he mumbles, making her feel frustrated. 

“Dammit Harry! Just stay there and don’t leave okay?” 

“Mhm,” He responds, allowing her to let out a sigh of relief because he was still a little conscious. 

Y/N grabs her keys and runs down stairs to her car, worried sick that someone might take advantage of Harry. Even after all of this, she was still going to worry about him because she still loved him. She didn’t want anyone to take advantage of Harry in such a vulnerable state, half unconscious and drunk outside of a club. She drives to the club closest to his house and parks her car on the side of the road. She runs her hands through her hair, looking around to find her husband’s lanky body. 

She sighs in relief when she’s him sitting on the side of the building, unharmed. She runs to him, shaking him awake. 

“Harry, Harry. Wake up,” She tries and he flutters his eyes, confused. 

“C’mon! I need to get you home,” She pulls him up from the ground, wrapping her arms around his waist while he throws an arm around her shoulder, dragging his feet along the ground.

“O-Our home?” He asks her timidly. Y/N felt her stomach hurt, a lump forming in her throat at his words. 

“Mhm,” Is her only reply but she felt heart hurt in her chest.

Harry giggles drunkenly, “Our homeeee,” he smiles, “missed yeh, pet.” He slurs, leaning against her as she tries to open the door. She helps him sit down in the passenger seat, putting on his seat belt for him. He leans his head back against the headrest, closing eyes to inhale the familiar scent of her car. God, he missed her so damn much. 

He watches her start the car as soon as she gets in, watching for any cars so she could pull out from the spot. 

He wanted to savor this small amount of time with her. He knew that she was going to leave as soon as he gets home and he didn’t want her to leave. He missed her. He missed her scent even though he could smell her everywhere. He missed seeing her beautiful sleeping face every time he woke up in the morning, only to be met with an empty bed side. He missed kissing her. He missed her laugh whenever he’d do something entirely dumb or say a really lame joke she’d laugh at nonetheless. He missed hugging her from behind and making her jump in surprise when she least expected it in the morning. He missed her voice. He missed their conversations about the most random things. He missed her smile that would cause butterflies to erupt in his stomach still every time. He missed her comfort when he’s had a bad day. Now every day felt like a bad day because she wasn’t there. She wasn’t there to soothe him and it was all his fault. He was the one to blame for both of their pain. He was the one who decided to ruin their marriage because he was being selfish and had sex with another woman. He was the one who decided to remove his wedding ring first. He broke his promises to her. It was all his fault. 

Y/N felt tense as she drove, knowing Harry was staring at her and she didn’t dare to look at him. She didn’t want to look into his pale green eyes only to feel weak. He made her feel weak. He made her feel weak because he was the one who took a part of her with him. He was the one who she’s still hopelessly in love with him. She hates that she doesn’t hate him. She wants to hate because he fucking cheated on her but she doesn’t. She loves him so much. She loves him so much and she still cares about him that she came to pick him up drunk from a club, worried sick that he would end up in the hospital. She hated how he still had this affect over her. 

Harry brings his hand up to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, watching her swallow thickly as she stares ahead at the road. She ignores his actions, knowing it was pointless to say anything because he was drunk. He doesn’t even notice when they reach their house until she stops the car and turns off the ignition. 

He fumbles with the seat belt holder, unclicking it after a few seconds. She opens the door and helps him outside of the car. He wraps an arm around her shoulder again, taking advantage of the fact that she was right here. Right next to him. 

She still has the key to the house so she pulls it out, unlocking the front door. When they walk into the house, Y/N is immediately met with the sight of a messy house. There’s a broken vase on the floor and bottles of different alcohol strewn across the house. She notices a bunch of crumpled up papers scattered upon the floor and coffee table in the living room. There’s a pillow and blanket on the couch and she wonders if he’s been sleeping in the living room.

Her question is answered when he drags her to the couch instead of upstairs. 

“Don’t wanna sleep upstairs,” He mumbles tiredly, rubbing his eyes. 

“Why not?” She asks him even though she probably doesn’t want to know the answer. 

“s’where we’ve made love, talked ‘bout babies an’ everythin’. Didn’t want t’ sleep there ‘cos it hurts,” A look of pain takes over his face as she helps him lay down on the couch. She lets out a shaky sigh, not responding to his words. She walks over to kitchen and grabs him a bottled water from the fridge. She sees the empty fridge and she’s worried that he’s not eating properly. She’s noticed that he’s definitely gotten skinny since she last saw him. 

She walks back to the living room, seeing him laying with his eyes shut and breathing heavily. She puts the water bottle down, not wanting to wake him because he looks like he’s falling asleep after days. It was going to be hard to say goodbye if he’s awake again, knowing he might stop her from leaving. 

Y/N decides to clean up the broken vase, not wanting him to get hurt either when he wakes up. She’s starting to worry how much alcohol he’s consuming everyday because every message she deleted from her phone seemed incoherent from drinking. 

When she finishes cleaning up the vase, she quietly walks to the door but stops when she hears him whimpering her name. 

“Y/N, Y/N,” her eyes go wide as she sees him thrash around a bit on the couch. “Don’t leave, please. ‘ve messed up badly an’ ‘m sorry. ‘m sorry. ‘m sorry.” He keeps repeating and she felt her heart hurt and her throat was constricted but she couldn’t move. She couldn’t do this. She shouldn’t even be here right now. She could’ve called one of Harry’s friends to pick him up tonight but she didn’t because in that moment, she didn’t think, she was just worried about him. 

Seeing how badly Harry was reacting to this was starting to break her heart. At first, she wanted him to feel heart broken just as much as she did. She wanted him to feel the pain just as much as she did. She wanted him to face the consequences; to see what he’s done to him. But seeing Harry get drunk almost every night and almost to the point where he may have to get his stomach pumped, didn’t it any better. It only made her worried. 

Maybe she was going to rethink this divorce. Maybe in the back of her mind somewhere she might give him a chance. He didn’t deserve it. Not when he constantly cheated on her with the same woman. Not when he broke every promise he made to her. He didn’t deserve her love and pity. But Y/N can’t help it when she’s still so irrevocably in love with him. He’s just made her that weak. He just has that much control over her heart and mind. 

She felt herself fall apart when she had to leave him on the couch in that state. He was clinging a pillow to his chest like a child, cheeks covered with tear stains. 

Maybe he did make her weak. Maybe she was going to cancel the divorce. Harry hasn’t even signed the papers so it’s not like it would’ve happened anytime soon. But she’s not going to run back to him either. She thinks that they’re better off separate for now. Until she’s made a final decision because seeing the love of her live tearing himself apart like this was something she couldn’t just brush off. 

She just needs time to heal.

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jealous : fionn whitehead

“Y/N, look at this one,” Harry giggled as he scrolled through another video of him falling on the stage. He tried to shove his phone into Y/N’s face while she brought another pack of crisps from hers and Fionn’s shared kitchen. 

“This is so embarrassing. Harry. How do you manage to fall this much?” she chuckled and threw herself at the couch, between Fionn and Harry. It was a typical Friday night for the three ever since Fionn introduced them and they became close friends. It was the third Friday of Harry showing up on Fionn and Y/N’s small apartment in Manchester with a bottle of decent wine -or sometimes champagne, even cans of beer; depending on the situation-. After Dunkirk, they started meeting up and watching classic movies at one another’s house if their schedule was alright with that. 

“I’m just clumsy!” Harry defended himself and brought the sweet wine to her lips, taking a small sip. “Here, hold this while I have a wee, love” he threw the black phone into Y/N’s lap.

“You alright there babe?” she asked Fionn. 

He wasn’t his usual bubbly self tonight. 

Sure, he wasn’t the most talkative guy but Y/N felt uneasy by his glares.

“Yeah, I am.” 

“You sure? Did-”

“I’m fine, Y/N. Go back to watching Harry.” he snapped and Y/N shut her mouth. She was shocked. Not because of the fact that he snapped at her but the fact that he called her by her name instead of a nickname. 

“Fionn-” she tried again but Harry cut her sentence as he stumbled from the toilet.

“Mate, I’m telling you. You’re so lucky to have Y/N. The bathroom smells like rose petals and there are heart shaped soaps. Soaps!” 

Instead of replying, Fionn stormed out of the living room with his glass of wine and went into the kitchen while Harry stood with a raised brow.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” he spoke after minutes of silence as Y/N sighed. 

“I don’t know what’s up with him. I’ll talk to him,” she stood up from the sofa and handed him the phone and walked into the kitchen.

He was seated at one of the bar stools, looking at his phone.

Y/N stared at him for a second and rubbed her forehead.

Fionn hardly acted like this. He was always nice.

“Fionn?” he stirred. 

He turned his head towards her and shook his head, his glasses falling slightly from his nose.

“What’s wrong?” she got closer, touching his shoulders.

“What do you think? I’ve been watching you two flirting non stop from the moment he got here. And now! He says I’m lucky to have you! Like I don’t know!” he yelled, not feeling afraid that Harry was on the other room and that he might hear what’s being said.

“Flirting?! What the hell are you on about? You’re being ridiculous!” 

“Ridiculous? Oh, so you’re okay with him flirting with you then? Should I just leave you two!” he paced the kitchen, standing right in front of Y/N, glaring into her soul with his cold, blue eyes.

She froze.

She couldn’t believe she let the one person she cared deeply about feel this way.

He was jealous and she let it happen.

“Fionn…” She started but he didn’t let her to continue.

“What, Y/N? It’s not your fault though, is it? He’s hot, hell, he’s handsome and he’s got this fucking aura that I don’t! He’s got everything-”

Without letting him finish the sentence, she pressed their lips together. 

She kissed him and tried to explain him that he was the one with her kisses.

He was the one she fell in love with.

He was the one who looked adorable with pasta sauce on his face.

He was the one who she kissed without minding the morning breath.

And he kissed her back.

When they pulled back, her hands stayed still on his neck, playing with the hair behind his neck.

“You’re a fucking idiot and I’m a dumb bitch. I’m sorry you felt like this but please, please don’t ever compare yourself with anyone. I love you, Fionn Whitehead. I love you and only you. It will be always you. Always.”

He looked at the floor, his half smile returned to his beautiful face. 

“I guess I acted like a freak. I’m sorry, Harry’s probably hating me right now”

“Shut up, he’s probably on his fourth glass of wine. Come on, let’s go inside?” She slid her hand and held his hands, intertwining their fingers together.

“I love you,” he smiled as Y/N kissed his knuckles.

“You better do,”

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