who is his actual brother

me: mhmm rpl who is That Half of the Dynamic feels super inferior to his Cool Brother who he is actually cooler than by virtue of having a big heart
me: back on that bullshit you never came off of huh?

Alan Tudyk’s character in the upcoming sitcom Powerless has been revealled, where it turns out that he’s Bruce Wayne’s cousin, a man by the name of Van Wayne. Huh.

Although Bruce does/did have actual relatives, just HOW they are related to him seems to vary on the source material. Back in the day, for example, they explained the question of, you know, who looked after Bruce afer his parents died with the introduction of Philip Wayne (Thomas Wayne’s brother), who left the actual childrearing to his housekeeper Mrs Chilton. Maybe Van is meant to be his son?

Thomas Wayne’s sister, Agatha, was also introduced at some point, but her appearances are limited at best. He being a comedic character there for old people jokes.

Later it was established that Bruce was raised by Alfred, who acted as his legal guardian, but prior to the reboot Bruce’s mum Martha’s side of the family was fleshed out some more. Through the Kanes, we learnt that Bruce’s uncle Jacob and his cousin Kate (who would late become Batwoman) were around, and after the reboot Philip (here another brother of Jacob and Martha) was reintroduced in the Year Zero storyline.

Apparently the reason why the Kanes seemingly declined to get involved with Bruce after Martha and Thomas’ deaths is that some of the family didn’t approve of them getting together in the first place, due to a long standing feud between the Kane and Wayne families. In Grant Morrison’s Return of Bruce Wayne storyline, Martha’s family even hired a private investigator (in reality an amnesiac time-travelling Bruce) to investigate the Waynes’ murder, due to their suspicions that Thomas murdered Martha for the insurance and then faked his own death.

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Tobirama? The most boring hokage, only has Maybe 10 lines in the entire 700+ ep show. He doesn't really do anything just gets killed by some bitch ninjas to save saratobi then just stands next to his brother who actually forwards the plot. That's it


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How to tell the difference between your Canadian friend, who is actually really nice, and his American brother, who is a puta.

I’ve been struggling with that for awhile myself. But take it from me. The easiest way to tell the difference is by their personalities. 

Ummmm...what happened to Killykins’s *actual brother*?

I was gonna rant a little about Archie being pulled in for pirate-propping duty in my episode overview, but then I thought of this.

“It would be nice,” methinks, “if Killy’s prop were someone that he HADN’T tried to kill and never even apologized to.” (Same thought as with Belle throughout S4B-5.) But of course such people are very thin on the ground. Maybe Leroy?  No, wait, Killy tried to send him and all his brothers to hell a few weeks ago.

But wait! Killy has an actual brother who has forgiven him for his abuse! One whom we know is still alive for the moment (because the actor will be appearing in a future ep). Maaaaaaaybe Killy would be better off confiding in his literal brother? How hard would it be to pay that actor rather than Raphael (he’d frankly have to be cheaper)? Wouldn’t it make more sense for someone who has at least had an onscreen conversation with Killy to be congratulating him on his proposal and reformation? (I literally don’t think Archie and Killy ever spoke between the time Killy torured him and last ep.)

Like, wouldn’t Our Killy, being so incredibly loving and forgiving, want to bond with his literal flesh and blood?

But no. Because apparently it’s not enough for mere family to pander to Killy. It has to be the show’s embodiment of conscience.

Imagine a bizarro universe of Undertale

Flowey the scary-looking but harmless flower, who regularly breaks into a soft smile while going into paragraphs on his belief that the world is a good place where people help eachother.
Toriel being a child-hater who can’t bake worth a damn and thinks that puns are the lowest form of humour.
Sans the workaholic who deeply resents his brother and when you actually fight him has the highest stats in the game, but his attacks are so easy to avoid it’s almost impossible not to win. Also thinks puns are trash.
Papyrus being a jackass with crippling self-doubt, who loathes cooking but is surprisingly very good at it and has been looking for an excuse to quit his job in the royal guard for a long time now.
Undyne being super friendly when you first meet and constantly helping you traverse the dangers of Waterfall, but when she invites you back to her house for tea is suddenly struck by the urge to kill you because you remind her of Asgore.
Monster Kid following along with you through Waterfall in order to constantly mock you and thinks that Undyne is a weenie.
Alphys being an egomaniac who constantly brags about the Determination experiments that she refuses to accept were a total failure. Thinks anime is “cartoons for babies”.
Mettaton being a killer robot trying to disguise himself as a TV show host, but his ruse becomes painfully obvious due to his stage fright.
Napstablook the constantly smiling ghost, has a family tradition of “lying on the floor feeling like a million bucks”, makes cheery-sounding mixtapes and thinks Mettaton’s show is lame and can’t wait for it to be cancelled.
Asgore being feared and hated throughout the Underground and constantly showing a grim look on his face… until you fight him, in which case he suddenly breaks out in a goofy smile because killing is the only thing he finds pleasure in.

i think a LOT about roger doofenshmirtz tbh and i just like know roger must have been effected in little ways by how awful his brother was treated and i just keep imagining like

little roger who makes plans to hang out with his friends as much as he can, who wanders about town or stays late at school because he doesn’t want to go back home and hear screaming anymore, because watching heinz get yelled at is so tiring

little tiny roger doofenshmirtz who begs and begs and begs his parents to tell him what happened to his big brother, who begs until his mother actually screams at him, and he decides he never wants that to happen again so he shuts up and waits a whole year not knowing where heinz is, and he is just so happy when he comes back home, smelling like ocelots and wearing rags, yes, but he’s home

little roger who decides that when heinz spills the soup or breaks a glass or knocks into a table, he’ll make sure his parents think that he did it, because they never get angry with him, but if they think heinz did something wrong then there will be screaming. (and roger who quickly learns that heinz will be blamed anyway whether he did it or not)

little roger who would sometimes swallow hard and pipe up with a soft “mutti, i know heinz didn’t mean it” and never quite understood that look his brother gave him whenever he did that, that strange mixture of gratefulness and resentment and fear

little roger who would ask his brother about what he was tinkering on, in the rare instances that heinz found the time to tinker, because his brother was weird and and closed off but he was still smart and roger, even as a little kid, understood that, and, in his own way, appreciated his older brother’s eccentric genius, even if their parents did not

little roger who would talk to his brother sometimes, and would apologize, but would always say just the wrong thing, say that he was sorry he was mother’s favorite but maybe if heinz just tried a little harder to– and who never understood why heinz would grit his teeth and clench his fists and walk away muttering and why he wouldn’t just take his advice, because he just doesn’t understand that heinz has tried everything, because roger never had to try at all

little roger, who saw heinz fall asleep at his post as his garden gnome, saw him move, saw him mess up, and never told a soul

little roger who, for all the love he has for his brother, still gets this warm, elated feeling when his mother praises him, who likes being the favorite, who, for all the times he steps in in his own little ways, steps away more, lets heinz be yelled at and made fun of and punished, who eventually just stops stepping in alltogether because what’s the point, and lets himself relish in the schadenfreude that he gets from seeing his weird older brother get chewed out by their mother, even if a small, nagging part of him still feels bad for heinz

roger doofenshmirtz who strove for perfectionism in everything he did, from kickball to looks, because he was so afraid of somehow falling out of his mother’s good graces, and because maybe if he was good enough, he could get out of gimmelshtump

roger who grew up knowing that he was smarter and better looking and nicer and more likable and more charismatic than heinz, and who readily accepted it, because everyone said it was true, but who never actually accepted that heinz was bad. who laughed along with jokes at his brother’s expense and made them himself, who, as he got older, rubbed heinz’s face in the fact that he was the favorite, who gloated and boasted and showed him up, who never did quite enough to relieve heinz’s hardships, who tricked himself into believing that what happened to heinz was in some way justified, because it was so much easier to accept that, but still, never, ever saw heinz as bad. who loved his brother, despite his parents trying their very best to make sure he wouldn’t, who moved across a sea to live in the same town as heinz and who painted for twenty years to make up for a mistake

roger doofenshmirtz who was also messed up by the doofenshmirtzes “parenting,” but who just showed it in smaller, more subtle ways


I mean, look, I’d be pleased as pie if she’s really in the episode and I 100% believe she can pop up but nothing is set yet. Pretty much anyone can edit imdb. Don’t start celebrating already just cause someone edited imdb please!

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Draws captive prince college!cafe!AU because I am cliche fanfic trash. Damen is the favoured son of a wealthy coffee chain magnate but after his father’s death, Damen is banished by his older brother Kastor, now the CEO of said wealthy coffee chain, to work as a common waiter at Cafe Arles, their biggest competitor. Laurent is the aloof heir to Cafe Arles, who sits in a private corner of the cafe every day and gives no one a second glance as he works on his college coursework. Together, they will make all the coffee and Damen must find a way to reclaim his coffee empire without revealing who he is. I’m so sorry


                                             Look at Merle’s face.

He was at the prison less than 2 (ish?) days and he knew exactly what was going on between Caryl. 

                                                     He knew.

It’s my headcanon that this conversation was one of the reasons he did what he did. For his brother. Realizing that Daryl had someone who actually and truly loved him for the first time in his shitty life.  

                                       So he “gave them a chance.”