who is he who condemns

anidala week 2017 - day one: happy skywalker family au
fic title: of options and comlinks
word count: 1333
author: mightbemelissa

In that moment it seemed like there were only two options: help Master Windu arrest the Chancellor and secret Sith Lord or heed to Sheev Palpatine’s begging and turn against the Jedi. To Anakin, it felt as if the same battle that was playing out before him, light versus dark, was happening within his own mind. Windu, a man who seemed to hate him, who would condemn his marriage if he knew of it, and a member of a flawed order, or Palpatine, a master of darkness, the Sith Lord who they have been scouring the galaxy for, the embodiment of everything Anakin had been taught was evil, but also his friend, and the man who promised his wife would live. All the tension within him, all the emotions always pulling at the seams within him seemed to be breaking apart, Anakin wanted to scream. But then, in a split second, a third option revealed itself.

If somebody told him that his comlink beeping would stop him from falling to the darkside, Anakin Skywalker would have laughed, except that is exactly what happened. Anakin and Padmé had an emergency frequency. If used, no matter when or where the other person was the message would go through. Up until that moment of Anakin’s inner battle and the physical fight in front of him, the frequency had never been used. But then there was a beep and the sweet sound of his wife’s voice filled the darkness of the room with light and soothed his inner turmoil, “Ani,” her voice wavered and her mixture of fear and excitement was clear despite the static, “I’ve gone into labor. I’m on my way to Coruscant Medical. Meet me there, please, I need you Ani.”

His wife was scared and she needed him. Palpatine’s promises didn’t matter in that moment, Anakin realized. He’d been so consumed in his own fears he had not spared his wife single thought.

That was the third option, Padmé. Without giving Windu or Palpatine a second glance, Anakin sprinted from the room.

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thesuttonbrady  asked:

Pitch + 12, 23 pleaseee

I adjusted #23 a little to “Is that my sweater?” instead of “Is that my shirt?” 

This got away from me a little in the middle and I wanted more of happy tone, so I hope the ending isn’t too abrupt or out of place. 

Let me know what you think.

Read on Ao3. 

He looked…sweet. Almost. In sleep the semi-permanent scowl was gone leaving the muscles of Mike’s face relaxed and accentuating his round, apple cheeks, which were red from spending the day in the sun playing with Gabe, Marcus, and the other Padres’ kids.

Ginny couldn’t say why she’d chosen to stay behind after Mike dozed off and everyone else decided it was time to leave his house. She knew what she told them, he needed someone to wake him up and make sure he dragged his old bones back to bed so he’d be ready for their flight to DC the next day.

Livan had muttered something unflattering under his breath, even after he spent a good portion of his day tossing their teammates’ kids across the pool with Mike, but it was the sad, puppy dog look from Robles and Evelyn’s manic grin that kept running through her head.

What did they think was going to happen? Passionate coupling in his backyard after a day spent tossing around 50lb kids? Even if they did have the secret relationship going that Evelyn wanted to believe they did, she doubted that Mike had the flexibility left in his joints to do much more than climb up the stairs and into his bed.

Though as she looked down at his wide, expansive thighs (covered with adorable freckles) and muscular six pack that some - who clearly hadn’t seen him up close or been thrown around a pool by him - said had run to fat, she suspected that given the right motivation he could rise to the occasion. So to speak.

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baptizem  asked:

❝ I've never taken the high road... but I tell other folks to, then there’s more for me on the low road. ❞

——-     grunts unplanned laugh.   smile akin to a snarl, housing unspoken judgement as well as underlying theme of human nature he’s no exception to, that insists one rejoice in the victories of underhanded manipulation;   a terrible habit but who is he to condemn it ?   he’s just the guy who outs others, not the one to measure their morals.      “ if you’ve never tried it, how do you know for sure the low road is so desirable ? ”      has an emerald ring on his thumb he keeps digging nail into.   it’s an unpleasant but quiet noise playing on repeat between syllables.      “ maybe you’re missing out there.   high road like a busy city street that can take you to unimaginably fine places at the price of traffic, while your lonely country road, may just take you into the wet, dark woods.   you could try practicing what you preach and consider it an experiment. ”

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