who is he like i dont

i love that the lead singer of kansas actually came up to jensen and told him it was cool if jensen wanted to join them on stage like jensen is so freaking amazing at everything he does that actual professional musicians who have been performing for decades want him to sing with them and it makes me so happy that jensen gets to hear that and experience first-hand just how much people admire him and his talent

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77 with Bucky, pretty please?

The front door opened and you reached for the remote, muting the reality show and shifting to sit up in the bed. “Is that you, Sarge?” you called through the apartment, listening as your voice echoed down the hallway.

“Who else would it be?” he said as he walked through the door, a grocery bag in his left hand. “How is that baby treating you?”

“Stopped kicking finally, but I am dying for the ice cream you left at midnight to get me, Sarge,” you said, reaching out to take the bag from his hands. The baby stretched against your stomach as you did, as if it knew that your treat was finally here. He took a tub of cookies and cream ice cream from the bag and your spirits fell. “This isn’t the right ice cream,” you said, tears stinging your eyes. You wiped angrily at them, glaring at your stomach as if the child inside would sense your irritation and leave your hormones alone.

“It’s cookies and cream, that’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” Bucky said, confusion evident on his face as he sat down beside you and began to rub your stomach.

“But it’s not the /right/ cookies and cream ice cream,” you said, another tear slipping down your cheek. “Tony has it shipped in special because he knows it’s not the same you

“Hey, I’ll call Tony and find the right kind of ice cream, baby. You don’t need to cry,” Bucky said, reaching over and running his thumb across your cheek.

You sniffed, laughing weakly. “I know I don’t need to cry, but this /damn/ baby of yours is messing with my head,” you leaned into his chest as he pulled out his phone and wrapped your arms around his waist.


“Is she okay? Is she in labor? Do you need Bruce and I?” Tony’s voice sounded distant through the phone.

“Yeah, yeah, she’s fine—”

“I am not fine,” you mumbled

“—but I bought the wrong ice cream and—”

“And she told you to call me. I’ll send Steve up with some Blue Bell cookies and cream right now.”

“Blue Bell?”

“Don’t question your pregnant wife, it’s a Texas thing.

Send in a number and character for a drabble

So this was part of a fic that I wrote that got accidentally deleted (RIP) and I just wanted to share this again because I think it’s both sad and hilarious.

“Hey bud calm down there” -SpiritTale Frisk

“….” -ZombieTale!Frisk

I dont know i thought maybe this two would like each other X3 SpiritTale!Frisk is mine he belongs to my au (that i havent done the comic even animation yet).

Yes ZombieTale!Frisk is trying to bit spirittale its just that he’s too tall so they tried to climb his arm in hopes to get a better bite,

Since ZombieTale!Frisk is a child it was hard for me to draw him (My Frisk was easy since he is a teen in my au)

I was also the one who ask for permission to dub your au (its just my schedule is tight i just managed to fit this drawing in my also no break schedule of my life) so i thought i would submit this for fanart since i love your au alot


@thefearlessarmy This is really good! I like how the human’s struggling. Thank you so much for the drawing, friend! :D (And totally take your time with the dub, only do it if you have time and energy to spare!)

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did you see what jeremy posted on instagram? it doesn't make up for what he has done, but i thought it was nice to see him admit he was wrong and at least apologize for his actions

lmao i just went and read after u told me.

like, that wasn’t even an apology. that was just him excusing himself with “im only human” and “it wasnt intentional”, while also making it all about himself “y’all are hurting my feelings by calling me homophobic” bc his white straight male feelings are the most important ones in this situation.

what straight people fail to notice is that homophobic actions dont come just from people who outright hate the lgbt community. they often come from people who just dont think before they speak. and while i dont think that he (or the rest of the cast who laughed along) are demons, im tired of excusing straight people who “just didnt think” before they spoke. bc like, y’all have brains. and if gay people have to think 5 times before we speak - to avoid getting assaulted - straight people can put a bit of effort into thinking before they say something homophobic that would make us question the validity of our existence.

Littles at the Park

Little: *Runs to the swing* Daddy/Mommy push me pwease *gives puppy eyes*

Daddy/Mommy: Ok baby but not to high we dont want you to fall and get hurt *smiles at little*

Little: Higher! Higher! I want to fly with the birdies hehe!

Daddy/Mommy: Little my arms are getting tired why dont you go play on the slide *smiles and rubs littles head*

Little: Okie *runs over to the slide while daddy/mommy waits at the bottom* Catch me, catch me hehe!

Daddy/Mommy: Of course you think id just let a little girl/boy like you slide to the bottom alone. *catches little as she/he slides to the bottom and kisses little on top of the head* Whos my good little boy/girl?

Little: Oohh oohh me me! Im youre good little daddy/mommy i am hehe!

Daddy/Mommy: Of course how could i forget *chuckles* now why dont we go home baby?

Little: Okie daddy/mommy i love you *hugs*

Daddy/Mommy: I love you to baby

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So say some villain took a member of the batfam (as civillians) hostage. Who would be the most trouble to keep confined? I can only imagine what Damian or Jason would do 😂

  • Damian would straight up murder them probably or at least bring them close to death but not actually kill them because they dont deserve that they deserve to rot in jail 
  • Jason wouldn’t even give the guy a chance to take him he would straight up knock the villain out and keep walking like nothing had happened even though cameras would be taking pictures probably and magazines would be like “You didn’t think Jason Todd was violent? Check out these EXCLUSIVE photos that will make you think twice”
  • Dick would probably really enjoy playing the damsel in distress and would go all out like “oh no who will save me?” and “if only batman would come and save me” and when Bruce was rescuing him he would probably make him carry him out and say “my hero!” and once they got back to the manor he would tease Bruce endlessly about it
  • Tim would probably just sigh really loudly and accept it because he knows he can’t fight the villain, he can’t expose himself and let people know he knows how to fight and when they got to wherever the villain was gonna keep him until he was rescued he would probably complain that the villain wasn’t going to kill him and if you’re a villain you can’t be a half ass villain you gotta go all the way
  • Steph would escape, not do anything to the villain other then maybe rough him up a bit and when asked about it she would be like “growing up with a criminal in the house you learn a thing or two. if only this villain had done his research he would know to pick on someone more fragile like Tim” and laugh it off
  • Duke would just accept his fate and let the guy hold him hostage because he knows Bruce or one of his siblings is coming for him, he just has to stay calm and not do anything to piss the villain off
  • Cass would fight him and never talk about it again and the media knows better then to push her for answers at this point because they know she won’t reveal anything 
  • Kate would laugh the entire time that the villain was keeping her hostage and the villain would be like “what’s so funny Ms. Kane?” and she would be like “I could really mess you up but I think it would be more fun to watch my girlfriend beat you up” and when Renee saved her (because Renee would get there before any of the other batfam) they’d have an amazing kiss that would be the cover of every magazine with a caption like “Kate Kane Saved by Detective Montoya, So Grateful She Gives Her A Kiss!”
  • Babs would look at the villain like “are you really gonna hold a person in a wheelchair hostage?” and the villain would probably be like “yeah that’s too much work” and walk away
  • Bruce would pretend to be a scared civilian and ask the villain questions like “where are you taking me?” “why are you doing this?” “you know batman will stop you!” and eventually once he gets rescued he complains that it took too long and he should have done it himself
  • Luke would allow himself to be taken hostage, get out of the situation, and then be like “haha guess the villain wasn’t as smart as he said he was, he didn’t even pat me down for a pocket knife or something haha” and everyone believes it was just a chance of luck and that the villain is stupid 

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Lucas will die. He's the one who's seen the least throughout the trailer, and the Suffer bros said that this season won't disappoint. Many people were disappointed that he wasn't killed in season one.

Ummmmmm okay i dont know where to start, um no he’s not gonna die??  this isn’t me being optimistic or ignorant, this is just like… the truth.  they’re not gonna kill off the kids, they are literally the main selling point of the show…. ummm lucas’ death would make no sense????? lucas was seen the least in the trailer because he’s a fucking underappreciated character, and besides, that doesn’t even mean anything.  also, not even true, seeing as he was seen way more than max, billy, bob, jonathan and even nancy???? so if that meant anything, which it doesnt, they’d all get killed off first.  

oh and the only people who were disappointed that he didnt die in season 1 were most likely racist as fuck because there is literally no reason in the whole world for that kid to die.

So in conclusion:


a/n: AND SO A SURPRISE BF!JENO TO MAKE UP FOR MY LACK OF POSTS FOR LAST WEEK!! also hmu in the asks guys i rlly wanna know u guys hehe ——– •so dis kid
•aka my third bias
•Lee JenoPE
•okay hes such boyfriend material fite me man
•i hope i dont swerve too much gotta stay loyal
•so this kiddo was most probably the one who confessed to you in high school after being bestfriends since forever
•like in a rlly romantic way
•correction : cheesy romantic way •like its last period and ur at ur locker and u find a note written in rlly beautiful cursive and a really nice rose pasted to it saying “meet me at the music room
•also i think you guys wld be that sporty couple in physc ed class everyone looks up to
•swimming? you both rock it
•boxing? hell yea
•soccer? yea boi
•also i think he wld also have a bit of a motherly side
•if you were sick he wld go to your house everyday to check on you
•hed probably even climb thru the window at 11 pm to check ur temperature lmao this cute :”)
•also taeyong and doyoung wld instantly become your other moms too
•if you were over at the dorms with jeno after sch and theres no one there tae prolly cooked somthing for you to eat or if he was rlly bust he wld have ordered takeaway before he left
•the dreamies wld hardcore ship you to death
•and of course haechan teasing you too
•hed definitely love it if you came to watch him practice like you wld be his source of motivation and he wld feel more encouraged to dance to make you proud!!
•tbh i do not see any fights
•dis boi is rlly mature as from what i can tell
•im getting rlly tired rn shit
•and yes when he knew that his smiles help empower you as cheesy at his sounds he knew his reason to have a good day and to smile is for you to have a good day and be happy
•but pls love Lee Jeno senk you
•also i want his hair from first and last era
•have a wonderful day/night my little beans
•or just hmu in the dms or asks :)


also i think i gotta acknowledge that anyone who needs harry’s tweet as reassurance that he loves 1d is???? devastating?? harry has expressed his love for 1d 82982 times and there shouldn’t be any form of doubt in people’s heads just bc it’s “Harry™” like idk dont set him up to be someone who has to prove himself

Usually, when I go in my fav tags, I don’t have problems seeing things I dont like, like other otp or stuff like that. I just pass it. 

But I do have a problem when people tags shitty theories on Grant’s (who’s a real person) personal life. He asked a woman to marry him this summer. She’s not Candice, she doesn’t look like Candice and she’s not trying to look like Candice. 

SDCC2017 showed us how Grant love both of his female co-stars. He loves them the same way aka like a sister or a good friend, NOTHING MORE. 

So stop trying to find a reason why Grant put his head on Candice shoulder, it’s beacause he’s friendly with her. He did the same thing with Danielle and she’s  married woman. 

Get over yourself, he will NEVER date one of his co-star. 

Also, if you really really feel the need to write down shitty disrespectful theories about how Grant doesnt love LA but love Candice, do it somewhere else then in Grant’s tag (Like on a fanfiction site or something) It’s just make people cringe and feel awkward. 

It might seems odd to you but some of us actually respect Grant and want to go in his tag to see respectful things. 

Thank you!

PS: I have no problem with any pictures of Grant and Candice together. I get that you guys are happy with their interactions. Just like we are happy with Grant and Danielle interaction. But PLEASE do it respectfully for the actors sake.

Some thoughts on got 7x02

Hello my dears jonsa shippers
This was a very good episode, in every sense. But specially for jon and sansa relationship. Not only as a couple, but as two people who are very important to each other.

Honestly, im a crazy jonsa shipper and this episode didn’t show us much jonsa as endgame like all others episodes since 6x04, because basically it was:

Jon: what do you think about it, sansan?
Sansa: jon, dont go, you dont want to leave the north, dont leave me
Jon: but you will be in charge, sweetling
Sansa (to herself): oh my god, after seven seasons and a lot of fan hate, someone is finally trusting me, i cant deal wit it

You can she is happy and pleased and he’s like “everything is going to be alright, sansan, i trust you”. This was freaking important!

And jon and sansa scenes didnt have that heavy tension that always has and we also adore, at the same time it was a scene they reminded us that they’re siblings. So, a pessimist could see it as a foreshadowing that maybe theyre not endgames and their fire is going down. But i didn’t see it that way. Actually, i saw their relationship growing.

When i think about jon and sansa getting married, i see them doing it to keep the north toghter and when they do it, there will be love and companionship between them. I think that Sansa will be the one giving the ideia, and that jon will be confused and relutant about it. Their relationship will be a lot like it is now in season seven, but with more trust and the romance will be obvious, not hidden within tension.

Also, it was important for things to slowdown a bit and remind us, shippers, that “hey, maybe they’re not endgame, you need to be ready in case you ship is actually titanic” and i think that is amazing, because i really love jonsa and i spent hours in the jonsa tag, so it is good to remember that the fun is all here, in us, making metas and fanfics. Its the journey, my friends!

But honestly, until the last episode of the last season, they’re canon to me and everything is showing me that way. Because think about jon and littlethinger scene. It was important for them to have a scene toghter, but littlethinger made a clear pararell between jon and ned and the jon acted all angry like and saying “you dont touch her or i will kill you myself” and of course it could be botherly like and of course the way littlethinger looked at them could be like “damn, they’re really an united team” but i dunno, it sort of reminded us that jon and sansa are very important to each other and that they’re protecting each other with all their forces.

Anyway, i need someone else to think with me. What are your thoughts??

okay imma say it

Damiens fandom is turning into THAT fandom and im already hating it

please stop policing how people draw shit. just bc hes trans doesn’t mean yall get to go on a crusade about how people draw people

people draw the other characters tons of different ways and yet you do it to Dame and youre immediately a transphobe lol like chill dudes

Draw dame however ya want. 

i prefer him masculine but like who the fuck cares. 

also stop hating people who see him as cis male. I personalty played through his route and never got that dialog so I like seeing his as a cis male with a dic and shit but thats personal preference.

just bc hes trans doesn’t mean you get to dictate what hes drawn like.

IM REALLY hoping i dont end up hating this fandom lol

QUARK: Poor kid. I suppose that’s what you get for having friends.
ODO: Meaning what?
QUARK: Just that when you think you can count on them, they go off and leave you. No. You’re much better off without them.
ODO: I imagine that’s why you don’t have any friends.
QUARK: Look who’s talking.

i keep seeing fights and I'm feD U P

WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS WE ARENT PEDOPHILES BECAUSE WE SHIP AN UNDERAGE PERSON WITH AN ETHEREAL BEING !!??!!?? maybe be more concerned that he’s, i dont know… a LITERAL DEMON. half the people who ship it are like 12 themselves. and those of us who write fan fiction never said it wasn’t problematic, its just that we cannot be held responsible if some fucked up actual child molester reads it and thinks its okay them to go out and touch children. none of us want to have sex with 10 year olds. literally none of us. were attracted to the dynamic and relationship, not the fact that ciel is considered underage by our standards now. context is very real and very important, here. you can own a gun, you can use it to shoot targets etc… but the moment someone takes a gun and kills with it, its not the gun’s fault. its the person’s fault. if someone with preexisting issues sees a piece of fiction that they see as acceptable and/or as an excuse to use in the real world, its their issue. they’re going to find an excuse to be a pedophile or a murderer or an abuser regardless. 

you can’t censor the real world.


ok im so literally done

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Yooo so im a costume design student, and my professor is friends with the guy who did the design for jurassic world, and apparently the studio wanted her to be in a dress and high heels for the whole movie and he had to fight to even get her in a blouse so she could do the tie thing. (they still made him put her in a skirt and heels and he was apparently piiiiiiissed)

DUUUUUDE thats so cool!!!! 

like listen i very much accept the importance of claire running in heels like a total boss and not having to sacrifice her femininity to be competent and professional but also female characters’ choices dont exist in a vacuum and so like why is the movie industry the worst??? anywhomst,

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About the young looking space azula business - from Allura's flashbacks, Alfor looked literally the exact same from when Allura was a baby until when she was like pidge's age maybe?? Which in human years would mean he looked the same for like 13 years but considering altean a have longer lifespans (and coran who seems middle aged is over 600) that could have been like 100 years????? So what I'm saying is yeah space azula may simply not have aged much in 16/17 years

I agree tbh. The character is obviously galra-altean so I just can’t believe she could even be Keith’s sister considering she looks more like Lotor than anything. My headcanon that Keith is half human, ¼ galra, and ¼ altean makes sense to me personally because there’s no way Keith can be half galra and look entirely human. He had to have been experimented on or have altean shifting abilities to look like how he does. Unless, of course, maybe Keith’s father wasn’t human at all. And I think the “she looks young” argument is a little iffy because Keith’s dad looks just like Shiro and Keith’s dad cannot be anything younger than 34 and Shiro is 25. For all we know, hot galra girl could just be in her mid 20s and stayed that way for multiple decades because with having altean and galra genes helped keep her physically young.

If she’s a teen I’d believe it but if she’s an adult who has stayed in her 20s because of longer life spans I’d believe it too. But I can’t believe she could be related to Keith UNLESS it was through Lotor or Allura or both.

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Once Pod decided he didn't want a shower so ran down the stairs, flinging himself over the stair gate (which is half way down the stairs!) and slammed into the wall at the bottom. He hit the wall at a decent height and missed my friends head by literal inches, smearing the fox shit he rolled in on the wall. Do i get rid of the wall, the friend, the shower or do i target foxes that poo who started the whole damn thing?! Pls help, i dont know what to do :(

LOL oh my god that sounds like a nightmare tbh!! 

libralita  asked:

Cosmere for the fandom ask!

The first character I first fell in love with: Vin bc i read Mistborn first and who doesnt love Vin

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Vivenna 😭💙✨

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Adolin sorryaboutit

The character I love that everyone else hates: Viv? again idk tht ppl dont like her but she certainly doesnt get a lot of love

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Sazed now that hes Harmony i dont rlly think hes Sazed anymore if tht makes sense

The character I would totally smooch: so many im gonna pick Marsh tho bc he needs the most love and id wanna see how hed react 👀

The character I’d want to be like: Shai shes literally perfect like perfect beyond perfect

The character I’d slap: Amaram 🔪

A pairing that I love: Vivenna/Jasnah i will talk abt them every chance i get til the day i die they are soulmates

A pairing that I despise: Shallan/Jasnah, Kelsier/Vin these are pedophilloic ships end of story

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Sorry if im spamming your ask box.. (Seriously, im sorry im just a huge fan and i like talking to you! ;^;) Why does Uni have more horns on his back?

theres actually a neat story behind that!! when i originally designed uni he was going to be a patient who had bone and cartilage mutations (had spikes coming from different places) and he happened to have a spike that looked like a unicorn horn. while sketching his first design i decided id just literally make him a unicorn and make his horn function for magic and other stuff. idk what purpose the ones on his back serve now, all i know is they dont function the way his main one does haha!