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Eni Aluko: ‘The minute you are brave enough to talk about race you are in a difficult situation’
In a revealing interview, the striker opens up on her problems with the Football Association after telling the organisation about what she felt was ‘discrimination, victimisation and bullying’ in the England camp
By Daniel Taylor

Race, for some reason, is this taboo subject that everyone avoids talking about. The minute you are brave enough to talk about race, you are in a difficult situation. That in itself is discrimination: the mere fact I am in this position. I probably can’t play for England again. I’ve lost my England career despite being the leading scorer in the league last season.

I believe all these things are happening because it’s a conversation about race and this is a big problem in the world right now. Herman Ouseley [the chairman of Kick It Out] said it. On the pitch there are clear punishments when it comes to issues involving race. Behind closed doors we don’t know the FA processes.

We do know The Player has not been picked since this incident. Lianne Sanderson hasn’t been picked since she complained about why her 50th cap was forgotten on the same trip that the 100th cap of a white player was remembered. Lianne asked: ‘Why me?’ The 50th cap is a customary celebration. It’s standard. There is a presentation in front of the team and you have a special shirt with ‘50th cap’ written on it. It’s a big deal. She asked why she had been forgotten and she hasn’t been picked since.

Anita Asante disappeared without trace despite playing for one of the best teams in Europe. Danielle Carter scored two hat-tricks for England and doesn’t get picked any more – why? There are lots of national teams that are very white, not just England, and I’d hate to say we should be picked because we’re black or mixed race. But are we all bad characters? Are we all terrible players? That’s the question I think people need to be asking because a pattern is emerging here, as clear as day, and my belief is that it’s a culture.

I was under no illusion people didn’t like me and that FA staff and players were almost encouraged not to like me. A perception was created around me that ‘she’s a troublemaker, she’s a know-it-all’ or ‘a pain in the arse’, as was said by Mark Sampson after I’d scored a hat-trick in one game. There are other players who have scored hat-tricks for England and they weren’t addressed as a pain in the arse. So why was I? That, I believe, is the definition of bullying – insults, in derogatory terms, directed at one individual with the intention to undermine them in a group of people. Unfortunately that is one of many examples.

For months one member of staff used to talk to me in a fake Caribbean accent. He thought it was OK to do that, he thought it was funny. I believe he was empowered to do that because of the culture. We pleaded it [in submissions to the FA] but they chose to ignore it.

Yes, in a football environment industrial language is used. I’ve been at Chelsea five years and been the butt of many jokes. And I give it back sometimes. That is the beauty of team spirit in a healthy dressing room. I’m not a sensitive, precious person. I’ve been in the [England] team for 11 years, I’ve been through ups and downs. I’ve played for boys’ teams. I’ve played for Chelsea, at the top level, and I’ve been dropped by Chelsea before but I can recognise something toxic when I see it. This is a culture that has systematically dismissed certain players. There is lots of talk about being the most together team in the world – I’ve truly never felt so isolated as I was in that team between 2014 and 2016.

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Nicklas Backstrom is ludicrously hot. I've been scrolling through your blog and needed to get that off my chest!!! I felt you'd understand! <3 He creeps up on you, doesn't he? I mean, he's always been pretty and then one day, you suddenly realise you have a volcanic attraction to him.

I understand, anon, oh boy do I ever understand: 

Why is 

this asshole

so attractive?!!! 

At first, you think he’s attractive. And then you see how he plays hockey

And then you realize you’re done, you’re gone, it’s over. You’re his biggest fan, you’re Alex Ovechkin, you’re Barry Trotz, you’re banging all the pots and pans in your house screaming at the top of your lungs for Nicklas Bäckström. He deserves to get the Hart, the Ross, the Selke, the Rocket, and the Vezina. You would die for him, you have already died for him. Your kidneys have turned to stone from following the Caps across the league with each painful shot, your wingtips have peaked red, and every time you try to speak the only sounds that will escape your beaks is a weagle’s screech of Alllllllll Starrrrrr Nicklas Baaaackstroooooom 

Okay actually yeah @world-builder really got be thinking!

You know how in most Paperhat fanfics the dynamic is usually “Flug likes/loves Black Hat and Black Hat either denies or struggles with his feelings”? Well if everyone’s personalities and roles are switched in Heroic, then that dynamic should also be switched around.

So imagine a White Hat who is in love with Dr. Slug, who somehow tricked or coerced Dr. Slug to work for him, but soon after fell in love with the doctor despite Dr. Slug’s disdain for him.

White Hat comes into the lab everyday, ecstatic - he just can’t wait to see what his amazing, talented, lovely doctor has invented today! Can’t wait to see what new thing today brings!

Of course, he knows that any day could be the day he walks in to Dr. Slug smiling victoriously, wielding a weapon finally capable of killing him.

He’s in love, not ignorant.

He doesn’t truly know what he’ll do then.

ok but Luffy literally did a Sanji impression right in front of Croc and Croc STILL had no clue what Sanji/Mr. Prince looks like or that there was another unaccounted for Straw Hat

right in front of you Croc


I Didn’t Know!- Auston Matthews

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I’m sorry this is a little late! Ok so I really like how this one turned out!!! It’s kind of short, but there might be a part two if you guys want it so we’ll see. Anon I hope this is what you wanted and that you like it! Let me know what you guys think! PS- If you read smut you’ll get three updates today!

Warning: none

Anon Request: could you do an auston matthews one where him and mitch’s sister hook up but he doesn’t know it’s his sister??


              Ok in your defense you didn’t know the guy you made out with in his car was going to be Mitch’s new teammate.

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Do you have a gif of the very first dead-eyed murder-gaze that made you fall in love? That story was so funny and cute and I'd love to see 'the moment' hahaha! He's such an underrated hottie. How does he fly so far under the radar that people even underrate THAT face?! That HAIR?! His body is amazing as well, but I've only ever seen one gif of him wearing only tiny shorts & not covered & I swear the footage only exists because he was getting a massage & couldn't see the camera!

Oh I know exactly which footage you’re talking about ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It will be my pleasure, anon, to tell you the story of the Nicklas Bäckström and the first incident of the murder eyes. Please, have a seat.

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“You go back and look at the history of the trophy and the League, it’s not often you can say a group of 7 players have 3 championships together.”

Huge thanks to @glovesdropped for the video

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Am I missing something?? Since when do we know seb and simon are getting married? Like, for real?? And everyone knows????what

For a KSOTW prompt awhile back for the ITIA preorder, I filled “ The Internet’s top 5 Seb moments”. The undisputed number one (except for Buffon and also Simon):

1. “That time Seb Boucher ‘borrowed’ the mic from the anthem singer to propose to a boyfriend no one even knew he had (and who had his face buried in his hands when the cameras found him), and then followed it up with a Gordie Howe hat trick.


(Reference for those who don’t watch hockey: while a hat trick is three goals in a game, a Gordie Howe hat trick is a goal, an assist, and a fighting major (five minute penalty) in one game.)

Story time!

I live in the same town as the Frat Daddies™ and one day I went to our local Whole Foods with my friend to get some choco milk. So in we walk and who do I see but the hat trick gal pal herself, Sam Kerr. My friend has no idea who she is and I start to slowly hyperventilate as I inform him of who she is and why I suddenly felt nauseous™ So she goes about ordering her food as I stare at her from afar and my friend threatens to approach her for me, which I passed on because a. I wanted to let her live her life and b. I would have vomited. So as I get online to buy my milk, she gets in line behind me and I feel the power of the soccer gods from above emanating off of her but I play it cool and we start to walk out. BUT God didn’t want to let me breathe yet bc then I see a wild, laughing KO getting a fork!!! We make eye contact, my heart stops, and then I leave the store forever traumatized. How do I know both of them knew I knew who they were? My Thorns shirt probably gave it away.

Bonus: As I drove my friend and I far far away, we saw them in their car and they smiled and waved and I screamed 

cc wearing a jumpsuit and a glove with painted silver nails on it while doing hat tricks on a roof is who i want to be when i grow up

Nicky’s 600th point, off an assist to a TJ Oshie ENG.

(If you watched that play, Ovi deliberately passed up the chance for a hat trick by passing to Nicky, who then passed to Oshie for Oshie’s second of the game. Oshie then went and got the puck for Nicky. Nicky is beloved by Russians AND Americans.)

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I will be forever bitter that Chrissie didn't get her Sugden hattrick by going after Vic. I probably would have paid money to see that, not going to lie. Chrissie are Rob should have had a race to see who could seduce the remaining family member first


That would have been the most amazing shit cause like Chrissie and Rob are so similar in that way like…competitive and determined and it would be so funny

People in the village taking bets on who would get the hat trick first. Rob and Chrissie trying to cock block each other

Gosh what an image :’)


More photos and video of Hammarby’s #1 fanboy at the Bajengalan (Bajen gala)(November 17, 2016)! ❤︎

A video posted by R Soderberg (@mrsoder) on Nov 17, 2016 at 10:39pm PST

“@daboowiklander was very deservedly voted the year’s Bajen player in 2016. Congratulations! At the awards Alexander Skarsgård was at least as excited as the laureate himself.”

Video credit:  mrsoder instagram

Photo sources/Thanks:

“At the Bajengalan yesterday with @isakhberge. Here we are posing with the kings Alexander Skarsgård & Romulo who won “Best Performance” after his hat-trick against Everton! #bajengalan #alexanderskarsgard #romulo #for.”

-kevster1992 instagram

“At Bajen Gala with @alexander skarsgard Home town!”

-kennedybakir instagram

“This is a great Hammarby fan and was eager to get back with selfie are / Den high Baje Supporters ville ha selfie med ytterbackarna # Alexander Skarsgard #bajen.”

-birkir84 instagram

“Only bajare! #bajengalan #efterfest #kvarnen #faresfares #skarsgard #presidentkennedy #magnuscarlson #hammarby.”

-kimhill91 instagram

“Okay, **** everything else, most important thing is that me and best @alexanderskarsgard got the hang of the same image. Note that he feels the same. Forza Bajen.”

Best bajarna.  

-jannanorberg instagram

“Bajen - sang chants with Alexander Skarsgård yesterday, not far wrong! #bajengalan #bajen #hammarby # Alexander Skarsgard.”

-helenaengstroms instagram

Alex Galchenyuk Imagine (Cheering up)

External image

The Habs lost today and you knew Alex would be upset. They had a terrible 5-2 loss against their biggest rivals the Boston Bruins. Hearing the door quietly creek open you look to see a sad Alex.

“Alex,” you say. “You played great please don’t be sad.”

“I’d just like to be alone for now (Y/N),” he said as if he was agitated with you.

You of course knew he had nothing against you, but the pain of losing the game was getting to him. Watching him drag his weary body upstairs you decide you wanted to cheer your Alex up. You thought of what to do and you finally thought of the greatest idea. You are going to bake Alex your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. You knew he absolutely loved them and had all the ingredients home already. Still wanting to make sure he’s okay you go upstairs to make sure everything is alright.

Opening the door you whisper, “hey I thought maybe you’d want to watch a movie or something.”

“I don’t know,” he plainly states.

“It’s christmas soon so how about we watch Elf,” you say wanting him to give in.

“Okay,” he murmurs.

“Can you wait an hour or so,” you ask.

He just nods at you making you start to worry. Was he alright? Did the loss affect him more than you had thought. Walking as fast as you can down the stairs you begin to bake the cookies. They finished in about 45 minutes and now you could go back to Alex.

“I’m back,” you shout.

Entering the room with a batch of cookies on a plate you hear sniffling under the blankets of your bed. Putting the cookies on the night table you walk towards Alex. He was hiding inside the blanket, so you took it off his face exposing Alex in tears.

“Shhhh,” you coo.  “Alex everything’s going to be fine it was just one loss.”

“I played awful. I’m one of the reasons we lost,” he cries. “I was a -3 out there, had no points, and caused so many turn overs.”

“It was one bad game. This game will not predict everything you do in your next. Who knows maybe you’ll have a hat trick, an assist and be a +3 with no turn overs,” your words of encouragement put a smile on his glum face.

He sniffles once again before replying, “thank you so much (Y/N). I don’t know what I would do without you.”

He pulls you into a warm embrace. The two of you were hugging for a solid 4 minutes.

“As much as I love staying in you arms I think the cookies are getting cold,” you say.

His eyes light up like a young boys on Christmas Day.

“Is it your grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe?” he asks excitedly.

“Yes it is because I know it’s you favourite,” you answered. “Also I thought it would help cheer you up with the movie.”

“Did anyone ever tell you how amazing you are because you are the most extraordinary person I have ever met,” he says.

You lips curve into a big smile with a rosy blush forming on your cheeks.

You reply back to him, “I think you’ve said it once or twice.”

You two started to laugh at your comment knowing every time you would cheer him up he would always say something along those lines. Looking back to the cookies you get up to pick them up.

“C’mon let’s eat these cookies because I so badly want to devour them,” you joke.

“Haha come over here and we can eat them together while watching the movie,” he responds.

Coming back to Alex the two of you sit together eating the cookies. Eventually, Alex ran downstairs to grab the both of you a glass of milk. While the movie was almost done you start to slowly fall asleep. Before you fell in a deep sleep you heard the voice of the man you loved.

“Goodnight (Y/N),” he whispers.