who is from and lives in my hometown

well hello, today’s a “let’s talk about reitz” day so when i saw uncannycookie tag this as “everyone-who-wants-to” i just had to

a - age: 24 (for two more months

b - biggest fear: outside rational-ish ones, heights. 

c - current time: 1:55 pm

d - drink you last had: coffee

e - every day starts with: checking out tumblr/discord and doing my stretches

f - favorite song: mmm i call der könig der dunkelheit by d my fave for nostalgia reasons but atm im super, super into onyu’s cover of laughing mannequin

g - ghosts, are they real: nahh

h - hometown: turku, i’ve lived here for six years (not telling you the tiny village i’m originally from)

i - in love with: how cheap melons are atm, how fucking great my new wardrobe is turning out to be

j - jealous of: dan, how the fuck do you get so much cool art ?? i’m also like, positive kind of jealous of basically all my artist/writer friends, ahaha!

k - killed someone: does killing seri count? 

l - last time you cried:  oh, i don’t really cry…. but on friday i sat my bestie down to watch märchen and fuck if the part where elisabeth sings about how she doesn’t have any regrets about loving mär doesn’t get to me every time dhgfdhgh

m - middle name: Kai

n - number of siblings: two big sisters, two little brothers (i’m the ultimate middle enby sib)

o - one wish: to change someone’s life for the better

p - person you last called/texted: a friend about when he’d arrive and what should we eat. my phone was breaking down s i couldn’t use the internet on it… had to text like it’s the early 2000′s again… (my phone has now completely broken down)

q - questions you’re always asked: “when will you graduate” ghsfggdf idk i don’t get asked that many things…

r - reasons to smile: chocolate, friends, reigen

s - song last sang: ”sanbika, irotoridori no sekai deeeeee~~!!”

t - time you woke up: 12, noon 

u - underwear color: black

v - vacation destination: japaaaaaaaaan, i need to hit tokyo ;;

w - worst habit: overeating, procrastinating vacuuming

x - x-rays you’ve had: SO MANY. lately for wisdom teeth removal, but i’ve fucked up my legs may a time.

y - your favorite food: burritos and pasta, cake

z - zodiac sign: virgo

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Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is bC I wrote in just now lol. I figured what the heck right haha (: also I had to rush bC of my lima bean attention span. I may or may not make this into another series (;I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤

Warnings: flirting.


You stared down at the glowing computer screen in complete boredom.

It was spring break, yet instead of partying it up like usual nineteen year olds, you were tucked away in your room on the Internet.

The sounds of the rain blowing against your bedroom window was the only audible thing in the room besides the Twilight movie playing in the background. Taking a sip of your wine, you clicked away.

Omegle was literally the poorest excuse for entertainment. There was nothing but either perverts, psychopaths and obnoxious teenagers that screamed “send nudes!” Which was the complete opposite of what you planned to do.

But this site was new, it still allowed you to talk to strangers, as there were no profile pictures, but you could see their usernames. After typing in the first thing that came to your mind, you finalized your profile and started chatting.

Immediately, you were reconnected to the chatting page, where the familiar words typed out.

“You are now chatting with a stranger, say hi!”

Princess97: hi (:

You watched as the stranger began typing.

SexySeaBass82: hey. (-:

Princess97: sooo I’m kinda new to this lol.

SexySeaBass82: same. gosh I feel so old.

Princess97: oh? how old are you?

SexySeaBass82: 34. you?

Your eyebrows instantly raised. He was a bit older than you expected. You didn’t think anything of it, though. You were just chatting, for the love of god.

Princess97: wowwww I thought you were actually old for a second. (;

SexySeaBass82: lol you sure it doesn’t bother you?

Princess97: cross my heart. (-;

SexySeaBass97: thank god lol. you’re the first decent dame i’ve met on here.

You don’t know how it happened, but you and the mysterious SexySeaBass82 ended up chatting for hours. You found out he lived in New York, which was pretty far from your hometown. He was a really big Marvel fan, especially when it came to the Winter Soldier.

The guy had a huge hard on for him.

SexySeaBass82: all i’m saying is, the actor who plays him is 100% the hottest hands down.

Princess97: you mean Steven Stan?

SexySeaBass82: his name is Sebastian Stan lol. and he’s gonna win an oscar this year. just you wait.

You snorted.

Princess97: the guy who plays captain america is hotter.

You knew that would get him. You let out a giggle as you saw him replying rapidly.

SexySeaBass82: UM ARE U BLIND?


SexySeaBass82: i cannot believe you said that. smh.

Princess97: ok, ok. he’s sort of hot.

The reply you got was almost instant.

SexySeaBass82: YES! mission accomplished! (;

After a few more exchanged words, you said your goodbyes and you watched as his status went from online to offline.

You plopped onto your bed with a content sigh. It was completely irrational, but you really wanted to talked to the mysterious man again. You guys were practically the same person, just at different ages. And you were pretty sure he was just bored like you were.

You closed your eyes, letting the exhaustion of the day pull you under.

Little did you know, the man on the other side of the world was lying in his own bed, smiling like a dork before drifting off to sleep.

-FIN! 😊

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“On the Night You Were Born”-an Everlark one-shot

It’s definitely been awhile, but it’s @keelaree‘s birthday and I’m coming out for my girl!

Have mercy…I’m still a little out of my writing element…

Summary: A fateful, rainy night brings an interesting patient into Dr. Peeta Mellark’s ER…

Title—but not plot—taken from the famous children’s book.

 On the Night You Were Born

She walked into the emergency room of Panem Hospital, quiet and unassuming. Her thick, ebony locks pulled into a ropy braid that rested against hunched, exhausted shoulders.

In the hubbub of the lobby, packed with late-night drunken injuries and feverish children with their parents, Dr. Peeta Mellark noticed her right away.

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[ never will i ever ]

For the @kwritersnet April Prompt Event!

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

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Photographer! Bryana

Words: 2.2K

Warning: So this is girlxgirl action, SMUT WHOA TURNED MY STRAIGHT FRIEND ON. I got requested this a load of times!! VIBRATOR, EATING OUT AND SCISSORING.

Summary: You’re a photographer for a agency in which Bryana Holly is modelling lingerie for and you’ve had a crush on her for a while so you tell her and she acts all shy and cute as she’s never been with a girl.

You’ve been waiting for this day to come for a while, the day that you finally got to take some photos of Bryana Holly. You were a famous model photographer to say the least, you’d always admired how beautiful Bryana was and the way she acted so calm and natural in different living spaces. Her body was effortlessly flawless and it was a dream to take photo’s of her. 

The setting for today’s shoot was morning, which meant I had to get up early to take photo’s under the sunrise. I had gotten up and had a shower, using my herbal essence shampoo. I dried myself off getting changed into jeans and a grey sweatshirt, it was a bit baggy but it made me look good so I didn’t really care. I grabbed a hold of my camera and making my way to my front room. Since the shoot was going to be set in my house. My house might I say was pretty big, being a first class photographer and not an annoying paparazzi. I had a pool, I had a small cinema with a popcorn maker. Three bedrooms, four bathrooms and kitchen and a large living area.

But I was lonely. Apart from the occasional hook-up or the maid who comes three times a week, it was a lonely place. Sometimes I even preferred going back to my hometown and not LA, in my small cosy apartment. I walked into the front room seeing my maid Emma looking at some boxes. 

“Whats in them?” I asked placing my camera down

“Costumes for Byrana Holly, oh look at you Y/N”

“I know, I can’t wait” I smiled, Emma grinned wiggling her eyebrows at me. Ok so I may or may not have the biggest crush on Bryana and since Emma was the only person I want to socialise with she knows. She walked out the room, grabbing the bin bag as she walked into the kitchen. The company for the pictures had mailed me a bunch of outfits for Bryana to show off and so I opened the box. There were 5 sets of lingerie in the box. Blue, white, black, red and orange.

I heard my doorbell ring and my belly erupted in butterflies which is weird because no other model can do that to me. I walked over to the door and opened it, Bryana was stood there with a black bag and a pair of black loose dungaree’s and a striped shirt.

“Wow Y/N this place is beautiful” she grinned, I stepped aside letting her walk in and maybe checked her out whilst she was looking around. God she was beautiful too.

“Thank you, right shall we get right too it, do you want a water? coffee? tea? Have you had breakfast?”

“I actually had pancakes before I came, I would love a tea though, milk and one sugar” 

“Ok” I smiled, I walked into the kitchen and told Emma what I wanted. I walked back into the front room and Bryana was looking at the lingerie set’s. She pulled out the white one smiling.

“Can we do this one first?” she questioned, how could I ever deny that face.

“Yeah of course” Emma brought in the two teas placing one on the table near Bryana and giving mine to me as I sat on the sofa. Emma said goodbye to me and Bryana as she left work for the day.

“Is it ok if I just get changed here”

“Yeah I can go if you like” I said going to stand up

“No, no I’ll need help putting them on” she beamed, undoing the buttons on her dungarees and pulling it off. She pulled off her striped shirt and was left in a skimpy pink lace set. I bit my lip looking down at my tea, please don’t get fucking horny was the only thing running through my mind, I tried thinking of other things but when I looked up next Bryana was closer to me with her boobs out and fiddling with the bra. I could feel myself getting wet and she looked at me smiling.

“Could you help?” she asked, I pounced to my feet, placing the tea down on the table and gently grabbing the bra, accidenlty touching my hand with hers. I placed the bra under her boobs and she turned around so I could strap it up. 

“Thank you” she blushed. I grabbed the camera and we got started. With each lingerie set we moved from the kitchen to the bedroom, all over my house. If I don’t say so myself Bryana looked good bent over my kitchen counter and leaning against my windows. In total I took around 250 shots and that is a hell a lot more then I do for other models. I also tried to make her laugh seeing as when she laughed she still looked incredibly beautiful.

We were now sat in my bedroom with Bryana in a white see through dressing gown and she was wearing my favourite lingerie, the orange one with white frilly lace around the edge. Her hair was slanted to one side as I scrolled through the pictures of her.

“Do I look ok in them?” she said hiding away her face

“You look stunning Bryana, aren’t you used to taking photos like this?”

“Really you think I’m stunning? and yeah I am well…not for my favourite photographer ever” she said, tilting her head at me

“Favourite photographer ever huh?” I smirked, biting my lip.

“Uh duh, you take the best photos of me”

“Anyone can take good photo’s of you, you’re breathtaking, its like taking a photo of a masterpiece” 

“You think that?”

“Yeah, I er..kinda have a crush on you so I would know that you look amazing” I said slightly blushing, I looked at Bryana and she was smiling her white teeth on show. She let out a laugh the crinkles around her eyes appeared and she place a hand on my knee. I raised an eyebrow at her and she stopped laughing. 

“Wait really? You have a crush on me?” 

“Yeah, I mean you’re beautiful, hot and I just love everything about you” I said turning off my camera and placing it on the side table. I looked at her and she was all flustered her hands were twirling with the end of her dressing gown. I sat up pulling away the dressing gown and lifting up her chin, making sure her eyes were focused on me. 

“You ok?” I asked, she nodded her head and leant forward kissing me. I was taken back but managed to pull myself together closing my eyes and kissing her back. 

“Y/N, I’ve never been with a girl but I want you, I want you so bad” she whispered lifting her head up and giving me a slight eskimo kiss. I pushed my lips to her and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I ran my fingers over her cheeks feeling the smoothness of her skin. Her lips were so chapped and she tasted of oranges, due to the lip balm she had chosen to wear. 

“You sure?” I mumbled against her lips, she sighed whilst smirking taking off her white dressing gown and piling it on the floor. She was left in her orange lingerie which was such a beautiful colour against her slightly tanned skin.  I stroked down her sides and pulled her onto my lap, where I continued to kiss her pretty pink lips. I felt her hips slightly grind into mine as she licked over my lips. I let out a moan, stroking over her ass and lacing my fingers under her panties, not taking them off but pulling at them.

I felt Bryana’s hands come underneath my shirt and pull it over my head. She let out a small giggle as she chucked it on the floor and got back to kissing me. I ran my fingers through her hair and resting my hands at the back of her head, pulling her head back away from me. I sucked under her chin and down her neck, I let go of her hair moving my hands to her waist as I sucked gently onto her neck. I felt her pulse hammer in her sweet spot and I licked over it hearing a small moan come from her. She rutted her hips against mine and I felt small waves of pleasure shoot down to my core. 

“Trousers need to be off” she whined. I pushed her lightly of me, giving her a small peck and standing at the end of the bed. She laid down underneath me as I undid my zipper, pulling my trousers down my legs. I knelt down on the floor and dragged Bryana’s body closer to my face, inhaling her scent. I stroked my hands up her thighs and I pulled down her panties down to her knees and dove straight to licking her pussy. Her legs quivered as I pulled them down the rest of the length of her smooth tanned legs aimlessly throwing them. 

I licked up her pussy tasting her juices on my tongue, I wiggled it in between her folds and she squirmed beneath me lacing her fingers through my hair. I curved my hands around her ass, throwing her legs over my shoulders. I sucked onto her clit and flicked over it. She tugged on my hair, turning me on even more as I lightly grinded into the bed. 

“Y/N I-i want your fingers” She moaned, I circled my tongue around her entrance and reached one of my arms back around resting next to my face. I detached my lips from her pussy and I thrusted one of my fingers into her. She cried out, pushing my face further into her pussy. I licked over where my finger was sliding in and out of her pussy and nuzzled my head. I heard Bryana let out small gasps as she grinded into my face. I added another finger, feeling her pussy flutter around my fingers. I bit my lip watching her hands clutch the bed sheets and her legs tense, squeezing around my face. 

“You going to cum princess” I asked, she let out a whine covering her face with her hands as I licked my lips, curling my fingers in her. 

“I’m cumming” she whimpered, I pumped my fingers into her at a faster pace and watch her high take over her. Her legs quaked and she let out a squeal of my name. I pulled my fingers out of her the remains of her high glistening over my fingers. I stuck them in my mouth and close my yes, she tasted amazing. I climbed onto the bed over her, she still had her eyes shut. I kissed over her eyes and pecked her lips, watching her lips turn into a smile. I reached under her unclasping her bra and her brown eyes peered up at me. I threw the bra and licked over he nipples, tugging at them. Bryana had nice light brown nipples, that were soft and I tugged at them.

“Y/N let me make you feel good” 

“You make me feel good” I moaned, licking up her body and over her jawline. I sat up unclipping my bra and Bryana’s hands came to my boobs rolling my nipples as I grinded on her pussy. I felt her open her legs as I threw my bra away, I reached down sliding off my pants and placing my pussy directly onto Bryana’s. She let out a whimper as I thrusted my hip onto hers. I felt my juices mix with hers as our wet pussy’s rubbed against each other’s. I reached down pinching Bryana’s nipples as she grabbed a hold of my hips.

She roughly grinded me into her as I leant down and licked over her lips. I reached over into my bedside table and grabbed my vibrator. Bryana quirked an eyebrow as I switched it on. It vibrated in my hand as I dragged it down her body. I licked over the vibrator and put it in my mouth as I swivelled my hips on Bryana’s pussy. I coated the vibrator in my saliva and took it out my mouth. I leant down, pressing the vibrator in-between our pussy’s. My legs trembled and Bryana bit her lip. 

“Fuck” she whined, grasping harshly of my thigh and digging her nails in. I leant down, leaving the vibrator in between our folds as it sent my pussy throbbing and I tucked my head in the crook of her neck. I licked the shell of her ear and bit down on it. Feeling the vibrations pulse in my inner walls and over my sensitive bud making it swell up, along with my puffy lips from kissing and sucking on Bryana’s pussy. 

“God you’re so beautiful” I groaned, sucking on the spot behind her ear and nibbling onto her neck. I lifted my head up moaning as Bryana sucked on my nipple. I felt my high approaching and Bryana’s faces was struck in pure pleasure. My legs trembled and I pushed harder against the toy making Bryana shiver. My high washed over me and Bryana wrapped her legs tightly around me cumming all over the toy. I climbed off her and switching off the toy placing it on the floor and looking at Bryana.

“So how was that?” I asked stroking up her body, her brown eyes looking into mine.

“Fucking amazing”

also because I’m v tired of having to clarify and having it be used as rumor fodder

I am not dating my RP partner.

My boyfriend and the player of my characters’ love interests are two very different people.

I see a lot of people involved in IC and OOC relationships both with the same individual. Yes, sometimes it’s very cute and sweet, and maybe it really is the norm in MMO RP nowadays, but from where my RP background comes from it was not very usual. Please don’t jump to assumptions because two people’s characters are together and they are also friendly OOC.

I don’t do online relationships. Never have, never will. They’re not for me. I’ve pissed off plenty of people with my less than favorable views on them. Mind you, I don’t care at all what others do, online relationships just don’t cut it for me. For almost ten years now, I’ve been in a RL relationship that I wouldn’t trade for the world, with a great guy from my hometown, from my middle school, from my high school, from my college, from my same circle of friends, who’s always lived in the same area as me and now lives under the same roof. It’s tangible and real and has been since day one. If you do the math there, we’ve been dating since I was 15.

I don’t care what my RP partner does. Just like any other friend or anyone I’ve RPed with, he can have his own life, talk to who he wants, date who he wants, reblog what content he wants, have his RP characters act however he deems fit for them to act, be attracted to what he finds attractive, and hold his own opinions.

For that matter, I show all those same respects to the person I actually am dating. We’re grown up. We’re individuals. I trust and respect him. He does the same for me. We don’t need to be attached at the hip. He doesn’t need my permission and approval for everything. Relationships aren’t about controlling and smothering the other person. Whether it’s with an SO, or an RP partner. If your relationship is anything less on either side, it’s not a healthy one. Apparently that’s a lesson some people can stand to learn.

So for your tl;dr, my boyfriend and my RP partner are not the same person, and I do not control either of them.

The Adventurers of Torland - My Home Sweet Home

This specific image is in tribute to my good friend @Varvau who was cool enough to take a minor conceptual character I previously posted and nicely flesh her out with some detailed backstory. I absolutely love it! This piece was also heavily inspired by an amazing lyrical arrangement of Bartz’s hometown from Final Fantasy V. Give it a listen!


Giving out a short abridged version of this, the woman featured here is named Odoma Verdineau, a villager not originally from this town of Cerisha. She was born and raised in a land somewhere else where she lived her life as a member of a forest tribe with her son. Fate however didn’t treat her kindly as eventually she was forced to leave her life behind when a group of marauders invaded her home. Most of her friends and family separated, missing or killed including her only child, she along with her fairy companion Nephry wandered the world until she found a home in Cerisha.

It took many years for her to adapt and accept the changes in her life, but she eventually grew to cherish the people around her. She now works as a “Dewmaid” where every morning she goes around collecting a myrrh like magical substance from the various flora in town, which is eventually used for creating potions, salves and other products. The children also does this as part of their daily chores and from time to time Odoma tells stories to them.

Its uncommon for me to draw pieces like this and despite the challenges I enjoyed making this and I give a huge thank you to @sinto619 for giving me proper guidance in terms of lighting and shadow.


Blaine: Eileen? Listen, I probably came off as a douche earlier. Can I start over with you? I don’t want to disappoint the person I just met.

Eileen: Really? I haven’t noticed at all! You were just shocked, the time portal has its effect on everyone.

Blaine: Fine. So, you’re Wendy’s friend, right?

Eileen: Yeah, we get along great, I’d say we’re besties. She’s an awesome person. She lives not far away from me and often drops in with Dain and Silver. I recently got my master degree in literature, found a job and finally moved away from my parents. Sunset Valley’s countryside is so lovely, I’ve always dreamed of living away from the bustle - my hometown is Bridgeport, you see. Hey, that’s crazy we got to know each other in the future! This means… if we visit this place in many years, we’ll bump into our younger selves!

Blaine: That’s rad, actually! I’ve never been an adventurer, it’s my little brother who always has the most stupid ideas. Let me tell you the story of my life…

So I’ve been seeing all this stuff about the Redneck Revolt and I tentatively support it. Everything they have to say on their website checks out, and… well, listen.

I don’t pretend to be the most oppressed person down here. But having grown up pansexual and neurodivergent in the South, it gives me fucking life to see people of my cultural heritage rallying around the oppressed instead of against them. For a long, long time, the working poor have been bootlickers for their oppressors, and a lifetime of watching that makes you sick. There is so much pressure for me to just GTFO, just get the hell away from this place and never look back. At various points in my life I’ve questioned my religion, I’ve masked my accent, I’ve closeted myself, I’ve tried to change my sexuality, and over the years I’ve developed a deep wedge between myself and any community I could have tapped into.

But this? This gives me the tiniest glimpse of hope that just maybe, we can actually transform the South instead of running the hell away from it–a possibility I have never in my life dared to consider. I’ve never had that hope. My life, my hometown, my family, my heritage–all a burned bridge.

And y’know what? There is also the fact that, frankly, if shit really truly went to hell? Like “one guy throws a molotov and the next day it’s civil war” went to hell? You guys are gonna need the rural poor. Because they are the people who know how to grow food for every season and butcher a pig and shoot a gun and live off the grid and not die and maybe even have ever been in an actual fight at some point. I mean, you’re gonna need everybody, absolutely, but you’re sure as hell gonna need the rural poor–and don’t forget there’s gonna be plenty of them on the other side, bootlicking as ever.

Appalachian Subculture: On being gay and Appalachian, by Jeff Mann

Jeff Mann is a widely published essayist and poet from West Virginia. This piece was published in Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, September/October 2003, Vol. 10 Issue 5, page 19. 

Appalachia has a bad reputation, especially West Virginia, the only state whose borders lie entirely within anyone’s definition of the Appalachian Mountains. Moonshine swillers and feuding hicks—these are the images that most people hold. “Hillbillies,” despite today’s politically correct climate, are still regular objects of mockery. City dwellers have been alternately romanticizing and demonizing country dwellers since Greek and Roman times, and American popular culture’s relation to Appalachia is our version of it.
    Several summers ago, some friends and I walked into a Mexican restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The young man who escorted us to our table, noticing my West Virginia Writer’s Workshop T-shirt, asked if we still slept with our siblings back in the hollers. My Appalachian Studies students have heard many a thoughtless comment, to wit: “You’re from West Virginia? But you have teeth! You wear shoes?!” One young woman told me that an acquaintance had been so amazed by her accent that he asked permission to audiotape her speech for the amusement of friends!
    Queer folk and mountain folk have something very important in common: both are frequent objects of satire, hostility, and contempt. Both feel the pressure to assimilate, to blend in “for their own well-being.” Voices from the Hills: Selected Readings of Southern Appalachia (1975), edited by Robert Higgs and Ambrose Manning, is a seminal work in the field of Appalachian Studies, and a quick browse through that volume provides a neat historical overview of attitudes toward the region. The early travel narratives depict violence and hospitality, laziness and industriousness—but it’s the negative qualities that outsiders tend to linger over. From the “local color” writers of the late 19th century to the well-intentioned “War on Poverty” literature of the 1960’s, all the observers have emphasized the exoticism, the otherness of the Appalachian people, as if the region were almost a foreign country or some remnant of frontier society frozen in time. Today’s attitudes continue to be shaped by such media depictions as The Beverly Hillbillies or the infamous film Deliverance, with its inbred banjo-player and toothless rapists.
    ”Hillbilly” and “queer” are two words that oppressed groups have tried to reclaim. They are words that I may apply to myself but that outsiders had better not use to refer to me unless they want an argument. Being a member of both subcultures is often a double burden, one that many mountain people are eager to escape. Gay culture is still primarily an urban phenomenon, while Appalachia, despite its many cities, is primarily a rural region. Making a life as a gay man or lesbian in the countryside or in a small town can be tough; not surprisingly, many young Appalachian gays and lesbians hightail it to the nearest city as soon as possible.
    I certainly did. It was in 1976, when I was sixteen, that I read Patricia Nell Warren’s novel The Front Runner and realized that I was gay. Unlike gay and lesbian youths of today, who have the Internet with its many resources to inform them that they’re not the only ones with same-sex desires, my generation had books, and I devoured them during my high school days in the small town of Hinton, West Virginia, and later at West Virginia University, where I read novels by the Violet Quill writers and relished the luxury of college-town gay life. Appalachia was, at that point in my development, a place from which to flee. With delicious images of Greenwich Village and Fire Island in my head (but not ready for New York), I found part-time work in Washington, D.C., in the summer of 1985 and prepared myself for a new life filled with romantic and erotic adventure.
    Misery is often the stimulus to self-awareness, and I was miserable during that long autumn in Washington. A polite Southerner who hadn’t mastered the fine arts of cruising, anonymous sex, and emotional manipulation, I found myself as unhappy and celibate in the big city as I’d been in West Virginia. I felt like Tantalus, surrounded by inaccessible savories. On top of that, I missed the mountains and my family, and I began to realize how many of my values were thoroughly shaped by rural living and out of step with urban life. For someone accustomed to forests, pastures, and vegetable gardens, D.C.’s traffic, noise, and urban pace were abrasive and often maddening. In the midst of the city I came to realize that I was, inescapably, a country boy.
    Proximity to gay bars and bookstores was not worth the price, I decided, and by year’s end I returned to West Virginia, filled with a new appreciation for my native region. By the time I began teaching Appalachian Studies at Virginia Tech in the early 1990’s, I had changed from a young gay man eager to escape the mountains to a not-so-young gay man proud to be a member of both the Appalachian and gay subcultures. Living in a liberal university town in the hills of southwest Virginia allowed me the best of both worlds.
    For many people, however, claiming and retaining both identities is almost impossible. It’s so much easier to choose one subculture over the other than to deal with the confusions and complexities of balancing both. Those who remain in the mountains often feel compelled to hide or minimize their gayness, while those who leave for the cities try to erase their accents and assimilate into urban culture. The latter escapees face a particular difficulty. In an essay in his book, Appalachian Values, Loyal Jones discusses mountain people’s fervent attachment to place and to family. Gay hill folk are like their straight brethren: they display an inordinate affection for their native places, and they often suffer a bitter homesickness when they flee to big cities.
    Rob is a good example. A bear buddy of mine who had spent all of his life in West Virginia, he recently moved to Washington for the same reasons that I did over fifteen years ago, yearning for a rich and varied gay culture that was hard to find in the mountains. He’s had better luck on the romantic front—his handsome face, friendly smile, and well-built body are useful currency—but whenever I talk to him, whenever he returns to the mountains for holidays, I can hear the wistfulness in his voice. Everything’s so expensive in D.C., he complains. The commutes are long, the apartments small, the sound of traffic ceaseless. Maybe he’ll return to West Virginia and enter a graduate school program.
    I understand. As much as I love to visit D.C.—the Lambda Rising bookstore, the leather and bear bars, the innumerable gayfriendly restaurants along 17th Street—I’m always glad to escape the Beltway chaos and begin my retreat down the Shenandoah Valley. When I exit truck-crowded Interstate 81 at Ironto, Virginia, and wend my way along the tortuous back roads between hillsides of redbud, tulip tree, and sugar maple, I’m always gripped by the peace and beauty of the landscape. It is a loveliness I never take for granted. Perhaps it’s because my father (another literate West Virginian) raised me to be a romantic in the tradition of Emerson and Thoreau. Perhaps it’s because I’m in my mid-forties, happily coupled, and no longer delighted by late-night gay bar culture. Whatever the reason, these days the company of trees, creeks, and hills feels just as necessary for my spiritual health as relationships with other human beings.
    Many gay people continue to migrate out of Appalachia, but more and more I meet gay men and lesbians who are determined to remain in the mountains. Some are natives, while some are urbanites who’ve had more than enough stress and have decided to try something new. Harry is an example of the latter phenomenon. Originally from Staten Island, he’s lived in my little hometown of Hinton for twenty years. How does he manage to live a full gay life in an isolated town of 3,500? He does occasionally make the hour-and-a-half drive to the bear bar in Charleston, and he also attends Radical Faerie gatherings several times a year in Virginia and Tennessee. He always talks up Hinton to the people he meets, telling them of its beautiful mountains and river, its incredibly cheap property. And his strategy has worked. At this point, so many gay men, both Appalachians and outsiders, have bought property in Harry’s neighborhood that it has come to be known as “Harry’s Heights.” I’ve met more gay men in Harry’s kitchen—smack dab in the middle of Summers County, West Virginia, an area rife with religious fundamentalism—than I have in any gay bar.
    One reason that gay mountaineers flee to cities is, of course, to avoid homophobia. Though hatred of homosexuals is found everywhere, it’s sometimes more vocal here in Appalachia, where fundamentalist Christians usually assume that they’re the majority. In the Charleston Gazette, West Virginia’s most prestigious newspaper, the letters to the editor are often lousy with biblical quotations. One Kanawha Valley minister regularly harps on the sinfulness of gays and their supposed predatory pedophilia.
    However, despite this hostility, gay life in West Virginia has expanded and deepened in the last two decades. I imagine many citizens of Greenwich Village, Dupont Circle, or the Castro would be surprised to hear that Charleston, West Virginia, hosts four gay bars, a Mountain State Bear Contest, a Pride Parade, a Mr. Leather Contest, and an assortment of political and social organizations for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. For those who live in the many tiny towns of Appalachia, fear and isolation are still likely to warp their lives, but in West Virginia cities like Charleston, Morgantown, and Huntington—and their equivalents in other Appalachian states—living a gay or lesbian existence is becoming in many cases much more comfortable than I could ever have imagined during my lonely high school days in Hinton in the mid-1970’s.
    My friendship with Alan reminds me, however, of the restrictions that can still make Appalachian gay and lesbian lives lonely and unfulfilling. Alan is very handsome, lean and muscular, sweet-tempered, intelligent, and gainfully employed. Despite this, he is unhappily single. Yes, Charleston has a gay community, but it’s too small. Only a few weeks in the bar scene and you know everyone, he complains. Disillusioned and bored by the social opportunities the Kanawha Valley offers, he spends his evenings renovating his house or going to the gym. He dreams of better romantic opportunities in Washington or New York or San Francisco, but he never quite seems to go. He reminds me of the many poverty-stricken inhabitants of the central Appalachian coalfields, whose attachment to place keeps them in a region where economic possibilities have dwindled along with the coal industry itself. (Alan also reminds me of how lucky I am to have my lover John. After years of romantic debacles, I’ve been in a healthy relationship for six years, and I’m no longer prowling for erotic outlets or looking for love. It’s easy for me, a homebody who can take or leave gay society, not to resent Appalachia’s restrictions.)
    Loneliness is everywhere, of course, from the Castro to the most isolated hillside hamlet. Much to my surprise, my D.C. friends sometimes register the same complaints that Alan does about Charleston: the gay social world is too hermetic; it’s hard to find someone interested in more than an overnight frolic. But for mountain gays and lesbians who are comfortably coupled, for those who have come to terms with solitude, or those who’ve resisted the media stereotypes that encourage “hillbillies” to hold their own heritage in contempt, Appalachia possesses a rich regional culture that remains distinctive even as many other sections of America have become blandly homogenized.
    The scholar Helen Lewis once claimed that most Appalachians are bicultural, able to operate in both mainstream American culture and their own mountain subculture. That would make “mountaineer queers” tricultural, I suppose, if they are strong enough to wrestle with the apparent contradictions in their identity. That there are tensions and contradictions I was reminded a few years ago when teaching courses on gay and lesbian literature and Appalachian Studies in the same semester. The gay and lesbian students at first regarded me as a “Bubba” or redneck (I drive a pickup truck, have a mountain accent, sport a beard, wear cowboy boots and jeans, and listen to country music), while the locals in my Appalachian Studies class regarded me as one of them until I came out as gay near semester’s end, giving rise to a good deal of cognitive dissonance. I was tempted to quote Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself?/Very well then I contradict myself,/ (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”
    The longer I live in the mountains and the more Appalachian gays and lesbians I meet, the more I realize how fortunate are those who master the complex art of balancing several subcultures. I’m also beginning to believe that future generations will more easily work their way through the stigmas and contradictions and will not feel the need to renounce one identity in favor of another.
    My ex-student Kaye is a fine example of the new breed of queer youth. She was raised in a coal-mining family in the small town of Fayetteville, West Virginia. Entirely comfortable with her lesbian identity, she is happily coupled and has little interest in leaving the region. “I like Appalachian gay bars,” Kaye admits. “Folk are pretty friendly around here, and, unlike the bars in cities, which often cater to a specific group of queers, West Virginia’s gay bars, since they’re so few, combine all the gay subcultures: men and women, younger and older, leather guys, dykes-on-bikes, and drag queens. It’s a rich mix.” Kaye also tells an unforgettable story about her years living outside the region. When she and her girlfriend moved to Florida and began socializing in a nearby lesbian bar, they were shunned as soon as the locals found out that they were from West Virginia. It turns out the other patrons took mountain incest jokes very seriously. Since Kaye and her lover were both tall and dark-haired, it was assumed that they were sisters as well as lovers! Unlike many gay people of my generation, Kaye is deeply interested in the traditions of mountain culture. As a student in my Appalachian Studies class, she recognized a kindred soul and gave me such local treats as home-canned corn relish, wild ramps, and creecy greens. Kaye is also passionately involved in such Appalachian controversies as the environmental effects of mountaintop mining and acid mine drainage.
    Everett and Glenn also come to mind. This spring John and I visited the young couple in their log cabin in southwest Virginia, which is set so high on a mountain that it’s only accessible via four-wheel-drive vehicles. Everett grilled steaks, Glenn poured iced tea, and the four of us shared a late lunch on the front porch of the cabin. Far below, the north fork of the Roanoke River rushed along. Across the valley, the fog that forms after a spring rain rubbed its belly along the ridges. Just over the fence, a neighbor’s herd of fat cattle grazed amidst buttercups. A mockingbird chattered somewhere, the porch wind chimes sounded. The rest was countryside silence.
    Everett and Glenn are both Southwest Virginia locals, one from Patrick County, the other from Alleghany County. They like their native mountains, and they intend to stay. They’re part of a widely scattered circle of bear buddies who’ve met on the Internet, friends with whom they exchange infrequent visits. Their families have adopted a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and officially regard them as roommates. What cravings they have for big-city gay adventure they defuse with several yearly trips to bear or leather busts in Orlando, Atlanta, and New Orleans. In between those jaunts, they have that quiet mountainside to come home to. “One colleague says I have two lives,” joked Everett as he doled out slices of his homemade pie. “I’m equally comfortable at wine tastings and Wal-Mart.”
    It’s that juxtaposition of the popular and the sophisticated, the wild and the groomed, the country and the queer, that gives one the sense of living between two worlds. John is due home soon, and I’m about to mix martinis. Some collard greens have been simmering most of the afternoon, and the barbecued ribs are almost done. Tonight we’re going to check our calendar—we have trips to San Francisco, Key West, and Lost River to plan—then watch a DVD of Puccini’s Tosca. Right now, however, I’m peeved, because the radio has just announced that the country music star Tim McGraw is performing at the nearby civic center this coming Saturday, but the event is sold out. The mountaineer in me loves McGraw’s music; the gay man loves his broad shoulders, furry cleavage, and handsome goatee. This double vision is the greatest gift of straddling two subcultures: the world shimmers with twice the meaning, twice the beauty.

My mom just told me that my grandpa is all alone with my uncle. She also told me that the Maute are somewhere at my grandpa’s home. I half-denied it because it felt too scary to be true until I saw a video of Maute waiting by the area that resembled the place where my relatives would sit and have conversations with. And I think I remember it being a place where people would make a big feast by the end of the ramadan. It’s also where we wait for the jeeps to arrive, and it’s right by my grandpa’s home. I normally like to keep any personal information about myself to myself (the fake name and all) but because of the attack in Marawi City, I ask for your prayers. My grandpa is all alone right now and he doesn’t have anyone to take care of him amidst all the horrendous things that is happening in Marawi City. Marawi City is my hometown. I was born there and that was where I was raised when I was a little child. My grandpa is way too old to be taking care of himself and my uncle from this situation. My uncle’s has a condition. He was normal before but something happened and he hasn’t been normal since. I have another uncle who takes care of my grandpa but he left as soon as the attack happened and he’s somewhere he can’t get out. The people who are living in what used to be my parents’ home, which is right by my grandpa’s house, has left too. He’s all alone and there’s no one there to take care of him and my uncle. My mom’s been quiet throughout the whole course. I hear her mutter Allah’s name asking for help and she’s been through a lot. She really has. There’s all these problems she’s facing and the fact that this is happening is just… I can see how scared she is and what my grandpa must be going through? He won’t leave home and now he can’t leave home. All I ask is for your prayers for my grandpa and my uncle and everyone in Marawi City.


Hike, what? 

That day was quite unexpected, we went to my friend’s house which is 2 hours away from the City of Iloilo.

I went with my college besties, we left at around 9 in the morning we were supposed to leave at 8 am but we extended the meeting time to 9 because ya know the Filipino time. I went to the terminal with my dad since he’s going to his hometown for a visit, I met up with them at the terminal. 

We took the bus, we almost got lost (thanks to the people on the bus and kuya konduktor who helped us because tbh we really didn’t have any idea where our friend lives we just know that she lives in Passi City and that’s it lol), and I got a Lil bit sick on our way, I had a hard time breathing (Idk If I was just hyperventilating or I was having another panic attack) because I felt suffocated inside the bus but I managed to control it so I felt better as the time went by. 

When we arrived, her house was located a bit far from the main road so we have to travel for 20 mins to get there. We had a few accidents and epic moments here and there nevertheless it was a fun and amazing day filled with foods and laughter. 

Ghost!Philip Hamilton x Fem!Reader part 1

Words: 1086

Warnings: Language(barely)
    Being fresh from highschool and taking a year off from school, I decided to go out on my own. My parents are very supportive about nearly anything(being their youngest child has it’s perks) so I am able to leave my hometown and go to New Jersey, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. Now, I get to live there! How cool is that? I never thought I’d do this, but here I am.

    My father came to America from France, my mom had lived in New York her entire life. They met kinda differently. My dad pretended he couldn’t read English maps, bumped into my mom, who helped him find his hotel he was staying at. He was a charmer and he worked his magic on her easily. They kept in touch for the next year before he asked her out, which she pretended to play off. For about ten minutes.

    Anyway, the rest is history. I was born a year after my brother, who’s the middle child. My sister is two years older than me, so we’re pretty well spaced in my opinion. My brother is in college studying to be a historian, my sister is a nurse, both amazing people with crazy big jobs. That’s one of the reasons I’m waiting; I have no idea what I wanna do.

    I don’t wanna disappoint my family, though they never set up expectations for any of us. They’d probably be cliché and say they only want us to be happy. They’re silly that way.

    Apparently, my house is built on what was an old dueling site in the 1800s, so that’s pretty neat. When my brother heard that, he geeked out, listing all sorts of historical duels. I honestly didn’t hear any of them.

    With one last box sitting on the floor by my couch, I’m officially moved in. Not unpacked, but moved. Letting out a sigh, I plop onto the couch, finally relaxing for the first time today. I’ve never been so thankful that a house came fully furnished until now. It also wasn’t that much, which is weird. Another weird thing is it’s had about four owners in the last two years. My mom jokingly asked if it was haunted.

    My brother said it was possible and I said, “Cool, I won’t be bored, then.”

    Deciding to leave the downstairs boxes until tomorrow morning, I head upstairs to start there. The sooner I have those boxes unpack, the sooner I can sleep. God, if I knew moving was this exhausting, I wouldn’t have moved on my own. For once, I wanted to be independent and now I know how much that was a stupid idea. Being an adult sucks.

    The first box I open has clothes. I can unpack those tomorrow morning, too. Next box: books. Actually, next three boxes are books and sketchpads of mine. I pick up my favorite book and turn to an old, worn looking bookmark with my name scrawled on it in child handwriting. My eight year old self picked the most obnoxious color for a bookmark, then slowly printed my name on both sides, on English, the other French. I smile at the memory of my dad guiding my hand as we wrote it.

    Setting the book on the desk I put in my room, I move to clear my bed off. A heavy thump makes me jump and jerk my head up. My book fell off my desk. How? I was sure it was in the middle of my desk, not on the edge. It’s not like anything could’ve bumped it off…right?

    Sighing to myself, I pick it up again and make sure I put it where it won’t fall off. I give it one last look before I start sliding other books onto a shelf. After a bit, I finally convince myself that maybe it did just fall off the edge of the desk.

    Then, I hear pages turning.

    Spinning on my heel to face my desk, I feel my body freeze and all the air leaves my lungs. The longer I stare at the book, the more I think my eyes must be seeing things. An outline of a person starts appearing as I stare, but if I blink, it’s gone again. Slowly stepping closer as quietly as I can, I move next to my desk. In almost slow motion, the outline’s head seems to move in my direction and I freeze again.

    “W-….who are you?” I whisper.

    It almost looks like the figures mouth moves, but I don’t hear anything. My brows furrow and I accidently blink, making the figure vanish. It doesn’t come back.

    “Wait! …What the hell is happening? I must be exhausted…” I mumble.

    I shake my head, clearing my thoughts and strip off my jeans, just jumping into my bed in my t-shirt and socks. I’m too tired to dig pjs out of my boxes and I don’t really even care about right now. Laying on my stomach, I look at the picture of my family on my bedside table. I was only four at that time, but I had never seen my parents as happy as they were as they held me and my brother, my sister clinging to Dad’s back. They’d given my this picture in the frame after I graduated from highschool so I would always have them with me.

    I never had homesickness before, but now it’s hitting me. Tears prick at my eyes and I squeeze my pillow against my chest. Are they really happy with me? I took a year off because I don’t know what to study, but my siblings did. They’re doing well for themselves and making our parents proud. I feel like I’m the youngest that was just told to do whatever she wanted because the other two already satisfied their parents.

    Rolling onto my back, I stare at the ceiling, still holding my pillow to my chest. I feel like a child again, wishing her parents were here to hold me and tell me that everything is alright. My eyes close and right before I fall asleep, I swear I feel like my mom is stroking my hair gently.

    Then, a cold breeze cuts through my room just as the hand tucks some hair behind my ear. I shiver and reach for my quilt at the end of my bed, tucking it around my body. The feeling of a hand vanishes and I fall asleep. Must’ve been just a phantom thought.

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A) Age: 26
B) Biggest fear: Spiders and death.
C) Current time: 11pm
D) Drink you last had: tea
E) Every day starts with: my alarm going off and me wanting to throw my phone across the room.
F) Favorite song atm: Gaston from BATB, How Far I’ll Go from Moana, and the piano version of Chandelier by Sia
H) Hometown?: Hogwarts. (fite me on it)
I) In love with?: Besides my boyfriend, Luke Evans and Lee Pace.
J) Jealous of?: Honestly, nothing and no one.
K) Killed Someone?: Nope but there are people I know who deserve it lol
L) Last time you cried: Today. Watching BATB. Because I’m a sap. 
M) Middle name: Lee
N) Number of siblings: 0 biologically, 2 steps.
O) One wish: I live a happy, stable and comfortable life.
P) Person you last called/texted: My boyfriend
Q) Questions you are always being asked: Are you in college? 
R) Reasons to smile: My family, pets, my boyfriend and his family, my friends, and tumblr and books.
S) Song last sung: Gaston (I think)
T) Time you woke up: 7:30am
W) Worst habits: I’m a lazy potato.
X) X-rays you’ve had: chest 
Y) Your favourite food: Pizza, sushi, and breakfast foods.
Z) Zodiac sign: Leo

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A) Age: 19 (birthday is on June23rd tho!!! ahh)

B) Biggest fear: needles, spiders, talking to people

C) Current time: 10:57pm

D) Drink you last had: Iced Cappuccino from Timmy’s

E) Every day starts with: my alarm playing Slow Hands

F) Favourite song atm: slow hands + strip that down

G) Ghosts, are they real?: no… but lowkey unsure

H) Hometown?: same place ive always lived in

I) In love with?: the shape of you

J) Jealous of?: talented people, people who are good at life

K) Killed Someone?: :)

L) Last time you cried: today

M) Middle name: Ching-Lum

N) Number of siblings: 3

O) One wish: world peace? corny but true ya know

P) Person you last called/texted: a friend

Q) Questions you are always being asked: “how tall are you?” “what’s your background”

R) Reasons to smile: sunshine, friends I’ve made on tumblr, LIAM, liam never truly letting ziam die

S) Song last sung: probably slow hands lol

T) Time you woke up: 7am

U) Underwear colour: navy blue

V) Verse from a song you like:
“Til’ all my sleeves are stained red
From all the truth that I’ve said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I’ve been on the brink, so”

W) Worst habit: getting Moody™ easily

X) X-rays you’ve had: hmmmm… teeth… ? idk if anything else

Y) Your favourite food: bacon & eggs

Z) Zodiac sign: cancer

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Endless Summer Nights (Pt. 1)

[Summary]: You spend your summer with your cousin Reed who just happens to be the leader of The Fantastic 4. But “sparks start to fly” when you meet Johnny.

[Pairing]: Johnny Storm x reader

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a “one-n-done” story but the way I started writing it, kinda changed that.

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“But mom! Why?” you whined after hearing you’d be spending your summer with your WAY older cousin that you’ve never met, let alone heard of.

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doubt || calum hood

prompt: based off doubt by twenty one pilots

warnings: none

a/n: i havent wrote for 5sos in a while but i hope you like this imagine and feedback is appreciated :)) + Y/BF/N = your best friend’s name

Calum hated the feeling of doubt. How he felt immature for not trusting you, even though he knew he should and feeling that he could just die from the fear of you leaving him. He would get jealous easily and jump to conclusions. Calum hated feeling this way and he could only blame himself for it.

Calum was coming home from the studio and after many long recording sessions, he was exhausted. He turned on his phone to see his notifications blown up from fans on twitter, not like usual though. This time most of tweets were about you. Most read ’@calumhood who is @y/t/n with?’ ’@calumhood are you and @y/t/n still together?’ Calum was shocked, opening up the twitter app and seeing pictures of you with another guy. “He’s probably just a friend.” Calum told himself, this was nothing to worry about.

That was what he thought until he saw a picture of you giving the mysterious guy a kiss on the cheek. Calum turned furious, he saved the picture and went to text you.

You looked down on your phone to see a text from Calum with an image attached. You opened the text message and saw the picture of you kissing the cheek of your best friend. You looked over at guy sitting across from you. “Calum saw the picture.” You muttered, before going to text Calum.

Y/N: Calum you have nothing to worry about.

Calum: Oh really y/n? I’m your boyfriend all I do is worry. Who is he?

Y/N: Calum he’s just a friend. Please trust me.

‘I trust you.’ Calum sent, he really did but that didn’t stop the faint feeling of jealously and doubt in his stomach. As Calum waited he called his bandmates, asking them for their opinion. The three of them reassuring Calum that nothing was wrong and to just take your word on this. Thus Calum waited for you to get home to talk to you.

You entered your’s and Calum’s shared home and was greeted by silence. You frown, walking over to Calum, sitting quietly on the couch. You sit down next to him, giving him a kiss on his cheek and intertwining your hands. “What’s wrong baby? You’re awfully quiet.” You smile, making a smile appear on Calum’s face. “I just wanted to talk about the guy your with, who was he Y/n?” Calum spoke, his voice had a feeling of sadness, which broke your heart.

“Calum, baby, don’t be sad, don’t worry about him.” You spoke, laying your head on his shoulder. “Why won’t you tell me who he is? Are you hiding something from me?” He asked, his tone slowly turning into anger. “Calum, no. He’s just a friend of mines. I would never cheat on you.” You got up, walking around your living room to calm your nerves. “Then why won’t you tell me who he is?”

“Calum, he’s just a friend of mines. Y/BF/N was my best friend back in my hometown, we’ve been best friends since were kids.” You explained, running your fingers through your hair. “He’s getting married, and he came here to tell me the news. And I wanted to spend the day with him, before he went back home to get married.” You explain, Calum looking up at you. “I’m sorry, for not trusting you. “Calum it’s okay.” You smile, sitting down next to him. “Seriously, I’m not good without you, I’ll probably go insane.” He laughs, making a smile appear his face. “I love you Calum.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

anonymous asked:

you make me ship nessie although I have no idea who bressie exactly is

Whoops? *not at all remorseful*

I actually had someone ask me about Bressie earlier today, so I checked my outbox and retrieved the answer for you:

Bressie’s full name is Niall Breslin.  He’s from Niall’s hometown of Mullingar and I think he used to be a professional rugby or Gaelic football player.  I’ve never quite been able to figure out which.  After he stopped playing, he was the singer in a band called the Blizzards, then eventually the band split up and he went solo with some success.  He’s also a judge on the Voice of Ireland.

Bressie was living in London when Niall moved there, so Bressie told Niall’s dad that if Niall ever needed any help, Niall should come to him.  Apparently Niall just showed up on his doorstep one night with a guitar that had a broken string and then spent the whole evening there getting Bressie to play and teach him songs.

I think Bressie introduced Niall to the rest of the LIC (London Irish Crew- Irish people living in London), including Laura Whitmore and Eoghan McDermott. When Bressie was still living in London, they used to go out as a group all the time, and Niall’s good friends with everyone else now, so even though Bressie is back in Ireland, they’re still a close group.  

Bressie is rather protective of Niall since Niall is younger and smaller. Bressie is in his 30′s I’d guess (yep, I checked it, 34) and is really built because he’s obviously a really good athlete.  He gets mistaken as Niall’s security when they’re out together and he doesn’t mind the misunderstanding one bit.  

He’s also kind of dedicated himself to making sure Niall stays grounded.  I don’t think Niall needs help with that, but it’s good that it’s something his friends value.  Bressie and the LIC are always on Niall’s side and they’ll speak up to defend him and the group if necessary, but they’d never say a bad word about him to the press or in public at all.

Bressie also suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, so he’s taken on a role as an advocate.  He’s got his own stuff basically under control, but he’s very vocal about how “manly” men should be open with their emotions and shouldn’t feel pressured by their image into thinking they can’t struggle and need help.  I imagine he’s a good influence on Niall with Niall’s own anxiety.  At least he’s someone that Niall knows he can talk to and be understood by.

There was a sort of scandal around Christmas when Niall, Bressie, and Eoghan were hanging out in a bar in Ireland.  When Bressie left for the bathroom, he left his phone on the table and Eoghan tweeted something that was thoughtless on it as a prank.  Pretending to be Bressie, he said that lately he’d been exploring his sexuality.  He didn’t mean any harm and I really don’t think Eoghan meant it to be homophobic.  If the world treated everyone nicely, then what he said wouldn’t have been a problem I think.  

The joke was the irony of tweeting something from Bressie’s phone that wasn’t true, not that Bressie being bi would have been insulting or funny.  I don’t think he took into account that the world doesn’t treat everyone nicely and so the topic is a sensitive one.  Niall also ended up caught in the crossfire, but I personally think it’s unlikely he was very involved.  The way the tweet was written had Eoghan all over it and when Bressie addressed the issue later, he only mentioned Eoghan.

Anyway, Bressie’s first response when he saw the tweet was “schoolboy error”. What he was referring to was leaving his phone unguarded, but people took it to mean that he was offended by the content of the tweet.  What I was impressed by during this was Bressie’s response afterwards.  He apologized sincerely, explained himself well, and was very mature when responding to people who were angry at him on Twitter.

So yeah, Bressie is sort of like Niall’s mentor+friend and he’s just a really amazing guy.

  • If you don’t know about Bressie and Nessie, this is essential listening.  
  • This is another time Bressie talked about Niall.  
  • Another one where Bressie is defending Niall in the press (for something Niall shouldn’t even have to defend really).
  • This is a helpful Niall LIC masterpost that gives the basics.
  • These are my pics that I’ve got saved of Niall with the LIC.
  • This is my favorite Blizzards song I’ve listened to and his solo stuff isn’t always my style, but I like this one.
  • This is Bressie mentioned on Niall’s Twitter and Niall on Bressie’s.  For good measure, Eoghan on Niall’s and Niall on Eoghan’s.  Eoghan is *cough* a bit less mature than Bressie, but he’s a very good egg overall. 
  • This is the AO3 tag for Nessie.  The really good longer series that are finished start with this first part and this first part. You can also find some stuff that’s not on AO3 here.  This is a blog that has a Nessie fic rec section.  I am in eternal agony that there’s no Niall/Eoghan fic.  How is there NO Niall/Eogan fic?
  • You can also watch The Voice of Ireland to get a sense of Bressie’s (and Eoghan’s) personalities.  I watched a few seasons since I like The Voice anyway.

So, um, when I say I only know a little bit about the boys’ friends, Bressie is kind of the one exception to that.  I still don’t know too much about him that doesn’t deal with Niall, but I’ve got their interactions pretty much covered.

Monthly Volleyball 2014 - March Issue - Haikyuu!! Feature - Interview with Furudate Haruichi

– so 1. stage play and interviews has wrecked me 2. hq s2ep24 has worsened my condition this might be my permanent state of crying
anyway, so because of the above stated reasons, I started trawling through tumblr and digging up stuff about haikyuu, and I chanced upon this magazine interview posted here by aerobird. Yes it’s kind of (very) late considering it’s a publication from 2 years ago (wow), but I really liked what I read so I decided to translate it out of personal interests (plus I haven’t been translating stuff lately so this is good). there’s also another haikyuu feature in a magazine called DaVinci which was also found on tumblr, it’s a little longer than this one I might translate it if I have the time. I can’t remember who posted it but I will put up the link if I ever do get down to translating it. for now, please enjoy!

– So I understand that Furudate-sensei has been watching the Spring High Volleyball tournaments every year! First of all, please share with us your thoughts on this year’s tournament.

Furudate: Well, this is something that strikes me every year, but the cheering is really intense! The very moment I step into the gymnasium, I’m overwhelmed by the cheers of each school. They really raise the atmosphere by a notch. Hearing the cheers also make me think of the players who must be so full of pride, to be able to play a match with so much support behind them. At the same time, I also recall my high school days, when I thought that it was so unfair, because only the baseball team got the whole school to support their matches! (laughs)

– This year you were allowed on the benches to collect material for your manga. How was it witnessing the matches up close?

Furudate: I was allowed to watch the matches from the reporters’ bench which was situated at the end of the court, and the balls were always rebounding in my direction! I was able to once again relive that feeling of ‘closeness” with the ball.

Other than that, I was able to see the match from the serving player’s line of sight, which gave me a very realistic view. And when I was down on the courts once again, I remembered how high the ceiling was and how bright the lights were. The players must have felt dizzy every time they practiced and had matches in the gymnasium. It must have taken them a while to get used to it.
Though I couldn’t enter the court, I was really happy that I got to witness the match at such close proximity.

– Were there any plays or scenes that left a deep impression?

Furudate: Since I’ve been watching the matches from the audience seating until last year, the behind the scenes work which I was able to catch a glimpse of this year definitely left a lasting impression.

I was definitely able to feel the players’ anxiety while they waited for the previous matches to end and for their own team’s matches to start. And when the matches end, witnessing the reactions and feelings of both the winning and losing teams also left a deep impression.

– Were there any teams in the Spring High Tournament that left a deep impression?

Furudate: I was able to watch Seijoh High School and East Fukuoka High School practice in the sub-arena before the semi-finals. Seijoh had a more mild and quiet playing style, while East Fukuoka was intense and impactful, it was quite an interesting contrast. Each team’s unique personality also really shines through during the few moments before the start of a match.

– Were there any players who left a strong impression?

Furudate: To be honest, it’s quite hard to find someone who stands out as “The One” from first glance. I’ve always longed to stand on this kind of platform but I never had the chance to, so everyone who has made it to this stage is an existence above me (laughs)

Also, while collecting material I tried to focus more on the off-camera action, as the actual matches can still be watched on DVD. Bearing witness to these little details, the number of players that left a strong impression could only increase.

Haikyuu!! Is a story revolving around volleyball. What inspired you to create a series like Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: I was part of the volleyball club in middle and high school, and I still feel a strong sense of attachment to the sport. At that time, club activities were the only thing driving me to go to school. Even so, I wasn’t able to accomplish anything of much result. The feelings of frustration and regret, and the things that I wanted to do – I channeled them all into my manga and created Haikyuu!!

– What is the charm point of volleyball to you, personally?

Furudate: “Entrust”, and “to be entrusted with”, are foundational concepts in volleyball. Without understanding them, the game will not fall into place. For any team sports, it might be a given that teamwork and “connecting” is necessary for each play to work, but in volleyball such concepts form the roots of the game. Other than serving, even a simple offense cannot be done alone. That is precisely why the joy we share with our teammates, the frustration we feel when we can’t do anything on our own, are the charming aspects of volleyball.

– While reading Haikyuu!!, I noticed that there were many “speedy” scenes. Is “speed” also an aspect of volleyball which you find charming?

Furudate: I haven’t been consciously thinking about it, but the “speedy” feeling from these scenes may have actually been a result of trying to depict the “rigor” of the sport. Volleyball is different in the sense that continuous running is not involved, but as long as the ball is in the air, one must be constantly on the move and have their senses honed in order to stay focused in the game. I might have been trying to depict the rigor and anxiety felt in such scenes. Even though I’m the one drawing it, I’m analysing it as if it’s another person’s work (laughs)

– Within the manga, I noticed that a size 4 ball was used during middle school years, and the designs of the coloured balls changed with time as well. I feel that sensei has put in a lot of effort into these minor details. 

Furudate: When transitioning from middle school to high school, we also upgraded from using a size 4 ball to a size 5 ball. The thought of “It’s big!” that I had at that time Is still very fresh in my mind, so I decided to put in such details in the manga as well. In the manga, I wanted to add in a scene where Hinata was thinking, “The ball’s different from the one in middle school!” but sadly, due to the limited number of pages, I had to cut it. When I was playing volleyball in high school, we also switched to coloured balls (we were still using white balls at the time when I entered high school), which left a deep impression on me. The designs of the balls keep getting more and more intricate, it’s getting tougher to draw (laughs)

– Are there any volleyball players you like?

Furudate: Aoyama Shigeru (former Japan National team member), and for currently active players, I like Torray Arrows’ Yoneyama Yuta.

– There are many unique and fascinating characters in Karasuno High School. Are there people in real life whom the characters are modeled after?

Furudate: Personality wise, I thought of the different aspects of the people I know, my own shortcomings as well as my own ideals. I have yet to create any characters who are modeled after real-life players.

– Why did you choose to set the story in Miyagi?

Furudate: Karasuno is located in Sendai City of Miyagi Prefecture, and may give off a sort of countryside image. In the beginning, I was deciding between Miyagi and Iwate. I lived in Iwate until high school, so I thought of modelling Karasuno High and its surroundings after my hometown in Iwate. However, my hometown was so far into the countryside that not even trains passed through, so it was kind of impossible to encounter students from other schools. I also rarely walked around town, so I actually didn’t know as much about my hometown as I had expected, so I gave up in making Iwate the setting (laughs)

I spent about 8-9 years in Miyagi after graduating from high school, so it’s like a second hometown to me. I feel a great sense of emotional attachment to the place and I’m also familiar with the area. Furthermore, it’s also the hometown of my editor-in-charge, so in the end I decided on Miyagi for the setting. But thinking about it now, having characters from a rural countryside with no trains saying things like “Ey we’re gonna go to the Tokyo Gym!” would be kind of interesting to see (laughs)

– Were there any scenes that were particularly difficult to draw?

Furudate: The rules and explanations of the different plays. Majority of the Jump readers do not have a prior interest in volleyball. I didn’t want to bore the readers with the explanations, so I try to incorporate them as parts of the story. The rotation of the players is also another issue. When I think that, “Hey! The protagonist can shine in this scene here!” in the next rotation, he would be shifted to the backrow. But the rotation itself is an interesting concept that can be expanded on in the manga.

Other than that, sometimes it’s just the scenes and frames where I have to continuously squeeze in the characters. When I’m drawing in a half-asleep state in the middle of the night, I’ll carelessly draw a character who was supposed to be in the backrow jumping to block the ball, or drawing right-handed players spiking the ball with their left. When I realise I’ll be like,  “Uwaaaa!” and then I’ll have to redraw the scenes. Sometimes they get published without me noticing so then I’ll be like “Uwaaa!’ and I’ll have to redraw those scenes for the comics publication. (laughs)

– Volleyball terms such as direct and indirect delivery, break, etc. were also all very well-explained in the manga. I can tell that sensei has put in a lot of effort in explaining these very daunting volleyball terms…how was it?

Furudate: Conveying these terms to readers who are not familiar with volleyball in a straightforward manner has always been my top priority, so I always try to use words that leave a strong impression or simple explanations. Especially for foundational rules (the ball must be sent back to the opposite side of the net after three touches, player rotation etc.), the names of the different positions and the basic attack strategies, I hope that the reader can remember them in order to fully enjoy the manga. However, unlike the basic terms that appear very frequently, the specialised volleyball terms are rather difficult to understand and commit to memory. The technical terms might sound cool to someone who’s never heard them before (at least that’s what it’s like for me? How about you?), so even if they can’t remember their meanings, just by filing them into their memory as “something cool”, when they come across these terms again while watching a match on TV, they’ll think, “Hey! I think I read about that term in a manga before!” It’ll be great if they can slowly familiarise themselves with the terms in this way.

Also, for a shonen Jump manga like Haikyuu!!, there still hasn’t been a special move with a cool name yet (due to the author’s lack of naming sense), so the use of these specialised terms actually helps to shoulder some of the burden (laughs)

– Are there any characters whom you especially like?

Furudate: If I had to only choose one, it would be the protagonist Hinata. I put in a lot of effort to arrive at the Hinata that’s in the serialised version right now, so I have a really strong emotional attachment to him. Other than that, from Karasuno I like Tanaka, and from the rival schools I like Aone of Date Tech and Bokuto of Fukurodani. Basically, I like characters who don’t think about the consequences before acting. I’m someone who tends to overthink the consequences, so I really admire characters like them.

 I think it’s a really amazing concept to have someone small like Hinata who only stands at 162.8cm to be a middle blocker. Please share with us your thoughts and inspirations for this idea.

Furudate: I wanted to make quicks the main weapon, so I decided on middle blocker. Before Haikyuu!! started, I wanted to draw a story about a super amazing setter who could send the perfect tosses to his spiker. Following such an idea, I thought, rather than being “taller than the block”, why not be “faster than the block”? In the first chapter, we see that Hinata makes up for his lack of height with his amazing jumping power, but yet he realises that such ability is insufficient. I wanted to make Hinata reach the “peak” before his opponents, to triumph over those who are bigger than him, so I gave him an extraordinary jumping power to contrast the handicap his overwhelming lack of height gave him.

I also played middle blocker during my school days, so I really wanted to convey the feeling of touching the ball when making an awesome quick!

– I feel like the names of many of the players in the story are kind of uncommon or unconventional…is it just me? (laughs)

Furudate: I don’t think it’s just you (laughs) At this juncture, the surnames of the players from Aoba Johsai were taken from the names of hot springs in Iwate, and the surnames of the players from Date Tech were taken from the names of hot springs in Miyagi (for most of them). When more characters are introduced, it’s also really difficult to think of names for them. Now I’m still using the names of hot springs in the Tohoku region, but in the future it may expand to the whole of Japan. For the teams that have animal motifs, I think of their names by relating them to their respective animals.

– Hinata and Kageyama are indeed the epitome of yin and yang. I’m also looking forward to their individual growths in the future. Please tell us more about the future developments!

Furudate: As to how Hinata and Kageyama will change from now on, to be honest, I’m the person who knows the least. I’ll work hard to create a progression that the readers would be excited about.

Right now we’re at the Spring High Preliminaries, but there will be teams that will lose their third year players, and there will be teams that will completely change too. I also want the readers to also look out for teams that will be competing once again. Nekoma High and the other rival schools of the Kanto region will also be facing off in the preliminaries at the same time. I haven’t drawn these scenes yet, but I definitely want to do a good job portraying the matches between the other schools.

– Last question, what is the one thing that you want to convey the most to the readers through Haikyuu!! ?

Furudate: The fact that volleyball is fun and cool! I hope that Haikyuu!! can become a gateway for people to become truly interested in and pick up volleyball. I want it to be a story which both people play and do not play volleyball can enjoy, and I’ll work hard on that. Please look forward to it and thank you for your support.

My experience in Volterra; how meeting Ryosuke was.

As I already specified on twitter ( feel free to follow it if you like @yamadoong/@mooxnlight) , to respect the privacy of the staff who was working hard to keep everything secret and away from indiscrete eyes - even if a really rude magazine stole some pictures from the set and made an article about it spreading a pretty clear image of the costume and the filming set - I won’t mention anything regarding the scenes filmed or the movie itself, I will concentrate only on my experience of admirer of Ryosuke and how meeting him from so close felt like, since I think it was a great occasion and it could be fair to share it with other people who didn’t get the same chance. I want to make you live my dream too so let’s start! 



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