who is feat

  • What she says: Im fine
  • What she means: in "bring him home," Jean Valjean implores God to rescue Marius, keep him safe, and bring him home to Cosette, but in the end, it is Jean Valjean himself who accomplishes this feat, implying that Jean Valjean himself has somehow taken on the form of God. Later in the musical, the ensemble sings, "to love another person is to see the face of God," meaning apparently the face of Jean Valjean. basically what I'm saying is, you don't truly love someone until you see Hugh Jackman, crouching in the distance, perpetually in your peripheral vision. He's not there? You don't love anyone sorry I don't make the rules

Publishing work is intimidating; publishing something that you’ve been working on for months, something with a heavy word count and a lot of people involved, is even scarier. You never want to be torn down for something that you’ve spent so much time on. Fortunately, this fandom is typically very encouraging.

I know how it feels to post a monster fic, and to be so excited for people to read it. It’s exhausting and nerve wrecking but most of all, it feels like relief.

With that being said, @tvshows-addict and @anhcor just released a massive fic called Where Your Heart Is. I chat with some of the people (or rather, person) working behind the scenes to help make this story come to fruition, and I know it’s been labor intensive and a lot of work for everyone involved. When a community has come together to create something this big - a community clearly filled with love and support - you know it’s something special. I haven’t read the fic yet - let’s be real, it’s 155k, unless I’m a robot, I obviously haven’t read it yet - but knowing that this fic has been in the works for months and has had so many people actively taking part in it makes me think it has to be good ;) Congrats to the writers and betas! (Now go take a nap!) xx

Basically me(Rogue) and the Fighter got at the same corridor to kill an orc, the problem is, it was too dark, and the corridor were narrow. In my turn i tried to get close to the fighter who have two-weapon fighting feat. but were holding a torch.

me: As I see the orc I try to atack

DM: the corridor is too narrow…

me: OK, I take the torch from the hands of the fighter

fighter(ooc): what?

me: trust me, just take your other sword.

DM: so our brave rogue became a lamp…

Everyone laughs

In the end, I kept illuminating the fight for the fighter, as the safer place to be was in the narrow corridor, instead of the large one where 3 orcs were fighting the rest of the party.

you know i never fully hated mon-el or was anti him….
but now i have come to realize that they literally cant do one single story line without involving him….this show is basically just centering him these days and sidelining others. 
and now i come into full circle in understanding why A LOT of people dislike him :/ like i am really just done with him.

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Show - Samurai Champloo

Song - Who’s Theme

Artist - Nujabes feat. Minmi