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STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! Starfire and Donna Troy track down Arsenal, who had retreated after the loss of his arm and the death of his daughter – but what they find is more terrifying than they ever could have expected!

TEEN TITANS; founding four

Can we talk about how happy Diana was to see babies?

Like we canonically know how much Wondy loves little kids, but it was so nice to see it in the movie! Especially after the ‘I’m a monster because I’m infertile/one less thing to worry about’ shit we got from AoU!Black Widow (I’m eternally bitter) and all the Strong Female Characters™ who don’t want or even hate kids or are terrible / emotionally-distant mothers.

I hope she got to hold babies, babysit and be someone’s (demi-)godmother. Preferably Etta Candy’s kids.

She would totally personally give or crash school tours to the Louvre, to give them detailed accounts and get the excuse to walk around carrying one kid or style little girls’ hair like the Amazons did with her when she was a kid.

I would like to imagine that by modern times, she had had a few run-ins with sorcerers, one of whom who tried to concoct her evil twin/reflection and instead made Donna Troy, not as a pre-teen but as a child.

She takes Donna and raises her to be good balance between human and Amazon, and she now knows how her mother felt with her as the only child on Themiscyra.

I have so many feelings about this.

God, now I need a Diana/Steve kid!fic with them somehow acquiring baby Donna Troy.

WW Writer Impressions

So remember how I said I was reading a lot of Wonder Woman because I was psyching myself up for the movie? Yeah.

Renae De Liz (The Legend of Wonder Woman): GOLD STANDARD. Amazons are isolationist, but otherwise living in a sort of utopia. Diana is a strong, precious starshine that wishes to save the world. Epic romances and friendships ensue.

Greg Rucka (Rebirth Year 1): GOLD STANDARD. For same reasons as above.

George Perez: Did u knoW tHat WW is aaaalll aBouT the gr33k GODZ???? GR33K GODZ!!!!!! (Jk, he’s great, just side-tracks into the mythos, a loooot.)

Grant Morrison (Earth 1): bondagebondagebondagebondage Diana stickin’ it to her mom who is motivated by daaarrrk vengeeaanncee! bondagebondagebondage.

Alan Heinberg : Wonder-fam feels. Like, the ONLY person who gives Diana screentime with Donna and/or Cassie that I’ve seen. Thank you, Alan.

Jodie Picoult: Who is Donna Troy Diana of Themyscira? Soul searching! Identity crisis! Sassy flirting and secret agents.

Gail Simone: Deep Amazon intrigue one moment, space dorks the next. And now for some weird-fun mating rituals! Whoo!

Geoff Johns (nu52 JLA): I came out to attack ppl, and I’m honestly having such a good time right now.

Charles Soule (Superman/Wonder Woman): Epic romance involves meeting your girlfriend’s parents patron deities and sometimes fighting over whether alien plant life makes for a good Valentines-day gift or not. Surprisingly fun. 

Mark Andreyko (WW ‘77): DISCO FEVER! Also, Batman wishes he was this cool. Literally.

Marguerite Bennet (Bombshells): A little bit of Mera in my life, A little bit of Zatanna by my siiiiide! A little bit of Kate is all I need, A little bit of Steve is what I seeee…

Jill Thompson (True Amazon): The actual worst.

The New Teen Titans: Who is Donna Troy?
The New Titans
(1984-1996) #50

“… the pain is never lessened, Joseph. And one never quite gets used to it… but I have lived with it since birth. And I long ago learned to accept it.”

Man. I wish someone would tell your later writers, that. They really need that memo.

Also, you two are beyond adorable! Stahp it!

The New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna Troy?
Tales of the Teen Titans
(1980-1988) #50

“Donna, we’ve gone through so much together, and in not all that many years. Yet, I feel as if I’ve known and loved you all my life. Terry is remarkably lucky to have found you.”

No. Seriously. This comic kills me. It just… murders my heart and I just want to roll around on the ground and cry because their friendship, you guys.

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Could you please do some meta on roy and donna?

With pleasure!

I think that Roy and Donna would be great together. Their personalities mix well, there’s chemistry between them, and she’s fantastic with Lian. They’ve remained really close despite romance not working out for them. It’s always been a mixture of platonic and romantic love between them that’s what draws me to this relationship.

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So it's kinda referenced that Jason was IN the young justice, but since he's got a hologram memorial in mount justice. Who do you think he would have gotten along with and didn't? I know it happens during the five year gap where dick left to become nightwing, but while Jason was the Robin on that team what do you think it was like? Did he get along with anybody ESPECIALLY? Also, group shenanigans, amirite

Okay first, Jason Todd is my precious child that deserves so much happiness.

Second! I would like to think of him like he was referenced in Under the Red Hood when we see those blips of him as Robin.

He’s enthusiastic about being Robin, amazingly so. Being in a team like Young Justice? Yeah, I’m sure he would have a freaking /blast/.

With some research on what characters would have been around during his time as Robin, I would like to think he would have gotten along easily with Troia, Rocket, Garth, Dick, Zatanna, and Superboy.

(And if Jaime was the beetle at that time, they would have been best friends.)

But!He doesn’t /not/ like anyone. Everyone’s pretty chill about everyone.

I’m sure he would enjoy giving Aqualad crap while at the base. With lots of fish puns being said to him. (And most likely Garth)

Garth likes to rebel a bit every now and then and Jason is there to help him get into some trouble. Let him live a little on the surface!

I think that Jason gets along with Rocket because of how sassy they are. They probably bond over that in the beginning.

If none of you know who Troia is, she’s Wonder Woman’s first apprentice Donna Troy, and her younger sister.

I always thought that Jason would be a big fanboy over Wonder Woman, so he of course is going to get to know her because she’s just as awesome.

I think that Troia and Jason would be pretty close friends after getting to talk. They would just hang out and dork around.

Superboy really likes Jason as a friend because he tries to understand him. He doesn’t judge Conner for how angry he gets and let’s him cool off some steam without telling him to back off.

They would totally ride around in sphere and work on anything mechanical together.

Jason looks up to Dick /so much/. This is the first Robin, and now he gets to have the title?

They spare against each other when they can because Dick is happy to train Jason and teach him something new.

I think that he and Zatanna get along well because she’ll have the same ideas as him and they encourage any and all rebellious behavior. Man, these two are crazy together.

No one can convince me that Jason didn’t introduce them to some much needed down time. (Especially if they’re working a harder/more stressful mission)

He would get them to go out and just have fun.

Takes them over to the beach and tells everyone to go swimming.

All of them huddle around the bonfire afterwards and just be teenagers.

(Batman knows this and fully supports what they do. He trusts Jason not to let them get into trouble…. Well, not really, but at least Dick is there to help out and Kaldur is responsible enough.)

Sneaking out with some people when they they should be training or something.

PRANK WARS AGAINST WALLY. Don’t cross their paths when they get started, it will be so bad if you do. Wally totally started it though.

He’s the go to guy when someone has had something bad happen to them because he’s great support. He’s been through some shit and he doesn’t mind making sure others don’t turn and do some of the stupid stuff he did.

(Something else entirely, but this guy had those amazing thighs he has as the Red Hood then too. Some of them joke about how he could crush someone’s head with them. It’s an on going joke)

I need more Jason Todd in my life tbh

This is what I don’t get about the New 52

DC did this huge radical reboot to revamp the universe. It’s supposed to be a modern update to help the continuity make more sense by giving it a fresh start.

Okay. But instead the continuity is even more confusing. The reboot was a snap decision that DC plunged into headfirst. Nobody even knew that Ma and Pa Kent were alive until months into the New 52. The Batfamily recycled several Robins into a small five year time period. DiDio originally said that nothing from the previous continuity would exist – until fans complained about the absence of classic stories from canon, spurring DC writers to randomly reference popular stories, such as Dick being Batman, to sate fans by going, “See?? Look!!! Dick was still Batman. It’s still canon!” While ignoring that Dick became Robin at 16 in the New 52, only trained under Bruce for a year, and is only 21 years old now. They’ve crammed so much stuff into such a small timeline that it doesn’t make sense. Then you have creators who directly contradict each other – Was Tim Drake a Robin or not?

Conclusion: The New 52 continuity is more confusing than its ever been in DC’s entire 75+ year history.

We also have the many characters that DC simply deleted from existence, such as Garth, Cassandra Cain, Mia Dearden, Connor Hawke, Ted Kord, Donna Troy, Lian Harper, etc.

There are the characters who are “kind of” back but who have been distorted into completely new characters while using the same name as a previous character, such as Wally West who is now a teenage delinquent (after being made black???). Wally West had his first appearance in 1960, has appeared in multiple TV shows, is one of the most recognizable DC legacy characters, and now essentially doesn’t exist because his personality, origin and life experiences have been altered to be unrecognizable.

The iconic characters who do exist, such as Koriand’r, Roy Harper, or Dick Grayson, have lost so much of their past history, relationships and character development that they’re pale shadows of their former selves. Kory was hypersexualized in RHatO and is now treated as stupid and dense in her solo title. Roy has been delegated to a permanent screw up in the New 52, when he used to be a character who was defined by rising up above his screw ups and straightening out his life to be a hero, a leader and a dad. Dick Grayson was the most networked hero of DC, with ties to every team, carrying long-standing respect as a leader and virtual equal of Batman.

The New 52 was done so hastily that we not only lost all these legacies and integral relationships, but DC has failed to replace them and build them back up with new ones.

Conclusion: Outside of the holy trinity of Superman-Batman-Wonder Woman, who have mostly stayed intact (maybe not so much for Wonder Woman), every character has been alienated and distorted from their origins without much explanation to how or why, leaving confusing gaps in their history and a lack of basic human relationships among friends and family.

We’ve also lost handicapped and other non-neurotypical characters.

Amanda Waller was a large woman who was turned into a skinny one. Barbara Gordon is no longer paraplegic. Cassandra Cain had a communication skills handicap in addition to being a minority, and she no longer exists. Joey Wilson, who was mute, no longer exists in main continuity. Doctor Mid-Night, who was blind and has long been considered the first hero in comics with a physical impairment, no longer exists. 

Conclusion: Loss of diversity.

What exactly is good about the New 52? The New 52 uses the same characters as before at the loss of dozens of others. The New 52 has confused many origin stories and erased countless relationships that had formally been iconic. The New 52 removed handicapped characters. They’ve changed historic characters to fit a niche for sales (i.e., having Babs act something like Stephanie Brown without actually using Stephanie Brown). The New 52 has erased legacies while still trying to use legacy characters (i.e they turned “Robin” into a one year internship program instead of approaching it as a mantle of growth with diverse personalities that come to the role).

Everything about the New 52 is a diminished version of what already existed. The diversified characters and titles that have been created could have simply been made in the original continuity without distorting everything else.

One of the primary things that always used to distinguish DC’s universe from Marvel’s was the idea of superhero legacies. Occasionally a Marvel character might pass their mantle down to a new hero, but DC was always the place fans went to see sidekicks fighting alongside mentors and a generational legacy being built up. We saw the title of Flash pass from Jay Garrick to Barry Allen to Wally West to Bart Allen until there was an entire Flash family in place. We’ve seen Batman recruit new Robins to help him defend Gotham City, each with their own unique personality and connection to Bruce Wayne. We’ve seen many incarnations of the Teen Titans rise up as old members age and new teen heroes emerge.

Unfortunately, we just don’t see as much of that in the New 52. The Justice Society characters have been de-aged and shifted to Earth-2. There’s no longer that dynamic of the beloved Golden Age heroes inspiring the likes of Batman and Superman to take up arms against evil. Meanwhile, the compressed, 5-year timeline has wreaked havoc on the very idea of Robin. The official explanation is now that Robin is less a sidekick than an internship position, with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and the rest each cycling out after one year. So much for that brotherly or father/son bond that used to define the Dynamic Duo. As for the Teen Titans, that team has no legacy prior to their first New 52 appearance. Classic Titans like Cyborg, Starfire, and Nightwing have been scattered to the winds and now have no ties to the team that so profoundly shaped them in the past. [x]

When fans complain about the continued existence of the New 52 by comparing it to old continuity, there’s a reason for it. It’s not a bunch of people being “bad at dealing with change.” It’s a serious criticism on DC Comics because of an alarming loss in quality.