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The woman who complained about my coworker asking her if she wanted milk with her americano came back. I asked her if she had a store loyalty card and she said "no. And I refuse to have one." Like I give a fuck??

And here’s your higher price have a nice day. 🤑


People who complain about not having subs but A) Aren’t willing to pay for them or B) aren’t willing to even attempt to learn the language are wack. First of all if you want fast subs then start paying, I guarantee that subs will go up much quicker.  Yes, many sub teams will try to help but they aren’t getting any compensation for doing something that’s literally a job and y’all whine about how long it takes them to do it as if you’re fucking paying them or something. The nerve of y’all to complain about a free service you aren’t entitled to is…wow. 

Just the entitlement overall about English subs is one thing. Like you knew everything was gonna be in Korean or Japanese (or whatever other language for that matter). There’s no reason for you to be this demanding over English subs. I mean I understand wanting them but wanting and wishing for them is worlds away from bothering people about them and being all snippy about not having them after a couple of days. Like subbing teams have to drop everything to do somethingfor you when most of you guys wouldn’t even CONSIDER donating even a dollar to a subbing team.If everybody who watched subbed videos donated even 50 cents-one dollar subbing teams would actually be getting paid pretty fairly for their work. And that’s not even counting the people who could afford to donate more than a dollar. 

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this spiel and it probably won’t be the last. But the entitlement for multiple different things from many international fans (which oddly enough many of these same demanding ass people would never give a DIME) in k-music is just really off putting and annoying.

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Fuck them!!! I will fite anyone who complains about your English. Pffsht I wanna see them try to do an entire comic on a different language. You are amazing and don't deserve to have hate from people. ~Quetzal

Awww thankss nahh it’s ok tho, maybe they’re just want me to improve my English (。•̀ᴗ-)و ̑̑✧ and I will! Thanks for comforting mee 💗💗💗💗💗 I was just being too emotional just now 😭😂😂 and I love you Quetzal 😘😘😘

TalesFromRetail: "These shoes nearly killed me!"

I work in retail for a shoe and leather goods manufacturer and retailer. Generally our customers are great but as always, there are some who just live to complain.

When I was first taken on as a Christmas temp about 6 months ago we had an American couple come into the shop on my third or fourth day. They browsed around for a bit but after a while the woman pulled one of the shoes out of the window display and came up to me.

Hi. I bought these shoes a while ago. I love them but they nearly got me killed. I was walking around the city centre and you know how windy the streets in Dublin are. Anyway, it was very wet out and because the soles are rounded at the sides I slipped and nearly fell into traffic.

The shoes she picked up were, in fact, rounded. But only decoratively at the side, and even then, only slightly. The base was perfectly flat and well gripped. Anyway she paused her story and was looking at me very expectantly. All I could think to say was

Oh…that is a shame

She looked like she’d just won the biggest prize of her life

Yes! it is. I was going to sue the company but that’s a lot of hassle (which I took to mean: ‘I know I’d lose’). I thought I’d come in first and mention it so something could be done about it.

I said I’d mention it to my manager and he might mention it to the higher ups. She seemed placated and strode out of the store with her husband, holding her head high with an air of tremendous triumph. To this day the shoes still have the same sole and we haven’t been sued and I still wonder if she still gets drunk enough to nearly fall into traffic.

By: Dheixis

i haven’t caught up with steven universe yet. though i plan to asap. for real… it looks juicy. but that aside, i’m so happy to see so much excitement pertaining to the new episodes on my dashboard?? i honestly started to dread it airing because my entire feed would just be discourse, people nitpicking about how “””ugly””” a character looked in a particular scene or how awful and allegedly disrespectful certain story boarders or writers were to the narrative, which gets pretty fucking exhausting after a while.

not to imply that steven universe is without its flaws, or anything? it has plenty, just like every other piece of media does, and people definitely have a right to point them out and complain. especially in cases where they’ve been offended in some way. i just feel like the bulk of the fans who Have been complaining, if you can even call them fans anymore, have devolved to a really unfortunate point where they’re not even letting themselves enjoy its highs. or, in the case of everybody who makes “critical posts,” fairly weigh the show’s pros and cons. which sounds really redundant and obvious! but imo, you’re pretty severely past the point of acknowledging how unhealthy that is if you’re channeling any portion of your energy to run a side blog dedicated to how much you despise a children’s cartoon that strives to be a positive, progressive influence on its viewers and, imo, predominantly succeeds.

like….. just saying. if you’re resorting to screencapping every instance of what you decide is a character not looking conventionally attractive, is it even worth it anymore??? i seriously can’t think of anything more petty and unconstructive.

I wish California (or my part of it anyway) was as progressive as everyone thinks it is because, with every fiber in my being, I hate being surrounded by so many backwards racist bigoted republicans

In my town there’s a bunch of uneducated rednecks basically foaming at the mouth with their hatred for anyone different than them. Then in the next town over (where we do all our grocery shopping) is all the college educated, well off, never really hard to deal with struggles, super racist but pretend to be perfect, charitable, suburban Christians, republicans who are constantly complaining that they have to see homeless people when they go outside and always talking about “”“"the illegals”“”“”“

And it just ..ugh. why is it so hard for them to be decent? Why is it so hard for them to extend even the tiniest bit of compassion toward their fellow humans? Honestly, what is wrong with them???

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WHO WAS IT THAT COMPLAINED ABOUT YOUR ENGLISH?????? I WILL CUT THEIR THROAT!!!!!! no but srsly don't let these people get you down!!!! People who say mean things about people whose first language isn't English probably don't know how to speak any other language. You rock!!!! Your comic is amazing and you are a lovely, sweet, smart, caring person <3

Aaaaaaaa I feel so happy and warm aaa you guys r awesome 😭😭🙏🙏🙏 when I was feeling down, you guys will always give me words of encouragement and I really realllyyyy appreciate it so much. I’m not good with my words but I just wanna let u guys know that I loveeee you guys so much 💗💗💗 thank you for always stay with me 😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗💗💗 ((being emotional now I’m literally crying))

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they went from attacking mon-el to chris woods to florianna to maggie and now to chyler. it's a snowballing effect with no end in site. going too far

… oh. i didn’t even know who was complaining about chyler, i just saw someone post edited screencaps on twitter, but good to know.


How Taemin (JuminxMC Son) and Jae Keun (Jaehee’s Son) first met!
Lots of you have been requesting more of these two :D ! Took a little break from commissions to color this in ^o^
((++ Bring-Your-Kid-to-Work-Day is a thing in C&R now))

Based on a chat from Common Route #2 (?)

***Please do not repost this comic set on facebook or instagram! Thank you!

me: man being mentally ill sux

me: *sees recovery resources*


“lance for black paladin”

“lance is actually very smart and just pretends to be dumb”

“lance is the one who brings the team together he unifies them all uwu”

“what if lance was altean? Or galra?”


“what if the show treated lance like the main character he is–”

“what if–”

so basically, this is what you want

“Villainous”: Why you shouldn’t  throw hate to this show

Okay, so over the past days you may noticed a lot of fanart and posts about a particular show: “Villainous” (or “Villanos” in spanish). This is actually a mini series that is transmited between comercials for Cartoon Network México. Is about a villain (Black Hat) who tries to make the most evil and succesful artefacts for villains, along with Dr Flug, Demencia and 5.0.5.

So, what’s the problem with this mini-series?

There’s a few flaws that people have been complaining about, the most important of those being Markiplier voicing 5.0.5, a problematic artist (LemonTeaFlower) working on this show, etc.

Ignoring those facts, “Villainous” is pretty funny and entertaining to watch, and the animation and art style is really good. Is not the humour that everybody likes, but I personally enjoy it. But actually neither the characters or the plot are the reason im encouraging you to support this show.

This is the first ever cartoon (for Cartoon Network) created entirely by mexicans.

As a mexican, I can’t describe how happy I am to know that my country is finally making big steps in the animation industry, this is a huge opportunity for people like me, who aspire to be an animator but don’t have the resources to get out of their country.

And, if this show gets enough positivity and fame, Ai Studios, the animation studios who made this show, might actually do more cartoons! Better cartoons, with better plots and characters!

Let me tell you something, if Ai Studios doesn’t start making more cartoons, there’s literally no job opportunity in Mexico for aspiring animators. You either go to the U.S or forget about animation.

And yeah, this show might seem cringey, (well, it started developing in 2007, what did you expect?) and as I said it has some problematic aspects, but I dont think this is the right time to start making callout posts and discourse blogs for this cartoon. It hasn’t even aired in the U.S yet and there are already pleople complaining. And I don’t blame them, I would callout those things too if I didn’t already know how important this show is for Ai Studios, how important this show is for mexicans.

Many of the people who complain about it don’t even know that this show is made by mexicans and the opportunities it could give to us. So, what i’m asking you to do is simple.

Don’t throw hate at this show.

I’m not asking you to praise it, I’m not asking you to make fanart for it. I’m asking you to leave it alone, and leave alone the people who are enjoying it.

How can we do better if you don’t even give us the opportunity to make more cartoons?  

So yeah, that’s basically it. I’m not saying everyone should watch it and enjoy it, I mean, if you want to do it go ahead. I’m just saying it would be kind of egoistical to make discourse blogs and callout posts for the first mexican cartoon made by a new animation studio that just came out 3 days ago. 

Let us have this, please.

Oswald snapping at Ed that the name “The Riddler” isn’t terrifying enough. As if people would be more terrified by The PENGUIN. You both suck on villainously nicknames u fashion trash drama queens.