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Yo, Lars (his voice actor) was on ICarly as a guy named Shawn, What do you think of this?

ok, the website i watch icarly at isnt working but i believe Shawn (are you sure its spelled like that?) was in Freddies mathlete team and they kicked him out because he said Fred isnt funny.

im a little too invested in icarly

but as far as what i thought, i dont really have an opinion on it. You know Steven’s VA was in Henry Danger, he played a guy named Chet who worked at a pet store, it was pretty entertaining. and what makes it better is that icarly and henry danger are made by the same person.

ok i’m always one to complain about the people who see trailers and go “OMG it’s the final 5!!” when 5 characters are on scree together but like

IF this is the final 8

and IF this is the final 4

then I’m certainly NOT complaining

Lingerie shopping with Toma! (#/。\#)~♥”

“What a shock… Man, aren’t you feeling self-conscious? If we weren’t living together, I’d pick anything you’d want—but underwear will stay in your head, whether you want it to or not.”

In a corner of the cottage we rent is my grandmother’s secretary, which I use as a desk when working from home. In my family you were reminded of what you would inherit by the owner, so Nanny (as we called her) told me I was getting that secretary starting when I was five or six. It’s not an antique, just a nice repro, but it means a lot to me. I remember it in the guest bedroom at her house, stuffed with my mom and aunt’s childhood books (“Toby Tyler Joins the Circus”, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew), which I would read during summers in Richmond.

“Andy,” she’d drawl (she’s the only person who has ever called me that), “that secretary will be yours when I die.” Like all southern women, she had a flair for the dramatic, and gave many an Oscar-worthy performance when discussing her demise. “OK, Nanny,” I’d say, over the top of the book I was reading. Then it was back to another tale of Frank and Joe, and their “chum” Chet, (who - let’s be clear - is body shamed in various ways throughout the series; we get it pseudonymous author…you thought he was fat).

Anyway-I prefer working here, rather than at my wife’s expansive desk, and yes @maturestyle-I have my service sword hung above my head there.


Just found all these screencaps I forgot I took while watching this summer’s Kuroshitsuji… Okay, like literally I could not get enough of Vincent Phantomhive in a cravat. I took over 20 screencaps for a 2(?) minute scene haha I just can’t resist grade A fancy ikemen in stylish neckwear! (´▽`ʃƪ) Will do a gifset once I get the blu-ray.

The Fiancee Game/The Couples Game

Okay so I got a decent amount of asks that went a long the lines of “What if Lucas and Maya don’t know any answers for each other but Riley and Lucas do? Are they going to show Rucas is more compatible?” So I’m going to try to cover this here.

I know the show isn’t BMW, but they do use a lot of callbacks and parallels sometimes. So back in Season 6 of BMW (episode: “Getting Hitched”), Topanga and Cory decide play a game that Topanga got called The Fiancee Game. They need another pair to play against so Rachel and Eric volunteer. Rachel and Eric are roommates and just friends (although Eric would clearly like to be more).  Topanga and Cory are so certain that they’re going to win the game against them (”We’ve been together 17 years, we’ll kick your butt!”). But they end up not getting any questions right (meanwhile Rachel and Eric do really well). This causes Topanga to be concerned and decide they need to take a step forward in their relationship to strengthen it (i.e. move in together). It starts off pretty bad, as they both discover each other’s less appealing habits. But later Topanga overhears Cory praying for his friends, family, and Topanga. And she watches him, she realizes it doesn’t matter that they lost the Fiancee Game. She knows they love each other and are going to be together.

Meanwhile, Eric, seeing how well him and Rachel did, laments to Cory later, “You saw how in sync me and Rachel were! It’s obvious to me that we were meant to be together!”. He also talks about the unspoken competition he has going with Jack regarding Rachel. Later, we  get a scene of Rachel comforting Jack as he grieves over Chet (who recently died). Then there’s some tension and they finally kiss. Eric walks in (they don’t notice), looks heart broken, and then leaves.

I’m not saying GMNY is going to completely parallel this, but it’s not the first time they’ve brought up the Eric/Rachel/Jack triangle in this show (see Semi Formal).  Mostly, I think the parallel is important because even if they did have Riley appear to know Lucas more than Maya does, that doesn’t mean the show is reverting to back to romantic Rucas.

But tbh, Yarby is totally winning the Couples Game :)

relaxing music

If there’s anyone I’d want remixing a Flume and Chet Faker tune, it’d be Brooklyn’s Sweater Beats, who actually opened for Chet Faker at the Independent in San Francisco last time. Australian talents Flume and Chet Faker’s Drop The Game is such a perfect, pristine chill trap and future bass masterpiece, that there’s little room to work with, in my opinion. Sweater Beats succeeds at creating a more gritty, guttural version that stays very true to the original but seems extra melodramatic and intense.

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i’ve posted about my humanized snail crew headcanons before BUT those are likely obsolete now because my headcanons are ever-evolving. here are the Real And True turbo human headcanons

(i have specified which characters i read as autistic, but please don’t take that to mean the others are neurotypical or even necessarily allistic in my eyes)

so, without further ado, here are my headcanons (in order of character introduction) !!!

turbo is an asexual mostly-aromantic autistic dfab man of middle eastern descent. he is pre-probably-never-op but hopes to start T with the money he won at the indy 500. he has short hair with frosted tips that he thinks are WAY cool, and the rest of the crew, dorks that they are, think so too. he works out a lot and he’s the second shortest member of the crew, with skidmark being the shortest.

chet is a white-passing latino mostly-straight cis guy (he and turbo were adopted but don’t consider that any obstacle to them being real brothers). he’s frumpy and lumpy and wears polos a lot.

whiplash is a buff cis gay black man who is the ULTIMATE ALLY. if you misgender anyone in his crew he WILL challenge you to a race and you WILL stumble away the bruised and unhappy loser. when it’s chet who does the misgendering, he just gets locked out for an hour per offense. whiplash has the most tattoos out of anyone in the crew, most of them related to being straight edge, and many signifying his fatherly relationship with his crew. i haven’t yet decided what turbo’s first tattoo would be, but whiplash gets the same one as a sign of respect for turbo and to show him he really is part of whiplash’s family now.

skidmark is a short and skinny pan korean autistic dmab androgyne. xe has tats of tire treads going around xir forearms, a 13 on xir left shoulder, and a B on the ring finger of xir left hand (burn has an S in the same place because they are NERD BEST FRIENDS who think that those tats are fuckin awesome and they fist bump them all the time). xe has a blue-topped fadecut and wears jewelry made out of soda & beer can tabs.

burn is a fat polyromantic pansexual afro-latina dmab intersex woman with short, curly, bright red and orange hair with flames shaved into the sides. she has colorful flames tattooed around both upper arms, the aforementioned S tattoo, and matches on her inner right ankle. she exclusively wears ratty shirts with the sleeves torn off (so does skidmark. they match. they’re dorks) because she thinks they make her look tough (and they do. they don’t flatter skidmark quite so well, twiggy thing that xe is). she threatens passersby to give her gum because she doesn’t feel like spending any of her own money on it but the Habit Must Be Sustained.

smoove move is a tall and thin pan dmab genderfluid black person who goes by interchanging he/him/his, she/her/hers, and they/them/their pronouns. they have gauges and a few neck tattoos. his hair is shaved short enough that everyone can almost make out that they have a tattoo on her scalp, but no one is really sure what it is?? she starts growing his hair out into dreads and no one ever finds out what the tat was. they don’t actually do drugs, they’re just preposterously chill.

white shadow is a fat polyromantic demisexual albinistic afro-latino intersex man with a balding scalp. he’s the tallest in the crew by a head, with smoove being the second tallest. he has an entire sleeve of fully rendered star wars tattoos on one arm and a flat color tat of rei ayanami on the other arm. shadow’s apartment is where the whole crew gathers just to hang out, because he has such a massive collection of anime tapes for them all to watch and get MAJORLY into. stay tuned for more on the snail crew becoming obsessed with nge.

thank u for reading i hope you are enlightened

So, I don’t know if this has been done, but I did a thing. ^-^

Story behind it: I was at my IKrpg group (Iron Kingdoms) and my character is based off of Mink. They’re in a prison right now, and two of the others were talking strategy, while the third was passed out. I said “Mink is just chilling somewhere, not giving a fuck.” And one guy who was talking strategy, Chet, said, “I’m just picturing him on a lawn chair. Like, ‘Hey, how’d you get that chair?’ 'Oh, I made it out of those supplies you were going to use for weapons.’” So I said “Weapons? My chair. Deal with it.” And Jimm, the other one talking strategy, mentioned the throne. So I decided to photoshop it. :D

Once this was complete, Jimm looked at it and said “Game of Thrones? More like Gay of Thrones.”
….I haven’t stopped laughing.